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Let us now welcome the new Pope: Francis I|Welcome, Senor Jorge Bergoglio aka Pope Francis I!

I’d say he really looks friendly, though.

Sorry I have not watched the white smoke news, but I think this dude might nail it! Hurrah for a new pope!

To quote Yahoo! News:

Bergoglio is the first Jesuit to become pope.

“Bergoglio has character. He’s very humble and he’s someone who really goes out to the people.”

Thinking he’s a Jesuit, I think this would be a great opportunity to be open-minded towards things that are not yet fully accepted by the Church. I feel optimistic towards his guy — he’s younger than his predecessor of course, but at the age of 76, and was born in 1936, I think he’s not that young anymore since this is the 21st century.

Would he be as popular as Pope John Paul II or be as intellectual as Pope Benedict XVI?

Benedict’s style was often seen as too academic and he was never as popular as his predecessor Pope John Paul II. Many of the cardinals have called for the new pope to be a better communicator, able to reach out particularly to young people.

I’d say that this is quite true, since Pope Benedict XVI has always been going to colleges or something like that, and I think he could be a good theology professor, though.

Oh, well. That’s my post for the new Pope, though!