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My (very) own concept of family

Do you really think this would be a good read from someone like me? Well, better watch out because you might not expect what you’re expecting on this article. In short, this is not a good article for Good Housekeeping Magazine or such lifestyle magazines that are credible and could be used on a day-to-day basis.

If you think this is a positive post, well… NO. Actually, these things I will be posting is from a point-of-view from someone who is an “anak.” After posting rants and frustrations about family matters, I think this is the right way for me to converse in a manner that people will not judge me for what I’m writing. It’s about how you will deal with it, and how you’ll handle it.

Now how do I really define what a “family” is really about?

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The difference between a structured life vs. a flexible one

Compare the difference between a frugal life with all the strict rules containing more don’ts than do’s and a flexible life where you’re taught to be practical and at the same time, survive.

Compare and Contrast

Structured life

Wikipedia|This propaganda IS a good epitome of a structured life.

Having a structured life is having a hard time breaking a habit or a rule. For instance, you should be at school at 7.10 AM or else, you might be marked as tardy. Another thing is a sanction when you have wrong uniform. It’s really frustrating if you seem to follow the rules yet you’re in wrong uniform. That’s the reason why I decided to study in DLSU because there’s no uniform (never mind the sexist dress code, mmk?).

In most high schools, life is structured. You should follow all of them or ELSE, you might be sanctioned. Sometimes, there’s a “police system” that will arrest you because you violated one rule, with or without intention.

When I was still in high school, whatever the school taught me made my life really structured. Paradoxically, when the students find a hard time following ALL the rules, what does the admin do? Sit around, doing nothing? Remember, there are many of my batchmates who had a lot of offenses just because they violated all the rules. (Yes, I’m pointing towards the popular kids, who are just feeling bossy but truth is, they’re incompetent free-riders who violates the rules for their own satisfaction.)

A structured life in a frugal environment is really not an ideal atmosphere for students. You see, survival needs practicality, and these are follows:

1.) Your teacher requires you to bring these things not allowed by the school. (BUT he/she gives advice that securing a permit should be done.)
2.) A project (e.g., Radio Drama) should be done, yet you were sick just because of the stupid environment.
3.) Your classmates are mostly popular kids who are delinquents of their own kind, and you’re not close with them (this happened before during the retreat and yet, most of them are still hypocrites somehow tsk tsk).
4.) The admin doesn’t do what they preach.

This is what really happened:

– Relating with American/European culture is really HARD to achieve.
– You are forced not to express your own thoughts.
– Of course, if over-exposed in a know-it-all environment, you are not free to roam around, physically, mentally, but these know-it-alls are just sitting wround doing nothing (yes, they get away with everything, to be honest).
– You feel that the society that you’re in dictates social rules (e.g., this is not allowed/bawal dito, bawal doon).
– There is a hierarchy between officers, students, honor students and regular students (e.g., caste system, a fake one).

Those are the things that I thought. You should please everybody, although the golden rule is that, “You can’t please anybody,” which is actually true.

Philosophical Bombardment

In every aspect of daily life, you should first apply the philosophies taught by your teachers, or maybe those shows that claim to be influential. Truth is, that’s because of the society who expects high and of course, become vigilant once someone makes a false step.

The case of Failice Yawn the fake-ass

Alright, so this is what happened, just before I withdrew from the scenario: This is about Felice Fawn again (which I hate to rant about, again haha), when I used to like her because everyone does it. If you hate Felice, people would say, “FACK U! U JUST JEALOUS!”


Felice is a religion-hater and at the same time, I really cannot get along with her beliefs. Professional model, photographer, artist and err… retoucher? HA! Why isn’t she famous as Gemma Ward or Agyness Deyn? Why doesn’t she earn respect just like those REAL professionals who work so hard just to earn a living? Is that because she’s only whoring for attention that she has a pretty face and her extremely skinny body that’s like an eyesore to everyone?

She’s NOT naturally thin (apologize to Taylor Momsen since she’s really skinny); she was only anorexic back then. Aside from that, her sister ain’t skinny either! Now look, Felice is covering everything up just to save face.


Also, her atheistic beliefs and hating religion is completely pointless. You know what happens? People become atheists just because of her.

If you said someone’s unattractive, then you’re just jealous

Well, well, well… just so you know, there are some people who don’t find a thing or two attractive, just like in the case of me, when I lambast the likes of you-know-who, and some people there who aren’t attractive but either has a good or bad reputation.

To be honest with you, this is the only thing that I’m always repeating: If you’re smart, talented and everything, but having an attitude problem is something not to be proud of.

Pleasing people

This is another thing. If you so happen to criticize someone, the “society” might lambast you for being jealous. What now if that particular person or thing… isn’t your type?

Why bombardment?

Philosophical bombardment doesn’t only mean that you follow all the philosophies everywhere, but sometimes, you have to break this rule just to survive.

Following all the rules very religiously shouldn’t be really a rule to everyone. There are instances where you should at least, prepare to face the consequences, be it from the arrogant achievers OR to the assuming hypocrites.

It is really hard to explain what philosophical bombardment is all about, but the basic mindset is usually, “All people are beautiful, and I love all of them dearly.”

Flexible Life

A flexible life, on the other hand, at least gives you the freedom and immunity to decide on your own. NO restrictions, and you’re allowed to roam around freely without any kinds of help.

Rules shouldn’t always run your life

Take note of the word always. If I ranted before that my former second home imposes rules for some absurd reason, BUT doesn’t really comply with high standards, it means that they do not apply or do what they preach. They simply do it for their own satisfaction, even other schools out there are doing the same. Alright, some school fairs aren’t that boring at all, but the only reason why my former second home’s school fair’s really boring is hell is because almost everything is controlled by the admin (just take note of the term state-controlled).

