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200th post!

Welcome the New Year… in advance.

Most people do not understand why I blog a lot of things, be it with sense or not.

Latest news

Tyrone Perez is found dead on a car… maybe he was poisoned or committed suicide. Oh no! Perez… AJ Perez, then Tyrone aww. Well, Amy Perez, good luck!

Tasks completed:

[x] Passed all my subjects
[x] Wrote a review about a photographer
[x] Created a blog designed for most of my literary works (I am doing this is because I write directly on the Internet, not on document!)
[x] Achieved again a number of notes and faves – Update: State of Oblivion gaining faves!
[x] Started photography again.
[x] Stopped thinking about my crush and started not to think about him again haha.

A brief introduction to my new blog, the literary one

Molybdenum Studios Literary is currently my new blog. I still do not have an icon yet for that blog, but soon, I’ll create one if I’m not feeling too lazy.

First of all, I created the plot of my stories, Osaka Monogatari and of course, I Heart Mr. Enforcer.

Finally, Osaka Monogatari is written, even only a summary of it is because, I really love Japan. And yes, this is a story about two brothers who never had a happy beginning, while I Heart Mr. Enforcer is a story about a policeman and a seductive criminal who wins his heart at the end.

A series of events let me start a new beginning

First of all, I wrote a blog entry about quitting photography. However, what motivated me is only creativity and imagination. Photography is actually for me, just a hobby, but the only reason why I made it serious is because, well, just for a back-up job in case I won’t take up law at all. I simply observed that my specialization should be food photography and of course, fine art photography. Well, what defines fine art? Bokeh.

Next blog posts

Anti-Chinese Sentiment #3 – Tackling all the issues from piracy to dangerous preservatives
Admiring the superpowers is completely pointless
The dark side of the United States of America

It seemed that this post is shorter than the first centennial post

Of course, I really do not have something in mind and I only blog sometimes, good thing there’s a challenge I accepted so that I would post everything everyday. Haha.

Why Anything at Random was discontinued

Hmm… long story, but if you guys want some random things, just tell me.

My previous memory about college preparation…

If you’re in a country that follows the K-10 system of education, tertiary education is really mandatory. If I were to be asked, tertiary education should be optional, because my main concern is, how about those people who really cannot make up their mind? Take in the case of Shaira Luna, a former genius who ended up shifting courses just because the media screwed up her own life as a tween.

When I was still in high school, I was very firm in taking up ComSci. However, my structured life full of “don’ts” and rigid rules just didn’t let me access to those opportunities (take note of the honor sections, all the opportunities were just given to them). If only I did have a flexible life way back then, I might as well be motivated to study harder.

My life was structured when I was in high school. It only became flexible when I became a second year college student.

Here are the courses that I wished to take before I went to DLSU, taking up ISE

AB History – This is the only course that I wanted before going to UP. I don’t know why, but somehow this really didn’t hinder my Computer Science dream.

To be honest with you, world history is very interesting. Learning the life of personalities such as Joan of Arc, Elizabeth I and of course, the French Revolution (not to mention the execution of King Louis XVI and his wife Queen Marie Antoinette, a native Austrian) will really hep you a lot when you grow older. But first, learning the history of your own country should be the top priority, but the problem of Philippine history was that, the imperialist colonizers who did the water cure killed these old people and proclaiming themselves as “gods” that will surely let the kids forget the real history of the Philippines. It’s just butthurt to hear that the American colonizers “purified” and “cleansed” our hearts and minds from real Philippine history, which is sad.

No offense to my American friends, but you have to learn the mistakes of your ancestors. If the Filipinos wanted the American dream, the Fil-Ams however, wanted the Filipino dream.

Linguistics – I wanted to learn a lot of languages, be it European or Asian.

Learning different languages is another way of learning a specific culture. If you want to learn German, you must learn their way of life, their way of distinguishing things (although German’s gender-specific, at least it has neutral) and of course, their traditions. If German is the language of “anger,” it is also sosyal-sounding since most high-end products made in Germany are damn expensive, take Volkswagen as an example.

But… linguistics is also learning how people pronounce the consonants, the vowels and of course, you’ll learn different weird sounds never heard before.

Computer Science – My dream course. The only reason why I wanted to take up this course is because, I wanted to fix computers by myself for free, or I just don’t want my parents to get worried. Now, I just realized that there’s a Mac, anyway, unless something’s really wrong.

Fine Arts – Painting, sculpture, everything! This is also one of the courses I wanna take. That’s because I love to draw and life in high school does forbid gadgets, so I usually get bored, and draw things, be it with sense or not.

AB English – Learning the English language more is also like learning the tongue of Shakespeare. Take note: Shakespeare. Since English is the language of the world, it is also useful when communicating with different races, or if you’re on a tour. This should be mandatory in all countries if ever possible.

