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I support the (Absolute) Divorce Bill to become a law in the Philippines

LONG TIME NO SEE… HEAR… READ, everyone! Since you all know me who thinks outside the box, I would like to apologize for not posting a hiatus message! Hahaha! Alright, after I have been for LONG years not posting anything in this blog, I would just like everyone to know that I am a NON-traditional person who thinks outside the box and does not really live by the rules. After all, I can always defy popular opinions that I find… odd.

So, here’s one thing I am currently advocating: LEGALIZE Absolute Divorce in the Philippines!

Real Talk on Filipinos who are against Divorce

Upon reading GirlTalk forums, I have realized that the concept of absolute divorce should be recognized and legalized upon Philippine territory. Why is that so? It is because this is now the time for many women to STOP condoning and patronizing egocentric men who are womanizers and philanderers in nature. It. Just. Have. To. Stop. PLEASE.

Truth to be told, our family values are deteriorating slowly… causing the Philippines to become infested with nonsense shit, care of the elites! Now I realized that the reason why I am writing a book about elitism (oh BTW, I’m taking a break for a while) is because elitism hampered people to approve divorce!

Why should divorce be legal in the Philippines? Speaking of which, the reason why majority of Filipinos are against it is because the CBCP will dictate the fact that it will send you to hell! However, they’re WRONG! Jesus Christ approved divorce!

Hate to brag, but I’m currently in law school (but sorry, I will not continue that one because I have other plans in life which I must achieve…), and annulment is not enough. There are grounds, certain grounds that are limited. I dunno why until now, the Divorce Bill is either vetoed or yet, not yet approved.

It’s the fault of many Catholic schools that teach students to become elitists rather than being Filipinos and Christians. Oh, pardon if I’m being a spoiler to my own book, but you will know why Catholic schools are elitist in some way. Also, CBCP has always been corrupt and opportunist at the same time, teaching Filipino Christians and Catholics to become elitist and judgmental than to embrace diversity per se.

The culture of cheating, philandering and most of all, women condoning those immoral actions is just insane. Elitism has been poisoning the minds of women to condone the cheating of men–but #RealTalk:

Filipino guys who are more likely to cheat does NOT have the right to say ‘they are against divorce’. The same thing goes with women who tolerate cheating due to submission to double-standards.

This is according to QueenRoxy, formerly known as roxyisferox. Do you know that in countries where divorce is legal, men are LESS likely to cheat because absolute divorce itself is similar to death penalty (and I am not joking right here).

junetwentythree, a GirlTalker who lives in the USA said:

Filipino women are brought up by their religious views to believe in the sanctity of their marriage, despite their husbands’ infidelity. Through thick and thin, through sick and sin. This is the Catholic way. So right away we can attribute this to religion, as the Philippines is considered a Catholic country (I didn’t make this up…look it up). The good news is that Filipino women are quite keen on preserving the vows they’ve said before God. The bad news is that they also are more likely to be passive about their partners’ philandering.

The root cause is… there’s no such thing as absolute divorce in the Philippines.

xxx because the Philippine society seem to accept the fact that men are philanderers (think Erap), then it just continues. For generations and generations. Wala eh. Sabi kasi nating mga babae, “ah eh ganyan talaga ang lalaki.”

Ganon din ba sa mga foreigners? I can tell you from having grown up in the U.S. that the answer is NO. Excuse my language, but foreigners do not take that kind of crap.

So the short answer as to why Filipino men cheat is because Filipina women let them.

The whites cannot afford to cheat! Well, many whites will resort to divorce if things do not work out. No wonder, mukhang mas mataas pa ang pag-asa kong magpakasal sa isang foreigner since marrying a foreigner for me isn’t really bad, it’s only that you have to be open-minded about things. And not all white men are liberated–some of them are conservative but not really conservative na mata-matahin ka.

No wonder, divorce should be legal in the Philippines. It does not after all, desecrate the sanctity of marriage because truth is, what desecrates the sanctity of marriage is cheating, philandering, womanizing, homewrecking… all those things that are truly immoral. That is why many people should wake up that Jesus Christ approved divorce.

