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Apple, Inc.’s Prestige Status is Phased Out

I am now starting to boycott Apple products due to its poor battery performance.

WTF!? My mid-2010 MBP and my two phones before, the iPhone 4S and 5 didn’t have battery drain issues at all. WTF has happened to Apple!?

Thank goodness I might switch to a more powerful Windows laptop. I still don’t have enough funds to obtain one, yet I would rather use a Windows laptop instead if ever I will edit photos and send it through E-Mail.

Some pointers: I think Apple started to deteriorate after being dragged into hot issues such as its lawsuits against Korean electronics giant firm Samsung and Philippine mobile phone firm myPhone.

What has happened to premium brands with prestigious reputations!?

Sony and Apple are no longer prestigious (as compared to mid 2000s), though the former has always been a leading brand for innovation in Japan–and the rest of the world.

What are now the most prestigious brands in the world?

Cameras and imaging – Fujifilm, Pentax, Canon, Nikon, Sony
Laptops – Lenovo, HP, Asus, MSI
Mobile phones – Asus, LG, Samsung, HTC

I could no longer see the prestige of Apple anymore. Speaking of Apple, I am quite disgruntled towards battery issues, esp. that MBP mid-2012 has horrible battery issues as opposed to the mid-2010 MBP, which has a consistent 3-hour battery life. The mid-2012 MBP drains faster from a decent 6 hours towards the agitating 2-3 hours.

And speaking of iPhones, the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 drains slower than the iPhone 6 Plus. WTF is this hulabaloo!? I don’t see anymore the prestige of owning an iPhone, or a/n MBP. I might switch to Samsung or Sony Xperia in the near future–prolly an M4 or the higher-end Z collection.

Owning an Apple product before was actually a privilege, but right now it’s a liability. I view Android phones as user-friendlier ever since I used a Samsung Galaxy Grand. I’m also thinkingnof getting a Galaxy Note Pro if I don’t feel like bringing my laptop to work, or a netbook.

And speaking of Apple products, I still have nothing against them; the issue here is the rightful Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who should take the place of the late Steve Jobs. Sad to say, the wrong person was chosen.

Behind the Scenes (BTS): PHOTOCO Fashion Shoot

Well, I may have never done a BTS before (dudes and dudettes, I was too lazy doing those things LOL), but this is my first time doing it.

The model, Allen Sales, is excellent in her job. Her poses are very graceful, at least for someone who is a newbie in the modelling industry (well, I’ll post photos of her here… but I won’t for now because I have technical issues! LOL). We just tell her what she should do, and she follows. YES folks, you’ll really be satisfied with all your shots if I recommend her to you. I ain’t kidding, kahit anong damit ang ipasuot mo sa kanya, the shots will turn out to be good.

I just shot many of the scenes using the Canon EOS 60D, of course! I know, I suck in recording videos, but to the elitist negachey haters, you cannot even do this to save yer lives! Take note of that! (LOL)


After the long wait: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II


SOME THINGS I WOULD LIKE TO TELL TO MY LOVELY FOLLOWERS: I reaaaaaaaally apologize for not posting new blog entries. To be honest, I lost love in blogging and I think that losing my gadgets (all thanks to those… thieves!) and being in law school would make me quit blogging or pursue a photography career, well, I think I should say I am BACK IN ACTION! Yet, I am no longer the same as before, the MSP that you meet online as the bubbly, funny person–I’m not actually that type of person, unless you know me personally. HAHA.

I was broke, really. I would never expect that I would quit blogging because my online friend’s blog was deleted due to an oppressive policy… or maybe the bashers are long waiting to topple down a blog. GAH. WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN, EVEN THOUGH YOU DON’T WISH FOR IT!?

Okay, never mind. Now I have some great news for all of you. Yep, this time I am taking up a short course in photography–this time, it would be photography as my career… hurrah! But remember, this is a much better thing than being in law school. In law school, you only have to be surrounded by books, nothing more, nothing less–but here, I GUESS I HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS HAPPIER! Being in a photog class helped me grow as a person. No kidding. I would say that I have a wider schedule than before. LOL.

Anyways, because of that, I decided to buy a new lens–in exchange of the old lens. Okay, here it is, the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II. Well, that’s all I can afford. Never underestimate the cheapest things–it also has a powerful side. Well, take a look.

Finally… I own a prime lens. With the new cap, though.

