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Why I dislike romantic comedies

Julia Roberts? Kate Hudson? Jennifer Aniston? EHEM. Romance and comedy are not really a good idea in Tinseltown. I am really not a fan of romcoms, and will never ever be. Sci-Fi movies fascinate me, or maybe Sci-Fi comedy. Hmmm… I’m not really a romance fan, like Twilight and shit. Dunno.


1.) It is only applicable to anime.

2.) Romance and comedy are exposed in bad limelight.

3.) It gives love a really bad name.


5.) Unless if it’s an Eddie Murphy movie, it sucks. Period.

Romantic comedies are so overacting, like romance is exposed in bad limelight. Everything is more focused on sex, some shit that I really do not understand and worst… they’re just like Adam Sandler’s movies or even worse… Jim Carrey’s. I don’t get why most people really LOVE these movies if in fact, they’re not really as successful and entertaining as the rest of comedy, within Eddie Murphy standards.

If compared to Korean romantic comedies, I think K-drama romcoms are becoming at-par with Tinseltowns, if before, Goong really made my heart laugh. Boys Over Flowers was also good, outsmarting Meteor Garden. Hmmm…

Honestly, I didn’t like My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Maybe because I find K-dramas overrated, or maybe because I much prefer Filipino romantic comedies (yes, this is really my nationalistic side. I much prefer Filipino dramas over K-dramas, or American drama) over the rest of what we know today. Prob’ly because Filipinos have a greater sense of humor as compared to Americans. Oh, and I have to admit. I love comedies that predominantly has African-American actors (Eddie Murphy, Chris Tucker, Whoopi Goldbrg and Martin Lawrence rock ass!). If you’re gonna watch American comedy, make sure there are African-Americans out there. I love black comedians over white ones. I dunno why, but they’re really the funniest people. xD

Maybe it’s because I’m really hard to please when it comes to comedy. When it comes to Rush Hour series, NO, not even a single romantic comedy would surpass its level of “classicism.” Classic comedies are watched non-stop, and you won’t really get sick and tired of it.

I really didn’t like Friends, or maybe because they’re more adult-oriented. I mean, those comedies that are for the general public are really classic, non-stop and not shitting you out.

If you ever watch a romantic comedy movie, make sure that Eddie Murphy or Ben Stiller are in those movies. BTW, they are collaborating in Tower Heist. I wanna watch it so bad! xD