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Origa’s Impressive Performance in Boston

Well, if you’re an anime fan, you might as well be familiar with Yoko Kanno–she’s anime’s top composer and of course, musician behind all these anime OST. She’s one of the reasons why I still love everything Japanese–but one of her singers captured my eye, and that is no other than Origa.

Yep, that’s right. Origa is one of Yoko Kanno’s partners in crime who has been contributing to anime for so many years and yet she is still EPIC!

First time hearing Origa speak in English! However… it’s a good thing she could still remember the songs that she popularized!

Another angle of the performance.

Her voice is still ethereal… and powerful at the same time! LOVE HURRRRR FOREVAH!

A rare music video of Origa’s Polyushko Polye

I cannot believe that Origa also has a music video of her songs… but yeah. It’s too rare after all.

STILL cannot believe that I’m still a fan of hers up to now. ;D

Late post!

Goodbye, Ravi Shankar

Believe it or not, he’s an epic!|Such a legend that brought Indian music to the West, bravo!

Seriously, he reminds me of Sri Lankan-born sports writer Ronnie Nathanielsz, only that he does music!

He discusses how to play the sitar.

I’d say that he’s really a legend, a Pandit who brought classical Indian music to the West.

His ageing aura indicates how he lived for 92 years!

…with his collaboration with George Harrison

Rest in peace, Pandit Shankar. You’ll always be remembered.

Yeng Constantino CD






Finally, I got this CD! 😀 The songs are really great, and it shows that she’s a great singer. Hope that ABS-CBN would make her mainstream.

Why I regard Björk as one of the best singers in town

Bjork is one of the raspy-voiced singers with exceptional talent — she does not only sing, but also, she could also imagine something really exceptional — unlike other singers, she could actually sing about nature, politics, aside from simple love songs; an she could pull that off. You cannot imagine Lady GaGa or maybe Ke$ha doing the same thing.

Singing Oceania in Icelandic

Bjork in Atta Raddir, an Icelandic TV show

Bjork expresses her love for country — Icelandic pride!

Bjork moved from her native Iceland to the United Kingdom to pursue a solo career after she became part of the Sugarcubes. One reason why I admire Bjork in some way. She really made Iceland placed on the map — just like these artists/celebrities:

Charlize Theron – South Africa
Amuro Namie – Okinawa, Japan
Regina Spektor – Russia
Heidi Klum – GermanySophia Loren – Italy
Marion Cotillard – France
Kylie Minogue, Nicole Kidman, Hemsworth Brothers, Miranda Kerr – Australia
Pierce Brosnan – Ireland
Natalie Portman – Israel
Greta Garbo – Sweden
Audrey Hepburn, Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley, Robert Pattinson, Alex Pettyfer, Orlando Bloom – UK
Famke Janssen – The Netherlands
Milla Jovovich – Ukraine
Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz – Spain
Salma Hayek – Mexico
Shakira – Colombia

Other artists:

Asia Argento – Italy
Audrey Tautou – France
Franka Potente – Germany
Ivana Baquero – Spain

The Uniqueness of Bjork Gudmundsdottir

Bjork is very unique. Call her “weird,” but she’s not as mainstream-ish weird like Lady GaGa, or maybe retro-cutesy like Katy Perry, or maybe trashy-punkish like Ke$ha. Bjork is an experimental singer — she is a definition of an artist.

Right, Justin Bieber?

When she sings, she talks about nature (Oceania, Biophilia songs, Nattura), politics (Declare Independence) and patriotism (Joga). Also, she also does storytelling (Bachelorette, Isobel).

Now what’s even very special about her is that, her weird costumes and out-of-this-world music videos (mostly directed by Michel Gondry) really make her stand out, and imagine that the Japanese really loved her so much that she’s hailed there (you know naman, Japanese people embrace weirdness).

Also, you won’t question it if Bjork wins an award due to her uniqueness — no other artist could pull off the avant-garde style that Bjork has.

