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Roaming Around MOA for the nth time plus shopping around Greenhills

So, for the nth time we visited MOA.



Awwwww cute dog! Well, still a cynophobe, though (huhuhu).

Oh well, so there are plenty of options when you’re in MOA.


Yes, there is our cosplay queen Alodia! Hooray for being nationwide popular! Haha!




So we ate at Teriyaki Boy and boy, we finished everything in no time! Haha!


So there’s the ferris wheel!



We soon went to Greenhills just to hunt for gadgets (gadget-hunting has always been my outdoor hobby ever since LMAO) and it seemed that it was more fun if we did not ran out much time from walking. At the highest floor of the shopping mall itself, well, that was was the haven for the cheapest gadgets in Metro Manila.

Most sellers there are Muslim people. Well, too bad I did not take a photo of the place although I’d like to do so. Most gadgets there are legit ones that are either brand new or second-hand. The place itself is more of a horror-themed gadget shop since there are many second-hand gadgets there that were stolen from their original owners. I could see that these salespeople have little knowledge in gadgets–in other words, it’s a jeje-mall (IMHO!). Well, hey! They still sell iPhone 3GS and 4 models (brand new or second-hand). It’s very weird since most of these gadgets are not China phones or shanzhai products, which makes it as a safe heaven for power users and anti-shanzhai people to lure the place itself. However, speaking of iPhone cases, they have the most beautiful and good-looking ones. Also, they’re much cheaper (whether it’s a gadget or a casing) compared to those sold at Apple Resellers and shops such as Infomax.

Here’s what I’ve got from GH:


See? They range from 250-300 Php which make them very affordable if your budget is in a maximum of 3,000 Php. I would recommed GH if you’re going to shop for cheap and affordable items such as casings and accessories, but for gadgets, stay vigilant.

The ambience resembles Quiapo’s Hidalgo and Beijing’s Wangfujing corner (looking in photos). However, if you visit the second to the highest floor, you’ll appreciate it there more if you could afford them.

Sadly I did not bring my digital SLR, but it’s alright. I’ll still consider this place when buying external flash guns. (:

I finally found these photos!

They sell iPads and err… counterfeit gadgets (I though SG is ueber-strict!?).

This was probably taken with a Sigma lens. Try to click on the photo to enlarge (and don’t forget to evaluate its quality!).

I forgot what mall is this located, however, I’d say it’s within Lucky Plaza.

Yes, bitches. This is one shop to avoid (the set-up is shown, eh) when you wanna go to Singapore. Get your arses off to Funan Digital Mall if you don’t want your money to be burned in hell.

What digicam should I buy for momma?

NOTE: Prices are converted to Philippine peso because I am asking for the help of fellow Filipinos out there, just saying.

So, yeah. I have three sample models here and please, please please, make judgments. I don’t want to be the judge here ALONE. Since I am still uploading ALL my photos from the memory card of my beloved 550D (which I named it Babeh), well yeah. I’ll give you these models… xD

Courtesy of

Canon PowerShot G12

10.0 Megapixels
2.8″ LCD screen
28-140mm (5x) optical zoom

The Canon PowerShot G12 is a digital camera for professionals. Yep, that’s right. It’s a high-end digicam… and according to, it’s lowest price is Php 18,877.00. Unbelievable, eh? It’s really believable since it’s high-end, like DUH? It’s 5x zoom range is good enough to cover a lot of scene, whether wide-angle or telephoto, but its telephoto end isn’t that enough to reach the farthest subject.

You be the judge: How will you rate it from 4.0 as the highest, and 1.0 as the lowest. .5’s are really a must (e.g., 2.5).

Courtesy of

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ47

12.1 Megapixels
3″ LCD screen
25-600mm (24x) optical zoom

I’m not really a fan of Panasonic, but I’d like to check this out since it’s a bridge camera and I know that there are some cool features that I’d like to try out using this one. It costs Php 17,200.00 (from the source where I got the photo). This is a “bridgicam” (portmanteau/shortcut for bridge digital camera– please inform me if someone else coined this term first before me).

Rate it from 4.0 as the highest to 1.0 as the lowest score.

Courtesy of

Canon Powershot SX230 HS

12.1 Megapixels
3″ LCD screen
28-392mm (14x) optical zoom

What is very distinctive in this digicam is no other than the… 16:9 aspect ratio of the screen. Well, it doesn’t seem new to me since most touchscreen cameras DO have 16:9 3″ LCD touchscreens (e.g. Sony Cyber-shot TX series, that is). I personally think this cam would be a good choice since it’s handy-dandy, y’know, cool, has long zoom and it also comes in PINK! I want the pink one since my momma’s got a pink Casio digicam for years already. I think I have to gift her this one in advanced.

Please rate from 4.0 as highest while 1.0 as its lowest.

If not of these three examples, I am looking for digicams with…

– Well, natuerlich the smallest megapixel is 10.00 MP. I want something that is 12.1MP above, or the max. is 16MP.
– At least 5x optical zoom, max. optical zoom is until hmmm… anything that reaches 200mm (telephoto).
– IS (as in is, not Image Stabilisation) macro capable or else.
– Has of course, Image Stabilisation, Sonic Motors are optional.
– Minimum LCD size is 2.7″.
– I only accept Nikon, Canon, Panasonic or… Sony. Please don’t ever pressure me with the more high-ends.
– Highest price will only be US$500.00/Php 21,500. (If it exceeds this maximum price make sure there’s bargain!)