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Insights on Feuerbach’s atheistic philosophy

I believe that these statements and arguments that Feuerbach explained in his atheistic philosophy is that, he caters people who do not believe that there is a God, though there are many religions that are actually atheistic just before Feuerbach entered the scene. Feuerbach’s atheistic philosophy is a mere attack towards Christianity because of the latter’s “authoritarian nature.” From someone who comes from a prayerful family, there are some points where I do agree with Feuerbach–that man lowers his attributes in order to worship God as a supreme being. This made me come up with an impression that “God” becomes authoritarian through the Bible, the Church and the Vatican–which has been distorting the theistic beliefs of Christians for so long. In fact, there is actually no such thing as an “authoritarian” deity, but this “deity” is more of a guide and a problem-solver, contrary to how extremely-religious people think about God. Another thing, I agree with Feuerbach to some extent that “theism is a disguised form of atheism.” This statement applies to people who will use the name of God as a form of power-tripping (otherwise known as an “authoritarian”) form of superiority complex. Overall, religion is man-made. It actually dates back during the time before the common era (BCE)–it is man who established religion as a group of people through society. It means that it is a society that dictates on what people should do, and if you do things that are usually out of the norm, you are labelled as a social outcast. It is society that acts as an “authoritarian god” that dictates one’s life according to social norms.

AA Klenk has finally cleaned up her act|AA Klenk’s reputation is now as clear as crystal.

I don’t care if you comment back, “Old news.”

Like what I said before, AA Klenk isn’t the epitome of frank and feisty. If she was branded to have an attitude problem way back then, she is now the changed person.

I do not mean I have to “like” her for this. But she should show off something that would at least, earn her respect.

I think what she did is right. She should really improve herself for the better. Being bothered by “issues” is not the key to earn respect. Being a snob to issues solves everything. This is how Alex de Rossi learned from her past experiences in GMA. If she was the “annoyingly loud” person in seven, she’s now the more professional version in ABS-CBN. She would joke around as a style of being frank. Although accused of being “mataray,” she still proved everyone wrong.

This is how AA learned from her mistakes. If she was the childish type of person, it isn’t a valid excuse to be rude. If she’s really the completely-changed person, she shouldn’t do this for her own image, but for her self-worth.

The most annoying part back then

I really find it annoying when people admire someone for being fake frank and feisty at the same time, because it doesn’t mean that you have issues means that you’re really worth respectable. Being frank and feisty is completely different from having an attitude problem. I don’t want to spoonfeed or to repeat the terms here, but if you are really a firm reader of this blog, you’ll understand why I used to condemn her, but now, it’s all but nothing.

To those who are still questioning her “improvement,” I believe that there are second chances. Second chances are the most precious, and it is similar to a person’s virginity. Wasting it is similar to losing your virginity. I am a firm believer of retaining my virginity, whether if I am in a relationship with a Filipino or a foreigner.

Dapat lang dedmahin ni AA ang mga tsismis na ibinabato sa kanya ay dahil, sino nga ba ang mapapala dito, ‘di ba? (She should turn a blind eye to those issues lambasted towards her because in the end, who will benefit from these, right?) I’m not being defensive of AA, but being snob in those issues lambasted to a person is more than giving respect to someone. Look, if Jacklyn Jose painfully confirmed that her daughter Andi Eigenmann is pregnant, everyone was backfighting or even gossiping about her, as if it’s a big deal to be pregnant out of wedlock. Rather than being bothered by the issue, Andi insists that having a baby is a blessing. Totoo naman, eh. Whether you are married or not, I believe that having sexual intercourse is sacred. It should be done in private, and it should be done with love and compassion.

