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Controversial and Sensitive Topic: Leaving the House for Good

Imagine still living under the roof with your parents. It means, you’re still living under their rules. Now here’s the question: What if you’re really sick and tired of living in a life wherein they will still decide for you, if you only ask for their initial guidance and advice?

People make stupid decisions. That’s life. After all, people learn from their stupidity. Being locked in the house means that they don’t trust you at all.

I think being an overprotective parent is simply a sign of insecurity. While I have made stupid decisions in the past, I made sure that things will never go wrong. Seriously, those who DO NOT understand my situation (yet have the nerve to be self-righteous) should better shut the fuck up and leave me be.

I don’t have any grudges against them. And no, I am not going to be rebellious. I just want to take things step-by-step.

#RealTalk: If they really love me, then they should stop being egocentric. Dati pa ‘yan, they would impose to me things I do not like. Tapos they only let me go later on… (haha, the power of being pasaway!).

I don’t want to live under their rules anymore. I know they’re busy, but can’t they just respect my decisions instead of insisting on theirs? If they still care about their ego than me, then I’d rather leave the house for good, or leave the Philippines for good and instead, look for a job in Japan (of course, if I pass JLPT–but first, I have to enrol in NCF once more).

I could simply live on my own, eh. If I could find a job, then I’ll do it. Kahit rejected pa ako, I will look for another one. To be honest, I’d rather leave the house and ask a friend about looking for a job related to my interests.

Another #RealTalk: I don’t want to be in a corporate/office job setting.

That’s the problem with Asian parents, esp. in the Philippines (paraphrasing queenroxilla). As much as I love my parents, I can’t help but to tell them that I should prove to them that I could be on my own. Remember, I’m a loner, and I did pay the tuition fee and dealt with a lot of irate desk consultants myself. But did I ever complain? No.

Even though the bosses and/or desk consultants are irate and/or snobbish, I would still deal with them without complaining, for as long as I finish my transaction. Period. I don’t care if some office people will not like me, because I don’t think about that. Basta ang mahalaga, mababait ang mga bossing ko.

Another reason why I want to leave the house for good is because I don’t want to deal with self-important people who simply think about themselves over others’ priorities. Look what happened to me–castigated for being late. Yes, my fault to be honest, but that’s because I was fucking trapped with a self-important person who imposes something I am not really interested at the first place.

Speaking of which, I shall leave the house for good. No more parents who will speak against my life decisions. No more fucking rules that will limit me to get out and explore the outside world. And lastly, I’m my own boss. Nothing more, nothing less. No more exposure towards the elitist world.

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My heartbreaking response from “The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”|This is the book I’ve read, but the smaller one, that is.


So after writing two Anti-Chinese sentiment posts, this book made me feel curious. So, yeah. I checked out the book and of course, I read it but skipped some pages that are not really interesting, but here goes.

While the narrator (the author herself, of course) talks about the way she raised her children, that’s because she was raised that way by her parents. In some cases, most people do not know what the secret of Sophia and Lulu was… what was their secret to musical success? That’s simple — it’s their upbringing, the Chinese way, with a tinge of Jewish belief.

This also talks about how Chinese parents raised their kids, the Chinese way, and I’m afraid to tell you that, this book portrays Chinese parenting a horror… but I won’t tell you much more because I don’t want to break everyone’s heart.


This really broke my heart, and it bursted me into tears. While some people are threatened, I wasn’t. So, let me give a little background about how I was raised… and it would tell you how I became the opposite.

To be honest with you, I didn’t like piano lessons — I was just forced to play it because these know-it-alls were just feeding their fantasies. I may sound bitter right here, but to be honest, I’m not practicing the piano anymore; but I never call it “quits.” I just don’t feel it after all. Rather than playing the “Fuer Elise” which I was forced to play, it just turned out; it made my typing skills much more improved. I learned to type properly by myself. I never had a tutor to do it; not even the software I used helped me or motivated me… I just finished the game after I showed my skills.

Sounds shocking, eh? I only took piano lessons because I wanted to be at the Recognition Rites, and that’s it. I really do not care what type of medal should I have, but it’s a good thing I had silver. It’s already enough to me; in fact, I never expected high of myself playing the piano.

Also, the Taekwondo part. I’m not really interested in martial arts; well another know-it-all coerced me to do so. After all, Taekwondo is only for me to lose weight.

