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Roaming Around MOA for the nth time plus shopping around Greenhills

So, for the nth time we visited MOA.



Awwwww cute dog! Well, still a cynophobe, though (huhuhu).

Oh well, so there are plenty of options when you’re in MOA.


Yes, there is our cosplay queen Alodia! Hooray for being nationwide popular! Haha!




So we ate at Teriyaki Boy and boy, we finished everything in no time! Haha!


So there’s the ferris wheel!



We soon went to Greenhills just to hunt for gadgets (gadget-hunting has always been my outdoor hobby ever since LMAO) and it seemed that it was more fun if we did not ran out much time from walking. At the highest floor of the shopping mall itself, well, that was was the haven for the cheapest gadgets in Metro Manila.

Most sellers there are Muslim people. Well, too bad I did not take a photo of the place although I’d like to do so. Most gadgets there are legit ones that are either brand new or second-hand. The place itself is more of a horror-themed gadget shop since there are many second-hand gadgets there that were stolen from their original owners. I could see that these salespeople have little knowledge in gadgets–in other words, it’s a jeje-mall (IMHO!). Well, hey! They still sell iPhone 3GS and 4 models (brand new or second-hand). It’s very weird since most of these gadgets are not China phones or shanzhai products, which makes it as a safe heaven for power users and anti-shanzhai people to lure the place itself. However, speaking of iPhone cases, they have the most beautiful and good-looking ones. Also, they’re much cheaper (whether it’s a gadget or a casing) compared to those sold at Apple Resellers and shops such as Infomax.

Here’s what I’ve got from GH:


See? They range from 250-300 Php which make them very affordable if your budget is in a maximum of 3,000 Php. I would recommed GH if you’re going to shop for cheap and affordable items such as casings and accessories, but for gadgets, stay vigilant.

The ambience resembles Quiapo’s Hidalgo and Beijing’s Wangfujing corner (looking in photos). However, if you visit the second to the highest floor, you’ll appreciate it there more if you could afford them.

Sadly I did not bring my digital SLR, but it’s alright. I’ll still consider this place when buying external flash guns. (:

Vikings, a second time around

Apologies if I have a laptop that runs slowly (unexpected for a Mac that has been solid for two years!), but anyways, the last photo is the only one edited twice by the 60D, then Lightroom. No wonder, it comes with a good result.

Good thing this made me become selective when it comes to photos. I would post photos here and choose the more presentable ones in deviantArt since it doesn’t make sense if you keep uploading photos that do not really… impress the artful eye.

Food photography has always been a fascination to me. No one would ever deny that. Not even the know-it-alls, or walking contradictions. They cannot say, “OMG you a photographer!?” Not even the most arrogant of all people would think I’m vulnerable.

Well, I’ll make a separate post about tips in taking photographs of food. AS IN THE ONES THAT YOU SEE ON MAGS! ((:

Life without the 550D in two weeks!

This is a VEEEEEERY sad announcement.

NO 550D in two weeks = BOO! No bokeh, NO 1/500 shutter speed and the worst: EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM is a rare-to-find lens! Guys, I really need yo’ help (d’ lenzzzzz not d’ cam!).

So what I did was, I sent my cam to the service center (I won’t tell you where it IS, a’ryt) because the rubbah grip’s worn out. Completely OUTTA d’ system and that’s it! So I need to wait for two weeks (wait, 14 working days) before it is again, refurbished.

Life Without the 550D…

Opkors! I’m alwizzzzz camera shy! \m/

T_T Imma miss you babe! 😦

Forever a fangirl of yours, 5D. I finally met you in person. Your screen’s bigger!

Y U SO HARD TUH FIND? 😦 U hidin’? [P.S.: Where in the PH would I find THIS!?]

Before heading through my favorite Vietnamese restaurant, I bought these drinks.

ROFL we’re going to eat something… hmmm…

Crab stick mania! Now that’s what I call, “Asian!”

The shrimp exposed! Imma eat you ya’ poor thing! RAWR!

Grilled cuisine!

Whoops! HAHAHA, edit fail!

Alright, so that’s all for now. Y’all gonna see 4:3 aspect ratio rather than 3:2 aspect ratio, which suck dix! ROFL. *Wishes my 550D will really be fixed in no time HAHAHA!*

The real thing about having NO DSLR

Awwwww… there’s something that I want to tell you guys. Aside from the fact that I don’t have an SLR for two weeks, I think I have to suffer with my camera phone… but that’s OK. However, without my camera, I will feel saaaaaad. LOL drama much but… some confessions.

[off-topic shizzzzzz]

I still won’t delete my post regarding anti-Chinese sentiments. Sure, I have NOTHING against the Filipino-Chinese, but if I were Chinese, I’ll feel very ashamed of those melamine and formaldehyde thingy… dunno why but getting mad at Filipino sellers while admiring Chinese ones is just… stupid. Most Chinese are assertive as a strategy of selling things, but it’s just… WRONG. For the Filipinos, however, I personally think they respect people’s decisions. I think if I were going to be a parent, I won’t raise my children the Chinese way (thank goodness some Fil-Chi’s disregarding those things, salutes!).

Gosh. I think I have to go now.

Foodtrip at Vikings

This globalized restaurant has a wide variety of dishes: Japanese, Italian, Middle Eastern, etc.

I love the food there. I recommend this to those who love food, food critics and most of all, food photographers! Anyway, I took a lot of photos there but I am choosing five of the most valuable (some of them… I didn’t eat them haha).

Food has always been my most favorite in my whole entire life, and I always thought to specialize in food photography. If I were to be given a chance to have an assignment regarding food photography, I’d choose this restaurant.

Unfortunately, I didn’t upload or edit ALL of the photos that I’ve taken there since I’m really bad in editing photos.

BTW, here are the “foods” that I’ve taken during lunch time.

My all-time favorite! 😀 I love Japanese food forever in my whole entire life xD haha.

Chocolate-coated marshmallow. Haha, I love everything coated by chocolate fountains… :3

Mediterranean beef dish… fudge I didn’t get the name of this one. But it seems tasty :p

Vegetarian salad… but that’s not my food. Mine’s pure lettuce xD haha.

Miso soup in a traditional Japanese teapot. Aww… it still tastes the same, though. 😀

Do I recommend this to you?

Of course! You’ll love it once you celebrate your birthday there! It’s an eat-all-you-can thing, and yes, it’s really a must for family and for friends, or barkada.

If you want MOAR pictures of FOOD from Vikings, well, the comment box is always there for you to comment. xD