You don’t live to please everyone, however…

Don’t believe in those people who are “feelers” and who have very high expectations which are not a good idea after all. However, there are times that you have to do this for yourself. If you think these people are really hard to please, remember, they’re just insecure about your talent and improvement. Kung sila pa ang “mataas” ang expecations, sila pa ‘yung kolelat sa ibang mga bagay. No one should dictate you, not even your parents. I would take the example of Shaira Luna, who was criticized by her own mother for “wasting her life away.” But don’t they (Shaira’s parents) realize that what they did created a conflict between her own self-worth and her intelligence? Being intelligent doesn’t mean you have to be famous. Being intelligent doesn’t mean you have a high EQ. I really believe that. I do not consider myself intelligent, nor does having a high EQ. Being intelligent is only based on stock knowledge. However, this isn’t applicable in the real (or let’s say, corporate) world. It is only applicable to those who are learned and who work so hard to achieve their dreams. I know that there are some people who are more intelligent than the typical valedictorian (or salutatorian), it’s only that they earn the “cum laude” status is because, they work hard for it. Even though they use their stock knowledge, at least they have the instincts to be competent.

What AA learned from her past experience

She learned self-control and genuine faith. Having faith means to do what is good and what is right, but that’s not really the point here. Doing what is acceptable by common majority defines faith itself. At least, she doesn’t whore out.

The RH Bill Debate and the dangers of PMS

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Do you think I’m pro-RH bill or not?

I’m neutral when it comes to those things, actually.

I am pro-choice when you have to use your brain before doing PMS, because I believe that PMS is a mortal sin. Okay, I wasn’t raised as a Catholic, but here’s the thing: I am morally conservative. I make mistakes and correct them.

I am pro-life when someone gets pregnant. I really don’t like the idea of abortion but I”m certainly in the idea of adoption. If a miscarriage happens, as for me, it’s not a sin at all. It is for me, an accident. But abortion, it makes you a killer of your own child.

If I were pro-RH Bill, that would be either using condoms, contraceptives OR worse, abortion. If I were anti-RH Bill, I would simply abhor contraceptives. Well, here’s the thing. To those who are a childless couple, to the wife, take some fertility pills. To the husband, go and have a check-up first. To those who have many children, abort your own ovaries (magpatali ka na)! I’m really into family planning, whether natural or artificial. Alright. I really do not want everyone who has older nephews and nieces due to the fact that their own cousins did PMS, but if someone married late, that would be understandable, OR if your cousins are too old.

Just so you know, I’m really against PMS. It’s not a choice for the rape victims, but it is a wrong choice for those who are sexually pre-occupied. I know some of you married a tall and handsome guy who has no stable job, but deal with it. It’s your choice and learn how to realize your mistakes. If you haven’t read this yet, CLICK HERE to read and understand how I’m really into using logic when it comes to love. Promise, this will really help you think about the consequences of using purely emotion before you get married.

If you noticed that beautiful women who are intelligent use their pure emotion without using their head engages into PMS. They may think it’s cool, but as for me, it is a sign of dissing your own dignity. Actually, I have no boyfriend yet, but if I were to use logic over my emotions, I think I might have chosen the real guy who would make me happy, rather than someone who doesn’t have an ambition after all.

To those who are in a relationship, or has been together for so long, take note that patience is a virtue. Never engage in PMS, by simply NOT being bedmates (or being naked in bed and having PMS) or else, for the woman, you might get y’know, the test indicator might get positive.

Should I continue my relationship with a know-it-all friend or…

The answer is: CUT it. You won’t amount to anything if you just continue being his/her slave. Trust me.

Here are the things why you have to at least, cut your relationship with that person OR simply go approach that person occasionally.

I remember this know-it-all friend whom I decided to have my relationship with her CUT, just so you know…

Just read the whole entry here so that you would have a better understanding about it.

THESE are actually based on my personal experience. Take note: These are just samples of my experience with a know-it-all friend. If you feel the same, don’t be shy to tell your problem HERE.

Photoshop and deviantArt

These are the things that you need to be an “artist.” However, that’s not the case for some people who really do not need that software just to enter deviantArt. Well, yeah…


She uses Ps 7, I use CS5 Extended. She’s backwards and I’m sorta advanced. In short, she loves the third-world life while I enjoy a sophisticated way of living.