The reason why I bursted into tears is because of my terrible childhood. I posted one time on Facebook that people only know my name, but not my story, only a different version.

(I’ll post my confidential sentiment, which is password-protected.)

So, next comes, the reason why I felt like crying…

To the know-it-alls, and to the unwanted villains of the universe, here’s a reading for y’all

I just don’t get why manipulative people enjoy doing their “job” when in fact, it’s sickening. However, in the book itself, I’m like Sophia, who is obedient, but sometimes, she also gets mad when things go wrong, or maybe off the limit. I was raised to follow the orders of manipulative people when in fact, they’re the real bunch of losers. Why can’t they just get a life and respect their own children’s decisions?

I really don’t want to talk more about it, I just took piano and Taekwondo for granted. I never took it seriously, and my passion belongs to art (if not musical art, it’s visual art). I’m an artist myself, if not recognized, way back in high school people were depending on me when there’s a drawing class or whatever shit it would be, but way back in grade school? People will just criticize me because there’s someone “better” than me when in fact, these people were just tired of their interests. They changed. They are not know-it-alls, anymore.

After all, I am becoming rebellious, but I’m not really the pasaway person everyone must know. I am not actually going to be lazy, or maybe simply irritate you just because of nothing.

I also criticized know-it-alls for being indifferent when someone cries — they think they’re also weakened, and they have short patience, which I’m totally cringing at.

“Don’t cry without reason!”

Wala bang karapatang umiyak ang isang bata, HA? Akala mo kung sinong magaling, kung sa totoo lang, nagmamagaling. Hindi pa nila alam, may tinatago akong mga hinanakit laban sa kanila, and that should include the homewrecker, but it’s not necessary to include her, because I never had any problems dealing with her, except when she’s verbally-clogging to satisfy herself alone.

If the homewrecker’s the reason why my life resulted to identity crisis, that’s because she achieved something which isn’t recognized in the academe. Like, ignorantly mentioning the name of you-know-who and when things go wrong, she would mess up everything. Ganun siya ka-ignorante. She’s a merciless fool who is just doing nothing but to be lazy. She imposes her beliefs to satisfy herself, but truth is, she is just insecure when someone is much more well-to-do than her. In Filipino, kapag mas may-kaya pa sa kanya, parang nagiging defense mechanism na lang ang ginagawa niya para hindi ko mahalata na hindi siya masaya kapag nandiyan ako.

I just don’t feel understanding her somehow. When I say I hate know-it-alls, I mean it. I do not lie, unless necessary. I am not meant to be a lawyer, because I really cannot lie, unless necessary. I lie just because I do not want everyone to get hurt — but it hurts more than how the truth hurts in many ways.

I don’t feel stressing this again, but the know-it-alls just wanted to be “brutally frank” because they just want to ease their lives, but this situation will only make you feel bad about yourself. Truth hurts, but they just keep on stressing it just to make you feel bad about yourself. They think that a burdened person is a “burden” to them, and they just keep on idolizing blindly to those who keep on contradicting themselves. They think they’re better because they’re “dominant,” when in fact, these people they admire are just a bunch of incompetent, free-riding suckers.

Know-it-alls, most of them, are actually secret narcissists, who are selfish in their own way. The manipulate you because they feel superior when they do it. They believe that arrogance is strength; humility is weakness. They don’t feel like laying low because they believe that superiority is based from arrogance.

This is what the know-it-alls should read.

Confessions of a Blogger III

I was arrogant during my first year in college.

…which is in fact, not fiction.

My slow downfall

I hate those first-take profs. Pestilence.

It was my first time to experience another kind of culture-shock, when suddenly these people that are with me for two terms could call someone “bitch” as a sign of endearment. Like, what? Do they do that to their parents?

I know, I wasn’t thinking like a liberal. I was always thinking that my “old-fashioned’ upbringing shaped me to think traditionally. However, the longer I am exposed to these things, I felt open-minded. I wanted to rant everything… but here am I, ranting shit against my detractors.

Yes, it was the hardest of all times: I flunked two subjects which is of course, a total crap in my life which shouldn’t bother me in the next few years. I wanted to raise my middle finger because we weren’t allowed to withdraw that particular course; it’s again, structured, and institutionalized. Fuck.

I know, just because of “him,” I flunked. But letting him out, slowly, is one of the best things I could ever achieve.

