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Blast from the Past: Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

Before the emergence of third-generation (3G) smartphones, the Personal Digital Assistant, also known as the PDA, started to boom in the electronics market. However, it was only catered to the professional/enterprise market, rather than in the consumer market.

The platform used was Windows Mobile (now the Windows Phone which is catered to the consumer smartphone market), and remember, it’s between the 65k- and 262k-dot touchscreen LCD monitor/s (the AMOLED and the retina display was still at its fetal stage) wherein you’ll only enjoy what’s on the screen, even though it’s too pixelated (yep, pixelated because you cannot compare it on something that has 300ppi as an LCD density — reserved for both the AMOLED and retina displays).

Most of these Personal Digital Assistants are Pocket PCs since their OS (which was Windows Mobile back then) is actually equal to the smaller version of Microsoft Windows overall. Heck, not even Android or the iOS, or even Symbian would par with the features that the Windows Mobile used to have.

So, PDAs were therefore the “pagers” of the 2000s era, whereas smartphones were like the late versions of earlier 2G, monochrome-screened phones.|The very popular Palm Treo 650.

Seriously, I do not see any difference between PDAs/Pocket PCs versus smartphones. In essence, Palm PDAs were succeeded by BlackBerry phones while O2 Xda’s were succeeded by Samsung Galaxy phones and iPhones at the same time. The only difference is that, smartphones are mainstream PDAs, meaning to say that it is actually targeting the consumer market (in other words, it is not limited to the enterprise/business market).|O2 Xda II: The best PDA of all time.

I always wanted to have an O2 Xda phone. However, my thoughts and views changed when these PDAs transitioned through and leaned towards the mainstream market, this time, as smartphones. The cross-over from the business market towards the mainstream/consumer market made a big impact in the history of consumer electronics technology. It’s like the MacBook Pro closing the gap between the elite market and the mainstream market–in such a way that these upper mid-priced devices would become financially-accessible by the middle-class (yes, I’m really very proud to be part of the middle-class, and hopefully I would live a middle-class life as well).

During the early 2000s towards 2009, MBPs and PDAs were considered as luxury items. It is only when they started to lean towards the mainstream market in late 2010-early 2011. Signs of this cross-over emerged when the iPhone 4 was announced and released.

I hate to say this, but when people judge me for bringing gadgets as for “all-show,” nope, they don’t even know that I feel very much ashamed of myself when I do not bring my gadgets whenever I have a permit or if it’s allowed FOR DOCU PURPOSES only. Sa bagay, they did not fully experience being power users (like me, of course) even for a single day or for a week.

If I were to be asked right now, if I did not place myself in a hurry, I would still have my Satio phone, and I would have been ignoring several news and hypes about the iPhone. In other words, I won’t ever join the iPhone hype/peer pressure (I never had a great relationship with Nighty, otherwise known as the Nokia N8, nako, baka sasabihin niyo na namang maarte ako, well, I need Internet access via mobile, DUH!). Yep, my Satio phone has always been my Sony Ericsson dream, and I really miss it so much to the point that I wanted to cry just because I lost it in EGI Tower Taft (which is really dangerous if you leave your gadgets unattended, my other classmate lost his awesome Nokia Lumia phone right there–and he replaced it with an iPhone 5 LOL).|HP vs. O2

When I just had a glimpse on the iPhone 4S, that’s where I gave in towards the “hype.” Sadly, I lost it during a free concert, which is a shame because it costs like… double the price of the Satio (hahahaha! Won’t tell you how much the Satio is!). When I chose the iPhone 5, it was like my good-ol’ Nelly, and I called it, “Nelly II.”

If I could just own an Xda, I would be the happiest kid in the world, and not only that, I would actually be the first youngster (LOLjk) to own a Personal Digital Assistant.

Blogger Profile: Perez Hilton|ALL HAIL the unkabogable Perez Hilton!

Mario Lavandeira the American of Cuban descent

Now that explains his ability to speak in Spanish. His parents are Cuban (hahaha, political asylum!?)… well I thought he was Mexican, though!

Perez Hilton made his own pen name to play a pun on Paris Hilton. Hmm… is that right!? I thought Paris and he are relatives, but it turns out that they’re not related to one another.

His contribution to the LGBT community

You know how defensive he is, right? Remember the Carrie Prejean issue when he lambasted Carrie because of her comment about gay marriage. Well, it’s only an opinion, but to think that Carrie is a “devout Catholic” with a sex video? That’s another story. Carrie isn’t a role model after all, when talking about religion and shiz!? HAHAHA, not bad when she’s compared to AA!

BUT… I do respect Perez as a gay, because he is OPENLY gay.

His admiration for Charlize Theron and Lady GaGa proves his gay-ness

Charlize supports LGBT, Lady GaGa does the same as well. So no wonder, Perez would usually post something really very positive about them. If a person happens to be ANTI-GAY, he might as well lambast you!