In my new second home, however, the rules aren’t as strict as my former second home (FSH). In fact, its governing body teaches you how to survive and also, it teaches you how to be responsible.

A frugal, structured life is a result of tight laws

The reason why my FSH implemented a lot of tight rules is because, they wanted to have a good reputation, but according to one of my teachers, students from my FSH are now criticized for their behavior. Having a good reputation isn’t measured by the rules the school has imposed. Also, having a good reputation doesn’t mean that you have very high standards, but the students in that area are quite arrogant and conceited. It so happened that their rival is the more down-to-earth type. No tarpaulin, no billboard, everything.

Know-it-alls and some other interfering people are only a bunch of selfish narcissists – so get rid of them|This is a good example of blind following towards a know-it-all depicted as a “god.”

Know-it-alls are just a waste of time. By how?

They contribute to the society with high expectations, they’re really hard-to-please, but when they sense the preferences of the popular kids, that’s the only time they get pleased, which is really irrational. If I criticized CandyMag for targeting a handful of popular kids as their audience, it means that I really do not always agree on their insights. Candy Magazine isn’t really the magazine for everyone, remember, it targets POPULAR KIDS. It is influenced by the media itself and it also caters typical teenage girls who belong to the upper middle class society. If you so happen to be a K-Pop fan or something else, then rather NOT buy Candy Magazine at all, because… it’s too overrated. Sorry about that. (The only good side is that, they didn’t feature AA Klenk at all hahaha!)

No “police-like” body should ever roam around and violate the human rights

That’s right, people. One person criticized my FSH’s system about the one inspecting students’ bags (well you know who you guys are, huh?), which is one example. Why inspect the bags of students if THIS would be a factor that will just make them do the opposite thing (e.g., no knives, but they still bring knives)?

It is really a violation against the human rights. This is what my FSH’s really practicing. I am not being a “vigilant citizen who has the right to address the situation” with a “pledge-like” tome whatsoever.

Most of my unpublished fiction stories are composed of political situations, and also the interference of the military system which sucked ass!

The reason why I posted this is because… of power-trippings. No special relationship? Cronyism and nepotism still happens up to this day.

The know-it-alls: Facts that you should know about them|The typical know-it-all

You see them everywhere. You see them at school. Sometimes, you see them at home and of course, they usually come in various shapes and sizes.

Basic facts about know-it-alls

They feel that they’re the smartest people in the whole wide world.
They always thin they’re right, and whoever is against their own interest is being verbally clogged.
Of course, they support their “frenemy,” the popular kids.

The insecure popular kids supporter

It’s a matter of fact that most know-it-alls come from the most prestigious schools. However, once this specific school finds out that you’re a know-it-all, you’re rejected, even in the entrance test.

Here’s a sentiment about… a know-it-all whom I knew because of a popular kid.

This know-it-all is actually coercive. Whether you like it or not, she’s going to correct you, with force. Not only that, but she’ll just look at your flaws and most of all, feel bad about yourself again, just like what the homewrecker did before.

Jesus. I thought she would be the approachable type of person, but truth is, everyone’s thinking that she’s “feeling close.” Well, I have no problem with that, but this know-it-all was actually full of herself that she even defends and sides with the popular kids and at the same time, weird-looking people who are hailed for their “good looks.”

Come to think of it, she even “corrected” me with the pronunciation of Czech Republic. I said, “It’s check,” but she insists, it’s “Zek.” Fudge, people might laugh at her for being wrong. That’s a very much example of a know-it-all whose aim is to please herself by letting the marginalized people suffer and still, support the popular kids.

Most people would have to agree with me that the know-it-alls have nothing good to say at all, and they think that they’re the bosses, and yes they boss around for their own satisfaction. They’d usually pinpoint your wrongs, but they don’t do that to the popular kids. Afraid?

This is another grave thing: While most of the popular kids are enjoying their high school life by breaking the rules, know-it-alls, however, are doing nothing at all. They simply live their life according to the rules of the school. Of course, the only reason why know-it-alls would simply admire the popular kids is because, they were just like them before. I just wanted to rant about this one, but I simply can’t do that directly. If the popular kids are as butthurt as the know-it-alls, it’s no doubt that they usually criticize each other or simply share things that they’re interested at.

The worse case of a know-it-all is when that person is a know-it-all and at the same time, patronizes the interests of the popular kids. Usually, most popular kids are into trendy stuff, but when it comes to elitist stuff, they usually ridicule it. Fudge, do they know what “art” is? I really hated the fact that they’re usually ridiculing other people when they draw nude or erotica. This happened during the student-teaching week. HELL, I just wanted to slap the popular kids because of their rude behavior. What now if they saw an alt-porn model right in front of them? Laugh? What now if Kat Von D is naked? LAUGH, as in ridicule that Kat Von D is a whore for posing nude!?


This must be a lesson for the know-it-alls, since they really do not know how the popular kids contribute to the continuous slow progress of our country. I’m not saying that the popular kids are factors that makes the country’s progress slow down, but what I’m trying to tell is, know-it-alls should at least, learn to fit in with the marginalized people. If they think that those who are frequently the butt of jokes are just a burden to them, they should know that the popular kids who contradict themselves are more butthurt, and are very hard to please.

Of course! I almost forgot. This person who loves to correct pronunciation is actually… arrogant when lambasting the marginalized people. Ironically, despite criticizing the popular kids, truth is, she supports them.

