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Best and Worst Passports to Have

Best Passports   Worst Passports

It is not surprising that Germany, Japan and of course the United States would be on the top list.

Sadly, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Brunei and Malaysia didn’t make it to the top 20 best passports list, but that’s alright, for as long as they could access at least Canada, NZ, UK and the Schengen Area without visa restrictions.

No passport is perfect, since countries like Japan and the United States have burdens to get a visa to Brazil or even Russia, which is actually something that South Korean passports are blessed with: Visa-free travel to Russia and Brazil.

But then again, why is South Korea not even on the Top 20 list?

Hmmm… I don’t think pre-arrival visa to China should be a hindrance, but I think Koreans from the ROK are very lucky to have a passport that could send them to a lot of countries without a visa. Also, they’re part of the visa waiver to Australia and the United States, therefore it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Also, South Korea finally allowed multiple citizenship… but quota-based. However, they should adopt the “Ritenshon Shonin” in order for everyone to still have Korean citizenship in all aspects (so to speak, native South Koreans could still have Korean citizenship and American citizenship if they’re born in the US, and Koreans who were born in South Korea but naturalized in another country could still retain their Korean citizenship, and half-Koreans who are dual citizens since birth could still retain their citizenship no matter the cost will be–for as long as they’ll apply for permission to retain their Korean citizenship).

Also, if you’re a South Korean citizen, you could go to South America visa-free/visa-on-arrival, which American and Japanese passport holders don’t have (they both need visa to enter Brazil in advance).

Well, the only downside is that, South Korean passport holders cannot enter North Korea at all, since both countries are still enemies. South Koreans don’t really like going to North Korea at all, and they’re fine with it–as a matter of fact, many North Koreans who escape their own country fly to South Korea for good. Obviously, South Korea offers greener pastures and better quality of life, as opposed to North Korea.

By essence, South Korea officially recognizes North Koreans as South Korean citizens. If North Koreans escape from their home country successfully via the indirect route, this means that they become South Koreans for good. It’s a good thing that the ROK government resurrected its peace talk plans towards North Korea.

South Korea not making it to the top list… why?

South Korea is actually a latecomer when it comes to being one of the richest and the most developed countries in the world. It is one of the Asian Tigers, alongside Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Well, these Asian Tigers of course, has this freedom to travel without a visa. I really dunno why Brunei isn’t included in the Asian Tigers to make it five… hmmm…

Well, I just hope that South Korea will still develop its bilateral relations with other states so that South Koreans would travel up to 170+ countries without a visa. Speaking of which, it is possible that South Korea might as well continue its peace talks with North Korea so that South Korean citizens won’t feel tension with its rival state.

Other countries with travel freedom (but did not make it on the top list)

Australia, Greece and Iceland are the Western countries (though Australia is geographically a South-east country with a Westernized culture) that didn’t make it to the top list. It is surprising for Australia since its neighbor New Zealand surpassed it by making it to the Top 20. Other countries like what I have mentioned before (Malaysia, South Korea, Brunei, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore) also have this travel freedom reward.

To make the list… (check this list out if you want)

[Just remember, they’re not actually in order… hehehe]

1.) Liechtenstein – It didn’t make to the top list, but it still had the 100+ visa-free access.
2.) Israel – Though the Arab League is technically an avid “hater” of this country, this country rather is more rewarded than the Arab League states, in terms of travel freedom–it can access Japan, South Korea and the Schengen Area
3.) Mauritius – Surprisingly, this little island country in the southern part of Africa within the Indian Ocean allows its citizens to travel to the Schengen Area and Japan without a visa.
4.) Barbados – Same with Mauritius.
5.) Mexico – Same with Mauritius and Barbados, but what these three have in common is that their passports aren’t biometric (AWWWWWW…).
6.) Brazil – Though Brazilians need to enter Japan with a visa in advance, it could enter the Schengen area without a visa.
7.) Argentina – Same with Brazil, but its citizens could enter Japan without a visa.
8.) Chile – Same with Argentina, I think.
9.) Czech Republic – Of course, it’s part of the Schengen Area.
10.) Cyprus – Cyprus is fairly European, so to speak. And YES, it’s part of the EU.