Should we educate young people to just be open-minded towards divorce?

YES. We should educate them the right way, that what Catholic schools teach them is how to become elitist rather than being open-minded, and of course, determine what is right and wrong by looking at the grey areas. I don’t care if the Philippine Catholic Church will excommunicate me for this one, since what I’m trying to say is that, saying YES to divorce does not make a person LESS Catholic! Upon reading one of the small books when I was in high school, it stated (paraphrased),

“Allowing absolute divorce to become legal in the Philippines will result to destruction.”

That is very elitist. That statement is very elitist, and just because it is divorce, it doesn’t mean it will cause immorality and destruction. This means, grey areas are OVERLOOKED due to elitism. Now that’s the elitist way of looking at things.

This post, is literally an introduction to “Elitism in the Orient Pearl”

Well, this is my first post that will introduce you to my upcoming book, “Elitism in the Orient Pearl.” The concept of Absolute Divorce will be tackled there. Oh, and before I forget, Catholic schools are also mentioned in the book… and yes, I don’t really care if I get excommunicated by the Catholic Church since I don’t really practice my religion anyway.

Lasallian Recollection 2: A Learning Experience

“Using your talents and abilities would benefit for those who are poor, in any aspect.”

Interaction between the artist and the poor

There are two artists, namely Joey Velasco and Kevin Carter. Take note, they’re both gone in this world. The first one died of sickness, and the latter took his own life tragically.

Joey Velasco|Hapag Ng Pag-Ibig is like Velasco’s version of The Last Supper, only that the apostles are children.

This guy by profession was an entrepreneur, but his hobbies were photography and painting. Of course, it is not unusual to us that he paints pictures of children with the Lord Jesus Christ.

This painting alone has a very deep story: These twelve children painted have their own stories. One of them is street-smart, who cried when he told the story when he was in prison with the adult prisoners who killed a cockroach for them to eat. Another one is the traumatized young girl who was sexually abused at four years old; whenever she sees a guy, she gets scared, due to trauma. Well, this is a must-watch video:

This is the story behind… Hapag Ng Pag-Ibig, aka “Canvas ng Lipunan.”

You will be touched with the stories of the children, especially the one who was… tortured by his own drunkard father who did nothing but to physically hurt his own child just to get what he wants. Isn’t that a ridiculously stupid thing to do?

The final picture shown in the docu goes to this photo:|This is Kevin Carter’s award-winning photograph.

Yes, the child’s name is… “Sudan,” according to Velasco. That’s right. This is Kevin Carter’s photograph that was eventually questioned… which, led him to suicide. Here’s his story.

Kevin Carter

Born in 1960 in South Africa, it is no doubt that he was born during the Apartheid, an ideology of racial segregation. Well, let’s skip to the part of the photograph.

He was letting the vehicle he rode to stop, and he saw this scenario. He was actually waiting for the vulture to spread its wings, but it was moving back and forth, without even spreading its wings. So what Carter did was, he took the vulture’s photo together with the child as is, then shooed the vulture away.

He sent all his photographs to the editor of the newspaper/magazine and yes, the editor checked the photographs… and what the editor said? The photo of the vulture with the child is so far, the most striking. No wonder, this led the Pulitzer prize something to send him a letter to be awarded in the US.

Carter then received the award for photojournalism because of his photo. Everyone applauded and praised him… however, one old man from Helping Africa raised his hand… and he asked, “What happened to the child after you took this photo?”

Everyone was waiting for the answer… and he answered, “Nothing.”

Thinking of someone who has won the award (yes, the award is at his hand), ended up in criticisms. Thinking that Carter grew up during the Apartheid, the incident led him to depression. He went back to his hometown in Johannesburg and he locked himself in his room, and NO, not even a single person should talk to him, and here’s what happened… food is just placed near his door.