See how sharp this lens is!? Pardon for the photo, this time my photos suck. Not fishing for compliments at all, yet this photo shows the SHARPNESS of the nifty fifty!

They say that this lens is used to take portraits… but meh, BTW this is Ma-yeen. ((: Almost perfect photograph ugh. The nifty fifty is too difficult to use! LOL.

Dream lens! Huhuhu… it costs 45,000 pesos! T_T Sa bagay, it’s an L lens.

Check this out, people. The more you worship the Yellow Oligarchs (well, not only PNoy), the more poverty you will feel. Think again. The Yellow Oligarchs are the pestilence, not Marcos or Gloria or Erap, or anyone who are the enemies of the oligarchs. The price tag says it all. It’s up to you to evaluate (LOL photojourn mode).


The nifty fifty is actually a very powerful lens–just imagine the wide opening–at f/1.8, at 115 dollars. Yes, this lens ain’t very cheap (if you’re a full-time student) at all, to think that it’s the most inexpensive lens in the market. It is also difficult to use, since it is macro-incapable. Despite the wide aperture it offers, the 1:3 macro ratio is sacrificed. Boo-hoo.

As a matter of fact, the nifty fifty has taught me that zoom lenses are more flexible yet it won’t offer you a fixed aperture unless you want a costlier lens (the 28-70mm, for instance). Zoom lenses have the widest aperture of f/2.8 since it’s more expensive to create zoom lenses with wider apertures–the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 broke the stereotype. After all, Sigma is known for innovating lenses–they have art lenses + lens dock for updating firmware. Cool, isn’t it?

Time for you to snag a prime

Prime lenses is said to have better optical quality than zoom lenses. Here, primes vary from the extremes to the middle ground. The extremes are waaay costlier than the non-extremes since you’re dealing with distortion and distance. Just imagine having an EF 14mm L lens or the EF 800mm L lens–better get a nifty fifty or a 35mm lens, or an 85mm lens.

Zoom lenses are great, but if you want MORE depth-of-field adventures + more light and blur background, primes are the best option.

Tekken 6 Screenshots!


In other words, “PAGBIGYAN!”

Yeah, although I am a latecomer when it comes to owning a game console, at least I could finally upload my screenies to! (:

Sadly, I cannot take a direct XMB screenie at Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Huhuhuuuu… what to do now?


This is a screenshot from Scenario Campaign. I didn’t realize that I would choose my own character who would substitute Lars!


Here, Lili could be any character, haha!


Well, if you know that I am making each of my fave characters’ styles turn into a Yeng Constantino fandom! Hurrah me for styling them like they’re doing cosplay! Let’s see what happens!

Sadly, Tekken should return the screenshot capability in Tekken once they develop Tekken 7–and wait, they should not skip to PS4 first (as in PUH-LEEZE, the Tekken team should not jump to the PS4 just yet! Give PS3 more time to be as popular as the PS2 with your presence!). Also, they should learn a thing or two from Soulcalibur about character customization and they should add character creation as well! As much as I do LOVE Soulcalibur, sadly, they removed Talim at SCV, which sucked but anyways, Leixia, Elysium, Viola and Ivy really gave justice to SCV–but still, the customization clothes are still lacking!

Just like any casual gamer who only takes most video games for fun (and not for grounds for competition), I only had a PSP at late 2007 (no joke, I was never interested in having a PSP not until the PSP 2000 came–and I chose the PSP 2000) and had Tekken DR as a game from the memory card and not from the UMD. That was the reason why I fall for Tekken and suddenly, I wished to have a PS3 right away.

I suggest, Tekken 7 should be at least a combination of both Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag 2 when it comes to stages, customizations, character roster, and other features such as err… Scenario Campaign with 2 players (yes, each player should choose their character pre-customized!), Gold Rush (plus Roulette), Online Battle without any codes to input, Customizations (upper body and arms should be again, separate; ditto with lower body and feet, just like how Tekken 6 did it–but the customization choices should also root from both T6 and TTT2–decals should be this time applied to the skin/body haha!).

Off-Topic: Customizations for the prospective Tekken 7 – Suggestions

1.) Customize the character’s voice and language option as well (I think each one should have the option to speak English, Japanese or their native language). For instance, Lili should speak English and French at the same time. Leo should speak English and German at the same time… while Christie and Eddy should speak English and Portuguese at the same time, same with Miguel who should speak Spanish and English at the same time.

