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Interview questions for Masato Sakai


So I would like to interview Masato Sakai about his role as Komikado Kensuke in Legal High. Just in case his talent agency would see this one, I hope this reaches to Sakai-san himself.

[Side Note: Kindly include the translations just in case he will answer all of them in Japanese, I only know a little]

1.) While portraying the role of Komikado Kensuke, do you find it challenging? Because I noticed that you still have to maintain your sarcastic facial expression even though you are becoming serious, and sometimes you become quite emotional–and when you also go sourgraping. I also heard that you took the role of Komikado-sensei because you found the role interesting.

– In your opinion, do you think making sarcastic remarks is your thing in real life?
* If YES, what are your ways on showing sarcasm?
* If NO, how do you deal with it?

2.) Do you think portraying the role of a lawyer who hasn’t lost a case something that interests you?

If YES, what are the things in a lawyer that you find it interesting?
If NO, did you have a personal experience with a lawyer that you didn’t like? Why or why not?

3.) How do you actually assess Komikado Kensuke as a person? Do you see yourself in him?

If YES, in what way do you see yourself in him? What are the traits that you have in common with him?
If NO, why do you think you don’t see yourself in him? What are the traits that you don’t actually like in him?


a.) How was Yui Aragaki as your co-star? How was it working with her?

– As Komikado-sensei, how did you feel at the first place when you execute sarcastic and vulgar lines towards Aragaki’s character?
– Would you like to work with her again in the future?

b.) With regards to Kotaro Satomi, who portrays the role of Hattori, also known as the butler of Komikado-sensei, how was it working with him? Do you consider him as a father figure?

c.) How was it working with Katsuhisa Namase? Since both your characters are actually enemies, what are some of the challenges and how did you work with it together effectively?

d.) Overall, what are the things that you’ve learned from them, as an actor? How do you settle your boundaries and differences when working with one another as actors?

5.) No offense though, but I attempted to make an intensive research about you on the Internet. However, my sources are quite limited since I only speak and understand a little Japanese and Chinese at the same time, and I noticed that most of your interesting videos (which includes interviews about Legal High) could only be accessed on Chinese-language video-sharing sites. I didn’t realize that doing an intensive research about more interesting things about you (and the series itself) would turn out to be a big challenge. Do you often avoid the Japanese media when you’re being interviewed, or is that because you just want to keep your private life private?

6.) With regards to your career, have you ever worked with some of Japan’s biggest stars?

If YES, what are the things that you have learned from them?
If NO, whom amongst these “big stars” do you want to work with in the future?

7.) Among all the movies and TV dramas that you starred at, what is the most challenging role that you have ever portrayed? Why did you choose that one?

– What are the biggest challenges you have encountered while portraying this character/person?
– At the first place were you interested in portraying this character/person?

8.) If you are given a certain role, would your prefer the serious role or the comic role?

– If serious role, why is that so? What are the challenges when portraying a serious role?- If comic role, why is that so? What are the challenges when portraying a comic role?

9.) Among all the female co-stars that you’ve worked with, who is your favorite and why?

10.) In the future, would you prefer to make more Japanese-language films or to be in a foreign-language film? Because I heard you speaking English and Chinese in Legal High, with a thick accent of course, but which would you prefer and why?

– In Legal High, since you spoke English and Chinese in some episodes, did you read your lines phonetically?- Between Chinese and English, which is more difficult/challenging to use?

11.) In the movie, Sukiyaki Western Django, all of the Japanese cast are required to speak in English. Since you only have a few lines in that movie, did you learn them phonetically? Did you also have difficulty in learning and memorizing them?

12.) How was it working with Teruyuki Kagawa (you were with him in Golden Slumber, Key of Life and in Sukiyaki Western Django)? What are the things that you have learned from him?

[Well, to be continued…]