It’s been months, then he started cleaning up himself, and went to the garage just to drive his own pick-up truck, and went to the river where he used to play as a child. What happened was, he taped a water hose to his exhaust pipe and placed the other side to the passenger seat window. When he started the engine again, this started his suicide. He died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

What we learned from their stories

Of course, it is NOT mistaken that these people showed off their talents. If Carter had a very tragic ending, Velasco had a very peaceful ending. In the case of Velasco, God called him back to heaven due to his works that touched so many lives. It is a sing that God was really happy that His Son Jesus is represented as someone who rides in with the poor people.

Guys, let us learn to interact with the poor, even at our free time, by simply giving them a single peso. We think that their dirty faces and frail bodies are an eyesore, but we do not know the story behind it. Yes, we may be as greedy as a luxurious yet heartless king, but let’s not forget that we are human too, and these children on the streets are human, too. We have our own stories, they have their own. It’s not all the time we get what we want; we should at least, plan for it and make a final decision.

Felice Fawn’s statement about the difference between the two Testaments of the Bible

As much as I do not like talking about religion, I might as well, finally, speak out my thoughts about Felice Fawn’s way of comparing the two Testaments.

Felice said,

The Old Testament defines what Christianity really is; the New Testament, however, tells how disgusting the Old Testament is.

My counter-arguments

The Old Testament is not necessarily Christian

Of course, the Old Testament is followed by the Jews, as far as I know. The term “messiah” is mentioned, while the name of Jesus isn’t mentioned at all. The reason why the Old Testament is featured in the Christian Bible is to guide and enlighten people and tell the history of ancient Israel just before Jesus was born.

My descriptive essay about religion talks about how Christianity emerged from Judaism. Since Jesus was a Jew, of course, He saw the faults of the Jewish preachers. If the Jewish preachers (scribes, pharisees) seemed to be judgmental, of course, what Jesus did was, He corrected those preachers and said that morality shouldn’t be based on rituals alone.

Now what, Failice? Do you think the New Testament lambasted the Old Testament? If the Ten Commandments sounded too negative, of course, the Beatitudes sounded positive. It may seem pointless, but the Beatitudes would put you at ease.

The New Testament defines what Christianity really is

If Felice said that the Old Testament defines Christianity, well, you’re getting it all wrong. If some hardcore Christian fanatics DO follow the Bible teachings religiously, some Christians believe that doing good to your fellowmen is the best option.

Felice, if you chose to be an atheist, come on! Christians aren’t the only ones affected with your “preachings.” Truth is, even Muslims or Jews might question you.

Rosicrucian teachings… coming from my Granny… late Granny that is

What is Rosicrucianism?|The Rose and Cross symbolizes the Rosicrucian belief.

The rose and cross belief that defies the Catholic faith itself. Hmmm… I wonder if this is really true…

Like what my grandmother said…

Alright. I was asking my grandma when she was still alive (paternal grandmother, that is), if she attended church (or if she was interested). She said, “Those priests will lead you to nothing!”

I wonder why she is teaching me all these stuff against my faith? (Well, as a skeptic, of course, I’d post this one.)

1.) The true Church is not a building, but it is in the heart of every good man.

Alright. This is always the debate of most atheists, non-believers and of course, agnostics. According to my late grandmother, going to mass will make you sin more, which sounds ridiculous. Listening to the Word of God, at least, will put one’s faith back, but being “forced” to believe in God and do all the rituals is completely wrong. If the Old Testament is contradicted by the New Testament, don’t get me wrong: Jesus was a Jew, but He managed to correct the Jewish faith somehow, just like how Siddharta Gautama corrected the wrongs of Hinduism (Hinduism is polytheist, while Buddhism is an atheist religion/religious philosophy).

Alright, the true Church is in the heart of every good man. However, the notion of “church” means building. Yes, a church may be a building, but remember, the church which is a building is a temple. That “building” is the House of God, it is the place of worship. Another thing is that, the big C on the “Church,” however, means, “people of God.”

That means, Catholic Church defines, “The Catholic people who believe in God.” OHA.

2.) The true religion is doing good to your fellowmen.