So far, I base these things on how they could access the following territories (not necessarily ALL of them):

1.) European Union and the Schengen Area – Of course, to be fair this will include the United Kingdom and Ireland, and also non-EU member states such as Norway, Iceland and Switzerland (EFTA members, if not EU, lol). Eastern Europe is included if you’re talking about EU member states haha.
2.) South America – Visa-free access to South America is actually not-so bad after all, but once a country is rewarded visa-free access to ALL South American countries without a visa, this would mean that they have the same level as the Pope (well, almost).
3.) OECD member states (namely Japan and Israel) – If you’re one of the countries that could enter Japan and Israel without a visa (all of them), then you must be lucky.
4.) Countries with the most lenient visa policies (Philippines, Ecuador, Malaysia, Haiti, South Korea) – Well, Haiti seems to have the most lenient visa policy in the world, which will put Ecuador second to the list, and I’ll make a separate article about this one). Meanwhile, South Korea has eased their visa policies towards other countries (the Philippines is NOT lucky to be one of the countries that could access South Korea without a tourist visa, prolly due to the “Tago ng Tago/TNT” controversy–but when it comes to Israel, Filipino citizens could enter Israel without a visa at all), but there are some countries that need a visa to enter the Land of the Morning Calm.
5.) South Africa (and the rest of its neighbors) and the United Arab Emirates – Same thing with #3. No need to explain further.

Well, access to Vietnam, China, North America and Russia aren’t counted at all since it would be unfair to some countries included in the list. Remember, it’s actually very difficult to get a visa going to Vietnam (sources say), China (it’s easier getting a Chinese visa if you’re a Filipino citizen and China only allows 6 countries to enter its territory without a visa), North America (some countries need to access Canada with a visa, except if you’re coming from the EU/Schengen Area or a developed country in general; and the United States’s visa policies are much stricter compared to China) and Russia (ahhh… sources say it’s very difficult to obtain a Russian visa, but it still depends upon the country you’re coming from).

Worst Passports: Why Worst!?

It’s actually FAIR and JUST that China did not make it to the Top 20 WORST Passports list, even though it’s quite infuriating to possess a Chinese passport (just ask those Filipino-Chinese friends of yours who are not yet officially Filipino citizens, or their parents who are not yet Filipino citizens)–well, the reason why I’m saying this is because China, even though its citizens need to apply for visa to Ecuador and the Philippines, did not make it to the top 20 worst passports list is because at least it still has the “worth” in it. However, what makes it something not to be proud of is the controversial inclusion of its “disputed” territories which is of course possessions of Vietnam, Philippines and India. Also, China isn’t having a formal war with the United States compared to most Arab and Muslim states such as Afghanistan, Iraq… and you know the rest.

These countries actually restrict foreigners from entering their territories without a visa mainly because of the war that’s happening in their territory. I bet, countries that are actually having internal conflict cannot actually concentrate on bilateral agreements due to the fact that unending wars are still on-going. No wonder, South Korea actually didn’t allow its own citizens to enter these countries. The Philippines actually did this as well, to Filipinos who actually want to enter Iraq despite its status.

Well, these countries are actually having wars and conflicts, therefore the result: They can only access no more than 41 countries without a visa, which is actually more infuriating compared to possessing a Chinese passport.

Why is China not included in the list!?

I hate to say this, but even though China did not make it to the top list, other countries impose visa towards China is because there are a lot of illegal immigrants from China, despite its growing economy. Ecuador and the Philippines are imposing visas towards Chinese citizens due to the fact that everywhere, you see a Chinese person. Prolly at the end of the day, Filipinos might be the second largest ethnic diaspora next to China, or even surpassing them (unless the 1987 Constitution is burned to the pits of hell, haha).

Also, China imposes visa to other countries, which is actually more frustrating. Only six countries could enter China without a visa (Brunei, Japan, Singapore and Mauritius), but Wikipedia stated seven countries (Gawd, when will I stop relying too much on Wikipedia!?). Only diplomatic and official passport holders have the privilege to enter China without a visa, which is again, frustrating for ordinary passport holders.