Why I despise know-it-alls

Three words: They are butthurt.

The do not have a life at all, so that’s why they do nothing but to please themselves by being too much of themselves already. Know-it-alls usually have the capability to coercively brainwash you without reason at all. Hmmm… lemme show you a post about my… post against the homewrecker.

Oops… sorry if I rant too much, not because I intimidate people, but to be honest with you, I could only rant and rant when I’m online. Don’t ever accuse me for being a dumb bitch in real life, because you might not know, that I’m not going to help you anymore once you’re butthurt.

Once again, I am not intimidating you guys.

Alright. Back to topic.

Know-it-alls are just a simple pain in the ass. While some of you might get hurt because you think you’re a know-it-all, you are NOT a know-it-all! Being a know-it-all takes a lot of insecurity to live inside your mind, and your heart. Take note: Being a know-it-all might lessen a number of friends, and to know that being that type of person will surely make you more butthurt and of course, someone to avoid.

The homewrecker’s know-it-all style

How should I say this… aha!

As much as I hate ranting about the homewrecker here, at least I do not name-drop!

As you can see, I was lambasting things about the homewrecker and her diabolical know-it-all escapades. I may sound harsh, but bear with it. She’s not a good person to talk to, even in just a simple, plain and/or ordinary conversation. She would rather make it “spectacular” by verbally clogging you without notice.

I’d like you to know how butthurt she was. Even up to the present-day, she might haven’t changed… just yet. Since I already ended my relationship/connection with her, well, it’s alright. Haha.

If you feel that I’m already too harsh… just pause for a while and stop reading this post… this is a very rigid thing to do. But who cares, btw?

Whenever I make the conversation simple and at least, light, she ruins it! As if she knows ANYTHING about the topic itself. I was just making a good conversation with her when suddenly, she makes everything butthurt.

Here’s the thing: I asked her if she’s versatile (sheesh… I should’ve said, “flexible”). She said, “The hell I care.”


One-sided, with a stiff mind, that is. Being unable to connect herself to the “really, real world,” she is doing nothing but to be butthurt, like no other.

Nakakasira siya ng araw minsan. Akala mo kung sinong magaling, kung sa totoo lang eh, feeler pala. Look, here’s the thing. If I always receive a notification about the awards thing, sabi pa naman niya, “Wala talaga akong natatanggap,” and still she is still butthurt with that. Y’know what I mean.

I’m serious. Ang sarap pagtawanan, eh. Sometimes, she becomes pathetic about things, like accusing me for being “selfish” because my ideas are about boys and men, while hers is MORE than selfish. Like, do all people love Wii? Whenever she’s butthurt, I just wanted to laugh, because she’s going pathetic. If she would rather be tolerant, well, that’s alright to me. BUT BEING BUTTHURT IS UNFORGIVABLE. She’s not a good person to have a good conversation with. Mas maganda kung minsan mo lang siya nakikita.

Of course, don’t forget, she just got full of herself while isolating me again from the guy whom I admired, again, she was getting more pathetic and butthurt again. Like, sila na ba ni (crush)? She apologized and yet, ganun pa rin. Like why can’t she start fixing my problem with that guy, if in fact, she’s just making it worse. Here’s the thing… she wrote a confession about my short friendship with that guy… and she actually said that she’ll “smile, although the feeling is hurt.”

Goodness gracious. If she’s really serious about it, then why shouldn’t she lambast me as in right now? Sorry about it, but I couldn’t help it. Like what I said, I do not have to damage someone’s reputation. I don’t want to push someone to the limit. As in, I don’t want to. Sorry, if you guys think I’m ranting too much, forgive me. Life becomes bipolar when your emotions go up and then down.

There you have it

To the know-it-alls and to those who are mentioned here (without being name-dropped, of course), I hope you learn a lesson here the hard way. You do/did the butthurt pathetic thing to me, I do it to you as well.

The Identity Crisis Period IV

Now she doesn’t want to introduce me to her bestfriend. Now, what’s wrong with introducing me to your best buddy?

I won’t have any grudges against her best buddy. However, she’s again, putting a lot of limitations. Limitations, it’s just like you’re putting a lot of y’know, borders. Heavily-armed borders, that is.

Dictating me? Jealous.

Now I watched her best buddy in dArt. So, what’s the big deal about it?

She said a lot of things that her best friend is a complete introvert, had a real traumatic experience. So, what? Maybe she isn’t the type of person who would simply be rude to others. You told me the whole story about her life and what made her that person. So, yeah. I understand that.

You don’t have anymore the right to dictate me. It’s over now.

If your best friend is that kind of person, let her introduce herself to me and prove me either right or wrong. If she would prove me right based on her attitude, well, I have no choice. BUT, if she proved me wrong, based on how you described her, I think it’s time for me to prove you wrong this time.

I may not know her personally but if she is really interested to learn things by herself, let her be. I bet, she has a secret side that you do not know. Lol.

Taking me for granted is not the point here

Do you think I should stay “demure?” Alright. I really want to know about “hentai,” “yaoi,” “yuri,” etc. So, yaoi means, guy-to-guy relationships which is of course, nothing to the Japanese. I love the creativity of the Japanese and most of all, their tolerance. Yep, that’s right. If hentai would be banned in the Philippines, it won’t happen actually.

Truth is, when I told her that I’m gonna join deviantArt (whether she likes it or not), she hated the fact that I’m gonna join. Choosy much? If she would treat others as normal people, why can’t she do the same to me? She even said that she doesn’t wanna watch me in deviantArt at first. Hmm…

Fudge. Do you think she’s still the same? a.) Yes. b.) No. c.) IDGAF (the usual line she says, fuck)

What if I didn’t knew her AT ALL?

