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Israel: The Holy Land in conflict with Gaza|Not even the children are spared from the bloodshed

So what’s new about Israel and its non-stop conflict with Gaza, Palestine and other Middle Eastern countries?

Truth is, I really feel very sad whenever I hear news about Israel being bombed and damaged by its enemies. I was wondering why there’s violence in this so-called “Holy Land,” if one time there was a suicide bomber on the loose way back then?

No wonder it’s not really a good place to live in, unless you’re a Jew, you’ll think that it is YOUR “home,” but not for many.

In its current conflict with Gaza (no wonder, Israel really has a lot of political foes to deal with), death toll is dramatically on the rise, and take note that NOT even innocent children are spared. What now for Israel’s future as one of the most educated countries if everything would be like this?

No wonder some Israeli celebrities (Natalie Portman, Bar Refaeli and Shirly Brener) choose to live in the US because of political conflicts happening in their native land.

How would you feel if there’s always turmoil in your country?

Ever since, Israel never had a good conversation with Gaza and Palestine (correct me of one of these places are not in good terms, but not necessarily an enemy). This also happens with most of its Middle Eastern neighbors (Iran and Saudi Arabia are two of Israel’s worst “enemies”), so no wonder, kawawa ka if you’re an Israeli national — you cannot freely travel to the rest of the Middle East because most of these countries believe that Israel should never exist at all. If you’re talking about Israeli stamps, places like Iraq and the UAE will still accept you, but NOT for Iran and Saudi Arabia. Seriously, why HATE Israel if it brought Christianity to life (remember, the Holy Bible is very Israeli in terms of ancient culture)? I really do understand that the rest of the Middle Eastern countries are Muslim, but they should never hate the Jews — the Jews came first, long before Mohammed founded Islam, so why HATE?

It’s a good thing that Israel and Germany are good friends in terms of diplomacy — and not only Deutschland, the United States supports the Holy Land as well. This also happens when you talk about Philippine-Japan relations. The Philippines and Japan used to be wartime enemies, but it’s a good thing that the Filipinos are very forgiving; one thing that is not discussed in social studies class is that, the Philippines is Japan’s number one raw material exporter.

International Bullying and Overrating

Today, there are MANY international bullies in the world, and it’s not only the US and China (they’re definitely the two most overrated countries in terms of hegemonic contest) that are perceived as “bullies.” In fact, there are some more to consider when talking about hegemony — China has a LONG way to go on its way to become a hegemon; like what I said before, it fears US in terms of economic trade. Usually, China will only improve its products when the US is starting to ask for it (no wonder offshored companies still retain that quality).

I really do believe that Israel is a bullying victim from most of its Middle Eastern neighbors — granted, it is one of the most developed countries in the world with its patriotic people, however, turmoil and conflict won’t even place it at the top of the World’s Most Peaceful… well we do not know about that.

Israel, The Holocaust in DLSU Manila

Do you know that Philippine passport holders could actually travel to Israel without any visa? That’s because the Philippines is the only country that accepted Jewish refugees within the World War II period. This is the gift that Israel gave to the Philippines… well, in my point of view.

Side Note: To Aziz Natour, I think your country’s awesome! No joke about it.

Israel: The Holy Land

Photo by me|Mr. Yaniv Revach, the guest speaker (side note: Moritz Bleibtreu’s look-alike!).

Israel is a very rich country, and most of the technology is all thanks to Israelis.

Truth is, Israel is a very young nation, compared to other well-known countries is probably because the Jews were widespread, just before the state of Israel was established after the disastrous, traumatic World War II. It’s only the Philippines that is the only country that voted for the establishment of the state of Israel.

History of Israel prior to its independence

Israel is a country of immigrant Jews who came from all over the world, from across Asia to Europe, and from Europe to Africa, then to the Americas. During the first fifteen years after the establishment of the state of Israel, it refused to start diplomatic ties with Germany due to the traumatic Holocaust (the burning of the Jews via concentration camps, gas chambers and cremation). However, if you want to move on, according to Mr. Revach, you have to move on. Today, Germany is one of Israel’s closest and strongest allies.