Comparative Literature – Literature, this is what I wanted to take up, but thing is, you should have the patience to read, so yeah. This is only recommended if you love to write a book, and of course, if you share the same interests as Mikx.

MassCom – Otherwise known as Communication Arts, Mass Communication varies from photography, filmmaking to of course, publishing magazines. This course teaches you how to use Adobe software products such as Photoshop or even Flash. This is really an interesting course and I almost wanted to shift to this course. The only disadvantage is that, it wastes a lot of money and you only got an hour’s sleep or less. This is according to a friend who’s taking up this course. You’ll really get busy when you take up CommArts/MassCom.

Psychology – I’m really interested in interpreting human behavior and of course, I often visit the shrink whenever I have problems. I also wanted to be a guidance counselor one day to help those people who are in need, and to those who need someone to talk to. However, someone I really dislike is a student of this course, which made me in question. Hmmm…

Law – The hardest course to take if you want to defend all those who deserve justice. Since this IS a family tradition, my parents are so ambitious to let me take up law, which will only make me sick for weeks. But good thing is, you get a high salary, if you just have to win the case, I guess.

Tourism – Another course that I wanted to take, and I heard that students taking up this course is actually learning a language or two. Tourism is really a course if you love to travel to places, and also if you also like to promote tourism as well. Better ask/consult Arnie or Miho if interested.

Culinary Arts – I just want to learn how to cook, that’s it.

Theater Arts – I wanted to create films and of course, create stories that will soon become films.

Sociology – I’m interested in different cultures, that is.

DLSU wasn’t really my dream school, actually

All I know is UP. I wanted to study there not because it’s just near our home, but I thought it was free to study there. Truth is, it’s not free, but not as expensive as La Salle, so yeah. Also, UP teaches you to be independent, whether you like it or else.

I could only imagine myself creating a new type of Facebook or Friendster, however, there are things that I should consider before establishing a social networking site before pursuing it.

That’s all for now

…and not to mention, it’s a Merry Christmas to everyone!

100th post!

This is under the category of Extremes and Randoms (Anything in Random), Free Elective, Fearless Forecast and yeah… it’s a free elective mixed of everything I wanted to post about!

Note: This post is about reviewing the past posts, remember Chobits recalling all the episodes? 😀

What ever happened in my whole sophomore year in college

I am a second year student in college, and it’s no doubt that my mind is starting to change. No more interference and distractions from other people, those who are NOT letting me post anything from heart.

I started to become feisty here in this blog. It’s all thanks to a fellow blogger who inspired me to post rants, constructive or not. I also learned to control my emotions (thanks to that venting shizzzzz) and yes, no more exaggerations in this blog. Everything makes sense.

‘Wag ka talagang magpapadala sa mga emosyon mo.

That’s one important lesson that everyone should learn. Learn it, be it the easy or the hard way, but the best way is to vent things like, “F*ck those <state subject>.”

Of course, no popular kid or even some feeling conservative know-it-all (my worst pet peevie take note of that!) is going to get on my way. It’s over now. They are now party people. Smoking, being drunk all night, but that’s no problem to me. However, I just sit down here typing on this blog. This damn blog which is the best ever. I would say that this IS MY BEST BLOG. My previous blog may be the worst, but come on, I personally think that this is the best blog ever.

Tomorrow’s gonna be the bloodiest pre-enrollment online. I hope my schedule isn’t fucked up, though.

Sorry, non-Filipino people. I can’t speak straight English either

Although people think I’m very fluent in speaking the language, to be honest, I’m not they type of person who speaks really, really twanged English. I speak it either the barok way, or maybe the accented way. No wonder there’s such thing as the “DLSU Taglish Language.” (Yes, in order for the popular kids NOT to be offended/insulted when I say the “other” word)

Good thing there are no lurkers out there.

Being able to speak in straight English means that you are ready to make a bloody thesis. That’s right folks. Your nose will literally bleed due to the fact that the English words has no meanings.

I feel very jealous when people speak perfect Tagalog. I personally think that it’s a big shame for you to speak English better than speaking your own native tongue. Ika nga, parang tinatalikuran mo ang pinagmulan mo kung hindi mo ituturo ang sarili mong wika sa mga anak mo, mapa-‘Pinas man o ibang bansa. Shame on Michael Copon’s dad, for teaching him that they’re “already Americans, so no need to learn Tagalog.” Hindi porke’t nangingibang-bansa ka na, eh, tatalikuran mo ang pinagmulan mo. Remember, other nationalities never ever do that for the sake of being a “completely-changed” person. Why, do you think even the Roman people in ancient Rome knew English that time (Old English, that is)? Latin may be a dead language, but of course, it is one of the oldest languages in history (good thing it’s not yet obsolete or extinct). Every word’s derived from Latin. Even German. Even French. Even Spanish. Every language has a word derived from Latin.

