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The biggest and the sickest joke ever!|Kate Hudson? Disagree. That was before, actually.

Now since Kate Hudson’s now bringing her original beauty back (GAH, her chinky eyes and flat nose wasn’t really my taste at all), here’s one of a hell JOKE that I’ve seen. Like how I applauded because Ross and AA were not in the YES! 100 Most Beautiful with John Lloyd on the cover, I am starting to really laugh sarcastically as I saw this one…

Lovely Angel and Anne… but look at #5 underlined in RED. DALAWA PA SILA HA. I’d rather laugh and puke at the same time.

EWW EWW EWW, NO NO NO! People have no fucking taste nowadays. Ross? AA? Like, WHAT THE FUCKITY FUCK!? Eww! Despite their acting skills coming bright, they’re not really the “star,” they still remain starlets.

AA’s acting ability is alright, but not really gonna impress me, alright. Watching Reputasyon is like watching a boring anime like .hack//SIGN since AA’s acting (especially speaking) should still be improved. Like what roxyisferox said, Channel 2 is still keeping AA because of casting couch. Yep, despair, so they’re using a bitch with attitude problem.

Super nakaka-inis kapag siya ang nagsasalita, pero magtaray? Kulang pa ‘yan para lang mainis ang isang tagasubaybay. Sa TV, ha. Kung si Maja, infairness bagay talaga sa kanya ang kontrabida/palaban na role since she’s really good in acting. She has the annoying face and at the same time, the talent to annoy the audience. Eh, si AA naman, nakakainis rin, pero kulang pa ‘yan.

People nowadays are LOWERING their standards. It’s really fuckingly funny if you really have to say it loud and proud that Maja Salvador is prettier than Bea Alonzo. Like, WHAT THE FUCK!? Eww. Bea is prettier and looks more simple without make-up. Si Maja? Hindi nga talaga siya bagay sa pang-sosyal na role, parang cheapipay naman siyang magdala. I really have to laugh at Kim Bum’s comment that she resembles… Catherine Zeta-Jones? LAWL, CZJ looks more and more classy and sophisticated-looking than Ross. Ang sarap tingnan ng face ni CZJ. Si Ross? Wala, eh. Pang-mahirap lang talaga siya na role, actually.

But with AA, I really have no grduges. It was really a deadly, very deadly combination. Bakit sila pa ang ipagsasabay, ‘di ba?

What they should learn from Kate Hudson

I used to dislike Kate Hudson not only because of her unusual, weird-looking face (I said the description before!) but because she still looks cheap with those dresses that she wear. Like, she’s got the body of a 12-year old boy. I’m really serious about this, she’s got no hips and tits, but and ass would kick it off. Her romantic comedies and chick flicks didn’t really impressed me (y’know being a HATER of Romcoms!) but because I never heard from her, I think she is starting to have a break for a while.


So yeah, I really didn’t want to believe at the first place that she’s one of the “most beautiful” people… and she’s #1? I really don’t get it. Why do people have to like her? That time, I didn’t find her pretty, either. Ehem, do you think, those chinky eyes and flat nose (the fake Asian-ugly thing, that is) are suitable for a typical Caucasian woman? Think about Suri Cruise during her first appearance! She has the same features like Kate Hudson, which I think it’s annoying since (between you and me, TomKat’s combination sucked ass! Well, that’s at the first place) I never find those features suitable for a white woman (sorry for sounding too racist, but please, bear with it). I personally believe that deep-set eyes and a narrow nose are really suitable for Caucasian women. Why, have you ever seen an Arab/Indian with an odd flat nose? Not at all.

Kate has matured ever since her second child with Matthew Bellamy and graced the screen… I think she should make a real comedy movie (with of course, my favorite comedians!) to prove that she’s worth a watch.

Goldie Hawn’s advice is right– Kate should stop acting like a whore! Lawl.

Yes, that’s right.Kate has changed her ways. She isn’t gonna be a real looker if she still insists on NOT enhancing her flaws. Like the boob job, now that’s an A+.

Kate was very patient about the boob job, well yes!

Very funny, indeed

While Ross is known to be discreetly conceited and arrogant, AA, on the other hand has an attitude problem. Both of them, actually. Like, anong MERON sa kanilang dalawa kung bakit pa sila #5. Is it because, maamo ang mukha nila? Hindi kaya! While AA looks fake, Ross, however, looks annoying. EWW, ugly combination indeed.

