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Outdoors: Sunlight is King (Behind-the-Scenes)

Here’s the behind-the-scenes video of “Outdoors: Sunlight is King.” Hope you enjoy! LOL

The photos will be out soon. I am procrastinating right now. #fuck

Outdoors: Sunlight is King

As promised, this is the behind-the-scenes video I made… even though it does not look like a BTS video.

At last, Annie Lyn Rivas and Julian Sean in just one picture. I’ll post some BTS photos next time. (:

Originally, it should be Annie x Julian, but because it is a GROUP work, it should be something else. Pardon me if the title itself is really misleading. If you want a pure BTS video, just let me know.

Levitating in Azure

My most creative jumpshot! Haha, yowayowa ang peg! (Yeah right no effort)

Pardon my fat-ness! Kasing-sabog ng final paper ko, but the shadowwww… xD

Maybe if people do not know just yet, the rubber grip of my camera is GONE. BOO. However, I still managed to take photographs of myself levitating.

I really DO apologize for NOT updating, because I ran out of ideas and I stayed away from my favorite hobby for so long… but don’t worry! I am saving up for the iPhone 4S, or the latest iPhone. (Despo for an Instagraaaam @_@) NAH, jez kidding.

Well, enjoy the rest of the week!

The next… Hayashi Natsumi!? NOT!

To my lovely followers… Please… DON’T LAUGH! If you do say “LOL,” it’s okay, but please don’t add some insulting comments!

So, I’ve been experiencing this type of love for photography… and this is what you call it as, “Photophilia.” Gosh. I can’t actually create my own words… but here ya go! These are some yowayowa-inspired shots. Yeah, call me trying-hard, but if you’re jealous, why not use the multi-shot mode while using the self-timer, eh?

I didn’t use any tripod! Honestly, I only used a “three-storey” table. That’s it.


The .gif!

Here y’have it! Enjoy!

Ashley Gosiengfiao: The lady behind orangeish Gosiengfiao|The lady behind orangeish/ashlili

Who is Ashley?

Ashley Gosiengfiao is the younger sister of cosplay queen Alodia Gosiengfiao. Like her sister, she’s an Atenean and her high school alma mater is/was in Miriam College.

Being of Spanish-Chinese and Filipino descent, it is no doubt that her chinita-mestiza looks are very obvious, and it is also explained on her surname and middle name. Also, everyone would think that she’s well-off because she has everything: 12 guitars, a Canon 5D Mark II, a Mac computer, what else? However, Ashley explained that she and her sister are both hard-working.

Ashley the Photographer

Ashley started to teach herself photography at a very young age. At 19 years old, she turned professional, and it is clearly explained on her photographs. It is no doubt that she’s the official photographer of Alodia.

Here are some of her photographs (credits from her Flickr account):

Credits from Ashley’s Flickr|This is a very interesting photograph.
The Gamer II
Credits from Ashley’s Flickr|This one’s a classic! Alodia’s really good in posing for photographs.

Note: I can’t place some more photos. Click HERE and HERE if you want to see more.

Ashley is no doubt a really good photographer. She once said that she learned the adjustments by heart just before she got herself a 5D Mark II. Looking at most of her photos, everything is a classic. You won’t get tired of looking at her photographs, because they’re like jewels when she takes a single photograph. Edited or not, it reflects her passion in making them really wonderful.

For more Ashley…

The Importance of Being Ashley
My favorite blog post from Ashley

Joint Blog Post: What I did for the Week

A Peaceful Disaster|First time shot using Galaxy Tab

There are things that I did for this week; I took a shot of a peaceful waterscape surrounded by the foreground: A disastrous aftermath. This reminds me that peace and war could neutralize with one another although their relationship is like oil and water.

Osaka Monogatari OFFICIAL PV

As promised, this is the PV I made for AJ Perez’s (RIP) character in Osaka Monogatari.

So, I had a dream about AJ. It was like, he was thanking me for keeping him alive (or immortal) even though he’s no longer physically present. It’s not only for me and/or for Antonello, but it’s for everyone. Fans and non-fans alike would appreciate a story that will really make their hearts beat!

I thank my departed loved ones for giving him a chance to visit me in my dreams.

Watch out for the next episode in Osaka Monogatari: Kei is officially a Lasallian!

Joseph Cheng: The friendly deviant

I really do not know how to say this but…

He is one of the deviants in deviantArt who noticed my interest in photography. Aside from that, he spent time with me, talking about which camera I should get, and/or lens.

I really do not know how to show gratitude towards this guy. He’s really someone worth featured in this blog.

Credits from|I’m not sure if this is him; but yeah. ;D

Some things that an amateur/enthusiast should learn from this guy

EINS. First of all, he said that a real photographer could capture the best shot by using ANY kinds of camera, even from camera phones. Some of you might not know that I took some pictures by using my Nokia N8, whenever I take pictures of food (I really cannot post it right now unless you’re making a request haha).

