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400th post!

It’s officially a grand hello to 2012.

I really do not know why, but I should create this post ASAP.

First of all, I’d like to acknowledge how great the Happy Holidays was last year, but this year, I would start not to slack off ever again. Oh noes.

Anyways, I’ll post some photographs straight to the Photoblog… I cannot really say anything really good right now.

The Economics of Research, etc.

When doing some research, it is very difficult for mose students to access some content regarding their most important research. Worse, gadgets are not allowed without securing a permit from a certain body.

However, the economics of doing research applies here. Since economics talks about the allocation of resources, here, people are taught to survive through the OPAC, card catalogue and reading journal articles.

It is very important to value books, more than simply relying to the world wide web because not everything in the Internet is reliable. Typos, errors and ad hominiem fallacies are usually encountered, unless people rely on the most reliable sources such as the BBC News, etc.

Interpretation of the News

Usually, TIME Magazine, Newsweek, Telegraph, Inquirer and the Phil. Star are considered as print materials where students may use these sources. Usually, when reading newspapers, it should be in broadsheet. Broadsheet newspapers are more highly-regarded compared to tabloids. Most tabloids show exaggerated types of news, and traumatizes the reader.

Take Note: Reading the news is way different from watching the news. Watching the news needs precaution. First of all, these are current events that are simply misinterpreted. Usually, the news is viewed in a negative manner like, killing everywhere.

Usually, current events stress everyone, so most people do not watch the news to keep themselves updated. Others prefer not to watch it since the news that we watch are mostly… negative. Do you know what groups of people do not watch current events? Probably the nuns, because they are not allowed to access it, or maybe they might get themselves depressed. They don’t even read newspapers, but that does not make them ignorant. It’s only that the nuns simply focus on a simple life rather than focusing on political life.

Penitential Ironies

During the Holy Week, this IS what I did.

Alright, apologizing for being focused on Tumblr, but I really cannot get over with the shit about the 5D Mark III and worse, the frustrations. Kidding aside, I never fit in the social groups. I always thought I was someone very, strange: Someone who cannot whistle or maybe balance a two-wheeled bicycle– that’s what made me think that I’m meant to “fall.” Well, it’s a week of suffering for all of us, but don’t make this a reason why you’re “suffering.” It’s not always suffering every Holy Week; truth is, most people go on real “vacation” rather than going to the church to confess their sins. Well, truth is, I’m not a devout Catholic. I don’t go to confession anymore (and I swear, I won’t ever confess my sins to a servant of God; like what? Ironically, why confess your sins to a servant of God if their only advice would be pray this and that if… my granny’s right, after all).

Alright, there’s something I’d like to share with you… again.

The Truth Hurts by David Pagulayan: Reactions

So lemme start with James Soriano, someone who praised the English language for being the language of the learned. It is actually a misunderstanding that he was only sarcastic against the educational system of the Philippines (well, side note: K-12 won’t include Philippine History in college, which sucks dick since according to a historian, the government is very selfish and wanted the Filipinos to only concentrate in three subjects. One word: BOO). Take note: Sarcastic. That is because everything in the government is written in English, and unfortunately, my parents were also miseducated with the fact that English should be more given attention to than Filipino. Now let me explain the historical details (Warning: Read @ yer own risk)…

Y’know why the Americans invaded us? Go to Emilio Aguinaldo’s grave and ask him! His stupidity led the Americans to invade the Philippines, and hamper development. Well, American invasion shouldn’t be really a factor, since it was during the reign of the “Mother of Democracy (kuno)” that led the Philippines to poverty. That’s right. It’s oligarchy that held hands with imperialism (of the American invaders) which shattered the Philippines… and look what happened. Going back to the Aguinaldo thing, it was Mabini who advised Aguinaldo NOT to welcome the Americans, but Aguinaldo refused to listen. Well, to make the story short, in most American war films, Americans always win– but to think that the Americans defeated the Filipinos? Well, they really cannot capture Aguinaldo after all… which of course, worsened history itself. We all know that Aguinaldo is a traitor, since he was the mastermind under the death of Bonifacio. So, yes. Unfortunately, everything is reserved for the elites. Almost everything that you see… is only for the elites. Nothing. It’s only the stupidity of Aguinaldo that made the Philippines a wailing lady that is hoping for her “true love” to come… now who’s that true love? It’s no other than freedom itself. We may be free for some instance, but in our minds, not really. Imperialism and oligarchy ruined it. These two factors are very lethal because one country won’t prosper at all if we continue to let these two evils flow… and with that, it’s the end of the Philippines, and when that happens, it’s the end of the world.

So now y’know why the elites exploit the mass people, eh?

With regards to Mideo Cruz’s Poleteismo, it is like a message to the RH Bill, and of course, to the current situation that, in the Bible, it was said, “Go forth and multiply,” and that was Jesus, covered in condoms to represent birth control. Now why get offended, Filipinos? All right, since the Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country, we get insulted. It’s like dissing God and the angels. If we know the deeper perspective, it is because the Church interferes the state’s decisions. Like, c’mon, divorce, abortion? NO? Divorce may be legalized, but only provided if women are battered by their spouses. Abortion may be legalized if you’re either raped… everything should be modified. It’s like, “We’re not devout Catholics, so please, leave us be.” One joke that I made was this…

Rather than, “Leave us alone, so Noli Me Tangere!”
It might turn out to be, “Leave us alone, so laissez-faire!”

Feisty People are well-admired: Shut up!

Being feisty, according to New Oxford American Dictionary means, “touchy and aggressive.” Touchy means, “oversensitive and irritable.” This may be true in the case of the likes of AA Klenk, but why is she respected? For being frank and feisty!? For God’s sake, why is Miriam Defensor-Santiago slammed for being a psycho? For me, Madame Senator deserves more respect, it’s only that her way of being feisty is due to her over-intelligence as a person, thus, losing a certain amount of EQ. Annabelle Rama? Well, for most people, she’s misunderstood. She is only fighting for her beliefs. However, the media would depict her as someone monstrous, but good news is that, she has a good side, and that’s her sense of humor. Also, Cebuano people are known for being feisty.