Immigration has been helpful to Israel… well, what I mean is, immigration from Israel to other countries simply because of learning new things from other cultures, and it turns out; when the ethnic Jews came back to Israel (Law of Return, I think), they started to share their learning experience from other countries and not only that; they created their own technologies such as warfare weapons and useful devices. Israel is therefore, a melting pot of different races, be it black, white or Semitic.

Today, Israel’s one of the richest countries in the world, and Tel-Aviv is the gay capital. It is also somehow the sister city of Makati.

The Holocaust

The Holocaust is one of the most tremendous extreme ways of racism in history. It’s like ethnic cleansing of the “Aryan” race. The Jews were humiliated and exhausted by the Nazi government is because they’re the ones controlling and ruling the businesses in Germany which Hitler believed that it would put the German economy down. Well, this is according to what I heard before. Why eliminate all the Jews in Germany during Hitler’s time? Let’s say that Hitler is a charismatic leader, but he pushed his own limits, like killing all the Jews because they put the “Aryan” race down. He doesn’t spare anyone, not even the Slavs, the homosexuals and the disabled. He thinks that the “perfect” race should exist.

Remembering the Diary of Anne Frank, it is one of the most remarkable literary works wherein the horrors of the war were discussed. I haven’t read the book yet but somehow, it’s like something worth to read if you want to know the history of Germany during the Third Reich.

People in the concentration camps were actually tattooed with numbers on their forearms, and guess what? Prisoners couldn’t use their names. What they did is to call someone by their number, and use “Israel” if that’s a man, and “Sarah” if it’s a girl. Sounds creepy and disturbing, eh?|This is one example of a tattooed number on a former concentration camp prisoner.

Anne Frank is not an exemption. She was also tattooed with a number on her arm, when she was a prisoner in a concentration camp, and just so you know, she died there of sickness. Just imagine yourself being a victim of the extreme-right wing dictatorship of Hitler, you are a “dalit” if you’re a Jew. Well, Hitler may not be a Hindu, but taking a look at his leadership style, he had his own caste system. Take note: Caste system.

Modern-day Israel and its influence towards the world

Like what I said, Israel is a country of immigrant Jews. Right now, it has a very friendly diplomatic ties with the Philippines, and the synagogue in the Philippines is located in Makati. Also, Germany is one of Israel’s strongest allies. This is synonymous to Japan-Philippines relations today.

In Israel, there are a number of famous people, like for instance, model Bar Refaeli (Hebrew: בר רפאלי). Another example of a celebrity is no other than Hollywood-famous Natalie Portman (bad thing her photo wasn’t displayed on the PowerPoint! HAHA!). Lastly, my favorite Israeli-American celebrity — Shirly Brener (Hebrew: שירלי ברנר). Although not as famous as Natalie Portman, Shirly is a multi-tasking Hollywood actress. She is well known not only for her acting skills, but she’s also an athlete, a mother, a wife, everything. Shirly is one of the Israeli-born people who was raised multi-culturally in the UK and the US, where she currently resides.

Fun facts

Most Israelis speak English. No wonder, even French-Israeli actor Yvan Attal spoke English in Rush Hour 3!

Of course, most Christians learn Israel. It’s because it is the homeland of Jesus Christ. Hebrew was the sacred language, and during the time of Jesus, it is equivalent to Sanskrit (no, not even Jesus used Hebrew, and it’s like the language of religion during His time). When the state of Israel was established after the WWII, Hebrew (or Ivrit) became the national language.

The Yiddish language is a Germanic language that uses the Hebrew alphabet, and native speakers are usually overseas Jews.

Likewise, the Hebrew language is actually Semitic. Its alphabet is in abjad form, and normally, abjads are only consonants, no vowels, unless it’s placed with an accent mark or dot, which represents vowels. Usually, Semitic languages are written from right to left.

The Importance of the English Language|The Japanese of English is no other than “Eigo.”

Why is the English language important?

Last time, I wrote about something about Filipino vs. English. Well, for here, you might wanna know why English is a very important language… in terms of communication.