I think I was wrong. English may be the language of communication, but it doesn’t really make you an intelligent person. If your parents (of Filipino descent) think that it is a superior language, don’t get me wrong. They’re elitists.

I really admired the Fil-Ams of their willingness to learn their parents’ native tongue. Mapa-Ilonggo o Ilocano (aside from Tagalog/Cebuano), ayos lang.

English-speaking Christians

The Philippines is the only Asian country that has this title. Being colonized by the Spanish and the Americans make the history of the Philippines more confusing… and more debatable. If we were rather invaded by the British, French or Dutch, we might’ve not been coerced to give up our heritage, so does developing the useless crab mentality thing.

We may tend to follow our traditions based on our faith, but roxyisferox commented on this post that I made regarding my write-up on how it is to be a liberal. Well, through a blog entry, too.

Filipina women tend to “keep” their virginity, but once they fall in love with a white guy, they’ll give it to them. Now how stupid would you get. White guys aren’t the only guys out there. It just so happens is because, with a white guy, you’ll get the following: FAME+FORTUNE+WORSHIP.

Worshipping foreigners (100%) is really the most dangerous form of colonial mentality. We reject our own race, we diss our own ancestors. Lawl, I really hate the fact that I really wanted to get out of the Philippines not because they worship white people, even mixed people who are white-skinned. Being white may seem to make you a goddess, but truth is that, the Miss Universe that we usually sent to another country isn’t usually white. Do you portray Filipina beauty as “white-skinned?” Of course, not! Alex de Rossi isn’t the only tanned actress to promote sun-kissed glow, but also Bubbles Paraiso, Nikki Gil and Katrina Halili. How’s that?

To those who love white-skinned people: Look at Jinkee Pacquiao when she isn’t fake-looking. She’s not attractive at all. She’s. Just. Fair. I would appreciate it if she covers her face with a very thick layer of makeup, rather than being so insecure on other women Pacman had. Yeah, she may have an improved face, but that would only mean that she feels so inferior when Krista’s around.

To those who think she’s pretty before the cosmetic surgery, you’re totally wrong! She’s only fair, period.

Don’t let your emotions eat you up|On Relationships and Couples

Like what I mentioned before, my maternal great-grandmother married a poor native which is unforgivable if my future child (especially if it’s a girl) will do the same as well [My future kids will not receive any good gifts from me if they marry a poor native and they won’t be invited to visit my place anymore, sorry if I sounded too mean, but it’s for their own good]. Sorry for sounding too mean, but marrying a poor native (take it figuratively, but don’t take this shit personally) will make you have many frustrations. Ganyan talaga ang may mukha. Bigo sa pag-ibig. Almost everyone who has the face value has a big issue on love life. Your beauty will never be inherited by your kids and will really start a fight with you if they inherit the ugly genes. Yes, I did that one time to my mother because… I was just joking. What she did before to her mom was a “slap in the face” when I did the same. I won’t tell you that thing, I was only joking.

Sometimes, jokes have meaning, too. Like the saying of

Nung unang panahon, hinihintay ang kabilugan ng b’wan bago ikasal. Ngayon, hinihintay ang kabilugan ng t’yan, bago ikasal.

which is actually hurtful to some people, but these jokes are meant to be true at times. Corny jokes? Nah. Green jokes? Make it creative. Real jokes? HOMG you just reminded me of Chris Tucker!

This best example of a joke becomes true. Like how I ranted the dangers of PMS, I am also an advocate of keeping one’s virginity. Contrary to that, I strongly recommend an unmarried couple who are expecting to have their first child to marry. Shotgun wedding or not, it’s a blessing. A baby is a blessing. Plus points blessing if the unwed but expecting couple are going to marry. Now you get what it takes to become parents. Forbidding the expecting but unwed couple to marry is a taboo for me. An unwritten taboo, that is.

Random Sharing: Eldest grandchild is a spoiled brat

My pop’s side: Full of narcissists and false critics. Even the eldest grandchild (and eldest cousin) is so far the most spoiled brat ever.

My eldest cousin Phil (not his real name) is someone not to look up to. He’s a maniac and of course, someone who thinks he’s too handsome to deceive women (but truth is that, he’s not handsome at all!). To think that he’s my cousin, to be honest, no one in my family (my other cousins actually) likes to work with him. I feel sorry for his wife (whom he just dissed and later on left) and to his kids. He’s not a good father after all. He’s just selfish. I can’t stand him, even though I really do not give a f*ck about him. Even my late grandmother had the grudges against him is because, he used to be the most favorite grandson who didn’t even bother to visit his own grandmother who used to spoil him. He didn’t even care about her condition. If I was really ashamed of myself for taking her for granted (because she was bedridden), I apologized to her, but I really don’t know if it was sincere. But because she’s forgiving, I thank her for that.

