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It’s Official: 日本語がわかります


私は本当に日本語を勉強したいです。私は日本のInstagram Followersに日本語で伝えます。私の日本語はあまりよくないですが、習いたいです。私は日本の大学に入って、勉強します。どこで?


Yeah, I think my Japanese still suck, literally speaking. I still have to prove myself more to maintain my standing. It’s sort of hard to juggle between studying for the Civil Service Exam, since studying a new language and reviewing your past lessons at school (general subjects in college, to be particular) needs a genius brain–whose ability to get high grades is possible through simple stock knowledge. This means that the brain power required to do these two things is a brain that could effortlessly lead someone to the Latin Honors’ Hall of Fame.

I am not kidding. I started learning Japanese last year, and it was one helluva ride. I think learning Chinese would be the first step to learning Japanese, but since it cannot be helped, I can’t help but studying Japanese. I won’t stop pursuing my dream to study in one of the most prestigious universities in Japan, which needs a lot of effort and paperwork to be fulfilled. Yet I am still in a state of identity crisis wherein I really still do not know where to begin. Prolly I should retrace my steps again and see how I really improved as a person.

It’s kind of a blessing that we’re required to write a diary entry on our activities in life. Oh wait, there’s more to that than studying the language.

Now I could understand the songs of my favorite Japanese artists, and I could say that this made me understand why I love anime, though I took the wrong course at the first place. Nevertheless, I chose to have a diverse mind over having a one-sided track since conforming into the standards of the academy doesn’t mean you’ll land into a good job. As a matter of fact, what makes students reformers is how they use their knowledge carefully to contribute towards social change.

Yes, I am talking about REAL change, not the change the popular kids in high school and the typical bratty kids in college wanted to happen.

If you want real change–then start easing the tone of your egoism within yourself and your group. Oppress those people who want nothing but to empower themselves the wrong way–we should have a real headstart by contributing towards society.