1.) Learning English is a process if you want to communicate with people who do not speak your native language.

For instance, you’re a French speaker who communicates with a German speaker. Of course, you’ll use English, unless the German speaker could speak French.

Communicating with people who do not speak your native tongue needs a certain language. You can’t use Interlingua, or any other artificial language designed for people with different native tongues to relate with one another. A natural language is needed, NOT a language which is man-made. You also cannot talk to someone whose mother tongue is artificial, unless he or she’s a robot.

2.) English is the universal language.

The former universal languages are: Greek, Latin, French… and so on and so forth.

Diplomats are required to learn and study English. Would you ever call yourself a diplomat (or polyglot) if you don’t speak the universal language? Sure, you could speak Greek, Latin and/or French, but if you’re not fluent in English compared to the mentioned languages, well… you might have a hard time.

3.) Using the English language (whether you’re a native speaker or not) is a bridge to learn a new language.

For the East Asian people, they could hardly be very fluent in English. Well, there are some people who could speak English, but the rest, could not.

The advantage of speaking in English will help you learn a new language. It’s like asking, “How do you say this in your language?” Of course, this is really a big help, but there are some people who cannot catch up with the English words, since English is very hard to learn, especially those who are monolingual non-English speakers.

In my experience, I asked some of my Korean friends on how they say it in Korean, but I forgot what arrogant is in Hangugeo, haha. However, they were impressed when I read some Hangul and yeah, it worked.

I believe in the Koreans who are studying in the Philippines. If they’re cold-hearted, according to some sources, they’re actually not. They know how to lay-low and learn something new. Of course, the advantage of Koreans in the Philippines is that, we could learn their language. Remember, there are some Koreans who barely speak in English, so that’s why we share cultures with them. Some Koreans learn Tagalog/Filipino, although they find it hard. They also admit that Korean’s also hard… well, is there such thing as an “easy” language? German ain’t that easy, either. Wait… did you ever encounter Dativ and Akkusativ in English grammar and syntax?

4.) English is the language of communication.

If you’re a Filipino, you think that English is the language of the learned and of the leaders, which isn’t right. Wait… do you think Andres Bonifacio knew some English? Did Rizal used English during his early years? Wait, telling that English is the language of the learned and of the leaders, most specifically to the Chinese and to the French is an insult.

The reason why Filipinos learn English is because of the OFW thing. Don’t get me wrong; our educational system makes us laborers. If Filipino is for HOME USE ONLY, then how about the poor people in school? Most Filipinos speak Filipino as their first language at home, but it happens that English is the language used in grade school– which most masa people barely speak or understand.

Remember, it is really useless to celebrate the Linggo ng Wika if we continue to implement “English-speaking” zones (quoted from Xiao Chua). The tendency of people learning English in Math and Science is that, they tend to memorize without comprehension. I really don’t know, but since I’m a native English speaker, it sounds awkward when Math and Science are not in English.

The advantage of speaking in English is that, we become good communicators, and an interpreter is not needed. However, there are things that we should take note of: How about the masa? Why can’t they achieve their goals that instant?

If you’re in another country, if someone in that country speaks English, that person is considered a good communicator. Look at some of the leaders like Angela Merkel and Nicolaus Sarkozy. They rarely speak English, and they have a free pass to speak their native language in forums, conferences, and summits. Some famous people like Brigitte Bardot only spoke English in movies, just like Gong Li (BTW, Gong Li rarely speaks English in some interviews, and she preferred Chinese interviewers).

Right now, there are some countries that are doing their best for their people to speak English, like for instance, China. This happened during the preparation for the Beijing Olympic Games of 2008. This served as a lesson to them, and not only that. This is also an advantage for them to share their native language (be it Mandarin, Cantonese) to the tourists. Right, Mr. Loo?

5.) This is a free pass if you want to be well-known in Hollywood.

People like Brigitte Bardot and Gong Li are exposed to Hollywood, occasionally. This is also in the case of Penelope Cruz’s younger sister Monica, who knows a few English words.

