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The truth about the elites and elitism

img_2065Seriously, no one gives a damn about this book.

Elitism in the Philippines: Not Fun at All

Upon reading Rigoberto Tiglao’s The Manila Times article, “Why didn’t dictatorship work for us, when it did so well for Asia’s Tiger Economies?“, I believe that I should create a reaction paper (ungraded, however) based on my beliefs.

Now the answers are at Tiglao’s article: How come that foreigners are often lauded and worshipped, and given special treatment when it comes to the circle of elitists? But, if you’re a Filipino, you’re fully disregarded?

Well, I’ll give you my personal experience after discussing Mr. Tiglao’s article.

My reaction paper to Tiglao’s article about the elites

Excerpt from Tiglao’s article:

Our ruling class, on the other hand, have had a penchant for identifying themselves with our colonizers. They identify themselves with Spain (where many of them originated) and the US, and in recent decades, with China. For them, this nation is simply a market or a production site with cheap labor, not really their homes. They simply cooperate or even use this market’s political rulers, whether a dictator or elected by deluded masses. This kind of thinking, that nationalism is an unnecessary baggage, has even trickled down to the masses, so that many Filipinos even think somebody like Grace Poe-Llamanzares, who became an American citizen, should be President.

Most of our elites, in fact, have their biggest mansions in London, Barcelona, Los Angeles and New York, and in recent years, in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. All their children study abroad, and have little cultural ties now to the country. Why, even their children no longer speak Pilipino, but English, and more recently, Mandarin. Pilipino is just the language they use to talk to their servants.

This is the reason why the Lopezes, Osmenas and the Aquino-led Cojuangcos have been propagating the Yellow Myth of Good-vs-Evil, with the elites supporting it, and even the Left believing it: It conceals the reality that through dictatorship and democracy, the elites continue to screw the masses.

I won’t deny the fact that the elites have an important role in our society. They’re expected to promote the Filipino culture, because remember, they’re the ruling classes, right? However, it comes the opposite–they actually promote colonial mentality.

What makes me say this?

I had a personal experience. Well, I might sound controversial here, but allow me to take the risk. I won’t sound offensive, but let me tell you the truth: The elites and the ruling classes are anti-Filipino. They have a sense of entitlement, not thinking that they FAILED to integrate with the Filipino culture.

If you do not integrate with the natives, then you don’t integrate with the culture itself.

I hate to bring this up, but no person other than Contreras did bat an eye when Grace Poe’s citizenship was questioned at the height of the 2016 Elections. Oo nga naman, masyadong impractical kapag si Grace Poe ang gagawing pangulo ng Pinas, eh dual citizen parin siya sa lagay na iyan (compared to Edu Manzano, who openly shared his plans to renounce his American citizenship to run for office in the Philippines, since he was born in the United States to Filipino parents). I am not degrading anyone. In fact, I’m only citing an example (well, a warning before bashing this blog).

Well, in this situation, I am not surprised. The elitists seemed to shrug it off when I told them that “it’s colonial mentality if your block president is technically a foreigner.”

No one did believe me. They said it was OK. So, no wonder, they did not raise the citizenship issue towards Grace Poe.

Well, I have nothing against foreigners naman being block president. However kasi, you won’t be prioritized, esp. kapag may blockmates kayo na kalahi niya. I have experienced that kind of “discrimination.” This made me believe that after all, I cannot fit in to the elitists. They only prioritize their own kind, aside from foreigners.

If you don’t even come from a “sosyal” background, it means that you are not fit for their standards.

No wonder, even our student council (LOL I just have to call it that way), or student government, is homogenous. Sila-sila lang din ang tumatakbo para sa halalan, tapos ganun parin ang sistema. Seriously, this makes me wonder that the student government is not pro-diversity.

No wonder, a lot of the elites and the elitists cannot even forgive the Marcoses

Side Note: Admit it or not, the Marcoses are pro-Filipino. That’s a fact. Meanwhile, the Yellow Oligarchs are far from being pro-Filipino. Why did former president Noynoy Aquino sided with the US when it comes to the territorial dispute of the West Philippine Sea? That’s red flag, you know!

President Rodrigo Duterte being friendly towards China is the only way we could no longer argue about the territories in the West Philippine Sea–and in fact, Pres. Duterte insisted on a foreign policy that is completely INDEPENDENT and SELF-RELIANT. His lambasting of the United States may place us into danger, but because multi-millionaire businessman Donald Trump won as president-elect of the United States, of course we cannot ensure smooth ties with the States, but because of Trump’s background in business management, I believe that things will work out just fine, given that Trump is bigoted when it comes to “outsiders.”