ZWEI. This guy has real experience. He usually gives a lot of advice regarding which camera and/or lens to buy. When I first thought of buying the EF 50mm f/1.4 USM, he said that the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 is better since most of his photography orgmates said that it is the better choice.

DREI. If you’re NOT a fan of both Canon or Nikon, Sony is the best option. Aside from its Carl Zeiss optics line-up, the IS/VR/OS is built into the camera rather than in the lens. No wonder, Sony offers more benefits to the consumer compared to the two leading camera brands. You really can’t question that Sony is a really good brand, which ranges to Home Entertainment System to handy-dandy electronics. Of course, when Sony and Minolta merged, the first Sony Alpha was born.

One of my friends told me that Sony is good in producing colors. Joseph proves that right. Most of his photos are not only good and presentable, but also, the colors are vibrant and “naturally” saturated.

VIER. This guy diversifies. He doesn’t only prove his talent by using a full-frame camera, but he also uses any types of camera. Just check his deviantArt for more.

FUENF. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a full-frame camera although not a professional photographer, for as long as the person operates the most in the camera.

How should I thank him?

Because of our conversation, I think I learned something from him, and also, he’s also informative. Our conversation is so far the most meaningful, and it’s really like a classroom online, sharing ideas.

I do not know how to say this, but I have to say thank you to this guy. (:

Shoot Like a PRO 101

Disclaimer: This is to teach you guys how to do it the right way. Sorry if I’m a Mac user, but if you could bear with my tutorial, here you go. Oh, and I’m no professional photographer either. This is designed to those who haven’t discover yet the potentials of digital photography.

How to do everything like the PRO’s do?

While most of us enthusiasts are really curious about the world, we are also curious about why RAW is a flexible format. Everyone said it’s the file format of post-processing, or let’s say, it’s a film negative equivalent.

In RAW imaging, it’s like this: Open your iPhoto, and choose a RAW file. You’ll see that the white balance is set to its native number.

So here are the basics that you should know…

Step One: Shoot in RAW

Look at the portion where temperature and tint likes. A RAW image will show you the native white balance and of course, the tint, rather than the pointer positioned on the middle (neutral mode).

Shooting in RAW gives you the advantage and opportunities to post-process your photos with ease and flexibility. However, the downside is, shooting in RAW consumes memory space and it will take you a long time to post-process everything in RAW. Aside from that, you should have a post-processing software just to have your RAW file viewed. Luckily, the Mac has iPhoto pre-installed in it.

For Windows users, don’t worry, your DSLR might be supplied a software designed to view and to edit RAW images.

Step Two: Upload your photos in photo-organizing apps such as iPhoto.

iPhoto isn’t only designed for organizing and arranging photos, it also has built-in HDR through the help of reducing shadows.

If you happen to use Windows, I really can’t answer your question since I really find it more comfortable to edit photos in Mac. Well, here’s the thing: Macs provide everything for you and it’s much more ideal to use Photoshop in Mac, I just don’t know why.

iPhoto is one of the most reliable software (or maybe Photoshop Elements, but I haven’t tried one yet) to quickly edit and post-process photos, for Macintosh, that is.

Step Three: Always have Lightroom 3 installed on your computer

You won’t actually survive if you d0n’t have Lightroom installed, just in case you want to make your sky bluer than ever.

There are things that Lightroom could do that Photoshop cannot as is do. Perspective control is one of them, and without any doubt, Lightroom does it faster than Photoshop. Of course, you may change the white balance if you want, but make sure you drag the post-processed photo directly from iPhoto. It is still in RAW I think, but it seems more convenient since it helps you edit more and of course, experiment.

Step Four: Always have Photoshop installed on your computer

This is actually a photo combined with two photos, resulting from preference of tint done in Lightroom.

Of course, with the post-processing thing, watermarking is very important. This is to protect your photos just in case someone else uses it.

Although according to the Digital Photography Manual, Photoshop is a very expensive software which is very complicated to use, and some of the features there will never be used by an average enthusiast. However, this one is very helpful when creating effects and of course, watermarking photos.

Also, having Photoshop doesn’t only give you the advantage of watermarking photos, it may also let you create effects or maybe combine two pictures, then set the blend mode to either Multiply or Soft Light.

Take note: Unless you’re going to download it straight from the Internet, Photoshop IS a really hard-to-get software. Downloading it is “easy,” but look, it will ask you for a serial number for verification, and I really discourage cracks. It doesn’t help actually, so rather search for serial numbers if you want.

I am not advocating piracy, but just to be practical, you have to download at your own risk.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

So, what Tumblr people gave to me this Christmas season is no other than…

Answer: The most number of likes in “Raspberry Cheesecake” deviation posted in Tumblr.

