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BongBong Marcos VP Bid @ Puerto Real













I am not ashamed to show to the world that I’m proud to be part of history.

This is how ROCKSTAR Ka BongBong is. Fondly called as BBM in social media, he is the only hope for the Philippines as vice president. The Philippines needs a leader like him.

People, I am not ashamed of showing my admiration towards the Marcos political family. I believe that political dynasties should be regulated, NOT eradicated.

Before, I was against the concept of political dynasties in the Philippines. However, as time passed by, there are only a few ones who are good in governing the country. We only fail to be part of “that” community is because of that old-school tradition that we should be safe at all times, and our parents value our security and safety more than our freedom to take risks and discover the road less travelled.

Indeed, if you live in Metro Manila.

We need to be part of the solution. We should not let ourselves be affected by the elitists who impose our social norms. We, the common good should challenge the status quo. Now, that’s REAL change.

I believe in BBM’s platform. We simply need to be part of that community, a community that will build a better Philippines.

…and YES to federalism.

I support the (Absolute) Divorce Bill to become a law in the Philippines

LONG TIME NO SEE… HEAR… READ, everyone! Since you all know me who thinks outside the box, I would like to apologize for not posting a hiatus message! Hahaha! Alright, after I have been for LONG years not posting anything in this blog, I would just like everyone to know that I am a NON-traditional person who thinks outside the box and does not really live by the rules. After all, I can always defy popular opinions that I find… odd.

So, here’s one thing I am currently advocating: LEGALIZE Absolute Divorce in the Philippines!

Real Talk on Filipinos who are against Divorce

Upon reading GirlTalk forums, I have realized that the concept of absolute divorce should be recognized and legalized upon Philippine territory. Why is that so? It is because this is now the time for many women to STOP condoning and patronizing egocentric men who are womanizers and philanderers in nature. It. Just. Have. To. Stop. PLEASE.

Truth to be told, our family values are deteriorating slowly… causing the Philippines to become infested with nonsense shit, care of the elites! Now I realized that the reason why I am writing a book about elitism (oh BTW, I’m taking a break for a while) is because elitism hampered people to approve divorce!

Why should divorce be legal in the Philippines? Speaking of which, the reason why majority of Filipinos are against it is because the CBCP will dictate the fact that it will send you to hell! However, they’re WRONG! Jesus Christ approved divorce!

Hate to brag, but I’m currently in law school (but sorry, I will not continue that one because I have other plans in life which I must achieve…), and annulment is not enough. There are grounds, certain grounds that are limited. I dunno why until now, the Divorce Bill is either vetoed or yet, not yet approved.

It’s the fault of many Catholic schools that teach students to become elitists rather than being Filipinos and Christians. Oh, pardon if I’m being a spoiler to my own book, but you will know why Catholic schools are elitist in some way. Also, CBCP has always been corrupt and opportunist at the same time, teaching Filipino Christians and Catholics to become elitist and judgmental than to embrace diversity per se.

The culture of cheating, philandering and most of all, women condoning those immoral actions is just insane. Elitism has been poisoning the minds of women to condone the cheating of men–but #RealTalk:

Filipino guys who are more likely to cheat does NOT have the right to say ‘they are against divorce’. The same thing goes with women who tolerate cheating due to submission to double-standards.

This is according to QueenRoxy, formerly known as roxyisferox. Do you know that in countries where divorce is legal, men are LESS likely to cheat because absolute divorce itself is similar to death penalty (and I am not joking right here).

junetwentythree, a GirlTalker who lives in the USA said:

Filipino women are brought up by their religious views to believe in the sanctity of their marriage, despite their husbands’ infidelity. Through thick and thin, through sick and sin. This is the Catholic way. So right away we can attribute this to religion, as the Philippines is considered a Catholic country (I didn’t make this up…look it up). The good news is that Filipino women are quite keen on preserving the vows they’ve said before God. The bad news is that they also are more likely to be passive about their partners’ philandering.

The root cause is… there’s no such thing as absolute divorce in the Philippines.

xxx because the Philippine society seem to accept the fact that men are philanderers (think Erap), then it just continues. For generations and generations. Wala eh. Sabi kasi nating mga babae, “ah eh ganyan talaga ang lalaki.”

Ganon din ba sa mga foreigners? I can tell you from having grown up in the U.S. that the answer is NO. Excuse my language, but foreigners do not take that kind of crap.

So the short answer as to why Filipino men cheat is because Filipina women let them.

The whites cannot afford to cheat! Well, many whites will resort to divorce if things do not work out. No wonder, mukhang mas mataas pa ang pag-asa kong magpakasal sa isang foreigner since marrying a foreigner for me isn’t really bad, it’s only that you have to be open-minded about things. And not all white men are liberated–some of them are conservative but not really conservative na mata-matahin ka.

No wonder, divorce should be legal in the Philippines. It does not after all, desecrate the sanctity of marriage because truth is, what desecrates the sanctity of marriage is cheating, philandering, womanizing, homewrecking… all those things that are truly immoral. That is why many people should wake up that Jesus Christ approved divorce.

Should we educate young people to just be open-minded towards divorce?

YES. We should educate them the right way, that what Catholic schools teach them is how to become elitist rather than being open-minded, and of course, determine what is right and wrong by looking at the grey areas. I don’t care if the Philippine Catholic Church will excommunicate me for this one, since what I’m trying to say is that, saying YES to divorce does not make a person LESS Catholic! Upon reading one of the small books when I was in high school, it stated (paraphrased),

“Allowing absolute divorce to become legal in the Philippines will result to destruction.”

That is very elitist. That statement is very elitist, and just because it is divorce, it doesn’t mean it will cause immorality and destruction. This means, grey areas are OVERLOOKED due to elitism. Now that’s the elitist way of looking at things.

This post, is literally an introduction to “Elitism in the Orient Pearl”

Well, this is my first post that will introduce you to my upcoming book, “Elitism in the Orient Pearl.” The concept of Absolute Divorce will be tackled there. Oh, and before I forget, Catholic schools are also mentioned in the book… and yes, I don’t really care if I get excommunicated by the Catholic Church since I don’t really practice my religion anyway.

A Gaijin’s Perspective: Should Japan allow multiple citizenship?

Credits to yousuke_ito via for this one!

Introductory Text

Sooooo yeah! Imma back, guys! Well, sorry for not posting things here in my main blog since I have err… a little or no more motivation to post things, but yeah… can’t be helped!

But as promised, I’m back! However, without Photoshop CS6 Extended in my lappie (aww… just Lightroom, that’s it) and without anything that will motivate me to improve my photography skills (how I miss photography, but I realized that it’s more convenient to have a smaller DSLR than a medium-sized one).

But no worries guys, I have learned the hard way: We don’t need Photoshop if we could capture great photos, right? After all, being Photoshop-dependent sucks real dick, amaright!?

Well here, this is serious business. Today (or tonight in my country, haha!), I am gonna discuss the benefits and downsides of dual (or multiple) citizenship and why should the Japanese government accept Kono Taro-sama’s proposal–with modifications, of course.

What is multiple citizenship?

Multiple citizenship… in general, is a situation wherein an individual holds more than one citizenship–meaning to say that he/she’s protected by more than one country’s laws (correct me for me grammer… lol). Each independent entity has its own laws regarding multiple citizenship.

