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Trying oh-so hard to belt out!? That is so… insulting.

Cristine Reyes singing the usual song she sings! UGH! Noisier than metal rock music!

The usual song, huh?

Okay, I ain’t a singer myself, but I have to admit, I don’t even like the way AA sings. Daig pa nga siya ni Anne Curtis, eh!

She can’t even hit high notes, and parang inconsistent ang pagkanta niya. Jusko! Palakasan ng loob kumanta ng may high notes, ah? Why not sing Whitney Houston’s songs? I’m sure everyone will laugh out their asses when you cannot even hit the high notes!

Seriously, this ISN’T music to the ears. It is noisy, and it adds more earwax 10x than any other types of cancer right there!

Well, her voice isn’t that bad, but the way she sings, yuck!

Sa totoo lang, I’d rather not waste me own cash watching a concert like this. Nako, compare mo naman kay Sarah Geronimo, at least si SG, singer talaga. Maraming talent. OK sa hosting. OK pa sa acting. Well-mannered. Pero si AA? Jusmiyo! Actually ang mga sayaw niya sa ASAP hanggang pole dancing lang ang alam niya!

ABS-CBN, for crying out loud, you’re only lowering your standards and sacrificing your once good reputation only for this piece of crap like AA? If you’re too desperate to revive her career, so does your company will become bankrupt due to indecency that you’re imposing. SAME WITH VIVA. Parang mamamatay kayo ‘pag ‘di niyo lang pasikatin muli si AA. Ano ba siya, bayaran? WELL, parang OO, eh, ‘no?

Nakakaumay na fezz niya, and at the same time sukang-suka na kami sa pagmumukha niya! Yuck!

For the very nth time, AA Klenk is not the ideal girl (and a good example)! Take Two

Disclaimer: Photos are via (a web version of Instagram)

Do you think it’s sexy or slutty?

One very good comment stated:

Of course, this is really like good! I like this one!

AA is bald here… still looks gay, though. You defeated Justin Bieber! *jackpot*

This the song that she sang as a “recording artist.” Takte, parang bakla ang boses niya hahahaha.

Well, here’s another video… with a negative comment on it.

julius1416 stated:


White skin doesn’t rock at all. Well, occasionally, white skin is only for the elites, but for the real white-skinned people, they wish to be darker. Oh, hindi ba?

Pero ang white skin naman ni AA, parang Michael Jackson.

For the very nth time, AA Klenk is not the ideal girl (and a good example)!

Now please, nakakaumay naman kasi si AA Klenk (aka Cristine Reyes). Nakakaumay, as in madaling pagsawaan dahil there’s something in her na hindi maganda.

Now tell me, define what is prangka, palaban and totoong tao? ‘Yung pagiging bastos at slut, tapos pretending to be “goody-goody”? If you’re going to ask me, Cristine Reyes is ka-mura-mura, eh hitsura pa lang at image niya.

For the nth time, her character speaks for her reputation. What nice in person!? Siguro plastic lang siya!

I hate to say this, but I find her plastic. Anong nagpapakatotoo!? She may have a wide forehead, but she’s not intelligent, either! Aura pa lang niya, parang masasabi mo nang walang laman ang utak niya!

Again, for the nth time, ang totoong prangka ay umaamin ng kanyang mga pinagawa sa kanyang katawan. Did AA ever utter a word or two that she had a nip-tuck!? NOT!

Nagmamalinis ang isang hubaderang laspag tulad ni AA!|Sorry to the owner of this photo, but Cristine isn’t pretty here.

Now what is someone with a nose na pina-retoke pero super-major fail naman!? Okay, sabihin nating “maganda” rin siya in person, but I think she looks exactly as what she is on TV. Kung anong nakikita mo sa TV, ganun rin ang makikita mo in person. No changes. It’s all thanks to science, her old face and body is way different from it is now… pero what about the attitude? Pina-retoke din ba?

Unang-una, dapat pina-ayos rin niya ang ugali niya, dahil hindi naman siya mabuting ehemplo sa mga kabataan sa kasalukuyang panahon. At isa pa! Please, don’t take it against me, pero I think she’s one of the factors why there are teenagers doing pre-marital sex nowadays. Don’t believe!? Then ask Dennis Trillo why he made “patol” with AA the skank.|Maganda ba ‘to sa tingin niyo!? She needs more color!|Walking ghost ba ‘to!?

Granted that she’s flawlessly-white, but look when she has no makeup. Sabi nga ni Ka Pete, “Your features are super plain to the max, so you need makeup!”

HAHAHA, ano say ng mga fans ni AA once they see her without makeup? Iilusyon parin?

Hindi ako gagawa ng issue once more. But if you’re going to read the history of other stars, they won’t be rude on TV because they don’t want to have issues. It’s normal to have issues, but please… people like AA is already damaged. She needs a break. Pag nalipasan na siya, siguro WALANG magbibigay ng project sa kanya.

Now how does she earn more projects!?

