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Day Twenty-Two: Top Five Sexiest People Ever (Dead Or Alive)


1.) AJ Perez – Well, it’s self-explanatory. Haha.

2.) Anne Curtis – She may not be that good-looking, what what makes her respectable is her charm and of course, her kick-ass personality. Despite improving her acting late, it doesn’t matter at all; she’s already an accomplished actress.

3.) Solenn Heussaff – To Felice Fawn fans, she’s more talented, although not a photographer, though.

4.) Angel Locsin – The queen of all sporty bodies, of course, you can’t hear any issue against her, but with ABS-CBN, that doesn’t count. Haha.

5.) Julia Montes – Despite having a villain face, she’s on the inside, approachable.


1.) Marilyn Monroe – The sex symbol of the US, of course, it’s self-explanatory again.

2.) Kim Kardashian – Of course, the curviest Hollywood celebrity is the epitome of royalty.

3.) Nicole Scherzinger – She’s not good-looking, but not ugly either. In fact, she proved everyone that she’s not going to be a walking porn.

4.) Hwang Bo – She’s the only Korean celebrity who has a curvy figure, of all the Koreans. Not skinny unlike the typical Korean.

5.) Beyonce – The dance and R&B queen, she deserves a space here.