2.) Decal Application should also be for the skin/body. In Soulcalibur V, I really like placing tattoos all over my created characters’ body, so why not in Tekken? I hope in customization mode, characters should also have decals at their skin as well.

3.) Customizations offered from both Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag 2 should be combined, but the Tekken 6 system should be followed (upper body is SEPARATE from arms, while lower body should be SEPARATE from feet). Characters’ personal item move (T6) should also be combined with the universal item move of TTT2. Also, change of outfit should follow the TTT2 system (just press square and you have a lot of outfit slots to choose from–and these outfit slots should be until 50!).

4.) With regards to the hair customization, the T6 system should also be followed. At least you have the freedom to choose which hairstyle you want to apply, provided that the hair base serves as a guide to choosing the right hairstyle (back).

5.) Tekken should also offer Character Creation. Here, you just have to choose the fighting style of your character or mix it up with the different fighting styles of his/her favorite characters. Still, the same system I suggested should also be followed, but different faces should be offered (e.g., the face of Lili or Leo should be there, the T6 faces, please! Or both T6 and TTT2, haha!).

6.) The stages should also be PRESENT AT ALL TIMES. Hidden Retreat and the Tomato thing should be UNLOCKABLES, and other stages from T5DR should be renovated to a new one, especially the Gold Rush stage, it should be converted into a two-tier/balcony stage.

7.) Inner and outer clothes should be applied at the upper body… for ALL characters!

8.) Bare hands and bare feet should be for ALL the ladies while shirtless, bare hands and bare feet should be for ALL guys.

9.) Makeup option, just like in SCV!

10.) Also, do not forget the Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection customizations! Please, and thank you!

Other suggestions

1.) Tekken should have “Tag Mode” separate from Online Mode and Offline Mode. Here, anyone could choose between online and offline mode if they select “TAG MODE.”

2.) Online mode should follow the T6 system, since there should never be any required codes to input.

3.) TEKKEN TUNES – Please, do not forget that one!

4.) Another RPG mode should be added (besides Scenario Campaign Mode). It should be a story mode wherein the selected character should fight his/her boss character. It could either be a single player or a TAG one (just like in T6 Scenario Mode, but T6 only requires a player to use just one character), but here, you switch character roles. For instance, your main character is Lili, and her partner is Alisa. You want to switch their roles, then you could, so you have Alisa as your main character!

5.) Oh, and Online Mode should also include Gold Rush. (:

6.) Gold Rush Mode should also include Roulette, Lucky Box, and whatever means to increase fight money.

7.) Tekken should also be released for PC/Mac (Scenario Campaign/RPG Mode).

8.) Change background music of each stage, just like in TTT2 and SCV.

9.) Namco Bandai should also hire Kanno Yoko as their composer, onegai-shimasu!

10.) Create your own stage — as in Minecraft Mode!

If you just need to post any more suggestions, feel free to do so, for as long as the comments are constructive, thank you!

POLL/SURVEY: The PlayStation 2 (PS2) vs. the PlayStation 3 (PS3)

So far, despite the “death” of the PlayStation 2, it is still hailed as the best gaming console of all time. No wonder, many games such as Final Fantasy X-2 (never played this game, what a waste–since my PS3 did not inherit the backwards compatibility of the previous PS3 models, but I still have the PS2, but it isn’t mine, either) and other great games are still sold for the PS2, and the latest games made for the PS2 are still rampant–just Google it or take a peek at Kotaku for more!

Some of people might not know that I wished to own a PlayStation 3–yes, the slim one. However, I lost interest in gaming not until I decided to go back–and voila! I finally have it!

Well, this is an OPEN forum… what will you choose, the PS2 or the PS3, and tell me why it is awesome.

Or let’s make a format…

General Rule: You do not need to answer all the questions. Just choose whichever you feel like answering. (:

Take your pick

1.) Do you own a PS2 and/or a PS3?

2.) Which is better, the PS2 or the PS3? Cite reasons why it is better than the other.

3.) If you think that both the PS2 and the PS3 are awesome, which games do you mostly play on these two consoles?

4.) To current PS2 users/owners, have you ever considered buying a PS3/will you ever consider buying a PS3? Why or why not?

5.) To current PS3 users/owners, have you ever owned/tried the PS2?

6.) To people who own BOTH consoles, which do you think suits your personality more?