Don’t slap at me those “gagawa ng isyu para sumikat.” There’s something more suspicious compared to creating issues!

I doubt it would be casting couch. Pero if casting couch is really present in the Philippines, walang bubunyang ng ganung nonsense. Yes, call casting couch nonsense, pero there are some stars with plethoric issues who do f*ck with the bosses to earn a career. If AA is doing that thing, is she really desperate to maintain that “fame,” or let’s say, “infamy”?

If she really is THAT desperate, I think she should err… ask for forgiveness to Tita Shawie.

If AA would have the same voice with Joyce Jimenez, that would be the real end of her career.

Jessica Zafra’s err… commentary on whiteness

Warning: This may contain offensive stuff, so if you think you cannot bear the whole article, DON’T READ IT. I won’t force you to read, but if you can relate, hahah, you may comment. NO crab mentality please.


Of course, just read the article right there because I REALLY DO REFUSE to comment on that article on me blog. Here’s the comment:

Of course, I’m sure that AAdiks will really get angry at me. But sorry, IDGAF. HAHAHA.

Dirty White vs. Piano Black

Comparing Cristine Reyes aka AA Klenk to a dark person like Wilma Doesnt may raise eyebrows, but let’s take a look at the highlights:

1.) Wilma Doesnt is a model, a comedienne and a TV host. She is dark-skinned, small-chested, skinny but why is she a model?|Wilma’s cover may be over-Photoshopped, but it’s alright.

Wilma was discovered as a maid, but who knows, she has the personality to flaunt Playboy. I’m NO fan of Wilma, but at least she is more respectable than a cheap-ass skank like AA Klenk. She and Lucy get along so well, but the show wasn’t really that interesting after Lucy became a congress official. HAHAHA, but if you’d notice, Wilma was really funny when she was curious about Akihiro Sato’s ink. I don’t find it annoying, really. For some, she may be very annoying, but just so you know, compared to Pokwang and Melai (no, not a hater, and I don’t think they’re 100% unattractive, ok?), she’s more decent-looking.

2.) I really cannot exactly and completely understand why AA is always given more projects and more praiseworthy comments than Wilma.

I read a comment, saying that “Wilma should get OUT of the ‘Sweet Life’ because she looks like bad breath.” Like, WHAT!? Compare Wilma to AA, AA is MORE THAN BAD BREATH. HER MOUTH HAS A FOUL, STINKY SMELL unlike Wilma, who may seem intimidating but at least has good breeding. Also, Wilma never needed any glota-whitening (despite having glota-white teeth, LOL) and a boobjob. She’s skinny, but she’s OK with it. Besides, she could even defeat Kim Chiu in terms of posing in magazines. HAHAHA, beat that Kim Chiu-aka-stick-thin-kawayan!

Also, I could NOT understand why AA is always negative in and PEP (Pinoy Entertainment Portal), but is always someone who is positive on Twitter. Guys, wake up! She is obviously an attention-seeking whore who wants “praiseworthy” comments, if she’s not in the goddess level. I think Alodia Gosiengfiao deserves to be called a “goddess” more is because of grace, class and finesse. She is the shy-type of person, when I saw her in person. Compare AA to Alodia, the latter has more grace, finesse and class compared to AA. The former still looked cheap despite her PressCon in Tumbok (hahaha, that was a few days before Antonello’s like ended), and I still cannot understand why most of me friends and other acquaintances didn’t even bother to have a photo with her (YEAH, I felt very UNCOMFY, indeed). If you were to ask me, I’d rather have a group photo with ALODIA rather than AA, because AA is obviously negative, in terms of reputation AND character. For Alodia, she may either have a GOOD or BAD reputation, but her character is always for the positive.

3.) Wilma, although she’s not that pretty, defeats AA.

AA is only pretty because of her RETOKE’s. No wonder, she would either steal a guy from a married girl for those plastic surgeries. If you’d notice, she had her second nosejob. HAHAHA, way to go, AA. Her skin is fake, and her boobs are also fake. Everything in her is fake, so you really can’t question it just in case she would block you in IG (Instagram) on on Twitter, if you’d mention that she had a nosejob, a boobjob, and it’s like her IG is Twitter. HAHAHA. Obviously, she would change her usernames to gain more PRAISE than criticisms. Marami na nga siyang batikos, ang kapal naman niya kung ganon! Shame!

I have met Jolina Magdangal, Yeng Constantino, Kitchie Nadal, Lara Quigaman, Bangs Garcia, Katya Santos, and it seemed that they are low-key in terms of grace and class. But AA? If she was snubbed, do you think she would bother have a photograph with a certain group?

4.) Wilma never had a fight with another celeb, or probably we really do not know about it.