There are many more feisty people like Katrina Halili, although not frank. Katrina Halili is really feisty and like what I said before, she shows off her bitchy side. People look up to her with respect because she doesn’t really care about the issues surrounding her. I also did admire her because she always admit her mistakes and she IS the real fighter.

To quote Roxy:

Katrina Halili is sexy, but she was looked up to with respect. But Cristine? Even her career went succesful than Katrina, most people do not feel it because of her behavior and continued objectifying herself than proving her worth.

Katrina Halili knows how to carry herself, in some ways. Compared to the cunt, although she had her nose and tittays done, she admits it. But for AA, she never admitted that she had nip-tucks, because she always claims about her German ancestry. Like, seriously? Germans have a big body built, unlike AA, who is obviously petite and at the same time, her arms are overly-liposuctioned. Katrina Halili looks healthier and more on-the-go, unlike AA. (Gah, compare and contrast mode na naman ako!)

200th post!

Welcome the New Year… in advance.

Most people do not understand why I blog a lot of things, be it with sense or not.

Latest news

Tyrone Perez is found dead on a car… maybe he was poisoned or committed suicide. Oh no! Perez… AJ Perez, then Tyrone aww. Well, Amy Perez, good luck!

Tasks completed:

[x] Passed all my subjects
[x] Wrote a review about a photographer
[x] Created a blog designed for most of my literary works (I am doing this is because I write directly on the Internet, not on document!)
[x] Achieved again a number of notes and faves – Update: State of Oblivion gaining faves!
[x] Started photography again.
[x] Stopped thinking about my crush and started not to think about him again haha.

A brief introduction to my new blog, the literary one

Molybdenum Studios Literary is currently my new blog. I still do not have an icon yet for that blog, but soon, I’ll create one if I’m not feeling too lazy.

First of all, I created the plot of my stories, Osaka Monogatari and of course, I Heart Mr. Enforcer.

Finally, Osaka Monogatari is written, even only a summary of it is because, I really love Japan. And yes, this is a story about two brothers who never had a happy beginning, while I Heart Mr. Enforcer is a story about a policeman and a seductive criminal who wins his heart at the end.

A series of events let me start a new beginning

First of all, I wrote a blog entry about quitting photography. However, what motivated me is only creativity and imagination. Photography is actually for me, just a hobby, but the only reason why I made it serious is because, well, just for a back-up job in case I won’t take up law at all. I simply observed that my specialization should be food photography and of course, fine art photography. Well, what defines fine art? Bokeh.

Next blog posts

Anti-Chinese Sentiment #3 – Tackling all the issues from piracy to dangerous preservatives
Admiring the superpowers is completely pointless
The dark side of the United States of America

It seemed that this post is shorter than the first centennial post

Of course, I really do not have something in mind and I only blog sometimes, good thing there’s a challenge I accepted so that I would post everything everyday. Haha.

Why Anything at Random was discontinued

Hmm… long story, but if you guys want some random things, just tell me.

At least you did your best, and you’re not desperate

Crab Mentality against my photography skills: A Brief Overview

Like how I ranted crab mentality like no other, it is very evident when I take pictures. Alright, some people said that I have good shots and of course, they’re in depth. The thing is, there are some who would ignore my works just because they’re too vain, or even because they’re just jealous. That’s what I hate about some people when they think my photography skills aren’t enough to please them.

I myself am a hardcore peopleware. Believe it or not, I have at least, 200 photographs taken if there’s a special event, or if I’m using a D-SLR at the first place. Want more proof? E-Mail me so that you’ll know how hardcore I am even as a novice.

I listened to photographers and enthusiasts who are more critical in photography than the know-it-alls that we know today. As much as I hate mentioning and ranting about know-it-alls, at least I am too honest about it.

I still don’t get why most people do not “fave” my artworks in deviantArt. Is it because they’re too hard to please? Or is it that they have very high standards?

I’ll be honest. Actually, I am not really as good as other photographers/enthusiasts out there, but at least I did my best. All I do is to shoot and shoot, and compose with or without precision.

For the nth time: The laptop screen is the real output, NOT just the TV

Y’know why I’m saying this: That’s because the laptop screen tells it all. The laptop screen is NOT biased, at least. Talk about brightness on the lens!? Hello!? Does it matter if a lens with plastic mount brings you a dark picture compared to that on a metal-mounted lens with a “brighter” output? Come on, you’re not going to post-process on the TV alone. If you’re going to output shit on TV, remember, there’s no Photoshop on TV.

Sorry about that. If I have been ranting about regrets in photography, well, it’s not my problem after all if you’re going to think negative on what I am saying. I am already at the legal age, and for crying out loud I should be independent. Well, I won’t be disloyal towards family if I were to be asked.

If you know whom I’m ranting at, try not to be obvious. Oh, well.

Reminiscing two haters against the Gosiengfiao sisters: No tripod? Use monopod!

Here’s Ashley Gosiengfiao’s post about… two haters who “lost” their dreams because of their shaky hands.

When I got home, I got a few new emails from two haters that are apparently brothers. Something about hating photographers because one of them lost his dreams of being one ’cause his hands started getting all sweaty and shaky. Yeah right, as if mine are all perfect. You should really see how bad my situation is. It’s like a tsunami’s suddenly gonna gush out of my palms. But I’ve learned my way around that. 😉

And then there’s also something about hating me and my sister because we’re rich that’s why we get everything we want, and that they don’t because they’re poor. But hunny, look at it this way. We’re workaholics that’s why we have money. And you’re a lazy bitter bum that’s why you don’t go anywhere. Stop complaining and get your fat ass working, and you’ll most probably have a chance at a good life. 😉

This is how I felt when someone backfought against me and of course, the camera. Damn, now what’s wrong when I have a new D-SLR? Yes, I may have ranted about it for some months, but y’know, at least I’m happy. BUT FOR THOSE PEOPLE, why can’t they actually be happy for me? (Same with you, big-eyed guy!) If you guys were jealous, why not keep it to yourself?

Crab mentality.