Here’s a message: ,,|,,

To the crab mentality people out there…

I am NOT (as in NO, NOT AT ALL) jealous at Ross or AA. I just can’t stand their faces, alright. Why do people like them? Because of their attitude problem shit? Gah, people should start being INTELLIGENT rather than being blind with the sweet face but with a whore attitude.

AA Klenk: The Story Behind the Sweet Face

Do you see a person or a horse? (Source: roxyisferox)

Cristine Reyes: The Sweeter Side of @PilyangSweet
The truth about Cristine Reyes and everything blah blah blah yakityyakyakyak

Being morally conservative, I always find feisty people (whose aim is to be a warfreak) problematic in terms of social interaction. This is really an obvious case in Cristine Reyes, as what I call her AA Klenk.

So, let’s take a closer look at the two contradicting sides… of roxyisferox and Aaron Lozada…

Aaron Lozada says,

Often misconstrued to be arrogant, Cristine, on the contrary, is actually sweet and charming. Her feistiness is but a mere reflection of her sultriness. Deep inside, she remains to be a sweet little girl who wishes nothing but good for others.

I would say that her feistiness always gets out of place. Like for instance, she’s like getting mad because of a guy and shit, but to be honest with you guys, she does that to chase a guy, she makes excuses… and the last line here… is actually fake. She’s really pretentious and always acts demure at times if in fact… she’s a slut.

YES, I agree with roxyisferox…

Being childish is not an excuse to be rude (intentionally or not) to your seniors…especially ranting towards a celebrity almost the same age as yours, but made a profound accomplishment way better than you.

Well, yes. I strongly agree with this. At 18 years old, I still don’t feel that I’m 18. People would always call me a giant fifth-grader because I look so young but I have a body of a college student. Well, if you want to say the opposite, well… it’s all up to you.

Yes, I may have childish times, but in nature, the hard heart in me becomes soft once I started to feel that I’m wrong. But sometimes, when people think they’re right (but truth is that they’re wrong), I would backbite them. BACKBITE, that is.

So, this was my fearless forecast:

But of course, because she has a new upcoming film, I think it’s time to move on. GAH. Why do people choose her to star again? Alam ko na! It’s probably because they want her to star as someone else… rather than her usual roles.

The most annoying part when she makes issues– she does it just to earn more fame… invalid fame, that is. AKA, infamy.

Most people like her because she is “frank and feisty.” Alright. To be honest, of all those feisty people (e.g. Katrina Halili, Marian Rivera, Alessandra de Rossi, Rosanna Roces, etc.) why her? Why not someone who is feisty because of defending what is right? Sorry if I sound biased, but I just realized that she’s not worth to be admired. Do you think she’s “frank”? NOT in my standards. If she’s really frank, why would she ever be arrogant to proclaim that she “is not the jealous type” and “is not used to be naked,” huh?

Her bitchiness is confirmed on Twitter… well, about the “boob” thingy, who wouldn’t be mistaken that she also loves to be harassed in most of her TV series. FUCK that, who wants to follow that example, right?

She also had a lot of scandals, really. She’s really the denial queen. Like, what? She didn’t have a relationship with Rayver Cruz? Weh… istoryahe.

There are a LOT of people whose feistiness are worth a like/reblog. For instance, Katrina Halili was a feisty person. She isn’t pretentious and shows how bitchy she is; no demure effects, that is. Paris Hilton also– she is really a bitch, and shows it. But these two I’ve mentioned have a really good side which is sincere. They both start to learn from their mistakes, unlike AA, despite the Ondoy, still doesn’t learn her lesson. Both Katrina and Paris do learn something from their mistakes and move on. That’s the only thing that AA should start developing.

Katrina learns from her scandal (aka mistake). Paris doesn’t care at all. Annabelle Rama takes pride in her naked photos (her younger years, that is). But AA? That’s what we don’t know about.

AA Klenk– she’s one of the people who had many plastic surgeries. Maybe it’s because she’s a celebrity sibling, so that means she gains a lot of access to many opportunities, that is.

Maybe most of you would not like her new movie after the Twitter scandal thingy. Well… to those who are her loyal haters, some are starting to love her, others still have the strong sense of loyal hate towards her. But let’s not use the word, hate. It’s too strong. Well… unless if you really have the preference to use it, so yeah.

To those who are fans of Sarah Geronimo, they have moved on from the incident, I guess. Kudos to all of you, because it is always the fire extinguisher that defeats that flames.

YES, I still blog this despite the fact that she’s got a new movie is because… I want everyone to be feisty in the right place. Just so you know.