That’s why he lambasted Carrie Prejean for being a “hypocrite.” Yeah, I ain’t a fan of Carrie, but please don’t forget the boobjob thing. Hmmm… so hypocritical (right, AA!? You’re fully-bodied RETOKE, but you ain’t gonna admit it because you’re afraid you might be nitpicked by SG’s fans!).

HAHAHA, wonder if he would lambast someone for being anti-gay. He might as well lambast the Middle East, for sure.

Random Thought: Antonello Joseph (AJ Perez)|AJ’s classical, immortal face will always awe our eyes.

Who was AJ Perez?

Antonello Joseph Sarte Perez (born February 17, 1993 – died April 17, 2011) was a homegrown talent of ABS-CBN’s Star Magic. His real break is actually Sabel, where he was Dido, the male protagonist of the series. Well, if he were still alive, he might have been the next Rico Yan. Oh, yes, he’s really a look-alike of Rico Yan not only because of the youthful looks, but also because they have a good heart.

I only appreciated him after he died

Whoa! Coincidence! Just like Rico Yan, I also appreciated this guy after he died. To be honest with you, my posthumous crush (yes, crushing on someone who is dead) was Rico Yan, but I always keep denying it to death after one of my classmates during Grade Three are teasing me that I crushed Rico Yan. FAIL, I should’ve NOT showed my coloring book to them! ARGH!

The reason why I appreciated him is because, I have this certain character in one of my upcoming fiction stories that I never ever published just yet… (anyway, just so you know, I’ll make a separate blog containing purely fiction stories, in WordPress, that is) and yes, he is the most interesting character you’ll ever know from me since he doesn’t only resemble AJ, but guess what his nationality is?

Answer: Nihon-jin desu ne!

That’s right. This guy’s a Japanese, who hails from Osaka. No doubt, he isn’t really used to city life and only went to Tokyo twice. (Oops, spoiler!) Not only that, he doesn’t only speak Nippongo and Kansai-ben, he also speaks English, with a slight accent, of course.

Regrets: I never saw him in person

The only possible way is to dream about this guy. It worked, actually! I actually dreamed of him, well, with tattoos, that is. Well, no offense to his fans, even to his biggest fan, but yeah. I thought he was alive when I dreamed about that, and also, I saw my granny there… I thought she was alive too. Well, I didn’t cry anymore since I spread out her legacy in regards to religion, that is.

Random pics of AJ Perez (from fan pages in Facebook)

So, yeah. He has a cute, classical face, na hindi nakakasawang tingnan. Yep, he’s a classical face, alright. He fits in the likes of iconic people, and yep, his face is iconic as well.

Fun fact: Someone wanted AA Klenk dead over AJ!

Learn more by clicking here.

Oh, good luck! The good is always called to heaven while the bad people are always burdened! Look at the series of events which made AA Klenk realized that her catfights made her LESS of a person, and the pamboboso thingy is one of them! Karma to her, a’ryt, and also, the Twitter accounts that express hate against her, it won’t be removed because my friend Violisimo Fernando once quoted someone that the “Internet is written in ink.”

Read more

My previous blog entry about AJ.

Why I ended my friendship with my ex-best buddy

WARNING: Please, please, please! Don’t ever dictate me that I’m damaging someone’s reputation. I am only posting the details regarding the reason why I actually… parted ways with this guy. So GTFO of my blog if you feel like ranting nonsense.

To those who are accusing me of having a “relationship” with my ex-best buddy, seriously, HE NEVER EVER COURTED ME IN SOME SORT OF WAY.

This is how my ex-best buddy looked like hehehe.

It’s time for me to be a free-thinker

Having a stiff mind makes me less of a decent blogger. While some of the popular kids could blog decently like a PRO, I’m the only one left with the most boring and the most senseless blogs. I personally think that cutting my relationship with him together with the homewrecker will be for my own good. Of course, it actually DID work.

Without their help of course, I could actually learn things on my own, ignoring bullcrap things like, “Do this! It’s not enough for us!” or shiz like, “Don’t… do that!” Well, this is my blog and of course, they don’t have the right to interfere with what I’m doing. Do you think I’ll just have to bow five times to apologize and so on? Come on, this is a free country and everyone’s debating truth an opinion, right?

Being a free thinker is much better than being a stiff thinker.

Junior High School Dilemma

This is the only time where our friendship started to crumble. Just because of a single photo posted on Friendster, doesn’t mean it’s a scandal. Call it “scandal,” but does it affect us?

That guy and me are “friends,” NOT more than just friends. We’re partners in every subject, and we were even partners during our field trip! Imagine, he was putting me away from this guy and his only reason is, “You know me.”


Remember what happened in the JS Prom? He was feeling too desperate, although we gave him a chance just to bond with us. However, the way he’s protecting me is just wrong. He’s putting me away from other guys, and his apologies aren’t enough. Remember, I was still in the identity crisis period when he started doing this. I really couldn’t say “no” if in his scary eyes, he is forcing me to say, “Yes.”

Please read this blog post for you to understand the whole post.