Now stop being jealous about me when in fact, I only appreciated it because of its professional quality. There are some digicams that are leveling-up with the quality of D-SLR’s, but that doesn’t really mean that it is like a mini-SLR.

I don’t know how the homewrecker felt when I had one. Good thing I don’t hear things from her anymore.

Relating with Ashley’s post

I also have shaky and sweaty hands, but how come my shots are pretty decent? It’s like this: It’s more practical to have a lens with IS, OS, VR (aka stabilizer) just to get rid of the shakiness. I also have a tripod, but I only use it with night shots.

The second paragraph that she wrote was… yeah I explained everything prior to this, but those people who contribute to crab mentality should learn a word or two from that post. It doesn’t really mean I’m “rich” means that I get everything I want. No way, it’s only that I’m lucky in life.

What pressures me more is the “false high expectations”

Sorry guys if I’m intimidating you, but these words are for know-it-alls.

Do you think everything I did is not enough to satisfy you? Think again, I don’t want to make simple things complicated. If you want to make it complicated, it’s because you think I’m a failure. You are successful, but please, people appreciate me for what I’m doing. I teach them, and of course, those “lessons” are for free. I may not have a personal Skype account but I’m still hesitating to create one. Well, if you want me to teach you how to take pictures, or to do the adjustments, no problem.

Can’t you appreciate things that I’m doing? If this is so, you’re only taking me for granted.

I am sorry.

To those photographers or enthusiasts who are pressured by “high expectations,” at least you did your best. Always do your best. That’s all I could say. If your photography isn’t “good” enough, well, practice is always the key. Believe it or not, don’t listen to know-it-alls once more.

The Dangers of Crab Mentality

Why not listen to the know-it-alls?

If you missed it, read this article regarding know-it-all people.

Know-it-alls who think that they have “good” photos would only mean they could do angles the better. That’s it. Obvious naman, eh. They have a very bad taste in gadgets. First of all, they have the beautiful gadgets to themselves. The rest of the mediocre ones, that they give. See how selfish they are?

I really don’t want to rant shit against them, but of course, it is really necessary because I don’t want you to have so many frustrations from know-it-alls who hinder you from learning new things, like playing games and stuff. They shouldn’t be trusted. Well, if they’re successful, they face a lot of problems. A LOT.

Actually, I hate to admit, but I think my paternal great-grandmother should be blamed for having all the bad attitude. The know-it-all things, frustrations, insecurities and of course, the manipulative attitude. Sorry, even though she’s no longer existing, I’m not proud of her. Now I understand why my granny is actually really, really that of a Besserwisser.

Really, if my sibling’s/future son’s soon-to-be girlfriend/wife/fiancee has that attitude my great-granny has, of course, don’t expect me to be really demurely nice. If she does a simple mishap (e.g., raging like hell, etc.), I might punch her to the nose, making that person bleed to death. Sorry, if I sound brutal, but this stupid trait has to go. It should be converted to color-blindness rather.

Know-it-alls make you feel bad about yourself

I said this for the nth time already, that you won’t amount to anything good if you listen to the advice of the know-it-alls, if they’re just making you feel bad about yourself. Honestly, they’re only doing this is because, they don’t want responsibility. They think that the marginalized people are only a burden to them. If I disagreed with Bob Ong about marginalized people as the “teacher’s enemy,” that’s because some teachers are really, giving others a second chance.

They should answer the question, “Why do popular kids act that way?” Well, it’s no doubt that these people used to be like them, just butthurt. They have nothing to do in life but to contribute to crab mentality, that is.

Most of all, when asking a know-it-all how to develop the country, they would answer, “Let it stay that way (I mean, let the country be a place for corruption, a place for high crime rates, etc.).”

LULZ for crying out loud, they should learn a thing from the Japanese or the Thais in terms of politics. If these countries aren’t as good as the Filipinos who speak in English, at least they know their country very well. At least, although they were NEVER colonized by European countries, at least they are progressive. Filipinos should look up to the national heroes who worked hard just for the country to be free. Y’know where the crab mentality and the know-it-all attitude comes, right? The answer: Imperialism. Like how roxyisferox discussed Imperialism, it is a very dangerous form of colonizing people. That’s right. If the untold “water cure” story discussed by nationalist historians was never told by our history books, of course this was the “crime” done by the American colonizers, and remember, these American colonizers were not even the real natives of the United States. To gain independence is to give it to the real natives. Now, what?

To conclude everything, I hope you learned something from this.

Reminiscing Moments: I really don’t get it

Another free elective post.

BIASES: BIASES: Read the rest of the entry

Remember when I used to defend Miley over these five people? Indeed, despite being trying so hard to be a whore, at least Miley has personality. I really don’t get it. Why do people admire Rihanna despite her drastically auto-tuned voice, Megan Fox for being so skanky, Lindsay Lohan for being a delinquent, same with Taylor Momsen and Lady GaGa with her cool songs despite her weird outfit. This the analogy between “trendy” and frank and feisty (compare PHL and USA):

Miley Cyrus = Alessandra de Rossi, Katrina Halili, Annabelle Rama
Rihanna, Taylor Momsen, Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox and Lady GaGa combined = AA Klenk

I also don’t get why Kate Hudson was once hailed as the most beautiful in People magazine. Alright. I’m going to be frank this time.

Bea Alonzo is better-looking than Maja Salvador and Desiree Del Valle combined.
Yeng Constantino is way better-looking and more decent-looking than Kate Hudson. I don’t get it. What’s in Yeng that makes her ugly? What makes Kate Hudson really beautiful? Eww, I’d say Shiloh is better-looking than Suri Curise. Having chinky eyes and flat nose for a Caucasian woman is WEIRD (and becomes ugly when becomes overrated, aka fake Asian). Remember, if you’re a Eurasian (Asian + European), it’s more acceptable. Real Asian beauty is genuine, not fake.

Now who’s better-looking between the two: Charlize Theron or Catherine Zeta-Jones?

Answer: Charlize. Simple woman with class, but at the same time, adventurous.