Alright. I really didn’t have any knowledge in using Photoshop until my DSLR came to me and yes, I certainly looked for a lot of online tutorials to learn a bit of photomanipulation. It actually worked. I was self-taught, by just looking for tutorials online and simply following the instructions.

I used to have CS3 Extended, but it was my heart that chose CS5 Extended, for more cool features.

During the time I didn’t have Photoshop, she usually tells me, “Photoshop 7 is user-friendly because you don’t need to encode something.”

That time, I was learning Photoshop CS3. Truth is, I didn’t really find Photoshop easy at first.

It wasn’t until I fell in love with Photoshop. I guess online tutorials work. So, yeah. It’s true. I learned a lot from these people who posted their tutorials to everyone who wants to learn photomanipulation.


I only knew deviantArt through a schoolmate. However, I didn’t bother to create an account there simply because… I have no Photoshop. I was desperate to have one since everyone’s using it– whether original or not. As for me, possessing a Photoshop installed in your computer is really a social status. Having Photoshop– whether original or not, means that you are an artist.

Nah, forget it.

It wasn’t until “she” told me about deviantArt. Alright, this time I really wanted to make one simply because I know how to draw, I have tons of sketch pad on my home, and so on. Fuck that, she introduced me to deviantArt, in some sort of way that there are always taboos in deviantArt. If you compare the old me to the new me, I would say that she’s just pathetic to say that right in front of my face. I mean, just because she is “afraid” for me, she would simply remind me a lot of taboos and shit, which I find it degrading. Like, will I do something really wrong? She’s like restraining me or hindering me from anything that I want to do… not until she admitted that she’s just kidding. FUCK YOU! It’s not funny at all, man. In fact, in my new deviantArt account, I could show how creative I am. I met cool people, I met new friends, etc. and everyone seems to praise me with my artworks. One person who sent me a note told me that I deserve more pageviews that everyone else. SEE!? I could do better! Not being arrogant, but I’m just telling the truth that I do a lot of effort to post artworks…

Anyways, my original artwork should have more Literary shiz than creative artworks. However, due to my passion in photography, I think I proved everyone wrong.

Fictions, fanfics, etc.

She would always tell me, “Wow, you seem hopeless. No one will ever read your work.”

Like, come on! It’s free to have ambitions, right? Sa Tagalog, libre lang mangarap, ‘di ba? Mangarap ka kung mangarap, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that I would publish them… with an ugly cover on it.

I was only limited to fanfictions. It all thanks to my witty and tech-savvy mind that made me diversify things. Of course, I diversify things, but that was not my thing before when I was in high school. It only came when I entered college.

I do not only blog, but also do photography, draw with a pencil and paint with Dong-A MyMetal pens (no joke, I even have a calligraphy brush that I use). Being creative doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to limit myself. One critic told me that my way of being creative is AWESOME compared to the other one whose work is like… not diversified. If I were the sophisticated type of artist who looks for new innovations and widens knowledge, the other one however, doesn’t do the same.

Everyone really knows how I draw, and some are asking help from me since… I draw. It’s like, everyone thinks I’m more approachable than the nearest artist in high school (or the master of arts) since yeah, I’m really diverse. Kidding.

Oh, back to fanfiction.

She usually sticks to stupid love stories while I do a lot of exaggerated comedy, where there’s a villain, a hero and monsters. Yes, I may feel that I might be terrible in creating fanfics, but I used to create fanfics about tattoos, family problems, etc. I do not stick on one genre only, a’ryt. When she writes love stories ALONE, I write diverse things… like “there’s a monster out there!” or maybe, “Are you gay?”

Nobody knows that the Summer Dawn Ravenson before, is now the founder and CEO of a non-profit online org, Molybdenum Studios. Well, some people now know who I really am, but you can’t really judge me as the girl with a lot of sketch pads. I use a DSLR, FYI.

With real fiction, there is always a consequence.