7.) To PS2 owners, since the PS2 discontinued, how did you feel about the news?

8.) To PS3 owners, how do you also feel about the demise of the PS2?

9.) Which type of PS2/PS3 do you own? NTSC-U/C, NTSC-J or PAL?

10.) To PS3 users, do you buy games that are not only within your region?

For those who previously owned the original PlayStation console (PS1)…

1.) Have you ever considered buying a PS2? Why or why not?

2.) What are your favorite games on the original PlayStation?

3.) When the PS1 discontinued in 2006, how did you feel?

For all PlayStation fans, owners and users…

1.) Are you looking forward to the PlayStation 4?

2.) If you own the original PS, the PS2 and the PS3, which one is the best?

3.) Do you think that the PlayStation 4 will be as awesome as the previous PlayStation models? Why or why not?

4.) Do you also own a portable gaming platform (e.g., PSP, PS Vita)?

5.) Do you own a portable gaming platform other than the PSP/PS Vita (e.g., Nintendo 3DS, etc.)?

Late Post: Hands-on Preview of the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) Super Slim


The console comes up with a controller (DualShock 3), RCA connector (A/V jack), AC power plug (Type G/British plug), Quick Start Manual and Warranty something manual. Well, the specifications include 500 GB (there’s also 250 GB) internal memory, XMB Operating System and err… Wi-Fi capable. Oh, wait… the PS3 could also be like a DVD player and at the same time play Blu-Ray movies. It also supports external HDD via USB ports plus charging mobile phones. (:

The Sony PlayStation 3 Super Slim is the PS3 lineup’s latest hardware model to date… but this time, there were a few additions and subtractions with this thingy. Well, let’s weigh it in:


1.) If you got used to the PSP, you will also easily familiarize yourself with the system.

2.) Built-in Wi-Fi! LOLz!

3.) You could play music, movies and view photos, of course. Just plug in your external hard drive/flash drive and there you have it! But first, you have to place PHOTO, MUSIC, VIDEO as your folder names. One folder for each label!

4.) You could browse the Internet!

5.) You could set your time via the Internet (yep, date and time!), so that it will be synchronized with your time and timezone. (:

6.) Screenshots! Ahaha, anyways, Google some tips to screenshot your performances. BTW, Tekken 6 and Soulcalibur V supports screenshots, but make sure you press the PS button then go to Photo (Achtung: Only Tekken 6 supports screenshots at ALL times, while SCV only supports screenshots in some parts only).

7.) Free Online Gameplay (Tekken 6).

8.) Dualshock 3 (predecessor is SIXAXIS for some lawsuit reasons by Sony) could always be charged without a need for an AA battery. (:

9.) The manuals do not have to be very looooooooooong and very thick mainly because manufacturers expect PS3 users/gamers to familiarize with the PS3 and or make use of the Internet. Besides, printing a LONG, THICK manual is only a waste of paper and trees.

10.) Like any laptop, it accepts charging of iPhones (:

11.) It has 500GB max. hard drive memory (yay! That is very PS3 to me, though!). Here, NO NEED to use the Memory Stick for PS2.

12.) It plays BLU-RAY discs.

13.) It has OPEN-REGION/region-free games (well, almost every game that comes into the PS3 is not region-locked. My Tekken Tag 2 game is targeted for the European market and is PAL in color, but glad to know that it is compatible with an NTSC PS3 unit). I was never asked in Datablitz whether my PS3 comes from the United States or not, as compared to the Xbox 360 where everyone is asked whether the Xbox unit only plays US and/or NTSC games. (I will make a separate article about programming lockout–e.g., SIM-locked, region-locked.)

14.) The PS3 Super Slim also comes in different colors–no wonder I chose BLUE instead of WHITE. Sadly, they don’t have a pink one.


1.) Meh, no backwards compatibility (Not compatible when it comes to installing Linux plus when you wish to play PS2 games–you have to go to the PS Store online if you would like to play PS2 games).

2.) You have to eject the disc by pressing the “LEFT” button found on the console (not on the controller!).

3.) You have to buy yourself a separate HDMI cable if you want BETTER graphics (yes, to Tekken fans, take note of that one!).