Sometimes, growing up a spoiled brat makes your life harder. You start to become rude to your seniors, you started to cut relationships with your friends for no valid reason, etc. which makes you the “poor” one. I wasn’t really the center of attention nor the most spoiled grandchild. I was the most abused so far. I hate to admit this, but I experienced a very terrible childhood. I was bullied because of my early growth (I hate being the eldest daughter, seriously!) and because they just want to do it due to jealousy. Forgive them? Well, forget about those people because I really don’t care about them. It’s not my problem if they are seeking for refuge. It’s not my problem if they suffer the same way they let me suffer. Rather than ridiculing them, I’d rather tell myself, “Paki ko ba?”

Those who were my “friends” started to turn their back against me. It’s all thanks to that toothless freak who was always late at school back then. I was really doubting why I had a very terrible life (thank goodness I’m not a rebel). I used to be a bitch way back then, but it was all lost, thanks to those feeling conservative know-it-alls. They’re the real bitches. They want you down. They want me down. All because they’re jealous. Jealousy, that is.

If those guys think that I’m the one who’s jealous, now look who’s talking.

Feisty rant: Feeling Conservative Know-it-alls

My worst pet peevie. GTFO of my sight because you’re only a mere distraction in my life (for those people).

They think that what you’re doing is a taboo. Well, what THEY’RE DOING IS WORSE than a taboo, that is. They were once the “know-it-alls” turned popular kids. I was even attempting to rant this shit before I started to write bad things about them.

They are insecure. They wanted to be you. They wished they were someone else. All because they’re jealous.

Where are they now?

Feeling conservative know-it-alls are using the name of the Lord to make some invalid excuses. They do it to impress everyone. They do it because they feel superior. What are they, promoting a selfish, jealous God? They’re the one who’s using the name of God in vain, which is against the 10 commandments.

I know that some of you are feeling conservative know-it-alls (FC-KIA) who are only manipulating the lives of other people because again, you’re jealous. Well, get a fucking life, you people. You’re jealous and insecure of those people. GTFO of their lives because they don’t need you. They can live without you.

I was turning feisty

NOT because I need it, but because I wanted to protect myself.

Go and send a hate message against me. You know what’ll happen.

Being feisty isn’t bad at all, actually. Being feisty should be done in the right place and at the right time. Kung dati, nagpapadala naman ako sa emosyon ko. But now? I would simply be defensive if someone attacks me on a regular basis.

And lastly, hindi rin ako magpapadala sa mga intriga. Sige, tsismis lang sila ng tsismis, eh anong use nu’n?

Feisty Ashley: The younger Gosiengfiao tells it all

I really feel so bad for Alodia’s little sister Ashley when she was attacked by an asshole who was falsely obsessed at her. I would really feel the same if someone would criticize me for doing “not enough.” Of course, who wouldn’t feel insulted if someone tells you that, right?

Ashley never dreamed of being a celebrity. It just so happened is because her older sister is a famous cosplay icon. She even said that she and Alodia have differences. Why, would you just have to imitate someone to feel complete? ‘Course, not!

Ashley may seem feisty when it comes to people who are criticizing her in a wrong way, however, it’s because she was introverted. She isn’t like Alodia, like what I said, who is more discreet. We’re not close, but it’s based on my own observations.

Asking too much to someone shows that you’re being too draggy. You’re hard-to-please. You’re discontented. BUT your standards are low, and the maximum would only be zero. Also, Ashley never sold her songs to iTunes. She uploaded it for everyone to download it. She isn’t making any money from her music. After all, she does this is because she feels like it.

I may feel annoyed when she’s turning feisty, but like what I said, being feisty is really your shield from your false critics. “The Critic” from who criticized “Why I Chose to be a Liberal” is NOT a real critic. That person’s only using that monicker to annoy people. That’s how she felt when her false admirer did really tell her that he’s “hard-to-please” kuno.

Do you want me to namedrop “The Critic”? Here we go:

To be blunt, this is short-sighted. While there are some conservative people that go to an extreme degree, there are even more that do have a slightly more relaxed belief. Saying that everyone who is conservative are bad, is like saying everyone who is liberal are irresponsible. Neither assumption is true, and both are completely pointless.

While you might be able to blame your up-bringing for a period in your life, eventually you can’t push fault onto it anymore. You’re a grown adult, and you can’t keep blaming mommy and daddy for all the negative things in your life. You are ultimately the one who controls your life, and it is up to you to decide how you want to live it.

I know both conservative and liberal raised students who are on the honnor roll, play sports, and have a developed social life. Extremes exist, but they are often few and far betwixt the ones who have more balance.