I know, I name-dropped that person, but I’ll erase the name so that no one would know who he is. If he’s reading this blog right now, it’s either he shuts his mouth, or rather he shouldn’t read this blog at all. I really don’t want rude comments, even those that are coming from him.

The way I ended my friendship with him is just right for us to move on

Unfortunately, he didn’t move on. However, I just did move on. I have no grudges against him, be it valid or not.

He still has the grudges inside, whenever I have a new gadget. Alright, why shouldn’t he just be happy for me, that I have a new phone, or a Mac? Alright, he was also “jealous” with the fact that I had a new camera, which added up to the crab mentality that my other classmates had been doing against me.

He had a PS3, and I’m happy for him. He’s just got a new PC, he’s already famous in the video game community, and yes, I really do not care at all. However, he still, can’t just move on. If he really “moved on” with the incident, why can’t he just be happy for me, right?

However, this incident wasn’t enough. I knew that there’s something really… really… something that I should do.

End my friendship with the homewrecker.

If you think I’m a sadist, that’s because they’re the two factors why I can’t blog decently. Their beliefs of extremism can’t just let me be a free-thinker. Alright, talk about lambasting your former second home for being too strict, but they’re the ones supporting what the admin has been doing. I lambasted the admin, but those two guys? They still support the wrongdoings of the admin.

My structured way of thinking becomes more flexible than expected

My new second home taught me how to think freely and to be open-minded. The process is like this: Step-by-step, and once you achieve something, you’ll probably know how hard and slow it is to have a flexible mind. This type of process cannot almost be achieved by know-it-alls, not even the popular kids could do this as well. Most of all, what I’m talking about here is this: My former second home never taught me to think freely, which my new second home could actually do.

It takes a year of adjustment to have a free, flexible mind

I’m not saying that you should believe in what I say. I am not forcing you to believe that Ross and AA are the worst, pint-sized bitches in local biz, or the Aquino clan is a butthurt oligarch dynasty. It’s a matter of fact that your blog is your OWN blog, and no one else should screw your blog as if they’re asking you to censor your favorite actors. LAWL, it’s like defending Ross and AA that they’re the most beautiful women in showbiz if in fact, they’re the most butthurt, talking about attitude. It’s a good thing no one was really interested to lambast me about my thoughts. If I find Rihanna, Justin Bieber and err… Lady GaGa annoyingly overrated, well, I really didn’t care at all. At least they’re stars, and it’s normal if they’re admired or abhorred.

Having a free mind is also like thinking like a pro. If most bloggers do this, that’s because they have more experience in blogging compared to those who just blog about trendy stuff.

Confessions: I talked about this to my club

I usually let out my sentiments about this guy. I usually tell them that I’m getting angry because of what he’s doing. Like for instance, he’s doing everything just for me, if in fact he’s expecting too much for himself.

My other clubmates also have the same sentiment. One of my clubmates was really, very mad at him that she wanted to kill him (as in KILL) after she graduates. She’ll just sneak over and torment him until he becomes unconscious.

My life was full of censorship. My other classmates knew about this matter but they claimed that they did nothing at all. However, when I saw this particular forum about this teacher, I showed it to him.

He said, “I’ll report this to the admin!”

He had a very long history of tattle-taling. Bullcrap! Does he know anything about saving face? Like what he did when he was actually tattle-taling about the prayer thing just to avoid the quiz… why can’t he let them be? Yes, I understand about the slow prayer since his classmates have a reason, but in my section way back in soph HS, I was thinking if my classmates are doing this just because they want to do so. Oh, well.

Yes, about the forums about this particular teacher… actually my classmates are just correcting her, so that’s why they created the forum about a certain teacher.

When this guy (ex-best buddy) saw this forum, he printed it, and he immediately reported it to the authorities, which shows a sign of tattle-taling, again. He reported it because he has “too much respect” for teachers, if he doesn’t get their wrongdoings. He always thinks that the teacher is always right, unless if he notices their mistakes. Never mind about Osang’s lambastment against teachers, because that’s one of her tactless acts.

Another form of tattle-taling is during the first overnight recollection. I know how much pain my classmates suffered just because of this recollection, but truth is, one of the teachers (or the subject chairperson) said that there should be no more recollections. It’s all or nothing, now or never, or maybe a simple warning.

Because of that tattle-taling thing, I started to tell him that whatever is in our club remains secret. Y’know why? Of course, we don’t want other people to spoil our school paper, but not only that: His instincts are getting higher.

The higher the instincts, the higher the chance he’s becoming crazy.

I was really, really annoyed whenever he is always with me (It would’ve been better if my ex-crush pushes me out towards the gate) because he thinks that this is for my own good. Remember when I volunteered myself for tutorial for the first time… he was like, a fake guardian. What is he, a bodyguard? It is so annoying; this was the reason why I called him a “stalker.” Well, stalker that is, just for his own interest. He is stalking me not because to annoy me, but he’s doing it is because, he was falling in love at me.

The second time around, I went again to the mentoring because I hate Math and Science at the same time around. I was thinking if I would just talk to him, together with our other friend about his “wrath.”