Wilma won’t ever stoop down to a PAKAKAK and HITAD level of AA. She may be not-so attractive by Filipino standards, but she won’t ever damage her own image by stealing a man and fighting with their girls. HAHAHA, as if I am Cristy Fermin here, but you see, Cristy Fermin is not a bad person at all. She is misunderstood as well, and not to mention that she would read the minds of other people. I started to respect her once more when she is against AA. She’s worth more than respect as compared to Boy Abunda. Sorry Tito Boy, but you allowed yourself to be deceived by AA. I also started to respect Dolly Anne Carvajal is because of that compliment. Dolly may not be the late Inday Badiday’s favorite child (yes, Dolly Anne admitted almost everything haha!), but at least she’s also vigilant.

But as for Wilma, she won’t be a pakakak, EVER. She won’t steal man or become a big-time homewrecker, despite being intimidating in terms of aura.

The Half-Whites in the Philippine industry aren’t as good as the pure Pinoy ones

Most of the half-whites in our Entertainment industry have no talent. They cannot act, and all they do is to pose cute. I’m not saying that being half-white doesn’t give you any talent at all, but if you’d notice, the half-whites are often those who wanted to become actors, probably to awe the audience. But LOOK, the half-whites of the older generation are better than the new ones. They’re too mainstream nowadays.

Still Cannot Get Over AA’s popularity as a warfreak and a starlet PLUS the commercial dilemma

Don’t get me started about AA’s whiteness. It’s all thanks to Salamat Doc, she was already the pale-skinned fake Korean we know today. Yes, me first impression with AA is that, she looks Korean. BUT GAH, there are more attractive Koreans than AA, who are not even sexy, but they have a prettier, more pleasant-looking feature. Also, there are more attractive Japanese, Chinese and some fair and brown-skinned Filipinas out there compared to AA. If you would compare AA to Kate Hudson (which I used to despise, overall), Kate would be more approved. At least she didn’t continue doing some movies because she knows that her movies are all flop.

Again, there are more attractive Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, HK’ers and Koreans than AA. First of all, that would be Shu Qi, Song Hye Hyo and Yukie Nakama. They may look like triplets, but I think Yukie is the prettiest. NOT because of her skin tone and skin type, but because she could do the comedy thing in Gokusen. Also, Japanese women are more enviable than the Koreans, although there are some aspects in Korean women that I do envy (hahaha small feet and hands!). Also, I find Yukie more attractive than Hye Kyo is because, Yukie looked nicer, and not intimidating.

The reason why I chose the East Asians to be a comparison to AA is because, East Asians have the most enviable features. That’s right, people. Whatever our commercials endorse, that is to make people rebond their hair, drink glota (which I’m guilty at, don’t laugh! I’m not discouraging you to rebond your hair if you’re wavy-haired) or probably slim down a la Kim Chiu, but to be as skinny as Kim Chiu is to be anorexic! HAHAHA! Most Filipinos wanted to achieve the East Asian look, NOT the Western look (except the eye shape, of course). That’s because East Asians have the “virgin” look. Virgin skin, virgin hair, slender frame, ahhhhh… it’s like being dark, curly and being fat are unattractive at all and easy to happen. But to make yourself fair-skinned and straight-haired at the same time, you need MONEY to do that. The only easy thing to do is to slim down, and that’s it!

These commercials really make us feel conscious of how we look. Hay nako, one classmate of mine before said that I’m not curly-haired. My hair is like, buhaghag, and that’s it (much more OK if you ask me). What is the use of curly hair if it’s buhaghag, right? Kaya I didn’t like my genes because it’s all f*cked up. I think my birthday is a gift and a curse at the same time (hahaha, Roxy, you ain’t alone!). If you’d notice, buhaghag (or loose, frizzy blah blah) hair isn’t really looking that good, unless you’re Faye Wong. If you want to achieve features that are usually neglected by commercials, you need the personality talaga. If you ain’t tough enough to flaunt it, you’re doomed.

That’s why I really like East Asians more than white people. No offense to the white people, but although their genes are almost-perfect, some of them do not glorify it. At least they are very honest of themselves, that they are more attracted to brown-skinned people. So no wonder, my idol Alex de Rossi preferred to be brown-skinned, although most people of Italian descent are tanned (Namie Amuro, Lady Gaga before The Fame, Vanessa Minillo, despite being half-Filipino, Matteo Guidicelli, Lea Michele). Don’t you know that South Europeans (even the Spaniards, Greeks and Portuguese) are also tanned?

Alright, just in case you’re wondering, I also don’t like being tan/brown, well probably because me momma’s white, but she would always tell me that brown is attractive. HA, I’d rather be in Europe or in Canada so that people will love me, joke!

Back to AA, well her “ate” is still more stunning, no matter what happens.

The AA Song by Molybdenum Studios (Founder and CEO)

AA – MolybdenumStudios

The song is dedicated to No Other than AA Klenk

How would she feel when someone like me did this for her, eh? LOL, comment back!

No Other Woman: The Film Critic|This is the Title of Everything

LATE POST! Well, I just saw the movie via VCD.