Indicators of having a “good ordinary passport”:

1.) If a certain country has good diplomatic relations with other countries.
2.) Lesser numbers of an ethnic diaspora.
3.) Less people who overstay.
4.) Less people who stay illegally in a foreign country.
5.) Countries that have no internal conflict.

I actually do not buy the fact that the smaller and the richer the country, the more you could travel without a visa. Well, Barbados and Mauritius might not be as rich as the OECD founding members, but speaking of internal events in a country, it should be something that adheres with international standards.

What makes a good passport?

Visa requirements for British citizens

Visa requirements for Japanese citizens

Visa requirements for U.S. American citizens

Visa requirements for South Korean citizens

I have noticed that if you come from a developed country, you usually get lots of benefits if you are a citizen of the countries I have mentioned above. However, being a rich/not-so-rich but not-too-poor country doesn’t really mean you could already travel without any visa. I’ll show you more examples:

Visa requirements for Filipino citizens

Side Note: Even though South Korea has a lenient visa policy, the Philippines, however, isn’t included in its list in the countries that do not need visa to enter its territory without the visa, probably due to Filipinos “overstaying.” After all, I still consider a trip to South Korea a privilege.

And here’s the worst part…

Visa requirements for Chinese (mainland) citizens

This map shows that owning a Vietnamese or Iranian passport is even more valuable than owning a Chinese passport (most countries offer visa-on-arrival travel for Chinese citizens, only a few are willing to offer totally visa-free travel for Chinese citizens). Ah, the horrors of having 1 billion people residing in one big country… and overseas. But don’t worry, the mainland Chinese government is doing efforts to sign mutual visa-free agreement with other countries. Well, Filipino government officials should warn China that it should stop bullying the Philippines so that Chinese citizens could travel to the Philippines without any visa… like let’s say, for 14 days only.

Here, even though China is wealthier than the Philippines, Filipino citizens (like me) could travel without any visa in 58 countries. In the Philippines, you need to get a visa before travelling to other countries such as Japan, the US, China, Australia and of course, South Korea. As a matter of fact, only the privileged ones could afford getting visas.

Diplomatic Relations Matter

Visa requirements for Israeli citizens

If you happen to be an Israeli citizen… I have to warn you guys that there are some countries that despise your country. Hmmm… well, not saying that it is oppressive to be an Israeli citizen, but other countries view it as “occupied Palestine” since these countries that have an obsessive form of hate towards Israel are mostly pro-Palestine. It’s not the fault of Israeli citizens that some countries despise them, but the Israeli government is actually being oppressive towards Palestinians. I hate to say this, but if the Jews should have their own country, they should have been friendlier towards Palestine and Palestinians rather than oppressing them. Until now, there are some non-Arab people that has a negative view on Israel.

Though holding an Israeli passport has an oppressive side, lemme tell you that you have the opportunity of visiting most of South America, Japan and the EU/EFTA/Schengen Area at the same time–which means that holding an Israeli passport is similar to holding a Hong Kong and Macanese passport. Some Israelis might accept this fact, but some think that there should something be done in order to allow Israeli citizens to travel these states.

It’s a good thing that there are countries that simply impose visa rules towards other countries, rather than rejecting their passports. It means that they maintain good relations with one another, even though they bully other countries. For instance, China and the Philippines. Even though the Chinese government despises PNoy, they still welcome ordinary Filipino citizens to enter their country (provided that visas are already in Philippine passports). There is no such thing as “obsessive hatred” against each other, despite the territorial dispute controversy between China vs. its neighbors.

No wonder, I still look up to China despite being a bully country. Well, the reasons why the Philippines has good ties with other states and nations is because the Marcoses and former President Gloria M. Arroyo made efforts to make friends with different world leaders. Look at PGMA, even though she broke her promise with former US President George W. Bush, the USA and the Philippines are still allies. The yellow oligarchs cannot actually do that–you have to say something GOOD about the country and not bully the Philippines just to get close to them.

Best Passports have good diplomatic ties with other countries as great powers

Most countries in Europe and North America have the best passports mainly because they have the most stable form of government and has the power to exercise their policies to influence everyone. No wonder, many Filipino citizens opt to be dual citizens to travel without any restrictions. They may use their Philippine passport to travel towards the rest of Southeast Asia, but they’ll need their other passport to travel to Europe.

