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400th post!

It’s officially a grand hello to 2012.

I really do not know why, but I should create this post ASAP.

First of all, I’d like to acknowledge how great the Happy Holidays was last year, but this year, I would start not to slack off ever again. Oh noes.

Anyways, I’ll post some photographs straight to the Photoblog… I cannot really say anything really good right now.

200th post!

Welcome the New Year… in advance.

Most people do not understand why I blog a lot of things, be it with sense or not.

Latest news

Tyrone Perez is found dead on a car… maybe he was poisoned or committed suicide. Oh no! Perez… AJ Perez, then Tyrone aww. Well, Amy Perez, good luck!

Tasks completed:

[x] Passed all my subjects
[x] Wrote a review about a photographer
[x] Created a blog designed for most of my literary works (I am doing this is because I write directly on the Internet, not on document!)
[x] Achieved again a number of notes and faves – Update: State of Oblivion gaining faves!
[x] Started photography again.
[x] Stopped thinking about my crush and started not to think about him again haha.

A brief introduction to my new blog, the literary one

Molybdenum Studios Literary is currently my new blog. I still do not have an icon yet for that blog, but soon, I’ll create one if I’m not feeling too lazy.

First of all, I created the plot of my stories, Osaka Monogatari and of course, I Heart Mr. Enforcer.

Finally, Osaka Monogatari is written, even only a summary of it is because, I really love Japan. And yes, this is a story about two brothers who never had a happy beginning, while I Heart Mr. Enforcer is a story about a policeman and a seductive criminal who wins his heart at the end.

A series of events let me start a new beginning

First of all, I wrote a blog entry about quitting photography. However, what motivated me is only creativity and imagination. Photography is actually for me, just a hobby, but the only reason why I made it serious is because, well, just for a back-up job in case I won’t take up law at all. I simply observed that my specialization should be food photography and of course, fine art photography. Well, what defines fine art? Bokeh.

Next blog posts

Anti-Chinese Sentiment #3 – Tackling all the issues from piracy to dangerous preservatives
Admiring the superpowers is completely pointless
The dark side of the United States of America

It seemed that this post is shorter than the first centennial post

Of course, I really do not have something in mind and I only blog sometimes, good thing there’s a challenge I accepted so that I would post everything everyday. Haha.

Why Anything at Random was discontinued

Hmm… long story, but if you guys want some random things, just tell me.

Anything at Random XII

It’s official: He’s no longer the guy whom I admire

Do what you love.

Because of my love for blogging, I started to forget about this guy for good. I do not exactly need him at all, and I don’t care if he’s my classmate or not… but anyway, he’s out of my life. This is official.

Thank you for the thousand views in WordPress, thank you for letting me forget about that guy whom I admired for many years. Although I still like him, I do not consider him my major crush anymore. I am happy, even though he’s not present. I do not need him anymore, because I am happy, and because you did it for me.

It’s official: He’s out of my life. I don’t need him anymore.

Indian Child Prodigies

I was really interested in how India produces the most number of child prodigies. Aside from being another economic giant (despite its ironic poverty), India produces these child prodigies who serve as the country’s key to success.

Here are a few examples of child prodigies… from India.

Akrit Jaswal

Akrit Jaswal (born 1993) is the youngest surgeon in the world. Having read a lot of books related to surgery at a young age of 7, he is destined to become a surgeon. He fixed the burned hand of an 8-year old girl which made him have the best record ever in history. His dream is to find out a cure for cancer. Aside from being a surgeon, he teaches Math and English.

Fun fact: His father, Kulwant Singh Jaswal, has a Ph.D. in Economics.

Sreelakshmi Suresh

Perhaps if we have Akrit Pran Jaswal as a surgeon, we also have the youngest CEO and web designer in the world, who is no other than Sreelakshmi Suresh (born 1998), a student of Presentation Higher Secondary School in Kozhikode, Kerala, India. She designed her school’s website, by herself. Take note: She did it all by herself, and you’ll see how she designed it, just like how a professional does.

Yes, she’s a registered member of the American Association of Webmasters, although the youngest, under the age of 18.

Future plans for Sree: Her dream is to create an OS which is easier to use than Mac OS and MS Windows. Weird, eh? But yeah, you’ll get why.

Avatar Tulsi

Tathagat Avatar Tulsi may not look Indian (seriously, he looks Malaysian!), but that’s not the point here. He’s the youngest physician, if not the youngest, he’s the most famous. He finished high school when he was only nine years old. Yes, that’s right. He finished his BS at ten and finished his Master of Science degree before he turned 12. Amazing, eh? Like Akrit, Avatar shows to everyone that even at a very young age, children learn a lot more than anyone else in this world.

The Coolest People You’ll Meet in deviantArt

Aziz Natour|Ah, hello there, buddy!

He’s not only my buddy in deviantArt, but he’s really awesome. He’s the Israeli counterpart of Sreelakshmi Suresh, but he’s more experienced. Born in 1992 in Nazareth, he started to become a hobbyist (yes, a designer) at 11 years old (wow, that’s really, really sweet!), and now, he’s a freelancer. Read more about the interview HERE.

Indeed, he’s the male counterpart of Sree, having started their career at a very young age.

BTW, he looks like Alvie.


~meetmeinwonderland|She’s already featured in Anything at Random II.

Oh, no… not again. I really don’t want to have another article with the same person. But yeah, she’s really awesome, too! Although having only a few artworks in deviantArt, she has many watchers (which makes me really envy her more, but of course, in a good way) and of course, many points! I really don’t get how she earned that type of treatment from netizens? Maybe because she is already there for three years already, but yeah.

Oh, alright. I have to admit. She takes better pictures than I do and she could actually impress the audience better than I do. Well, I would say that her photography style is simple, but has a lot of meaning, while my photography style is… you judge. I do not take pictures about the common thing that people really love, but yeah, you know that I’m still practicing and experimenting at the same time, so yeah.

Please comment if you want to be featured in the 100 Most Awesome People in deviantArt, according to ~molybdenumstudios.


Anything at Random XI

1.) Writer’s Profile: F. Sionil Jose
2.) I have forgiven CGMA
3.) Valuable Lesson: Take everything as a challenge
4.) Angelo dela Cruz: One of the heroes of modern Philippines

Writer’s Profile: Francisco Sionil Jose

He is one of the most prolific writers in Philippine Literature. He’s the true example of a National Artist who pioneers for Filipino society to change. Although he writes in English, his books were translated into different languages.|F. Sionil Jose is an Ilocano author who writes in English.

He is one of my inspirations why I learned to love my country despite its flaws. Of course, if there are lots of problems in the Philippines, let’s look at the positive side. I once really wanted to GTFO of the country for good. However, if ever it would be a calling that my country needs me, of course, I won’t waste that opportunity. It’s for everyone’s benefit.

Although there are a lot of problems in the Philippines, the poor ones are still the happy ones, but the rich ones still remain discontented. We learn something more meaningful from the poor compared to the rich people. The poorer group of people are more traditional than the rich ones. People who come from the province are more traditional. Metropolitan people are modern, but look… there are some people who preserve traditional culture. The Marcoses, although despite being depicted as “abusively authoritarian,” are actually into putting back traditional culture by setting up lots of institutions. Could oligarch political dynasties do that? Not as progressive as authoritarian political dynasties.