You were, possessive! Possessive, that is.

He just fucking laughed with those creepy eyes, which seems ridiculous. His eyes are never smiling. His eyes remain creepy like hell. When I uttered, “He was possessive,” he argued that “but I can’t do that just because of me alone.” God. How could this guy save face this time?

It’s a good thing that I’m talking about this to my club. I usually tell him that “I’m going to be safe,” with or without him. However, he’s really overprotective and at the same time, having a secret radar on his head. I’m not saying that he’s that intense, it’s just that I’m just fed up with him, that is.

To those who are reading this

If you have nothing good to say at all, please STFU. I don’t need your stupid comments about this one. I just want to share the truth about what happened when our friendship started to deteriorate, just because of a single photo.

College Fair, SY 2011-2012

Unfortunately, I don’t have a camwhore portrait.

Yesterday, I went to my former second home. It was their foundation day (I only knew this fact when I went to college, gah mindf*ck!) and of course, I just went there to see the glimpse of the many improvements of my former second home. Unfortunately, I didn’t expect that the fair would be still the same, constant, and still, nothing spectacular.

Like what I said, this is where I grew up learning to be a Catholic and at the same time, learning the Filipino language. I love Filipino as a subject and even my teacher in that subject during Grade Six really encouraged me to learn the language more and more, and then… second year came. It was the time I started to love English once more. Don’t ever ask me why, because I already mentioned this in some of my previous posts.

The new building. Finally, I am back home.

The octopus: The best ride ever if you want a much more extreme degree.

My shadow! *trollface*

I never named my high school because…

Of course, like what I said before, when I lambast a certain thing, I do not name-drop. Name-dropping is a taboo, and also, it is a sign of disrespect towards one’s privacy.

If you know what this high school is, don’t ever mention the name once you comment here!

I was bored

What I only did was, I blew bubbles and of course, plastic balloons. Nope, I just ate a handful of fries and of course, iced juice. Nothing, I just felt bored because it is expected that it would still be the same, boring event, unless if your friends are coming over.

I love the school, but what makes me abhor it is how it’s governed

There’s your answer people! Just so you know, I didn’t like how they expelled a senior high school student (or let’s say, two!) out of their interest (I have a feeling that they didn’t consider the dangers of being expelled in senior year high school) and welcoming the mean people. God, I hate doing this, but like what I said before, the former second home insulted me, by making my life purely hell when I was in fourth year high school. I never ever had a sip of happiness and of course, freedom. I also think that the admin’s acting “conservative” so that they’ll grasp their own satisfaction.

I know, there are some factors that ruined my day during high school. Arrogant teachers, popular kids in one section and of course, “that” person responsible for sectioning students… I would like to talk to that person in private.

Teens’ Day Dilemma

I recall all those boring activities. Oh, yes, ask my college professors, they make activities interesting and at the same time, cheerful. That’s what’s not present/apparent in my former second home’s usual activities like, QAD’s, sort of shit entertainment… I really don’t get why the admin didn’t even give the students the right to be happy, even just a simple thing? My friend here told me that the admin said, Shut up!” when they just wanted a graduation ball. But of course, I really find it unfair that the Foundation Day of 2009 was like, “boring” and “no rides.” Also, the prom thing! Hello, why do other schools continue the prom despite being struck by Ondoy (aka the evil asshole that flooded the whole Metro Manila, I feel sorry for AA Klenk that time)?

I really do understand about the students’ other experiences, but with these false conservatism they show to us students back then, I think it’s really unfair for us to see them following their own interests “only for us (students).” Crap.

Regarding Teens’ Day, however, has the most boring one: Sophomore thing that really made me angry.

Bore to death!

“Ginagawa na nga namin ang lahat, ganyan pa kayo!” Putragis naman, oo. Halata namang para sa sarili niyong kapakanan ang mga ginagawa ni(n)yo (para) sa amin! How unfair is that for us to see how selfish you guys are.

Boring talaga, it’s because, may acquaintance day pa, tapos boring pa rin naman. Super frugal ang life ko sa former second home ko. Buti na lang wala na ako dito, baka mamaya, hindi parin maganda buhay ko, so yeah.

My senior year sentiment: Always at the shrink

It’s really disappointing if the one responsible for sectioning students does a “fail” move. Gusto ko sanang sakalin, eh. Hindi ko talaga makuha-kuha kung bakit gusto nila ako na laging hindi masaya. Call me selfish, but what I’m emphasizing here is that, they want the marginalized people (bullying victims, loners) not to be happy. I do not agree that Bob Ong that the “weirdos” are the teacher’s enemy. Teacher’s enemy if that teacher prefers “sipsip” person rather than someone who isn’t “sipsip.”