When I was in high school, I would usually defy the social norm of worshipping mainstream popular music by rather leaning onto Bjork, Chick Corea and Yoko Kanno. Amy Winehouse is also included. Yeah, I really do not like mainstream music after all, except when you listen to Lady Gaga or maybe Japanese composers like Junichi Nakatsuru (the real legend!).

Unfortunately, Bjork is not that popular in the Philippines. Her target is usually countries that have first-world standards — countries that do not simply lean onto pop music alone. Singers alongside her only target first-world countries which is really even sad because third-world countries cannot even at least, try to understand her a bit. They would rant out and think that “No, this is not music! These are all… messy.” If you think that Bjork is nothing, why can’t you ask music critics? After all, they could really choose Bjork over Willie Revillame.

Cross-over between weird and mainstream

Overall, I think that Bjork is really fantastica!

Well, it makes me want to tackle about Icelandic culture.

Eraserheads – Ligaya… hmmm… who did the cover version better?

Here’s the original…

(I wanna download this song, it seems that OPM is more fun to listen haha)

Eraserheads – Ligaya

Seriously, hindi ako fan ng Eraserheads, however, when I heard this song, it sounds like… “Okay naman pala OPM ah.”

But when I watched the cover versions, it seemed that Yeng and RJ’s version gave more justice:

Manapla Concert – OMG, this is really funny!

OMG, I love the duo here!

Hahaha, bakit sila pa ang inuna ko!? Call me biased, but… here’s Kitchie Nadal’s cover:

Oh noes! The same “lasing” voice, but once you hear the live version…

Okay, so to speak, mas clear ang voice niya dito.

Same here.

YouTube user’s Mudrax gives more justice to the song.

Kitchie’s version is quite err… inconsistent. However, Mudrax’s version is much better and much more minimalistic. For Yeng and RJ, I really do not know if that’s good, but yeah, more effective.

Now you must evaluate! WHO did it bettuh!?

Reasons why I really admire Yeng Constantino

Please read this blog entry before proceeding. Thanks. (:

When I first saw her, I thought of her as ordinary-looking, generic punk rocker. Like, “Ano ba naman ‘yan, hindi naman siya kagandahan, hindi rin naman siya chaka.” However, when I saw her up close in 2007, I was stunned by her beauty when she sang on stage.

Awit ng Pangarap

Even other people will attest that she’s really pretty, and not to mention that she has softer features.

PBB Teens Clash

My other couz on pop’s side really attested that the Yengsters were really honest about their experience with their idol. I really cannot consider myself as a Yengster, but I’m simply sort of fan. Pretty, nice and approachable. Hindi lang siya typical colegiala na pang-campus lang ang beauty niya. In other words, I could really say that she can be like Dara.

Ang arrive niya talaga is like a combination of Miley Cyrus + Hayley Williams.

I really like her cover version of Millionaire. Kaya ba ‘yan ni Sarah Geronimo? Sarah may also have a talent in imitating singing styles, but Yeng makes it even more like, un-identifiable.


I really think she does deserve more recognition. If I were to be asked, I’d buy a collection of her CD’s and go to her concerts. I’d be very proud if she’s going to be a guest in DLSU. (; Hope that happens if she’s not that busy.

I have to admit, sometimes it’s really hard to appreciate ALL her songs. As in, ALL of them. However, she’s they type of person na marunong naman mag-diversify. However, take a peek at this one:

Salamat – am besten Lied!

foxy_roxy (roxyisferox’s former monicker) stated:

GRAND STAR DREAMER is no other than YENG CONSTANTINO. After all, she deserves it and it is already anticipated that she will be the first champion of PDA.