I strongly feel that my former second home IS having a “contract” with my new second home

I don’t really want to leave my new second home for good, OR because I failed once more. My other schoolmate before that I disliked had the best profs, while I got the fucking worst. Well, just a few of them.

I will never ever take pride of my former second home. I feel so sorry to those students who were victimized by the admin’s suspiciousness.

I was ONLY telling the truth, with or without any signs of arrogance

One of my “haters” told me that I was arrogant because I feel so “ashamed” of my former second home.

Excuse me, but I was only telling the truth. I used to really, like, LOVE my former second home, but kind of regret staying there for ten years. The last four years in that second home was hell, except junior year, which resembles the pink candle of the advent wreath.

In addition to what she said, she is also a hater also because I talk to her BOO like blah, blah, babalabooba etchapwera.

Why, do you think making me the “main source” of your conflicts will just make your relationship get fixed? Of course, not! If you always blame me for being the reason why you’re fighting, you’re WRONG. I never intentionally tested your patience. I know, that you’re saying that you’re not the jealous type, but looking at your past, you might be secretly jealous. NOT to break your relationship with your BOO, I’m just telling the truth this time. The only reason why I didn’t even bother to reply to your “rants” is because, I am still in the middle of identity crisis (like, you’re raising your middle finger to an introvert).

Making me the reason behind your conflicts is utterly stupid. You might’ve been separated if that was the case, am I right?

Congratulations. It seems that you’re having the grooves again.

Anti-PNoy rant: I don’t get why people would worship oligarchs

I like Cory, but I HATE PNoy. Nothing against Kris (or Ninoy), but I just don’t get PNoy’s appeal at all.

The critics would say that these oligarchs would be shopping for history. Oh, really?

Shopping for history is the first thing that oligarchs do. Not that I really abhor the oligarch system, but they’re portrayed as “democrats.” Stupid, stupid, stupid! Fuck that!

A true democrat loves everyone regardless of social status. Do you think, tolerating corruption is good? Do you think, being tolerating the bad things that authorities do are good as well?

Here’s MY article about a lambastment against PNoy.

I said, “People just chose him because of sympathy. SYMPApapapapa…thetic! Sym-pathetic, that is!”

Marrying someone to promote yourself as a politician is not right, same with choosing someone whose politician parent has died because he/she was a certain symbol of… gah! I hate ranting things about PNoy here, although I’m not a fan or a supporter of PNoy. Do you think, he was present (or did respond) during the hostage crisis drama? Did he ever initiated a pardon/agreement/whatever shit that is to the Chinese president regarding the drug mules? Was he present/apparent in everything he does? Do you think, that SONA should have classes, despite TRAFFIC!?

Oligarchs do have money for shopping… in history. It is really unfair to see people, being ruled by “self-proclaimed democrats” who are actually… oligarchs trying to fool their senses.

I really have to agree and side with PinoyMonkeyPride.

P.S.: Infairness, ah, Ninoy’s got more charm than PNoy.

If you’re really a know-it-all (whether it’s your job or not), don’t ever read this

Being biased to your preferences is just… gah. Blank.

I lately discovered that you’re know-it-alls. Just because I was wrong means that you’re right. I don’t get it, what would you choose, the good or the bad? The wise or the dumb?

Gah. No shit to post right now.

AHA! My mind’s blank as I write a letter to him

Did I mention this before?

Whenever I write about him, my mind becomes blank. Again, the actual start of identity crisis. Introducing yourself in a bullcrap manner– was like, @_@.

Restraining Order

Once I receive hate messages, I started to cringe. If there are unending hate messages come into the notifications panel, I would eventually write it, like I am saying it by heart.

To the feeling conservative know-it-alls, this is a warning for you.

However, I won’t do the same shit all over again.

Confessions of a Desperate O2Jammer

Mist! I think this is the only way I could express my feelings about these people.

This is the start of the actual identity crisis period.

Target audience: Hard-to-please people.

This title may seem to suck ass, but let’s just admit it. Some people cannot really achieve finger-eye-mind coordination, as if they are playing the piano right in front of the computer screen. They usually do things like, smashing the whole keyboard, leaving it to total damage.

O2Jam is a rhythm game, but look, the game is not designed to be a REAL game, but rather, a burden to each and every rhythm gamer who wishes to hit the notes accurately and precisely. Now where’s the fucking rhythm? O2Jam, huh?