Fail talaga, as in fail, is because I thought I would get along with the popular kids, pero ‘yun pala, totoo ‘yung sentiment ng ibang tao na, “Ay, ‘yan si ano, ma-arte ‘yan!” Halos lahat ng ginagawa ng mga popular kids ay, ‘yung mga moves na parang excuses. Sila pa ang pasaway. I don’t get why the admin supports them despite their “super-strict” rules. Eh, hello? Rules kayo d’yan ng rules, kung hindi niyo lang ma-improve ang quality ng education ng school namin. Shame on you. I really didn’t expect that you would be following the likes of Kim Jong-il or some other selfish, narcissistic dictator out there.

Yes, I know how mean I sound, but that’s the reason why I always go to the shrink and ask for advice. I usually talk to them because I really can’t stand those popular kids who are being “defended” by innocent people who cannot contradict their (pop kids) interests. Oh, sige. Sila (pop kids) na ‘yung tama, ako ang mali. Pero sila naman ang selfish, eh. They’re the real free-riders. Ang babaw nila, lalo na ‘pag college entrance exam. Call me elitist, but they cannot prove to me that they’re worth something. Prove to me that you’re the assholes, but make sure you don’t put the school down (or involve me there).

I really feel sorry whenever I hear those popular kids doing bad things. I know, it’s really sad, and they usually contribute to crab mentality.

Know-it-all people contribute to crab mentality

It’s true. You really do not know how much they put you down in exchange for their false “admiration” towards the popular kids.

This is what happens if the then know-it-alls become the popular kids. I wanted to address this “social issue” before, but my emotions way back then hinder me from doing so. Usually, they would pin-point that what you’re doing is “wrong,” if in fact, what they usually did in high school is breaking the rules, which is MORE WRONG than you think it is.

Kaya nga, eh. If they have nothing good to say at all, then they rather shut their mouths and mind their own business(es).

Call me selfish, but it’s none of your business at all

I’m just speaking my mind out. Now, what’s wrong with it?

If you (admin) are hurt with this blog entry, at least I have lambasted all your wrongs. Actually, the school survey was just taken for granted. Why, do you think you’re the best school if what you’re doing is only rules and rules, but not focusing on the quality itself? Super-strict rules do not actually “improve” the quality of education, they’re just hindrances.

To my fellas from my former second home, I’m sorry if you read this whole blog entry, but I just want you to be open-minded. You might not have knew the reason why I decided to end my friendship with my ex-best buddy whom everyone accuses me to have a “relationship” with, but that’s because I wanted to have a free-thinking mind at the end. Having a stiff mind won’t make you blog decently and of course, it might damage your reputation as well.

Next blog entries (just a try!):

– Why I ended my friendship with my ex-best buddy
– After I ended my friendship with the homewrecker…
– God forbid: I am not religious after all
– The Old vs. New Testament, according to Fail-ice Yawn

Revisited: AA Klenk: The Story Behind the Sweet Face

WARNING: All rude and mean comments containing grudges against me (or the event or the subject) will be marked as SPAM. This is a “revisitation” of a past event, person, etc.

So, yeah. I found the genuine source. :3

Going back to the days when AA Klenk was the walking porn before the Twitter incident, she was so far the most ordinary-looking in StarStruck. Jusme, si Katrina Halili pa nga nung time na ‘yon, kahit tanned siya, at least may appeal. Eh, si AA? Hmmm…

From left: AA’s original cheap-looking face, then… I thought it was MARIAN. 😦

Lawl, parang si Marian ang nakikita ko, pero sa totoo lang, si Marian, original-looking naman talaga siya. No retouches, just the half-Castillian looks that made the boys drool. Whoa, that’s too much.

At least si Marian, kahit sabihin nating suplada siya, maldita tapos… wala pang breeding, hindi ibig sabihin eh, bitch na talaga siya. Kung baga, kahit ganyan ang paningin niyo sa kanya, at least marunong siyang umarte (at magdala). ‘Yun nga ang pang-Korean beauty, eh. If I were to be asked, Marian looks like Lee Young-Ae.

If she were to be matched with AA, ay jusko. Wala. Ang layo.

AA, frank and feisty: I don’t consider it

Frank and feisty means that you don’t have any pa-kipot moments. Look at Alex de Rossi, do you think she’s really frank and feisty for NO reason? Kung marami na siyang nakaaway, it is because nagsasabi lang siya ng totoo (alam mo naman, usually sinisiraan ang mga ‘yun nga, bungangera, prangka). Though despite being multi-talented, she still stays underrated (but not starlet, ha). Alex de Rossi’s acting level is only reserved for the elite (e.g., Indie Films).

As for AA, like what I mentioned before, would you call someone frank and feisty if she always start a very cheap girlfight and is loud and proud (but arrogant) to describe herself the opposite of who she is? And the answer is… NEIN. Ein großes NEIN.

People, if you call someone like this as frank and feisty, the true meaning of frank and feisty is someone who doesn’t act like a cheapo, at least. Being frank and feisty means that you should accept and to learn from your mistakes, like nothing happened in the past. At least AA’s now lay-low… all thanks to Rayver Cruz. Although despite being branded as “user,” he has the initiative to tame her.

As promised, here are some fucking juicy-vicious goodies

If I am losing interest to my crush of four years, this is because AA and he have something in common: They’re hypocrites.