I also don’t get why CZJ is really beautiful? Yes, she may be one, but she looks too average. She only looks sophisticated and classy, that’s why. Even Julia Roberts, she’s also overrated (and much more overrated than Angelina Jolie). To be honest with you, Nicole Kidman is the epitome of classic classy beauty. She can play villain and protagonist, which makes her classy.

Charlize Theron is the epitome of class, but she’s also adventurous. She has a side which most classy women can’t really agree with: Gay marriage, things that are really for the liberal. Although despite being underrated, she still deserves to be recognized as an award-winning actress, at least. She has done good in AEon Flux and The Battle in Seattle. She’s really a good actress, no doubt, much better than Julia Roberts. Charlize is also versatile, but I wasn’t impressed in her movie Hancock with Will Smith. She can’t do comedy after all. In fact, she’s a serious-type of actress with a smile.

Shit happens

Watching Kate Hudson’s movies were like, “boring.” In fact, Bride Wars didn’t impress me. Anne Hathaway? She really did a good job, but y’know, it’s a chick flick (and I dislike chick flicks, but not hate, like romcoms). Same with the Fool’s Gold thing. It was the worst comedy ever. No joke, Kate can’t even have a real comedy movie (no romance or chick flicks related). So, yeah.

Man, I really wonder if her career is over.

Is AA Klenk really the most beautiful and the sexiest?

As much as I hate ranting about AA Klenk, these are my f*cking observations, which really forced me to write this sub-article.

I don’t get why people admire her for being “feisty”? GAH, there are more hot people around there, why her? I really don’t get why people admire her despite her attitude problem and her past life as someone who used to be fat, average-looking, etc. like, “AA Klenk is a goddess.” Well, shut the fuck up! Even though I forgave her for the incident, it’s still hard for me to complete it. Completing forgiveness is like, the hardest thing to do. It’s like you’re saying, “Let’s see about that!” or “I’ll make sure that this should be for real this time.”

Alright, she has the face, body, talent, etc., but that’s it. You really don’t know if she has other things aside from that. I also don’t get why people think she could carry herself? Can she really do that in real life, or it’s just me who really can’t understand why people with a bad attitude are really DAMN good in acting? Fudge, Dennis Trillo and Jay Manalo combined… these people are bad guys but they’re really damn good in acting. People who were at first delinquents are better in acting than demure people because they have more experience in life, but the consequence is, they’re still underrated. What makes them overrated is the unending worship by hardcore obsessed fans. I don’t really know if both chinito people have those fans. I guess, it’s impossible.

People only worship AA Klenk is because she’s “perfect.” Perfect, huh?

Alright. Someone messaged me one time regarding the tweet that I captured via screenshot (you can see more of that at my post about AA Klenk). That person said, “You are the one who seems to be a hypocrite.”

He said, “She proved me wrong.”

SO, that’s why she’s “admired.” Read more about my AA Klenk posts and you’ll see… if you still have to admire her or not. Definitely, you WON’T DO IT EVER AGAIN.

There are many beautiful and sexy people there, NOT only AA Klenk. It’s only that she looks so demure that she’s almost like those people who tempted Buddha for their pretty faces, resembled by their ugliness through the mirror.

I like it if you are siding with me.

Yeah, like how Roxy said, what now if AA was in Korea? Of course, she might be hanged in the ceiling right away. Remember, Korea (South) is known for its notoriety over actors (or actresses, most specifically) with attitude problem. I know that Choi Jin-shil didn’t have any issues of attitude problem, not until she became a single mom. It’s really hard for her, which ended her to suicide.

If AA was in Korea right now, she’d rather be careful. If she were in the US, she might be lambasted by Perez Hilton, calling her mean names like “whore,” “slut,” or maybe “hooker.” If she were in Japan, that I don’t know.

I really don’t care about rude comments anymore

But still, they’ll be deleted.

There is more to life than a single “popular” blog post

Okay, because I deleted my blog post due to a number of pageviews and super-late rude comments at the same time, this is the only time I have to open up about myself.

First of all, I wrote several blog posts that may seem meaningless to most of you, but you’ll get the message. I wrote things about the Philippines like “Immature Society,” “Anything at Random” blog posts and most of all, several blog posts regarding the status of the Philippines and other things in life. I also posted blog posts about internet celebrities and other celebrities alike who deserve more respect.

However, rather than reading those meaningful posts that I wrote, most netizens are focusing on only one thing: The Facebook warning which is a hoax (this is the only blog post that I deleted due to rude comments).

Before you post something rude, read the blog post and the comments. Whether you like or you like it, I will revive back that blog post, and READ ALL THE OTHER COMMENTS THAT I APPROVED. Isn’t it enough for you Filipinos (or non-Filipinos) to be contented of what these people posted? I understood them because they were respectful to the blog author. However, there are some commentors who were so disrespectful that they want me down. No, I’m not being arrogant, but being so rude and mean to the blog author is a must-avoid. ONLY BECAUSE OF ONE TRENDY BLOG POST doesn’t mean I am popular.

I don’t want to repeat myself, but I was only posting that “statement” is because I felt intimidated. I never thought that this would end up like, “Wow, the author did a strategy to increase visitor traffic.” I thought that I would warn everyone, but hey, there are some netizens who corrected me, and I thought it was enough. I told them that I only found that thing on a Facebook post, but there are these rude people who are STILL NOT CONTENTED of reading my replies to those people who were curious. Crab mentality? Well, I posted something about crab mentality as a mortal sin, which some of the rude people should read and review all over and over again. I appreciate those people who were concerned about my blog post, but I didn’t know this situation would end up to hate comments like, “You are shaming the country!”

Guys, before you send all these hate messages, please read the rules of this blog, the meaningful posts that I read before lambasting my blog post regarding the spam thing. Yes, I may have been lenient, but only for this time. If anyone will post something rude again, I won’t tolerate it and it WILL be MARKED AS SPAM. I mean it. I’m not joking whatsoever.