Non-American/(or British/Aussie/NZer) (American citizen or not) celebrities like Bar Refaeli, Franka Potente, Ivana Baquero, Heidi Klum, Maria Sharapova, Hiroyuki Sanada, Ken Watanabe, Moritz Bleibtreu, Zhang Ziyi, Charlize Theron, Jackie Chan, Marion Cotillard, Asia Argento, Audrey Tautou, Antonio Banderas, Milla Jovovich, and others speak English is because this is the only gateway for them to earn fame, although some actors are patient enough to stay (and be predominantly famous) in their home country despite receiving unwelcoming remarks from their compatriots (e.g., Audrey Tautou, Asia Argento, Zhang Ziyi). Audrey Tautou, despite the fact that she prefers to live in France thinks that New Yorkers are polite, compared to the French (BTW, the French is stereotyped for being rude, but that’s only an impression; ironically, they’re courteous). Zhang Ziyi said that Americans are more polite than the Chinese, although she lives in Hong Kong. Lastly, Asia Argento is criticized in Italy for her wild-child image (what’s new?).

The reason why most of these non-American celebrities live in the US is because, they think it is easier to access the studio where they’re assigned, etc., but that’s not yet the end of the story. They believed that it’s not necessary to give up your own cultural background when you’re a non-American Hollywood star living in the US. Charlize Theron said that she’s still a South African despite living in the States. Bar Refaeli stated that although she loves Israel, it’s better to live in New York City. Most of these non-American people are still loyal to their native background. Lastly, they believe that speaking in English doesn’t have to make them less of their nationality.

To conclude things…

English is a requirement to be Hollywood-famous. Whether you’re fluent at it or not, it IS a requirement. Some of the former and current world leaders like Putin, Medvedev, blue-bloods, Kim Jong-un, African world leaders, Hatoyama, Ban Ki-Moon, Kofi Annan and the others speak English is because, they want to communicate with the world without any help from a translator. They think that speaking English is a very diplomatic thing, and they believe that communicating with other world leaders is very helpful when using English. Wait… when former US President George W. Bush established friendship with the former Japanese PM Jun’ichiro Koizumi, Koizumi-san spoke a little English. Yes, he could speak English, but only a little.

Speaking in English, although you’re fluent or not, is very important. If you know how to speak the language, go ahead, because grammar doesn’t matter at all if you’re a stranger to English.

Citizenship Question

If you were to obtain another citizenship, what would it be?

If only Japan would simply allow dual citizenship, I would apply for it. Not because I’m a Japan-fan, but also, it has more benefits compared to the US like, I could visit mainland China without visa at all.

Truth is, I won’t apply for another citizenship UNLESS I marry someone from a rich country.

Oh, and I admire Taro Kono, though. (This guy has proposed something only to allow/re-allow dual citizenship in Japan.)

Is “fighting for your citizenship” your main concern or not at all?

Fighting for your citizenship isn’t the concern at all. Well, if I were to be asked, there are passports with its own unique abilities. Like for instance, I hold a Philippine passport (single citizen here, I never had any dual citizenship, be it jus soli or jus sanguinis), and what it can do is to send me to ASEAN countries, without a visa at all. Despite being a somehow restrictive passport (usually developed countries issue visa-immune passports while developing/underdeveloped countries issue restrictive passports), at least Filipino citizens have the freedom to travel in ASEAN countries without visa at all, which a Japanese or a US passport may not have. If a Philippine passport could bring you to Brazil without visa at all, this cannot be done by the passports issued by the two rich countries I mentioned.

So, yeah. I really have to say that I am for dual nationality.

Will you ever give up your citizenship for another citizenship?

It depends, actually. However, I agree with what Gong Li said about her switching of citizenship. Since she’s a Singaporean, in legal terms, she once said that she’s still Chinese (by ethnicity), regardless of nationality. Well, I would still say that I’m still Filipina by blood although I do not hold a Philippine passport anymore. That would be fine with me, but it’s better if countries would allow dual citizenship only for certain reasons.

What do you think about dual citizens who have dilemma about their citizenship and identity? (Halfies or pure-blooded people who was born and/or grew up in a foreign country.)