Actually, Yeng has the same talent as Taylor Swift. Teenager pa lang, marunong na silang mag-compose ng kanta. The only difference is, halos pare-pareho ang tono ng mga awitin ni Taylor Swift. Granted, I also admire Taylor Swift for her “clean” image, however, what makes it “tainted” is her numerous relationships with other guys. Tapos after break-up, she will write a song that will really tell about her lovelife. However, Yeng does not need to do that. Tingnan niyo naman, halos wala ngang isyung naririnig tungkol nga sa kanya, eh! Also, when it comes to lovelife, Yeng does not even need to talk about that.

Also, she does not even need to join a band to become famous. I really do not understand why Kitchie Nadal and Barbie Almalbis are even more admired than Yeng, if in fact both of them only became famous because of being a band member, blah blah blah. Kaya lang sumikat si Kitchie Nadal because she used to be a member of Mojofly, and same with Barbie because she used to be part of Barbie’s Cradle. Their styles are often generic — in Barbie’s case, she’s like Taylor Swift in terms of song tones and music, while for Kitchie, she’s only well-known for her so-called beauty (I’d say that she’s way cuter before) and her songs that are actually yeah, substantial, but the music isn’t even that lively. Kumbaga, na-overhyped lang sila. Also, despite being rock stars, they don’t even diversify in terms of fashion sense. Lalo naman kay Kitchie, ever since I’m not a fan naman talaga, eh. At the height of her popularity, may something talaga kung bakit hindi ko siya na-appreciate compared kay Yeng. Maybe it’s because hindi masyadong ma-appeal at charismatic si Kitchie ever since. Oh yes, try to read the article here.

If you think that Yeng is really talented and deserves more recognition, I think you should learn to love OPM because there are a lot of songs that are more lovable than those mainstream songs, if not Oppa Gangman Style (the only great K-Pop song ever, seriously) and Baby (Justin Bieber’s most famous song!).

Lea Salonga: Why she’s all worth it

Disney’s Reflection

A Whole New World

Blessed with a God-given beauty and a heavenly voice, Ms. Lea Salonga is finally here as someone who is a Filipino pride.

What the…? Someone with God-given talent is outspoken at the same time?

Unfortunately, I’m no fan of Lea, but I think her voice is really angelic. Take note: Angelic. Not even the Pop Princess could even replicate it. Not even Charice. Or maybe others.

Lea Salonga is at-par with Regine Velasquez, Kuh Ledesma, Frenchie Dy, and any other singers who are not only talented but also blessed with a rocking voice.

Granted that her English accent is too foreign, but take note that she sings in Filipino without any ka-ere-ere.

Can’t believe she sang this. Hehehe, a younger version of hers is an evidence.

Lea isn’t only a singer, a Tony-award winner, a mother and an actress (in fact she portrayed the Fil-Am, opposite Aga Muhlach), but she is also outspoken, and with regards her opinion towards the RH Bill, she is PRO-RH, and she said that amidst any obstacle, she’ll be a spokesperson for it.

Also, she spoke about the Lady GaGa concert which resulted to many protests. Oo nga naman, although she was really eager to “let the concert be,” I think protesters were there to discourage the fans to watch the concert.

Lastly, with regards to the issue regarding Anne Curtis, it was a simple misunderstanding. Actually, Lea Salonga appreciated Anne Curtis’s accomplishment to hold a concert at a huge stadium. It was only that she thinks that it is very insulting to claim yourself as a singer if you’re consistently off-key (Oh-no. So that’s why Lou Jing was evicted from the Go! Oriental Angel program!).

At the back of my mind, I could actually tell that, “Hindi porke’t magaling kayong kumanta’t malayo ang narating niyo, lalaitin niyo na kaagad ang nais umawit sa harapan ng mga madlang, kahit hindi naman sila ganun kagaling sa pag-awit.”

However, Anne Curtis said, “Hindi talaga ako singer. I’m an entertainer.”

I cannot even… but anyways, if you think that Lea sounded haughty, she sounded more of sarcastic and doubting and said, “I think she (Anne C.) should not focus on singing.”

Seriously, I think that Lea Salonga is truly established.