Trendy blogs are eye-candy

There are many other blogs such as roxyisferox (I recommend her to everyone of those nice and ethical people out there), who is feisty and is firm about her side regarding an issue. Look, if you want to know more about the realities of the Philippines, please avoid watching TV Patrol (Why can’t they leave CGMA alone? Yes, she already got her karma but I forgave her already) because they are being connected to politics these days. Dati naman, hindi naman ganyan ang TV Patrol. Remember, ha, mukha nang pera ngayon ang ABS-CBN. Kung dati, sila pa ang magaling sa kahit anu-anong bagay na makakapag-kumbinsi sa mga manonood. Pero ngayon, nasa’n na ba sila? Tingnan niyo ang ginawa nila kay Willie (kahit mayabang siya at manyakis). Mukha silang pera, eh. They’re self-absorbed. They already are.

Sorry if I got out of topic, but yeah.

Back to Roxy.

Alright. She inspired me to write things about how I feel, how I think, etc., but here in this blog, like what I said, I do not post anything very personal. I do not make this an online diary at all. In fact, you really won’t hear things about me being a loner at school and being talked about. I do not want that.

I was really convinced on going back to WordPress again only because of her (Roxy, I am Evrina, BTW, the one with the blonde girl with red shirt haha who commented at your article before) and her article about AA Klenk (someone whom I used to hate, but now I am giving her another chance, but let’s see about that). Rather than focusing on eye-candy blogs and popular blogs, I chose to read her blog since it has more emphasis on the topic itself. I also chose to comment on her blog, thinking that I have the same interests with her.

Doon ko pa nalaman na hindi pala ganun kakilala ang SNSD due to the fact that Filipinos are really choosy in terms of entertainment. SNSD, however, despite the “Mr. Taxi” song, they’re not going to be like 2NE1 and Wondergirls. Talagang hindi sila sisikat dahil nga, plastic-looking na nga sila, tapos ang mga performance nila, eh palpak naman. Learning these things from someone who appreciates things better is way more pleasing than just focusing on trendy shit which will just fade anytime soon. Wait, do radio stations still play “Otso-otso” on they playlists? Of course not!

Being able to appreciate blogs that are not trendy and eye-candy at the same time is really a must-do. In fact, you’ll learn a lot more from these blogs compared to those trendy shizzz which you can’t find in most print journals.

A Blogger’s Confession

This time lang akong naging open sa mga topics ngayon, particularly the situations in Philippine society. Sure, we are known to be xenocentric, but Filipinos like me do have a nationalistic side. I tend to watch more Filipino teleserye compared to American dramas. I do not find American dramas appealing at all (e.g., One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, The OC) since it bores me. Even American romcoms for me sucked ass, and sometimes, I do not find American comedy appealing (especially the white comedians, sorry for the racist term) at all. Maybe it’s because Filipinos have a better sense of humor and they do not just appreciate the comedy of other nationalities.

PS: I love Bubble Gang hahahaha! I saw Solenn Heussaff there.

If I were the type of blogger who used to be a complete introvert (you could notice that in most of my previous blogs), right now, it’s different. I was the type of blogger who tried to impress every netizen of the world about my blog posts, but most of them are really nonsense and has no point at all. I did everything to let away of these bullcrap on my head, but like what I said before, I was having an identity crisis. Mahirap talagang mag-impress ng netizen kapag may identity crisis ka. You really need to fit in those people, like starting in the word, “I.”

Kung dati, nagpapadala ako sa emosyon. Pero ngayon, wala na ‘yun.

Did you also know that I also had a lot of enemies in Formspring? That’s because I was still having an identity crisis. Mahirap talagang magdepensa sa sarili mo. Hindi mo na alam, marami ka na palang kaaway. I don’t like that, actually.

I really wanted to convince everyone about Philippine society. The rude commentors who didn’t had enough of what the first commentors said were observing crab mentality. They really like putting people down like, “You’re fake!” Like what I said, they’re just jealous that I’m already in the level of posting things like y’know, things like reality, fantasy, etc.

To end the whole sentence paragraph whatsoever, I have said enough. My other blog posts defined it enough. Reading the whole blog is like, knowing who the author is. I don’t want to spoon-feed you guys anymore. Read the whole blog yourself, and reflect why the author wrote things about this or that.


This blog post that I actually wrote is this time, copy-pasted by someone.

Please delete this blog post. I will report your website for not respecting the will of the author that this will never happen again. Once again, this is a hoax. I am sorry to those who were offended, but this has to go.

Oh, please who can help me in stopping this blog to post something which is supposed to go away? 😦

100th post!

This is under the category of Extremes and Randoms (Anything in Random), Free Elective, Fearless Forecast and yeah… it’s a free elective mixed of everything I wanted to post about!

Note: This post is about reviewing the past posts, remember Chobits recalling all the episodes? 😀

What ever happened in my whole sophomore year in college

I am a second year student in college, and it’s no doubt that my mind is starting to change. No more interference and distractions from other people, those who are NOT letting me post anything from heart.

I started to become feisty here in this blog. It’s all thanks to a fellow blogger who inspired me to post rants, constructive or not. I also learned to control my emotions (thanks to that venting shizzzzz) and yes, no more exaggerations in this blog. Everything makes sense.

‘Wag ka talagang magpapadala sa mga emosyon mo.

That’s one important lesson that everyone should learn. Learn it, be it the easy or the hard way, but the best way is to vent things like, “F*ck those <state subject>.”

Of course, no popular kid or even some feeling conservative know-it-all (my worst pet peevie take note of that!) is going to get on my way. It’s over now. They are now party people. Smoking, being drunk all night, but that’s no problem to me. However, I just sit down here typing on this blog. This damn blog which is the best ever. I would say that this IS MY BEST BLOG. My previous blog may be the worst, but come on, I personally think that this is the best blog ever.

Tomorrow’s gonna be the bloodiest pre-enrollment online. I hope my schedule isn’t fucked up, though.

Sorry, non-Filipino people. I can’t speak straight English either

Although people think I’m very fluent in speaking the language, to be honest, I’m not they type of person who speaks really, really twanged English. I speak it either the barok way, or maybe the accented way. No wonder there’s such thing as the “DLSU Taglish Language.” (Yes, in order for the popular kids NOT to be offended/insulted when I say the “other” word)

Good thing there are no lurkers out there.