I wouldn’t be having a hard time dealing with my classmates during sophomore high school. If I never knew her at the first place, my friendship with “him” won’t be a total wreck. Rather than simply re-fixing the problem, however, the homewrecker made it much worse than I thought.

I am not the type of person who will do irrational fights with others. I don’t like fighting. It’s only those popular kids who are testing my patience. “Oh, laban ka?” If the homewrecker had the same attitude of AA Klenk, I’m sure that she’ll be the one who’ll act like a whore.

“He” won’t become my worst enemy if the homewrecker didn’t become rude and insensitive. To be honest, her apology to “him” sounds insincere, although she felt ashamed of what she’s done. Pinahiya mo na nga ang tao, tapos ako pa ang uutusan mo para lang mag-sorry sa kanya? I apologized to him, but something bad happened. Parang ‘di niya kayang malimutan ‘yun, eh. However, because of a simple mishap, everything went worse and the problem is still not yet resolved. Wala, eh. I think the homewrecker would be the only verdict, so there.

I did everything, but the homewrecker is still the verdict

This is not about lovelife. I want “him” to read this one. He must realize that he’s also wrong, hanging out with the wrong person, following her wrongs, everything shit!

I guess, that would be for now. BUT, there are things that I want to emphasize.

To be posted soon enough.

The Identity Crisis Period III

Now to vent my feelings against the know-it-all friend of mine…

Are you ready?

I call her, the homewrecker.

If you think that I didn’t call her “Ate” (term used to refer to an older sister, like onee-chan [Oh-NEH-chan] in Japanese), she just got full of herself. She even told me, “Will you please call me Ate?” in some sorta bitchy way. (Do you think I won’t forget things? I have fucking sharp memory, know-it-alls!) Like, come on. Nasanay ka namang ‘di kita natawag na ate bago mo pa sinabi sa’kin ‘yan, ‘di ba? Ang O.A. mo. (You’re used not to be called, “Ate” right? You are so overacting.)

So, yeah. She triggered that stage, thinking that I’m inferior.

Wala, eh. She thinks she’s the center of all things, but truth is, she’s at the atmosphere and not in the Earth’s core! She thinks she’s one of the best people. The Critic told me that she might have a past experience which made her act like a know-it-all.

I’m not putting her down or so. I am just telling the truth. So, please, gimme a chance to vent things out, ok?

So, yeah. It was time for me to “cut” that relationship that lasted for I think, two years.

She tolerated and agreed with the wrongdoings of those people against me, which is actually “right” for her. The “violent reaction” letters most of my classmates gave to me, are actually part of who I was before– an introvert. So, everyone started to be an asshole to me is because… I rejected their help before, or how they really keep in touch with me. So, there. It’s like me saying, “GTFO! Ako na bahala dito, ha?”

That’s what they’re thinking. If then, they were nice people. But now, they might have been thinking that I was desperate about that guy (yep, that ex-crush, actually– this would be the last time I’ll talk about my personal life, okay? I promise) so yeah, they rejected me back.

Those are FIVE hurtful letters, but the homewrecker was so happy that she agreed to make me feel bad about myself. She said, “It’s for your own good.” Jusme. Mura ka pa ng mura, pa-advice advice ka pang nalalaman d’yan, pero ‘yung mga gumagawa ng mali sa’kin, kinokonsinti mo? Walang hiya ka talaga, ah. Akala mo kung sinong marunong, eh feeler naman.

Sorry if I am not speaking straight English anymore. If only I could speak straight Tagalog here, I could only speak it through word of mouth.

She loves the former second home (aka my HS)

She loves it, but I don’t. She once said that she wanted to stay there forever… but in my case? I wanted to get out of hell, seriously.

Alright. I have no grudges against that, but look. The HS admin seems so unfair. She gets all the best things in life there, but I don’t. She gets the best and down-to-earth teachers, but I don’t. I might as well raise my middle finger loud and proud right in front of the admin if ever I would be given a chance to have a fearless forecast. Lastly, she gets the BEST fourth year section, while I got the worst. Bullshit, admin! Excommunicate me from your list if you want! That would only mean that only one good student of yours is now criticizing your evil acts of greed.

Now why am I venting this? I want to teach those people a fucking good lesson. I don’t actually wanted to talk about this, but a blogger who inspired me to be confident as a blogger encouraged me to be brave, even online! To be honest, I don’t want to swear in this blog, but swearing is normal. It’s fucking normal.

She loves our own former second home is because all the best things were given to her. But for me, I won’t go back there to say hello to where I “lived” before. I would say, “Hello, shanty.”

I don’t want to talk about my personal life here

I never ever talked about my personal life here, about family matters and shiz? It’s always private. It doesn’t go somewhere else. However, my life during HS is also like my personal life there. I just wanted to let things out for the first time here in this blog. I’m not sure if this would be the last.

The reason why most people think I do not act normal in school is because of the identity crisis that I’m experiencing. It’s all thanks to her that I do not really know what to do, her high expectations, etc.

I do not reveal my real name here is because, I just want everyone to guess, or to research. Yes, I may allow stalking here in this site, but you really have to research me. πŸ˜€

Misconceptions about others, why I love my new second home more

One jealous hater called me “arrogant” since I feel so ashamed about my former second home. Did you ever had some fucking research?

First of all, I love my new second home is because, it is big. It may seem to be a “small world after all,” but come to think of it, it’s like the Internet! You communicate to everyone, the environment is an A+, stalkers would hardly find you and most of all, it’s safe.

