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Roaming Around MOA for the nth time plus shopping around Greenhills

So, for the nth time we visited MOA.



Awwwww cute dog! Well, still a cynophobe, though (huhuhu).

Oh well, so there are plenty of options when you’re in MOA.


Yes, there is our cosplay queen Alodia! Hooray for being nationwide popular! Haha!




So we ate at Teriyaki Boy and boy, we finished everything in no time! Haha!


So there’s the ferris wheel!



We soon went to Greenhills just to hunt for gadgets (gadget-hunting has always been my outdoor hobby ever since LMAO) and it seemed that it was more fun if we did not ran out much time from walking. At the highest floor of the shopping mall itself, well, that was was the haven for the cheapest gadgets in Metro Manila.

Most sellers there are Muslim people. Well, too bad I did not take a photo of the place although I’d like to do so. Most gadgets there are legit ones that are either brand new or second-hand. The place itself is more of a horror-themed gadget shop since there are many second-hand gadgets there that were stolen from their original owners. I could see that these salespeople have little knowledge in gadgets–in other words, it’s a jeje-mall (IMHO!). Well, hey! They still sell iPhone 3GS and 4 models (brand new or second-hand). It’s very weird since most of these gadgets are not China phones or shanzhai products, which makes it as a safe heaven for power users and anti-shanzhai people to lure the place itself. However, speaking of iPhone cases, they have the most beautiful and good-looking ones. Also, they’re much cheaper (whether it’s a gadget or a casing) compared to those sold at Apple Resellers and shops such as Infomax.

Here’s what I’ve got from GH:


See? They range from 250-300 Php which make them very affordable if your budget is in a maximum of 3,000 Php. I would recommed GH if you’re going to shop for cheap and affordable items such as casings and accessories, but for gadgets, stay vigilant.

The ambience resembles Quiapo’s Hidalgo and Beijing’s Wangfujing corner (looking in photos). However, if you visit the second to the highest floor, you’ll appreciate it there more if you could afford them.

Sadly I did not bring my digital SLR, but it’s alright. I’ll still consider this place when buying external flash guns. (:

Travelling Alone in the Mall

There is a reason why I chose to be alone when in a mall.


Of course, exploring a certain place by yourself equates to independence. Okay, so to speak, I was in SM Mall of Asia… after being invited to this event:


At least I feel overwhelmed to go explore on my own hihihi.

So, here goes.

I went on the gadgets corner, which is something that I was looking for all along. When I got there, I was thinking whether to explore that place whether if it’s impressive or not.

I checked out some gadgets: One is the Samsung Galaxy Camera, Sony Xperia Z (for the second to the nth time) and lastly, the iPod touch 5th generation. Well, I was not very impressed with how the Galaxy Camera worked because I cannot log in on Instagram, but then, this should not serve as a conclusion just yet. As a matter of fact, the Galaxy Camera is very flexible. Also, it’s kinda big for a digicam. Reminds me of the Polaroid ZINK Digicam! LOL. Overall, it’s one of the gadgets I’m looking forward. Second, I’ve touched the Xperia Z for the nth time. It’s actually like the Galaxy Camera due to its screen size, but it does not fail to impress me for its speed when it comes to Android. No wonder I’m more of a Sony fan than of a Samsung fan (specs- and performance-wise). If it only had Instagram installed on it (the sample phone), nyehehehe! I could be the judge (joke joke joke!). Third, the iTouch 5th gen. Well, it’s like the iPhone, only without the phone, and it’s really like the iPhone 5! I logged in to Instagram and YES! I logged in successfully LIKE A BOSS!


It’s obviously 5 megapixels, speaking of resolution. But I feel much safer with the iPhone 5 since I could surf the net via Wi-Fi or 3G/GPRS/EDGE almost everyday. So no doubt, I am still an Apple fan.

More pics:





That’s all!

Tinned Cam Collection/Escapades


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You may download Tinned Cam from the App Store/iTunes.