A person could acquire at least two citizenships: One citizenship is something which a person is born with and another citizenship is something that a person acquired through naturalization. Most people are born with single citizenship, but nowadays, more and more children are born with more than one citizenship.

Single citizens – Usually, these people were born in their home country (parents’ domicile/hometown) or in a foreign country (countries which follow the jus sanguinis principle). If a person is born in the Philippines with Filipino parents, of course these parents should be Filipino citizens who do not hold another citizenship.

Example: A person born in the Philippines to Filipino parents, or a person born somewhere in the Middle East to Filipino parents (take note that most Middle Eastern countries, esp. the monarch-runned ones, do not allow naturalization AT ALL). I really didn’t expect that one of my acquaintances was born in Saudi Arabia.

Notable people: Venus Raj (born in Qatar), Jessy Mendiola (born in the United Arab Emirates/UAE), Korina Sanchez (born in Hong Kong), Isla Fischer (Australian actress, born in Oman), Liv Ullmann (Norwegian actress, born in Japan)

Multiple citizens – Usually, these people were born with more than one citizenship. Most of these people were either born with Filipino parents in a jus soli country (Canada and the United States), or is usually mixed-raced. Most people who are under this category have parents who do not have the same citizenship.

Example: A Filipino person born to Filipino parents in the United States of America, or a half-Filipino, half-British person born in the Philippines or in Britain but holds British and Filipino citizenship at the same time.

Notable people: Joyce Jimenez (born in the United States to Filipino parents), G Toengi (father is Swiss-American, and sources say that she was born in US soil), Kaye Abad (born in the United States to Filipino parents), Natalie Portman (mother is American while father is an Israeli), Nicole Kidman (born in Hawaii to Australian parents), Roger Federer (born in Switzerland which is his domicile, but also has South African citizenship through his mother), Heidi Klum (German model, naturalized as an American citizen for her children), Kirsten Dunst (American actress, naturalized as German through her father), Charlize Theron (South African actress, naturalized as American in 2007 due to visa restrictions on a South African passport), Rachel Weisz (British actress, naturalized as American)… to be honest, there are a LOT, actually!

Notable people who hold more than two citizenships: Flynn Bloom (born in the United States to Orlando Bloom who is British and Miranda Kerr who is Australian), Christianne Amanpour (has a British mother and an Iranian father but naturalized as an American through marriage), G Toengi (American, Filipino and Swiss)

Actually, these are some examples I can give you so far. YEAH, most of these people are celebrities because one of my professors in college said that holding more than one citizenship is actually very expensive (he said that holding more than one citizenship is for the rich)–since you have to pay taxes in both countries. No wonder, I will show you both the benefits and the downsides of being a multiple citizen.

Benefits of being a multiple citizen

Credits to @gtongi via

1.) Visa-free access to other countries without a visa – Usually, if you’re Filipino and you hold citizenship in first-world countries (USA, Japan, Singapore, Brunei, Germany, Israel, Finland, Sweden), you could actually travel in as much many countries as you like, but not all countries could be accessed without a prior-to-arrival visa. As a matter of fact, the only advantage of Filipino citizens over Japanese citizens is that, Filipinos could travel to Brazil without a visa, while Japanese citizens need to acquire a visa prior to their Brazilian trip. Here, this shows that holding more than one citizenship would bring you more benefits like visa-free access to popular destinations such as Southeast Asia, East Asia and the Schengen Area… and the Anglophone world.

Example: Filipino + USA/Canada/Japan/Australia/UK citizenship = A-OK; Filipino + not first-world citizenship = depends.

2.) Regionalism – Filipino citizens have the freedom to visit the rest of Southeast Asia without a visa (of course, the Philippines finally has visa-free access to Myanmar… recently) while former Soviet blocs could access their fellow former Soviet comrade countries without any visa, but it still depends upon the situation. Canadian citizens could enter the United States without a visa waiver at all, and New Zealanders could visit Australia without a visa waiver. Don’t you know that it’s only the USA and Australia that have a visa waiver policy? Canada, the United Kingdom and the rest of the Anglophone countries do not have the same policy as Oz and the US of A, but somehow they allow these countries to visit their territory without any visa at all.

For instance, if you hold Filipino and American/British/Australian/Canadian citizenship, you could access Southeast Asia without a visa with your Philippine passport, while you could enter the Schengen area with your other passport.

3.) You could buy real estate/land property in some countries – The Philippines is the best example of a country that does not allow foreigners to buy land property in Philippine soil–no wonder, there are condominium units that are actually more expensive than a townhouse. Somehow, if you naturalize yourself as an American citizen and have plans to re-acquire Filipino citizenship, that is because you want to have your own land property in the Philippines… and retire there.

4.) You’re protected by the law–two constitutions/basic laws, that is – I ain’t sure about this one, but you could file for divorce if you’re a citizen of another country since the Philippines is the only country that does not recognize divorce as means of legally separating a couple (actually, I am into divorce–but it should have a minimum price of 1 million pesos, so that people will think twice before proceeding).

5.) You could work as an expat or immigrant worker (without restrictions, maybe) – Expatriates (formal for expats) usually refer to people with a white-collar job in another country while immigrant workers refer to people who work in a foreign country–but in a blue-collar job. Well, you’re considered an immigrant worker if you work as a factory worker or as a caregiver/domestic helper, while if you’re in another country yet you’re a businessman or company employee, you are considered an expatriate. Well, our acquaintances who have connection to Canada generally had blue-collar jobs, but they returned to the Philippines because yeah, Canada’s quite a laid-back country. And too quiet to get started with.

Now you know what the difference between an immigrant worker and an expat is: Expat refers to a white-collar job worker, while an immigrant worker usually refers to a person doing manual labor/factory work, or in other words, a blue-collar job.

Downsides of multiple citizenship

1.) TAXES – The burden of paying taxes. No wonder only the well-off people could afford holding more than one citizenship. Well, you really have to work hard if you want to acquire another citizenship.

Source: Wikipedia

2.) Conflict with another country – If you happen to be an Israeli citizen, you are not spared when it comes to the Arab League’s visa policies. Even ordinary passport holders are actually not allowed to enter oil-rich countries unless they have a special permit coming from the Israeli government. Worse, some of these Arab countries reject not only Israeli passports, but also non-Israeli passports with an Israel stamp on it (yes, the Arab League is really hostile towards Israel as their stance of support towards Palestine, and Israel happens to be an ally of the United States, no wonder). While Hong Kong recently imposed sanctions towards Filipino citizens who hold an official or a diplomatic passport, it’s a good thing that they spared ordinary passport holders as a sign that the Hong Kong government gives sanctions to Filipino government officials and representatives, but not ordinary citizens of the Philippines.

Side Note: Israeli citizens could enter the Arab League with “special permission” from the government.

Taiwanese citizens, on the other hand, could not access Brazil without a “special visa” since both countries do not maintain diplomatic relations with each other.|Rain being as “Jeong Ji Hoon” for being drafted into the South Korean army.

3.) Conscription – This is another problem if you’re a multiple citizen. In the Philippines, one is required to choose between ROTC (military training) and CWTS (community service). Usually, dual citizens will choose CWTS because ROTC is mainly about conscription. Military service usually requires people who have just one citizenship… dunno with multiple citizens. This is probably the reason why South Korea didn’t allow multiple citizenship before 2011 (multiple citizenship is allowed now, but pars with the multiple citizenship policies of the Netherlands and Norway). In other words, it’s still QUOTA.