AA’s hypocrisies are: She once said that she isn’t the jealous type; she isn’t used to bullcrap like being naked, like the “pamboboso thingy;” she didn’t text to Heart Evangelista about her jealousy… such a denial queen. Dagdag ko pa, she claims to be faithful… but do these two tattoos really represent her? Questionable.

My crush’s hypocrisies are (if you’re reading my blog right now, I don’t care): He abhorred smoking or drinking; he once said that he’s NOT going to care though he lambasted me all over; last but not the least: He always proclaims that he’s a nice guy but truth is that, some encountered him and he’s really some quiet, inanimate dude.

Like, what? Stop lying because you’re actually assholes!

AA’s words do not match her actions. Just like what alexcris12 said…

my opinion, pilyangsweet’s brief “twitter bio” that she evidently lives by, is an evidence of “desperation” of an attention-seeking person. she will do everything to be noticed. it may be true that well behaved women seldom make history, because they know they ought not making history if it’s not for the better good.

may i also highlight that she was the first very contestant to be kicked out of the GMA reality star search because… after her major face reconstruction she resurfaced at ABS…

i would contradict your statement that “she remains to be a sweet little girl who wishes nothing but good for others” – because if you have been viewing her twitter timeline, every now and then, you will that she is mentally derailed – wishing someone dead or magpakamtay na… indeed, very bitter and immature… 

beauty should come from within… sorry, she may be pretty on the outside, but she is still the cristine before the major face reconstruction who is completely insecure… 

Oh, yes. Now ALLOW me to highlight these important points. Have you ever read this tweet that, “I hope you would drink your words so that you’ll know how bitter they taste.” Tapos may trender na, “Magpakamatay ka na lang para manahimik ka.”

Eww. It seems like she’s still the bitch from the starlet list. Walking cunt? Or maybe some pornstar whose aim is to be a whore? Like, anong masama sa sinabi ni SG? Hindi lang si Rayver ang magaling sumayaw, at MAS marami pang sexy diyan! She’s not the only sexy woman we know. Eh, kung ganoon lang, ‘di sana naging katawan na lang siya. Kuha niyo?

I was still wondering why her tattoos…

The rosary tattoo is cool, but I’d say it’s sort of not her. Well, yeah.

Oh, yeah. That’s all for now!

Do you think AA has learned from her mistakes?

To be honest, I really can’t tell whether if that would really happen. If she’s willing to focus on her career, she should at least, “be a looker, NOT a hooker.” — Perez Hilton.

Don’t worry guys, like what I said before, I WILL REPEAT FOR THE LAST TIME: This is only a revisitation of the past. If you guys still feel that I have unending grudges against AA, GTFO because you won’t understand the importance of understanding who was this person… well just so you know.

Who was Summer Dawn Ravenson?

Do you want to know who she is/was?

So, yeah. That was the old me before I started to blog like a pro. 😀 Kidding.

Summer Dawn Ravenson is one of the most mysterious people you’ll ever know. Through this blog, you’ll actually know how she lived… as an author.

That was me during the identity crisis period. Well, I’ll use the third-person point of view…

Summer Dawn Ravenson is one of the most mysterious people you’ll never ever know. She disappeared after knowing that she had sought her true identity. She doesn’t explain much of herself since y’know, in the Identity Crisis period, self-introduction is really the hardest thing to do. It’s where you have to ask who you really are.

I don’t know why her name was like that. Maybe because summer was her favorite time of year, and dawn means, the time before morning comes. Ravenson? Well, there’s such thing as Robinson, so why not choose Ravenson rather? So, there. Anyways, the Summer Dawn Ravenson that you knew before is not the person whom you think she is right now.

Everytime she wants to write something, she is always been hindered by very high expectations. All the things she learned from where she come from actually didn’t help her start a new life. If you just notice most of her blog posts, you’ll really know that she’s quite introverted and as a result, she can’t create a decent blog entry, making her left behind from other well-known bloggers.

She tried to do everything, but these high expectations really hindered her… until one time came and she started to disappear…

Just so you know, this is a fiction story… based on a true story. xD

She usually writes a lot of fiction stories she could never ever tell to everybody. Because of identity crisis, it hindered her from accessing new things, etc. She can’t be just like those who are the most successful. Because of that, she wrote something that would help her release her emotions. It did work. It did.

Now you know how much she suffered, but now she knew how to release her anger towards those detractors. It actually worked, it was a therapy. It was all thanks to her thoughts which made her shout her feelings towards her… yeah, detractors.

Now you know why.

It was really hard for her to kick people’s butt, actually. Most people did ridicule her for her isolation since she doesn’t mingle with fake people. She wanted to be a somebody. She wanted to prove anyone that she’s not going to be below standards. She would porve everyone wrong.


It’s true. She did prove everyone wrong. She lambasted the admin who used to govern her home that insulted her. As a result, she had her revenge, this time, not in the name that she was using. She’s now… you know who it is, right? ;D

Her admirer’s grudges

He called her a nab.