Worst Passports actually do not offer security and safety for tourists

Well, not all countries aren’t too dangerous for the traveller, but you see, political turmoil actually is a distraction to allow their citizens to enjoy visa-free travel. However, there are countries that really impose visas to almost every country in the world, that’s why in return, countries who suffer on their visa policies have their revenge (lol).


I have a question for you, guys. If you happen to be a dual citizen and your other country requires you to choose just one citizenship at the legal age, will you accept this fact or not? Why or why not?


1.) One citizenship of yours allows you to travel in 170+ countries yet requires you to choose one citizenship while the other allows dual citizenship but only lets you travel to just 60+ and below countries. (Or the other way around)

2.) If you actually need to apply for permission to retain your other citizenship to remain dual?

Origa’s Impressive Performance in Boston

Well, if you’re an anime fan, you might as well be familiar with Yoko Kanno–she’s anime’s top composer and of course, musician behind all these anime OST. She’s one of the reasons why I still love everything Japanese–but one of her singers captured my eye, and that is no other than Origa.

Yep, that’s right. Origa is one of Yoko Kanno’s partners in crime who has been contributing to anime for so many years and yet she is still EPIC!

First time hearing Origa speak in English! However… it’s a good thing she could still remember the songs that she popularized!

Another angle of the performance.

Her voice is still ethereal… and powerful at the same time! LOVE HURRRRR FOREVAH!

A rare music video of Origa’s Polyushko Polye

I cannot believe that Origa also has a music video of her songs… but yeah. It’s too rare after all.

STILL cannot believe that I’m still a fan of hers up to now. ;D

My condolences go to the Sandy Hook massacre victims|President Barack Obama mourning for the deaths of the victims.

Another school shooting massacre is at it again. Well, this is much worse than that of Virginia Tech and Columbine massacre, because it involves mostly children. News|20-year old Adam Lanza is the identified gunman.

Seriously, carrying of firearms should be illegal already, except if you’re a policeman or something. It is really dangerous if you are like, opening fire on schools, I dunno with churches.

One thing I’d like to tell everyone: Safety cannot be maintained at 100%. Almost everything is dangerous and at the same time, unexpected.

I’d say that the USA is not as almost-perfect as Australia or Scandinavia. My condolences go to the grieving families.

Late post!

Goodbye, Ravi Shankar

Believe it or not, he’s an epic!|Such a legend that brought Indian music to the West, bravo!

Seriously, he reminds me of Sri Lankan-born sports writer Ronnie Nathanielsz, only that he does music!

He discusses how to play the sitar.

I’d say that he’s really a legend, a Pandit who brought classical Indian music to the West.

His ageing aura indicates how he lived for 92 years!

…with his collaboration with George Harrison

Rest in peace, Pandit Shankar. You’ll always be remembered.

Yeng Constantino CD






Finally, I got this CD! 😀 The songs are really great, and it shows that she’s a great singer. Hope that ABS-CBN would make her mainstream.

Western propaganda in the eyes of err… Korean!?

I really could not agree more with reality shows that have no real substance at all.

Shopping for children in third-world countries!? Yes, I understand that there are orphans, whether black or white, in the US. However, these celebrities couldn’t get enough of people “worshipping” them for their strong influence on the audience. If you guys think that Angelina Jolie adopts kids as a “trend for celebrities,” then that’s how media creates an exploitation propaganda for celebrities. Angelina would have been reputable as well, however, it shows that she would be nothing, if not for Tomb Raider, or if she weren’t John Voight’s child (Jon Voight is really a great actor, anyway).

Western promotion of “skinny rocks” and living in a luxurious life as “cool” does not make sense at all. I really have to agree with Paris Hilton. She would NEVER be that famous, if not for The Simple Life. She is not going to be simply famous because she belongs to the Hilton family. Despite that, she has a good side. She knows how to appreciate things, and usually does not go beyond the line if everything should never go beyond the limit.