Have you ever read, “Why I Chose to be a Liberal”? It’s on the “Something Worth Reading Panel” but never mind. That’s actually some write-up where I thought of expressing my thoughts regarding my upbringing. Everyone criticized me for “venting.” Ehem, it’s NOT really an essay, but why would they call it, “essay,” right? It’s just listed, so what? Everyone can make essays, and essays are like personal thoughts plus what they’ve learned from the academe. The critic once told me that those people who criticized me are not open-minded, which I actually agree at. In the Confessions of an EMO person, however, everyone posted positive feedback this time. They’re telling me to “stay strong” and cope up with my problem in errr… never mind.

She puts barriers/borders/boundaries/a lot of limitations in our friendship

Do you call that friendship, if she is really too arrogant to say, “I don’t care!”? Fuck, not in my arse.

She would always say, “I don’t want to watch you in deviantArt.” Did I ever did something wrong? IN HER FACE!

Do you think I would mess up deviantArt? Never.
Do you think I’m too bitchy to be in deviantArt? Not at all.
Do you think, I would bash the artworks of other people? Certainly not.

See? How pathetic would she ever mess up with someone who has more creativity and imagination? I really do not like the idea wherein you do not exactly diversify shit BUT criticize someone who would soon… prove you wrong. That’s what I mean. Putting shitty barriers to a supposedly-real friendship… but the question is, what does she really want fro me? Nothing. Nothing.

She doesn’t want anything from me. All she wants is her self-absorbed shits just to make sure that she’s the most superior than anyone else. Whoever gets on her way is for her, considered an asshole. All she wants is a one-sided style of drawing. Well, well, well, if she said she has new styles of coloring, it’s still… sort of one-sided. I know she’s good in drawing, but she’s not really as diverse as real artists out there. Hmmm…

My old and very first deviantArt account sucks ass, if you know what I mean. It’s empty, it has no meaning and worst… it’s all thanks to her, that I do not have anything to upload at all. Well, that time I really didn’t know how to use it, but now… I know everything. ;D

But my new one is so far… you would appreciate. You’ll see the big gap between my old and new accounts there. Most of my old blogs are really crap, actually. I cannot express myself direct to the point and yes… it’s all in crappy shit. I keep things to myself… not until I learned how to open up. Like what I said before, I’m introverted. I do not say anything and everything unless it’s really urgent.

So, let me tell you why she’s doing this to me.

She would always threaten me, “No, based on my experience, they bashed me along the way!”

The worst would be, “If you post pictures of <censored>, I’ll block you!”

Ehem. Do you think you run all my whole entire life? Not exactly as you think.

You’re the one who stole everything from me, and even the administration of our high school even tolerated and supported that… and they allowed that to happen. The admin insulted me, and rewarded her. How unfair is that!?

Now you know who exactly writes here in this blog. It’s real… I’m the whore of this blog, and no one should have the right to lambast me…

The tactlessness that you now see… is who I really am. I don’t care if people would slap me on the face. It is best that they learn their lesson this time. I know exactly how much I suffered and wasted my whole entire high school life being a hermit.

She thinks that putting barriers to friendship means that I am inferior. I hate that. Everyone’s equal… but as for her, it’s always the superior one who controls the life of people.

A little touchy, alright? DEAL WITH IT

I criticized her favorite cartoon/anime character. Something’s not right. I should’ve said, “Wait, am I talking to you? @_@”

She would always be overprotective of her idols, while I accept criticisms about my favorite anime characters. If Rann Kotobuki is hot-headed, same with Kyoko Inaka, Fuuko Kirisawa and my ex-anime crush Joey Wheeler… well it’s no big deal to me.

Wait… I criticized the aquamarine hair since it is seen in most animes… and I think blue hairstyle is so… cartoony! Criticisms have a good side! Jeezes! I’m sure she’s gonna backfight someone who criticizes another of her favorite obsessions. One thing that I have to say: Grow the fuck up, and stop being a hypocrite! If you can always reprimand people about the pictures that they hate, meanwhile, when it’s about your favorite anime or related with your favorite anime (while someone is posing like an asshole), you would said, “Please don’t! You ruined it!” Or remember the time when I am just following your stupid advice and you just go party and shit, I don’t think it is a good idea.