South Koreans actually have this problem. Prior to 2011, usually, most South Korean mothers give birth to the United States because they don’t want their sons to join the military service, which is mandatory. However, there are still South Korean men who are still WILLING to be conscripted.|King Rama IX playing the saxophone. Take note that he was born in the United States of America.

4.) Citizenship issues among monarchs – Well, if you happen to be a monarch (male), you have to beg for the government to have a certain agreement that this place has to be a temporary exclave of your country just for your spouse to give birth to your child just in case you’re in exile. No wonder, Thailand does not allow multiple citizenship at all since their King was born in the United States of America (which is jus soli).

5.) NSTP (National Service Training Program) – If you’re a Filipino citizen, you have to undergo this process. It may seem to be “AWW” to you, but to those who don’t like ROTC, CWTS is always there. Yes, Filipino citizens who hold another citizenship have a hesitation of choosing between ROTC and CWTS, but if you were to ask me, CWTS is a safer choice–you explore ALL the walks of life, and it’s better than undergoing religious community service (if you’re Lasallian and you took up TREDTWO).

Multiple citizenship in Japan

Now here’s err… something I would like to share with you guys. Basically, Japan does not allow multiple citizenship (or at least, dual) because one government official said that it might cause conflict to a person, and the government wants its citizens to follow the “stick-to-one” rule, when it comes to citizenship.

Well, it is actually a burden if you happen to be a Japanese citizen and yet you hold another citizenship. For me, not allowing your citizens to obtain two passports just because it might cause conflict doesn’t always mean they’ll always be a magnet of any chaotic dilemmas regarding citizenship. Hapas in Japan have this dilemma of just choosing one citizenship since they have no choice but to have two citizenships. I don’t think hapa celebrities like Becky Rabone and Christel Takigawa were willing to choose just one citizenship, but because of the nationality law of Japan, they still have to choose one. Becky decided to drop her British citizenship since obviously, she’s more Japanese than British. I’m not sure if Christel chose Japanese over French. But I’m sure, there are lots of hapa celebrities who do not want to renounce their other citizenship. So far, I have heard that Yuu Shirota decided to keep his Spanish citizenship, though he was born in Tokyo, but I ain’t sure if he chose Spanish.

Speaking of the multiple citizenship proposal by LDP dude (not sure if he’s still the leader) Kono Taro-sama, it was rather been rejected because the process of making his bill into a law doesn’t seem to be very clear–however, speaking of Kono-sama’s policies, it seems that he’s like the Japanese BongBong Marcos since his policies are awesome–but to tell you the truth, he lacks charisma. But still, he’s still my favorite Japanese politician (LOL), just like how I admire Condoleeza Rice and Kanzlerin Angela Merkel. Can I just add that he favors Japan to have its own military.|Kare wa Kono Taro-sama desu. The Asian look-alike of Stephen Hawking but his ideas are similar with Senator BongBong Marcos.

Here’s Kono-sama’s proposal.

Hmmm… I guess something’s missing. He should have also considered the “permission required” policy which is actually a thing of German-speaking countries (hence, the word Beibehaltungsgenehmigung [Beibe-haltungs-gemehnigung], which means retention approval. Yes, I admit it’s too freaking long, but what do you expect on German compound words, lol). Actually, die Beibehaltungsgenehmigung is actually beneficial since this will ease down Japan’s citizenship laws. I repeat, having this implemented towards Japanese citizens who hold more than one citizenship could apply whether they’re willing to retain both citizenships or not. This is also a big help to foreigners who are willing to naturalize as Japanese citizens but still want to retain their original citizenship.

Yes, actually Kono-sama should have thought of the Japanese version of die Beibehaltungsgenehmigung (リテンション承認, Ritenshon shounin) so that it would be fair for everyone who holds Japanese citizenship to have another citizenship.

A Gaijin’s Perspective: Should Japan allow multiple citizenship?

Well, coming from a gaijin myself (speaking of Japanese society), my answer goes to a big YES. For one, if you hold a Japanese passport (Nihonkoku Ryoken), you have the freedom to travel towards the Schengen Area and the rest of the European union without a visa, and not only that, you could travel in China without a visa.

Side Note: To those chauvinists who think I don’t have the right to an opinion with regards to a foreign country’s citizenship laws, then it cannot be helped. But still, what about those foreigners who want to have another citizenship? Well, I believe that patriotism is not based on a person’s nationality within itself, but it’s also on how they love their country unconditionally.

The similarities between a Filipino and a Japanese passport is that, you could enter Morocco without a visa (oh yes, OT BTW, my Emirati friends and Israeli buddies could meet there haha). Being Filipino myself, I am willing to have Japanese citizenship IF and ONLY IF Japan will allow dual citizenship, provided that they impose the Beibehaltungsgemehnigung in all aspects.

Yes, I think having more than one citizenship has more advantages than disadvantages, if you’re not into having yourself drafted to military service. Well, Singapore still does not allow dual citizenship, while South Korea allowed it but with certain conditions (aww… it’s also great to hold Korean citizenship, actually)–prolly because of the military service thing (which is actually good, I tell you).

Also, if you happen to be a dual citizen, if you don’t like ROTC (hahaha, ang bad ko talaga), you choose CWTS freely, but those who are dual citizens but WANTS ROTC are sad because of the policies. Oh my.

However, I’m telling you: Having more than one citizenship isn’t that bad. No wonder, the reason why I prefer having a Japanese citizenship as my other citizenship because I consider Japan as my second home. Also, I won’t mind being married to a Japanese guy, it’s just that he has to be the liberated type of guy (not really the Westernized type, but the one who is at least, open-minded). Also, I won’t mind speaking up for foreigners who are willing to naturalize as Japanese citizens, especially those who come from third-world countries (mostly from Africa and Asia), but are still willing to retain the citizenship they’re born with.

Also, don’t you know that there are a lot of Filipino-Japanese people who like to keep both citizenships? Well, I may not have done a survey just yet, but to be honest, being Filipino-Japanese is a privilege. Most of them consider themselves more Filipino than Japanese, but they wouldn’t want to give up their Japanese citizenship since their Japanese passports could let them go places. But, if some of them accept the fact that Japan does not allow dual citizenship, they’ll choose Japanese for travel purposes OR, if they live in Japan already. But some of them still chose Filipino because they think they’re at home when they choose Filipino citizenship even though Filipino passports don’t share the same privilege as Japanese passports. This applies if they settle permanently in the Philippines.

I’m not sure if Filipino-Koreans have the same issue as well since the Republic of Korea (my other favorite country even though I’m not a fan of K-Pop) recently allowed multiple citizenship with certain conditions. However, as far as I know, before 2011, half-Koreans should choose just one citizenship at the age of 18 years old (without the age reckoning system, I guess).

Well, since Japan’s already losing manpower (majority are yes, old people, the ojiisans and the obaasans), I guess it’s time for them to allow dual citizenship and ease their immigration laws since there are a lot of foreigners who are willing to naturalize as Japanese citizens, or to work there and learn the language and culture. I guess Japan should realize that citizenship is not simply about one race, but it should be conforming to their society–and speaking Nihongo, of course.