The elitists are pro-West, that’s a fact. They even lambasted DFA Secretary Perfecto “Jun” Yasay for calling the West Philippine Sea as “South China Sea.”

FYI, Sec. Yasay is all-business, no-nonsense. The elitists may believe that he is a “puppet of China” alongside President Duterte, yet here, they’re only insisting on an independent foreign policy that will soon help the Philippines grow and develop more diplomatic ties with other countries. Duterte’s warming up with Russia is a good example–in fact, strengthening ties with Russia is a good one. I like Russia, you know–and you may disagree with me on this: I like Putin.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia may be tough on the outside, but he’s a good man on the inside. He’s pretty much the best example of a person who is tough on the exterior, but as per the Mother Dragoness, “The evil in me protects the good of me.”

To be honest, the Russians love Putin more than they love Medvedev. I have nothing against Medvedev, but if you have a leader like Putin, you feel complacent. He is the protector of Mother Russia.

The elitists are only after LIBERALISM. Well, sorry guys, but liberal elitism is OVERRATED. Not only it is overrated, it is also sickening. Liberal elites could become abusive as they wish, they even do everything that will provoke others. Look at what has happened to Europe, they practice liberalism, open-mindedness, and tolerance–without even realizing that they’re oppressing Muslim immigrants by strongly banning the hijab.

This is bullsh*t. Well, what do you expect, some Europeans even IMPOSE their beliefs towards religious people, as if religion is OPPRESSIVE and INFLEXIBLE.

Of course, the Marcos burial and Trump victory were definitely DOUBLE B*TCHSLAPS towards their faces. Everyone’s sick and tired of liberal leaders who are all talk but no action–heck, these liberal elite leaders could NOT even come close to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is genuine about welcoming immigrants to Canada, and embracing diversity.

Well, PM Trudeau is different. How come he could maintain the peaceful nature of Canadian culture, which other leaders can’t? Tell me.

A lot of liberal elites in the Philippines wished to have a leader like Justin Trudeau.


In fact, we could only have a leader like Trudeau, once the Philippines is a first-world country. We need a leader who could emulate the values of late Singaporean leader Lee Kuan Yew (LKY)–and that is President Rodrigo Duterte.

Actually, Duterte is comparable to LKY. Why? TBH, Duterte is a legalist–when he allowed the Supreme Court to decide, whether or not Marcos should be buried at the LnmB, it made me think that his experiences as a tough-ass prosecutor led him to decide on things based on the law. He even said that Vice-President Leni Robredo, despite being sacked from her job in the HUDCC, will finish her tenure as vice president of the Philippines. This means, former senator BongBong Marcos wasn’t involved in sacking Robredo from the HUDCC.

Again, the elites hate President Duterte–simply because he talks cheap-ass, and he does not even follow protocol (well, true enough). However, he is a man of action–we already feel that the Philippines will be fine, for as long as Duterte is the president. This made me believe that the elitists only rely on a president who will only benefit them and ONLY them.

The only reason why it’s sooooo difficult for the liberal elites to forgive the Marcoses is because, their ancestors did not have the same privileges and benefits as the Marcos cronies. Well, at least during the Martial Law years.

Today, the liberal elites are the laughing stock of the Philippine cyberspace. Sorry guys, but many people will have to believe on the following: Prof. Antonio Contreras of DLSU, Mocha Uson, Sass Rogando Sassot, and Thinking Pinoy.

Well, besides and Showbiz Government.

These sources actually have to do with critical and logical thinking skills. They actually challenge the status quo–in fact, you can’t even MAKE THEM–even though you claim to be a lawyer, or someone in the legal core. In fact, Prof. Antonio Contreras proved that the yellows are often guilty for being STUPID when it comes to critical thinking and logical abilities.

…and as a matter of fact, nasa ELITISTA naman talaga ang tunay na BOBOtante (oh guys, I recommend you read Senyor Komikado’s blog–he’ll discuss about the elitists being the real BOBOtantes). Maa-ari ko pang sabihing mga bobotante talaga ang mga bumoto kay Manny Pacquiao, but I cannot say the same towards those who voted for BongBong Marcos as their vice-president. In fact, majority of the Filipino people do not even give respect to Leni Robredo as the incumbent vice-president (well, sorry to say). No offense to Leni Robredo supporters, but as the old adage goes, “Nothing beats the word of mouth.”

