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SURVEY: Elitism in the Philippines

Message to all the followers and fans:

I sincerely apologize for the long hiatus without even posting a hiatus post (OMG, this is the worst mortal sin I have committed). Anyways, I am now writing a book (I am doing my best to make this shit serious, I am not kidding this time!) about Elitism in the Philippines since its title will be, “Elitism in the Orient Pearl.”

PS: I am making a career out of it, so better bear with me regarding this one.

Intro Speech

If you are a Filipino residing in the Philippines or abroad (or if you’re a foreigner who naturalized as a Filipino citizen), feel free to answer this survey I am conducting online if you are willing to help me finish this book without any qualms. This is the only way for me to receive true feedback from netizens residing in the Philippines and/or abroad.

Survey Proper

SURVEY #1 – Introduction
SURVEY #2 – Sample Excerpts

To all the haters, bashers and the like:

Guys, do not misinterpret this one as attention-whoring. I know some of you (who are elitists) who will make an issue out of this post. Remember, I am writing a book, not creating some controversy or spark any issue that will hurt innocent people out of your intentional mishaps (lol). Just don’t answer the survey or buy the book (coming soon) if you don’t have any interest in doing so. My aim is to educate a lot of people who do not have access to social media, and I am making the price of this book as cheap as I could assign the price. Soon, I will come back to Photoshop or prolly have a new iPad mini (hopefully the iPad mini 3) with me, and there’s nothing you can really do with it if you think I am very harsh on my upcoming book haha.

Ending Note

No one can ever stop me from writing my first book. Just stay tuned for more updates!

Levitating in Azure

My most creative jumpshot! Haha, yowayowa ang peg! (Yeah right no effort)

Pardon my fat-ness! Kasing-sabog ng final paper ko, but the shadowwww… xD

Maybe if people do not know just yet, the rubber grip of my camera is GONE. BOO. However, I still managed to take photographs of myself levitating.

I really DO apologize for NOT updating, because I ran out of ideas and I stayed away from my favorite hobby for so long… but don’t worry! I am saving up for the iPhone 4S, or the latest iPhone. (Despo for an Instagraaaam @_@) NAH, jez kidding.

Well, enjoy the rest of the week!

Ashley Gosiengfiao: The lady behind orangeish Gosiengfiao|The lady behind orangeish/ashlili

Who is Ashley?

Ashley Gosiengfiao is the younger sister of cosplay queen Alodia Gosiengfiao. Like her sister, she’s an Atenean and her high school alma mater is/was in Miriam College.

Being of Spanish-Chinese and Filipino descent, it is no doubt that her chinita-mestiza looks are very obvious, and it is also explained on her surname and middle name. Also, everyone would think that she’s well-off because she has everything: 12 guitars, a Canon 5D Mark II, a Mac computer, what else? However, Ashley explained that she and her sister are both hard-working.

Ashley the Photographer

Ashley started to teach herself photography at a very young age. At 19 years old, she turned professional, and it is clearly explained on her photographs. It is no doubt that she’s the official photographer of Alodia.

Here are some of her photographs (credits from her Flickr account):

Credits from Ashley’s Flickr|This is a very interesting photograph.
The Gamer II
Credits from Ashley’s Flickr|This one’s a classic! Alodia’s really good in posing for photographs.

Note: I can’t place some more photos. Click HERE and HERE if you want to see more.

Ashley is no doubt a really good photographer. She once said that she learned the adjustments by heart just before she got herself a 5D Mark II. Looking at most of her photos, everything is a classic. You won’t get tired of looking at her photographs, because they’re like jewels when she takes a single photograph. Edited or not, it reflects her passion in making them really wonderful.

For more Ashley…

The Importance of Being Ashley
My favorite blog post from Ashley

Announcement: The Official Tumblr has changed

The official Molybdenum Studios Tumblr account is no other than:

Click on the icon above to be redirected.

YES, it HAS changed, and you’ll get more and cooler things right there. Another thing, it is MORE organized than the previous one. Molybdenum Studios Photography will be merged together with the original Molybdenum Studios Tumblr, here in this blog! Well, not really so. I will still keep the two previous blogs, but just so you know, this IS the new blog for you to follow, and you’re always free to send me a message.

However, whatever the rules that are applied here will also be applied there, only that it’s more lenient. You may post negative comments, but please don’t be rude. Negative comments shouldn’t equate rudeness to another netizen.