This isn’t an essay as much as it is a vent.

Now look who’s talking. The word essay originally means, “to attempt.” You know that, right? Attempting to target a specific audience is the goal of a writer. Yes, this is an essay, because I attempt to target a specific audience. The essay may sound elitist, but there are times that conservatism prevents a person access to the real world. Look at most royal families. The younger royals are starting to become rebellious against traditional beliefs. They wanted to blend in ordinary people. They are sick and tired of prim and proper life. Remember, living in a prim and proper life makes your life structured.

LAWL, blaming my parents? You may say that again, but the feeling that having a feeling conservative know-it-all parent is very frustrating. You want your life flexible but he/she wants it structured. Sometimes, life with a lot of curfews (which are really unbreakable at all times) will just make your life harder. I won’t ever let my kids suffer an upbringing from feeling conservative know-it-alls who want to manipulate everything. I would really say a very firm no on that.

Saying that everyone who is conservative are bad, is like saying everyone who is liberal are irresponsible. Neither assumption is true, and both are completely pointless.

It’s an opinion, remember? An essay may have both facts and opinions, and sometimes these ideas get along with each other. Sometimes, there are contradictions, but that’s an essay, right? I don’t want to be redundant, but yeah.

I’m not literally saying that being conservative is bad. The only problem with conservatism is that, everyone abuses it. Everyone does is because, they feel empowered. Being liberal… makes one person irresponsible? Come on, there are some people who are reliable in terms of being carefree. They always have your back no matter what happens.

Pointless? There is a point, and I said everything. I share this to everyone, but I only target a specific audience. If you are a conservative, reading this write-up, you may argue with me, but please be as constructive as how persuasive you could be.

Overall, I might’ve used all my emotions here, but remember, arguing based on your beliefs without thinking means that you really disagree, but sometimes, there is always a reason why. Lawl, I just ran out of information. Fuck that.

Now I gave you an example of being feisty. That’s how Ashley felt when she’s lambasted by that fake dude… but THIS:

Click here to read her entry. MUST read.

My Formspring haters and false critics

Remember the fake Miley person who’s actually a whore? I wonder where she is right now. Being ashamed of being fake and at the same time, whore? Dude, people are hating you because you’re an attention whore. You called almost everyone a retard and you are not even American either! You’re a Filipina lambasting your own race, and even trashtalked other people. Look, no one gives respect to you is because, you’re asking everyone to diss you rather. Whoa.

Those false critics, however, are sending hate messages against me. Well, I based again my answers from my emotions… I couldn’t almost control my emotions when in fact, everyone’s starting to raise their middle fingers at me. I know, they’re raising their middle fingers right in front of the monitor.

All thanks to that guy (my crushie who was actually anon) who actually started that shit. Gosh, I didn’t know everyone’s asking me very personal questions. Like my unusual habits that are out-of-this-world, because I was at that time in the identity crisis period. Of course, it’s really hard for someone to get up and fight like a man in that period.

Alright. I know who you guys are. Being really, really anons, right?

I know some of you are really mad at me because you’re popular kids. Popular in a sense that you made a lot of issues that almost damaged the reputation of our former second home.

I hate to admit this, but my batch was the worst during high school. The admin, however, tolerates those things. Gah. The admin’s really like the government. Useless.

Looks like I’m going back to Extremes & Randoms all over and over again

If you are very curious about it, click here to download the file. It’s in .pdf format, so you don’t need to worry. 🙂

Unfortunately, there are a lot of typos. E-Mail me if you want a copy of the document in .doc format.

So, yeah. That would end this post. 🙂

The Identity Crisis Period III

Now to vent my feelings against the know-it-all friend of mine…

Are you ready?

I call her, the homewrecker.

If you think that I didn’t call her “Ate” (term used to refer to an older sister, like onee-chan [Oh-NEH-chan] in Japanese), she just got full of herself. She even told me, “Will you please call me Ate?” in some sorta bitchy way. (Do you think I won’t forget things? I have fucking sharp memory, know-it-alls!) Like, come on. Nasanay ka namang ‘di kita natawag na ate bago mo pa sinabi sa’kin ‘yan, ‘di ba? Ang O.A. mo. (You’re used not to be called, “Ate” right? You are so overacting.)

So, yeah. She triggered that stage, thinking that I’m inferior.

Wala, eh. She thinks she’s the center of all things, but truth is, she’s at the atmosphere and not in the Earth’s core! She thinks she’s one of the best people. The Critic told me that she might have a past experience which made her act like a know-it-all.

I’m not putting her down or so. I am just telling the truth. So, please, gimme a chance to vent things out, ok?

So, yeah. It was time for me to “cut” that relationship that lasted for I think, two years.