Alright, so here are the three deviations with the most likes… and faves in deviantArt

1.) Shore on the Horizon

Statistics: 53 views, 11 favorites

2.) Nikon D5100

Statistics: 41 notes (Tumblr); 197 views, 4 favorites

3.) Raspberry Cheesecake

Statistics: 16 notes (Tumblr); 58 views, 4 favorites

This is the best Christmas present I ever received

Alright, my photography style is becoming too generic, from a lot of faves to a few ones, good thing that there’s Tumblr. Yep, I may have two photography porfolios here in the Internet, but never mind, at least I made everyone tulo-laway with Food Photography (one of the specializations that I want for the future haha!), impressed everyone with my first photo with the most likes (Shore on the Horizon) and of course, pleased and impressed anyone by taking a pic of the Nikon D5100, Canon 600D’s mate, haha.

Alright, brace yourselves as I plan for a new lens (EF 50mm f/1.4 USM)

The reason why I chose this lens (read the prospective review of this lens) is because, sayang naman ang 58mm filters na binili ko sa SM. Yep, that’s right. This time, I won’t let anyone get through my way on my decisions. In the end, sino naman ang gagamit, ‘di ba AKO ‘yun? So, yeah. Well, since it’s Weinachten, nobody should be a tool of pestilence for Christmas!

Next entry: Do you think I’m a tool of pestilence? (kung ano lang mapag-isipan noh lawl)

Thank you for the 41 notes!

Check out my photography portfolio.

This is the photo that they “liked” and/or “reblogged.”

Nikon D5100 as seen in both Tumblr and in deviantArt.


It’s really an honor to have followers (even though only a handful of them would follow) and to have a post liked and reblogged by many people.

I did an effort to screenshot the notes and I am very glad to see these people like and reblog my post. They really love the camera. Although I’m not a Nikon fan/user/owner, at least I made everyone happy.

Anyways, I love to take photographs of gadgets, for some who still do not know this fact.

This is not the only photo that everyone “liked” or reblogged

You might as well check this out.

The photo “Shore on the Horizon” had the most likes, this time in deviantArt. Like, whoa. I have many photos around there but it seems that most people are not interested in looking or even bother to fave it, though I do not force people to do so.

To be honest, I only have 10 watchers so far in deviantArt. I really don’t get why most people didn’t even bother to comment back on my artworks. Only those who appreciate my work are those who are experienced professionals.

Despite being unnoticed, again, I thank all those who supported me in both deviantArt and in Tumblr

I am not a hypocrite when it comes to thanking people. Just so you know, I appreciate it when people love my artworks/photographs not because it looks eye-candy or something; they look what’s IN that photo. A photograph is a thousand words, and people figure out what’s in a photo.

Everyone really appreciated how I experiment in Photoshop. AT LEAST I do my best to get the right angle, the exactness of y’know, the lomo techniques and so on, so forth.

Here are some other photographs from deviantArt which received zero (as in null) favorites…

Angry Bird in Technicolor by ~molybdenumstudios

This is so far my “Coloratura” photo which I only edited in Photoshop. It’s like this: I only faked KOLA color filter, but this type of “coloratography” is accomplished by putting anything colorful into the flash, then voila! You got THIS.

The only thing is, the frame sucked since this was the first time I was making a customised frame of lomography or medium-format film. It IS really a work of a noob, actually.

Cloudy Morning by ~molybdenumstudios

To my critics and those who really think I am doing this just because I seek for attention, NO, I am NOT.

This is my photo about my vacation in Boracay, where there are many people having a vacation. Vacation, like you see a lot of Chinese, Koreans, Russians, or anyone foreign. Promise, you’ll really love this place since it is real white sand that will cure your dead skin cells.

Key and Padlock by ~molybdenumstudios

This is my most valuable photo EVER. Here’s a trivia: I only took this photo while waiting for our professor in Anthropology. Unfortunately, no one even bothered to fave it. Does this photo really have NO meaning to you?

So, yeah. This would only be the first and the last time I’ll spoonfeed those who really can’t understand what the photo is all about.

You know what a padlock and a key means, right? This is a symbol of secrets, where the only thing to reveal it is to hold a key and unlock the padlock.

That seems too easy.

Just feel the photo. Where do you think are you when you see this photo?

Disasterland by ~molybdenumstudios

Guess where this photo this time was taken.

Look at the diagonal landscape. Does it seem familiar to you?

If you really see the landscape THIS diagonal, what do you think happens?

However, the strong structures are still intact, that is.

Antique Memories by ~molybdenumstudios

Sorry for that. I was only shooting bullets to those false critics. True critics, for me, comment back on mistakes and they even put some REAL advice. I know that some of you here support me and thank you for that.

Back to the RAW thing.

I only started to use RAW not because it is flexible, but it is also helpful if you are in-demand in the professional world. One-shot .jpg’s aren’t enough. You really have to use RAW (or CR2) format only to shoot the best things in your environment.

Poured my heart out after the notes came out of a sudden

Again, thank you for the likes and reblogs. I appreciate those who were really pleased to see my photos once more.