This is how Jesus defined religion. Even Mohammed. Even Buddha. The notion of religion in this context is actually the idea of a “religious philosophy,” where a religion becomes atheist (this only applies to Buddhism).

What will you do with those “rituals” before meals when Jesus taught us that “whatever comes out from your mouth defines your cleanliness”? If the rituals like circumcision for the Jews means “the true descendant/follower of Abraham,” for the Filipinos, however, means “cleanliness.” Do you think the foreskin is actually cussing?

I’m not saying that circumcision is too old-fashioned, but the foreskin holds a lot of dirt, that’s why the Filipinos believed that foreskin is “dirty.”

Now how is this related to religion? This is based on the Jewish faith, of course.

3.) Why confess your sins to the priest? Why not confess it directly to God?

Differentiate mortal and venial sin. They may seem different, but I do not believe in confession after all. Being a skeptic myself, I did a LOT of mistakes in my life, but does that really make me “dirty”? Think about it. Being dirty doesn’t mean you do not take a bath at all. Being dirty doesn’t have to mean that you cuss. What makes a person dirty is the attitude. If you’re “dirty” on the inside, it seems that you do not deserve respect at all. As you can see, the reversibility criterion tells us that “Do unto others what you want others to do to you; Do not do unto others what you don’t want others to do to you.” Of course, Jesus Christ and Confucius taught this.

Regarding confession, if you did NOTHING wrong in one year, and you’re “required” to confess your “sins” every year, it so happens that you are lying to the priest. You impress the priest. This happened before. I really don’t want to go to confession again because it sucked ass. Sorry if I rage out because of this, but I really do not like the idea of sinners going directly to hell without reason. I know, I also don’t want to end up burned to eternal death, but sometimes, I really have to let it out.

The truth about the priests is like this: Some priests are approachable, but sometimes there are some of them who are know-it-alls. Remember, you’re a priest, and you shouldn’t side with the bad guys or those who are really… starting the trouble. I know, it may hurt some of you guys, but there are priests who molest people, particularly children. This is the religious issue which the Catholic Church cannot even resolve. If Blessed John Paul II were still alive and kicking, of course, he would absolutely reduce this dilemma.

4.) The repeating Hail Mary’s in the rosary

My late grandmother once said that the repeating Hail Mary’s in the rosary is actually… like, catching the attention of Mother Mary again and again, and she even said that Mother Mary might tell us that, “That’s enough.”

I used to pray the rosary before, since we were taught to be Catholics. However, I just took these things for granted when I grew up thinking that what the school is teaching are all wrong.

Well, I have to agree with all the things that my paternal grandmother taught me.

Usborne’s Introduction to Art: A Know-it-all’s Perspective View|Actually, I have this book. So, yeah…

There is evil when I see these things, like “Lord, please protect me from these paintings and so forth.”

This is a statement wherein my late grandmother taught me not to admire these things. Ugh. Good thing God has forgiven her by of course, prayers and intercessions.

The only thing that I want to contradict is that, there’s nothing wrong when you draw or illustrate pictures of the Holy Family. Now, how should I say this?

The Protestants believed that pictures or icons are strictly prohibited, while the Catholics think that these icons/pictures are guide for prayer. I believe that the icons/pictures/statues are guide to prayer, like what’s wrong with putting a lot of holy statues at your home? What’s really wrong if you’re actually putting up an altar?

Jesus Christ.

There’s nothing evil if you look at the pictures of the Holy Family. Of course, people are really curious about how the Holy Family looks like. Is there something wrong or “evil” if you post pictures or icons of the Holy Family and the saints at the Church?

We don’t worship saints, nor Mother Mary. We venerate them and of course, we do our intercessions.

Before I say goodnight in PST (aka +8.00 GMT/UHT)

Do you think I am a pestilence in life?

Whatever I touch, or something related to me, or whatsoever I’m involved in, something bad happens.

Look, the DLSU Green Archers LOSE. The Bar Exam bombing blast happened. All the bullcrap’s happening in my new second home… happens because of me. 😦

Do you think, I’m a pestilence in life again?

