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Insights on Feuerbach’s atheistic philosophy

I believe that these statements and arguments that Feuerbach explained in his atheistic philosophy is that, he caters people who do not believe that there is a God, though there are many religions that are actually atheistic just before Feuerbach entered the scene. Feuerbach’s atheistic philosophy is a mere attack towards Christianity because of the latter’s “authoritarian nature.” From someone who comes from a prayerful family, there are some points where I do agree with Feuerbach–that man lowers his attributes in order to worship God as a supreme being. This made me come up with an impression that “God” becomes authoritarian through the Bible, the Church and the Vatican–which has been distorting the theistic beliefs of Christians for so long. In fact, there is actually no such thing as an “authoritarian” deity, but this “deity” is more of a guide and a problem-solver, contrary to how extremely-religious people think about God. Another thing, I agree with Feuerbach to some extent that “theism is a disguised form of atheism.” This statement applies to people who will use the name of God as a form of power-tripping (otherwise known as an “authoritarian”) form of superiority complex. Overall, religion is man-made. It actually dates back during the time before the common era (BCE)–it is man who established religion as a group of people through society. It means that it is a society that dictates on what people should do, and if you do things that are usually out of the norm, you are labelled as a social outcast. It is society that acts as an “authoritarian god” that dictates one’s life according to social norms.

The RH Bill Debate and the dangers of PMS

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Do you think I’m pro-RH bill or not?

I’m neutral when it comes to those things, actually.

I am pro-choice when you have to use your brain before doing PMS, because I believe that PMS is a mortal sin. Okay, I wasn’t raised as a Catholic, but here’s the thing: I am morally conservative. I make mistakes and correct them.

I am pro-life when someone gets pregnant. I really don’t like the idea of abortion but I”m certainly in the idea of adoption. If a miscarriage happens, as for me, it’s not a sin at all. It is for me, an accident. But abortion, it makes you a killer of your own child.

If I were pro-RH Bill, that would be either using condoms, contraceptives OR worse, abortion. If I were anti-RH Bill, I would simply abhor contraceptives. Well, here’s the thing. To those who are a childless couple, to the wife, take some fertility pills. To the husband, go and have a check-up first. To those who have many children, abort your own ovaries (magpatali ka na)! I’m really into family planning, whether natural or artificial. Alright. I really do not want everyone who has older nephews and nieces due to the fact that their own cousins did PMS, but if someone married late, that would be understandable, OR if your cousins are too old.

Just so you know, I’m really against PMS. It’s not a choice for the rape victims, but it is a wrong choice for those who are sexually pre-occupied. I know some of you married a tall and handsome guy who has no stable job, but deal with it. It’s your choice and learn how to realize your mistakes. If you haven’t read this yet, CLICK HERE to read and understand how I’m really into using logic when it comes to love. Promise, this will really help you think about the consequences of using purely emotion before you get married.

If you noticed that beautiful women who are intelligent use their pure emotion without using their head engages into PMS. They may think it’s cool, but as for me, it is a sign of dissing your own dignity. Actually, I have no boyfriend yet, but if I were to use logic over my emotions, I think I might have chosen the real guy who would make me happy, rather than someone who doesn’t have an ambition after all.

To those who are in a relationship, or has been together for so long, take note that patience is a virtue. Never engage in PMS, by simply NOT being bedmates (or being naked in bed and having PMS) or else, for the woman, you might get y’know, the test indicator might get positive.

Always bring your mind with you

When it comes to love, it is always the emotion that makes you blind about reality. Everyone would answer, “Love is Blind.”

EHEM. Love, is… BLIND? AKA B.L.I.N.D.?

Love should not be defined as “blind.” True love is always the ideal thing and being “ideal” means is a goal. It is a goal, an aim, or something which should be achieved, in life, that is.

So, here are the things that I really wanna share with you guys.

The biggest mistake that my maternal great-grandmother made is to marry a poor native. Well, it may sound racist, but it was really a waste that she is intelligent, she’s a wide reader… but when it comes to “love,” she used… her emotions. She used it without bringing her mind at all. She could’ve married the rich Spanish-looking man who courted her, and I believe he’s the one who deserve her. Yes, sayang. There are many beautiful and intelligent women who used purely emotion which blinded them to reality. It’s not actually right at all. If you were to ask me, I’d rather bring my mind with me… to at least, guide me if the guy who courts me should be that guy, or maybe someone worth my love.