F. Sionil Jose also taught everyone that being nationalistic is the key to success, the key to development and most of all, the key to peace and well-being.

You learn to become Filipino through Sionil. You learn how to be proud and not to erase your identity as Filipino.

Of course, even though I switch (or become dual) citizenship, I am still Filipino.

I have forgiven CGMA

Former President GMA has been a threat to everything (remember the Hultman murder incident and the expensive dining in NY), but despite all that, at least she managed to stabilize the economy and the government of the Philippines. She is always present in every conference, in every summit, and she always had the initiative to solve everything. Remember the Angelo dela Cruz hostage in Iraq, where the then PGMA agreed to had the Philippine military troops out of Iraq (or else, dela Cruz might’ve been dead). Could PNoy do that? Look what happened during the Hostage Crisis of 2010. Look at the SONA event (if then SONA is considered no classes). If you guys are pro-PNoy and still anti-CGMA, then how come our country is becoming more oppressive? Although some people were jobless even during the time of PGMA, at least they managed to do something that will keep them alive. Blaming the government? PGMA might have a lot of broken promises, because it’s all thanks to her subordinates who were abusive. Maybe she was too lenient to them, so she didn’t mind.

She might’ve cheated in the 2004/2005 elections (which made me angrier, why can’t she give FPJ a chance? Forget about it), but it was only for good is because, there are a lot of things that made FPJ become a bad example to everyone. If FPJ then became the president, he might’ve suffered the same fate as Pope John Paul I (real name: Albino Luciani) who reigned as pope for only a short period of time because he died of a sickness. FPJ deserved to win, not because he’s very popular to the masa, he seemed nice and determined to at least, take the most challenging task for an actor, just like what Erap did (he was an actor).

I realized that Ping Lacson cannot be the president of the Philippines because he had many issues (worse than Villar’s, to my biases) and yet, he wasn’t a good father-in-law to Jodi Sta. Maria. The Bobby Dacer case really made him hide, but what happened?

CGMA might’ve been doing a lot of bad things, but the current administration is now lambasting her for her past wrongdoings. Can’t they just forgive her? Remember, like what the Bible said, “Forgive your enemies.” Being forgiving may seem hard, but it’s for everyone’s benefit. You can’t keep grudges against another after all. In fact, some people like Charice Pempengco is an example of being a forgiving person. Charice forgave her father, even before he was killed by someone who “lied.” Charice was really mad at her aunt because of what she said.

“Aren’t you happy of what happened?” her aunt said.

Excuse me, but there’s sarcasm! Sarcasm, like you’re being so mean to them is because, again, you’re jealous.

The Aquinos can’t be as forgiving as other celebrities. Like, holding grudges against Marcos and GMA? If they were taught to become faithful, then how come they still keep grudges? Forget about the past, because past is practice.

Valuable Lesson: Take everything as a challenge

The next term, I might suffer from depression attack, or maybe suicide.

However, I must learn how to be participative because yeah, I’m in college, remember?

I am not here to please some hard-to-please y’know, but I just want to do my best and to do what should be done at the first place. Taking something as a challenge is like, being confident of who you are. It’s all in the way you carry yourself, and it is also standing up right in front of the crowd.

Being confident means that you are ready for all the challenges that you have to face. But sometimes, you need the help of other people (e.g., tutorials) and if you have an organization related with your degree program, try to consult them. They’ll help you out.

Angelo dela Cruz: One of the heroes of modern Philippines

Do you notice that Philippine passports have this stamp, “Not valid for travel in Iraq”? That’s because Angelo dela Cruz was captured by Iraqi rebels.

He said, “It’s time to lift the Iraq ban.”

This is for the good of the Filipino people. Iraq is the most dangerous countries in the whole world during that time. Many people are suffering from hunger, poverty, etc., but let’s take this as a challenge: Read this article and you’ll know why.

So, yeah.

100th post!

This is under the category of Extremes and Randoms (Anything in Random), Free Elective, Fearless Forecast and yeah… it’s a free elective mixed of everything I wanted to post about!

Note: This post is about reviewing the past posts, remember Chobits recalling all the episodes? 😀

What ever happened in my whole sophomore year in college

I am a second year student in college, and it’s no doubt that my mind is starting to change. No more interference and distractions from other people, those who are NOT letting me post anything from heart.

I started to become feisty here in this blog. It’s all thanks to a fellow blogger who inspired me to post rants, constructive or not. I also learned to control my emotions (thanks to that venting shizzzzz) and yes, no more exaggerations in this blog. Everything makes sense.

‘Wag ka talagang magpapadala sa mga emosyon mo.

That’s one important lesson that everyone should learn. Learn it, be it the easy or the hard way, but the best way is to vent things like, “F*ck those <state subject>.”

Of course, no popular kid or even some feeling conservative know-it-all (my worst pet peevie take note of that!) is going to get on my way. It’s over now. They are now party people. Smoking, being drunk all night, but that’s no problem to me. However, I just sit down here typing on this blog. This damn blog which is the best ever. I would say that this IS MY BEST BLOG. My previous blog may be the worst, but come on, I personally think that this is the best blog ever.

Tomorrow’s gonna be the bloodiest pre-enrollment online. I hope my schedule isn’t fucked up, though.

Sorry, non-Filipino people. I can’t speak straight English either

Although people think I’m very fluent in speaking the language, to be honest, I’m not they type of person who speaks really, really twanged English. I speak it either the barok way, or maybe the accented way. No wonder there’s such thing as the “DLSU Taglish Language.” (Yes, in order for the popular kids NOT to be offended/insulted when I say the “other” word)

Good thing there are no lurkers out there.

Being able to speak in straight English means that you are ready to make a bloody thesis. That’s right folks. Your nose will literally bleed due to the fact that the English words has no meanings.

I feel very jealous when people speak perfect Tagalog. I personally think that it’s a big shame for you to speak English better than speaking your own native tongue. Ika nga, parang tinatalikuran mo ang pinagmulan mo kung hindi mo ituturo ang sarili mong wika sa mga anak mo, mapa-‘Pinas man o ibang bansa. Shame on Michael Copon’s dad, for teaching him that they’re “already Americans, so no need to learn Tagalog.” Hindi porke’t nangingibang-bansa ka na, eh, tatalikuran mo ang pinagmulan mo. Remember, other nationalities never ever do that for the sake of being a “completely-changed” person. Why, do you think even the Roman people in ancient Rome knew English that time (Old English, that is)? Latin may be a dead language, but of course, it is one of the oldest languages in history (good thing it’s not yet obsolete or extinct). Every word’s derived from Latin. Even German. Even French. Even Spanish. Every language has a word derived from Latin.

I think I was wrong. English may be the language of communication, but it doesn’t really make you an intelligent person. If your parents (of Filipino descent) think that it is a superior language, don’t get me wrong. They’re elitists.

I really admired the Fil-Ams of their willingness to learn their parents’ native tongue. Mapa-Ilonggo o Ilocano (aside from Tagalog/Cebuano), ayos lang.

English-speaking Christians

The Philippines is the only Asian country that has this title. Being colonized by the Spanish and the Americans make the history of the Philippines more confusing… and more debatable. If we were rather invaded by the British, French or Dutch, we might’ve not been coerced to give up our heritage, so does developing the useless crab mentality thing.

We may tend to follow our traditions based on our faith, but roxyisferox commented on this post that I made regarding my write-up on how it is to be a liberal. Well, through a blog entry, too.