She tolerated and agreed with the wrongdoings of those people against me, which is actually “right” for her. The “violent reaction” letters most of my classmates gave to me, are actually part of who I was before– an introvert. So, everyone started to be an asshole to me is because… I rejected their help before, or how they really keep in touch with me. So, there. It’s like me saying, “GTFO! Ako na bahala dito, ha?”

That’s what they’re thinking. If then, they were nice people. But now, they might have been thinking that I was desperate about that guy (yep, that ex-crush, actually– this would be the last time I’ll talk about my personal life, okay? I promise) so yeah, they rejected me back.

Those are FIVE hurtful letters, but the homewrecker was so happy that she agreed to make me feel bad about myself. She said, “It’s for your own good.” Jusme. Mura ka pa ng mura, pa-advice advice ka pang nalalaman d’yan, pero ‘yung mga gumagawa ng mali sa’kin, kinokonsinti mo? Walang hiya ka talaga, ah. Akala mo kung sinong marunong, eh feeler naman.

Sorry if I am not speaking straight English anymore. If only I could speak straight Tagalog here, I could only speak it through word of mouth.

She loves the former second home (aka my HS)

She loves it, but I don’t. She once said that she wanted to stay there forever… but in my case? I wanted to get out of hell, seriously.

Alright. I have no grudges against that, but look. The HS admin seems so unfair. She gets all the best things in life there, but I don’t. She gets the best and down-to-earth teachers, but I don’t. I might as well raise my middle finger loud and proud right in front of the admin if ever I would be given a chance to have a fearless forecast. Lastly, she gets the BEST fourth year section, while I got the worst. Bullshit, admin! Excommunicate me from your list if you want! That would only mean that only one good student of yours is now criticizing your evil acts of greed.

Now why am I venting this? I want to teach those people a fucking good lesson. I don’t actually wanted to talk about this, but a blogger who inspired me to be confident as a blogger encouraged me to be brave, even online! To be honest, I don’t want to swear in this blog, but swearing is normal. It’s fucking normal.

She loves our own former second home is because all the best things were given to her. But for me, I won’t go back there to say hello to where I “lived” before. I would say, “Hello, shanty.”

I don’t want to talk about my personal life here

I never ever talked about my personal life here, about family matters and shiz? It’s always private. It doesn’t go somewhere else. However, my life during HS is also like my personal life there. I just wanted to let things out for the first time here in this blog. I’m not sure if this would be the last.

The reason why most people think I do not act normal in school is because of the identity crisis that I’m experiencing. It’s all thanks to her that I do not really know what to do, her high expectations, etc.

I do not reveal my real name here is because, I just want everyone to guess, or to research. Yes, I may allow stalking here in this site, but you really have to research me. 😀

Misconceptions about others, why I love my new second home more

One jealous hater called me “arrogant” since I feel so ashamed about my former second home. Did you ever had some fucking research?

First of all, I love my new second home is because, it is big. It may seem to be a “small world after all,” but come to think of it, it’s like the Internet! You communicate to everyone, the environment is an A+, stalkers would hardly find you and most of all, it’s safe.

Second, I didn’t actually like my former second home is because, it’s too small, you can’t go to some buildings, etc. I didn’t like how we were governed.

I learn a lot more things in my NSH. Everyone’s more approachable compared to my FSH which has a lot of fake people. You really do not know whom to trust, so yeah.

My NSH is like a real home to me. It’s like I do not want to go back home since it was like a dream come true. After all, you’ll meet a lot of new people who are more interesting.

If the HS admin is really proud to have me as my student then, why did they ever give the best things in life to the homewrecker, right? In my new second home, everyone’s given an opportunity, and there is no ranking status (like you’re the highest, lowest).

My FSH usually gives the best opportunities to honor students. I find it unfair and unjust.

How would they ever coin the term of a “leader” if they do not even show a good example?

The homewrecker’s happiness by sadism

She was a true falsely far-right sadist.

Moody? Yes. Rude? Sorta.

If she is really a nationalist, will you still consider her one if she views our people as “stupid”? I know the flaws of the society, and I openly admit it here. However, in her case, she wants the society to be the same. She wants to be the center of her mind, thus letting her do crab mentality.

The usual topic in high school

Everyone talks about identity crisis. Most people are really proud to be narcissists, while the others think that they’re still not in the mood to be there.

I was that person.

Ehem. Do you think my clubmates are not considered as my “friends”? Why would you know-it-alls force me to make friends with those who are your type? Why would you ever force me to fit in the popular kids? It’s not a good idea at all. You know-it-alls think that my friends are usually my clubmates is because… you think it’s a requirement to get along with them. Hello? Napalapit lang ako sa kanila, kaya ganun. And everything is always fine with respect. Do you see that usual thing in the popular kids? Halos lahat naman kapag popular kids ang nagiging class officer, ‘yun pa naman ang magulo. Try to reflect: Do you love those type of people, plastics, hypocrites, backbiters? Do you idolize those who do vices?