Finger-eye-mind coordination is really the hardest to achieve, just like writing/typing in a computer screen without looking at the keyboard and looking at the computer screen. I could actually type without looking at the keyboard, but looking at somewhere else aside/besides (from) the computer screen was much easier for me (Shit, I recall SpongeBob driving blindfold!). I really can’t stand looking at the computer screen as if I am typing the notes of music, that is.

There are many times where I really can’t achieve the usual thing that people could actually achieve. Sometimes, I could only write my E-Mail address online without looking at the keyboard, but looking at the computer screen itself. Sometimes, my fingers are in the wrong keys, and the keys are in the wrong fingers, that is.

This was my very first problem while playing O2Jam. Playing the game was like, looking and staring at the PSP for a whole day without recreational activities. Playing O2Jam ain’t bad, but what made it “negative” are actually those trollers.

Why I wrote Anything at Random and Free Elective

Anything at Random is all about writing things in random, like for instance, your favorite blogger and of course, thoughts about the real world. I usually do this when I have a random thought in mind, then finally writing it as is.

Free Elective, however, is another thing. Deconstructing all the syntax in the English language is really helpful. Disorganization of  my usual routine is expressed this way. My stiffness is usually gone… in seconds.

Anything at Random is like, discovering stuffs, as if someone has written something for you.

This is official: I’m encouraging you to join this challenge.

Confessions of a Blogger II

My Past Blogs

ahmsokewl@freewebs|This is what a person in a third-world life does. Screen-shooting.

At least I am really open to my previous life, but I do not post my personal life without any reason. Sometimes, my whole blog sucks, but it’s alright for me.

I just rediscovered my old blog which I rarely used.

I just saw most of my Tekken screenshots there. I used to be a Tekkenite before I went to college. I was really addicted at that game for no reason, or probably because I only started appreciating the graphics, etc., which you can’t find in most old game consoles.

I have to admit, I started blogging when I was only 11 years old. However, I was writing in jejemon text which is now a “taboo” for bloggers. What’s the use of your blog if you write in “jejetext,” eh? Also, I never thought of writing a senseful blog in my legal years.

That would only mean that I am writing in a decent manner.

My first blog, unfortunately is gone. Tsk tsk, sayang naman ‘yun.

I was addicted in creating blogs, and I was never aware that people would secretly call the former Dawn a “blog mill.” Yes, this is similar to “diploma mill,” which means, “schools that produce useless students.”

Internet connection sucks way back then

To be honest, I used to have a very hard time uploading photos. It’s all thanks to Broadband, I can now upload photos decently. Also, I could also watch YouTube decently as well. Uploading everything which has a very high capacity is much easier, compared to technology way back then which requires your patience. I’m not joking on this, but swear, I really did everything the hard way.

I was a neatness freak online

I want my blogs to be very clean and organized, in a stiff way. However, this will only make my life more structured. Creating such rules coming from those people who “hate plastics and y’know,” is just nonsense.

When I was still using Multiply, I really had a hard time looking for decent themes which suit my look and feel. It’s really hard to find since they mostly cater to the common people. What about the creative people, eh?

I wanted to do HTML, but I didn’t have Photoshop. The very stiff OC me was very strict about this rule: Get yourself a Photoshop before you do things. However, it didn’t work. No matter attempts I activate my Photoshop, still nothing happened. I couldn’t find a decent keygen that would suit my need, not until I discovered that it’s better to search for serial keygens online. (Please do not ban me here, please!)

I was really not the type of person who wants other photo-editing software aside from Photoshop. Look, Photoshop’s like iPhone, Blackberry and iPod or any apple product which has more accessories compared to other phone brands. This would only mean that Photoshop has more online tutorials compared to other photo-editing software (yes, I am starting to work on tutorials on GIMP).

Yes, and my tip to everyone is: Don’t rely on cracks. It will only make Photoshop “invalid,” so what you need to do now is to search for serial numbers online, but be specific about the Photoshop version that you use.

My topics of interest were the most sensitive ones

If I could be against discrimination, of course, I would be anti-sexist. I’m a feminist. I believe in the rights of women.

Now what stopped me from talking about these sensitive topics? You have to click the category “Life Before College” so that you’ll know who did it.

Of course, at that time, I was studying in a super-strict Catholic school, where freedom of speech is not evident.

Here’s the blog entry that I made (which is actually done by someone who had a very stiff mind!).