Filipina women tend to “keep” their virginity, but once they fall in love with a white guy, they’ll give it to them. Now how stupid would you get. White guys aren’t the only guys out there. It just so happens is because, with a white guy, you’ll get the following: FAME+FORTUNE+WORSHIP.

Worshipping foreigners (100%) is really the most dangerous form of colonial mentality. We reject our own race, we diss our own ancestors. Lawl, I really hate the fact that I really wanted to get out of the Philippines not because they worship white people, even mixed people who are white-skinned. Being white may seem to make you a goddess, but truth is that, the Miss Universe that we usually sent to another country isn’t usually white. Do you portray Filipina beauty as “white-skinned?” Of course, not! Alex de Rossi isn’t the only tanned actress to promote sun-kissed glow, but also Bubbles Paraiso, Nikki Gil and Katrina Halili. How’s that?

To those who love white-skinned people: Look at Jinkee Pacquiao when she isn’t fake-looking. She’s not attractive at all. She’s. Just. Fair. I would appreciate it if she covers her face with a very thick layer of makeup, rather than being so insecure on other women Pacman had. Yeah, she may have an improved face, but that would only mean that she feels so inferior when Krista’s around.

To those who think she’s pretty before the cosmetic surgery, you’re totally wrong! She’s only fair, period.

Don’t let your emotions eat you up|On Relationships and Couples

Like what I mentioned before, my maternal great-grandmother married a poor native which is unforgivable if my future child (especially if it’s a girl) will do the same as well [My future kids will not receive any good gifts from me if they marry a poor native and they won’t be invited to visit my place anymore, sorry if I sounded too mean, but it’s for their own good]. Sorry for sounding too mean, but marrying a poor native (take it figuratively, but don’t take this shit personally) will make you have many frustrations. Ganyan talaga ang may mukha. Bigo sa pag-ibig. Almost everyone who has the face value has a big issue on love life. Your beauty will never be inherited by your kids and will really start a fight with you if they inherit the ugly genes. Yes, I did that one time to my mother because… I was just joking. What she did before to her mom was a “slap in the face” when I did the same. I won’t tell you that thing, I was only joking.

Sometimes, jokes have meaning, too. Like the saying of

Nung unang panahon, hinihintay ang kabilugan ng b’wan bago ikasal. Ngayon, hinihintay ang kabilugan ng t’yan, bago ikasal.

which is actually hurtful to some people, but these jokes are meant to be true at times. Corny jokes? Nah. Green jokes? Make it creative. Real jokes? HOMG you just reminded me of Chris Tucker!

This best example of a joke becomes true. Like how I ranted the dangers of PMS, I am also an advocate of keeping one’s virginity. Contrary to that, I strongly recommend an unmarried couple who are expecting to have their first child to marry. Shotgun wedding or not, it’s a blessing. A baby is a blessing. Plus points blessing if the unwed but expecting couple are going to marry. Now you get what it takes to become parents. Forbidding the expecting but unwed couple to marry is a taboo for me. An unwritten taboo, that is.

Random Sharing: Eldest grandchild is a spoiled brat

My pop’s side: Full of narcissists and false critics. Even the eldest grandchild (and eldest cousin) is so far the most spoiled brat ever.

My eldest cousin Phil (not his real name) is someone not to look up to. He’s a maniac and of course, someone who thinks he’s too handsome to deceive women (but truth is that, he’s not handsome at all!). To think that he’s my cousin, to be honest, no one in my family (my other cousins actually) likes to work with him. I feel sorry for his wife (whom he just dissed and later on left) and to his kids. He’s not a good father after all. He’s just selfish. I can’t stand him, even though I really do not give a f*ck about him. Even my late grandmother had the grudges against him is because, he used to be the most favorite grandson who didn’t even bother to visit his own grandmother who used to spoil him. He didn’t even care about her condition. If I was really ashamed of myself for taking her for granted (because she was bedridden), I apologized to her, but I really don’t know if it was sincere. But because she’s forgiving, I thank her for that.

Sometimes, growing up a spoiled brat makes your life harder. You start to become rude to your seniors, you started to cut relationships with your friends for no valid reason, etc. which makes you the “poor” one. I wasn’t really the center of attention nor the most spoiled grandchild. I was the most abused so far. I hate to admit this, but I experienced a very terrible childhood. I was bullied because of my early growth (I hate being the eldest daughter, seriously!) and because they just want to do it due to jealousy. Forgive them? Well, forget about those people because I really don’t care about them. It’s not my problem if they are seeking for refuge. It’s not my problem if they suffer the same way they let me suffer. Rather than ridiculing them, I’d rather tell myself, “Paki ko ba?”

Those who were my “friends” started to turn their back against me. It’s all thanks to that toothless freak who was always late at school back then. I was really doubting why I had a very terrible life (thank goodness I’m not a rebel). I used to be a bitch way back then, but it was all lost, thanks to those feeling conservative know-it-alls. They’re the real bitches. They want you down. They want me down. All because they’re jealous. Jealousy, that is.

If those guys think that I’m the one who’s jealous, now look who’s talking.

Feisty rant: Feeling Conservative Know-it-alls

My worst pet peevie. GTFO of my sight because you’re only a mere distraction in my life (for those people).

They think that what you’re doing is a taboo. Well, what THEY’RE DOING IS WORSE than a taboo, that is. They were once the “know-it-alls” turned popular kids. I was even attempting to rant this shit before I started to write bad things about them.

They are insecure. They wanted to be you. They wished they were someone else. All because they’re jealous.

Where are they now?

Feeling conservative know-it-alls are using the name of the Lord to make some invalid excuses. They do it to impress everyone. They do it because they feel superior. What are they, promoting a selfish, jealous God? They’re the one who’s using the name of God in vain, which is against the 10 commandments.

I know that some of you are feeling conservative know-it-alls (FC-KIA) who are only manipulating the lives of other people because again, you’re jealous. Well, get a fucking life, you people. You’re jealous and insecure of those people. GTFO of their lives because they don’t need you. They can live without you.

I was turning feisty

NOT because I need it, but because I wanted to protect myself.

Go and send a hate message against me. You know what’ll happen.

Being feisty isn’t bad at all, actually. Being feisty should be done in the right place and at the right time. Kung dati, nagpapadala naman ako sa emosyon ko. But now? I would simply be defensive if someone attacks me on a regular basis.

And lastly, hindi rin ako magpapadala sa mga intriga. Sige, tsismis lang sila ng tsismis, eh anong use nu’n?

Feisty Ashley: The younger Gosiengfiao tells it all

I really feel so bad for Alodia’s little sister Ashley when she was attacked by an asshole who was falsely obsessed at her. I would really feel the same if someone would criticize me for doing “not enough.” Of course, who wouldn’t feel insulted if someone tells you that, right?

Ashley never dreamed of being a celebrity. It just so happened is because her older sister is a famous cosplay icon. She even said that she and Alodia have differences. Why, would you just have to imitate someone to feel complete? ‘Course, not!

Ashley may seem feisty when it comes to people who are criticizing her in a wrong way, however, it’s because she was introverted. She isn’t like Alodia, like what I said, who is more discreet. We’re not close, but it’s based on my own observations.