Being able to speak in straight English means that you are ready to make a bloody thesis. That’s right folks. Your nose will literally bleed due to the fact that the English words has no meanings.

I feel very jealous when people speak perfect Tagalog. I personally think that it’s a big shame for you to speak English better than speaking your own native tongue. Ika nga, parang tinatalikuran mo ang pinagmulan mo kung hindi mo ituturo ang sarili mong wika sa mga anak mo, mapa-‘Pinas man o ibang bansa. Shame on Michael Copon’s dad, for teaching him that they’re “already Americans, so no need to learn Tagalog.” Hindi porke’t nangingibang-bansa ka na, eh, tatalikuran mo ang pinagmulan mo. Remember, other nationalities never ever do that for the sake of being a “completely-changed” person. Why, do you think even the Roman people in ancient Rome knew English that time (Old English, that is)? Latin may be a dead language, but of course, it is one of the oldest languages in history (good thing it’s not yet obsolete or extinct). Every word’s derived from Latin. Even German. Even French. Even Spanish. Every language has a word derived from Latin.

I think I was wrong. English may be the language of communication, but it doesn’t really make you an intelligent person. If your parents (of Filipino descent) think that it is a superior language, don’t get me wrong. They’re elitists.

I really admired the Fil-Ams of their willingness to learn their parents’ native tongue. Mapa-Ilonggo o Ilocano (aside from Tagalog/Cebuano), ayos lang.

English-speaking Christians

The Philippines is the only Asian country that has this title. Being colonized by the Spanish and the Americans make the history of the Philippines more confusing… and more debatable. If we were rather invaded by the British, French or Dutch, we might’ve not been coerced to give up our heritage, so does developing the useless crab mentality thing.

We may tend to follow our traditions based on our faith, but roxyisferox commented on this post that I made regarding my write-up on how it is to be a liberal. Well, through a blog entry, too.

Filipina women tend to “keep” their virginity, but once they fall in love with a white guy, they’ll give it to them. Now how stupid would you get. White guys aren’t the only guys out there. It just so happens is because, with a white guy, you’ll get the following: FAME+FORTUNE+WORSHIP.

Worshipping foreigners (100%) is really the most dangerous form of colonial mentality. We reject our own race, we diss our own ancestors. Lawl, I really hate the fact that I really wanted to get out of the Philippines not because they worship white people, even mixed people who are white-skinned. Being white may seem to make you a goddess, but truth is that, the Miss Universe that we usually sent to another country isn’t usually white. Do you portray Filipina beauty as “white-skinned?” Of course, not! Alex de Rossi isn’t the only tanned actress to promote sun-kissed glow, but also Bubbles Paraiso, Nikki Gil and Katrina Halili. How’s that?

To those who love white-skinned people: Look at Jinkee Pacquiao when she isn’t fake-looking. She’s not attractive at all. She’s. Just. Fair. I would appreciate it if she covers her face with a very thick layer of makeup, rather than being so insecure on other women Pacman had. Yeah, she may have an improved face, but that would only mean that she feels so inferior when Krista’s around.

To those who think she’s pretty before the cosmetic surgery, you’re totally wrong! She’s only fair, period.

Don’t let your emotions eat you up|On Relationships and Couples

Like what I mentioned before, my maternal great-grandmother married a poor native which is unforgivable if my future child (especially if it’s a girl) will do the same as well [My future kids will not receive any good gifts from me if they marry a poor native and they won’t be invited to visit my place anymore, sorry if I sounded too mean, but it’s for their own good]. Sorry for sounding too mean, but marrying a poor native (take it figuratively, but don’t take this shit personally) will make you have many frustrations. Ganyan talaga ang may mukha. Bigo sa pag-ibig. Almost everyone who has the face value has a big issue on love life. Your beauty will never be inherited by your kids and will really start a fight with you if they inherit the ugly genes. Yes, I did that one time to my mother because… I was just joking. What she did before to her mom was a “slap in the face” when I did the same. I won’t tell you that thing, I was only joking.

Sometimes, jokes have meaning, too. Like the saying of

Nung unang panahon, hinihintay ang kabilugan ng b’wan bago ikasal. Ngayon, hinihintay ang kabilugan ng t’yan, bago ikasal.

which is actually hurtful to some people, but these jokes are meant to be true at times. Corny jokes? Nah. Green jokes? Make it creative. Real jokes? HOMG you just reminded me of Chris Tucker!

This best example of a joke becomes true. Like how I ranted the dangers of PMS, I am also an advocate of keeping one’s virginity. Contrary to that, I strongly recommend an unmarried couple who are expecting to have their first child to marry. Shotgun wedding or not, it’s a blessing. A baby is a blessing. Plus points blessing if the unwed but expecting couple are going to marry. Now you get what it takes to become parents. Forbidding the expecting but unwed couple to marry is a taboo for me. An unwritten taboo, that is.

Random Sharing: Eldest grandchild is a spoiled brat

My pop’s side: Full of narcissists and false critics. Even the eldest grandchild (and eldest cousin) is so far the most spoiled brat ever.

My eldest cousin Phil (not his real name) is someone not to look up to. He’s a maniac and of course, someone who thinks he’s too handsome to deceive women (but truth is that, he’s not handsome at all!). To think that he’s my cousin, to be honest, no one in my family (my other cousins actually) likes to work with him. I feel sorry for his wife (whom he just dissed and later on left) and to his kids. He’s not a good father after all. He’s just selfish. I can’t stand him, even though I really do not give a f*ck about him. Even my late grandmother had the grudges against him is because, he used to be the most favorite grandson who didn’t even bother to visit his own grandmother who used to spoil him. He didn’t even care about her condition. If I was really ashamed of myself for taking her for granted (because she was bedridden), I apologized to her, but I really don’t know if it was sincere. But because she’s forgiving, I thank her for that.

Sometimes, growing up a spoiled brat makes your life harder. You start to become rude to your seniors, you started to cut relationships with your friends for no valid reason, etc. which makes you the “poor” one. I wasn’t really the center of attention nor the most spoiled grandchild. I was the most abused so far. I hate to admit this, but I experienced a very terrible childhood. I was bullied because of my early growth (I hate being the eldest daughter, seriously!) and because they just want to do it due to jealousy. Forgive them? Well, forget about those people because I really don’t care about them. It’s not my problem if they are seeking for refuge. It’s not my problem if they suffer the same way they let me suffer. Rather than ridiculing them, I’d rather tell myself, “Paki ko ba?”