The elites are already being the LOSING side. That’s a fact. Proof? Prof. Antonio Contreras is now a columnist for The Manila Times, and Mocha Uson is an OpEd writer for The Philippine Star (FYI, to Mocha’s critics who call her “someone who claims not to be a professional journalist but acts like one”). Also, Sass Rogando Sassot is gaining more popularity than her fellow transgender female counterpart, Miyako Izabel. In fact, Sassot has more credentials than Izabel–for one, Izabel does not show much of her background, while Sassot isn’t ashamed to reveal it to everyone, making her more credible and well-known to many.

Also, Thinking Pinoy, alongside Showbiz Government, is becoming more credible than the notoriously-Yellow Thinking Class of the Philippines.

No one is listening anymore to anything YELLOW, because to be honest, anything that has YELLOW symbolizes LIES, HYPOCRISY, and lastly, CORRUPTION.

This made the Filipino people decide to vote for BongBong Marcos, NOT because they’re going to give another chance to a “son of a dictator.” Na-uh! In fact, they started to look up and accept BongBong Marcos as a public servant who serves the people well. If you only know the “HALF-RICE BILL” as his proposed law, lemme tell you that he was the one who proposed the FREE TUITION for all government-owned tertiary institutions for learning.

To be honest, the Marcoses came back to power NOT because of this so-called “corrupted values” and “defeatism” of the Filipino, but it’s because, regardless of the corruption and ill-gotten wealth accusations against them, they still do their job WELL. That is to say that, many Filipinos still want people who will serve for the common good. You cannot see that kind of trait towards the yellow hoarde.

The elites are simply sour-graping because they’re actually DEFEATED by the Marcos family. To be honest, the Marcoses never engaged in cheap proposals. They still remain SOLID as a ROCK. Iyung sasabihin pa nilang, “Hiyang-hiya naman kami sa SDE nila sa LnmB!”, well, at least they could finally witness the burial of the patriarch, who has long been DEAD. Eh iyung ka-ribal nilang political dynasty, kumusta naman? Did they sought justice for the murder of their patriarch?

As a matter of fact, the Filipinos no longer believe in the so-called “Spirit of EDSA.” That so-called “Spirit of EDSA” is a LIE.

…and also, Kris Aquino deserves to be crucified–even though good news is, she’s a has-been.

Serves the YELLOWS right. I can never forget what they did to the Filipinos during APEC. #NeverForget the SAF-44, the Hacienda Luisita Massacre, the Mendiola Massacre, the Hostage Crisis at Quirino Grandstand (the mishandling of the police), the Yolanda controversy–will you still think that the yellows are “incorrupt”?

I ain’t buying that anymore, people. To be honest, I will choose to forgive not only the Marcoses, but also former president and now Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, and the Binay family.

I guess, the elites and the elitists should taste a dose of their medicine.

The truth about the elites and elitism: They profess COLONIAL MENTALITY over Beauty of Diversity

Our ruling class, on the other hand, have had a penchant for identifying themselves with our colonizers. They identify themselves with Spain (where many of them originated) and the US, and in recent decades, with China. For them, this nation is simply a market or a production site with cheap labor, not really their homes. They simply cooperate or even use this market’s political rulers, whether a dictator or elected by deluded masses. This kind of thinking, that nationalism is an unnecessary baggage, has even trickled down to the masses, so that many Filipinos even think somebody like Grace Poe-Llamanzares, who became an American citizen, should be President.

Seriously, ambilis pa nilang mapatawad ang mga Espanyol, mga Amerikano, tsaka ang mga Hapones, ngunit sa mga Marcos, ‘di pa nila magawa! In fact, this made me think about why the elitists won’t ever accept me as their own–granted, I am Filipina. Hindi iyun dahil sa kulang ako sa pakiki-sama dati, but to be honest, they only accept foreigners PLUS their own kind, to keep their “homogeneity” pure. No wonder, I was never in good terms with my own blockmates, to think a lot of people pa naman were expecting me to get along with ’em. Well, wala talaga, eh. Kung hindi ko masakyan ang trip nila, well, so be it. Hindi ko trip ang trip nila, and I have found out that they’re ignorant and bigoted at the same time–and I was wondering how the heck did they obtain their so-called academic achievements? Well, they’re only records. Call me ampalaya for that matter, yet I cannot call people with academic achievements “respectable,” if their logic is dented.