Asking too much to someone shows that you’re being too draggy. You’re hard-to-please. You’re discontented. BUT your standards are low, and the maximum would only be zero. Also, Ashley never sold her songs to iTunes. She uploaded it for everyone to download it. She isn’t making any money from her music. After all, she does this is because she feels like it.

I may feel annoyed when she’s turning feisty, but like what I said, being feisty is really your shield from your false critics. “The Critic” from who criticized “Why I Chose to be a Liberal” is NOT a real critic. That person’s only using that monicker to annoy people. That’s how she felt when her false admirer did really tell her that he’s “hard-to-please” kuno.

Do you want me to namedrop “The Critic”? Here we go:

To be blunt, this is short-sighted. While there are some conservative people that go to an extreme degree, there are even more that do have a slightly more relaxed belief. Saying that everyone who is conservative are bad, is like saying everyone who is liberal are irresponsible. Neither assumption is true, and both are completely pointless.

While you might be able to blame your up-bringing for a period in your life, eventually you can’t push fault onto it anymore. You’re a grown adult, and you can’t keep blaming mommy and daddy for all the negative things in your life. You are ultimately the one who controls your life, and it is up to you to decide how you want to live it.

I know both conservative and liberal raised students who are on the honnor roll, play sports, and have a developed social life. Extremes exist, but they are often few and far betwixt the ones who have more balance.

This isn’t an essay as much as it is a vent.

Now look who’s talking. The word essay originally means, “to attempt.” You know that, right? Attempting to target a specific audience is the goal of a writer. Yes, this is an essay, because I attempt to target a specific audience. The essay may sound elitist, but there are times that conservatism prevents a person access to the real world. Look at most royal families. The younger royals are starting to become rebellious against traditional beliefs. They wanted to blend in ordinary people. They are sick and tired of prim and proper life. Remember, living in a prim and proper life makes your life structured.

LAWL, blaming my parents? You may say that again, but the feeling that having a feeling conservative know-it-all parent is very frustrating. You want your life flexible but he/she wants it structured. Sometimes, life with a lot of curfews (which are really unbreakable at all times) will just make your life harder. I won’t ever let my kids suffer an upbringing from feeling conservative know-it-alls who want to manipulate everything. I would really say a very firm no on that.

Saying that everyone who is conservative are bad, is like saying everyone who is liberal are irresponsible. Neither assumption is true, and both are completely pointless.

It’s an opinion, remember? An essay may have both facts and opinions, and sometimes these ideas get along with each other. Sometimes, there are contradictions, but that’s an essay, right? I don’t want to be redundant, but yeah.

I’m not literally saying that being conservative is bad. The only problem with conservatism is that, everyone abuses it. Everyone does is because, they feel empowered. Being liberal… makes one person irresponsible? Come on, there are some people who are reliable in terms of being carefree. They always have your back no matter what happens.

Pointless? There is a point, and I said everything. I share this to everyone, but I only target a specific audience. If you are a conservative, reading this write-up, you may argue with me, but please be as constructive as how persuasive you could be.

Overall, I might’ve used all my emotions here, but remember, arguing based on your beliefs without thinking means that you really disagree, but sometimes, there is always a reason why. Lawl, I just ran out of information. Fuck that.

Now I gave you an example of being feisty. That’s how Ashley felt when she’s lambasted by that fake dude… but THIS:

Click here to read her entry. MUST read.

My Formspring haters and false critics

Remember the fake Miley person who’s actually a whore? I wonder where she is right now. Being ashamed of being fake and at the same time, whore? Dude, people are hating you because you’re an attention whore. You called almost everyone a retard and you are not even American either! You’re a Filipina lambasting your own race, and even trashtalked other people. Look, no one gives respect to you is because, you’re asking everyone to diss you rather. Whoa.

Those false critics, however, are sending hate messages against me. Well, I based again my answers from my emotions… I couldn’t almost control my emotions when in fact, everyone’s starting to raise their middle fingers at me. I know, they’re raising their middle fingers right in front of the monitor.

All thanks to that guy (my crushie who was actually anon) who actually started that shit. Gosh, I didn’t know everyone’s asking me very personal questions. Like my unusual habits that are out-of-this-world, because I was at that time in the identity crisis period. Of course, it’s really hard for someone to get up and fight like a man in that period.

Alright. I know who you guys are. Being really, really anons, right?

I know some of you are really mad at me because you’re popular kids. Popular in a sense that you made a lot of issues that almost damaged the reputation of our former second home.

I hate to admit this, but my batch was the worst during high school. The admin, however, tolerates those things. Gah. The admin’s really like the government. Useless.

Looks like I’m going back to Extremes & Randoms all over and over again

If you are very curious about it, click here to download the file. It’s in .pdf format, so you don’t need to worry. 🙂

Unfortunately, there are a lot of typos. E-Mail me if you want a copy of the document in .doc format.

So, yeah. That would end this post. 🙂

Anything at Random X

Candy Magazine: Should I say good-bye for not buying one anymore? (Forums)|Nicole Uysiuseng as the covergirl for Jan-Feb 2009

I haven’t bought a single CandyMag issue, it’s all thanks for its unending targeting to the popular kids in high school. However, there are only interesting facts in CandyMag that I liked the best: Advice, Hard Candy and Oops moments.

Reminiscing hard candy: History repeats itself

I read about the hard candy section (Candy Mag) and I really felt so, so sorry for this girl who always do effort to please her mother who is always thinking about money. Money? Well, for your information, that mother thinks that her own daughter will look ugly if she doesn’t wear a very thick layer of make-up. She doesn’t care about grades. What she wants is her own daughter (Dee, not her real name) is to marry a rich guy (the reason why she always wear skimpy outfits), which sounds really stupid and ridiculous. Y’know studies should always be the first thing that a parent should always remember. But this parent– may have PMS, leading her to “frustrations.”

This reminds me of Karen Carpenter’s own mother, who controlled her diet, which caused the singer to die. Like, come on. A parent being not contented of his/her son/daughter is? My parents accepted me for who I am, despite the fact that I really didn’t consider myself that attractive. It is because I do my priorities right, though they really do not know my “secret.”

If your parents are manipulating and hard-to-please, take note of this: Being a feeling conservative know-it-all IS really frustrating, especially if you’re a parent. Being overprotective is much more understandable, but sometimes being over-protectionist has a certain limit. Invasion of privacy is one issue. Respecting one’s privacy (even your kids) is very important. Imagine being locked up because you’re being shielded. I understand that is because that’s how parents show LOVE, and not feeding their fantasies. Take note: Feeding fantasies. Being a parent doesn’t really mix with feeding fantasies. Being single and childless but feeding fantasies? Only up to your mind/imagination, but not in reality. Feeding your fantasy as a parent doesn’t help at all. This is really based from emotions and frustrations blended at the same time, in different places. You know what will happen if your children will suffer the same fate as you. I may not be a parent (but I’m the eldest child), but I just want you to know that being a self-absorbed human being doesn’t make a good parent. Just let those kids learn their own mistakes, and when they realize that what they did wasn’t really for them, they’ll soon regret it.

Grudges: Should you forget the past?

I may seem to be a forgiving person, but what hinders me from being forgiving is that, my OC nature is interfering with my decision to forgive someone. I never ever thought of being forgiving, but forgiving someone is really hard to do so.

