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Civility doesn’t mean, making amends all the time

Even though I’m now in good terms with my first crush in school, I still won’t give in towards him.

Right. We can be business partners. No questions asked.

However, something at the back of my mind would tell me, “Don’t get too attached to him.”

In fact, I don’t trust his friends.

Civility is something you give, only to those who deserve it. Granted, call it defeatist to forgive someone who has completely taken away your pride and dignity, yet—if you’re going to give them a second chance, ask yourself this question: Do they really deserve this?

If they have completely changed their attitude, then go. Give them the civility they deserve. If no, then they should ask themselves: How should they earn someone’s trust from the start?

Give them the civility, granted. Thing is, never get too attached to that same person. Even though I would like to work with him someday, I still recall the bad memories.

Of course, I don’t want to repeat history, to think it has been 10 years when we started to be hostile against one another.

Move on? Yes. I have moved on. However, it’s not always done completely. So yeah, forgive; but never forget.

Always bring your mind with you

When it comes to love, it is always the emotion that makes you blind about reality. Everyone would answer, “Love is Blind.”

EHEM. Love, is… BLIND? AKA B.L.I.N.D.?

Love should not be defined as “blind.” True love is always the ideal thing and being “ideal” means is a goal. It is a goal, an aim, or something which should be achieved, in life, that is.

So, here are the things that I really wanna share with you guys.

The biggest mistake that my maternal great-grandmother made is to marry a poor native. Well, it may sound racist, but it was really a waste that she is intelligent, she’s a wide reader… but when it comes to “love,” she used… her emotions. She used it without bringing her mind at all. She could’ve married the rich Spanish-looking man who courted her, and I believe he’s the one who deserve her. Yes, sayang. There are many beautiful and intelligent women who used purely emotion which blinded them to reality. It’s not actually right at all. If you were to ask me, I’d rather bring my mind with me… to at least, guide me if the guy who courts me should be that guy, or maybe someone worth my love.

The recent thing that happened was someone who fell in love with a guy with… no ambition. Well, I wasn’t wondering that she’s going to have a growing belly (you know what I mean) and something NOT right will happen. It turned out that the offspring that she should have… lost her life.

It’s so sad to say, but love is not just about being blinded by emotion. True love should match together and yes, that’s exactly what I mean: Use your head.

There are some beautiful women who fall in love with ordinary-looking men who are rich, nice and yes, caring. That’s because they use their HEAD rather than emotion. What if you fall in love with someone who is rich, handsome… but is dumb and is an asshole, right? That’s purely emotion, I’m telling you. This happens in most infatuations when you have a crush on someone who is handsome, white-skinned… but acts like an asshole. In my own experience, I started to be racist simply because he wanted girls who are like him… like, East Asian-looking girls. Ironically, his crush is a tall, dark-skinned celebrity. (Evil laugh)

Yes, to be honest with you, he’s using his arrogance to catch the girls’ attention. Everyone whom I think will not be his girlfriend… however becomes his girlfriend. That’s right. Don’t ever have a crush on an arrogant guy whose one-sided aim is to marry someone who is petite, skinny, white-skinned, straight-haired and hairless.

Remember, using your emotion without bringing your HEAD with you is a sign of stupidity. Don’t let your emotions eat you up as you become blind with reality.