You even said that I’m selfish… honestly your idea is waaay too selfish. There are some people who prefer PS3 or Xbox than Wii or maybe some prefer balloons rather than video games. Crap, this isn’t right. You don’t appreciate the ideas of other people which seems sooooooo self-absorbed. Remember I have more ideas to come than you!

Quit being one-sided, alright. Two sides are better than one!

Always bring your mind with you

When it comes to love, it is always the emotion that makes you blind about reality. Everyone would answer, “Love is Blind.”

EHEM. Love, is… BLIND? AKA B.L.I.N.D.?

Love should not be defined as “blind.” True love is always the ideal thing and being “ideal” means is a goal. It is a goal, an aim, or something which should be achieved, in life, that is.

So, here are the things that I really wanna share with you guys.

The biggest mistake that my maternal great-grandmother made is to marry a poor native. Well, it may sound racist, but it was really a waste that she is intelligent, she’s a wide reader… but when it comes to “love,” she used… her emotions. She used it without bringing her mind at all. She could’ve married the rich Spanish-looking man who courted her, and I believe he’s the one who deserve her. Yes, sayang. There are many beautiful and intelligent women who used purely emotion which blinded them to reality. It’s not actually right at all. If you were to ask me, I’d rather bring my mind with me… to at least, guide me if the guy who courts me should be that guy, or maybe someone worth my love.

The recent thing that happened was someone who fell in love with a guy with… no ambition. Well, I wasn’t wondering that she’s going to have a growing belly (you know what I mean) and something NOT right will happen. It turned out that the offspring that she should have… lost her life.

It’s so sad to say, but love is not just about being blinded by emotion. True love should match together and yes, that’s exactly what I mean: Use your head.

There are some beautiful women who fall in love with ordinary-looking men who are rich, nice and yes, caring. That’s because they use their HEAD rather than emotion. What if you fall in love with someone who is rich, handsome… but is dumb and is an asshole, right? That’s purely emotion, I’m telling you. This happens in most infatuations when you have a crush on someone who is handsome, white-skinned… but acts like an asshole. In my own experience, I started to be racist simply because he wanted girls who are like him… like, East Asian-looking girls. Ironically, his crush is a tall, dark-skinned celebrity. (Evil laugh)

Yes, to be honest with you, he’s using his arrogance to catch the girls’ attention. Everyone whom I think will not be his girlfriend… however becomes his girlfriend. That’s right. Don’t ever have a crush on an arrogant guy whose one-sided aim is to marry someone who is petite, skinny, white-skinned, straight-haired and hairless.

Remember, using your emotion without bringing your HEAD with you is a sign of stupidity. Don’t let your emotions eat you up as you become blind with reality.

You have to know-it-all this time

Yes, alright. You’re the fucking Dean’s Lister who thinks who knows everything. I bet, there’s no one who’s listening to you.

After what those popular kids done to me, they are starting to seek for attention again. Guess what? No one listens to you anymore.

In the Philippine context, most people are too overacting when it comes to English pronunciation, thinks that others’ opinions are disagreeable, etc. This type of behavior is shown in most of the people who come from the provinces who study in the most prestigious national university here in the Philippines.

Try to read this forum thread, if you don’t mind.

Filipinos are really known to observe crab mentality and discriminates other people when they make a mistake. They usually say “boo” to those people who cannot speak in English or to those who really have no knowledge about the language.