The recent thing that happened was someone who fell in love with a guy with… no ambition. Well, I wasn’t wondering that she’s going to have a growing belly (you know what I mean) and something NOT right will happen. It turned out that the offspring that she should have… lost her life.

It’s so sad to say, but love is not just about being blinded by emotion. True love should match together and yes, that’s exactly what I mean: Use your head.

There are some beautiful women who fall in love with ordinary-looking men who are rich, nice and yes, caring. That’s because they use their HEAD rather than emotion. What if you fall in love with someone who is rich, handsome… but is dumb and is an asshole, right? That’s purely emotion, I’m telling you. This happens in most infatuations when you have a crush on someone who is handsome, white-skinned… but acts like an asshole. In my own experience, I started to be racist simply because he wanted girls who are like him… like, East Asian-looking girls. Ironically, his crush is a tall, dark-skinned celebrity. (Evil laugh)

Yes, to be honest with you, he’s using his arrogance to catch the girls’ attention. Everyone whom I think will not be his girlfriend… however becomes his girlfriend. That’s right. Don’t ever have a crush on an arrogant guy whose one-sided aim is to marry someone who is petite, skinny, white-skinned, straight-haired and hairless.

Remember, using your emotion without bringing your HEAD with you is a sign of stupidity. Don’t let your emotions eat you up as you become blind with reality.

Should you follow your heart or the dictations of “authority”?

For instance, a small DSLR with a gargantuan professional-level lens would be awesome, but as for me, it’s too advanced.
Credits to the owner of the DSLR, but I took that picture above, that’s all.

I really do not know how to handle situations such as “self-desire vs. authoritarian orders.” If ever the “authorities” win over your will, I think for me, it’s really against the law. The penalty for doing so should be… rehab.

But they would say, “No, No, No.”

All my cameras… actually I was wishing for the DSC-P100/150 (7.2 MP resolution), I think, same with the DSC-N1. I have so many frustrations in gadgets, what now if it is DSLR-related? I think almost everything chosen for me is really against my will. If I would have myself a DSC-TX10, I say DSC-TX10. Other than that, you receive a gunshot from me. That’s how O.C. I am. You can’t change that.

If I were to choose between their choice and MY choice, in my heart and dignity, I’d still choose mine, no matter how consequential it would be.

See? No one should manipulate you, even your choices and decisions. As for me, I don’t really want to take up law (and yes, I do hesitate). Why should I take up law if my heart goes to the arts and traveling? Why should I make my life even more complicated if I just have to make money out of my shots, right? I really don’t want to pursue law, unless it’s really urgent to do so. I mean, I really do not want to defend someone who really did the crime or being slapped by my own client. I don’t want that to happen to me.

My parents are really pressuring me to take up this law thingy. I never dreamed to be a doctor or a lawyer (although they are the in-demand jobs in the Philippines, to be honest with you) but originally, I wanted to be a computer scientist. However, my high school’s quality of education sucks, so that’s why it hindered me to take up Computer Science. That was really my dream is because I don’t want my parents to feel the burden of going to computer fixing shops just to have it reformatted.

If I were to go back to the past, I should’ve transferred to another school because… there are a lot of opportunities waiting for me to come. That means, I would accomplish anything and everything. Yes, and I would have the guts to study more because, yeah…

Taking up law isn’t really my dream, to be honest. It’s a stupid family tradition that I don’t want to follow. I don’t want to experience shame and I really don’t want to experience the worst shit that I would never ever forget.

It’s a good thing I didn’t grew up in a traditional Chinese upbringing. My life would’ve been locked in a cage, thinking in a one-sided manner. It’s also a good thing that I am also not from a totalitarian state. Yes, I’m really a leftist thinker, politically (LGBT rights, gender equality) and ideally… but morally, I’m a conservative (I absolutely abhor the teachings of Scientology, I am against abortion, divorce is bullcrap and so forth, death penalty should be double-checked unless someone commits infanticide). Well, yeah. I want my future kids to be liberals, but still value-laden.

Yes, follow your desire, follow your heart. Don’t believe those draggy people who put you down or makes you feel bad about yourself. These people have high expectations that do not meet certain standards. You may think they are really hard to please, but mind you, I believe that your standards are just right for your decisions, theirs has only a maximum of zero. Higher than that, it is impossible. As for your standards, it is possible. Always be a fighter in every aspect of life, for the good of your own dignity.