Second, I didn’t actually like my former second home is because, it’s too small, you can’t go to some buildings, etc. I didn’t like how we were governed.

I learn a lot more things in my NSH. Everyone’s more approachable compared to my FSH which has a lot of fake people. You really do not know whom to trust, so yeah.

My NSH is like a real home to me. It’s like I do not want to go back home since it was like a dream come true. After all, you’ll meet a lot of new people who are more interesting.

If the HS admin is really proud to have me as my student then, why did they ever give the best things in life to the homewrecker, right? In my new second home, everyone’s given an opportunity, and there is no ranking status (like you’re the highest, lowest).

My FSH usually gives the best opportunities to honor students. I find it unfair and unjust.

How would they ever coin the term of a “leader” if they do not even show a good example?

The homewrecker’s happiness by sadism

She was a true falsely far-right sadist.

Moody? Yes. Rude? Sorta.

If she is really a nationalist, will you still consider her one if she views our people as “stupid”? I know the flaws of the society, and I openly admit it here. However, in her case, she wants the society to be the same. She wants to be the center of her mind, thus letting her do crab mentality.

The usual topic in high school

Everyone talks about identity crisis. Most people are really proud to be narcissists, while the others think that they’re still not in the mood to be there.

I was that person.

Ehem. Do you think my clubmates are not considered as my “friends”? Why would you know-it-alls force me to make friends with those who are your type? Why would you ever force me to fit in the popular kids? It’s not a good idea at all. You know-it-alls think that my friends are usually my clubmates is because… you think it’s a requirement to get along with them. Hello? Napalapit lang ako sa kanila, kaya ganun. And everything is always fine with respect. Do you see that usual thing in the popular kids? Halos lahat naman kapag popular kids ang nagiging class officer, ‘yun pa naman ang magulo. Try to reflect: Do you love those type of people, plastics, hypocrites, backbiters? Do you idolize those who do vices?

I really couldn’t think of a second thought. I don’t feel happy when talking about these things.

But, I should tell everything that I want to tell, is because I want everyone to know who I was during high school.

To those who disliked and ridiculed me even in college, this is for you. Now you know the type of person I am. Sadista. I ain’t the type of person you wouldn’t want to mess up with. Don’t ever tell me you didn’t experience identity crisis. Siguro naman sinuwerte lang kayo kaya ganun. I hope you understand why I didn’t really get along with some of you. But to those who tried to understand my condition, thanks. I won’t take you for granted anymore. May gift kayo sa’kin sa Christmas. Joke lang.

So, yeah. Thanks for softening my heart when I think of you guys. Promise, I am not really hard to please, unless you follow the footsteps of whom I mentioned here.

To those who inspired me to blog, vent, shiz…

Thanks for inspiring me. Actually, I love the way you bring a lot of charisma to everyone.

Wait a minute…

Little is known about the other blog, that is

My blog entries at that blog are too short, and I usually talk about the most famous people at school (because that time, those who were our seniors at that school are actually… they should be viewed as role models. But, but… there’s still a problem. Actually in my new second home, upperclassmen become your classmates, and that’s a fact. I feel so old or young, but I think there’s equality.

You can read nothing but nonsense posts.

If the homewrecker said that I should accept criticisms, what I thought was, “Even rude comments should be considered as criticisms?” Gah. Maybe she should be the one. I don’t want to explain this since I mentioned everything already.

I may have been lambasted since I blog about other people and bad things.

EHEM. Did you remember about the admin’s threat to check the other online accounts of students, eh? It’s really stupid since they censor everything yet they still threaten us about our accounts regarding criticisms against the school.

Who was the homewrecker, anyway?

The Identity Crisis Period II

Identity Crisis was like, “Who am I?”

It wasn’t until I discovered that I suck ass. I suck ass not because I didn’t have the courage to speak my mind, but because as what I said in my first post, there are many hindrances.

The Worst Essay I Ever Did (or worst bio)

I described “identity crisis” as a mental and psychological phenomena wherein useless philosophies boggle the mind. (Please, please! If you’re doing research on the Internet, please don’t ever use this definition to your research paper!) Most people at this stage usually think but their thoughts are hindered by obstacles. This was true! Well, this was actually during my Filipino subject class during fourth year high school when I read my paper about my experience as a student. I described identity crisis as is, just like how I think about it. So, yeah. That was the worst essay that I ever did, and so far the worst biography.

Useless philosophies that wouldn’t help save your life

1.) Don’t break the rules religiously — Do you think playing by the rules would save your life? Of course not! Sometimes, you have to break the rules so that you could have the chance to survive. Well, I really can’t do it since, the rules are very strict, some teachers are arrogant and yeah, you know where I come from, right?

2.) Listen to know-it-all people since they sound intelligent — These type of people are “feeling” intelligent. Truth is, have you ever heard of a know-it-all having no issues? They’re not actually intelligent at all. They just talk and talk regarding their own interests.

3.) Rude comments against you are considered as good criticisms — If people tell you that you’re useless and worthless, they’re just jealous. Remember you have a good mind, a good way of thinking, but it’s just their own standards that couldn’t really stand your attitude. Just let them be assholes. Rude comments will always be rude and will never be good criticisms.

4.) Popular kids are good examples and at the same time, role models — If you think that popular kids are just a clique, it’s more or less of a clique, actually. Only a few popular kids excel in class, while the rest… are just doing the bad things.

5.) Kiss-up tactic is a sign of friendliness — In Tagalog, it is sipsip. You are feeling close to people whom you really don’t know, or maybe you just really do not like how they act. Kiss-ups are signs of seeking attention. Well, I just prefer someone who is a frank gentleman rather than someone who is making pa-impress in class but is rude.