Of course, what is even more head-turning is the part of sex exploitation. Surely, reputable people will always be left behind with those talentless people who became famous for nothing — this is what we call as standard-lowering at the present-day world. If you idolize Justin Bieber not because of his talents (in fact, he has a whiny voice, which for a guy, sucks) — but because of his popularity, people HATE him for a lot of reasons. Rebecca Black became a victim of negative attention because of her auto-tuned voice, despite being a YouTube sensation. Well, I really cannot hate Rebecca Black at all, I think she’s fine, it’s only that her voice is obviously auto-tuned. But… Justin Bieber!? There’s nothing really special at him. He’s only a short dude with a whiny voice. Bar none. I would say that his ex (maybe yes, maybe not) Selena Gomez would have been more substantial than him if they weren’t officially on. I feel sorry for Selena as well, because it seems that she’s one of those people who are also exploited for her cutesy image (ah, I hate her body shape, though).

People who would have been as reputable as the following:

– Zac Efron (I really like this guy for his humility)
– Ashlee Simpson
– Emily Browning
– Michelle Trachtenberg
– Scarlett Johansson (seriously, the media is only milking on her good looks and hot body!)
– P!nk
– Nicole Richie (I used to despise her before, but it seems that she does not manifest conceitedness)
– Natalie Portman
– Keira Knightley
– Kate Winslet

…would have been role models for the youth. If you’d rather idolize the following:

– Eva Longoria (Seriously, she looks like a classy whore without any talent… now we know why she parted with Tony Parker)
– Kim Kardashian (She’s sexy, and that’s about it)
– Rihanna
– Tori Spelling (She’s only rich… I doubt she has a talent in acting)
– Actors/actresses who manifest a sex-object-ish/diva attitude

…then you must be demure-minded. Oh well.

I hate to include AA Klenk right here, but if she were to fly her ass to the United States of America, she would be one of the diva-ish sex objects who’d rather be on a reality show… and become famous without any REAL achievements. She fits in there, seriously. Not in the Philippines, or East Asia. Not even in Europe (unless she starts a scandal naked right on the beach, though!). Also, it would be the time that Perez Hilton should write his anti-AArticles in a flowery language!

Lastly, I have to agree with the video regarding Tyra Banks. She’s influential in some ways alright, but she’s waaaaaay more overrated, almost surpassing Julia Roberts and Jessica Simpson (circa 2006~2009). She’s even less reputable than Ellen DeGeneres (Ellen is more substantial despite being a lesbo) for her being narcissistic and at the same time, showing that she qualifies to be a talk show host because she used to be THAT poor. Tyra’s show was better before the start of 2009~2010. She was the type of person who would tell people that they should love their body sizes. However, as time passed by, the recent Tyra version screwed up. She’s overrated. She cannot be Oprah in any way.

I really like how America expresses their liberalism when it comes to show business, however, they’re now lowering their standards. Konting scandal lang, ah! Big time ka! Daig pa nga sila ng Bollywood, eh! Now I know why I am more Asian than Western, although I appreciate something Western, and that is all about being liberal in some ways. The Western world also has a good side, and those are:

– SpongeBob SquarePants (This dude never gets overrated; it’s like the Tom and Jerry of Nickelodeon)
– Childhood cartoons- Powerpuff Girls
– Blues Clues
– Dora the Explorer

However, emulating everything Western and forgetting Eastern values starts the terminating of our cultural heritage. We’re welcoming their bad sides of their influences. You see, it’s not good.

Totoo, kapag sinabing kapag hindi tayo na-invade ng Estados Unidos, we would have been at-par with Japan in terms of economy. True, Americans exploit those countries they capture, and you cannot deny that at all. If the Americans did not even try to invade us, we would have been more Tagalog, Bisaya and we would have been a parliamentary rather than a presidential government. If you don’t even try to love the Philippines albeit its flaws, why not try to find the good side of the country (yes, I’m talking to you, know-it-all who cannot even appreciate the Philippines)?

The Philippines, so far is waaaay much better than the US in terms of family-orientedness, so it’s normal for the US government to promote family-first policies rather than individualism. It is really a living HELL for grannies in the States to live there forever, so it’s much better to promote family values in the US (Australia beats them after all LMAO). This should be a role model to all the countries, and I also hope that Japan would also do the same as well (Japan right now is individualistic, although most Japanese live with their parents. Also, their problem so far is the sexlessness due to their jobs — after all, what reduces population growth is job offerings — the more, the merrier).