Or maybe it’s this way: Filipinos tend to think that when one becomes famous, they think that these people “are just lucky” or people “who are rich and they’re the typical buy-me-this-buy-me-that people.” In most forums, it’s really sad to say that most Filipino netizens pull other famous people down. For instance, calling Queen Elizabeth II a “fake queen” or Ferdinand Marcos as “corrupt” seems not right. Marcos, for the general, is actually abusive since he started Martial Law, while Queen Elizabeth II, she’s not the queen you think who is “fake.” She judges people based on their personality and charisma, whereas, she disliked Camilla, Dutchess of Cornwall for being so impatient just for her to marry Prince Charles during the time that she was married to her now ex-husband. Well, that’s only my opinion.

One-sided taste, broadness has a long time to reach that point

Because the Philippines had a heavy colonial history of this and that, the Philippine society tends to worship international stars who popularize songs that have no meaning at all, or maybe focuses on love songs. They do not appreciate such musicians like Bjork, Marilyn Manson, classical musicians, etc. Hmmm… if that’s the case, then these artists are very popular in Japan. Yep, that’s right. The Japanese appreciates out-of-this-world stuff since they seem more creative than most Filipinos. Well, there are some Filipinos who are very creative, but they’re not truly that noticed because they focus more on the “popular” ones, rather than those who have more creativity and originality.

To be honest, I actually find J-doramas more creative and straight-to-the-point rather than K-dramas that are more on romantic comedies, the same plot all over and over again, but they’re starting to make a move, at least. I am the type of person who isn’t a fan of R&B songs, pop songs, anything like Katy Perry or Rihanna, that is. Well, if you don’t really know who Chick Corea and err… David Benoit or other underrated musicians, start appreciating those people. Yes, we are left behind in terms of music appreciation because most of us think that classical music is only about opera, falsetto, orchestra and not about beatbox, DJing, etc.

You have more knowledge compared to those people

Yes, you searched for the unique ones. UNIQUE, okay. But others still stick with those facts (norms, actually) that are adopted by others. Yes, that’s right. People who loves to correct everyone in an insulting manner think they’re the encyclopedias (truth is, they’re Wikipedias). Well, read THIS one so that you will know what I mean.

In terms of speaking in English, everyone thinks I’m really DAMN good in it. Most popular kids in non-elite high schools will really insult you (or me) when you speak English to your teachers, even in ordinary situations. BUT, but… when it comes to shitty essays, they’re the ones who started to be quiet; but others are still assholes.

In DLSU, it doesn’t matter at all if you speak in English, since it’s the norm. It’s also OK to speak in Tagalog, Bisaya, Ilonggo, Philippine dialects, Korean, Chinese or even Arabic, if you are communicating to someone who really speaks it. Yes, there is freedom in language. The bad side is, there is still crab mentality. It exists. Even in most universities, that is.

It’s like me being overseas. As what I have observed, in my high school, it’s really like the Philippines in the normal scene. But in college? I think it’s more of the Japanese norms, or maybe European.

Your past doesn’t define your future

Do you think those “smart” people become successful achievers? Do you think those introverts are loners forever? Read THIS again if you have read that before.

It’s like this. Most of the smart people that I knew (especially those who are the promdi in UP) starts to deteriorate their own career. Why is that so? Is it because they feel superior with their “intelligence?” Or is it because they think of themselves as “confident” in their own alma mater?

Same with know-it-all people. Those kids who used to think I’m always wrong become those delinquents in the end. Those who didn’t show up in the honors’ section are starting to be competitive. These “know-it-alls” become those who break the rules is because they feel so insecure about themselves, or maybe because they didn’t like the way they are being ruled by their rulers.

Those who were introverts suddenly become those who are charity workers, priests, achievers, etc. Not because they are late bloomers, but it’s also because they have found their newfound interest.