5.) You have to register a PSN with another country especially if you live in the Philippines (I hate to say this, but I registered my address in Hong Kong, rather than in the US. Regionalistic-wise, I chose HK despite its PAL-oriented TV system because it’s near PH, like DUH!). Sorry to Vietnamese people with a PS3, I didn’t see Vietnam there. Only Thailand and Indonesia, and also Malaysia. I do not know why they didn’t include the Philippines right there.

6.) The PS3 also does not accept video, music and photo formats other than MP4 (dunno with AVI, MPG or MKV), MP3 and JPG/PNG, respectively. Google if you want to know more about PS3 file format compatibility since I ain’t an expert in those things.

7.) There are some instances where your game receives an error if you enable your Internet connection–in Tekken Tag 2, it’s advisable to disable the PS3’s Wifi if you’re receiving erros about updates and whatsoever since I have experienced that. There are some games that are like that SO PLEASE MAKE SURE that you disable your Internet connection first in Settings before installing the game (yeah, it sucks since I cannot play online with TTT2).

8.) You have to quit the game if you’re going to Settings or view Photos, Music and/or Videos (it is mandatory, sadly).

Overall Take: It may not be a family-friendly console (well, obviously it’s a console for a power user) compared to the Wii, but anyways, it’s still a game console. However, the reason why I chose the PS3 is because of my personal preferences and of course, my standards.

Personal Opinion: Well, YES, I did not regret to own a PS3 despite being super slim (well, there are mixed reviews regarding this one–although I should have got the PS3 original slim rather) since it is still a PS3, no matter how you place it in context. My brother even said that both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 are game consoles recommended for the avid gamer if you’re not into rated G (as in General, for everyone, of all ages, whether you’re an infant or a senior citizen! LOL) games. He even said that most of Wii’s games are for kids (haha! Quite true, but there are some games that are not for kids and for family at all)–well, I think Street Fighter is also qualified to be a Wii game due to its “cartoonish” nature (compared to Tekken, which is a realistically-3D game). After all, anything that is cartoon-ish and/or anime-ish is/are accepted by the Wii (Fire Emblem is also cartoonish/anime-ism as well, despite its rating). Also, GTA V won’t ever be released on the Wii because it’s notorious for being a Rated M game.

If you like to own a PS3/Xbox, make sure that you’re ready for such games that are hardcore (hardcore means, not an eye-candy or a friendly game–in other words, brutal). When it comes to the Wii, make sure that you don’t get tired with the child-oriented games.

Personally, I ain’t a fan of Wii, and never will be a Wii fan, unless someone gives me a Wii console for Christmas (haha, no kidding). I just think that the Xbox 360 and the PS3 are much better consoles, to think that there are shooting games and Tom Clancy games that are released in both worlds. Lately, I recently purchased GTA V since it’s my bro’s favorite game of all time (maji de!?)–and I chose it on the PS3 because he already has an Xbox, and he isn’t using it anymore for many reasons (can’t blame him, though). After all, that is HIS Xbox, and whom am I to touch it? Since I’m the elder sister, I usually let him borrow my PS3 (he will get the Xbox version if he passes his subjects, at least he passed, no failures)–after all, anyone could access my PS3 if they know how to utilize it.

The new iPhone 5C and the latest iPhone 5S

iPhone 5C Blue iPhone 5S


Hello everyone… I’m BACK!

Anyways, since the all-new iPhone 5C and the latest iPhone 5S has been released, let me tell you some highlights about the launching:

Good News: The iPhone 5C is already there… which is a low-cost iPhone at last, while the iPhone 5S is obviously the successor to the iPhone 5.

Bad News: The original iPhone 5 is sadly, discontinued. But good news for the iPhone 4S, it is already a phone that is still existing, but offers 8GB of memory.

One thing that made the iPhone 5 discontinued is that, it was completely replaced by the iPhone 5C, and so far, the iPhone 5 suffered the same fate as the iPad 3rd gen.

The specs between the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S did not change, and it’s obvious that the iPhone 5S had a/n S that means, “scanner.”

My take:

I think Apple has been very stingy when it comes to improving their iPhones’ specifications. The iPhone 5S still has an 8-megapixel camera but with f/2.2 aperture, maximum of 64GB internal memory and err… well, basically that’s it. I am not that impressed at the iPhone 5S since the specs are STILL THE SAME. They did not even bother to upgrade its memory capacity to a whooping 128GB and of course, camera megapixels did not increase to a whooping 12MP.