I was thinking of opening up and simply be honest to everyone and to myself, that I cannot get along with the elitists and the pa-sosyal group of people. Seriously, they make me sick. They’re not only simple-minded–worse, they’re shallow and superficial people. Henceforth, making me say that they want to keep their homogeneous circle, “PURE.” This means, the term “diversity” is not even in their vocabulary.

Wala pa silang sinabi sa mga third-cultured kids. Heto pa isang comment:

xxx The elite and the ruling class are more foreign than Filipinos. xxx

Hindi na siguro ako magtataka kung masyadong banyaga ang mga ruling class ng Pinas. As a matter of fact, these ruling classes never interacted with the indigenous groups of people in the Philippines (no exaggeration). Kaya naman pala, hindi sila magkakasundo ng mga maka-kaliwa.

Here’s the thing: The leftists, infairness to them, will instill that you’re Filipino–and not only that, they will make you more proud to be Filipino–as compared to the elitistas. The elitistas, on the other hand, will reject you as one of their own, kahit Pilipino ka pa. For them, ‘di baleng foreign-looking ka na may dubious attitude, basta masakyan mo lang mga trip nila. Well, this made me think that–oo nga, BOBOtante nga talaga sila.

The Rallying Issue

Having covered a lot of rallying-related events during my stint as a beat photographer for a newspaper, I have witnessed on how the leftists protest–they protest with dignity.

Also, they never used cuss words to criticize a politician. Why, did they ever say, “PAKYU AQUINO!”? Eh samantalang mga elitista, they say, “PAKYU KA MARCOS,” or “UKINAM MARCOS,” which is sickening.

Side Note: They did not even spare Sandro Marcos. Why, did we ever not spare Josh or Bimby, for that matter?

Tapos anlakas pa nga ng loob mag-cry foul ng “cyber-bullying,” tsaka harassment!?

As much as I do not condone the behavior of the cyber-maniacs, comments like those cannot be avoided. In fact, mas maraming mas POKPOK ang ugali kesa kay Mocha Uson. In fact, mas pokpok pa nga ‘ata ang mga disenteng may anyong maharlika ngunit NGAPA naman sa lohika–kumpara naman kay Mocha Uson.

Nope, I ain’t a fan or an apologist of Mocha Uson. To be honest, the DISSENT-ehs have been playing the “victim card,” besides Robredo and Senator Leila De Lima, because they believe, they’re still being harassed by the “Dutertards.”

Sense of self-entitlement, huh?

No wonder, Prof. Contreras always makes fun of them. Papano naman kasi, these disentes engage into cheap proposals, and at the same time, resort to self-humiliation. Sige, subukan nilang maghubad gaya ng ginagawa ni Ellen Adarna sa mga magazine shoots, magmumukha lang silang mga barbarong nakatira sa pinaka-malayong LABAS ng kabihasnan (pardon my crooked Tagalog, tho).

These elitists again, should taste a dose of their own medicine. They deserve to be crucified. Worse than what the Roman government did to Jesus.

Thanks pipitblog for including my former blog

Yes, and I have revealed, even before, that I am Summer Dawn Ravenson. It’s been a long time that I haven’t read your blog. Yeah, I know I have closed my Formspring because of hate comments from judgmental people.

I know there are some people who know that I used to be that Ravenson person, well, no more. I do not use that pen name for certain reasons (and I know there are some people out there who are waiting for me to come out and devour me — LOLjk), however, I’d like to express my gratitude to you that you have included my former blog.

Well, I’d rather send it to you by mail. (:

Followers, thanks

If you’re still wondering why I’m no longer posting interesting blog posts is because…

GOSH, I think I have to take a nap now.

To the followers of this blog, thanks for supporting me. You are the reasons why I keep it alive, rather than leaving it to rot. I know, I may some lapses in posting, but of course, whatever your write on your blog represents you… although I have some drafts that I rrrreaaaalllly wanna type here… I think it would take me some decades to decide beforehand whether I should post it again or not. Seriously, it does not help me anymore. I don’t know what I’m thinking about… or probably because I’m enjoying me new life with the 4S, but I am still updating this blog, of course.

Always take note that everything I post is not for publicity purposes. I post whatever I like, and that’s it. I really don’t know why, but I have to tell you that it does NOT make sense if I post something without meaning at all.