The most painful thing that I did is to let myself go from my ex-best buddy who was really, really possessive. I thought he would be “overprotective,” but truth is, his emotions were really absorbed by his conscience. He was really obsessed that he wanted me away from other guys. I was really, really a whore. But I do not blame the homewrecker for this decision, because if I still continue my friendship with that guy, I think something not right will happen.

I moved on from him, not only because someone is more deserving to have me, but because I do not want to have distractions. Remember: Distractions. I really see in him that he was so desperate that I might be with another guy. FYI, I never ever had an interest on that guy whom he used to get jealous at. He was always sticking to his own beliefs, and he doesn’t want others to get on his way. He wasn’t like that, before.

Do you think I have forgiven him? It’s really hard for me to do so, but I have moved on from him, but when I browsed his account, he still can’t move on. He once said, “Luckily, I have moved on.” Wait a second… I don’t think he had moved on. He is always keeping grudges against me, thinking that I left him for good. Yes, I simply left him not because I got fed up with his antics, but I also wanted an independent mind. His thoughts about our former second home is that, he thinks that what the admin does is always right. Lawl, think about Kim Jong-il and his arrogance and narcissistic attitude. But when I started to grow again, normally, I was thinking that the admin’s way of governing our former second home wasn’t really applicable to the real world.

Do you think I have forgiven the admin of my former second home? NO. They insulted me and they always wanted the “pestilent classmate” of mine (she’s my classmate for 5x and I think it’s a goddamn insult) to be my classmate. Can’t they do anything else rather than being self-absorbed assholes? That’s why I wrote the real “Extremes and Randoms” (Extremes & Randoms is the title) so that I would publish it one day, and let them realize that they’re catering the needs of the popular kids and the honor students alone. Although I was thinking of visiting my former second home again, I really do not want anything that will make my mood damaged.

Do you think I have forgiven my first serious crush at school? Yes. I moved on from him because I feel that he’s no longer the cutesy-type of guy. Oh, and he’s already part of the popular kids.

Forgiveness is really hard, but let’s face it: Keeping grudges won’t really help you.

Why I quit the training-for-officer program in high school

I wasn’t really meant to be an officer after all. My officer friend had these very high expectations, which is, a fact.

However, the “culture” that used to annoy most students is finally making everything lenient. Lenient? Yes.

If I were an officer, I might be the most lenient and the most tolerant. However, having the duties of an officer should be taken seriously and not for granted. If this officer training used to be taken seriously, now everyone’s doing favoritism. They choose the lamest and the most incompetent of officers, and most of all, privates.

I may not have received the “best private” award, but being a dutiful private proved me right. After all, being aware of being a good example to your fellow students is really… an honor.


You might not want to believe this, but yeah. I was dreaming about being in my former second home if in fact, I’m safe in college.

I really don’t like the fact that I’m in college, but yet I’m still third year high school. How’s that? It’s really a nightmare for me since I really never thought of coming back in that place. I thought it was the worst of nightmares.

College ka na, tapos ‘yun pala, high school ka parin? You know the feeling of being in college but still attending high school, which sounds ridiculous. It’s ridiculous, indeed, that you are being prevented from finishing your degree in college because you are still in high school. Remember, I thought of this as the worst of all nightmares not because I really abhor the system of my former second home, but because I have to undergo the most arrogant of all teachers, and worse, being stuck in a very annoying part of the investigatory project. How’s that?

I do not want to dream about that ever again. I just… don’t want that.

If I were not Filipino…

No doubt. I’m Japanese, or European. But more Japanese, that is.

Everyone goes to Japan, but the first impression would be, “I wanna go back home!” However, once you go back home, you’ll appreciate it. Japan’s really a very nice place to visit and all the boring shit will be the most interesting.

I always wanted to visit Tokyo, but because it was struck by an earthquake, I think Osaka’s the best place to visit. Yep, that’s right. The home of everything food, comedy and breathtaking view, everything’s Japanese. Not to mention Kansai is more Japanese than Tokyo, that is.

Tokyo, Japan — the land of gadgets, anime, etc.

I might become a singer, then an actress, singing and become popular.

Also, I might have many benefits in visiting other countries, without a need for a visa. I think it would be the best experience.

Anything at Random IX

The most number of rants goes to…


Felice Fawn – the Tumblr-famous person is actually… fake. The most reliable source goes to… efagz. Someone messaged the Tumblr version of this site… it comes out to be…

Felice Fawn is a complete fraud inside and out. Her modeling is shit, her work isn’t original, and she scammed a ton of people. What has she done for this world other than be an “inspiration” to anorexic people? Nothing. She has her own pro-ana and thinspo blogs. Such a hypocrite.

I really have to agree with this. She isn’t featured in Vogue, in Cosmo, etc. Real models are like Freja Beha Erichsen, Gemma Ward, Agyness Deyn, Apnea (Amanda Pemberton), etc. She only became famous because of the Terry Richardson issue.

Super Super Magazine? Never heard of that thing. Why, it’s NOT even Vogue or Cosmo.

Artworks not original? I can see what you mean. She heavily copied those things (and traced them) but I did the same, too. However, I never said that “I am a traditional artist” myself. Here are proofs that my artworks are amateur-ish:

Mike with glasses by ~psoelludyj

That was my crappiest but so far, I still find it “art.”

Oh, here’s the evidence 🙂

encyclopediadramatica|Whoa… it seems that everything is “copied.”

If you really want to distinguish who the REAL artist is, don’t be fooled by the .gif that turns from an “artwork” to a real photo.

AA Klenk/Cristine Reyes – Or search “AA Klenk” in this blog. Y’know, the walking pornography is always the subject of all the “kabastusan” in showbiz.

Yep, here’s YOUR award… I mean… awardzzzzzzzzsx.

Lawl, the worst award’s like… THIS. TROLL FACE.

Ross – Y’know the dancer who became arrogant because of being famous? Sorry, you’re still in the starlet status.

The homewrecker, the former second home and its admin… gah. I really can’t even…

The “real” Extremes and Randoms

It is actually entitled, “Extremes & Randoms.” It is about a college student who rants about the wrongs of her own former second home governed by the admin that is hungry for money and attention when in the bigger picture, it’s actually the government who has its own lame police and the corrupt people who are just sitting in their position for their own satisfaction.

Here are the book covers that I made 🙂

My first attempt to create a book cover digitally|~molybdenumstudios

Some improvement… but still… not good lawl|~molybdenumstudios

This is so far… the best I could do|~molybdenumstudios

So, what do you think about these covers?

Lomography and Vintage: I haven’t shared this with you… YET

This was my style of editing photos… ever since I has my Photoshop installed on my lappie. My laptop is full of photos that are like, either crap or good ones, but most people appreciate my work because… okay fine, I’ll explain.

Relying heavily on Photoshop isn’t bad, but remember, there are times that one-shot moments mean more than just editing photos. Leave it to the pros. They know angles, and aside from that, they also know how to correct things.

I learned a LOT from Photography books and it worked. If you ask for “more” OR if you aren’t still contented, it’s NOt my problem anymore.

Well, here are some photos I’d like to show you (:

Misplaced Splash by ~molybdenumstudios

Back to Reality by ~molybdenumstudios

See more in LOMOgram.

Imagining the Orient by ~molybdenumstudios

This is the only photo NOT in LOMOgram, but this is so far my most valuable. (:

Of course, there are tons more in my deviantArt account.