I used to write fanfiction before giving it up and continued blogging more

To be honest, I only keep FanFics to myself. No other people could know it, except of course, my friends.

My original childhood dream before, was to become a manga-ka. I really don’t know why, but I was a really big dan of anime, but I just grew up, not knowing it or intentionally watching it anymore. I’ve outgrown all things anime not because I am more of the live-action things, but because I just wanted to become more indie– in such a way that I use my creativity and imagination more than drafting and the common things people do.

I would agree with ~kazaki03 about being inactive in my old deviantArt account.

I do not like it anymore. Sometimes, people still remain to be an anime freak. Sometimes, people online are much more rude than real-life people. Sometimes, you feel safer in a smaller community with better people. Yes, it’s like comparing a no-namer peer who are more reliable than named groups. I just feel to be in a no-namer thing, because being in a group composed of popular kids isn’t really my thing. I just want to live a simple life, a life outside the limelight and of course, a life with anonymous writing better things than popular kids ranting complaints which sound nonsense.

I started to write fanfictions, but not necessarily write. I used to do it in PowerPoint (which may sound weird to you), but it’s because it’s the only medium available for me to express fanfiction in PowerPoint. Now what’s wrong with using PowerPoint in creating fanfics?

Unfortunately, I have outgrown those things. Changing trends in technology has never been the better, or the worse. I stopped writing fanfictions ever since I entered college. I used to write real fiction stories, then suddenly blogging again came to mind. In fact, blogging for me is more enjoyable than writing drafts. I do write drafts, but this would only serve as my guide in writing blog posts. Also, I really do not care if my grammar is wrong, so that’s why I didn’t allow everyone to make this as a reference material in their research papers. It’s alright if this could be a reference for every interesting opinion, but for research? Professional research? Scholarly research? No way. I won’t allow myself to be a writer for the professionals. I just want to write something for netizens, and not only those people, but also for teenagers, tweens and young adults.

I never allowed myself to write for the popular kids (e.g., fashion, trendy shit, etc.).

My thoughts are not catered for the popular kids (unlike Candy Magazine, which is designed for popular kids), nor for the know-it-alls. If I were to blog like how CandyMag staff write/s their articles, it would only mean that people would hate me for being so, so… y’know, hard-to-please, giving a piece of advice for nothing. I simply outgrown Candy Magazine as well. All I read is simply, books that are more interesting than trendy shit. I have nothing against Nicholas Sparks or Stephenie Mayer, but my type of author would be the Filipino ones. I am more Filipino when I read books. I read books authored by Filipino authors (F. Sionil Jose is one), and if the book’s written by a Filipino author, I could relate with it. Everything becomes simplified, unlike international/Western authors who write in a scholarly way.

Being a blogger myself, I love blogging more than writing fanfiction, after all. I do not draft, I write it from my mind. The mind, together with the heart holds the pencil. Also, these two body parts command me to type it here.

Writing in high-falutin text won’t relate the audience

It’s just like an indie film. Usually, indie films only cater the elite and the art circle, but for general viewing, it’s like reading a poem on the big screen. Being able to relate with other people needs a lot of patience.

Should I write to the corporate people? Like what I said, I do not write here for research reference. I write here because I am opinionated. I comment things with sense, and sometimes this would really help me improve my skills in relating with the topic itself. It also taught me to hold my tongue when I want to get out of topic.

Sorry, popular kids. I am not designed to write for you

Aside from blogging, I usually go to school four days a week. However, I just wanted to advocate for college education as optional, if only the Philippines was an industrial country. No wonder why tertiary education becomes a requirement.

For the popular kids, I do not write things about trendy stuff like the latest albums, concerts, and so on and so forth. I do not like the idea of “fitting in” to the stereotype of the popular kids who just care for their own shit. I don’t get it. I really don’t know why people have to be so conscious about their idols. I may have been a fan of a lot of celebrities, but I just download their pictures from the Internet, rather than to waste my money on souvenirs related to them. I do not only look on a celebrity based on their looks, but I usually look on them based on their talent.