So, the story goes this way: Ram (Derek Ramsay) is married to Charmaine (Cristine Reyes)… but he works as a house designer, and shit. However, he accidentally meets Kara (Anne Curtis), who happens to be his boss’ daughter in a vacation. The story continues as Ram’s marriage becomes fucked up when his “double-life” goes on. Well, I don’t want everything to be a spoiler.

My Take

It IS a good movie, however, it’s because of the portrayal itself. I thought the movie would have supporting characters related to the centered protagonists. I guess the trailer’s better than the whole movie. HAHA.

Anne Curtis is actually, really sexy in the movie. Of course, portraying the rich heiress is a challenge, but just so you know, it fits Anne perfectly. Well, if Anne would portray the poor person, she would look like Paolo Contis. Lawl. (PS: Anne’s tittays are eech! The worst thing you’ll ever see! HAHA!)

Derek Ramsay… well, he’s really great. Decent job he did, but yeah. I would say that he’s really a good actor in the movie.

Last but not the least, Cristine Reyes (ahahaha, the fishy thing!) still looked really, seriously, as in very cheap in portraying the rich kid. Alright, she can act decently, but still, she can’t brush up her speech just to save her life. Also, she can’t act as if she’s the brave one. Ang dapat lang sa kanya, ‘yung kontrabida. HAHA.

Rating: Well, I think this is really way more decent to watch than any Kate Hudson movie. American romcoms sucked ass, and it cannot be at-par with this movie.

Additional Opinion

Whoopsie! This is ANOTHER rant, but please excuse me because… it IS going to be… another bumpy ride! RAWR!

I think Anne is better in portraying the role of the rich kid. AA? Fuck, NO. Alright, granted that everyone thinks she’s a good actress, parang kulang. Hindi siya bagay sa mayaman na role, and it is just annoyingly irritating (honestly speaking, in a brutal form of manner, AA seemed too awkward with the rich person role. FUCK, nakakairita lang). Alright, Roxy said that most of her roles are “good guys,” but don’t you ever notice that most of her roles are like this: The feeling when you’re being focused because of some sexual brouhaha. Well, it’s not going to work… but thinking that AA and Piolo will be the new love team in “Nang Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig,” it’s the gay and the cunt in one serye! HAHAHAHA! Ano ang utot ng bading ulit!? PWAAAAAHHHH.

Remember the scene when AA’s role as Charmaine almost killed Anne’s role as Kara, the “malandi ka!” is not like the way a classy person would rant. HAHA, let Paris Hilton do the thing, and she would say it, the more flirt way! No matter how you compare AA to the more classy ones, she’s still NOTHING. Like what I said, napaka-awkward niya sa mga rich roles, and the way she ranted, “malandi ka!” is like someone from the squatters’ area who said that. Potcha! Masakit sa tenga! PAK!

Her speech quality is not good for the love of humanity.

Well, true that. If I were to describe AA’s speech quality, I’d say, “Fudge, she’s the bobo and iskwater that Beni Medici is describing, for the love of God!” Alright, if AA Klenk is the subject of hatred, well at least, I’d say that Kate Hudson is far more decent, although accused of being a “brat.” Well, Kate’s not really the brat everyone knows, she was tomboyish during her teen years (well infairness pa sa kanya, she’s far prettier in her younger years! As in fresh from the garden!).

Conclusion: It’s better to be the “butt of jokes” rather than to be a subject of hatred. Right, Wendy “Japayuki” Valdez? Rosanna Roses? Whore-den KOW?

The 15th of January 2012 Episode on The Buzz: Thoughts

Uploaded by melvinbernadeth|Maja Salvador is interviewed by the one and only pambansang pokpok of the Philippines.

Maja should’ve been the host, rather

There are so many, many things that I want to point out when Cristine Reyes interviewed Maja Salvador. First of all, Cristine looked more like a guest (and acted more like a guest) than Maja. Of course, since Maja’s the guest, she answered all the questions with confidence.

The talk show isn’t really a talk show, actually. It seemed more like a disgusting eyesore since AA was trying oh-so hard to imitate Kris Aquino’s style, or maybe Alex de Rossi’s palengkera mouth. Infairness pa kay Maja, nagpapatawa. Eh, si Cristine? Trying so hard to make the show a humor, but it ended up to be an annoyance.

The most annoying part is when Cristine talks without class. I would say that she’s being palengkera, but eww, parang nage-exert siya ng effort just to make the show lively and humorous. She should be replaced by Anne Curtis, because this smart-ass gal has more brains than AA. Anne may have many mishaps in Showtime, but this shows that she doesn’t need to exert effort when cracking a joke, or an “accidental” skit.

Finally, Cristine Reyes, still does not look good with that dress. As in, she should learn something from Anne Curtis when it comes to carrying herself in many outfits. The shoes are fine, and mas maganda pa sa mukha niya, ah.

The tumigil ka part is another flaw

Ayos lang kung si Rayver Cruz ang ini-interview, and not only that; he said, “Ayusin mo, ah,” jokingly. However, when she interviewed Maja, parang akala mo naman, “close” talaga sila. It’s like when Maja delivered her answers in a professional way, it’s all ruined. Actually, I felt sorry for Maja, because Cristine’s ruining everything rather to make the continuous story straight to the point.