Happy New Year everyone, and hello 2013!

Hello 2013! Hope that this would be a great year, but before that, I must announce that I’ll be making the 400th post. Wait for it when I go back from vacay to reality.

Belated Happy Holidays people!

Sorry for not posting greetings here, but I wish y’all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


My posts would be mostly about rings. That’s right. Mostly, rings. NOT all.




















Hmm… rings may be great accessories, but remember they’re also costly, so that’s why I didn’t want to buy rings… well if there are other designs, I’d buy them.






Lasallian Centennial Week











The Economics of Research, etc.

When doing some research, it is very difficult for mose students to access some content regarding their most important research. Worse, gadgets are not allowed without securing a permit from a certain body.

However, the economics of doing research applies here. Since economics talks about the allocation of resources, here, people are taught to survive through the OPAC, card catalogue and reading journal articles.

It is very important to value books, more than simply relying to the world wide web because not everything in the Internet is reliable. Typos, errors and ad hominiem fallacies are usually encountered, unless people rely on the most reliable sources such as the BBC News, etc.

Interpretation of the News

Usually, TIME Magazine, Newsweek, Telegraph, Inquirer and the Phil. Star are considered as print materials where students may use these sources. Usually, when reading newspapers, it should be in broadsheet. Broadsheet newspapers are more highly-regarded compared to tabloids. Most tabloids show exaggerated types of news, and traumatizes the reader.

Take Note: Reading the news is way different from watching the news. Watching the news needs precaution. First of all, these are current events that are simply misinterpreted. Usually, the news is viewed in a negative manner like, killing everywhere.

Usually, current events stress everyone, so most people do not watch the news to keep themselves updated. Others prefer not to watch it since the news that we watch are mostly… negative. Do you know what groups of people do not watch current events? Probably the nuns, because they are not allowed to access it, or maybe they might get themselves depressed. They don’t even read newspapers, but that does not make them ignorant. It’s only that the nuns simply focus on a simple life rather than focusing on political life.

iPhone Photography again



















Reputation, Character and Judgment

No, not even my imagination stops me from looking forward into reality.

However, Antonello inspired me to look at someone’s character; but sometimes, his words of wisdom does not apply to certain people. Well, no need to mention, but usually, people will judge you if you’re doing the same faux pas again.

What faux pas?

– catfights on another celebrity
– secrecy on the real story like: “Ahem!? Creating stories just to divert attention (!?).

Reputation doesn’t [have to] match one’s character. Alright, I have to admit, I used to have a bad reputation during high school, but that does not make me a “slut.” (I did a lot of mistakes, but at least I never got suspended.)

In fact, it is a group of popular kids (or let’s say, group of well-known bunch of people) who would dictate what people should perceive you; the rules are not the ones that define you; it is the most dominant group of people that defines your reputation, not your character.

Somehow, my ex-best buddy had the same experience (he’s tattle-tale, but he does respect the faculty, somehow). Ironically, the popular kids do not do what they preach, and this is the common trait they share with know-it-alls. Usually, these people HATE hypocrites, polymer people, backfighters, feeling close and kiss-ass people (aka sipsip).

Also, popular kids at my former second home are fond of minding other people’s business– they would create something out of that nothing by spreading the word and let people define their reputation.

Most popular kids resemble the hypocritical celebrities. Of course, why not include me worst emeny on the list? First of all, she only became popular because of nepotism. Who could ever not deny that me worst emeny is only making issues to be the talk of the town? I’d say that only narrow-minded people are the ones who’ll think that she is a frank and feisty, honest person. Don’t you know that she could not even take responsibility of her actions? Being a “proud bad girl” should have a great reputation. Look at the real frank and feisty people. They may be the most misunderstood people, but come to think of it, they are better critical thinkers than those who claim to be frank and feisty at the same time.

Reputation may be linked to someone’s character, but that is because what one projects, represents oneself. Somehow, being judgmental should only be based upon observations, together with research.