To the popular kids — Even though you’re talented, beautiful/handsome or smart, it’s really frustrating if you have a very dirty record. Super frustrating, that is. You might end up in jail if you killed someone, with or without intention. People will only take you for granted if you become a class officer. Swear, this happened before. No one listened to the popular kids if they’re the ones who are/were class officers. They are taken for granted simply because they are not showing a good example. If you really don’t want to be taken for granted, do something in order for your members/followers to at least, respect you. If you are taken for granted, it’s either they respect you or not. I was like that, before. I usually take people for granted, but not to the extent that I simply do that because they’re capable of doing things. No. Sometimes, I take them seriously because I believe in them. Believing in someone’s capability is way much more helpful than anything else.

This would be my first time posting things about my most favored platform/pol. party: TAPAT

I believe in their platform. No retractions.

I believe in their platform not because they’re against the dress code, but because they are fighting for student rights. I, as a student, believes in TAPAT although I have souvenirs from their exact opposite, but that doesn’t really matter at all (I have nothing against the other platform). What will happen to you if you just keep on lambasting the rival, right?

To those who support the other platform, please don’t lambast me. I respect your platform but their (TAPAT) platform gefaellt mir.

Read this FB note and you’ll know why I support the platform of TAPAT.

Just to be fair, I love both platforms, but I just have to stick on my beliefs.

Confessions of a Blogger

If you guys really want to know who I really am, you better read this. FULL OF DRAMA? Get used to it. I am pouring all my heart out. To my dear supporters, remember to be vigilant when a hater arrives. I’ll notify you if he/she’s coming.

The Worst Blog in the Universe

Y’all wonder why its tagline is “The Worst Blog in the Universe.” It is because, this is a sign of humility and of course, even though I receive a lot of pageviews all over the world, at least I remain grounded as a netizen. I never ever resorted to fights online, except those in the forums.

Of course, knowing who I was during the times of 2006~2010, you really do not know who I really am. I was in the middle of identity crisis and I couldn’t almost express my thoughts. I really feel that many people are eyeing me when I write something against a certain topic. I couldn’t help but to make things senseless.

My life was structured

I never liked the idea of being controlled by any obstacle.

Read my former blog posts, and compare it to my previous blog (if you’re an ardent reader of this blog, y’know what the link is, right?). Differentiate my life then and my life right now. My life right now resembles in this blog and my life way back then resembles who I really am when I was still in high school. I really hate mentioning the term “high school” since it was the worst of my times. However, I really have to be specific this time, whether I like it or else.

I used to be an introvert. I almost couldn’t express my thoughts. Most of my blog entries have no point at all. You could really notice how introverted I really am. Pointless posts. Wasted blogs. Full. Of. Bullcrap.

Living a flexible life has never been better. It made me become more outspoken, which made me interact with more people.

My Previous Blogs were such a waste

True. While this blog is my only decent blog (so far, so good!), the others, make no sense at all. They’re just designed to look eye-candy, with useless posts. Remember, I was trying to fit in other people, based on their websites. It turned out that their websites reflect their personality: Fake people.

Like, you’re really dictating people, not to be “plastics, backfighters and feeling close?”

I used to have a very stiff mind, and at the same time, a very stiff way of thinking.

Being plastic (or being a hypocrite) means “lying,” but truth is, it is really a strategy when you start a conversation with a know-it-all. Do not always believe in what the know-it-all says. Remember, being plastic is the only strategy for you to fool that person.

Being a backfighter is not that bad, actually. Why, do you think when someone did wrong to you, you won’t backfight? Backfighting is normal, it really happens. If you really hate that person, it’s alright to backfight. No problem! Maybe they’ll just realize that you’re talking behind their back.

Lastly, being feeling close IS NOT BAD AT ALL, unless that person is a backfighter. Being feeling close is only an exaggerated term for “being too familiar.” If you really do not want feeling close people, then don’t be sociable at all. Sometimes, even the know-it-alls who are feeling close have better people skills, though their attitude is intolerable.

Now, back to the “stiffness.” What do I mean by “stiff mind, stiff thinking?”

That means, I really cannot shit out my feelings! Tagalugin ko na talaga, ha (sorry non-Filipinos or Filipinos who cannot understand Tagalog at all, but bear with it!), dati, nagpapadala ako sa mga emosyon ko, which is wrong. I might have been a more “disrespectable” type of blogger rather than to be a respectable blogger if I base everything from emotion alone. Like what I said before, “Always bring your mind with you.”

Dictating me? Fuck you!

I only learned how to cuss even before I entered high school. Now what’s wrong with it, anyway?

Sorry for the little kids if you’re reading my blog, but this blog isn’t for you just yet.