Even though Maja had this hidden conceitedness, hindi naman siya dapat ginaganyan ng basta-basta. O sige, kahit sabihin nating interview ‘yan, there should be a distance from one another ‘pag sa harapan ng kamara, even just for a while.

KC and Charlene, why did you go? (Sad face)

The beauty and brains of The Buzz, I think they’re better pa nga, eh. I didn’t have any problems with them since they act more professional than AA. Sa lahat pa naman ng mga artista, bakit si AA, ha? I don’t like repeating this again, but Roxy said that she wonders about ABS-CBN still keeping AA, probably because of casting couch. It’s becoming more obvious. When a talk show hires AA to be the co-host, standards are getting low, which is synonymous to Kate Hudson as the Number One Most Beautiful in People magazine back then. I think leniency should be with limit naman. The more the lenient, the more the standards will become lower and lower until things go hyper-inflated.

If everyone still admires AA Klenk, that would only mean that…

Admiring suplado people because of their attitude would only mean that you have a bad taste in celebrities. Look, AA Klenk is an eyesore to watch in talk shows, whenever she creates another controversy as her only way to be the talk of the town. However, when it comes to TV series, there’s no problem with her.

AA Klenk is one of the people I will never learn to admire, or at least, appreciate. If she doesn’t stop babbling nonsense around, that I don’t know. Her acting is alright, but surpassing Maja’s level of acting is still a long way to go. She should stop acting like a conceited someone who thinks she has won an Oscar 100 times. Look, Maja may be one of the people I really dislike, but she seemed more respectable because of the way she delivers her confidence. I think she was dissed by AA in such a way that someone who is interviewing her is acting so unprofessional. Hindi porke’t gusto siya (AA) ni Boy Abunda (just because of the “frankness” which is questionable), eh she could get away with everything. Wala, hindi talaga siya bagay maging host, aminin na natin. She’d rather be in ASAP, at least doon, walang chizmax. The way people ranted about her as host is NOT what you call it as “crab mentality.” It’s just telling the truth.

Dear AA Klenk, ev’ryone still hates you!|Everyone still hates Cristine Reyes aka AA Klenk, no wonder.

Good thing I didn’t watch The Buzz

Cristine Reyes was interviewing Maja Salvador, and it’s a good thing I didn’t watch because the two are an eyesore. I don’t like Maja together with AA, actually. If she’s NOT with AA, better.

Similarities between Maja and Cristine: Ang bakya naman nilang magsalita. Quite true, but not necessarily as in totoo talaga. Good thing, I didn’t even bother to watch it, and the voice of Boy Abunda sounded irritating.

I didn’t liked watching The Buzz not because of Boy Abunda’s annoying voice, but it’s also that, the show itself is starting to deteriorate. If KC Concepcion was away, why did they chose someone like AA Klenk? Why not other people there like Anne Curtis? Why not people like err, Valerie Concepcion? Why not Dimples Romana!?

I seriously didn’t like the fact that Cristine Reyes is appreciated and praised at the same time for being “prangka,” if truth is, she’s so irritating to watch. Just like Maja, actually. I don’t want to see the two of them on TV.

AA just thought of cleaning up her act, but the saga doesn’t stop there…

Mas maganda pa ang shoes kesa sa mukha niya, if she were to brag about her Versace shoes and the punk outfit. Haha, just got the sources from the Twitter people, and not to mention, everyone still hates her not because she’s at it again, but because, she’s assigned to be the host of The Buzz. I know, si Boy Abunda na naman ang may idea ng ganito, and I really hate it! Maybe they’re friends, and I would understand that, but AA Klenk as a host!? Gosh, she’s acting unprofessional naman, eh. Like how she interviewed Rayver Cruz, wa-class pa magsalita (trying hard gayahin ang bangingi style ni Alex de Rossi at/o Marian Rivera). Now don’t get me started by telling me I’m “jealous” on her.

Alright, she isn’t going to rant things irrationally on Twitter, I would consider that, but giving her a break for just a short time isn’t enough. To let the person improve their attitude is leave them alone for a year or so. Hindi basta-basta madalian, kung baga, nandiyan na naman siya na parang wala lang. Same with Maja (aka Ross), pero the break given to her is enough. Maybe she learned from her mistake that she shouldn’t be arrogant again, but I still do not know; people are starting to target her classless way of delivering her speech in a conversational way. Eh, sa “Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin,” halata namang wa-class siyang magsalita. Dati naman, hindi naman siya ganyan, eh. It’s only that arrogance will bring the wa-klas effect and of course, the attitude problem that a person will develop, unless something happened.

Kung dati, si AA, gagamitin niya ang pagka-jologs niya sa maling paraan. Pero sana, gamitin niya ito sa tama. ‘Wag siyang trying-hard na Marian Rivera (ayos lang kung si Marian ang bangingi kasi ganyan naman talaga siya dati pa, kahit nung hindi pa siya mataray).