Those who were my “friends” started to turn their back against me. It’s all thanks to that toothless freak who was always late at school back then. I was really doubting why I had a very terrible life (thank goodness I’m not a rebel). I used to be a bitch way back then, but it was all lost, thanks to those feeling conservative know-it-alls. They’re the real bitches. They want you down. They want me down. All because they’re jealous. Jealousy, that is.

If those guys think that I’m the one who’s jealous, now look who’s talking.

Feisty rant: Feeling Conservative Know-it-alls

My worst pet peevie. GTFO of my sight because you’re only a mere distraction in my life (for those people).

They think that what you’re doing is a taboo. Well, what THEY’RE DOING IS WORSE than a taboo, that is. They were once the “know-it-alls” turned popular kids. I was even attempting to rant this shit before I started to write bad things about them.

They are insecure. They wanted to be you. They wished they were someone else. All because they’re jealous.

Where are they now?

Feeling conservative know-it-alls are using the name of the Lord to make some invalid excuses. They do it to impress everyone. They do it because they feel superior. What are they, promoting a selfish, jealous God? They’re the one who’s using the name of God in vain, which is against the 10 commandments.

I know that some of you are feeling conservative know-it-alls (FC-KIA) who are only manipulating the lives of other people because again, you’re jealous. Well, get a fucking life, you people. You’re jealous and insecure of those people. GTFO of their lives because they don’t need you. They can live without you.

I was turning feisty

NOT because I need it, but because I wanted to protect myself.

Go and send a hate message against me. You know what’ll happen.

Being feisty isn’t bad at all, actually. Being feisty should be done in the right place and at the right time. Kung dati, nagpapadala naman ako sa emosyon ko. But now? I would simply be defensive if someone attacks me on a regular basis.

And lastly, hindi rin ako magpapadala sa mga intriga. Sige, tsismis lang sila ng tsismis, eh anong use nu’n?

Feisty Ashley: The younger Gosiengfiao tells it all

I really feel so bad for Alodia’s little sister Ashley when she was attacked by an asshole who was falsely obsessed at her. I would really feel the same if someone would criticize me for doing “not enough.” Of course, who wouldn’t feel insulted if someone tells you that, right?

Ashley never dreamed of being a celebrity. It just so happened is because her older sister is a famous cosplay icon. She even said that she and Alodia have differences. Why, would you just have to imitate someone to feel complete? ‘Course, not!

Ashley may seem feisty when it comes to people who are criticizing her in a wrong way, however, it’s because she was introverted. She isn’t like Alodia, like what I said, who is more discreet. We’re not close, but it’s based on my own observations.

Asking too much to someone shows that you’re being too draggy. You’re hard-to-please. You’re discontented. BUT your standards are low, and the maximum would only be zero. Also, Ashley never sold her songs to iTunes. She uploaded it for everyone to download it. She isn’t making any money from her music. After all, she does this is because she feels like it.

I may feel annoyed when she’s turning feisty, but like what I said, being feisty is really your shield from your false critics. “The Critic” from who criticized “Why I Chose to be a Liberal” is NOT a real critic. That person’s only using that monicker to annoy people. That’s how she felt when her false admirer did really tell her that he’s “hard-to-please” kuno.

Do you want me to namedrop “The Critic”? Here we go:

To be blunt, this is short-sighted. While there are some conservative people that go to an extreme degree, there are even more that do have a slightly more relaxed belief. Saying that everyone who is conservative are bad, is like saying everyone who is liberal are irresponsible. Neither assumption is true, and both are completely pointless.

While you might be able to blame your up-bringing for a period in your life, eventually you can’t push fault onto it anymore. You’re a grown adult, and you can’t keep blaming mommy and daddy for all the negative things in your life. You are ultimately the one who controls your life, and it is up to you to decide how you want to live it.

I know both conservative and liberal raised students who are on the honnor roll, play sports, and have a developed social life. Extremes exist, but they are often few and far betwixt the ones who have more balance.

This isn’t an essay as much as it is a vent.

Now look who’s talking. The word essay originally means, “to attempt.” You know that, right? Attempting to target a specific audience is the goal of a writer. Yes, this is an essay, because I attempt to target a specific audience. The essay may sound elitist, but there are times that conservatism prevents a person access to the real world. Look at most royal families. The younger royals are starting to become rebellious against traditional beliefs. They wanted to blend in ordinary people. They are sick and tired of prim and proper life. Remember, living in a prim and proper life makes your life structured.

LAWL, blaming my parents? You may say that again, but the feeling that having a feeling conservative know-it-all parent is very frustrating. You want your life flexible but he/she wants it structured. Sometimes, life with a lot of curfews (which are really unbreakable at all times) will just make your life harder. I won’t ever let my kids suffer an upbringing from feeling conservative know-it-alls who want to manipulate everything. I would really say a very firm no on that.

Saying that everyone who is conservative are bad, is like saying everyone who is liberal are irresponsible. Neither assumption is true, and both are completely pointless.

It’s an opinion, remember? An essay may have both facts and opinions, and sometimes these ideas get along with each other. Sometimes, there are contradictions, but that’s an essay, right? I don’t want to be redundant, but yeah.

I’m not literally saying that being conservative is bad. The only problem with conservatism is that, everyone abuses it. Everyone does is because, they feel empowered. Being liberal… makes one person irresponsible? Come on, there are some people who are reliable in terms of being carefree. They always have your back no matter what happens.

Pointless? There is a point, and I said everything. I share this to everyone, but I only target a specific audience. If you are a conservative, reading this write-up, you may argue with me, but please be as constructive as how persuasive you could be.

Overall, I might’ve used all my emotions here, but remember, arguing based on your beliefs without thinking means that you really disagree, but sometimes, there is always a reason why. Lawl, I just ran out of information. Fuck that.