When she was criticized because of Shamcey Supsup’s loss… for the champion position… in the Miss Universe thingy…

“Religion is a very sensitive topic,” she (Lea) said.

At least one Pinoy pride is well-rounded

One reason why I do admire Lea Salonga in some way is because she does not only limit herself into singing. Being a singer herself didn’t hinder her from speaking her mind and acting out in one of Aga Muhlach’s movies. Hindi lang si Ms. Lea ang naging well-rounded. Pati rin sina Sarah Geronimo (singing, acting, dancing, hosting), sina Manny Pacquiao (pulitiko, recording artist, actor, host), at iba pa.

For the elite only?

I think Lea Salonga is looked up as targeted for the elites is because of her high standards. You might not notice her American accent when she is usually being interviewed, parang lumaki lang siya sa ibang bansa. For those who were fresh out of middle-class exposure, I think you’ll really be very annoyed when you talk to someone who is puro f*cking English ang sinasalita. In other words, conyotic. However, if you’ll take a look at their backgrounds, I think you should get used to the norm since it’s not their fault if they’re exposed to another culture or so. Since Lea is very much experienced, everyone should get used to it when she mimicks the accents of other nationalities. I think there’s nothing wrong it when she does the American accent, but sometimes, it could get really very annoying, lalo na kapag ang local media pa ang nagi-interview pa sa kanya. It’s like, “Dear, parang fresh out of abroad ka lang, ah.”

I don’t think it’s a good idea to think that when a Filipino has a distinctive English accent (e.g., American, British), you lash out and say, “Conyotic!” Lea may seem to be conyo, but to take a look from where she came from, I think it’s time for you guys to rethink again. She grew up in an environment that was full of strict rules since her father was from the military. Imagine, she graduated from Ateneo de Manila University, which probably made her speak in an unusual, distinctive accent.

If the masa cannot even appreciate Lea Salonga, at least there are a lot of singers to choose from besides Regine Velasquez, Sarah Geronimo, Kuh Ledesma, Frenchie Dy, et cetera.

Amuro Namie and The Tattoo Connection

WARNING: Read at your own risk.

The first half is all about Amuro Namie… and the next topic became the Italian people’s err… interest with tattoos. Wanna peek at this… drool-worthy blog post? Come with me!

If Japan is known for being obsessed with bihaku beauty, enter Amuro Namie, the ganguro pioneer. Yes, that’s right. The ganguro trend actually emerged from the “Amuraa” style.

The only thing that I do not like about her is her tattoos… the placement!

Disclaimer: ALL PHOTOS ARE FROM WEBSITE… unless specified.

Amuro during her teens. Do you think she looks like a teenager or someone below 13?

An ink-free Amuro during the late ’90’s.

Amuro’s inkless arm. Might have been better if she only placed those distracting tattoos on her back.

Drastic change in Namie. Distracting bad-ass tattoos and of course, a navel piercing.

Eugh. Sorry Amuro-chan, but I really don’t like the placement of yer ink.

An innocent face but with those tats. >.< That’s why I didn’t like her at first.|The infamous “Haruto” tattoo at first impression is like, “Is that her boyfriend’s name?” WITH A LAUGH!

Quoting the article of

Then you see that infamous tattoo. It takes up most of her upper arm and spells out the name “Haruto,” in honor of her offspring. It’s sweet, but somehow still intimidating—like a Hell’s Angels member with “Mommy” inked on their bicep.

I was really wondering why does she have tattoos in English? She sings with English words, and yet… it’s truly ironic that she does not speak the language, well, at least in interviews. She only knows a little, and guess what? She sang, “On the Spotlight” and “Only You,” and these songs are purely English!

What in the world is Amuro-chan thinking!?

Okay, that’s most probably why I preferred the big-eyed Ayumi Hamasaki more than her. At least Ayumi would make everything really mysterious about her life. The tattoo on her back is real, after all. AFTER ALL THESE YEARS, SHE WOULD LET US BE FOOLED THAT IT WAS FAKE! UGH!|This tattoo is REAL. No retractions.|Look at the tat on her back! HAHA!