Of course, Japan’s nationality law dictates that Japanese people should “stick to one” when it comes to obtaining another citizenship, or to naturalize as Japanese, since Japanese society has been maintaining the value of being loyal to a single nation, which I do respect. However, I believe that having dual citizenships won’t make you less of your other identity. For instance, being Filipino-Japanese. YES, being half-Japanese won’t ever make you less of a Filipino, and being half-Filipino won’t make you less of a Japanese. Look at Sayaka Akimoto. She used to have insecurities with regards to being half-Filipino, but she realized that being half-Filipino is something that she should be proud of. After all, we Filipinos are proud of her. Pretty, talented and whatnot, she’s perfection! She’s always welcome in the Philippines, and we love her.

It was really surprising that Sayaka Akimoto was born in the Philippines. Well, Wikipedia is always distorted, that’s why when I learned that she wasn’t born in Japan, I was like, “OMG!” The video is still “bitin” (word for “lacking”), therefore I was like cringing.

I think Sayaka could speak Filipino when she was younger, but then she lost the ability to speak it when she and her family moved to Japan at such a very young age. No wonder, she might be one of those hapas who hesitated to renounce their citizenship.

Ironically, Japanese channels promote multiculturalism through their celebrities travelling across the globe, but still, in their own country, why can’t they simply allow foreigners to conform to their society and consider them as Japanese? Why do they still believe that being monoracial is something that should be placed in value?

I really cannot blame Japanese society for being too homogeneous, however, since the world is already getting smaller and smaller, I guess Japan should allow multiple citizenship since “extreme loyalty” is simply a thing of the past. Globalization embraces a lot of cultures, and I guess Japan should embrace multiculturalism, while retaining their traditions, of course. They’re very well-known to balance the old and new, and the East and the West–but why are they still discouraging their people from having more than one citizenship? I may not be in the right position to judge them, but who knows, hopefully they’ll allow their citizens and gaijins to obtain more than one citizenship in the future. As of now, multiple nationality is still under a heated debate there (even though they recently rejected Kono-sama’s proposal, which is understandable because there are a few lapses in his proposal–and not only Kono-sama himself could propose a law by himself alone; it needs approval by consensus, or slight modifications).

Summary and Conclusions

After all, being a multiple citizen won’t hurt, for as long as you abide by the laws and know how to handle finances correctly, because at the end of the day, globalization is inevitable.

As for Japan, I guess I am still hopeful that they will allow multiple citizenship for hapas and for foreigners who are willing to retain their original citizenship while acquiring a new one. Like what I have said before, multiple citizenship has its own pros and cons, and speaking of which, it is still the person who will decide whether they should choose their citizenship, regardless of their nationality.

Here, if I were to acquire Japanese citizenship, that won’t make me less of a Filipino since I still consider myself a Filipino–but I still prefer having more than one citizenship in order to travel around the world without a visa–and to work in another country.

I am also fighting for people who wish to acquire another citizenship in their second home. Like me, I consider the Philippines as my home, and whenever I leave valuables, it’s alright since the Philippines is still home to me even though it’s not a rich country. However, when I stepped in Japanese soil, I told to myself, “I will make this my second home… soon!” Yes, it actually came true–I consider Japan as my second home, even though the cost of living there is high. I could imagine myself either living there or fall for a Japanese guy (with a globalized background of course).

To end this discussion, to be honest, there are a lot more details I will discuss. I think, I’ll just post the sources so that everyone will understand why multiple citizenship is more beneficial than a threat. At the end of the day, it is still the person who defines his/her identity, and being of course, let’s say, half-Greek half-Persian won’t make someone less Greek or less Persian. In other words, you cannot force someone to choose just one identity.

Paalam, Ginoong Robredo ng DILG

Shared via Facebook|The late DILG secretary Jesse Robredo shows a very good example to the government.

Of all the politicians in the world, why Robredo?

As expected, God usually saves the good people and lets them live in Heaven.

It’s a good thing for his family that they still hoped something positive when they are ready to face the worst news.

One of the people with a low-key profile, he’s very competent in his academics, explaining how much he was a disciplinarian to his children — in terms of academics.

Another great news to talk about: He never tried vices.

He’s the only guy I could actually call as “credible.” Indeed, a sincerely good man, I think other politicians should really look up to him. He became a Naga mayor at a very young age. He earned TWO degrees in Engineering in DLSU. Lastly, he really kept a low-profile life, serving the poor people. He does not discriminate.

Concern for his family

I was really worried what would his family think when the bad news comes? One of my teachers thought that being “saved” by the fishermen only happens in fiction, but not necessarily in real life. Also, people really assume that he’s dead — so it was for real that he wasn’t spared. Only his aide was, however.

Similarity to Antonello Joseph

Both valued education and work as their top priorities. Both passed away because of God’s will to let them enjoy a problem-free life. In fact, this means that “mission is complete.”

They were both people who do not choose friends or maybe — treat people unfairly. They treat people as if they are friends, and you’ll never doubt them, though.

May he rest in peace

He deserves not only a half-mast, but also a reward for his good deeds.

Anti-Chinese Sentiment Number 2

If you missed it, Here’s Anti-Chinese Sentiment Number 1 if you don’t mind.

Supporting Arguments

At least Americans would say sorry if they’re wrong, while the Chinese still insist they are right, even if they are wrong.

This was Roxy’s statement about the differences between the Chinese and the American. It’s pointless if you’ll think that “there’s no better country than China or the US.”

The similarity between the Chinese and the Americans is that, they tend to control our economy rather than the locals doing it, which, in the nationalist perspective, is an insult, thinking that we have no capability or right to control it.

F. Sionil Jose’s anti-Chinese arguments/sentiments|The Chinese here is portrayed as a villain.

Most of the Filipino-Chinese businessmen/entrepreneurs, according to award-winning writer Francisco Sionil Jose, have their investments right into their pockets, and when it happens, they send it back to China, rather than contributing to the Philippine economy.

The problem with most ethnic Chinese in the Philippines is that, most of them do not integrate in Philippine society, except for those who are really Chinese on the outside, but Filipino on the inside. It’s very obvious when a Filipino-Chinese has mixed ancestry, and doesn’t even have an idea what’s inside mainland China.

Also, F. Sionil Jose added that Chinese schools and Chinese business organizations should be abolished, if most of them do not integrate into Philippine society.

Well, I’m not being a racist, or scaring the hell out of you, or also promoting racism/discrimination, but believe it or not, one of our Filipino-Chinese hotties suffered this way. You want to know who that is?

Chris Tiu.|Chris Tiu’s good boy-next-door looks once displayed his personality, but now it’s only an outside feeling.

Yes, he does ring a bell to most of you guys, but he’s not the boy-next-door that we used to know. In fact, to those who are watching the show that he hosts, he is becoming arrogant, which made him outdated. Take note, ah: Outdated.

We’re not close, ok? But to those who knew him as a sweet, down-to-earth, intelligent team captain of the Blue Eagles, don’t get me wrong. If the Ateneans are “stereotyped” as arrogant and haughty, well, some of the famous bloggers/Ateneans like Tricia Gosingtian, Pilar Pedrosa Pilar and my batchmate who is the only one who studied in Ateneo are examples of down-to-earth Atenistas, but Chris Tiu didn’t maintain that level of meekness. He only became arrogant because he is in Smart Gilas.

I really don’t want to rant against him, since he’s already outdated.