So, yeah. That would be for today.

Anything at Random IV

This is a special Anything at Random post. Sorry if the Save Draft has a special problem. So, here goes.

1.) A Public Apology to those whom I dissed on the Internet (drama!)
2.) Retouching Traditional Art in Photoshop: Is it possible?
3.) Free Elective

A Public Apology to those whom I dissed on the Internet

During the year 2005, I started to get hooked to since my first serious crush at school was there. Oops! I’m starting to narrate, but I’m not joking here in this post! I’m serious! The mind (yes, the mind and it’s way of thinking) is starting to get off the identity crisis period.

You know who you are, right (and you should know who I am!)? You really do not know what’s going on until you saw your pictures posted on the Internet by someone else. I thought you’re going to lambast me for “stealing” them without permission, but thank you for being so tolerant and considerate if ever I did something wrong. I hope everyone of you would sincerely move on with every incident, because I want this resolved, in no time. Although it’s too late, at least I have proven something that I’m not going to diss you anymore by stealing your content without your permission, or without any credit.

I won’t anymore lambast you on the Internet because I don’t want anyone to start a fight with me or anything else that would harm anyone. It’s for everyone’s benefit, actually. I don’t want anyone to complain, “You blog about things, but you’re not Perez Hilton” or “Stop acting like that!” To be honest with you, there may be no excuses, however, if you notice, I have an identity crisis period during that time. Of course, it is still acceptable if someone is still in that period/stage, but having an attitude problem is different. Have you ever heard me doing a major offense? Or some controversy that I did PDA to someone?

This is what I’m supposedly gonna tell you: I was just kidding. If you do not consider it as a joke, you may consider it as a prank, but to consider it as an insult, well, seriously I might have been enemies with you before. Sorry to say this, but once your friend is my enemy/becomes my enemy, sorry to tell you this but you’re included, although you have no grudges against me, but yeah. Deal with it.

If you don’t find this serious, well, I’m just telling you everything, ok? Just so you know, I don’t want anyone to keep grudges against me, for your benefit. But to those who are yeah, still considerate and tolerant, well thanks for that!

Retouching Traditional Art in Photoshop: Is it possible?

Credits from

Think about Da Vinci and van Gogh. Did they ever had a scanner and a photo-editing software during their time? Course, not! How come they create such fantastic artworks?

Traditional art is retouched by restoration, a process wherein expired or worn out paint is being restored, for better viewing. Artworks are very sensitive to heat, light and temperature, so it’s really a must for everyone to take good care of their art collection. Well, regards restoring, restoration of artworks means, reconstructive surgery in medical terms. You cannot alter anything what the original artist has done, since it is a taboo to do so, just like violating the Hippocratic oath by simply dating your patient while you’re a doctor.

Traditional art is simply drawing/sketching/illustrating in a canvas. There are different types of canvas mediums. It may be wood, cloth, paper, even animal skin would be possible. Sketching instruments may be paint, or maybe colored ink of your pens (not to mention glitter ink, ok?). Traditional art can be retouched only by restoration, and restoration doesn’t mean you alter things. Restoration of traditional artworks is very serious since you have to be precise about the colors, the hue, etc., or whatever is necessary to retouch a painting.

Back to the question: Is retouching traditional art possible in Photoshop? Of course, it’s possible, but it’s only through scanning and nothing else. Retouching collages are possible if you just have a scanner. That’s it. That’s all you hafta know. πŸ™‚

Free Elective

Okay, so why do I have to entitle this one? This is actually the freelance version of “Anything at Random” for freelance bloggers, freelance writers, or anyone who is a freelancer at their fields of interest. Yes, you may write anything here, as long as it comes from your imagination. Lemme start first.

You’ve noticed that I’m not putting pictures to most of the “Anything at Random” posts. Well, this is the reason why: Copyright thingy! Well, to be honest with you I’m not really a picture addict, unless I really have the passion to do so.

That’s what you call it as “freelance.” You may blog with or without photographs or videos, it’s all in the words. Just like what Chris Tucker does most in his films, he is more on the words that he uses rather than his actions. Listen to his ridiculous jokes on radio and you’ll really Laugh Out Loud! πŸ˜€

That’s what I mean. Using more of your words will simply nourish the minds of your listeners. Honestly, I’m not much of a listener unless I’m really into that topic. HAHA. I’m more of a stubborn talker than a listener, so deal with it. I am multi-tasking at times. πŸ˜€

So, regarding the stream of consciousness, you’re like talking on a spiel, or an introduction that connects words and ideas, depending upon the topic. This may seem hard to do, but hey, there are things that you have to learn when you start a spiel.

Writing at the stream of consciousness helped me a lot. If you’d notice, most of my blog entries usually come from the stream of consciousness. I’m not the type of person who drafts words as if I’m doing a research paper, but I usually draft it by still using thoughts and ideas rather than drafting nonsense shiz.

Give me one word and I’ll describe it using the stream of consciousness.

The stream of consciousness is some thought that inputs all your thoughts into paper, or online. Yes, this concept is the hardest of all key terms to explain, but you get the point. It’s like talking to someone whom you want to talk to, if you really know the person very well based on your own findings. πŸ˜€ It really helps in literature, I promise you!