So far, Apple did not want its power user fans to expect too much. Oh well, but at least the 5S offers a gold color. (:

As for the 5C, Apple should have also offered a white front color because not all likes black. Also, black with bubblegum colors look toy-ish. No joking, people.

But if I were to be asked, I would still go for an iPhone. You know naman, kapag nakasanayan mo nang gumamit ng iPhone (especially if you’re a tech-savvy power user), you will embrace Apple iOS. Nyahahaha! (:<

iLounge’s photos on Apple products lineup!

Disclaimer: All photos are from

I really cannot explain about the beauty of each and every product… regardless of its color, shape and size. LOL. I’d say that Apple should not be too structured when it comes to releasing a new product. Each and every Apple product, particularly the iPod nano, should be selected not only in different colors but also in different models because I believe that each one of them are unique.

When people say that Apple products are not user-friendly, I beg to disagree. Again, it’s still a matter of personal preference so even though I disagree with that, okay fine, I will respect your choice if you’re no Apple fan since I understand not everyone loves Apple as a company. However, trust me. Once you own an Apple product, you will never ever consider other products unless you cannot afford it AT ALL. As a matter of fact, Apple is a standardized company which imposes its own “rules and regulations” together with its influence on its loyal fans.

iPod nano:

From left (ordinal numbers are by generation): 1st-gen (comes only in black and white), 2nd-gen (comes in different colors), 3rd-gen (redesigned after the iPod classic), 4th-gen (larger screen + narrower), 5th-gen (longer screen + rear-facing video camera), 6th-gen (watch-like), 7th-gen (current; first to be with the lightning port).

iPod touch (popularly and colloquially known as the iTouch):

From left (ordinal numbers are by generation): 1st-gen (comes in 8 and 16GB models), 2nd-gen (max. capacity is 32GB), 3rd-gen (max. is 64GB if I’m not wrong), 4th-gen (first time to have a front and rear camera + white panel option plus retina display), 5th-gen (first to have Lightning port + offered in different colors).


From left: iPhone original (1st-gen), iPhone 3G (available all over the world, offered both black and white rears), iPhone 3GS (first iPhone to feature HD video recording), iPhone 4 (redesigned over-all, first phone to feature front-facing camera + first phone with retina display and micro-SIM), iPhone 4S (first phone to offer 64GB memory capacity and Siri), iPhone 5 (first phone with 1GB RAM + 16:9 aspect ratio, accepts nano-SIM cards only, Lightning port and finally the headphone jack on the bottom).

Even though I have a love-hate relationship with Apple, I am still a fan of the said company ever since Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is one of the people I really admire and respect, alongside Bill Gates. No wonder, I might as well plan on buying a Sony VAIO this time if time permits, together with the Sony Xperia Z, only to show that I will make a comeback to Windows and Android.

True Colors

In spite of the dying and endangered click wheel thing, that was Apple’s legacy over-all. Oh, wait. I don’t think it was Apple who originated the click-wheel feature. As a matter of fact, it was reinvented, innovated and patented by Apple itself.


I have to admit. Most of the gadgets that I used to have should always come in silver, not until I had my first water-proof digital camera (which in general, should be blue in color). I actually view silver as a more beautiful color than gold since the former has a “technological” and “futuristic” feel while the latter has a “luxurious” and “bling-ish” feel.

(Product) Red

Every Apple product that comes in red has a purpose in life: To help the children in need in Africa. See? If one of you has red as their favorite color (well, stereotypically, the Chinese people and Sandara Park LOL), then they must be generous donors towards the needy African population. Good move, in other words.


Admittedly, this is my favorite color speaking of being feminine. This color makes my skin whiter in photographs (trust me, it really works!) and also in person! HAHAHAHA!


Also known as the Aquino color, it’s a good thing that the color is modest enough not to be “gold-ish.” In other words, Apple might have competed with GoldVish if ever! LMAO!


Well, this is the La Salle color. Sadly, this color makes my skin darker! Oh noes, rather wear pink than green! LMAO!


Wooooo! This is my favorite color of all time, even though it’s the color of Ateneo! Well, no worries, because the “blue” in Apple is oceanic, NOT royal.


Otherwise known as the “royal” color, I did not expect Apple to differentiate all types of purple in different shades and tones. Two of these iPod nanos are actually royal blue or indigo, not really purple/violet.


I am actually not a fan of the color black, but it’s a good thing that I dyed my hair in this color because again, it makes me whiter (LOL!).