Actor Profile: Alessandra “Alex” de Rossi|With or without makeover, she’s still Alex.

This is the first time I’ll write about an inspiration to actors and multi-talented people alike.

Alessandra Tiotangco Schiavone in real life was born in the United Kingdom in 1984. Half-Italian and half-Filipina, she stated that she is more Filipina than Italian. She is the second of four. Her older sister is no other than Assunta de Rossi, aka Sam. Her younger sisters are Margherita and Isabella. Assunta and Margherita was born in Italy, while the youngest, Isabella is a natural-born Filipina.

Alessandra de Rossi is known to have a big mouth, but behind the mataray face and the big mouth, she’s frank, which makes her feisty at the same time. Everyone was so judgmental that she is a “whore” for being “flirt.” Despite her European upbringing, she is well-behaved after she transferred to ABS-CBN.

Her acting ability, however, is only reserved for indie films. However, she showed her prowess as Greta, the kontrabida (antagonist) in Tayong Dalawa.

Aside from being an award-winning actress, she is also a recording artist. Her voice is actually breathtaking and not only that, she conceptualized the music video herself. This made her accept the offer of FHM, but there’s one condition: Play the song in their website. Nyaar.

Because she’s half-Italian, she proved everyone wrong that although you are half-white doesn’t mean white skin. She said,

I’d rather be tanned because I do not like the idea of being white but ugly.

Lawl, she doesn’t look like her if she’s white! If she’s white, then, she’s not pretty at all. Kidding. Well, she still is, actually. So, yeah. She still looks good even though she’s white, but it’s better if she’s tan. To be honest with you, I should envy the likes of Alex because her skin complements her. I always thought that there is NO problem being tan but now… I was being fooled by the “white-loving” media. All thanks to my “chink” ex-crush who wants to have a “chink” partner. Ewwwwwww.

She also argued that,

Being beautiful doesn’t mean flawless. Confidence is the key.

Might as well check out her creative side.

What’s so special about Alex? She’s the true epitome of frank and feisty.

Random Rant: “Nothing spectacular” your face

US and China are not the only “spectacular” countries.

Okay, to my biases, Japan, Canada and Thailand are more pleasing. Vietnam is, too. The only reason why US and China are the “best” is because they have something in common.

– They’re both superpowers.
– It’s affordable.
– Pop’s friends are there, which I find it “not an excuse”

Alright. It really annoys me when someone appreciates both superpowers than any other. Now what does US and China do? They only do hard power and businesses. US? It’s a developed version of the Philippines? China? Everything Chinese? No doubt, it’s a historical place, but please don’t get me started on that. I really didn’t like going to China again after hearing the “fake” things, like counterfeit stuff and shit, and I really am allergic to fake things, especially fake gadgets. Nothing spectacular… in the most developed countries?

The only reason why the pop only likes those countries is because, he has friends (I smell cronyism), and it is affordable there. Look, those are very biased reasons why he has to call these as “spectacular.” Define spectacular: Friends and the price value? Not in my watch. I have higher standards.

Anything at Random VIII

1.) The Dark Side of South Korea
2.) Japan: Gender-unequal OR simply a balance of gender-equality???
3.) Dia de Los Muertos: Paying eternal (and infinite) respects to our departed loved ones

The Dark Side of South Korea|U;Nee’s suicide is one of the most obvious examples of South Korea’s dark side.

Although South Korean society has a reputation for being “deeply conservative,” I still insist to visit the country one day.

South Korea is a developed country, where its own people use their own products such as cars, gadgets, etc. and they hold a passport that is visa-free all over the world. Being a developed, first-world country that is, however, it has a dark side that no K-Pop fan really knows about.

1.) Celebrity suicide issue – Do you know that most Korean celebrities take their own lives because of the discrimination they face from their own people?

Every netizen of the world usually hopes that “Korean society will change.” Well, there’s a minimum chance for Koreans to be open-minded about criticisms. Since its major religion is Confucianism (which is more of a religious philosophy), people tend to think conservatively and traditionally, but in the case of the Korean people, they still cannot accept 100% change in their own country.

“Women are the most objectified in South Korea,” says roxyisferox. Well, it’s really true since the rights usually go to men… and when men are objectified, Korean people will usually rant against those things.

Do they really copy Japanese culture? Usually, Japanese people take their own lives once they have an issue, or maybe they cannot take the hardship anymore. However, this issue in Japan is not really the main hot topic. In South Korea, however, Koreans DO take their own lives because they really cannot accept criticisms from netizens who feel “conservative,” but are actually not.

The worst case goes to Choi Jin-shil, dubbed as the “nation’s actress” in South Korea. After her issue with her husband (whom she divorced), she became a single mom. However, in South Korea, women who are single mothers are believed to have an attitude problem (unlike in Japan, it’s alright to be a single mom, but most of these women fall in the poverty line, however). Because of that belief, Choi Jin-shil have no choice but to hang herself. This shocked ROK itself that their most valuable actress is gone forever.

2.) The most extreme form of racism – Do you notice that most Korean actors are really “pure Korean?” Most Koreans do not have any other ancestry other than Korean (or Han race). They tend to discriminate mixed-raced Koreans (whether white, tanned or dark-skinned) and these half-Koreans usually drop out of school due to being victims of constant bullying and teasing. Can’t the Korean government do something to solve the issue?

The Korean peninsula (or Korea as a whole) is known to have the most homogenous society in the world. Almost everyone looks alike, and it is rare if you do not have a look-alike, AT ALL. I really feel sorry for my Korean friends, but they really have to face the criticisms against their country (or their society, that is). According to one source (I forgot), ROK may be developed and rich, but their living standard isn’t as good as you think. Kaya nga, eh, most Koreans go to the Philippines not only to learn English or to do business, but to have a new life not only as a Korean, but of course, as someone who considers himself/herself Filipino.

3.) Criticisms will just make us feel bad – Now what’s bad about criticisms, eh? Alright, as a person, I only accept criticisms IF and only if the person is encouraging me to improve. However, if people would criticize me due to the fact that they have a short patience, that I do not accept. Introverted people do not accept criticisms right ahead of time.

Well, for Koreans, once Samsung (or Hyundai) received criticisms, they do not take it nicely. They take it for granted (or simply, they really reject those things is because of PRIDE). If they really LOVE their country, they should at least, accept criticisms from those who really had used their products so that they would do something to improve it, just like how I mentioned about how the Japanese people improve their mistakes.

Samsung digicams may not seem to be appealing (Korean technology usually specializes in cellular phones) but here’s the thing: One of my buds told me that the digicam of Samsung is slow. Yep, slow, and the quality isn’t that pleasing, either. If Sony Cyber-shot cameras have already the quality of a digital SLR (e.g., DSC-WX5), that is because how Sony is very sincere in marketing their products (the BIONZ and the EXMOR sensor are very powerful and have the same level with Canon DIGIC processors).

Japan: Gender-unequal OR simply a balance of gender-equality???

Japan may be known to be gender-unequal when it comes to daily life, but here’s the thing: Why do they portray women in higher positions at school (e.g., the evil Vice Principal in Misaki Number One and the Director Sakurai in GTO)? Women have the opportunity to work and to earn salary, but they do not earn a very high and respectable title. Like, there are no female prime ministers in Japan and you know the Imperial succession issue where women are not allowed to be an empress regnant. I noticed that men usually speak English better than women in Japan (this restroom cleaner dude knew a bit of English which I really find it cool compared to the lady who collects tickets but doesn’t speak English at all) and notice the eye-to-eye contact as a taboo.