Now I gave you an example of being feisty. That’s how Ashley felt when she’s lambasted by that fake dude… but THIS:

Click here to read her entry. MUST read.

My Formspring haters and false critics

Remember the fake Miley person who’s actually a whore? I wonder where she is right now. Being ashamed of being fake and at the same time, whore? Dude, people are hating you because you’re an attention whore. You called almost everyone a retard and you are not even American either! You’re a Filipina lambasting your own race, and even trashtalked other people. Look, no one gives respect to you is because, you’re asking everyone to diss you rather. Whoa.

Those false critics, however, are sending hate messages against me. Well, I based again my answers from my emotions… I couldn’t almost control my emotions when in fact, everyone’s starting to raise their middle fingers at me. I know, they’re raising their middle fingers right in front of the monitor.

All thanks to that guy (my crushie who was actually anon) who actually started that shit. Gosh, I didn’t know everyone’s asking me very personal questions. Like my unusual habits that are out-of-this-world, because I was at that time in the identity crisis period. Of course, it’s really hard for someone to get up and fight like a man in that period.

Alright. I know who you guys are. Being really, really anons, right?

I know some of you are really mad at me because you’re popular kids. Popular in a sense that you made a lot of issues that almost damaged the reputation of our former second home.

I hate to admit this, but my batch was the worst during high school. The admin, however, tolerates those things. Gah. The admin’s really like the government. Useless.

Looks like I’m going back to Extremes & Randoms all over and over again

If you are very curious about it, click here to download the file. It’s in .pdf format, so you don’t need to worry. 🙂

Unfortunately, there are a lot of typos. E-Mail me if you want a copy of the document in .doc format.

So, yeah. That would end this post. 🙂

What were the titles before?

Another free elective post. This time, it is all about social-networking sites and random things.

What were the titles before?

Person of the WEEK, and A Perspective View.

Those were the words that I usually utter when I start some review. However, that was before. I do not use it right now. It’s all about what’s inside my mind, and doing it by heart.

I used to blog in Multiply, but I’m not doing it anymore. I abandoned the “oldest” sites like Friendster, Multiply… but before Facebook, these were the only social networking sites that work. Multiply is overshadowed by Tumblr, while Friendster is now “replaced” by Facebook. I have to admit, Facebook is so much better and its interface is far more pleasing than Friendster. The PHP language may seem complex, but it’s more automatic than plain HTML.

If Multiply was like Tumblr, I personally think that Tumblr is more simple and easier to use. You reblog things you like, and you like the other posts. If I post my photos in my Tumblr portfolio, I only choose those which are worth to be displayed/featured in Tumblr. Tumblr also raises awareness through reblogs, like “Like if you love Jesus.”

You’ll also meet Tumblr-famous people. I love Tumblr for its generosity to give way to celebrities.

Most of my posts in Multiply are private since I was very concerned about my privacy, OR maybe it is the trend of most popular kids. To be honest, I want to make everything public but… I might be at risk if I did that.

I still have to admit that I still log-in Multiply, but thing is that, I’m not posting anything unless if I have to do something urgent. Multiply doesn’t suck ass, but it is outdated, and it is only designed to be an online shop.

What is competitive education?

Competitive education doesn’t only focus on English, Mathematics and Science. Question is, these are only called, “major subjects” is because, these are only used for college entrance exams, which I find it annoying. Filipino was only a semi-major subject, which I also find it unfair since Filipino is the national language of the Philippines. Competitive education is not only English as medium of instruction (leave it to the Maths and Sciences, and English too) but it is also about putting equality to all subject areas.

I still don’t get why there are many subjects in the Philippine education system. Many subjects which we really do not need in the corporate world. It’s also that floating subjects which are useless should only be optional.

Competitive education produces the best of students. If you come from Ateneo, that doesn’t really mean that you’re smart, well-to-do and good-looking. There are more intelligent students from La Salle or other non-Big 4 schools which produces more topnotchers. That is actually, a fact.

My former second home used to have a very good reputation (most celebrities attended that school) but it was only then in a bad limelight when the admin is starting to be power-hungry only to abuse their power only for themselves. I’m not saying that my former second home should be avoided, but take note that quality education comes from the wit of every administration.

I need to be a first honors’ Dean’s Lister

I have two failures. Darn it, two hard-to-please feelers at the same time = SUICIDE.

Don’t get them at the same term, because they have high expectations. High expectations? Oh, please, you’re not even a Ph.D. holder just yet. Even those with Ph.D.’s are more considerate than them.

However, it’s not yet the end of the world. What I only need is the courage to get high grades. Get good grades, at least. I really do not care if I pass, what I want is a decent grade.

I used to have NO problem with tanned skin

Now what’s wrong with tan skin? It may be the real color of the Filipinos, but it’s all thanks to the Spaniards and to the Americans, we are starting to love the white people. Do you think the whitest of all the women is the most beautiful woman in the Philippines? Do you think Anne Hathaway is the most beautiful in Hollywood? Snow White is only the epitome of what we call it as “Victorian beauty.” I never wanted to be white before high school, but the most beautiful goes to someone who has the typical mestiza looks. I always think that the “muse” of our school IS the most beautiful. She ain’t really fair-skinned, but she has the face value, at least.

Tanned skin is only applied to predominantly white-skinned countries. If you’re tanned, you’re hailed as a princess. If you’re white, nobody will notice you. If you’re pale white, you’re noticed, but the attention doesn’t completely go to you. Most fair-skinned women wanted to be tanned, and there are a lot of Hollywood stars who are tanning themselves. They thought that being tan is the fad and being tan seems healthier than being white.

Usually, Hollywood stars who are pale do tan, because they believe that having a new look is better and of course, for their satisfaction. There are stars who still look good with than, but there are tanned Hollywood stars who are not good-looking if they’re white.|LiLo’s pale and tanned side.|Eva’s not good when pale! She only looks good with a tan.

Lawl, that would be there for now.

I should’ve greeted him a Happy Birthday :3

And it’s no other than…

Guess who this is… it’s all in the EYES.

How about getting a real tattoo of this face, eh? ;3