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Movie Review: The Kirishima Thing



Japanese: Kirishima, Bukattsu Yamerutteyo (桐島、部活やめるってよ) – literally, “Kirishima, quit all the clubs”

Starring: Kamiki Ryunosuke, Higashide Masahiro, Ohgo Suzuka

Plot/Summary: In this heartbreaking film, it is a story about high school students being desperate about Kirishima’s disappearance. Here, Kirishima is the well-known team captain of the Libero team in volleyball. What reunited these students is Kirishima’s presence, but physically he’s not even existing. Here, it talks about normal life in high school and school clubs and their dilemmas.

Review: This film is actually a breakthrough and for the record, it is much, much better compared to the Thai movie, “First Love” (known in the Philippines as A Crazy Little Thing Called Love).

The elements of the story would be:

– Interaction between fiction and reality.
– Interaction between indie and mainstream.

There are reasons why I consider this one a better film to watch compared to First Love:

1.) The Kirishima Thing is more realistic as compared to First Love, in some way that there are NO elements that actually glorify superficiality.

2.) Some elements in The Kirishima Thing are actually found in Golden Slumber which are the lenghtening of not-so-important scenes, but these scenes serve as the independent variables that support some interesting series that are dependent variables.

3.) There is no such thing as competition in the good looks department. While The Kirishima Thing shows a lot of good-looking people, at least the story is about behing THE BEST in your craft and at the same time balancing your social life and your club that you’re into.

I did like the scenes wherein Maeda (Kamiki), Hiroki (Higashiede) and Sawashima (Ohgo) were the lead characters. Maeda is a film junkie (a geek), Hiroki is a non-participating baseball club member and Sawashima is an introverted saxophone player.

Here, this Japanese series is known for its style of combining elements coming from indie films plus mainstream entertainment.

Rating: 10/10 – Well, it’s obviously an award-winning breakthrough film.

Movie Review: Golden Slumber


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One word: It’s a REAL masterpiece! It’s like the movies that I see in Screen Red!

Sakai Musings…

Masato Sakai again, never fails to amaze the audience in this thriller-suspense, filled with comedy (oh, what do you expect with this guy? He’s like the Japanese version of Johnny Depp and Binoe!)! One thing that I really like about “Golden Slumber” is how he dealt with the conspiracy that framed him as the “perpetrator” of the Prime Minister’s assassination. It was life between the accused and the accuser–which are the heavy security who will do everything to capture Aoyagi Masaharu (Sakai’s character).

Review (!?)

Well, what? I cannot say that this movie should be a 10/10. The ending is SOOOOOO bitin that Aoyagi ended up being the impostor himself. Therefore, I could either say that the rating ranges from 9.5-10/10 because of the ending. I really did not like the ending at all, and it’s much more disappointing than a typical deus ex machina–only a longer version.

The movie BTW, is derived from “Golden Slumbers,” by the Beatles. Well, not a fan of the song, though. I only liked the scenes where Masato sang in English (at last! HAHA)–and more LHD vehicles on the scene.

Overall, this is recommended to watch if you’re learning more Japanese phrases and also, if you’re into thriller movies. Nothing is really boring with Masato-chan!

Rating: 3.5-4.0

Rico Yan before his… matinee years

All of these are from FB… hehehe

Film Review: Hanamizuki


Hanamizuki is about a story of two lovers who met on a train. Sae is aspiring to enter Waseda University while Kouhei is a fisherman in Hokkaido. At the beginning of the movie, Sae goes on a journey to go to where she was born: Nova Scotia, Canada.

Well, I really cannot tell the synopsis! Just watch the movie if you want to find out more!

I really find the movie very interesting. It is like the interaction between fiction and reality (yes, check out my original Osaka Monogatari).

The Social Network|The Social Network Cover

Short Intro

I thought that Justin Timberlake portrayed Mark Zuckerberg in the movie. It was Jesse Eisenberg who portrayed him.

Alright, I’ll be honest. Esisenberg reminds me Ben Whishaw, a Brit actor who protrayed Grenouille in “Perfume” movie.

I was wondering if Erica Albright is real or not, but speculations said that she is only fictional (oh yeah, just like the characters in Osaka Monogatari, I doubt that there are some people there who will exist for real).

Before watching the Social Network, I highly doubted that Mark Zuckerberg only had Priscilla Chan as his first and last girlfriend, but it turned out that she wasn’t. I was really doubting if Albright was for real.

Wait… are we talking about Gabriela Robin here?

If people would ask, “Who the hell’s Gabriela Robin?”, well, she’s THAT singer who sings in Gibberish. It is Yoko Kanno’s really dirty secret and she won’t EVER reveal who that person is. While people speculate that Robin is Kanno herself, it is really questionable.