The best example I would give is Angelina Jolie. Most of my relatives who come from UP thinks she’s a homewrecker and has a bad, dark past, but she proved everyone wrong that she would bring her own philosophies to the whole wide world. It’s only those Jennifer Aniston fanatics who think she’s a fake bitch because she only helps the poor to save face, but remember… she’s only a Goodwill Ambassador, not the actual ambassador that we know (people who help people in terms of the law, people who work in DFA) in some context. A goodwill ambassador is a representative of a particular situation and that type of status is a counterpart of an honorary citizen (a citizen in the ceremonial context, not in the legal one). Since Angelina is a Goodwill Ambassador and an honorary citizen of Cambodia, she is therefore, being rewarded for her humanitarian work. Being a goodwill ambassador and an honorary citizen is a reward. If you happen to be a legal ambassador (e.g. Philippine Ambassador to France) and a dual citizen at the same time, that I don’t know. But as far as I know, receiving the things that Angelina Jolie has been rewarded is such an honor that you might be recognized.

Arrogance as a taboo

For graduates who earned Latin honors (not Greek honors, okay?), being a cum laude means that you are not only intelligent but also hardworking. Hardwork is always related with submissiveness. If you happen to be a teacher, being arrogant has many signs. First of all, teaching your subject to others means to make them learn about good values and ethics. I really don’t want you guys to be arrogant by making your standards higher. That’s right. I don’t want you to follow the example of those achievers whose style is the level of abusiveness. I want you guys to let them share your good values, philosophies and the like. You don’t want to be talked behind your back, right? You don’t want negative criticisms, right? I’m just telling you that being approachable is much better than being distance-keepers.

Okay, alright. You heard Chris Tiu, right? I heard comments about him that he’s starting to be arrogant. He used to be the value-laden guy whom we know about, and we really expect him to bring those values once he achieves his goal. Hmmm… maybe it’s because he grew up from a traditional Chinese family. Well, maybe that’s why he started to drop those values that he used to show to everyone. Well, if I were really a fanatic Lasallian, I would say that Ateneo is the reason why Chris Tiu started to be arrogant. But there’s something more than that why he’s like that.

After he joined Smart Gilas, I never heard from him again (that much).

Whenever he interviews someone in GMA, there is always a distance. Well, I haven’t seen that yet, but because I never heard something from him, maybe that’s a sign that he’s starting to be arrogant.

Real Good Guys have no issues or backbiting rumors

If it is about lovelife, start thinking again. It’s just lovelife, so leave them be. Hmmm…

Have you ever heard of an issue against Kim Chiu? Or Melai? Or Bea? Not at all.

I never heard issues regarding those people, even Yeng or Princess Ryan, or most of all those veteran actors.

Issues about lovelife are shallow. Shallow is because, that’s their own life. The media is really an asshole to show that “yiiieeee… you’re on?” shit is like, “they’re on.”

The good guys that I’m talking about are those who are discreet. If in case you think they’re “plastic” and “tupperware,” maybe they might prove you wrong. For instance, Sarah Geronimo. Everyone doubts if she’s really a nice person is because she doesn’t have issues, not until AA Klenk started to fuck things up. Well, as for me, she’s really a shy-type person who is still watched by her mother who is criticized for “using the name of God to let others think that Sarah G.’s family is the best.” I think that’s only being overprotective, and it’s understandable since I can relate to Sarah G.’s situation. She doesn’t deserve any invalid criticisms from others since she isn’t doing anything wrong and thus, she has nothing to do with it despite being on her 20’s.

If you happen to be Sarah Geronimo, maybe it’s because you are being overprotected by your parents. Maybe she’s the type of person who doesn’t easily get choked with those rules her parents impose. It’s a matter of fact that she is just following them because she thinks that this is for her own good. As what roxyisferox said, even though Sarah Geronimo becomes rebellious, she would still behave in a good manner.

If others destroy your reputation but you think you did NOTHING wrong, it’s their problem. They’re haters.

You run your own life, so don’t allow the Nazis to interfere

Have you experienced being manipulated by others? If you haven’t read THIS, start reading it so that you will understand what I really mean about.

Remember the know-it-alls that I’m talking about, right? They’re the ones who manipulate you. Well, those who do so are insecure and have NO real achievement in life. They do it simply because they are the losers, the jerks and yeah, their social status is not really as high as what you’re expecting.

