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Christmas Giveaway, by Molybdenum Studios Photography



1.) LIKE the Facebook page, Molybdenum Studios Photography.
2.) LIKE and SHARE this post.
3.) Kindly click the link [] and answer the two surveys to confirm your enlistment to join the Christmas Giveaway.
4.) You could only SHARE up to five times.
5.) Please don’t use any promotion giveaway as your DP.
6.) For ALL Philippine residents.

You have 2 months to join the giveaway!

Deadline of joining is on January 6, 2017
Results will be on January 10, 2017.

Maido ookiini for the LIKES!




Well, because of the 15 likes about my blog post on Tokyo, Japan, this made me very proud as a blogger. Well, it can’t be helped, Japan is like my second home already (to think that I only have a few acquaintances there), and speaking of the trip, it just took long for me to post this. It’s a good thing that everyone still liked my post despite the fact that I only posted a few photos (meh, my lappie is too slow to load the pics haha!).

Anyways, maido ookiini gozaimashita (Kansai version of “thank you” in Japanese)! *BOWS at 45 degrees*

Announcement: The Official Tumblr has changed

The official Molybdenum Studios Tumblr account is no other than:

Click on the icon above to be redirected.

YES, it HAS changed, and you’ll get more and cooler things right there. Another thing, it is MORE organized than the previous one. Molybdenum Studios Photography will be merged together with the original Molybdenum Studios Tumblr, here in this blog! Well, not really so. I will still keep the two previous blogs, but just so you know, this IS the new blog for you to follow, and you’re always free to send me a message.

However, whatever the rules that are applied here will also be applied there, only that it’s more lenient. You may post negative comments, but please don’t be rude. Negative comments shouldn’t equate rudeness to another netizen.

Also, it will also be a blog of collaborations and photoshoots just in case you want someone to shoot you and your clothes that you want the world to see.

PS: Sorry if I still use the same icon, but anyway I changed everything.