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I support the (Absolute) Divorce Bill to become a law in the Philippines

LONG TIME NO SEE… HEAR… READ, everyone! Since you all know me who thinks outside the box, I would like to apologize for not posting a hiatus message! Hahaha! Alright, after I have been for LONG years not posting anything in this blog, I would just like everyone to know that I am a NON-traditional person who thinks outside the box and does not really live by the rules. After all, I can always defy popular opinions that I find… odd.

So, here’s one thing I am currently advocating: LEGALIZE Absolute Divorce in the Philippines!

Real Talk on Filipinos who are against Divorce

Upon reading GirlTalk forums, I have realized that the concept of absolute divorce should be recognized and legalized upon Philippine territory. Why is that so? It is because this is now the time for many women to STOP condoning and patronizing egocentric men who are womanizers and philanderers in nature. It. Just. Have. To. Stop. PLEASE.

Truth to be told, our family values are deteriorating slowly… causing the Philippines to become infested with nonsense shit, care of the elites! Now I realized that the reason why I am writing a book about elitism (oh BTW, I’m taking a break for a while) is because elitism hampered people to approve divorce!

Why should divorce be legal in the Philippines? Speaking of which, the reason why majority of Filipinos are against it is because the CBCP will dictate the fact that it will send you to hell! However, they’re WRONG! Jesus Christ approved divorce!

Hate to brag, but I’m currently in law school (but sorry, I will not continue that one because I have other plans in life which I must achieve…), and annulment is not enough. There are grounds, certain grounds that are limited. I dunno why until now, the Divorce Bill is either vetoed or yet, not yet approved.

It’s the fault of many Catholic schools that teach students to become elitists rather than being Filipinos and Christians. Oh, pardon if I’m being a spoiler to my own book, but you will know why Catholic schools are elitist in some way. Also, CBCP has always been corrupt and opportunist at the same time, teaching Filipino Christians and Catholics to become elitist and judgmental than to embrace diversity per se.

The culture of cheating, philandering and most of all, women condoning those immoral actions is just insane. Elitism has been poisoning the minds of women to condone the cheating of men–but #RealTalk:

Filipino guys who are more likely to cheat does NOT have the right to say ‘they are against divorce’. The same thing goes with women who tolerate cheating due to submission to double-standards.

This is according to QueenRoxy, formerly known as roxyisferox. Do you know that in countries where divorce is legal, men are LESS likely to cheat because absolute divorce itself is similar to death penalty (and I am not joking right here).

junetwentythree, a GirlTalker who lives in the USA said:

Filipino women are brought up by their religious views to believe in the sanctity of their marriage, despite their husbands’ infidelity. Through thick and thin, through sick and sin. This is the Catholic way. So right away we can attribute this to religion, as the Philippines is considered a Catholic country (I didn’t make this up…look it up). The good news is that Filipino women are quite keen on preserving the vows they’ve said before God. The bad news is that they also are more likely to be passive about their partners’ philandering.

The root cause is… there’s no such thing as absolute divorce in the Philippines.

xxx because the Philippine society seem to accept the fact that men are philanderers (think Erap), then it just continues. For generations and generations. Wala eh. Sabi kasi nating mga babae, “ah eh ganyan talaga ang lalaki.”

Ganon din ba sa mga foreigners? I can tell you from having grown up in the U.S. that the answer is NO. Excuse my language, but foreigners do not take that kind of crap.

So the short answer as to why Filipino men cheat is because Filipina women let them.

The whites cannot afford to cheat! Well, many whites will resort to divorce if things do not work out. No wonder, mukhang mas mataas pa ang pag-asa kong magpakasal sa isang foreigner since marrying a foreigner for me isn’t really bad, it’s only that you have to be open-minded about things. And not all white men are liberated–some of them are conservative but not really conservative na mata-matahin ka.

No wonder, divorce should be legal in the Philippines. It does not after all, desecrate the sanctity of marriage because truth is, what desecrates the sanctity of marriage is cheating, philandering, womanizing, homewrecking… all those things that are truly immoral. That is why many people should wake up that Jesus Christ approved divorce.

Should we educate young people to just be open-minded towards divorce?