I really couldn’t think of a second thought. I don’t feel happy when talking about these things.

But, I should tell everything that I want to tell, is because I want everyone to know who I was during high school.

To those who disliked and ridiculed me even in college, this is for you. Now you know the type of person I am. Sadista. I ain’t the type of person you wouldn’t want to mess up with. Don’t ever tell me you didn’t experience identity crisis. Siguro naman sinuwerte lang kayo kaya ganun. I hope you understand why I didn’t really get along with some of you. But to those who tried to understand my condition, thanks. I won’t take you for granted anymore. May gift kayo sa’kin sa Christmas. Joke lang.

So, yeah. Thanks for softening my heart when I think of you guys. Promise, I am not really hard to please, unless you follow the footsteps of whom I mentioned here.

To those who inspired me to blog, vent, shiz…

Thanks for inspiring me. Actually, I love the way you bring a lot of charisma to everyone.

Wait a minute…

Little is known about the other blog, that is

My blog entries at that blog are too short, and I usually talk about the most famous people at school (because that time, those who were our seniors at that school are actually… they should be viewed as role models. But, but… there’s still a problem. Actually in my new second home, upperclassmen become your classmates, and that’s a fact. I feel so old or young, but I think there’s equality.

You can read nothing but nonsense posts.

If the homewrecker said that I should accept criticisms, what I thought was, “Even rude comments should be considered as criticisms?” Gah. Maybe she should be the one. I don’t want to explain this since I mentioned everything already.

I may have been lambasted since I blog about other people and bad things.

EHEM. Did you remember about the admin’s threat to check the other online accounts of students, eh? It’s really stupid since they censor everything yet they still threaten us about our accounts regarding criticisms against the school.

Who was the homewrecker, anyway?

The Identity Crisis Period II

Identity Crisis was like, “Who am I?”

It wasn’t until I discovered that I suck ass. I suck ass not because I didn’t have the courage to speak my mind, but because as what I said in my first post, there are many hindrances.

The Worst Essay I Ever Did (or worst bio)

I described “identity crisis” as a mental and psychological phenomena wherein useless philosophies boggle the mind. (Please, please! If you’re doing research on the Internet, please don’t ever use this definition to your research paper!) Most people at this stage usually think but their thoughts are hindered by obstacles. This was true! Well, this was actually during my Filipino subject class during fourth year high school when I read my paper about my experience as a student. I described identity crisis as is, just like how I think about it. So, yeah. That was the worst essay that I ever did, and so far the worst biography.

Useless philosophies that wouldn’t help save your life

1.) Don’t break the rules religiously — Do you think playing by the rules would save your life? Of course not! Sometimes, you have to break the rules so that you could have the chance to survive. Well, I really can’t do it since, the rules are very strict, some teachers are arrogant and yeah, you know where I come from, right?

2.) Listen to know-it-all people since they sound intelligent — These type of people are “feeling” intelligent. Truth is, have you ever heard of a know-it-all having no issues? They’re not actually intelligent at all. They just talk and talk regarding their own interests.

3.) Rude comments against you are considered as good criticisms — If people tell you that you’re useless and worthless, they’re just jealous. Remember you have a good mind, a good way of thinking, but it’s just their own standards that couldn’t really stand your attitude. Just let them be assholes. Rude comments will always be rude and will never be good criticisms.

4.) Popular kids are good examples and at the same time, role models — If you think that popular kids are just a clique, it’s more or less of a clique, actually. Only a few popular kids excel in class, while the rest… are just doing the bad things.

5.) Kiss-up tactic is a sign of friendliness — In Tagalog, it is sipsip. You are feeling close to people whom you really don’t know, or maybe you just really do not like how they act. Kiss-ups are signs of seeking attention. Well, I just prefer someone who is a frank gentleman rather than someone who is making pa-impress in class but is rude.

So, yeah. That would be for today.

The Identity Crisis Period

Always censored. That’s what people mean.

Read THIS BLOG and you’ll know who I was before.

That was me during the last days of my third year high school life… until second/third term of my first year in college.

The blog sucks, right? It has no decent layout, very frugal and most of all… it leads you to nowhere.

The guestbook also sucked because most of these messages are spambots.

So, yes. Most of these blog entries are mostly about my fiction stories that were never ever published. Not even my other comic books made it to the top.

My blog entries about Michael Jackson and Cory Aquino should’ve been with sense. However, it was those hard-to-please people who demand for a quality post. But now, I wouldn’t care less because, this is my blog and I can post everything I want.

