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SURVEY: Elitism in the Philippines

Message to all the followers and fans:

I sincerely apologize for the long hiatus without even posting a hiatus post (OMG, this is the worst mortal sin I have committed). Anyways, I am now writing a book (I am doing my best to make this shit serious, I am not kidding this time!) about Elitism in the Philippines since its title will be, “Elitism in the Orient Pearl.”

PS: I am making a career out of it, so better bear with me regarding this one.

Intro Speech

If you are a Filipino residing in the Philippines or abroad (or if you’re a foreigner who naturalized as a Filipino citizen), feel free to answer this survey I am conducting online if you are willing to help me finish this book without any qualms. This is the only way for me to receive true feedback from netizens residing in the Philippines and/or abroad.

Survey Proper

SURVEY #1 – Introduction
SURVEY #2 – Sample Excerpts

To all the haters, bashers and the like:

Guys, do not misinterpret this one as attention-whoring. I know some of you (who are elitists) who will make an issue out of this post. Remember, I am writing a book, not creating some controversy or spark any issue that will hurt innocent people out of your intentional mishaps (lol). Just don’t answer the survey or buy the book (coming soon) if you don’t have any interest in doing so. My aim is to educate a lot of people who do not have access to social media, and I am making the price of this book as cheap as I could assign the price. Soon, I will come back to Photoshop or prolly have a new iPad mini (hopefully the iPad mini 3) with me, and there’s nothing you can really do with it if you think I am very harsh on my upcoming book haha.

Ending Note

No one can ever stop me from writing my first book. Just stay tuned for more updates!

Thanks pipitblog for including my former blog

Yes, and I have revealed, even before, that I am Summer Dawn Ravenson. It’s been a long time that I haven’t read your blog. Yeah, I know I have closed my Formspring because of hate comments from judgmental people.

I know there are some people who know that I used to be that Ravenson person, well, no more. I do not use that pen name for certain reasons (and I know there are some people out there who are waiting for me to come out and devour me — LOLjk), however, I’d like to express my gratitude to you that you have included my former blog.

Well, I’d rather send it to you by mail. (:

Blogger Profile: Perez Hilton|ALL HAIL the unkabogable Perez Hilton!

Mario Lavandeira the American of Cuban descent

Now that explains his ability to speak in Spanish. His parents are Cuban (hahaha, political asylum!?)… well I thought he was Mexican, though!

Perez Hilton made his own pen name to play a pun on Paris Hilton. Hmm… is that right!? I thought Paris and he are relatives, but it turns out that they’re not related to one another.

His contribution to the LGBT community

You know how defensive he is, right? Remember the Carrie Prejean issue when he lambasted Carrie because of her comment about gay marriage. Well, it’s only an opinion, but to think that Carrie is a “devout Catholic” with a sex video? That’s another story. Carrie isn’t a role model after all, when talking about religion and shiz!? HAHAHA, not bad when she’s compared to AA!

BUT… I do respect Perez as a gay, because he is OPENLY gay.

His admiration for Charlize Theron and Lady GaGa proves his gay-ness

Charlize supports LGBT, Lady GaGa does the same as well. So no wonder, Perez would usually post something really very positive about them. If a person happens to be ANTI-GAY, he might as well lambast you!

That’s why he lambasted Carrie Prejean for being a “hypocrite.” Yeah, I ain’t a fan of Carrie, but please don’t forget the boobjob thing. Hmmm… so hypocritical (right, AA!? You’re fully-bodied RETOKE, but you ain’t gonna admit it because you’re afraid you might be nitpicked by SG’s fans!).

HAHAHA, wonder if he would lambast someone for being anti-gay. He might as well lambast the Middle East, for sure.

The next… Hayashi Natsumi!? NOT!

To my lovely followers… Please… DON’T LAUGH! If you do say “LOL,” it’s okay, but please don’t add some insulting comments!

So, I’ve been experiencing this type of love for photography… and this is what you call it as, “Photophilia.” Gosh. I can’t actually create my own words… but here ya go! These are some yowayowa-inspired shots. Yeah, call me trying-hard, but if you’re jealous, why not use the multi-shot mode while using the self-timer, eh?

I didn’t use any tripod! Honestly, I only used a “three-storey” table. That’s it.


The .gif!

Here y’have it! Enjoy!

Ashley Gosiengfiao: The lady behind orangeish Gosiengfiao|The lady behind orangeish/ashlili

Who is Ashley?

Ashley Gosiengfiao is the younger sister of cosplay queen Alodia Gosiengfiao. Like her sister, she’s an Atenean and her high school alma mater is/was in Miriam College.

Being of Spanish-Chinese and Filipino descent, it is no doubt that her chinita-mestiza looks are very obvious, and it is also explained on her surname and middle name. Also, everyone would think that she’s well-off because she has everything: 12 guitars, a Canon 5D Mark II, a Mac computer, what else? However, Ashley explained that she and her sister are both hard-working.

Ashley the Photographer

Ashley started to teach herself photography at a very young age. At 19 years old, she turned professional, and it is clearly explained on her photographs. It is no doubt that she’s the official photographer of Alodia.

Here are some of her photographs (credits from her Flickr account):

Credits from Ashley’s Flickr|This is a very interesting photograph.
The Gamer II
Credits from Ashley’s Flickr|This one’s a classic! Alodia’s really good in posing for photographs.

Note: I can’t place some more photos. Click HERE and HERE if you want to see more.

Ashley is no doubt a really good photographer. She once said that she learned the adjustments by heart just before she got herself a 5D Mark II. Looking at most of her photos, everything is a classic. You won’t get tired of looking at her photographs, because they’re like jewels when she takes a single photograph. Edited or not, it reflects her passion in making them really wonderful.