Seriously, you can’t call her a nab. She’s gone, btw. You can’t find her anymore. She’s not a part of your life anymore since she decided to think independently without your help. It worked. She is the type of person whom you really can’t mess up with. She’s not in an identity crisis period anymore, actually. She’s gone.

You just have to know more about her here. She’s here. You’ll feel her presence. You’ll feel that she has changed. You won’t feel anything against her. It’s all about how you interpret things.

She is. Mysterious.

Anything at Random

Join this challenge! (Simply comment and do the same as what I’m doing, mmmk?) Post a blog entry about your thoughts coming from the stream of consciousness, not from traditional drafts. Or it’s like this: Write a draft that directly comes from the stream of consciousness then type it in your blog.

So, I’ll start the game first.

Blogger Profile: Arnie

The nicest and most approachable person that I knew, she was an editorial staff member of the Filipino section of the Ignacian Imprint. I didn’t expect that she’ll be a CAT officer.

Having connections with her is like knowing her more as a person. Aside from being a CAT officer, she’s also from the honors’ section. I was wondering why her high school life was colorful.

When she knew that I am taking up ISE, she said that she passed that course, but she chose to study in a state university due to the scholarship that she applied.

The only thing which is hard to believe is that, she’s an only child. I thought she has brothers or sisters, but yeah… most of her blog entries do not mention that she’s either the eldest child.

It’s quite hard to believe since she’s not spoiled at all, unlike other soloist offspring. It doesn’t seem obvious, but it’s just the way life is. Sometimes, the middle child is the spoiled brat, or the youngest. The eldest child, well, never mind.

A Low-Profile Life

If you’d notice, I do not talk much about my personal life here or family matters. Being the eldest child, I’m always treasured for being the first-born child. I am just like any other person there who walks to school and enjoys an ordinary life.

I’d never been a class president, but I was a peace officer, and the worst assistant beadle with most mishaps. I do not like to be the beadle since… it sucks ass, alright. However, I learned something from this experience. I usually become the group leader, although it’s against my will to become one.

Each time the dark past comes back to me, I usually keep this journal about my horrid experiences during first year college. It isn’t already in the net anymore.

I challenge you to do this

That’s right! Posting something in random will help you enhance your English skills. If you think it can’t help you, then start typing a decent blog entry with a catchy title on it.

Signs of Loss

Hello, there! So, if you guys have those people whom you loved… are now gone, I think this is the time for you to know how it is to watch out for the most dangerous signs of… err just read the entry.

75th Birthday

My paternal grandmother’s birthday, she was 75 that time. This was the most ultimate birthday party ever. All relatives came to see her and even their friends. We showed some music and dance, as these things are really well-prepared. The happiest moments led to something… which is not right.

It was my grandma who went to the cemetery, despite having a lot of sickness. Yes, I recall those days when she is hospitalized, but recovers soon. Oh, sa’n ka pa? But this time, this is real serious. Wala na. Wala na talaga. I think there’s something not right will happen. It was real. She’s dying.

Because she went to the cemetery to visit her father, it started it all. She collapsed. That made her not walk forever… and that’s the start of her days being punished for her stubbornness. I have to admit, we have bad days also. She would always make pointless reasons why her own grandchildren are always wrong… etc., but I usually beg her to patch things up because what she’s doing doesn’t seem healthy at all. That’s right. I usually do all the apologies. Du’n na talaga nagsimula lahat.

To show our bitterness, ‘yun. We dissed everything up because we were forced to please her and shiz, but actually it was wrong. Bisitahin mo lang sarili mong lola, tapos iba ang gagawin mo? Hello? But yes, that’s our expression for her to realize all her wrongs. That’s where everything started.

It’s really like this. She learned to accept her fate, and those complications are starting to weaken her condition. ‘Yun nga, eh. Hindi ko pala alam na mawawala na siya. ‘Yun na. Hindi na pala siya tatagal sa mundo. Totoong 100 years old na siya, lupa na siya. That’s one good memory I could recall about her.

My childhood self: Papano po kung 100 years old na po kayo?
Grandma: Lupa na ako niyan, apo. Tataniman mo pa ng halaman ‘yan.

Ah, I think I should say good things naman, because it’s really not a good idea to be a whore in the Internet.

She told me that I will inherit all her books. Siguro naman paper pa ‘yan. But I hope, yes… sana paper pa rin ‘yung mga libro doon. Haay…

Yep, those Upanishads, Hindu beliefs, Chinese heaven, Jade emperor… I hope I could get those books and read them again so that I would share in the world how much I learned a lot, even the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ.

Grabe talaga. Marami siyang alam, sa totoo lang (Gosh! I think I’m speaking Filipino here, oh no! Well, never mind.) alam niya ‘yung Bible, ‘yung religion, politics, history of the Philippines and the WWII, at iba pa. In English, she’s a wide reader. She taught me the value of reading as if you feed your mind with good knowledge. Kaya course ko, halata naman sa knowledge ko ‘di ba?