These people you think are hard to please, have low standards, like what I said in the past. They always think what you’re doing was wrong, but look! It’s obvious that they’re not doing some fucking research on their own. They pull you down because you got talent. Some of them you thought who are nice are actually those who are whiners. They think you’re again, wrong but actually, they’re being influenced by their demons. You know what I mean, alright.

If you have talent and say it honestly, it’s like this: “I’m not arrogant. I’m just telling the truth.”

In Filipino, “Hindi ako mayabang. Nagsasabi lang ako ng totoo.”

If I were that thick-faced, I might as well say it loud and proud. Do you think those detractors learned their lesson? Hmmm… hopefully, that will be.

Well, these “Nazis” I’m telling you are actually… popular kids. Yes, those popular kids. In the context of International Relations, they are the realists who impose rules but tends to break them. It’s false realism, actually.

I hope you guys would learn from this entry. This really helps!

Should you follow your heart or the dictations of “authority”?

For instance, a small DSLR with a gargantuan professional-level lens would be awesome, but as for me, it’s too advanced.
Credits to the owner of the DSLR, but I took that picture above, that’s all.

I really do not know how to handle situations such as “self-desire vs. authoritarian orders.” If ever the “authorities” win over your will, I think for me, it’s really against the law. The penalty for doing so should be… rehab.

But they would say, “No, No, No.”

All my cameras… actually I was wishing for the DSC-P100/150 (7.2 MP resolution), I think, same with the DSC-N1. I have so many frustrations in gadgets, what now if it is DSLR-related? I think almost everything chosen for me is really against my will. If I would have myself a DSC-TX10, I say DSC-TX10. Other than that, you receive a gunshot from me. That’s how O.C. I am. You can’t change that.

If I were to choose between their choice and MY choice, in my heart and dignity, I’d still choose mine, no matter how consequential it would be.

See? No one should manipulate you, even your choices and decisions. As for me, I don’t really want to take up law (and yes, I do hesitate). Why should I take up law if my heart goes to the arts and traveling? Why should I make my life even more complicated if I just have to make money out of my shots, right? I really don’t want to pursue law, unless it’s really urgent to do so. I mean, I really do not want to defend someone who really did the crime or being slapped by my own client. I don’t want that to happen to me.

My parents are really pressuring me to take up this law thingy. I never dreamed to be a doctor or a lawyer (although they are the in-demand jobs in the Philippines, to be honest with you) but originally, I wanted to be a computer scientist. However, my high school’s quality of education sucks, so that’s why it hindered me to take up Computer Science. That was really my dream is because I don’t want my parents to feel the burden of going to computer fixing shops just to have it reformatted.

If I were to go back to the past, I should’ve transferred to another school because… there are a lot of opportunities waiting for me to come. That means, I would accomplish anything and everything. Yes, and I would have the guts to study more because, yeah…

Taking up law isn’t really my dream, to be honest. It’s a stupid family tradition that I don’t want to follow. I don’t want to experience shame and I really don’t want to experience the worst shit that I would never ever forget.

It’s a good thing I didn’t grew up in a traditional Chinese upbringing. My life would’ve been locked in a cage, thinking in a one-sided manner. It’s also a good thing that I am also not from a totalitarian state. Yes, I’m really a leftist thinker, politically (LGBT rights, gender equality) and ideally… but morally, I’m a conservative (I absolutely abhor the teachings of Scientology, I am against abortion, divorce is bullcrap and so forth, death penalty should be double-checked unless someone commits infanticide). Well, yeah. I want my future kids to be liberals, but still value-laden.

Yes, follow your desire, follow your heart. Don’t believe those draggy people who put you down or makes you feel bad about yourself. These people have high expectations that do not meet certain standards. You may think they are really hard to please, but mind you, I believe that your standards are just right for your decisions, theirs has only a maximum of zero. Higher than that, it is impossible. As for your standards, it is possible. Always be a fighter in every aspect of life, for the good of your own dignity.