I know, there are some people who are still having grudges against AA, but since hindi naman talaga siya bagay mag-host, well, just let other people be judgmental. Sometimes, being judgmental isn’t bad at all; it’s also being frank and honest. Hindi naman puwedeng host ka, kung marami ka lang namang ipagmamayabang. At least, may ipinagmamayabang, but somehow, it should only be for a small circle of people, not for a big audience.

AA Klenk cleans up her act  again = OK FINE!

If you think the Versa-CHE thing is wrong, actually tama naman ‘yun, eh. It’s in Italian, NOT French or Spanish. But the Louboutin thing? Louboutin is French, so it should not be Loubou-TEEN, but Loubou-TUH(ng).

However, the problem is, shoving all your luxury outfits to the audience is sickening. Oh sige, artista ka, but most of your audience belong to the masa. I rarely heard Kris Aquino shoving all her luxury things to everyone, and I never heard of her being arrogant. Same with Gretchen Barretto, she rarely boasted her luxury things kasi alam niyang it’s for her, not for everyone else besides her. Ang good side nga ni Greta eh, suportado niya ang Filipino brands. Filipino clothing brands are expensive, well, lalo na kapag custom-made. I think, sa Totoy Madriaga, mahal ang pagpapagawa doon, but they make the clothing simple, pero binabagay sa kliyente depende sa body type.

However nga lang kasi, it’s not necessary na ipagmamayabang mo ang Prada, Louis Vuitton or maybe Versace, McQueen or maybe Chanel. Most of the European brands I mentioned are really expensive, katumbas lang siya ng Ferrari, Porsche, Land Cruiser (fun fact: These luxury brands are only ordinary things in the UAE) or any of the luxury cars, gadgets, etc.

AA Klenk shouldn’t be trying hard to be another person. If Kris Aquino may seem boastful on her outfits, hindi naman sa ganoon. Prangka lang siya at taklesa, pero kontrolado na ang lahat. Ipagmamayabang pa ni AA ang mga pananamit niya sa mga masa, eh, baka ma-kidnap pa siya, o mabosohan ulit!

If she won’t be like those other celebrities I mentioned, I’m not saying that she should “change” to be like them. It’s only that, she should not be as arrogant as hell, because she might be kidnapped or maybe harassed again!

AA Klenk’s #1 On the List: Thoughts…

WARNING: No bashing or flaming or post rude comments. For the last time, I will post anything I want here because this is my blog… but of course, not a personal blog haha.

To all those who want to say, “Ang bitter mo parin d’yan!”, “You’re such a hypocrite” or “Past is past,” just keep the shit to yourself. Thank you. (:

Update: Sorry if this is really too late to be posted, but here’s a random thought, ok?

Let’s start with…

When AA Klenk was crowned as the #1 sexiest in FHM, I’d say that everyone’s judging a person based on the body! If people think that “straight ang katawan niya, walang korte,” they’re wrong! AA is known to have curves, but the rest of the features seem questionable, haha.

This is the post that I’m looking for haha.

The Filipina version of Nozomi Sasaki is of course, criticized than praised!

I really don’t get it. I really hate to brag this, but I saw AA Klenk in person. The same face pa rin but it doesn’t mean that she’s extraordinarily beautiful. Do you consider someone who is pale white and retokada beautiful (truth is, if you so happen to have flawlessly white skin, that will reveal your outer beauty)? Nah, the likes of Rufa Mae Quinto may just be cute, but at least, she looks natural although her skin’s white by the help of Gluta.|Chiaki Kuriyama is much better-looking.

Most Japanese celebrities are being questioned if they were once nip-tucked, but according to my classmate in a major subject, the Japanese don’t like surgery! All they do is medication, so yeah.

This may seem irrelevant,

Here are some comments:


Cristine for FHM? NO!
Cristine as epitome of modern Bakekang? YES!
Pinoys…listen…having a lighter skin does not mean ur beautiful inside and out. Not unless FHM standard for beauty is being trashy and slutty. FHM should select a Filipina who truely represents her skin color and culture…a woman who posses grace,poise,intelligence,strong cultural ground. A body,beauty,brains and character bundled into one. wtf! Christine’s beauty and body is so generic,often u can see them in the streets of Quiapo,Olongapo or Macau.That’s my opinion.

Agree with this post! Read this post, and this explains everything!

Actually, hindi nga siya mukhang sosyalin. Asa ka pa! Just like those social-climbing cheap skanks, she’s one of them lawl. Pansin ko nga, mas bagay pa nga siyang maging katulong, kumpara mo kay Kristine Hermosa na dapat lang maging sosyal ang role eh.

My take: Quoting roxyisferox again,

Cristine is constantly voted to be one of the sexiest, if not THE SEXIEST; however, the way how she was viewed as sexy, was it being combined with respect, particularly men reading FHM? Sure, her acting is more than just improved, but still questionable in over-all talent department. She cannot sing. She cannot dance. She cannot almost everything. Just like some typical Korean girl idol groups, all Cristine does is to appear sexy. That’s it.