Jose Rizal’s anti-Chinese sentiment based on his two novels

Do you know the character Quiroga who is looked down upon? That’s because he’s Chinese, but although I didn’t even dare read the whole novel itself (despite learning it during 4th year high school), he’s like, someone who is looked down upon because of two factors:

1.) Either way, the Chinese are not Christians, and they’re looked down more than the natives (Filipinos/yndios) during that time.
2.) Jose Rizal’s way of looking towards to the Chinese is that, they’re “poor.” Well, not unless you see their hardwork.

Ironically, Jose Rizal’s ancestor is Chinese. Boo-hoo.

Abolish Chinese schools in the Philippines? My stand

I think that Chinese schools should add Filipino and Philippine history to their curriculum, just like how North Korean schools in Japan included Japanese language study in their curriculum.

Most Filipino-Chinese people send their kids to Chinese to schools to learn Chinese. Well, although they’re doing this, some Chinoys think that it’s harder to master Mandarin than Filipino. It’s obvious, since Mandarin is a tonal language, one mistake and you might insult people, but it’s a good thing that the Chinese are forgiving in terms of their language since they know that their language is really hard to master. Guess what? Chinese is the second hardest language in the world, next to Japanese, according to this website (I forgot), but most websites usually put Chinese to the list.

Chinese schools in the Philippines vs. North Korean schools in Japan

Chinese schools in the Philippines do not offer Filipino language or Philippine history in the curriculum, well, as far as I know. However, North Korean schools in Japan are adding Japanese language and history in their curriculum. Most Filipino-Chinese people blend into the Filipino culture, even those who are Philippine-born full-blooded Chinese. Well, that’s because the Chinese are everywhere in the world, even in the US, Japan or in France, there are a lot of them.

Meanwhile, North Korean schools in Japan offer Japanese language (and English) and history. Although Japan and North Korean do not have diplomatic relations with one another (North Korea is isolationist), at least the North Korean government funds the North Korean schools, which sometimes becomes an issue because North Korea is a very poor country, way poorer than Vietnam, Philippines or even Papua New Guinea, and yes, the curriculum of North Korean schools is outside the jurisdiction of Japanese education.

Anti-Chinese sentiment outside the Philippines

It is mostly apparent in East Asian countries, sadly. That’s right. Even the Koreans and the Japanese have anti-Chinese sentiment as well, and anti-Chinese sentiment is somehow evident in the movie Shinjuku Incident starring Jackie Chan (I never watched the movie but I’m hesitating because of some violent scenes ugh).

The Controversial “The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”: The evident stereotyping of Asian (particularly Chinese) Parents|The High Expectations Asian Father is one of the best examples of stereotyping Asian parents.

Most Asian parents are stereotyped as parents with “high expectations,” and of course, it’s also evident that most Asian kids in the United States excel is because of that type of mind-set.

Asians = INTELLIGENT PEOPLE: Stereotyping

Yahoo! user SBC’s complaint about typical Asian parenting may not be as famous as Amy Chua’s Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, but this is one of the most evident things that is happening when Asian parents are the usual topic. Amy Chua’s essay about the superiority of Chinese mothers is very controversial is because it resembles the violation of human rights in the People’s Republic of China and of course, like what I said before in my first Anti-Chinese sentiment essay, the Chinese control people, even their government proves that right.

Here’s the thing: Most traditional Chinese people want their kids to play piano or violin, or maybe excel in Math and get consistent A+. It may seem pressuring, but some traditional Chinese are still making hatid-sundo of their kids even after they already have work. Wow.

I am not saying that I hate the Chinese, what I do not want is, the evident resemblance of human rights violation.

Quoting Amy Chua

Western parents try to respect their children’s individuality, encouraging them to pursue their true passions, supporting their choices, and providing positive reinforcement and a nurturing environment. By contrast, the Chinese believe that the best way to protect their children is by preparing them for the future, letting them see what they’re capable of, and arming them with skills, work habits and inner confidence that no one can ever take away.

Preparing them for the future, huh? Well, relating with this one, my upbringing is more Chinese than Filipino. I was forced to play the piano if in fact, I wanted to learn about ballet. Like, as a kid, I was insulted. I was isolated from my other cousins is because, of their “false conservatism.” You may read that in “Blog Posts,” search for “Why I Chose to be a Liberal.” In addition, we were forced to continue Taekwondo although our summer class sessions are way better than when we have class time.

Indeed, it’s the Middle Kingdom

Traditional Chinese values are really evident even before communism started in the PRC. Women are the most oppressed, like the most controversial “fetus soup” when most women abort females than males for the “males” are the most precious, if in the Philippines, females are more dependable than males. Obvious naman, ‘di ba? Most females at school have more capability to be class presidents, and like how I mentioned Cabe Aquino in one of my blog posts, it’s evident that Filipina women symbolize empowerment.

Forget the “Maria Clara” stereotype. It sucks.

The Confucian belief will never ever interest/enlighten me

Think about it. Aside from the traditional Chinese, the Koreans are another example. Racism, sexism, and all that shit is from Confucian belief. I’m not lambasting Confucius and his teachings (although Shi Huang Di ordered to burn all the books about his teachings), but it will never ever enlighten me, and I will never ever teach that to my children. What I care about is what they’re capable of what they’re doing, without following those age-old, backwards traditions.

At least you did your best, and you’re not desperate

Crab Mentality against my photography skills: A Brief Overview

Like how I ranted crab mentality like no other, it is very evident when I take pictures. Alright, some people said that I have good shots and of course, they’re in depth. The thing is, there are some who would ignore my works just because they’re too vain, or even because they’re just jealous. That’s what I hate about some people when they think my photography skills aren’t enough to please them.

I myself am a hardcore peopleware. Believe it or not, I have at least, 200 photographs taken if there’s a special event, or if I’m using a D-SLR at the first place. Want more proof? E-Mail me so that you’ll know how hardcore I am even as a novice.

I listened to photographers and enthusiasts who are more critical in photography than the know-it-alls that we know today. As much as I hate mentioning and ranting about know-it-alls, at least I am too honest about it.

I still don’t get why most people do not “fave” my artworks in deviantArt. Is it because they’re too hard to please? Or is it that they have very high standards?

I’ll be honest. Actually, I am not really as good as other photographers/enthusiasts out there, but at least I did my best. All I do is to shoot and shoot, and compose with or without precision.

For the nth time: The laptop screen is the real output, NOT just the TV

Y’know why I’m saying this: That’s because the laptop screen tells it all. The laptop screen is NOT biased, at least. Talk about brightness on the lens!? Hello!? Does it matter if a lens with plastic mount brings you a dark picture compared to that on a metal-mounted lens with a “brighter” output? Come on, you’re not going to post-process on the TV alone. If you’re going to output shit on TV, remember, there’s no Photoshop on TV.

Sorry about that. If I have been ranting about regrets in photography, well, it’s not my problem after all if you’re going to think negative on what I am saying. I am already at the legal age, and for crying out loud I should be independent. Well, I won’t be disloyal towards family if I were to be asked.

If you know whom I’m ranting at, try not to be obvious. Oh, well.

Reminiscing two haters against the Gosiengfiao sisters: No tripod? Use monopod!

Here’s Ashley Gosiengfiao’s post about… two haters who “lost” their dreams because of their shaky hands.