Almost everything I tried to blog… they suck ass. They really, really do.

So, these are the sayings that hindered me during those identity crisis period years…

“Simplicity is beauty.”

From I wonder why Kate Hudson always look ordinary but stands out.

This would only apply to those who are fans of the Gregorian Chant or even those who write plain text without showing pictures. I mean, where will we get quality posts without much pictures? Well, it doesn’t really matter for me if I do not post pictures about my life as a hermit or as a nun.

Simplicity is not always beauty. Being simple makes you stand out, or it just depends upon the person. Only a few selected people would stand out with their simplicity. If Kate Hudson still looks the same without makeup, why can’t other stars? She wasn’t really conscious about being flat-chested or possessing a more masculine-shaped body, not until she has to let go of her insecurities. She’s rumored to have gone a boob job but… maybe it’s because she got pregnant. We really do not know if she really underwent a boob job, but some said that Lisa Rinna supported Kate’s decision.

Although Kate doesn’t seem to be that attractive, she always stands out for her simplicity, actually. If she isn’t only focusing on romantic comedies or chick flicks, I think she might be a better comedienne than anyone else. Start diversifying, Frau Hudson, Kate! You might be the next Whoopi Goldberg!

“I hate plastics, backfighters and feeling close people.”

Who said that? Where, when? Hmm… do you think it’s a good idea to dictate someone’s life? So much for being one-sided, but maybe you’re the one who’s contradicting yourself! You can be tactless anytime you want, but make sure you’re not shooting someone’s feelings. Backbiting people may seem “bad,” but sometimes you have to do so is because… maybe what they’re doing is really wrong.

Being a hypocrite means, being a big, fat liar yourself. If you start being arrogant to say that you’re NOT the jealous type, maybe you’re just hiding it. It’s simple, you might be overprotective and you might start blaming others for a failed relationship of yours. If I were the one who “destroyed” your relationship, that would only mean that you broke up with one another.

Lastly, the “feeling close” thing. Feeling close? It’s no problem to me, but to those who don’t really like it, maybe it’s because you are just protecting your privacy, so yeah. But… if you don’t want feeling close people just for the sake of being “famous,” that’s one… fishy thing.

If you’re the type of person who says this, maybe you’re just contradicting yourself, that you might be the one who’s plastic, backfighter and feeling close. So, start being a true human being and don’t ever act demure if you’re really a bitch.

And lastly…

Always flatter everyone and love them even though they’re assholes. Tell them that they’re good-looking even though they’re not. Please them. Please those assholes and take the good ones for granted.

The worst thing I ever thought, when I usually post something which is supposedly to be good. During the identity crisis period, almost everyone’s hindering me from creating a quality post. Those who are famous at school has the best blogs, while I’m the one who’s left behind. They’re the ones with many followers, while I’m the type of person who is just, napadaan lang, nothing spectacular, something like that.

Alright. It is because of this “culture” wherein my high school before was like an airport. Y’know what I mean.

So, that’s why I always go to the shrink for some advice.

What to do when you see these people?

1.) Don’t ever believe what they’re saying.
2.) Always be firm about your decision.
3.) Avoid know-it-all people.
4.) GAH, use CS as in Counter Strike!

So now you know why it’s really hard to stand out when it comes to blogging during high school.

Wait! This is the last “rule.”

Accept criticisms of other people, no matter how rude those things are. It is for you to learn something from them.

Err… honestly, you really can’t force someone to read and appreciate rude comments. If you thin a teacher gets mad at me, they do not care at all, actually. They don’t want their students to know that they’re really those people.

Rude comments always come from haters. If you think that rude criticisms are strongly abhorred or loathed, you’d better be careful whom you’re talking to.

If you receive a hate message because you criticized a person, they’ll tell you, “Retard! Have you forgotten that he/she’s the coolest person on earth?”

Nah. Never mind those people.

Learn to accept criticisms, but not those that will lower your self-esteem. If people think you’re so trying-hard or someone who is completely bad in doing things, well you’re not. You’re just learning how to. You are a learner, and that’s I want to tell you. There are trying-hard people out there like Ross (yep, I mentioned her here before) and AA who cannot really impress people, although their acting has improved. Although Ross (Maja) was so trying so hard to be sexy, well she’s not anymore. She has also improved. But yeah, she still looks annoying to me, though. As with AA, she can’t sing, she can’t really dance just to save face. She’s a casting couch element just to awe the men, but I still don’t get why she’s still admired for her “feistiness”? I’m telling you, genuine feisty people do act like bitches without even caring at all and do not act demurely when in fact, they’re really bitches. In Ross’s case, she still acts so demure, actually.

Yeah, you noticed that I usually sample AA for bad things, but please do not think that she’s always the villain here. There are many other villains there and you know who they are, right? ;D