If you’re voted in FHM, you should be respected for attitude. If people vote AA to be the sexiest, when what is she sexy for? Being a slut who does skanky stuff and shit? Man, if she has changed, to be honest with you, I really doubt it, but hey, I’m not the one’s being a keeper of grudges! If you deserve respect, why publicize your relationship with someone else? Boosting self-esteem? Remember, being single rocks more because “it teaches you patience,” quoting AJ Perez.

I personally think that AA will never be famous unless she has a lifetime partner. I smell Plan B.


cristine? nah thanks.. i dont like her for having relationship with dennis t. carlene and dennis have a baby for God’s sake! sexy is with an attitude. and she doesnt have it.. man thief

Matagal na kaya ‘yan, dre. Past is past, but I still have to doubt it. Why, do you think publicizing your relationship with someone else is a good move? Feeling ko it’s just to make her feel complete. I really feel so sorry for Rayver Cruz, but I really don’t care about him at all haha.


si cristine reyes fhm sexiest woman in the world?!
oh cmon! baka mga naka drugs ang mga nag vote sa kanya?! oh well..filipino way yata talaga basta maputi kahit na mukhang pandesal ang shape ng katawan at mukhang rambutan ang mukha pag walang makeup maganda yon sa kanila, wahahaha! sexiest in the world?! SA TALIPAPA PALA HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Sana naging katawan na lang siya, ‘no?


Of course not, I don’t think she has that nice body or face, mukhang trying hard lang, o baka naman marami lang siyang pinakiusapan na bumoto sa kanya o sinipingan. ni wala nga syang panghollywood muscle eh, . Pwede ba , di rin sya maganda, dami naman dyan. eh sa kulay pa lang ng balat walang appeal dapat medyo morena.

Agree with the first emphasized line/s. Well, Cristine, compared to those really pretty faces such as Song Hye Kyo, Yukie Nakama, Zhang Ziyi, or any other Asian star outside the Philippines, doesn’t stand out at all.

Katrina Halili and Angel Locsin are mere examples of morena beauties. If Angel Locsin became white, that’s because of the power of Gluta once more, but Katrina Halili, at least, chose not to be white. She proved everyone that being morena looks sexier than being pale white. Even Lucy Torres-Gomez wanted to become tan, even other stars. Good thing those half-Filipinos who are really tanned chose to retain their color is because, it looks sexier.

That’s what Hollywood is promoting. No wonder hindi naman totally patok si Anne Hathaway in the majority of American audience, for of course, being scary pale white.


Cristine? I’ve always found her looks to be very ordinary. Maputi lang siya, yung tipo pang parang may sakit.

My take: I really have to agree this one. She really looks older than her age, and eww, hindi talaga sila bagay ni Rayver Cruz. Ayos lang sana kung sila pa ni Zanjoe Marudo, eh (what makes it down is the Twitter thing!). I really didn’t believe at first that she was born in 1989, parang ka-age lang niya si Shaina Magdayao or Erich Gonzales. So, yeah.

Well, like what momma said, she’s really very pale white! But some said she looks like a Korean, which I doubt since most Koreans are really pale white. Eh, mas lalo na akong hindi maniniwala kapag… may nagsasabing mukha siyang Hapon. But somehow, para na ding Korean is because most Korean actors are nip-tucked which isn’t questionable after all!


SI CHRISTINE REYES?! retokada queen. wa yatang part sa body na hindi “thank you, doc” she doesnt deserve the title. it should be queen whore!

AND according to one of my schoolmates back then, she answered my question regarding who’s attractive or bitchy between AA, Kate Hudson and Taylor Momsen. She said that AA’s average-looking, which I have to agree with since… she’s not the epitome of Marilyn Monroe OR even someone else.

Comparison with Ashlee Simpson

No doubt, Ashlee is much more honest when it comes to nip tuck. At least siya, she’s very open with it and she even said that she wanted to be as sexy as her sister Jessica. Like, what? Ashlee’s sexier and prettier because Jessica got envious so nagparetoke na din siya. Unfortunately, Jessica looked OLDER and even more overrated-looking. Jessica should’ve just been supportive na lang rather than to imitate Ashlee. Whoa.

Ashlee’s like Nicole Richie, who is also down-to-earth. If Nicole Richie is just known for being a socialite, she’s got values with her. Paris Hilton is actually lucky to have a BFF like her pa nga, eh, but because Paris way back then is a slut, they had a conflict, pero nagkabalikan din naman sila at the end.

If AA doesn’t really admit her plastic surgeries (take note: The nose, the everything, even the melons!), that’s because she wanted to become an artista, but look what happened. She’s got no talent at first. Boom.

To clarify things…

I am not making issues, just please. I am not jealous of her since it doesn’t really have to make me less of a person, right? First-hand evidence pa nga, I could actually prove it right.