Right now, the stream of consciousness has diminished. I really do not know whether I will go back to the days where I have a restrained flow of thinking and speaking it right in front of you guys. Think about being figuratively choked by society’s very high expectations, especially if your mind is fresh out of the structured life. I know some of you have minds fresh from the structured like (you know what I mean, and I do not need to explain it!), and I know you cannot even comment back properly. What I mean is that, fresh out of the structured life is that, you still cannot develop the stream of consciousness within you… which is the flow of your thoughts, from the mind… to the soul… towards the heart. Everything should be spoken from the heart, mind and soul. End of story.

Just in case you are still wondering, why would I ever post something that would hurt one’s feelings? Yes, sometimes, I may offend people, but you really, as in really, do not know what’s happening. If you think I am as irritable as uh-hmm (you know who you are, but no need to mention), then you simply can’t blame the person who is speaking right in front of you. You do not even know that the person has suffered many crosses from time to time… I guess my heart stopped beating afterwards.

That would be all for now.

Why I chose WordPress as my blogging platform

Obligatory confession: Why did you choose WordPress above all blogging platforms?

First of all, I would like to thank WordPress for being a blogger-friendly platform. Aside from that, WordPress offers categories as factors for organizing your blog posts. Also, WordPress is also conducive for learning, but I only see a handful of bloggers use WordPress as their blogging platform. Also, WordPress has this comment box which has a much friendlier approach to anons.

Not to lambast other blogging platforms, but here’s why.

Compare and Contrast with other blogs

Blogger, when it comes to customized themes, is hard-to-please. It’s only good if you want your cbox to be linked or as a widget, or maybe polls, but for learning and comments, it isn’t really as conducive as WordPress.

Typepad – you have to pay for it!

LiveJournal – LiveJournal is not actually a bad blog platform at all, but this is designed for people who’d like to have their personal blog. Besides, it also isn’t really conducive for learning as well.

Xanga – It’s like the blog version of Friendster. It’s only for those hippies who love to copy-paste surveys and it isn’t as user-friendly as WordPress.

WordPress is really, for the casual blogger. It has ALL the tools designed for the blogger in need, despite the lack of support for JavaScript widgets or polls. Another thing is, you create as many pages as you want, and customize them.

People who used Blogger are moving to WordPress

Some of them, actually. Others are from Tumblr. Hmm… I really don’t know why, but WordPress is actually more enjoyable than any other blog platforms out there. Hmmm… maybe it’s just me?

Somehow, the reason why I enjoyed it is because, you don’t have to put your location or something, or maybe it’s because it’s designed for the OC person, especially if categories are needed to be organized.

First, I left Xanga, LiveJournal or maybe Blogger. The reason why I did this is because, WordPress has created a home for me, where I can write things like my personal opinions, or maybe my interests!

People like my followers recommend WordPress

Mikx is one of those people who encouraged me to go back to is because… the blogging environment is conducive. Same with Roxy.

Of course, if you want to create fiction stories, you’d rather be in WordPress, or post the past articles of your school paper. That would mean a lot more than everything.

200th post!

Welcome the New Year… in advance.

Most people do not understand why I blog a lot of things, be it with sense or not.

Latest news

Tyrone Perez is found dead on a car… maybe he was poisoned or committed suicide. Oh no! Perez… AJ Perez, then Tyrone aww. Well, Amy Perez, good luck!

Tasks completed:

[x] Passed all my subjects
[x] Wrote a review about a photographer
[x] Created a blog designed for most of my literary works (I am doing this is because I write directly on the Internet, not on document!)
[x] Achieved again a number of notes and faves – Update: State of Oblivion gaining faves!
[x] Started photography again.
[x] Stopped thinking about my crush and started not to think about him again haha.

A brief introduction to my new blog, the literary one

Molybdenum Studios Literary is currently my new blog. I still do not have an icon yet for that blog, but soon, I’ll create one if I’m not feeling too lazy.

First of all, I created the plot of my stories, Osaka Monogatari and of course, I Heart Mr. Enforcer.

Finally, Osaka Monogatari is written, even only a summary of it is because, I really love Japan. And yes, this is a story about two brothers who never had a happy beginning, while I Heart Mr. Enforcer is a story about a policeman and a seductive criminal who wins his heart at the end.

A series of events let me start a new beginning

First of all, I wrote a blog entry about quitting photography. However, what motivated me is only creativity and imagination. Photography is actually for me, just a hobby, but the only reason why I made it serious is because, well, just for a back-up job in case I won’t take up law at all. I simply observed that my specialization should be food photography and of course, fine art photography. Well, what defines fine art? Bokeh.