Unlike South Korea, Japan gives opportunities to women, but they’re not as privileged as men. Single mothers are alright, but they fall in the poverty line. However, these women show empowerment that they could provide for their children.

Dia de Los Muertos: Paying eternal (and infinite) respects to our departed loved ones

The Day of the Dead is a Mexican tradition wherein people pay unending respects to their deceased loved ones. It’s their own version of Halloween and All Saints’ and Souls’ Day. So, yeah.

In the Philippines, paying respects to our departed loved ones is really a strong tradition. Graveyards are really crowded in the day of undas, or the Philippine version of Dia de los Muertos.

As I watched the news, most people go to the grave of those celebrities who died young (e.g., Rico Yan, AJ Perez) and yes, symbolic figures such as the Aquino couple (they deserve a salute) wherein their children visit them. Of course, the Filipino way is always based from Catholic and Western traditions.

However, there is a dark side. Ram Revilla was shot to death because of a conflict that no one really seems to understand and Charice Pempengco’s father was stabbed to death for yeah… another problem with drunk whatsoever. WOW, ha. These issues really have to put the Dia de los Muertos in bad limelight, but that’s not the point here. Crimes are not really common for ordinary people nowadays… EVEN celebrities or whoever relative of them that is, are the new targets. HAY NAKO, if Japan is really known for their very low crime rate, why can’t the Philippines do the same (not to mention the last fight between Pacman vs. Eric Morales– that day was a crime-free day, actually!)? Now we have to do something to at least, avoid these crimes, but they’re really inevitable.

Why is the Philippines always compared to Japan (if it’s always better to have it compared to Singapore)?

A poor country versus a European-level country? Japan’s economy is at-par with the ones in Western Europe in terms of cost of everything. One word: TEUER.

I may be a Japan lover (thinking of marrying a handsome Japanese guy which is so hard to find), but it doesn’t necessarily mean that I really want to live there someday (and forever). In terms of economy, yes, Japan’s a really filthy rich country but it doesn’t necessarily mean that its economy is like the United States. The United States may be expensive, but it’s at least, affordable. Japan’s level is more of Europe. Remember, it is an export-oriented country (meaning to say that it is really expensive, even though you’re holding a million pesos).

Why do I have to say this? Here’s the thing: We are NOT an export-oriented country, in terms of consumer products, that is. We export RAW materials and natural things, not man-made stuff. If Singapore is rich, it is because it is a freeport, and not to mention they were once a not-so-rich country that prospered because of strong nationalism and no country (like Malaysia) would ever accept them as a dependency. Rather than being left behind, they decided to become independent.

Singapore is rich is because they impose rules and they really mean it. They’re really serious on their job because they really want to be recognized as an independent entity and not only as a freeport. This setting is really applicable in the Philippines, where people nowadays think that morality is only a guide to do good. Westernization? Of course, in the Philippine setting, we are really not yet ready to be developed, because we disregard our own traditions as “old-fashioned.”

Remember, being compared to Singapore is more acceptable because the Philippines, like what I said, is not export-oriented. Being export-oriented doesn’t make a country more nationalistic– it’s only that discipline is not really implemented (in the Philippines), so yeah. The Japanese in nature are disciplined, that is.

Do you think that Japan has no problem at all? There are many problems in Japan, even before I went there. It may seem to be peaceful, but suicides, yakuza groups, the Junko Furuta issue, etc. Do you think Japan is really a crime-free country? Think again. It may seem to boast a very low crime rate, but crimes still happen, well in the cities, that is. However, due to Japan’s strict laws, it still managed to keep the environment safe and child-friendly.

In Japan, NOT all people are well-to-do. They’re hardworking in nature and they value it. However, there are beggars are there, even though they’re a rarity.

Main source <–main reference xD

Anything at Random VII

Why I used to hate Taylor Momsen

The most disturbing…


The boobs and the star tattoo? HOMG, this is insane, really. Her boobs. Are. NOT. Big. Enough.

After all Taylor’s got some push-up bra to act like a whore!|Whoa, she’s still the skanky slut whose got a navel piercing! @_@

Taylor Momsen is really known to be the skankiest teenager in Hollywood. Trying too hard to be a pornstar? Well, she really can’t show of those purely nude tittays only to save her life. Like, come on. You should’ve worn a bikini rather than showing off those not-so-big tittays! They’re lacking off some fat, lawl.|Did she have an ass padding?… I lately notice those stretch marks, though.

Still flat tittays! Not too big to flatter everyone at all!

She’s trying too hard to be a skank. Walking cunt? Not even a chance. The most (not-so) shocking thing that you’ll really gonna abhor…|Tay’s a chain smoker since 16. Does she smoke Marlboro Lights?

Man, she’s being rebellious.

Now I know why she looks older than her age: She smokes!

I used to hate smokers but now, I have to be open-minded about these shit because– I hate to brag this, but the guy whom I admire is a smoker! He smokes as if he loves to do it.

Back to Taylor Momsen. These are her recent shots regarding her concert, still showing skankiness, like she’s promoting casting couch everywhere. Lawl, I really should laugh at these! She’s really trying oh-so hard to be a skank! She really can’t be like Megan Fox at all, who is really bitchy but doesn’t really care. But with Taylor’s she really can’t make us awe or think about sex when she acts like a slut. Try again.

The most disturbing thing in her are those poorly-eyeshadowed eyes… which makes her look like a raccoon… or someone who has been battered 100x, giving her creepy black eyes. Whoa! You ain’t Morticia and it’s not yet the Dia de los Muertos, and you’re not even a zombie.

TOP:|Bottom: MSN Entertainment

Shit! It seems like Taylor Momsen’s aging because of stupid nicotine! I feel so sorry for this girl, but she really needs to go to rehab. Y’know, no one wants to live a “Dark life.”

Those raccoon eyes are just disturbing, and the blonde blonde hair? Not a chance to be 100% real. It’s all dyed and she’s a redhead.

Now here are some disturbing Rated PG-18 Revolver Mag photos that you don’t want your kids to see…|She’s gonna kill someone (feeler much?) She’s all in panties and stockings and stripper heels. *Pukes*|C-R-E-E-P-Y. ‘Nuff said.|Trying so hard to be like Beatrix Kiddo? You can’t really Kill Bill just to save your life, eh?|That ain’t Holofernes, and you’re not Judith, either, nor Charlotte Corday.|Was that Alodia’s pose in “The Gamer”? That’s no gamer, so RUN for your lives!|Gun stiletto and those hooker things. BOWRING.

Now you know why she’s a real juvenile delinquent, and now look. If she really wants to show off her tits, she should be a hooker rather!

Here are the things why I really used to hate her. A LOT.

1.) She has a tattoo, smokes and acts like a whore before legal age.

Like, eww. She’s got a dildo right beside her and brings a lot of knives. Punk much, eh? Well, here’s the thing: Taylor Momsen is really the worst delinquent ever in the eyes of teenage people. Tall, skinny, fit for a model… but how’s it going? Taylor Momsen cannot really be a “big star.” All she does it to be a starlet forever, that is.

2.) She dissed both Miley Cyrus and Rihanna.