Rawr! So you get it so far!

The Social Network|The Social Network Cover

Short Intro

I thought that Justin Timberlake portrayed Mark Zuckerberg in the movie. It was Jesse Eisenberg who portrayed him.

Alright, I’ll be honest. Esisenberg reminds me Ben Whishaw, a Brit actor who protrayed Grenouille in “Perfume” movie.

I was wondering if Erica Albright is real or not, but speculations said that she is only fictional (oh yeah, just like the characters in Osaka Monogatari, I doubt that there are some people there who will exist for real).

Before watching the Social Network, I highly doubted that Mark Zuckerberg only had Priscilla Chan as his first and last girlfriend, but it turned out that she wasn’t. I was really doubting if Albright was for real.

Wait… are we talking about Gabriela Robin here?

If people would ask, “Who the hell’s Gabriela Robin?”, well, she’s THAT singer who sings in Gibberish. It is Yoko Kanno’s really dirty secret and she won’t EVER reveal who that person is. While people speculate that Robin is Kanno herself, it is really questionable.

The Summary [Leave this page if you don’t wanna get spoilers]

Mark Zuckerberg faced lawsuits coming from his best friend Eduardo, and also the twins Tyler (?) and Cameron, the rowers. Zuckerberg is indeed, a nerd, but he had different connectios with Sean, Napster’s CEO. Teamwork came and this broke the friendship between Zuck and Ed (not sure of the monicker).


I really do recommend everyone watching this film. For the prospective lawyers, this is for you.

So you see, Bill Gates was also featured, but I highly doubt that HE portrayed HIMSELF in that film, or is it really him after all? For those who do not know the whole story about Mark Zuckerberg’s creation, Facebook started as “Facemash,” a website designed to compare the best faces in Harvard.

But from the short intro I made, I thought Albright was real, but after all, she’s more of fictional, so we really cannot tell if she really did exist. After all, their conversation in the movie started as serious, but there were no signs of disagreement. It was only then that Mark proved himself a nerd.

What nerd?

At least he never ended up like Cho Seung-hui (RIP).

Apple in China: Thoughts

Here’s the video that I have watched. (:

China should learn from this experience

…the Shanzhai culture must be wiped out. It’s getting very sick, and it disrespects the hardwork of the factory workers in Foxconn. Granted that your iPhones, iPads and iPods, including your MacBooks are Made in China, but this shouldn’t be a factor for the Chinese to make knock-offs out of original products.

Shenzhen is an economic zone, but it should not simply place an “alright” evaluation when it comes to Shanzhai-ism.

China is doing its efforts to eliminate the “Shanzhai” imitation, but just so you know, it is everywhere, and you don’t even have an idea whether the Chinese triads are smuggling these products towards Southeast Asia.

Should Apple invest rather in Asian countries besides China?

Surprisingly, most of the original and genuinely-made Apple products are Made in China, only that it is made in the Special Economic Zones. Just so you know, China will only improve its products if the US would claim it. The power of hegemony, of course.

I really do not want to judge, but maybe the employees of Foxconn are probably talented skilled workers, so no wonder, there’s a certain quota to be followed if Foxconn hires a lot of skilled workers to create iPads, MacBooks, iPods and iPhones. I won’t think it’s new to me when almost ever genuine product is Made in China since Sony, Canon, Olympus and other Japanese firms are also outsourcing in China.

If most big firms would outsource in the Philippines, much better. Nike shoes are made in Vietnam, what more in the Philippines? Some of our LG TV’s are made in the Philippines, and Crayola crayons, although originated in the USA, are also manufactured in the Philippines.

Amazing, eh?

If Foxconn would only set up a factory in the Philippines, that would be great news. However, the share of income will also flow in Taiwan, since Foxconn is a Taiwanese-based company that does the manufacturing process of products from Dell, HP, Sony, y’name it.

Despite that most of the products are made in China, we should at least know that price still varies. After all, our favorite Apple products are assembled, not totally manufactured in China.