Next blog posts

Anti-Chinese Sentiment #3 – Tackling all the issues from piracy to dangerous preservatives
Admiring the superpowers is completely pointless
The dark side of the United States of America

It seemed that this post is shorter than the first centennial post

Of course, I really do not have something in mind and I only blog sometimes, good thing there’s a challenge I accepted so that I would post everything everyday. Haha.

Why Anything at Random was discontinued

Hmm… long story, but if you guys want some random things, just tell me.

Confessions of a Blogger

If you guys really want to know who I really am, you better read this. FULL OF DRAMA? Get used to it. I am pouring all my heart out. To my dear supporters, remember to be vigilant when a hater arrives. I’ll notify you if he/she’s coming.

The Worst Blog in the Universe

Y’all wonder why its tagline is “The Worst Blog in the Universe.” It is because, this is a sign of humility and of course, even though I receive a lot of pageviews all over the world, at least I remain grounded as a netizen. I never ever resorted to fights online, except those in the forums.

Of course, knowing who I was during the times of 2006~2010, you really do not know who I really am. I was in the middle of identity crisis and I couldn’t almost express my thoughts. I really feel that many people are eyeing me when I write something against a certain topic. I couldn’t help but to make things senseless.

My life was structured

I never liked the idea of being controlled by any obstacle.

Read my former blog posts, and compare it to my previous blog (if you’re an ardent reader of this blog, y’know what the link is, right?). Differentiate my life then and my life right now. My life right now resembles in this blog and my life way back then resembles who I really am when I was still in high school. I really hate mentioning the term “high school” since it was the worst of my times. However, I really have to be specific this time, whether I like it or else.

I used to be an introvert. I almost couldn’t express my thoughts. Most of my blog entries have no point at all. You could really notice how introverted I really am. Pointless posts. Wasted blogs. Full. Of. Bullcrap.

Living a flexible life has never been better. It made me become more outspoken, which made me interact with more people.

My Previous Blogs were such a waste

True. While this blog is my only decent blog (so far, so good!), the others, make no sense at all. They’re just designed to look eye-candy, with useless posts. Remember, I was trying to fit in other people, based on their websites. It turned out that their websites reflect their personality: Fake people.

Like, you’re really dictating people, not to be “plastics, backfighters and feeling close?”

I used to have a very stiff mind, and at the same time, a very stiff way of thinking.

Being plastic (or being a hypocrite) means “lying,” but truth is, it is really a strategy when you start a conversation with a know-it-all. Do not always believe in what the know-it-all says. Remember, being plastic is the only strategy for you to fool that person.

Being a backfighter is not that bad, actually. Why, do you think when someone did wrong to you, you won’t backfight? Backfighting is normal, it really happens. If you really hate that person, it’s alright to backfight. No problem! Maybe they’ll just realize that you’re talking behind their back.

Lastly, being feeling close IS NOT BAD AT ALL, unless that person is a backfighter. Being feeling close is only an exaggerated term for “being too familiar.” If you really do not want feeling close people, then don’t be sociable at all. Sometimes, even the know-it-alls who are feeling close have better people skills, though their attitude is intolerable.

Now, back to the “stiffness.” What do I mean by “stiff mind, stiff thinking?”

That means, I really cannot shit out my feelings! Tagalugin ko na talaga, ha (sorry non-Filipinos or Filipinos who cannot understand Tagalog at all, but bear with it!), dati, nagpapadala ako sa mga emosyon ko, which is wrong. I might have been a more “disrespectable” type of blogger rather than to be a respectable blogger if I base everything from emotion alone. Like what I said before, “Always bring your mind with you.”

Dictating me? Fuck you!

I only learned how to cuss even before I entered high school. Now what’s wrong with it, anyway?

Sorry for the little kids if you’re reading my blog, but this blog isn’t for you just yet.

Dictating me for who I am (or who I am not) is simply… bullcrap. Alright, some people feel offended if they’re dictated, while they’re the ones dictating other people. If some people think I type everything just because I’m desperate, of course not! I type everything how I feel here, but at least I do not include my personal life here like, “Dear Diary” thing. Never contradict the person if he/she says something which contradicts their personality right in front of their faces.

If people think I’m “trying-hard,” could you type like a pro when you blog? Could you really experiment so hard that you want to achieve something? Are you too hard to please? Well, you’re just desperate. You have many frustrations in life, you have many regrets. Dictating someone is completely WRONG, that everyone will start to talk behind your back.

