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Foodtrip at Vikings

This globalized restaurant has a wide variety of dishes: Japanese, Italian, Middle Eastern, etc.

I love the food there. I recommend this to those who love food, food critics and most of all, food photographers! Anyway, I took a lot of photos there but I am choosing five of the most valuable (some of them… I didn’t eat them haha).

Food has always been my most favorite in my whole entire life, and I always thought to specialize in food photography. If I were to be given a chance to have an assignment regarding food photography, I’d choose this restaurant.

Unfortunately, I didn’t upload or edit ALL of the photos that I’ve taken there since I’m really bad in editing photos.

BTW, here are the “foods” that I’ve taken during lunch time.

My all-time favorite! ๐Ÿ˜€ I love Japanese food forever in my whole entire life xD haha.

Chocolate-coated marshmallow. Haha, I love everything coated by chocolate fountains… :3

Mediterranean beef dish… fudge I didn’t get the name of this one. But it seems tasty :p

Vegetarian salad… but that’s not my food. Mine’s pure lettuce xD haha.

Miso soup in a traditional Japanese teapot. Aww… it still tastes the same, though. ๐Ÿ˜€

Do I recommend this to you?

Of course! You’ll love it once you celebrate your birthday there! It’s an eat-all-you-can thing, and yes, it’s really a must for family and for friends, or barkada.

If you want MOAR pictures of FOOD from Vikings, well, the comment box is always there for you to comment. xD

Made in China

God created the world, and the rest were Made in China.
– Anonymous

China is very well-known for manufacturing most of the fake goods that we know today. We see fake gadgets, toys and clothing.

Yes, if China invented gunpowder, paper, first banknotes, tea, and all that crap, it is really a “fact” that “the rest were made in China.” Ironically, they’re the ones who currently imitate, not invent. Their East Asian neighbors (Japan and South Korea, that is) are actually defeating them.

Whenever everyone sees “Made in China,” what comes out from mind is “fake,” “counterfeit,” or worse, “knock-off.”

Fake things are everywhere, not even the USA can avoid such thing. In San Francisco, there are a lot of fake stuff you could find there (sorry if I don’t have a picture that would serve as proof), even in Singapore, that is. The worst part– most of these fake stuffs can always be found in flea markets. In the Philippines, flea markets are almost everywhere. Most genuine stuff are in Manila proper itself. In Cebu and Davao, that’s what I really don’t know about, but most genuine stuff can only be found in these developed areas.

How to identify if a mall’s a flea market…

…to be posted soon. ๐Ÿ™‚