Angelina Jolie’s secret to skinniness: Diet pills!

from|Buttless Angie has boobs which doesn’t suit her frame anymore.

Now I know your dirty little secret you fish-lipped walking bamboo!

Yes, you were naturally slim, but now you’re just making it worse! You make yourself weird and the wild child in you reflects on your face: Fish lips, real blonde hair covered with dye, etc. well…

Lawl, 93 pounds for a 5’8″ figure? Sounds ridiculous. Better get your flat ass workin’.

Angelina Jolie, Angelina (Lou Bega mode)

Born in June 4, 1975 in Los Angeles, Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie Voight at birth) is the daughter of the late Marcheline Bertrand, an Illinois native, and veteran actor Jon Voight. She is the youngest of two siblings, as her brother is James Haven.

She is 5’8″, shoe size is 9 (US Female) and she’s left-handed.

Loves tattoos.

Is a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador. Obviously, she’s a humanitarian.

She was romantically linked with Johnny Lee Miller, Billy Bob Thornton and finally, with Brad Pitt.

Her kids are: Maddox Chivan (Rath Vibol), Zahara Marley (Tena Adam), Shiloh-Nouvel, Pax Thien (Pham Quang Sang) and twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline. Maddox is Cambodian, Zee is Ethiopian, Pax is Vietnamese. These kids were adopted from their respective home countries. Meanwhile, biological kids like Shiloh was born in Namibia while the twins were born in France.

Everyone’s comments

A.) She’s a saint.

Saint!? LAWL if she were a saint, why did she have this past life as someone who was dark, and who was doing all shit that no one wants to do, eh? Angelina may seem to be a hypocrite, but she never ever was fake-ass.

B.) She’s an overrated homewrecker.

Overrated? Yeah. I would believe so. Homewrecker? To be honest, it was Brad who made the decision that he’ll separate with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, ‘coz Jen didn’t want to have kids. Angelina had no choice but to accept Brad’s offer.

Any future for Angelina?

She’s now a producer and a director. Well, let’s see what she’s got there.

I was expecting Pacman not to win…

However, the result is… he still won!

Whenever Filipinos knew that their kababayan has finally brought home the bacon, they were posting things like, “Pacman prayed.” I feel sorry for Marquez, since he had a lot of bruises on his face. Why can’t the judges give him a chance to win, right?

Boring shit. I hate the fight between Pacman and Marquez. If Pacman won against Morales two times, it is understandable since it’s his first time to win back the title. Because of that, Erik Morales retired as a boxer.

If Pacman really wins again…

He might face the cheating dude Mayweather (who deserves to be called the n*gga because he’s really an arrogant cheater!) who “refused” to challenge versus him is because… Mayweather’s “afraid” to be K.O.’ed by Pacman. Believe it or not, Mayweather seems to be arrogant, but he’s a coward. C’mon, you’re a boxer, right? Get ready if Pacman punches you in the face, because you might be caught by Detective James Carter for cheating *Chris Tucker fangirl mode*.

Why Julia Roberts (I mean, Boberts) is overrated


She isn’t really that bad, but not until she lambasted Angelina Jolie.

Although I know Jolie’s wrongs, of course, she has moved on from those things. Chelsea Handler, another Aniston loyalist, was teasing and mocking Angelina for being a “cunt.”

She thought that Jennifer Aniston will be glad to hear those jokes, but the Friends star wasn’t really happy at that situation. Jennifer Aniston was really upset that she confronted Handler not to repeat that because she thinks that Handler is repeating her issue with Angelina Jolie again.

Well, I really had nothing against Aniston, but it’s a good thing that Handler said that mocking Jolie isn’t something new to her.

Back to Julia Roberts, she’s even much more overrated than either Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston. Imagine, she’s not as classic as Nicole Kidman or Catherine Zeta-Jones (who is unfortunately, underrated). Julia Roberts criticized Angelina Jolie for being a terrible actress after watching Jolie’s movie, A Mighty Heart. Well, hello? Maybe she should start appreciating someone who has a more profound career than she used to have.

Regarding Jolie, she ain’t a bad actress, but most of her action movies have no dialogue at all. All she does is guns, shooting and y’know, she doesn’t star in romance movies.