I feel sorry for the marginalized people

How I wish I were someone else, although everyone’s lucky to know me as the nice girl. But they do not know my true colors, just yet.

Marginalized people are people who are constantly bullied or constantly being picked on at. These are people condemned for their unusual behavior at school. If they’re retards, doesn’t it make the bullies more of a retard when they bully someone?

These bullies are mostly popular kids who are “feeling elite.” They feel like they’re elite is because, they do the bad things. Of course, being an avid hater of those popular kids who bully people, I wanted them really down, all because of their unacceptable behavior and incompetency in academics.

As a forumer: Watch out for trolls

Seriously, I hate e-games forums. This forum is full of retards who do nothing at all but troll. I’m just fitting in, but y’know they’re using their jologs antics in the wrong way. However, that’s because I was still thinking in a stiff way. I really did not know how to respond to rude messages. If now, I could just simply reply to a rude comment like, “Fuck you!”, but I won’t do that, actually.

Here’s a little warning, just in case you want to lambast me, guys:

Now it’s time for me to name-drop someone, whether you like it or you like it. Hate me by being rude in this blog, I don’t care at all. You may lambast me in any manner, but you couldn’t really pull me down anymore, because I have a number of supporters guiding me, and I guess, they’ll be vigilant against you.

So, let me start with the worst criminals in the forums, particularly e-games.

1.) The Impresario – The name says it all. To “impress.” To impress… wait. In a wrong way, that is.

Yes, he’s criticized for being a “feeler” as he is one of the forum moderators. I really hated him so much that I almost wanted him to be… down down down. Like, what? Alright, you’re a forum moderator, but it’s really wrong to be a power-tripper, lalo na sa forums. Ban someone or close the thread, but being a feeler isn’t right. Sometimes, you have a lot of critics, because you’re becoming arrogant. Even your “impersonator” Unpreh is also like you: Arrogant, trashtalker, etc.

2.) Unpreh – Perhaps the most abhorred trashtalker is just like the guy whom he idolizes. Well, one message to this guy: Fuck you.

He doesn’t deserve respect AT ALL. Being arrogant doesn’t earn you good respect and at a same time, a very good reputation and a clean record. No wonder why he’s really the asshole who starts shitting out. I was even at that time not using FB or Tumblr, when some online buddy told me, “Sabunutan natin.”

I was so happy after he said that. Alright, fuck Unpreh and his stupid antics.

3.) Those forumers who are actually feeling conservative know-it-alls – Feelers! I do not respect you at all.

Now let’s move on to… PEX.

(I know, this is really a very difficult task to make, but bear with it!)

1.) clawed_out – One of the most annoying twats in PEX, I would say that the sarcasm is really right there in the words itself. Remember the thing about the “frosh” in UST thing.

2.) abernathy – clawed_out’s partner-in-crime, this person was very rude when I just asked a decent question. Like, yeah.

READ THIS THREAD and you’ll know how these two twats trashtalked the whole thread. May masama ba kung USTe = Frosh? Frosh term is not only Lasallian, it just started from the Lasallian jargons.

TO the tekkenzaibatsu forums…

1.) yiggs – this guy was really, a racist. I was just asking if there’s a Lili Rochefort version of Nina Williams’ Death by Degrees. Nagtatanong lang naman, tapos ang sumagot, rude? Racist. Yep, racist, indeed! I don’t want my heritage to be lambasted, even at international forums. Good thing I am not using that TZ forums anymore, because I don’t want to see any shit posted against me and my heritage.

Now that was over

If anyone again, will be rude, please, I will mark you as spam and eventually, you will be banned from commenting on this site, unless you apologize. I will only give you a second chance, if you are truly deserving.

What I learned from blogging

I blog a lot, actually.

BUT, I have two separate blogs. One is my very most personal blog, and the other is about outside personal things.

Blogging isn’t about making money out of your personal life. Blogging is all about sharing things that others do not know. It’s about being serious and also having a sense of humor at the same time.

Blogging is all about… making everything a magazine online.
Lessons learned from other bloggers (although they don’t say it, a’ryt)

1.) Always make your blog private if it is all about your complete personal life.
2.) If it’s public, don’t ever namedrop. Remember, namedropping is always a mortal sin on the Internet.
3.) If you love to namedrop, isolate your blog. Yes, it’s possible, actually.
4.) Always post something meaningful.
5.) Use the stream of consciousness.

