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iLounge’s photos on Apple products lineup!

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I really cannot explain about the beauty of each and every product… regardless of its color, shape and size. LOL. I’d say that Apple should not be too structured when it comes to releasing a new product. Each and every Apple product, particularly the iPod nano, should be selected not only in different colors but also in different models because I believe that each one of them are unique.

When people say that Apple products are not user-friendly, I beg to disagree. Again, it’s still a matter of personal preference so even though I disagree with that, okay fine, I will respect your choice if you’re no Apple fan since I understand not everyone loves Apple as a company. However, trust me. Once you own an Apple product, you will never ever consider other products unless you cannot afford it AT ALL. As a matter of fact, Apple is a standardized company which imposes its own “rules and regulations” together with its influence on its loyal fans.

iPod nano:

From left (ordinal numbers are by generation): 1st-gen (comes only in black and white), 2nd-gen (comes in different colors), 3rd-gen (redesigned after the iPod classic), 4th-gen (larger screen + narrower), 5th-gen (longer screen + rear-facing video camera), 6th-gen (watch-like), 7th-gen (current; first to be with the lightning port).

iPod touch (popularly and colloquially known as the iTouch):

From left (ordinal numbers are by generation): 1st-gen (comes in 8 and 16GB models), 2nd-gen (max. capacity is 32GB), 3rd-gen (max. is 64GB if I’m not wrong), 4th-gen (first time to have a front and rear camera + white panel option plus retina display), 5th-gen (first to have Lightning port + offered in different colors).


From left: iPhone original (1st-gen), iPhone 3G (available all over the world, offered both black and white rears), iPhone 3GS (first iPhone to feature HD video recording), iPhone 4 (redesigned over-all, first phone to feature front-facing camera + first phone with retina display and micro-SIM), iPhone 4S (first phone to offer 64GB memory capacity and Siri), iPhone 5 (first phone with 1GB RAM + 16:9 aspect ratio, accepts nano-SIM cards only, Lightning port and finally the headphone jack on the bottom).

Even though I have a love-hate relationship with Apple, I am still a fan of the said company ever since Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is one of the people I really admire and respect, alongside Bill Gates. No wonder, I might as well plan on buying a Sony VAIO this time if time permits, together with the Sony Xperia Z, only to show that I will make a comeback to Windows and Android.

True Colors

In spite of the dying and endangered click wheel thing, that was Apple’s legacy over-all. Oh, wait. I don’t think it was Apple who originated the click-wheel feature. As a matter of fact, it was reinvented, innovated and patented by Apple itself.


I have to admit. Most of the gadgets that I used to have should always come in silver, not until I had my first water-proof digital camera (which in general, should be blue in color). I actually view silver as a more beautiful color than gold since the former has a “technological” and “futuristic” feel while the latter has a “luxurious” and “bling-ish” feel.

(Product) Red

Every Apple product that comes in red has a purpose in life: To help the children in need in Africa. See? If one of you has red as their favorite color (well, stereotypically, the Chinese people and Sandara Park LOL), then they must be generous donors towards the needy African population. Good move, in other words.


Admittedly, this is my favorite color speaking of being feminine. This color makes my skin whiter in photographs (trust me, it really works!) and also in person! HAHAHAHA!


Also known as the Aquino color, it’s a good thing that the color is modest enough not to be “gold-ish.” In other words, Apple might have competed with GoldVish if ever! LMAO!


Well, this is the La Salle color. Sadly, this color makes my skin darker! Oh noes, rather wear pink than green! LMAO!


Wooooo! This is my favorite color of all time, even though it’s the color of Ateneo! Well, no worries, because the “blue” in Apple is oceanic, NOT royal.


Otherwise known as the “royal” color, I did not expect Apple to differentiate all types of purple in different shades and tones. Two of these iPod nanos are actually royal blue or indigo, not really purple/violet.


I am actually not a fan of the color black, but it’s a good thing that I dyed my hair in this color because again, it makes me whiter (LOL!).

The Beauty in Apple

Actually, I’d say that Apple has been leaping from the business/elite market towards the mainstream/consumer market. This revolutionized the entry of all PDAs as smartphones–also MP3 players were almost a bit standardized into the iPod; it’s only the Walkman that stayed even more solid, withstanding the iPod’s dominance.

Apple has always been the company that people loved to compare, debate or despise. However, in spite of Apple’s shady shenanigans with matching controversies, particularly in Foxconn, I suggest that this company has been one of the reasons why there is such thing as micro-SIM, and with that, Apple has long been a company being compared to Sony and Samsung together with BlackBerry and HTC. There’s non-stop comparison and competition with one another, so Apple should never file a lawsuit not only against Samsung–but to any company, regardless of nationality it would face.

Thoughts: iPod Touch 5th-generation 16GB model

Here’s the video 😀

Okay… there are some features removed and enhanced in some matter: NO REAR CAMERA AND THE STRAP HOOK BUTTON HAS BEEN REMOVED AS WELL.

Black panel at the front… silver at the back.

My take: Now Apple did not allow the iPad mini to be the first device to be the first neophyte device to be incorporated with a retina display. Now I see how backwards Apple really is. They did not actually incorporated video recording function in the iPhone 1st gen model and in the iPhone 3G. That’s something that I’d like to face-palm at. Also, they did not apply higher capacity immediately on the 1st-gen iTouch. They only did that on the 2nd- and 3rd-gen models.

…and then Apple has been suing Samsung for this and that!?

Seriously, Apple never learned a lesson or two. Too bad they only incorporated 8GB on the iTouch 4th-gen as the entry-level model, not the 16GB one. How backwards!