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Made in Japan

Japanese technology – as far as we know this is one of the most advanced technologies in the world. They specialize in manufacturing digital cameras, digital SLRs and cars, if in South Korea they specialize in making mobile phones and smartphones while in the USA, they specialize in making laptops and PC’s.

If you hear, “Made in Japan,” the first thing that comes out from my mind is this: TECHNOLOGY.

Yes, that’s right. Japanese technology is really the trend, even up to the present day.

What are the gadgets that are Made in Japan?

Here’s the list: Sony, Casio, Olympus, Canon, Nikon, Epson, Pentax, Sigma, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, JVC… well they’re too many to count.

But right now, most digital cameras and digital SLRs that are either Made in China, Taiwan or in Thailand.

Here’s the list to guide you:

Made in Japan

Canon DSLR body
EF L-lenses and lenses with metal (as in METAL) mounts
Nikon pro-series DSLRs

but before the price of digicams lowered… and unfortunately were (or are) Made in China…

Yes, those brands that I mentioned.

The Japanese are very hardworking and precise when it comes to their products. Their car industry is the most dominant in the market today. Although despite being an RHD-oriented country, it allows LHD cars since yeah, they manufacture vehicles.

Being an export-oriented country, expect that once you step in Japanese soil, most prices that you see are outrageously appreciated. Compared to the affordable prices that you could find in either the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong or in the USA, Japan is the most expensive country in the world. But some claim that the Made in Japan products there are affordable.

Guide to the Land of the Rising Sun

What you see in their TV series is what you get once you step in Japanese soil. It may be expensive there, but it’s worth a visit. Japan has a rich and colorful history and its economy is at-par with Europe. The U.S. cannot even reach the level of Japan in terms of cost of living, etc. Yes, Japan is at-par with the cost of living of Scandinavia and the rest of the Nordic countries, or probably U.K.

Japanese people are really nice people. That’s right. Those hot-headed fanatic nationalists that you see on TV are purely exaggerations. Truth is that, their sense of patriotism reflects how they really love themselves as a nation. They help you to this and that, and they really guide you when and where to go. Oh, and there’s one thing that I wanna tell you. Most Japanese people are capable of speaking in English (do not believe in those who say that they don’t speak English at all), although they find it hard.

In Japan, you really don’t need a tour guide. It’s all in the train, y’know.

I almost bought my lens there when we knew that one peso is equal to two Japanese yen. That’s right. 1000円 is equal to 500 Php, and that value is their smallest banknote. One said, “they’re too arrogant.”

It may seem arrogant but mind you, like what I said a while ago, the prices are appreciated. Unless you come from the USA, you may think that it is affordable to live there…

Between the US and Japan, I think Japan would be the best choice for me to take up my M.A. in IR, that is.

Made in China

God created the world, and the rest were Made in China.
– Anonymous

China is very well-known for manufacturing most of the fake goods that we know today. We see fake gadgets, toys and clothing.

Yes, if China invented gunpowder, paper, first banknotes, tea, and all that crap, it is really a “fact” that “the rest were made in China.” Ironically, they’re the ones who currently imitate, not invent. Their East Asian neighbors (Japan and South Korea, that is) are actually defeating them.

Whenever everyone sees “Made in China,” what comes out from mind is “fake,” “counterfeit,” or worse, “knock-off.”

Fake things are everywhere, not even the USA can avoid such thing. In San Francisco, there are a lot of fake stuff you could find there (sorry if I don’t have a picture that would serve as proof), even in Singapore, that is. The worst part– most of these fake stuffs can always be found in flea markets. In the Philippines, flea markets are almost everywhere. Most genuine stuff are in Manila proper itself. In Cebu and Davao, that’s what I really don’t know about, but most genuine stuff can only be found in these developed areas.

How to identify if a mall’s a flea market…

…to be posted soon. 🙂