Remember the news about Gretchen Barretto wanting to work with Cristine Reyes (AA Klenk)? That’s where interaction between a bipolar person and a person with ADHD start to get along with each other (respectively). Have you ever noticed that Gretchen Barretto is starting to change her ways again? That’s bipolarity. Sometimes, she becomes a bitch, sometimes, she becomes a real-life drama queen, etc. while Cristine Reyes has this peculiar type of attitude problem that usually annoys and somehow irritates almost everybody. Yes, if she’s called “autistic” by Vice Ganda, it’s literally a joke. However, in my own perspective, it’s called ADHD or Attention Deficit Hypertension (?) Disorder. Yep, conceited people have this attitude problem. She said she was childish as an excuse for being rude. Hmmm… I think that’s a possible sign of ADHD, since I’m not a Psych major, sorry for that! But I love Psych subject, though! πŸ˜€

What I learned from blogging

I blog a lot, actually.

BUT, I have two separate blogs. One is my very most personal blog, and the other is about outside personal things.

Blogging isn’t about making money out of your personal life. Blogging is all about sharing things that others do not know. It’s about being serious and also having a sense of humor at the same time.

Blogging is all about… making everything a magazine online.
Lessons learned from other bloggers (although they don’t say it, a’ryt)

1.) Always make your blog private if it is all about your complete personal life.
2.) If it’s public, don’t ever namedrop. Remember, namedropping is always a mortal sin on the Internet.
3.) If you love to namedrop, isolate your blog. Yes, it’s possible, actually.
4.) Always post something meaningful.
5.) Use the stream of consciousness.

The things that you should try avoiding…

1.) Showing that you are in the identity crisis period.
2.) Posting stuff that you usually do not show to the crowd.
3.) Posting something really bad, unless you have completely moved on.
4.) Embracing porn and posting it on your blog.

The reason why I started the “Anything in Random” challenge is because I want everyone to show their prowess in blogging. It is a fearless forecast game (of course, I do not really require those who are joining to post photos of their non-celebrity crushes) where they can post something about things that they really want to share, etc. I really do not explain much since I do not think before I speak, or maybe y’know what I’m using… πŸ˜€

Taboos when blogging/Do’s and Don’ts

I really consider these as taboos is because… they do not really express who you really are. Try not to fit in with these common people and be unique! It’s not bad to be unique since… it’s not fake or common.

1.) Telling everyone on your intro box in Multiply saying, “You view, you comment. No plastics, backfighters or feeling close, and no rude comments will be posted.” — Of course, who cares about you if no one is interested about your life, right?
Rating: Taboo.

2.) Don’t grab/steal without crediting others — I did this before, actually. However, because I think it’s wrong, I started to delete it. So, yeah. Always give credit to the person who owns that picture, ok? Some are very tolerant and forgiving, but please don’t ever test their patience!
Rating: It’s a DO.

3.) It’s alright to save/download photos of your crush — Yes, I consider stalking in this blog, but please, if you’re asking about the color of my underwear, it is always color pink. There you have it. I do not really ask about the color of my crush’s underwear since that’s privacy! If stalking your crush for you isn’t a bad idea after all, always remember that it is not good to ask for their landline number (but asking for their FB accounts is alright), their blood type or even their dark secrets. Always remember, a secret is always a secret and no one should be an asshole to reveal it, mmkay? If you are willing to stalk someone, make sure that the person you’re always following doesn’t personally know you. Oh, and last thing: Don’t ever plan an assassination plot if you really have an obsession on that person!
Rating: Drink Moderately.

4.) Listening to a know-it-all’s advice — The know-it-all is known for restraining you from blogging good things about what you sense in everyday life. Oh, come on. He/she’s not a true expert in blogging. I’m telling you, they’re not the ones to be trusted. It’s all in your own instincts if they’re just fooling you just to let their hands on fame.
Rating: It’s a DON’T.

5.) Posting negative things about a celebrity — This is much more acceptable. If you have anything BAD to say about that celebrity, go ahead, because’s no one is gonna stop you from doing it.

So, Imma post things about my experience about that person who tried to stop me from posting good stuff in deviantArt. πŸ˜€

Anything at Random

Join this challenge! (Simply comment and do the same as what I’m doing, mmmk?) Post a blog entry about your thoughts coming from the stream of consciousness, not from traditional drafts. Or it’s like this: Write a draft that directly comes from the stream of consciousness then type it in your blog.

So, I’ll start the game first.

Blogger Profile:Β Arnie

The nicest and most approachable person that I knew, she was an editorial staff member of the Filipino section of the Ignacian Imprint. I didn’t expect that she’ll be a CAT officer.

Having connections with her is like knowing her more as a person. Aside from being a CAT officer, she’s also from the honors’ section. I was wondering why her high school life was colorful.

When she knew that I am taking up ISE, she said that she passed that course, but she chose to study in a state university due to the scholarship that she applied.

The only thing which is hard to believe is that, she’s an only child. I thought she has brothers or sisters, but yeah… most of her blog entries do not mention that she’s either the eldest child.

It’s quite hard to believe since she’s not spoiled at all, unlike other soloist offspring. It doesn’t seem obvious, but it’s just the way life is. Sometimes, the middle child is the spoiled brat, or the youngest. The eldest child, well, never mind.

A Low-Profile Life

If you’d notice, I do not talk much about my personal life here or family matters. Being the eldest child, I’m always treasured for being the first-born child. I am just like any other person there who walks to school and enjoys an ordinary life.

I’d never been a class president, but I was a peace officer, and the worst assistant beadle with most mishaps. I do not like to be the beadle since… it sucks ass, alright. However, I learned something from this experience. I usually become the group leader, although it’s against my will to become one.

Each time the dark past comes back to me, I usually keep this journal about my horrid experiences during first year college. It isn’t already in the net anymore.