The Beauty in Apple

Actually, I’d say that Apple has been leaping from the business/elite market towards the mainstream/consumer market. This revolutionized the entry of all PDAs as smartphones–also MP3 players were almost a bit standardized into the iPod; it’s only the Walkman that stayed even more solid, withstanding the iPod’s dominance.

Apple has always been the company that people loved to compare, debate or despise. However, in spite of Apple’s shady shenanigans with matching controversies, particularly in Foxconn, I suggest that this company has been one of the reasons why there is such thing as micro-SIM, and with that, Apple has long been a company being compared to Sony and Samsung together with BlackBerry and HTC. There’s non-stop comparison and competition with one another, so Apple should never file a lawsuit not only against Samsung–but to any company, regardless of nationality it would face.

Thoughts: iPod Touch 5th-generation 16GB model

Here’s the video 😀

Okay… there are some features removed and enhanced in some matter: NO REAR CAMERA AND THE STRAP HOOK BUTTON HAS BEEN REMOVED AS WELL.

Black panel at the front… silver at the back.

My take: Now Apple did not allow the iPad mini to be the first device to be the first neophyte device to be incorporated with a retina display. Now I see how backwards Apple really is. They did not actually incorporated video recording function in the iPhone 1st gen model and in the iPhone 3G. That’s something that I’d like to face-palm at. Also, they did not apply higher capacity immediately on the 1st-gen iTouch. They only did that on the 2nd- and 3rd-gen models.

…and then Apple has been suing Samsung for this and that!?

Seriously, Apple never learned a lesson or two. Too bad they only incorporated 8GB on the iTouch 4th-gen as the entry-level model, not the 16GB one. How backwards!

iPhone 5 pros and cons


So, after owning the iPhone 5, well I could say that I can now compare its specs with the iPhone 4S and weigh in their pros and cons. Now please, do not over-estimate Apple over Android or Windows. That’s often the mistakes of those who embrace propriety over universality. LMAO.

Pros and Cons of the iPhone 5


1.) 4-inch retina display monitor with 16:9 aspect ratio

  • 1136 x 640 overall dimensions
  • 326 ppi (pixels per inch)
  • conducive for games and movies
  • Well, I’d like to tell you that the 4″ display is a good size for a phone, because we’re not competing with other companies (and should not be/do so) in terms of increasing screen size. You’re using a phone, not a mini tablet.

2.) Lightning Port

  • Lesser space occupied

3.) 1GB RAM

  • fast enough for a mobile phone especially if a power user chooses 64GB internal memory capacity

4.) Grasps Wi-Fi faster and more accurate

5.) Faster and more accurate cellular data feature (auto-3G)

6.) Assistive Touch is optional.

7.) Higher retina resolution

  • Observe when you used to have an iPhone 4S and you love screen-capping. That way, the retina resolution of the iPhone 5 is much greater when uploading screencaps to WordPress.

8.) 8-megapixel camera with better image quality

9.) Video stabilization is improved; video quality is better.

10.) Equipped with EarPods


1.) Headphone jack is below the phone

  • If it’s above the phone, well, you may insert the phone into your pocket without any problems. Well, IMHO.

2.) The steel/aluminum chassis/finish is highly sensitive (ACHTUNG!)

  • You are required to buy an iPhone case for iPhone 5, and this is no joke. Meanwhile, you just need a screen protector for the iPhone 4S since it’s made of glass in the back part, not some sensitive metal right there.

3.) Some apps are compatible with the iPhone 5, but aspect ratio-wise, updates should be monitored

  • Leme Camera hasn’t updated yet its software, and this is very frustrating since I have been using that app for a very long time. Hope they’ll offer an update soon, for optimization of the 16:9 display.

4.) You need one more lightning port cable to USB as an extra accessory.

  • It is recommended just in case you forgot your lightning cable. At least you have an extra one.

5.) Again, no 128GB memory capacity just yet.

  • 128GB capacity is very conducive and it should be taken note that it is the most conducive one if you’re opting for a 1GB RAM. (:

As a matter of fact, the iPhone 5 offers a very high-resolution retina display which again, could fill up the whole blog entry space of WordPress.



Therefore, I would recommend the iPhone 5 if you’re really into simple yet elegant mobile phones that has very powerful accuracy and precision in terms of touchscreen selection.