Also, it will also be a blog of collaborations and photoshoots just in case you want someone to shoot you and your clothes that you want the world to see.

PS: Sorry if I still use the same icon, but anyway I changed everything.

A twelve-year old’s negative sentiment against UST

Tumblr|It’s so sickening to see a 12-year old lambasting a school.

UST has NEVER been the butt of jokes

Alright, so I never heard that UST has incompetent students. It has a very clean reputation, and it has a clean record too. However, the record was tainted with the Corona Ph.D issue, which became controversial.

UST doesn’t deserve to be the butt of jokes, actually. FEU is once the butt of jokes, but it produces topnotchers. DLSU is of course, never been the butt of jokes, but it was only a subject of rivalry for the Ateneans. For the Isko people, they’re often criticized for being know-it-alls, yet some prove that wrong, and that’s what I like in UP.

UST has never been the subject of hatred towards the majority, however, it just happened that its strong sense of Catholicism makes it the subject of criticism.

It’s all thanks to you, tactless kid

People like her do not deserve to be hated, but what she did hurt other people’s feelings, especially those who are die-hard loyal Thomasians. I really feel so sorry to those who were offended on what she said, it was worse than the Facebook page of UPCAT, where a status post became controversial as well. However, the Tumblr thing’s way more hurtful and it’s more offensive and insulting.

She’s like insulting Hayden Kho (even though he was a maniac), Maricar Reyes or those celebrities who were Thomasians. They might not know that a kid was lambasting people like them all along. I also feel sorry to my Thomasian friends, who were also insulted, but you see, a 12-year old kid like her might’ve had some friends who were so arrogant that they’re Thomasians. I never heard Lasallians being lambasted, like they’re not as “intelligent” as Ateneans, but Lasallians usually keep mum when it comes to controversies. They never did a single faux pas, not even one student of La Salle would ever do such thing like that.

She should learn AA Klenk’s faux pas

To theindifferentmasochist, take note: Remember what Cristine Reyes did when she lambasted Sarah Geronimo? You should learn that lesson, and of course, reflect from it. Cristine may lay-low right now, but we still do not know if she has completely changed. She’s quite questionable, when she says, “Okay, fine. I won’t do it again.” However, if you might as well change, at least do it. Don’t wait for the “right time” to be pwned.

Keepsake Collection: Photographs of my reblogs

This is an extension of sacredcharm

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Follow back! The main blog’s featuring high-quality reblogged photos from Tumblr sites such as luxuryandclass, prettiestinpinkness, ciarabellee and a lot more!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

So, what Tumblr people gave to me this Christmas season is no other than…

Answer: The most number of likes in “Raspberry Cheesecake” deviation posted in Tumblr.

Alright, so here are the three deviations with the most likes… and faves in deviantArt

1.) Shore on the Horizon

Statistics: 53 views, 11 favorites

2.) Nikon D5100

Statistics: 41 notes (Tumblr); 197 views, 4 favorites

3.) Raspberry Cheesecake

Statistics: 16 notes (Tumblr); 58 views, 4 favorites

This is the best Christmas present I ever received

Alright, my photography style is becoming too generic, from a lot of faves to a few ones, good thing that there’s Tumblr. Yep, I may have two photography porfolios here in the Internet, but never mind, at least I made everyone tulo-laway with Food Photography (one of the specializations that I want for the future haha!), impressed everyone with my first photo with the most likes (Shore on the Horizon) and of course, pleased and impressed anyone by taking a pic of the Nikon D5100, Canon 600D’s mate, haha.

Alright, brace yourselves as I plan for a new lens (EF 50mm f/1.4 USM)

The reason why I chose this lens (read the prospective review of this lens) is because, sayang naman ang 58mm filters na binili ko sa SM. Yep, that’s right. This time, I won’t let anyone get through my way on my decisions. In the end, sino naman ang gagamit, ‘di ba AKO ‘yun? So, yeah. Well, since it’s Weinachten, nobody should be a tool of pestilence for Christmas!

Next entry: Do you think I’m a tool of pestilence? (kung ano lang mapag-isipan noh lawl)

Who was the Y U No Guy Meme?|The Y U NO Guy|Gantz Chapter 55: Naked King… the lower left picture shows you the evidence!

Violence turns black comedy

That’s right! This manga page is meant for black comedy and of course, it was converted to errrrrrrrrrrrr… real comedy xD.