The Summary [Leave this page if you don’t wanna get spoilers]

Mark Zuckerberg faced lawsuits coming from his best friend Eduardo, and also the twins Tyler (?) and Cameron, the rowers. Zuckerberg is indeed, a nerd, but he had different connectios with Sean, Napster’s CEO. Teamwork came and this broke the friendship between Zuck and Ed (not sure of the monicker).


I really do recommend everyone watching this film. For the prospective lawyers, this is for you.

So you see, Bill Gates was also featured, but I highly doubt that HE portrayed HIMSELF in that film, or is it really him after all? For those who do not know the whole story about Mark Zuckerberg’s creation, Facebook started as “Facemash,” a website designed to compare the best faces in Harvard.

But from the short intro I made, I thought Albright was real, but after all, she’s more of fictional, so we really cannot tell if she really did exist. After all, their conversation in the movie started as serious, but there were no signs of disagreement. It was only then that Mark proved himself a nerd.

What nerd?

At least he never ended up like Cho Seung-hui (RIP).

Joint Movie Review Post: Late Post, I mean!

Avengers + Dark Shadows

Warning: If you haven’t watched the series below (any of the two, please skip this post. Spoilers, spoilers! HAHA!)

Alright, I’m really VERY sorry for posting this very late (alright, to my die-hard fans and followers, I know you’re waiting for this post, but… who knows? HAHA), but here goes…

From Wikipedia and, respectively.

Let’s start with Dark Shadows. The movie is really very funny since it’s Johnny Depp who portrays the vampire, but he’s like a less-romantic but milder version of Edward Cullen. What do you notice when Barnabus isn’t really the blood-sucking vampire? This is what we call it as defamiliarization. Defamiliarization happens when characters/creatures depicted in a stereotypical manner are being disregarded.

So, I have learned a new err… term/device. This is the second one since the stream of consciousness is the very first thing ever that came out of mind.

Second comes Avengers. Everyone is watching it is because of the story itself. However, let me explain to you a few things:

1.) It’s like Iron Man III, and it’s only Black Widow and Iron Man who contributed more to the series. It wasn’t Captain America who had the right amount of charisma to awe the audience. Kumbaga, he’s a sidekick-type of character, alongside Hawkeye. Another thing is, the guy who needed help is no other than Thor.

2.) The first part of the series is boring enough to make people sleep. Gosh, the first part sucked… not until all the characters have met one another and… that’s it.

3.) The Climax is AT the falling action and the resolution of the story. Like, fighting Loki’s subordinates!? It should be at the middle part so that people would not sleep during the movie.

However, the movie is great. It’s much better than the Justice League (Well, I think Spiderman only had the best trilogy and crap) when it had a spin-off.

NEXT POST: 300th post –> this is purely about the iPhone 4S. Alright, the 300th post is reserved for the iPhone 4S as an alternative laptop, camera, mobile phone and… well you may YM in the 4S, so why not use the iPhone rather than the lappy, right?

Tomorrow will be the first day of classes… on the first term of my third (and probably me final year… haha I’m delayed BTW) year in DLSU. This is my only last chance to get a Dean’s List award, but it depends upon the people whom I’ll meet… hopefully I could make it there.

The Hunger Games

Wikipedia|Movie poster

The movie is really, very awesome! Alright, so the story goes this way, representatives (or tributes) from each district are chosen (1 boy and girl) to fight for the Hunger Games. It is a matter of survival where they should fight until they die, and there’s only one survivor, declared as the winner.

Alright, so Katniss Everdeen is portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence, well, I never heard her before, but I think she resembles Emily Browning, alright.

First Impressions

I thought that it is a game show, or maybe some sort of kids-oriented movie/novel, but of course, the “hunger” in the title means “survival.” People have to kill each other to snatch the necessities needed in life. Well, it should be taken note that it’s really very much hard to be a tribute. You have to kill one another to survive.

I’d say I do not recommend this for children. I recommend this only for teens and young adults, since this is somewhat milder than the gore classic Kill Bill. Rating: 5-star.

Johnny English: Reborn

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read this if you don’t want to be diagnosed with hydrocephalus. It’s much better if you rather not read this movie review AT ALL.

I watched the movie in SM The Block. Guess what? The first Johnny English was better. I don’t really know why, but the plot is rather killing only one villain rather than ALL those villains. I was so disappointed of the outcome of the film is because, Rowan Atkinson is already old. Well, in my case, that’s my point of view.


Johnny English was on Tibet… for training. As the movie runs through, there are three men who were part of the vortex who plotted to kill the president of Mozambique. It may be Johnny English or Simon Ambrose who are involved in the case. Well, that’s all I could think of.


I wonder if he’s gonna be knighted once more if he doesn’t use his brain if that old woman is some sorta villain, or someone else. I really didn’t like the plot is because, it was really less than I expected. I think the first one did impress me is because it’s all about the country of Johnny English as he captures a Frenchman who is gonna seize the throne from the queen.

I would give the rating a 3, over 5.