The first impression in me head about the Haruto tattoo is that, “Wait, why in the world would Namie have a tattoo of someone’s name on her arm? Is that her boyfriend (who possibly…died?)?” Alright, call this very skeptical, but when I found out that it was her son’s name, I was like, “WHAAAAT!? She had a son!?”

Namie started her career during her early teens. Alright, she married twice, and her second marriage is with this “Sam” dude. To make the story short, Namie was already pregnant, so they tied the knot and voila! Haruto was born in the year of 1998. The same day, her mother Emiko Taira was murdered by her brother-in-law.

Very tragic story, indeed. Namie divorced with Sam in 2002, and starting 2003, she had herself tattooed with two tattoos on her arm, which is a distraction. Distracting, indeed… but if you were to ask the Japanese people, they’ll think they’re cool, rather than a turn-off.

Did Namie had these two tattoos on her arm err… simultaneously done!? I bet yes!

Yes, I know those tattoos are cool, but ugh, can’t stand those.

The tattoos that are on her arm was acquired 2003 after she felt the pain of her mother’s murder, her son’s birth and her divorce with her husband, so that’s why each of her tattoos has a story behind them. She really had it done on her arm to let her fans show that a sad, sweet face could show these ink– as signs of suffering.

Bad-ass, much. Especially the one in oval. It’s really unique.

I’m really wondering how would her son feel about his mom having tattoos, eh?

…now she’s very proud of showing her tattoos like this! HAHA.

Namie and her son, Haruto as an infant. Notice that it’s simply like carrying her little brother.

One misconception when you think about Namie having a son is like, “I thought that little guy is her brother!” Of course, there is one time she was questioned during her trip in the US with her son. She was questioned if Haruto is REALLY her son since her youthful looks would lie about her real age.

“You his mother?” the immigration officer asked Namie.

However (HOMG not again), Namie can’t even speak English during that time! So, there was a translator for her to fix things.

I was really wondering why can’t Namie speak English, even in a conversational tone? Alright, call me someone with high standards, but that is because she sings in English, and sometimes, her English words are misplaced… and most of her songs are titled in English.

Maybe she could only speak English in private, but NOT in public. There are some actors who only speak English in private, but hires an interpreter in interviews. I really do understand these people (I won’t mention some of them haha!) because their English is obviously accented, and when they speak in English, BOOM! Rumors speculated that Namie’s English is messed up, and even her son Haruto would ridicule her when she uses the language.

These people who speak English in private actually express themselves in English at least, on Twitter. Never thought of Tanaka Rie doing that although it is said that she is not fluent in English. Alright, a person could speak English, but it doesn’t have to mean one-shot fluency. Well, competent, but not fluent. There’s a big difference between competent and fluent. If you’re competent in a certain language, you don’t use it in daily conversations, but if you’re fluent in the language, at least you could think using that language.

Maybe Namie’s level in Eigo is more of competent than fluent. Same with Rie-chan.

A Perspective on someone who now starts to admire Namie…

So, yeah. I really didn’t like her at first simply because she doesn’t look pretty in me standards. But now, I’m starting to like her, and thinking that Hamasaki is overrated… but I still like Hamasaki though, more as a trendsetter than a songstress.

Amuro Namie is a walking paradox herself. She’s an innocent-looking young girl with a tragic, bad-ass past and struggles. Her arm tattoos says it all, and is proud of wearing it all the time. She’d rather tell the fans, “Watashi no irezumi, these are the memories of the tragic past where I used to live.”

Masochistic, eh?

Or let’s say, she’s a sweet bad-ass. Despite the piercings and tattoos, Namie is still down-to-earth and is always shy in interviews.

I was really thinking if she ever had plastic surgery, or most probably she’s a late bloomer. But it’s more evident that she is more of a late bloomer than of a fake-looking person.