For more Ashley…

The Importance of Being Ashley
My favorite blog post from Ashley

Obligatory Reflection: Top Fashion Bloggers

Note: There’s no such thing as ranking here, so yeah.

If you noticed, I’m no longer posting rants and anything nonsense since I don’t want this blog to have a reputation. Past is past, so yeah.|THIS. Fashion blogging has been the trend of the century.


1.) Raid My Closet – Of course, that would definitely be Arnie. Actually, I feel that I want to have a photoshoot collaboration with her soon, if only I have free time or if there’s another Foundation Day in our alma mater. That’s because she’s a very friendly person, and also, I didn’t even know that she would be a fashion blogger. I guess she proved me wrong in some way, somehow. xoxo

2.) Tricia will go places – Of course, my favorite fashion blogger, Tricia Gosingtian! That’s because she’s also a photographer and a stylist. She has been one of the most prominent photographers in fashion, and also, she also had a collaboration with Ramon Bautista in a magazine with Paloma Esmeria. Cool, eh?

3.) Camille Co – Shiz… the name’s too common, but she isn’t only a fashion blogger. Truth is, she’s a fashion designer and an Atenean at the same time. She would give some tips when it comes to dresses, such as the prom. I think she’s the only fashion blogger who would give some real fashion advice.

4.) Strutting on Sunshine x Cristina Decena – No joke, she’s my classmate in my majors last term, and no wonder, she’s really a fashionista at school. When I started looking at her Tumblr, I thought it would be a regular Tumblelog, but again, someone has proved me wrong. It’s her fashion blog and whoa, so I guess, that’s not surprising for me. My favorite blog post is her Japan trip. If I were in Osaka, having my feet strained, she was in Nagoya.

5.) Yumi Arima – I wonder why her fashion blog’s inactive, and yet this SOPA thing’s bugging the hell out of me, but never mind. Yumi was one of the people in a magazine and it was really surprising. Almost everyone in DLSU are fashion-updated (of course, I won’t be that type of person haha! I might as well stick to 2NE1’s Dara’s fashion rather) and yes, their dresses are chic. However, the last time I saw her blog, I think she deserves a space in this list, not just because of her looks and body shape, but she’s the only person of part-Japanese descent who would be more Filipina than Japanese.

I have a feeling of being the photographer… and the model?

It’s really fun having a collaboration with someone who’s famous. Hmm… you want me to show you a picture of a celebrity (and I’m the photographer, no joke)? HA, just take a look at my photography portfolio in Tumblr so that you’ll know. I usually blog things about celebrities, current events, sociology, everything nerdy. I’m not really a chic person and I believe I won’t be one.

Swear, I might charge you a hundred pesos, more or less if you’ll accept the offer. To my disappointment, I should’ve organized a LEAP about taking photos about fashion, or y’know, something that will benefit photographers and models alike. Well, that’s the start of my own business. I might as well make this blog something more meaningful.

What could I name my collaboration blog?

I’d still blog in WordPress. Like what I said, WordPress is blogging for informative posts.

a.) Glitter Glossy Sparkles [glitterglossysparkles] – This is really a girly username. Do you think this is taken already? HAHA, this is really for a fashion blog. However, before I named my own “studio” as Molybdenum Studios, I was thinking if this username’s fine, but… NO. I lately realized that Molybdenum Studios [molybdenumstudios] would be a really, very unique username. PTL, really.

b.) Little Pink Cherry Pop [littlepinkcherrypop] – Another girly username! I’m really NOT a fan of girly names, like if I would name my blog so girly, but inside it’s like gothic like metallica. HAHA, ironic much? If this was my blog’s name, it would be like PINK AND RED AND WHITE, and that’s it.

c.) Vintage Lomografix [vintagelomografix] – I know, sounds too antique, retro, but STILL, I won’t ever take it as a final name for my collaboration blog.

d.) Molybdenum Studios <state whatever thing desired> [molybdenumstudios___________] – Actually, NO. I’m sick and tired of putting molstudphlog, MSPFounderCEO shit, HAHA. I wanted everything to be very, very unique. Something that would fit my personality.

e.) Sacred Charm/Charming [sacredcharm/sacredcharming] – This is the username in my personal Tumblr and with the Twitter thing. Actually, NO. Not again, because everything in my blog’s full of cussing and swearing, so NO.

f.) Gelay Loves the Internet [gelaylovestheinternet] – Gah. NO way. It’s too narcissistic-sounding.

g.) MSP Collabz [mspcollabz] – Almost. I think.

h.) Molybdenum Studios Portfolio Blog [mspofficialportfolio] – I think this would be the username fit for the blog. Oh, well.

I really, can’t use the Tumblog. Frankly, I’m happy to be in WordPress. This is my home, next to deviantArt, Tumblr and Facebook.

Joint Blog Post: What I did for the Week

A Peaceful Disaster|First time shot using Galaxy Tab

There are things that I did for this week; I took a shot of a peaceful waterscape surrounded by the foreground: A disastrous aftermath. This reminds me that peace and war could neutralize with one another although their relationship is like oil and water.

Osaka Monogatari OFFICIAL PV

As promised, this is the PV I made for AJ Perez’s (RIP) character in Osaka Monogatari.

So, I had a dream about AJ. It was like, he was thanking me for keeping him alive (or immortal) even though he’s no longer physically present. It’s not only for me and/or for Antonello, but it’s for everyone. Fans and non-fans alike would appreciate a story that will really make their hearts beat!

I thank my departed loved ones for giving him a chance to visit me in my dreams.

Watch out for the next episode in Osaka Monogatari: Kei is officially a Lasallian!