When I got home, I got a few new emails from two haters that are apparently brothers. Something about hating photographers because one of them lost his dreams of being one ’cause his hands started getting all sweaty and shaky. Yeah right, as if mine are all perfect. You should really see how bad my situation is. It’s like a tsunami’s suddenly gonna gush out of my palms. But I’ve learned my way around that. 😉

And then there’s also something about hating me and my sister because we’re rich that’s why we get everything we want, and that they don’t because they’re poor. But hunny, look at it this way. We’re workaholics that’s why we have money. And you’re a lazy bitter bum that’s why you don’t go anywhere. Stop complaining and get your fat ass working, and you’ll most probably have a chance at a good life. 😉

This is how I felt when someone backfought against me and of course, the camera. Damn, now what’s wrong when I have a new D-SLR? Yes, I may have ranted about it for some months, but y’know, at least I’m happy. BUT FOR THOSE PEOPLE, why can’t they actually be happy for me? (Same with you, big-eyed guy!) If you guys were jealous, why not keep it to yourself?

Crab mentality.

Now stop being jealous about me when in fact, I only appreciated it because of its professional quality. There are some digicams that are leveling-up with the quality of D-SLR’s, but that doesn’t really mean that it is like a mini-SLR.

I don’t know how the homewrecker felt when I had one. Good thing I don’t hear things from her anymore.

Relating with Ashley’s post

I also have shaky and sweaty hands, but how come my shots are pretty decent? It’s like this: It’s more practical to have a lens with IS, OS, VR (aka stabilizer) just to get rid of the shakiness. I also have a tripod, but I only use it with night shots.

The second paragraph that she wrote was… yeah I explained everything prior to this, but those people who contribute to crab mentality should learn a word or two from that post. It doesn’t really mean I’m “rich” means that I get everything I want. No way, it’s only that I’m lucky in life.

What pressures me more is the “false high expectations”

Sorry guys if I’m intimidating you, but these words are for know-it-alls.

Do you think everything I did is not enough to satisfy you? Think again, I don’t want to make simple things complicated. If you want to make it complicated, it’s because you think I’m a failure. You are successful, but please, people appreciate me for what I’m doing. I teach them, and of course, those “lessons” are for free. I may not have a personal Skype account but I’m still hesitating to create one. Well, if you want me to teach you how to take pictures, or to do the adjustments, no problem.

Can’t you appreciate things that I’m doing? If this is so, you’re only taking me for granted.

I am sorry.

To those photographers or enthusiasts who are pressured by “high expectations,” at least you did your best. Always do your best. That’s all I could say. If your photography isn’t “good” enough, well, practice is always the key. Believe it or not, don’t listen to know-it-alls once more.

The Dangers of Crab Mentality

Why not listen to the know-it-alls?

If you missed it, read this article regarding know-it-all people.

Know-it-alls who think that they have “good” photos would only mean they could do angles the better. That’s it. Obvious naman, eh. They have a very bad taste in gadgets. First of all, they have the beautiful gadgets to themselves. The rest of the mediocre ones, that they give. See how selfish they are?

I really don’t want to rant shit against them, but of course, it is really necessary because I don’t want you to have so many frustrations from know-it-alls who hinder you from learning new things, like playing games and stuff. They shouldn’t be trusted. Well, if they’re successful, they face a lot of problems. A LOT.

Actually, I hate to admit, but I think my paternal great-grandmother should be blamed for having all the bad attitude. The know-it-all things, frustrations, insecurities and of course, the manipulative attitude. Sorry, even though she’s no longer existing, I’m not proud of her. Now I understand why my granny is actually really, really that of a Besserwisser.

Really, if my sibling’s/future son’s soon-to-be girlfriend/wife/fiancee has that attitude my great-granny has, of course, don’t expect me to be really demurely nice. If she does a simple mishap (e.g., raging like hell, etc.), I might punch her to the nose, making that person bleed to death. Sorry, if I sound brutal, but this stupid trait has to go. It should be converted to color-blindness rather.

Know-it-alls make you feel bad about yourself

I said this for the nth time already, that you won’t amount to anything good if you listen to the advice of the know-it-alls, if they’re just making you feel bad about yourself. Honestly, they’re only doing this is because, they don’t want responsibility. They think that the marginalized people are only a burden to them. If I disagreed with Bob Ong about marginalized people as the “teacher’s enemy,” that’s because some teachers are really, giving others a second chance.

They should answer the question, “Why do popular kids act that way?” Well, it’s no doubt that these people used to be like them, just butthurt. They have nothing to do in life but to contribute to crab mentality, that is.

Most of all, when asking a know-it-all how to develop the country, they would answer, “Let it stay that way (I mean, let the country be a place for corruption, a place for high crime rates, etc.).”

LULZ for crying out loud, they should learn a thing from the Japanese or the Thais in terms of politics. If these countries aren’t as good as the Filipinos who speak in English, at least they know their country very well. At least, although they were NEVER colonized by European countries, at least they are progressive. Filipinos should look up to the national heroes who worked hard just for the country to be free. Y’know where the crab mentality and the know-it-all attitude comes, right? The answer: Imperialism. Like how roxyisferox discussed Imperialism, it is a very dangerous form of colonizing people. That’s right. If the untold “water cure” story discussed by nationalist historians was never told by our history books, of course this was the “crime” done by the American colonizers, and remember, these American colonizers were not even the real natives of the United States. To gain independence is to give it to the real natives. Now, what?

To conclude everything, I hope you learned something from this.

AA Klenk has finally cleaned up her act|AA Klenk’s reputation is now as clear as crystal.

I don’t care if you comment back, “Old news.”

Like what I said before, AA Klenk isn’t the epitome of frank and feisty. If she was branded to have an attitude problem way back then, she is now the changed person.

I do not mean I have to “like” her for this. But she should show off something that would at least, earn her respect.

I think what she did is right. She should really improve herself for the better. Being bothered by “issues” is not the key to earn respect. Being a snob to issues solves everything. This is how Alex de Rossi learned from her past experiences in GMA. If she was the “annoyingly loud” person in seven, she’s now the more professional version in ABS-CBN. She would joke around as a style of being frank. Although accused of being “mataray,” she still proved everyone wrong.

This is how AA learned from her mistakes. If she was the childish type of person, it isn’t a valid excuse to be rude. If she’s really the completely-changed person, she shouldn’t do this for her own image, but for her self-worth.

The most annoying part back then

I really find it annoying when people admire someone for being fake frank and feisty at the same time, because it doesn’t mean that you have issues means that you’re really worth respectable. Being frank and feisty is completely different from having an attitude problem. I don’t want to spoonfeed or to repeat the terms here, but if you are really a firm reader of this blog, you’ll understand why I used to condemn her, but now, it’s all but nothing.

To those who are still questioning her “improvement,” I believe that there are second chances. Second chances are the most precious, and it is similar to a person’s virginity. Wasting it is similar to losing your virginity. I am a firm believer of retaining my virginity, whether if I am in a relationship with a Filipino or a foreigner.