The Coke Zero was jamming in the Philippines! She proves her worth more than Ayumi!

I personally think that Namie is really cool, and do you think our local stars would have the same bad-ass tattoos as hers? Even the arrogant genius cannot carry that bad-ass arm tattoos. Also with the cheap justice! Or the skeletor? Or… the dance princess? ROFL, I think Namie is still fresh and vibrant for her age, though.

And BTW… her tattoos are oh-so her Italian side. Most people of Italian descent are really tattoo lovers and aficionados. You doubtin’ Angelina being Italiano!?

Another paradox again! Sweet bad-ass carrying a nice smile, nice face and bad-ass ink!

Just love the bad-ass ink. It’s like carrying a barbwire on it!|I think this dress that Charlize is wearing right now should suit Namie.

Talking about tattoos, Namie and Charlize have one thing in common, and it’s like placing two tattoos in a single limb. Charlize has two tattoos on her RIGHT limb, and that’s her ummm… flower tattoo on her right foot near the pinky toe, and the other one was the koi fish on her inner ankle. She got that when she was only 16 years old (BTW, most South Africans get tattoos before the age of 18… just as far as I know).

The Italian connection… regarding tattoos

Most Italians or people of Italian descent have tattoos. These are: Franka Potente, Alyssa Milano, Christina Ricci, Asia Argento, Alessandra Ambrosio, Chris Evans, Kate Hudson, Kat Von D, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Ilaria Graziano, Lea Michele… argh many of them to mention, even Nancy Castiglione and Paolo Contis, local artists in the Philippines… they’re of Italian descent. Thank goodness NOT even Rosa Kato, Matteo Guidicelli, John Cena and Gwen Stefani dare to have tattoos — these people are also of Italian descent but they don’t want themselves to fit in the mainstream Italian stereotype and identity haha.|Gosh, Rosy Dilettuso’s tattoo is really BAD-ASS! Look at the placement!|Gosh, okay, I really do not know Rosy that much. She’s Italian with a real bad-ass pube tattoo.

If you were to ask me, I like Rosy Dilettuso’s tattoo of a cherub near the pube, unlike Asia Argento’s version of that tattoo, it’s so trashy, and it’s rumored that she’s planning to remove it. Gah, Asia’s angel tattoo is more of a distraction than bad-ass.|Nice tattoo, but it’s too big, making it as a distraction. Look at the tittays, for sure.

Asia Argento explains her angel tattoo as a work of Delvaux, but she only had the wings added. She said that she placed it below her navel to hide it from her father (the horror director Dario Argento) who doesn’t like to see her tattoos.

I really like the taste of Italians in terms of tattoos. If you were to ask me, I’d rather drool at someone who looks like Antonello yet has tattoos.

Move over, Pop Music! Welcome the underrated!

One of the things that I hate about “pop” music is that, they get too old, too fast! HAHAHA!

Accuse me for being “old-fashioned” and “0ut-of-this-world,” but if I were to choose Japan over America, you cannot blame me for that. Japan embraces weirdness and they really do LOVE BJORK and LADY GAGA at the same time. It’s NOT questionable after all.

Proud to be Different

Check out the tags if you wanna know my list of favorite artists… haha.

These favorite artists are usually on my iPod (but now they’re on my iPhone… the latest music that I have downloaded, actually). Of course, I am still undeniably the forever loyal Japanese music fan… and of course, that made me love Japan more since I used to be an anime fan. Don’t get me wrong, I am currently a member of a Japanese professional organization right now, and I attended the org for the very first time.

Explore Something

I really love listening to music with a different language, other than English and Filipino. If I am a so-so fan of Gloc 9’s music, that’s because he hires the prettiest voices. Alright, call this something very weird, but I am not alone. Maybe you might as well enjoy Origa’s music (except for Inner Universe because it will surely traumatize you!), or maybe the lightning moves of Chick Corea, who is me number one favorite jazz musician. Although there are some of his music that has redundant styles, some of his compositions are very far more decent than his Crystal Silence. Hmm… lemme name a few: Cappucino, Kuranda, No Mystery, Romantic Warrior… those are the songs of Chick that might be understandable to the Filipino audience.

