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BREAKING NEWS: Origa passed away from lung cancer at 44

Origa’s concert in Russia, her homeland–but this time, in Moscow

It is a tragic day indeed on the 17th day of January 2015. I have never expected that one talent, one diva will be gone too soon.

Teenhood Hero, Teenhood Idol

Origa became well-known after her first big break ever: “Inner Universe,” a song that is the opening theme of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Well, sorry to say but I really never dared to listen to the original recording of the song because it’s pictured in my mind that when I hear that, I see the commercial of Animax about it… haha and the opening AV is just… too haunting.

According to Japanese-language sources, she died in Tokyo, Japan. That’s right. I bet, she has long been a Japanese citizen since she rarely comes back to Russia, or maybe she chose to remain a Russian citizen.

Sadly, whenever I listen to her songs, just like the rest of my idols in music, I never greeted her, “S dnyom rozhdeniya” at all (this also applies to Bjork, Yoko Kanno and Chick Corea, who are my constant idols in music). However, greeting your idol on FB is nothing really special or somehow corny since you only care about their music. But when you delve into their music, you’ll really admire them without questioning them at all.

In this case, I had a strong urge to learn Russian and even dreamt of studying in Russia. Origa’s the reason why I started to embrace everything Russian–even their military culture, actually. Despite the bad things that’s being shoved to us about Russia, I still never hated the country itself. I know that Russia is relatively conservative when it comes to their traditional beliefs, to think their mentality is European. Origa once said that when she went to Japan, she said that the Japanese people are conservative–at least, from a Russian’s point of view (Russia is quite more liberated than Japan, but still I find Russian culture conservative as compared to Western Europe).

I thought “Inner Universe” was Japanese, but when I read the lyrics, it was “weird” (was reading the Roman letters, not the original Cyrillic). When I “Googled” Origa on Yahoo! (wait, Google was not very popular during that time, it was only starting to become a household name while Yahoo! was still very popular (now, it’s a weak search engine), I have learned the fact that she’s Russian.

Indeed, Origa had a voice of an angel. No one can ever replicate that. No wonder, I was dreaming that she would sing one of the songs I would direct to my prospective musicians who will do the rest of the job. The movie lineup’s there–based on my own imagination. I cannot even spew it out, because I’m afraid that people surrounding me will call me crazy. After all, these people are dubious people, continuing to be dubious and will always be popular at the expense of other people.

No one can ever replace the diva. Never. Not even my other fave artists. She stood out, compared to the rest of the mainstream artists who are just… mainstream. Dunno, something’s really inside me, and I do have a feeling that Origa’s really part of my life, even though I have rarely heard of her ever since. It’s only saddening.

Sayounara, do svidanya, Origa-sama. Покойся с миром (Pokojsya s mirom). 安らかに眠る(yasuraka ni nemuru).

The Economics of Research, etc.

When doing some research, it is very difficult for mose students to access some content regarding their most important research. Worse, gadgets are not allowed without securing a permit from a certain body.

However, the economics of doing research applies here. Since economics talks about the allocation of resources, here, people are taught to survive through the OPAC, card catalogue and reading journal articles.

It is very important to value books, more than simply relying to the world wide web because not everything in the Internet is reliable. Typos, errors and ad hominiem fallacies are usually encountered, unless people rely on the most reliable sources such as the BBC News, etc.

Interpretation of the News

Usually, TIME Magazine, Newsweek, Telegraph, Inquirer and the Phil. Star are considered as print materials where students may use these sources. Usually, when reading newspapers, it should be in broadsheet. Broadsheet newspapers are more highly-regarded compared to tabloids. Most tabloids show exaggerated types of news, and traumatizes the reader.

Take Note: Reading the news is way different from watching the news. Watching the news needs precaution. First of all, these are current events that are simply misinterpreted. Usually, the news is viewed in a negative manner like, killing everywhere.

Usually, current events stress everyone, so most people do not watch the news to keep themselves updated. Others prefer not to watch it since the news that we watch are mostly… negative. Do you know what groups of people do not watch current events? Probably the nuns, because they are not allowed to access it, or maybe they might get themselves depressed. They don’t even read newspapers, but that does not make them ignorant. It’s only that the nuns simply focus on a simple life rather than focusing on political life.

Dear Leader died on a Saturday, yesterday, at 69|The Dear Leader Kim Jong-il prior to his severe illness.

North Korea’s dictator Kom Jong-il died yesterday due to heart failure, as I watch the news while I was on vacation.

That’s right. Kim Jong Un will be the next dictator, however, there is someone who is rivaling against him, and not only that, North Koreans doesn’t exactly respect the “Great Successor,” just like how they respect the late Dear Leader.

The Future after the Dear Leader

Possible reunification of the Korean Peninsula

What now if Kim Jong Un would initiate the possible reunification of the two Koreas?

It IS possible, only if there’s a revolution going on. However, South Korea’s preparing its military (even the trained men who are required to take military service at their early 20’s) just in case there’s a threat. That’s right. The two Koreas are still in war with each other.

Nuclear Weapons program: The Possible Future

Just in case you still do not know yet, some people are wondering if the US will attack North Korea. Well, it will NEVER happen, unless if the isolated country itself has oil. If the US attacked North Korea for political reasons, that would only mean that they’re dissing the way it is governed.

Yes, regarding the nuclear weapons program, North Korea is sanctioned, and even its closest ally China is being persuaded by other countries to let that program stop, because it’s really dangerous.

Censorship Issue

The death of Kim Jong-il has been a deep sorrow to the citizens of North Korea. Some are really sad, but some are relieved, that there’s a possibility that “life will be good again” if he’s gone.

Somehow, the censorship in North Korea means that the media is state-controlled, and there’s a possibility that the censorship itself will jut loosen up, just like how China did it. China’s media may also be state-controlled and heavily-censored at the same time, but it is not as heavy as North Korea’s.

Scope about Kim Jong-il’s life

As a traveller

He rarely travelled and yes, he only travels by train to China and Russia due to his fear of flying. While travelling, he enjoys fine food while on board.

His train is of course, armored.


He loves foreign films, and he once kidnapped a South Korean filmmaker to create a film with ideological touch.

Alright, nothing much is really known about him, but of course, he lived a luxurious life, leaving his own people starving.