Overall, if AA Klenk really deserves to be FHM’s number one, that would only mean that people criticized her because of the features she had… sino ba namang magkakagusto sa cheapipay kung may mas maganda at mas matalino pa, at hindi mukhang cheapipay, oh?

The biggest and the sickest joke ever!|Kate Hudson? Disagree. That was before, actually.

Now since Kate Hudson’s now bringing her original beauty back (GAH, her chinky eyes and flat nose wasn’t really my taste at all), here’s one of a hell JOKE that I’ve seen. Like how I applauded because Ross and AA were not in the YES! 100 Most Beautiful with John Lloyd on the cover, I am starting to really laugh sarcastically as I saw this one…

Lovely Angel and Anne… but look at #5 underlined in RED. DALAWA PA SILA HA. I’d rather laugh and puke at the same time.

EWW EWW EWW, NO NO NO! People have no fucking taste nowadays. Ross? AA? Like, WHAT THE FUCKITY FUCK!? Eww! Despite their acting skills coming bright, they’re not really the “star,” they still remain starlets.

AA’s acting ability is alright, but not really gonna impress me, alright. Watching Reputasyon is like watching a boring anime like .hack//SIGN since AA’s acting (especially speaking) should still be improved. Like what roxyisferox said, Channel 2 is still keeping AA because of casting couch. Yep, despair, so they’re using a bitch with attitude problem.

Super nakaka-inis kapag siya ang nagsasalita, pero magtaray? Kulang pa ‘yan para lang mainis ang isang tagasubaybay. Sa TV, ha. Kung si Maja, infairness bagay talaga sa kanya ang kontrabida/palaban na role since she’s really good in acting. She has the annoying face and at the same time, the talent to annoy the audience. Eh, si AA naman, nakakainis rin, pero kulang pa ‘yan.

People nowadays are LOWERING their standards. It’s really fuckingly funny if you really have to say it loud and proud that Maja Salvador is prettier than Bea Alonzo. Like, WHAT THE FUCK!? Eww. Bea is prettier and looks more simple without make-up. Si Maja? Hindi nga talaga siya bagay sa pang-sosyal na role, parang cheapipay naman siyang magdala. I really have to laugh at Kim Bum’s comment that she resembles… Catherine Zeta-Jones? LAWL, CZJ looks more and more classy and sophisticated-looking than Ross. Ang sarap tingnan ng face ni CZJ. Si Ross? Wala, eh. Pang-mahirap lang talaga siya na role, actually.

But with AA, I really have no grduges. It was really a deadly, very deadly combination. Bakit sila pa ang ipagsasabay, ‘di ba?

What they should learn from Kate Hudson

I used to dislike Kate Hudson not only because of her unusual, weird-looking face (I said the description before!) but because she still looks cheap with those dresses that she wear. Like, she’s got the body of a 12-year old boy. I’m really serious about this, she’s got no hips and tits, but and ass would kick it off. Her romantic comedies and chick flicks didn’t really impressed me (y’know being a HATER of Romcoms!) but because I never heard from her, I think she is starting to have a break for a while.


So yeah, I really didn’t want to believe at the first place that she’s one of the “most beautiful” people… and she’s #1? I really don’t get it. Why do people have to like her? That time, I didn’t find her pretty, either. Ehem, do you think, those chinky eyes and flat nose (the fake Asian-ugly thing, that is) are suitable for a typical Caucasian woman? Think about Suri Cruise during her first appearance! She has the same features like Kate Hudson, which I think it’s annoying since (between you and me, TomKat’s combination sucked ass! Well, that’s at the first place) I never find those features suitable for a white woman (sorry for sounding too racist, but please, bear with it). I personally believe that deep-set eyes and a narrow nose are really suitable for Caucasian women. Why, have you ever seen an Arab/Indian with an odd flat nose? Not at all.

Kate has matured ever since her second child with Matthew Bellamy and graced the screen… I think she should make a real comedy movie (with of course, my favorite comedians!) to prove that she’s worth a watch.

Goldie Hawn’s advice is right– Kate should stop acting like a whore! Lawl.

Yes, that’s right.Kate has changed her ways. She isn’t gonna be a real looker if she still insists on NOT enhancing her flaws. Like the boob job, now that’s an A+.

Kate was very patient about the boob job, well yes!

Very funny, indeed

While Ross is known to be discreetly conceited and arrogant, AA, on the other hand has an attitude problem. Both of them, actually. Like, anong MERON sa kanilang dalawa kung bakit pa sila #5. Is it because, maamo ang mukha nila? Hindi kaya! While AA looks fake, Ross, however, looks annoying. EWW, ugly combination indeed.

Here’s a message: ,,|,,

To the crab mentality people out there…

I am NOT (as in NO, NOT AT ALL) jealous at Ross or AA. I just can’t stand their faces, alright. Why do people like them? Because of their attitude problem shit? Gah, people should start being INTELLIGENT rather than being blind with the sweet face but with a whore attitude.