Dapat lang dedmahin ni AA ang mga tsismis na ibinabato sa kanya ay dahil, sino nga ba ang mapapala dito, ‘di ba? (She should turn a blind eye to those issues lambasted towards her because in the end, who will benefit from these, right?) I’m not being defensive of AA, but being snob in those issues lambasted to a person is more than giving respect to someone. Look, if Jacklyn Jose painfully confirmed that her daughter Andi Eigenmann is pregnant, everyone was backfighting or even gossiping about her, as if it’s a big deal to be pregnant out of wedlock. Rather than being bothered by the issue, Andi insists that having a baby is a blessing. Totoo naman, eh. Whether you are married or not, I believe that having sexual intercourse is sacred. It should be done in private, and it should be done with love and compassion.

You don’t live to please everyone, however…

Don’t believe in those people who are “feelers” and who have very high expectations which are not a good idea after all. However, there are times that you have to do this for yourself. If you think these people are really hard to please, remember, they’re just insecure about your talent and improvement. Kung sila pa ang “mataas” ang expecations, sila pa ‘yung kolelat sa ibang mga bagay. No one should dictate you, not even your parents. I would take the example of Shaira Luna, who was criticized by her own mother for “wasting her life away.” But don’t they (Shaira’s parents) realize that what they did created a conflict between her own self-worth and her intelligence? Being intelligent doesn’t mean you have to be famous. Being intelligent doesn’t mean you have a high EQ. I really believe that. I do not consider myself intelligent, nor does having a high EQ. Being intelligent is only based on stock knowledge. However, this isn’t applicable in the real (or let’s say, corporate) world. It is only applicable to those who are learned and who work so hard to achieve their dreams. I know that there are some people who are more intelligent than the typical valedictorian (or salutatorian), it’s only that they earn the “cum laude” status is because, they work hard for it. Even though they use their stock knowledge, at least they have the instincts to be competent.

What AA learned from her past experience

She learned self-control and genuine faith. Having faith means to do what is good and what is right, but that’s not really the point here. Doing what is acceptable by common majority defines faith itself. At least, she doesn’t whore out.

Write-up Profile: Why I Chose to be a Liberal

Why I Chose to be a Liberal by ~bettyleeanka

Read the link above. You’ll probably understand why I still live in a stupid frugal life.

The people who reviewed my work are NOT open-minded at all. Pretending to be conservative? Or you just feel offended?

Now get a life, people. If I say it’s an essay, it’s really an essay, because it means, “to attempt.” You know what “attempt” is right? It means, “to try.” TRY, as in you try to do things.

So, yeah. You really have to be open-minded about extremely-conservative folks who are actually… traditional.

Everyone thinks that being traditional is a way to success… but is it really the way to success?

Japanese example: Balance of all Things

Japan may seem to be still conservative, but they’re not really THAT conservative. They’re neo-conservativists. Even though they’re family-oriented (thus forming the term “zaibatsu”) and image-conscious at the same time, they accept abortion, divorce, etc. Well, it’s not because they’re not really religious people (Shinto and Buddhist faiths) or it’s just that they adhere to their own culture. Their policy is always, “Country first before anything else (or religion).” Although they’re really proud to be nationalistic, they’re tolerant, they accept things, they’re really open to multiculturalism (except those extremists and conservative nationalist fanatics whatsoever). The Japanese are really open to criticisms. If Akio Toyoda knew that there was a malfunction in several Toyota cars (which caused the death of many passengers/drivers), he apologized. That’s one way of accepting your mistakes and learning from it, so look at Toyota right now. It’s one of the best auto companies not only in Japan, but in the whole world.

The Japanese do really mix their traditions with Western values (and of course, balancing it), unlike the Philippines, which always make import of Western values that contradict with Filipino traditions. Although Tokyo is Westernized, it still managed to be the center of traditional things, although the Kansai region is really known to seem “more Japanese” than Tokyo, that is.

Feeling Majors

Feeling major things are usually taken for granted. Take note of the word: Granted.

They feel as if they should be taken seriously is because: They think high of themselves, but that seems one-sided. Anyways, the only thing why they’re really doing that is because they believe it is for the good of the students. However, there are consequences. BIG consequences, that is. Feeling majors are really not applicable in a country where conflicts are common. Common, as in NOT rare. Feeling majors usually think that their way of proposing “superiority complex” to their ways of governing people is how they show off a “clean” image, which seems questionable. Those feeling majors have more (and MORE) criticisms compared to those who are the “real majors,” but give ways and more opportunities.

Those things that are unnecessary for jobs are usually the ones which are required. Take note: Required. I think of these things as “light,” if you just attend and do your part. Then, that’s it!

Mistrust: Is it overprotectionism or is it a way of satisfaction?

E.g.: Do you think I’ll lose one of the two gadgets if I bring BOTH?

I don’t think so.

The real thing: Do you think if I chase a guy, that’s “bad?” (Girls doing the first move without any guy language)

I find it, sexist.

“Conservatives” describe conservatism as a “sexist society.” In a deeply conservative country, the traditions are applied in a wrong manner. Do you think looking down on women and having grudges about objectified men is “conservative?” Do you think, being tanned or mixed-raced is “bad?” Do you think, being sexist and racist at the same time is “good?”

Racism is “not bad, it’s not a taboo,” according to the video that I watched. Racism varies from culture to culture, and most people who are xenocentric think “high” about white-skinned people while those who are tan-skinned are considered as “an indicator of beauty and hotness.” Whoa, it’s between Filipino and American culture, really. However, in the Sinosphere, being “tanned,” or dark is somehow being looked down at. Do you think being “pure-raced” is always good all the time? There’s actually nothing bad about being mixed-raced, but since culture varies from one country to another, there are lots of consequences. Being pure-raced, however, is almost similar to incest. Having a crush on your relative is somehow synonymous to marrying someone the same race as yours.

This is common to most royal families. To the liberal countries, you don’t need to be someone who had many serious and the most important achievements, for as long as you had a very long relationship with your royal-blooded beau (for 6 years and above), while conservative countries it is really a must to be a diplomat or somehow travelled across the world… or the typical Richie Rich person (rich but simple type of person because Richie Rich has this reputation of being approachable although being rich himself), OR you just have to finish a certain degree or to have many hobbies, and that’s it. You’re qualified.

The dark side of conservatism, however

Being conservative isn’t bad at all, but extremism regarding this type of belief restricts you from doing anything you really want in life, it’s like you depending on others. People impose high expectations onto you to be like this and that, but I have to say this: The reason why I chose to be a liberal is because, conservative societies expect very high from a certain person. Media may be the main reason, or maybe the people who have really high standards, but do not comply with quality standards.

Alright, so I may be conservative in terms of taste in celebrities. For the Hollywood people, I only choose people who are really worth to be in Hollywood, but because I live in a low-middle-income yet 75% Westernized country, I usually judge the celebrity based on attitude and acting skills. It’s really frustrating when you have the looks, the height and talent, but have attitude problem. Worse, if your beauty is only because of science and technology. Meaning to say that, I have high standards, but not necessarily hard-to-please. Do you think I still have to dislike someone with a slutty attitude but has a good side? Of course, not!

Okay, so if I have to say that it’s “shallow,” it means that everyone’s doing that. Like for instance, if I say, “His/her good side is that, she/he always say ‘po’ and ‘opo,'” it’s like everyone’s doing that, because that’s Filipino culture. I usually use those words unless I am close with that person.

A Falsely-conservative society

Do you think being “feeling close” is immoral? Unethical? Considered, sipsip (kiss-up)? Being feeling close doesn’t have to mean that you are a stalker. It’s only that you have the heart to be close with that person. Yes, and I believe that there’s no problem with making new friends, for as long as you know who the true people are. Just saying.