Miley? Well, now look who was talking. Dissing someone who has no attitude problem at all? Although Miley starts to smoke and have tats, I really have nothing to do about it. Miley’s not a rebel, at least.

Rihanna? Well, it doesn’t really matter if she wears a black leather jacket. Every artist does that and it doesn’t seem annoying. Taylor, you’re just jealous. Rihanna’s hotter and way more seductive than you are.

3.) She is a big hater of Disney.

Whoa! Even Disney will NOT accept you AT ALL. Look, Vanessa Hudgens was almost expelled due to the nude pics leaked on the Internet, same with Miley’s. If you showed off your boobs, or maybe you just become 100% naked, think about it, everyone will abhor you.

4.) She doesn’t know Justin Bieber, which sounds ridiculous.

Every celebrity knows him, but you’re the only one denying it. Deny to death? At least he has the charm, which you do not really have at all.

5.) She HATES being a role model.

Nobody is really telling you to be a role model, because you’re not qualified, anyway.

6.) She’s the “rocker.”

You mean, a rocking chair? With music on it, eh? I’d really laugh at this, but your granny won’t really love that. So, yeah. No sweets, cookies and kisses from granny, that is.

7.) She doesn’t even know how the basics of eyeshadowing.

Nah, just so you know, just look at those raccoon eyes.

The Bias Wars: Why I love Japanese than Korean

You guys really wanna know? Well, here…

1.) The Japanese are tolerant, but never ever push the WWII memoir button.

2.) K-dramas are overrated.

3.) Now, you have to compare. No need to spoonfeed answers.

Xenophobic and err… ethnocentric pure-blooded obsession?

The Chinese and Koreans are known for being… nationalistic. However, it’s not in the right way, that is.

In Korea, there are a lot of issues. Racism, sexism, some things that are not right. Korean society is really known for having a reputation for being falsely-conservative. Why? It would’ve been better if the whole Korean peninsula is UNITED, but… that’s not really going to happen just yet. Most Koreans go here to the Philippines because they wanted a new life, and not only because they want to learn English. Some Koreans are really sick and tired of life there and one site said that the living standard in Korea isn’t really matching its economic boom. Ironic? Sort of. The won is really a low… low denomination.

The Chinese, however, are known for their inhumane acts. Like for instance, fetus soup (got the thing from roxyisferox)? Eww! Who’s going to be a cannibal for the rest of his/her life, right? That’s a really big fucking taboo to me since I’m pro-life. It’s really good to raise the middle finger to those who love fetus soup. So disgusting, so barbaric, UGH! Fuck that!

Gah, even selling of organs– like killing people for organs?

I think these societies should clean up their acts. To my Chinese and Korean chums out there, don’t take this personally. At least you have an idea about the flaws of your society.

Anything at Random VI

Blogger Profile: Nina

She’s one of the popular kids during high school, but to be honest, she seems more approachable than anyone else in them. That time, she does a lot of HTML codes, blogskins and yeah… photomanipulation. I learned a lot of her and it seems that I make her blog as her reference. I still don’t know if she still shows up some of her new art but yeah… time has passed and I haven’t heard from her a long time ago. I never ever talked to her personally but yeah, at least I knew her just a bit. 😀

Guess what? I could actually alter codes already! 😀

How I started to edit HTML

To be honest, I do not have the patience to make a customized theme on my blog. I mean, it’ll take me hours to create one and it’s like, “HOMG. BRB. AFK.”

I only do simple things. I usually manipulate codes by inserting links, then images, then a lot of things, actually.

I started to learn about HTML encoding when I was in second year high school. It’s really fun, actually. There are a lot of things you want to learn like for instance, changing the font size, type, color, style, etc. If the font style was then accessible for every font, however, it isn’t anymore.

HTML was like, “It’s so hard! I don’t want!” But in computer education class, everyone is always dependent on me since they seem so observant on what I’m doing. Halos lahat talaga dati, nagpapaturo sa akin ng ganito-ganyan, so I didn’t have time to edit my codes. This was very evident when I started to learn Visual Basic. The worst of all things, the worst computer class ever. Everyone was so dependent that I wanted them to shut the fuck up. I don’t want anyone to hold responsibility since I have to finish my own work before guiding others. Tsk tsk, popular kids. Why can’t they actually ask someone else to guide them, right?

Editing codes was never easy. If you think there’s “room for error,” it only happens in drafts. The website will NOT function completely once a “factory defect” becomes apparent. It’s a very extreme example, but yes, there is no such thing as “room for error” when doing HTML codes.

Creating a whole website is actually… very hard. You need to be very specific about the codes, even those HTML tutorials wouldn’t help you that much. You really need a professional to guide you when encoding a lot of codes in plain text.

So now you know why most of my themes/layouts in my blog seem boring. Haha.

The worst headache I experienced

That was when I started to volunteer about the music that I wanted to send. Fuck about the rules regarding gadgets if it’s an urgent requirement. My worst headache started during computer class. Since we are in a non-air conditioned room that time, we went to an air conditioned room. I feel that something isn’t right, and that is my head! Gah! I really wanted to go to the clinic since I really feel something weird on me. Very, very weird.

“Fudge. How demanding would you get when she’s actually the one who seems trying so hard to fit in.”

I don’t want that to happen again, and I have no intention to promote my high school. Sorry if I sound so harsh.

Religion… is created by man and is evil? E-V-I-L?

Just a reminder to everyone: This may seem to be a sensitive topic, but please, bear with it. I don’t want any issues regarding this post, okay?

Remember the artwork of Mideo Cruz? The Poleteismo? The one where the face of Jesus is lambasted in the eyes of a devout Catholic? To be honest with you guys, the exhibition is NOT applicable to a predominantly Catholic country. If Mideo Cruz would show his artwork, it should be not in the Philippines. Maybe he’s got a message to tell us– regarding the RH Bill. Well, hello? RH Bill? Well, since it’s dominated with condoms, I would say it would be pro-RH bill, but because I am Catholic however, I would say that although Jesus is the greatest liberal of all time, it doesn’t mean that you have to respect Him as if you do not respect Him at all. Not all Catholics are actually happy-go-lucky and not all of them take the teachings for granted. There are devoted people who love God, and do not want Him to be disrespected.

Religion should be respected, right? If you do not respect religion, that would only mean that you are a fake liberal. Being a liberal is being tolerant in any type of religion. Did I ever dissed the Islam faith right in front of my Muslim friends and relatives? Of course, NOT! I love those people regardless of their religion since they’re not bad at all. It’s only the media that portrays Islam as “evil.”

Alright. It’s just like being used to the word, “sex.” There’s nothing wrong when you utter the word, “sex” since it’s gender! Do you think that “same-sex marriage” sounds bad? Not really. Same-sex marriage for me means that homosexuals already have the right to choose a straight partner. I really do not care at all if the gay marries a straight guy or a girl married to a lesbo. So, what? It’s not a problem to me and it doesn’t seem “bad” after all. It’s only that old-school thinkers are really so, traditional.

Religion is NOT evil. It’s only that some people really do not understand the culture of each religion. Do you think, Jesus came from Europe? Israel is NOT Europe. It’s in the Middle East, which is still part of Asia. You really cannot tell if He’s really Asian since He’s got some Caucasian features and some artists portray Him with blue eyes. I think Jesus doesn’t mind at all. He loves everyone despite your race, sex, age, etc.