Before you say either YES or NO, I have an important announcement to make

I AM, for no reason, officially… an agnostic (to my religious traditions, not to God).

I do not blame God for all the bad things that are happening to me. I just want to shun everything religion. However, I won’t really, as in, become an atheist. It’s either I’ll remain faithful or not, but y’know, there are things that happen for no reason.

If you are a die-hard Catholic or Christian, please, respect my decision. I am an agnostic, but will never ever be an atheist. AND YES, that makes me a skeptic, too.

Why I won’t ever turn my back against God

Why will I never become an atheist, nor an anti-theist? It’s because, I was raised to be a Christian, and I do believe in miracles. I also have these people who are still encouraging me to believe in God. Despite those things, I still remain a skeptic, though.

Of course, I really didn’t want not to believe in God, but there’s something in me which I am doubting? Am I designed to be pestilent?

People who encouraged me to bring back my faith

Loving and nice people only do that. They’re the real Christians. They’re the most generous people you’ll ever meet.

I started, not to be religious. I only learned to be a Catholic because I studied in a Catholic school. Despite this factor, I still didn’t want to follow Catholic tradition. My mom warned me about the situation of studying in a Catholic school. She’s afraid… I might be brainwashed.

I really don’t want to talk about religion here, but I just want everyone to know what my faith really is.

Once more, I am an agnostic in my religion (the traditions!), but in terms of God, I know, He’s still present.

The true meaning of sainthood

The Mass Media and “Sainthood”

If Angelina Jolie was always hailed as a “saint” for her humanitarian works, she would always tell everyone that she doesn’t want to be compared to Mother Teresa.

It happens that Angelina is formerly a “bad girl,” but Mother Teresa? She experienced a simple life even before serving the poor in her hometown in Skopje.

Of course, Angelina Jolie is an inspiration, but not a saint. If she were a “saint,” she should be open to the Catholic faith or, Christian faith, that is.

However, I read roxyisferox’s post about Cory Aquino’s questionable faith in God. How could someone who is always hailed as a “saint” hire people who are “half-Christian” and “half-pagan” at the same time?

It’s better to be an honest sinner than to be a false saint. — St. Francis of Assisi

Being a saint is following the life and teachings of Christ, in a more modest and humble manner. Of course, what makes God really disappointed is that, you persecute people who are against your faith, OR doing something which contradicts your faith as a Christian. God accepts everyone regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, etc. Those who are non-Catholics are more faithful than Catholics. Look, the Protestants think that every place near their church is considered a sacred area, while the Born Again Christians strictly follow cleanliness on their bodies.

However, sainthood nowadays is depicted in a wrong manner. Do you consider a prayerful/faithful person already a saint? Of course, not! Do you think someone who lives a plain simple life (and that’s it, no konjugation shizzz) is already a saint? Remember, hindi nga masaway-saway ni Cory si Kris, it’s only that Kris has changed her ways.

People born with a silver spoon on their mouths give up their riches|St. Francis receiving the stigmata.

Look at St. Augustine and St. Francis. They were rich men, but chose to live a modest life of solitude. They wanted to live like how a poor man lived. Because of that, St. Augustine served the Church, while St. Francis prevented himself from temptation, making him the first person to receive the miraculous stigmata.

They were good examples of saints who sacrificed their wealth to live a modest life. They never found happiness in their wealth, but rather, they found it when they became faithful to God.

Saints who are actually willing to sacrifice their wealth in order for them to serve the Lord is really a good example of sinners turned saints. Of course, their aim is to embrace all types of social status, whether rich or poor. Most of these saints served for the poor while others receive praise from the rich people, even those who are kings who are also faithful.

The best example of a saint who really served the poor first-hand is no other than St. John Baptist De La Salle. When he was orphaned on his 20’s, he started to act as a parent to his younger siblings, and of course, he educated the poor people, using French as the medium of instruction over Latin, which was at that time the language of the rich people. He was ordained a priest, but decided to form the FSC to educate the poor with divine inspiration. It is really not mistaken that “De La Salle” in French means, “of the classroom.” La Salle is really meant to be an educator.

