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Pitcairn Islands: The Beauty in Isolation

If I were to be asked, I’d love to live in an isolated area… somewhere far away from civilization. When I found out about the Pitcairn Islands, I was hoping if I would survive there…|Flag of the Pitcairn Islands

Its capital is no other than Adamstown, oh yes, it’s the capital and the only village in the territory itself. Believe it or not, its population is roughly 48. Imagine that. You basically know one another in just a single speck of land (it’s actually four islands, including the uninhibited Oeno, Henderson and Ducie) and that’s it.

The main island, known as Pitcairn alone, well… it has a hospital, post office, police station, prison, school, church and a convenience store. It has all the most basic of all amenities everyone could imagine.

It has only has harbor, known as the Bounty. It has NO airport (take note: It’s too difficult to build an airstrip in Pitcairn alone, although Henderson island was taken into consideration) — you have to go to Mangareva in order to access Pitcairn (yes, from your country, you go to NZ, then Mangareva) if you want an airfare via NZ.

Courtesy of|Pulau School, the only school in Pitcairn Island.

Courtesy of|This is the Big Flower, I think. Dunno if this is an inn or a hotel, but never mind.

Courtesy of|Pitcairn’s Heath Center and Hospital

Check out for more informative accounts HERE.

In fact, the Pitcairn islands, aside from being one of the most isolated areas in the world, happens to be the most underrated, in terms of exposure. Surely, you have Tristan da Cunha and Socotra as other examples of isolated places, however, Pitcairn Island is so far the most intriguing and the most mysterious of them all.|St. Paul’s Pool, a natural site in Pitcairn.

I’d say that, I’d create a book about the Pitcairn islands one day. Also, I’d like to document all my adventures there, and yeah, will encourage everyone to err… stay here! Haha!

Well, if I have the money, I’ll certainly visit that place.