The things that you should try avoiding…

1.) Showing that you are in the identity crisis period.
2.) Posting stuff that you usually do not show to the crowd.
3.) Posting something really bad, unless you have completely moved on.
4.) Embracing porn and posting it on your blog.

The reason why I started the “Anything in Random” challenge is because I want everyone to show their prowess in blogging. It is a fearless forecast game (of course, I do not really require those who are joining to post photos of their non-celebrity crushes) where they can post something about things that they really want to share, etc. I really do not explain much since I do not think before I speak, or maybe y’know what I’m using… 😀

Taboos when blogging/Do’s and Don’ts

I really consider these as taboos is because… they do not really express who you really are. Try not to fit in with these common people and be unique! It’s not bad to be unique since… it’s not fake or common.

1.) Telling everyone on your intro box in Multiply saying, “You view, you comment. No plastics, backfighters or feeling close, and no rude comments will be posted.” — Of course, who cares about you if no one is interested about your life, right?
Rating: Taboo.

2.) Don’t grab/steal without crediting others — I did this before, actually. However, because I think it’s wrong, I started to delete it. So, yeah. Always give credit to the person who owns that picture, ok? Some are very tolerant and forgiving, but please don’t ever test their patience!
Rating: It’s a DO.

3.) It’s alright to save/download photos of your crush — Yes, I consider stalking in this blog, but please, if you’re asking about the color of my underwear, it is always color pink. There you have it. I do not really ask about the color of my crush’s underwear since that’s privacy! If stalking your crush for you isn’t a bad idea after all, always remember that it is not good to ask for their landline number (but asking for their FB accounts is alright), their blood type or even their dark secrets. Always remember, a secret is always a secret and no one should be an asshole to reveal it, mmkay? If you are willing to stalk someone, make sure that the person you’re always following doesn’t personally know you. Oh, and last thing: Don’t ever plan an assassination plot if you really have an obsession on that person!
Rating: Drink Moderately.

4.) Listening to a know-it-all’s advice — The know-it-all is known for restraining you from blogging good things about what you sense in everyday life. Oh, come on. He/she’s not a true expert in blogging. I’m telling you, they’re not the ones to be trusted. It’s all in your own instincts if they’re just fooling you just to let their hands on fame.
Rating: It’s a DON’T.

5.) Posting negative things about a celebrity — This is much more acceptable. If you have anything BAD to say about that celebrity, go ahead, because’s no one is gonna stop you from doing it.

So, Imma post things about my experience about that person who tried to stop me from posting good stuff in deviantArt. 😀

Anything at Random II

The game is still on the go, but people are too lazy to join! Nah, don’t be shy! It’s a challenge, remember?

Blogger Profile: Miho

The half-Japanese, half-Filipina tourism student is one of the many famous bloggers not only in my former second home, but she keeps a deviantArt account that has many followers. If she wasn’t that good then as a photographer, at least she has improved. Siya nang maraming followers/watchers sa deviantArt xD. She is well-admired for her friendliness and most of all, the way she shows her kawaii side. Although being Japanese in looks, her heart belongs to the Philippines.

She has other blogs since she loves blogging a lot. I think I could almost relate with her since she was blogging about who she was before until her blog entries are starting to be like that of a real blogger. I really do not know if she has a new blog, but anyway, I think she has a lot of things to share, at least.

Typing in just one shutter click away

Photo blogs, or we call it, “PH-logs.” This term is coined by Andrew Pamorada, a proud Lasallian photographer who currently works for The LaSallian. Yep, that’s what most bloggers do. Aside from Kuya Andrew or “Andoy,” of course, who doesn’t even know Tricia Gosingtian, a fashion photographer and at the same time, a blogger? HA! She’s listed in “Interesting People” and you know how to find her there, right?

Creating a photo blog isn’t just blogging and taking pictures. It’s actually something that you want to express yourself… through pictures, that is. To express yourself in that way, there should be creativity. Aside from that, there should be aesthetics. This may sound technical, but y’know what I mean. Having a good photograph should speak a thousand words in it. So, yeah.

On the Spotlight: Bloggers Wanted

Want to start this game right now?

YES, and it would be a great pleasure if your blog gets noticed HERE in I am very pleased to introduce you to everyone who are famous bloggers and those who receive genuine comments from real people.

Everyone deserves a chance to get noticed, so if you receive any pingback regarding your blog mentioned here, then you are featured here in this blog. I’ll tell you why you deserve to get noticed in this blooooog. xD

That’s all I could think for now, ok?