Anyway, it was the last term of my frosh year when I knew that she… passed away.

Hoping to go back to the real province so that I would visit her and tell the good news to her. Oh, and lemme share with you that she always shows up in my dreams. She knows me very well that I’m afraid of spirits. So, I think she’s got no choice but to follow my wishes.

Do you want me to share those teachings that come from her? There are some sensitive topics that I don’t want to tell, but I’ll tell you the good ones, alright.

The Last and the Most Ultimate Bonding

Remember the Hermit who loves the color black and is a genius? Don’t be fooled with the word “genius,” okay? Not all geniuses experience a good, normal life. They’re usually the ones who are targeted for high expectations. Like what I said before, the ones who usually become successful are the ones who don’t get a decent job, etc. due to the fact that they become arrogant. That’s what I mean. Once you become arrogant, people will talk behind your back and will not respect you if you are not present.

This was the case when I had this last bonding with the Hermit. That time, I was still stuck in the identity crisis period, not knowing what will happen next. I planned for his confidence booster that he’ll soon show his greatest talent by filming. Yes, we talked about things that I want to tell him, even the worst jokes. He’s very tolerant… but one day, something happened isn’t fucking right…

He was a complete introvert, actually.

Actually, not was. He IS actually an introvert.

If he’s so open about telling his life during high school, he would usually say that he’s the solution to everyone’s problems since… he’s too big to be harassed. He should be thankful for being a big dude, and a hot one. Yeah, fuck, I’ll miss him a lot.

The last and the best gift ever

It is the iPhone 4S. It has cooler features than its predecessor. Fudge, I want one so bad that I want one after graduation. Oh, it’s not really on my plans at all since the iPod touch 4G is really my dream iPod. Kidding. It takes a lot of brains to get something that you want. Oh, well.

It wasn’t until Steve Jobs passed away. I think that was his best gift to every Apple fan… but you have to purchase it. Dx

But anyway… it’s not the last gift! Don’t lose hope, Mr. Woz is still there to please you!

Why do I have to share you these?

Life is like a short story. The climax is always the most exciting part of the story and yes, it also happens in real life. If you have ultimate bonding moments, same with either positive or negative outcome. If the love of my life has been estranged with me, it’s because we didn’t completely knew each other– just yet during that time.

There are days that become the pink candle of the advent wreath, just like third year high school. It was the best high school year for me and nothing would interfere its value of being the most memorable. Just like my 17th birthday, it’s like a debut-like “pre-debut.” I’m the only one who advanced a debut-like party, actually. To be honest, I find 18 roses, 18 dances and 18 treasures too old-school. I’m not really a traditional person, actually. It’s just that I stick to what should be within your own preference.

I love the days being 18 years old, even without a debut party. Wala. Mahirap piliin kung sino ‘yung magiging ka-dance mo sa 18 roses, eh. So, ayos lang naman.

Steve Jobs passed away at the age of 56

What will be the future of Apple, Inc. without Steve Jobs as the creative genius behind the success of everyone’s favorite iPod, iPhone and Macs?

Steve Jobs peacefully passed away at the age of 56, due to a rare form pancreatic cancer.

One time, when I was inside the classroom, I heard a classmate wondering if Steve Jobs is gone. I didn’t believe that at first, thinking that it is only some prediction. Well, as soon as I went back to where I’m based, I looked at the Internet, and since I’m a Mac user, it is natural that the Apple website will appear. As soon as the website appeared, a picture of Steve Jobs was there, and two years. True, that is. He’s gone.

Everyone has lost a creative genius, an idol that everyone really admired for his good works in Apple as the CEO. That’s right. He was a really inspiring dude who, although didn’t have hardware or software training, did everything to please everyone with all those innovations.

He is everyone’s loss, actually. Even those who do not own a Mac, or at least own an iPod is mourning and sending condolences to his friends, family and of course, those who knew him very well.

He’s not only the founder and CEO of Apple, Inc., but he also co-founded Pixar.

Who is/was he, anyway?

Steve Jobs is born in of course, in the United States, but he is half-Syrian. He doesn’t actually talk about his personal life that much, but he was given up for adoption and he didn’t recognized his daughter (who was born out of wedlock) Lisa until the right time came. According to (Good Morning America @, he is energetic and lively until he was diagnosed of pancreatic cancer.

Like Bill Gates, he didn’t finish college. He even delivered his speech about his experience when he dropped out from college.

He was the greatest reinventor, but truth is, he’ll always be recalled as an innovator.

He is one of the most famous people I knew who died this year, 2011.

Apple after Jobs’ passing

What would be the future of Apple without the physical presence of Jobs?

His legacy will still remain embedded in Apple. The iPhone 4S was the last gift that he gave to Apple fans. Hmm… that new cool thing is like, a sign that he’ll be gone soon. Well, I’ll talk about, “The Greatest Signs before Loss.”

Of course, those who work in Apple will never fail him. Everyone trusts them, although there would be no cool guy who’ll guide them. It’ll take time for them to move on from his passing, alright.