Dictating me for who I am (or who I am not) is simply… bullcrap. Alright, some people feel offended if they’re dictated, while they’re the ones dictating other people. If some people think I type everything just because I’m desperate, of course not! I type everything how I feel here, but at least I do not include my personal life here like, “Dear Diary” thing. Never contradict the person if he/she says something which contradicts their personality right in front of their faces.

If people think I’m “trying-hard,” could you type like a pro when you blog? Could you really experiment so hard that you want to achieve something? Are you too hard to please? Well, you’re just desperate. You have many frustrations in life, you have many regrets. Dictating someone is completely WRONG, that everyone will start to talk behind your back.

I feel sorry for the marginalized people

How I wish I were someone else, although everyone’s lucky to know me as the nice girl. But they do not know my true colors, just yet.

Marginalized people are people who are constantly bullied or constantly being picked on at. These are people condemned for their unusual behavior at school. If they’re retards, doesn’t it make the bullies more of a retard when they bully someone?

These bullies are mostly popular kids who are “feeling elite.” They feel like they’re elite is because, they do the bad things. Of course, being an avid hater of those popular kids who bully people, I wanted them really down, all because of their unacceptable behavior and incompetency in academics.

As a forumer: Watch out for trolls

Seriously, I hate e-games forums. This forum is full of retards who do nothing at all but troll. I’m just fitting in, but y’know they’re using their jologs antics in the wrong way. However, that’s because I was still thinking in a stiff way. I really did not know how to respond to rude messages. If now, I could just simply reply to a rude comment like, “Fuck you!”, but I won’t do that, actually.

Here’s a little warning, just in case you want to lambast me, guys:

Now it’s time for me to name-drop someone, whether you like it or you like it. Hate me by being rude in this blog, I don’t care at all. You may lambast me in any manner, but you couldn’t really pull me down anymore, because I have a number of supporters guiding me, and I guess, they’ll be vigilant against you.

So, let me start with the worst criminals in the forums, particularly e-games.

1.) The Impresario – The name says it all. To “impress.” To impress… wait. In a wrong way, that is.

Yes, he’s criticized for being a “feeler” as he is one of the forum moderators. I really hated him so much that I almost wanted him to be… down down down. Like, what? Alright, you’re a forum moderator, but it’s really wrong to be a power-tripper, lalo na sa forums. Ban someone or close the thread, but being a feeler isn’t right. Sometimes, you have a lot of critics, because you’re becoming arrogant. Even your “impersonator” Unpreh is also like you: Arrogant, trashtalker, etc.

2.) Unpreh – Perhaps the most abhorred trashtalker is just like the guy whom he idolizes. Well, one message to this guy: Fuck you.

He doesn’t deserve respect AT ALL. Being arrogant doesn’t earn you good respect and at a same time, a very good reputation and a clean record. No wonder why he’s really the asshole who starts shitting out. I was even at that time not using FB or Tumblr, when some online buddy told me, “Sabunutan natin.”

I was so happy after he said that. Alright, fuck Unpreh and his stupid antics.

3.) Those forumers who are actually feeling conservative know-it-alls – Feelers! I do not respect you at all.

Now let’s move on to… PEX.

(I know, this is really a very difficult task to make, but bear with it!)

1.) clawed_out – One of the most annoying twats in PEX, I would say that the sarcasm is really right there in the words itself. Remember the thing about the “frosh” in UST thing.

2.) abernathy – clawed_out’s partner-in-crime, this person was very rude when I just asked a decent question. Like, yeah.

READ THIS THREAD and you’ll know how these two twats trashtalked the whole thread. May masama ba kung USTe = Frosh? Frosh term is not only Lasallian, it just started from the Lasallian jargons.

TO the tekkenzaibatsu forums…

1.) yiggs – this guy was really, a racist. I was just asking if there’s a Lili Rochefort version of Nina Williams’ Death by Degrees. Nagtatanong lang naman, tapos ang sumagot, rude? Racist. Yep, racist, indeed! I don’t want my heritage to be lambasted, even at international forums. Good thing I am not using that TZ forums anymore, because I don’t want to see any shit posted against me and my heritage.

Now that was over

If anyone again, will be rude, please, I will mark you as spam and eventually, you will be banned from commenting on this site, unless you apologize. I will only give you a second chance, if you are truly deserving.