If you want to appreciate German pop culture, I think Rammstein does it the best. Despite the sexual themes, extreme gore and some controversial themes it presents, it is like the Kamikazee of Germany, only that the latter is just simply “wild-crazy” and it does not project offensive themes, unlike the former.

Pop Music gets really old– trust me

If you’re talking about ’90’s pop, well, it IS the true example of classical pop (hardly getting old!). The pop music that you’re listening to nowadays do not make sense at all, and you might as well stick to British pop and Scandinavian pop rather than American pop music. HAHAHA, now what happened to Britney Spears!? Beyonce (she can’t be spared because a clean record doesn’t make you look as if you’re really “angelic” foa real, in fact, the NICU issue has been ruining her career!)!? Hmmm… it’s only Christina Aguilera who came back, untainted in terms of her worth, although she had personal fights with co-singers. The only singer that I could only appreciate would be Pink. Yeah, call Pink a bad example, but she’s a punk rocker whose songs are really oh-so like related towards reality. She rarely had any personal issues and besides, her life story’s really very sad (Taylor Momsen, you’d rather understand Pink’s real story, a’ryt!).

One of the things I like about the music of the ’90’s and the early 2000’s is that, they’re never the songs that would make your ears hurt.

Creating Music in GarageBand is MORE FUN IN THE PH!

Play it! You’ll definitely NOT gonna believe that I DIY-ed the whole song!

GarageBand: It’s all in your imagination!

So I stumbled on Alex de Rossi’s Tumblr page and I wanted to compose songs like SHE does (she says she has a friend to collaborate with her). So what I did is… I did Musical Typing and recorded it and inserted ALL the notes I really do NOT need because there’s such thing as Piano Roll in GarageBand.

Yeah, it’s really a fail. I’m not really GOOD in arranging notes by hand (PENCIL, huh), but in GarageBand, it does the thing better. Yay Mac!

The only difference with me and Alessandra is that, she has a/n MV accompaniment. I can’t do those scribbles like she does.

Goodbye, Whitney Houston

Yoroshiku Onegai-shimasu! I think, one of the legendary pop stars deserve a space here… and that’s…|Whitney Houston in her MV, “I Will Always Love You.”

Whitney Houston, the pop legend that sang “I Will Always Love You” died on February 11, 2012. Apparently, her life was similar to that of Amy Winehouse. If Amy’s ex-husband Blake is an addict who introduced her to drugs, Whitney’s hubby did the same.

The tragedy isn’t new to us

It’s only that she isn’t one of the people in the 27 Club. However, resembling her life to Amy Winehouse, they had soulful voices that “sounded like bells,” according to a Yahoo! user. They both lost weight after they became very famous, due to drugs.

Whitney the Belter

Her songs are the subject of belting out and the soulful way of projecting the voice was all thanks to her. I first knew her on her duet with Mariah Carey, in “When You Believe,” an OST of the “Prince of Egypt.” Every song sung by her are the most iconic, next to Michael Jackson. No wonder, Whitney’s a relative of Dionne Warwick, a fellow African-American singer.

Death in the bathtub

This is the real reason: It’s probably that Houston committed suicide or maybe she collapsed all of a sudden, but that’s not the case at all. She was found dead in her hotel room, and this caused her daughter to be stressed. This was the night before the Grammy’s.

FAIL: Oprah mistaken to be Whitney!?|The Facebook FAIL came viral.

Why is Oprah mistaken to be Whitney Houston!? It doesn’t have to mean if Whitney’s out of the limelight due to battle with drugs, why Oprah? I didn’t hear Oprah sing or maybe dance. Oh, well.

May you rest in peace, pop legend

“We will always love you… oh!” You will always be remembered.