I challenge you to do this

That’s right! Posting something in random will help you enhance your English skills. If you think it can’t help you, then start typing a decent blog entry with a catchy title on it.

The Identity Crisis Period

Always censored. That’s what people mean.

Read THIS BLOG and you’ll know who I was before.

That was me during the last days of my third year high school life… until second/third term of my first year in college.

The blog sucks, right? It has no decent layout, very frugal and most of all… it leads you to nowhere.

The guestbook also sucked because most of these messages are spambots.

So, yes. Most of these blog entries are mostly about my fiction stories that were never ever published. Not even my other comic books made it to the top.

My blog entries about Michael Jackson and Cory Aquino should’ve been with sense. However, it was those hard-to-please people who demand for a quality post. But now, I wouldn’t care less because, this is my blog and I can post everything I want.

Almost everything I tried to blog… they suck ass. They really, really do.

So, these are the sayings that hindered me during those identity crisis period years…

“Simplicity is beauty.”

From I wonder why Kate Hudson always look ordinary but stands out.

This would only apply to those who are fans of the Gregorian Chant or even those who write plain text without showing pictures. I mean, where will we get quality posts without much pictures? Well, it doesn’t really matter for me if I do not post pictures about my life as a hermit or as a nun.

Simplicity is not always beauty. Being simple makes you stand out, or it just depends upon the person. Only a few selected people would stand out with their simplicity. If Kate Hudson still looks the same without makeup, why can’t other stars? She wasn’t really conscious about being flat-chested or possessing a more masculine-shaped body, not until she has to let go of her insecurities. She’s rumored to have gone a boob job but… maybe it’s because she got pregnant. We really do not know if she really underwent a boob job, but some said that Lisa Rinna supported Kate’s decision.

Although Kate doesn’t seem to be that attractive, she always stands out for her simplicity, actually. If she isn’t only focusing on romantic comedies or chick flicks, I think she might be a better comedienne than anyone else. Start diversifying, Frau Hudson, Kate! You might be the next Whoopi Goldberg!

“I hate plastics, backfighters and feeling close people.”

Who said that? Where, when? Hmm… do you think it’s a good idea to dictate someone’s life? So much for being one-sided, but maybe you’re the one who’s contradicting yourself! You can be tactless anytime you want, but make sure you’re not shooting someone’s feelings. Backbiting people may seem “bad,” but sometimes you have to do so is because… maybe what they’re doing is really wrong.

Being a hypocrite means, being a big, fat liar yourself. If you start being arrogant to say that you’re NOT the jealous type, maybe you’re just hiding it. It’s simple, you might be overprotective and you might start blaming others for a failed relationship of yours. If I were the one who “destroyed” your relationship, that would only mean that you broke up with one another.

Lastly, the “feeling close” thing. Feeling close? It’s no problem to me, but to those who don’t really like it, maybe it’s because you are just protecting your privacy, so yeah. But… if you don’t want feeling close people just for the sake of being “famous,” that’s one… fishy thing.

If you’re the type of person who says this, maybe you’re just contradicting yourself, that you might be the one who’s plastic, backfighter and feeling close. So, start being a true human being and don’t ever act demure if you’re really a bitch.

And lastly…

Always flatter everyone and love them even though they’re assholes. Tell them that they’re good-looking even though they’re not. Please them. Please those assholes and take the good ones for granted.

The worst thing I ever thought, when I usually post something which is supposedly to be good. During the identity crisis period, almost everyone’s hindering me from creating a quality post. Those who are famous at school has the best blogs, while I’m the one who’s left behind. They’re the ones with many followers, while I’m the type of person who is just, napadaan lang, nothing spectacular, something like that.

Alright. It is because of this “culture” wherein my high school before was like an airport. Y’know what I mean.

So, that’s why I always go to the shrink for some advice.

What to do when you see these people?

1.) Don’t ever believe what they’re saying.
2.) Always be firm about your decision.
3.) Avoid know-it-all people.
4.) GAH, use CS as in Counter Strike!

So now you know why it’s really hard to stand out when it comes to blogging during high school.

Wait! This is the last “rule.”

Accept criticisms of other people, no matter how rude those things are. It is for you to learn something from them.

Err… honestly, you really can’t force someone to read and appreciate rude comments. If you thin a teacher gets mad at me, they do not care at all, actually. They don’t want their students to know that they’re really those people.

Rude comments always come from haters. If you think that rude criticisms are strongly abhorred or loathed, you’d better be careful whom you’re talking to.

If you receive a hate message because you criticized a person, they’ll tell you, “Retard! Have you forgotten that he/she’s the coolest person on earth?”

Nah. Never mind those people.

Learn to accept criticisms, but not those that will lower your self-esteem. If people think you’re so trying-hard or someone who is completely bad in doing things, well you’re not. You’re just learning how to. You are a learner, and that’s I want to tell you. There are trying-hard people out there like Ross (yep, I mentioned her here before) and AA who cannot really impress people, although their acting has improved. Although Ross (Maja) was so trying so hard to be sexy, well she’s not anymore. She has also improved. But yeah, she still looks annoying to me, though. As with AA, she can’t sing, she can’t really dance just to save face. She’s a casting couch element just to awe the men, but I still don’t get why she’s still admired for her “feistiness”? I’m telling you, genuine feisty people do act like bitches without even caring at all and do not act demurely when in fact, they’re really bitches. In Ross’s case, she still acts so demure, actually.

Yeah, you noticed that I usually sample AA for bad things, but please do not think that she’s always the villain here. There are many other villains there and you know who they are, right? ;D