Backfighting? Backbite? Backstab? Backfighting is the best and the most appropriate. Stab and bite are just sort of high-falutinations… so yeah, backfight would be the best word.

Backfighting is usually done by women. Yes, I backbite too, but if only that I’m being honest, or if the person doesn’t really take criticisms nicely. People would usually say, “I hate backfighters.” Hello? Backfighting is not uncommon. It is everywhere and you cannot avoid that. Besides, it is only done in private.

Namedropping a friend and defending the popular kids: This is what I do not take nicely into. Alright, so I take those popular kids for granted since I’ve been ranting against them. If they take me as a leader for granted, then why can’t they just do the dirty job themselves? Afraid to be scalded by HCl? Afraid that acetic acid will kill them? Saving face? Popular kids are just falsely-demanding. Their “high standards” doesn’t seem genuine at all and they just do it because they want to retain their “popularity.” If you namedrop someone whom you’re close to is like, what kind of friend are you? A real friend doesn’t worship the popular kids to feel “safe.” Popular kids are just a clique, actually, but high schools without any monitoring body are making them the most dominant in the batch.

Now you know…

Now you know why there’s “Extremes and Randoms.” It is because I kept it as a diary to only a few selected people. I don’t want it to be published, since it’s my only stress relief. Remember, stress relievers work if you just have to do something. Now, I just have to feel neutral rather than to feel extreme.

Atheism: Good or Bad

Atheism means, “Someone who doesn’t believe in a specific deity.”

I have NOTHING against atheism. Okay, if you think God doesn’t exist, then so be it.

Atheists believe that MAN created God. By how?

Greeks – they created gods by their own image. Zeus is the leader of all the gods.
Romans – they adopted Greek religion.

If MAN created God, that means…
– atheists do not get along with polytheists
– atheists MAY get along with monotheists, but only for a short while OR
– atheists might be anti-theists.

There are atheists that are not anti-theists, and most of them believe that the idea of a “god” is like, the idea of creationism.

Alright. So, what’s the big deal with atheism… and how is it related with “anti-theism” anyway?

Atheists do not believe the existence of God. However, anti-theists oppose the idea of God. In most aspects of religion, Buddhism, which is more of a religious philosophy rather than a theistic religion, is atheist, but doesn’t necessarily mean that it is anti-theist. Buddhists are calm people who promote peace in most aspects of life. It just happened that it is viewed as religion since the belief of the head as the most sacred part of the body and the soles of the feet are the dirtiest part of the body is almost close to the extent that religious faith is apparent to Buddhism.

*Sorry if I trashed this, but this time, I’ll post it fearlessly. 😀

Anything at Random VI

Blogger Profile: Nina

She’s one of the popular kids during high school, but to be honest, she seems more approachable than anyone else in them. That time, she does a lot of HTML codes, blogskins and yeah… photomanipulation. I learned a lot of her and it seems that I make her blog as her reference. I still don’t know if she still shows up some of her new art but yeah… time has passed and I haven’t heard from her a long time ago. I never ever talked to her personally but yeah, at least I knew her just a bit. 😀

Guess what? I could actually alter codes already! 😀

How I started to edit HTML

To be honest, I do not have the patience to make a customized theme on my blog. I mean, it’ll take me hours to create one and it’s like, “HOMG. BRB. AFK.”

I only do simple things. I usually manipulate codes by inserting links, then images, then a lot of things, actually.

I started to learn about HTML encoding when I was in second year high school. It’s really fun, actually. There are a lot of things you want to learn like for instance, changing the font size, type, color, style, etc. If the font style was then accessible for every font, however, it isn’t anymore.

HTML was like, “It’s so hard! I don’t want!” But in computer education class, everyone is always dependent on me since they seem so observant on what I’m doing. Halos lahat talaga dati, nagpapaturo sa akin ng ganito-ganyan, so I didn’t have time to edit my codes. This was very evident when I started to learn Visual Basic. The worst of all things, the worst computer class ever. Everyone was so dependent that I wanted them to shut the fuck up. I don’t want anyone to hold responsibility since I have to finish my own work before guiding others. Tsk tsk, popular kids. Why can’t they actually ask someone else to guide them, right?

Editing codes was never easy. If you think there’s “room for error,” it only happens in drafts. The website will NOT function completely once a “factory defect” becomes apparent. It’s a very extreme example, but yes, there is no such thing as “room for error” when doing HTML codes.

Creating a whole website is actually… very hard. You need to be very specific about the codes, even those HTML tutorials wouldn’t help you that much. You really need a professional to guide you when encoding a lot of codes in plain text.

So now you know why most of my themes/layouts in my blog seem boring. Haha.

The worst headache I experienced

That was when I started to volunteer about the music that I wanted to send. Fuck about the rules regarding gadgets if it’s an urgent requirement. My worst headache started during computer class. Since we are in a non-air conditioned room that time, we went to an air conditioned room. I feel that something isn’t right, and that is my head! Gah! I really wanted to go to the clinic since I really feel something weird on me. Very, very weird.

“Fudge. How demanding would you get when she’s actually the one who seems trying so hard to fit in.”

I don’t want that to happen again, and I have no intention to promote my high school. Sorry if I sound so harsh.

Religion… is created by man and is evil? E-V-I-L?

Just a reminder to everyone: This may seem to be a sensitive topic, but please, bear with it. I don’t want any issues regarding this post, okay?

Remember the artwork of Mideo Cruz? The Poleteismo? The one where the face of Jesus is lambasted in the eyes of a devout Catholic? To be honest with you guys, the exhibition is NOT applicable to a predominantly Catholic country. If Mideo Cruz would show his artwork, it should be not in the Philippines. Maybe he’s got a message to tell us– regarding the RH Bill. Well, hello? RH Bill? Well, since it’s dominated with condoms, I would say it would be pro-RH bill, but because I am Catholic however, I would say that although Jesus is the greatest liberal of all time, it doesn’t mean that you have to respect Him as if you do not respect Him at all. Not all Catholics are actually happy-go-lucky and not all of them take the teachings for granted. There are devoted people who love God, and do not want Him to be disrespected.

Religion should be respected, right? If you do not respect religion, that would only mean that you are a fake liberal. Being a liberal is being tolerant in any type of religion. Did I ever dissed the Islam faith right in front of my Muslim friends and relatives? Of course, NOT! I love those people regardless of their religion since they’re not bad at all. It’s only the media that portrays Islam as “evil.”

Alright. It’s just like being used to the word, “sex.” There’s nothing wrong when you utter the word, “sex” since it’s gender! Do you think that “same-sex marriage” sounds bad? Not really. Same-sex marriage for me means that homosexuals already have the right to choose a straight partner. I really do not care at all if the gay marries a straight guy or a girl married to a lesbo. So, what? It’s not a problem to me and it doesn’t seem “bad” after all. It’s only that old-school thinkers are really so, traditional.

Religion is NOT evil. It’s only that some people really do not understand the culture of each religion. Do you think, Jesus came from Europe? Israel is NOT Europe. It’s in the Middle East, which is still part of Asia. You really cannot tell if He’s really Asian since He’s got some Caucasian features and some artists portray Him with blue eyes. I think Jesus doesn’t mind at all. He loves everyone despite your race, sex, age, etc.