Now everyone should learn something from this

Serving the poor, knowing ALL the walks of life and living modestly is a true example of being a saint. No wonder why I didn’t consider Angelina Jolie to be a saint, since she still lives extravagantly, owning a real estate property, not to mention, in France. Of course, living extravagantly and NOT knowing all the walks of life will not make you qualified as a saint. Although Angelina serves the poor, remember she’s only a goodwill ambassador, and she only specializes in helping refugees.

Being a Lasallian, community service should be after all, not be taken because it’s a requirement. It is because it talks about Christian morality, and being morally good is to do good to your fellowmen.

Atheism: Good or Bad

Atheism means, “Someone who doesn’t believe in a specific deity.”

I have NOTHING against atheism. Okay, if you think God doesn’t exist, then so be it.

Atheists believe that MAN created God. By how?

Greeks – they created gods by their own image. Zeus is the leader of all the gods.
Romans – they adopted Greek religion.

If MAN created God, that means…
– atheists do not get along with polytheists
– atheists MAY get along with monotheists, but only for a short while OR
– atheists might be anti-theists.

There are atheists that are not anti-theists, and most of them believe that the idea of a “god” is like, the idea of creationism.

Alright. So, what’s the big deal with atheism… and how is it related with “anti-theism” anyway?

Atheists do not believe the existence of God. However, anti-theists oppose the idea of God. In most aspects of religion, Buddhism, which is more of a religious philosophy rather than a theistic religion, is atheist, but doesn’t necessarily mean that it is anti-theist. Buddhists are calm people who promote peace in most aspects of life. It just happened that it is viewed as religion since the belief of the head as the most sacred part of the body and the soles of the feet are the dirtiest part of the body is almost close to the extent that religious faith is apparent to Buddhism.

*Sorry if I trashed this, but this time, I’ll post it fearlessly. 😀

The RH Bill Debate and the dangers of PMS

Courtesy of

Do you think I’m pro-RH bill or not?

I’m neutral when it comes to those things, actually.

I am pro-choice when you have to use your brain before doing PMS, because I believe that PMS is a mortal sin. Okay, I wasn’t raised as a Catholic, but here’s the thing: I am morally conservative. I make mistakes and correct them.

I am pro-life when someone gets pregnant. I really don’t like the idea of abortion but I”m certainly in the idea of adoption. If a miscarriage happens, as for me, it’s not a sin at all. It is for me, an accident. But abortion, it makes you a killer of your own child.

If I were pro-RH Bill, that would be either using condoms, contraceptives OR worse, abortion. If I were anti-RH Bill, I would simply abhor contraceptives. Well, here’s the thing. To those who are a childless couple, to the wife, take some fertility pills. To the husband, go and have a check-up first. To those who have many children, abort your own ovaries (magpatali ka na)! I’m really into family planning, whether natural or artificial. Alright. I really do not want everyone who has older nephews and nieces due to the fact that their own cousins did PMS, but if someone married late, that would be understandable, OR if your cousins are too old.

Just so you know, I’m really against PMS. It’s not a choice for the rape victims, but it is a wrong choice for those who are sexually pre-occupied. I know some of you married a tall and handsome guy who has no stable job, but deal with it. It’s your choice and learn how to realize your mistakes. If you haven’t read this yet, CLICK HERE to read and understand how I’m really into using logic when it comes to love. Promise, this will really help you think about the consequences of using purely emotion before you get married.

If you noticed that beautiful women who are intelligent use their pure emotion without using their head engages into PMS. They may think it’s cool, but as for me, it is a sign of dissing your own dignity. Actually, I have no boyfriend yet, but if I were to use logic over my emotions, I think I might have chosen the real guy who would make me happy, rather than someone who doesn’t have an ambition after all.

To those who are in a relationship, or has been together for so long, take note that patience is a virtue. Never engage in PMS, by simply NOT being bedmates (or being naked in bed and having PMS) or else, for the woman, you might get y’know, the test indicator might get positive.