YES. We should educate them the right way, that what Catholic schools teach them is how to become elitist rather than being open-minded, and of course, determine what is right and wrong by looking at the grey areas. I don’t care if the Philippine Catholic Church will excommunicate me for this one, since what I’m trying to say is that, saying YES to divorce does not make a person LESS Catholic! Upon reading one of the small books when I was in high school, it stated (paraphrased),

“Allowing absolute divorce to become legal in the Philippines will result to destruction.”

That is very elitist. That statement is very elitist, and just because it is divorce, it doesn’t mean it will cause immorality and destruction. This means, grey areas are OVERLOOKED due to elitism. Now that’s the elitist way of looking at things.

This post, is literally an introduction to “Elitism in the Orient Pearl”

Well, this is my first post that will introduce you to my upcoming book, “Elitism in the Orient Pearl.” The concept of Absolute Divorce will be tackled there. Oh, and before I forget, Catholic schools are also mentioned in the book… and yes, I don’t really care if I get excommunicated by the Catholic Church since I don’t really practice my religion anyway.

Atheism: Good or Bad

Atheism means, “Someone who doesn’t believe in a specific deity.”

I have NOTHING against atheism. Okay, if you think God doesn’t exist, then so be it.

Atheists believe that MAN created God. By how?

Greeks – they created gods by their own image. Zeus is the leader of all the gods.
Romans – they adopted Greek religion.

If MAN created God, that means…
– atheists do not get along with polytheists
– atheists MAY get along with monotheists, but only for a short while OR
– atheists might be anti-theists.

There are atheists that are not anti-theists, and most of them believe that the idea of a “god” is like, the idea of creationism.

Alright. So, what’s the big deal with atheism… and how is it related with “anti-theism” anyway?

Atheists do not believe the existence of God. However, anti-theists oppose the idea of God. In most aspects of religion, Buddhism, which is more of a religious philosophy rather than a theistic religion, is atheist, but doesn’t necessarily mean that it is anti-theist. Buddhists are calm people who promote peace in most aspects of life. It just happened that it is viewed as religion since the belief of the head as the most sacred part of the body and the soles of the feet are the dirtiest part of the body is almost close to the extent that religious faith is apparent to Buddhism.

*Sorry if I trashed this, but this time, I’ll post it fearlessly. 😀

The RH Bill Debate and the dangers of PMS

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Do you think I’m pro-RH bill or not?

I’m neutral when it comes to those things, actually.

I am pro-choice when you have to use your brain before doing PMS, because I believe that PMS is a mortal sin. Okay, I wasn’t raised as a Catholic, but here’s the thing: I am morally conservative. I make mistakes and correct them.

I am pro-life when someone gets pregnant. I really don’t like the idea of abortion but I”m certainly in the idea of adoption. If a miscarriage happens, as for me, it’s not a sin at all. It is for me, an accident. But abortion, it makes you a killer of your own child.

If I were pro-RH Bill, that would be either using condoms, contraceptives OR worse, abortion. If I were anti-RH Bill, I would simply abhor contraceptives. Well, here’s the thing. To those who are a childless couple, to the wife, take some fertility pills. To the husband, go and have a check-up first. To those who have many children, abort your own ovaries (magpatali ka na)! I’m really into family planning, whether natural or artificial. Alright. I really do not want everyone who has older nephews and nieces due to the fact that their own cousins did PMS, but if someone married late, that would be understandable, OR if your cousins are too old.

Just so you know, I’m really against PMS. It’s not a choice for the rape victims, but it is a wrong choice for those who are sexually pre-occupied. I know some of you married a tall and handsome guy who has no stable job, but deal with it. It’s your choice and learn how to realize your mistakes. If you haven’t read this yet, CLICK HERE to read and understand how I’m really into using logic when it comes to love. Promise, this will really help you think about the consequences of using purely emotion before you get married.

If you noticed that beautiful women who are intelligent use their pure emotion without using their head engages into PMS. They may think it’s cool, but as for me, it is a sign of dissing your own dignity. Actually, I have no boyfriend yet, but if I were to use logic over my emotions, I think I might have chosen the real guy who would make me happy, rather than someone who doesn’t have an ambition after all.

To those who are in a relationship, or has been together for so long, take note that patience is a virtue. Never engage in PMS, by simply NOT being bedmates (or being naked in bed and having PMS) or else, for the woman, you might get y’know, the test indicator might get positive.