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Highlights of 2011

An advanced good-bye to the best and worst year of the century, and that is no other than 2011.

Here are the Highlights of 2011~click the photo for larger size.

Celebrity Deaths Press| Elizabeth Taylor still looking good even before she died.

Elizabeth Taylor, 79 – born in the UK as Elizabeth Roseamond Taylor in 1932 to American parents, she is best known not only for her goddess-like features, but also for her distinctive violet eyes. She died in Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, CA, USA, due to congestive heart failure. Her break is actually the historical movie Cleopatra, but the movie where I really saw her acting is in Little Women.

She was buried early in Forest Lawn Cemetery (the graveyard where Michael Jackson was interred) due to being a Jewish convert. That’s right. Because she converted to the Jewish faith, her movie Cleopatra was banned in Egypt. Whoa.

Source|His classic face, his everything.

AJ Perez, 18 – Filipino teen actor, born on February 17, 1993, is Antonello Joseph Sarte Perez in real life. He died on April 17, 2011, due to a broken rib which fatally pierced his heart and left lung, resulting from a car accident in Tarlac.

His biggest break is Sabel, where he portrayed Dido.

He had the same fate with Rico Yan. Both were Lasallians, good men and of course, they were taken before their time.|The smoking soul singer gets a deep voice from the cig.

Amy Winehouse, 27 – British soul singer born and raised in Southgate, London, UK in 1983, she is best known for her distinctive voice that perfectly fits every genre, but ended up being dissed by the media and paparazzi due to numerous issues about drug abuse and of course, her dramatic marriage with Blake Fielder-Civil and their rocky divorce. Her father Mitch said that she died because she detoxified herself too much from drinking alcohol, but most say that the cause of her death is still unknown.

She is also best known for her sailor tattoos, unusual eyeliner and beehive hairstyle.|A young Steve Jobs holding an unbitten apple!

Steve Jobs, 56 – Apple’s co-founder and CEO died of cancer at his home in California (forgot the exact place!). This has a really wide impact among Apple fans and he is often compared to Dennis Ritchie (who died months after Jobs passed away) who is responsible for the creation of the C++ language and the Unix thing. However, since Ritchie wasn’t really showing up in interviews, at least everyone should know now that he should be equally be respected like how people pay their last respects to Mr. Jobs.

Unfortunately, he never met his dad, although they contacted each other through E-Mail.

Jobs is known for his low-profile life and often shielded his children from the media. Before the black turtleneck sweaters came to him, of course, the Love Thadani-like handsomeness didn’t bother him until cancer started to force him to announce it publicly, that he is dying.

In case everyone’s wondering why he prefers being proud of his gadgets in an EXPO, that’s because his life wasn’t really a good beginning, after all (to quote Kung Fu Panda 2). He was set for adoption as a baby since his real parents were never married, not until they married, but they never went back to Jobs ever again. So, that’s where the story started. Oh, and regarding the Lisa thing, he didn’t fully recognized her as his daughter not until he started supporting her financially one time.|Ram Revilla’s good looks, unfortunately, didn’t save him from his fate.

Ramgen Revilla, 22 – The young actor who belonged to a family of actors, died from a gunshot that took his life. This was the story: It was only a conflict between his siblings and him. Even his girlfriend Janelle Manahan was also hurt in the incident (good thing she recovered, thank goodness).

Sayang. Guwapo pa naman siya. I think he deserves the justice that he needs, and his siblings should pay for their sins, if they’re caught guilty, but I sense that they’re saving face.

Lezz move on to political people.|Kim Jong-il and of course, his buddies.

Kim Jong-il, 69 – Known as North Korea’s “Dear Leader,” he lived an extravagant life, leaving his own people starving. While North Koreans are very traditional people, what makes life complicated in the DPRK is this: Kim Jong-il’s nuclear plans, censorship issues, controlling his people to respect him, as in absolutely.

Athough he was a dictator who didn’t take kindly on criticisms, at least he had a remarkable place in history, well, one of the worst dictators.|The terrorist mastermind caricature yeah.

Osama Bin Laden, 54 – The mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks was killed by an intelligence team without any judiciary actions. Justice served for those who died during 9/11, and did you know that this guy’s originally from Saudi Arabia, who was disowned by his own country and moved to Afghanistan. He was captured and killed in Pakistan.

Yep, he’s really infamous.|Hmmm… this guy looks like Mickey Rourke, to be exact!

Muammar Gaddafi, 69 – Last but not least, Libya’s dictator who wasn’t really as ruthless compared to Kim and Saddam, deserves a spot here. People brutally harrassed him just to get his position as a dictator, which proved themselves wrong, that they’re good, but it turns out that they’re bad.

I may not knew this guy, but although he was viewed as bad, that’s because he hates the USA, and other than that, none would explain.


These people deserve a space in history. Good or bad, they’re part of the past.

People who deserve credit|Dr. Kanno before he became a famous hero.

Takeshi Kanno, 31 – This guy is a symbol of the March 2011 Japan Earthquake that killed thousands of people throughout the Eastern part of Japan and not only that, it caused the Fukushima nuclear crisis and it erased Sendai on the map. Dr. Kanno was a true hero, and of course, handsome. Christian or not, God gave him a son, whom he named Rei.|Look where he is now.

Yes, and I thought he was Masi Oka at the first place!

Must-watch Movies|Watch this!

Kung Fu Panda 2 – This is really a must-watch! You’ll know the real story why Po’s father Mr. Ping, is a goose, and he’s a panda! You think he was adopted? Find out if you watch this!

Enter Michelle Yeoh, who is the voice under Lord Shen (the main villain)’s childhood nanny.

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