I think it’s not my concern at all. It’s their concern since I’m not a dual citizen. In fact, there are some dual citizens who are willing to give up their other citizenship if they’re running for a political position.

Why is the world so unfair?

from; Steve Jobs (RIP) giving tech opportunities to St. Peter.

One netizen said,

Steve Jobs died, thousands mourned. Many African children dying of starvation, no one mourned.

It’s similar to the fact that (BTW from Tumblr),

People mourn the death of Amy Winehouse more than those who were the victims of the massacre in Norway.

NOTE: I have nothing against Steve Jobs. He’s an awesome man, so I really can’t say anything negative about him.

Let’s admit it. We mourn celebrities than those who are really in need, probably because when we see those poor people, we think it’s normal, it’s a way of life. Heck, there are thousands of people worrying about Paris Hilton being arrested compared to Lindsay Lohan’s issues regarding jail, breaking of laws, etc. We think that what Paris Hilton did is like, her mistake, but in La Lohan’s case, we think it’s normal, or we’re just used to it.

We usually think that celebrities deserve more attention than those who deserve positive attention. Those people in need should be the concern of most of us, like donations to transplants, like DUH! Give at least a centavo or a peso in that donation bank. It’s not bad if you give donations, or “pass the hat.” You think giving alms is bad? Well, in a poor country, it is. But in a rich country, it depends upon the laws implemented, so yeah, it’s probably a BIG no to give alms to the poor.

The world is really unfair. Nepotism and cronyism can never ever be avoided. The rich becomes richer, while the poor becomes poorer. That is the result of widening the gap between the rich and the poor.

Some rich people prove this wrong by simply be fair and doing what other normal people do. They do not have nannies or bodyguards, they just have the guts to survive, even at the most extreme situation. Just ask those people who dare crossed the border. :p

After reading this post,

a.) Reflect on your faults and sins.
b.) Always think that you’re not the only one who is suffering.
c.) Everyone is not problem-free.

1.) Create a blog post regarding this topic.
2.) Answer this question: Do you think it’s possible to make the world a “fair” and “just” place? Why or why not?

Follow your heart, but always use your mind

“Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.”
– Gat Jose Rizal

Y’know what I really mean. Recall the post that I wrote here. It’s always about using your head when it comes to relationships, but here… it is all about ambition.

My friend wanted to take up Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. In reality, most Filipino students wanted to take up that expensive course, but some parents (or other relatives) didn’t want them to do so… I wonder why, but BS-HRM is one of the courses in CHEd’s Moratorium.

Like what I said before, I really didn’t like the way my high school provided quality education. It made me hinder from taking up ComSci. Yes, the Maths thing. I really didn’t like the way they taught Math. It’s like, ugh. I really can’t explain but here’s the thing: I really didn’t like the way they govern the school. It may seem to sound so mean, but how could the alma mater that you once used to take care of you is actually… a failure?

I should’ve transfer after I graduated from sixth grade, but because I didn’t take even just a single entrance test, I stayed.

I always wanted to be a computer scientist, but after discovering the Mac, I think it’s time for me to say good-bye to that dream. I was thinking about shifting to Communication Arts, but it will take me a one-year delay before I graduate. I guess, after all, didn’t think about my own future.

Here we go again. Going back to the government.

I think the government should impose the K-12 education system for most high school graduates to have two choices: It’s either they work or simply go to college. College education should be optional, but for most conservative people, obtaining a college degree is a status symbol. But for me, it should be optional. Kaya pala kami tinatrato na parang high school pa rin, eh. Or maybe that’s how I think of things.

How I wish Philippine society should change, that even high school graduates should be allowed to have a job, or maybe some could just drop out of college. As for me, it’s acceptable.

The government doesn’t follow your will to take time what ambition you’re always dreaming of. We are not sure yet what to take in college, even though we are senior high school students. Shifting in most universities in normal, especially in DLSU. Most CCS (College of Computer Studies) students shift to CLA (College of Liberal Arts) when they cannot take the pressure anymore. Oo, maganda na nga ang turo sa La Salle, pero parang may kulang, eh. There is something lacking, and I don’t think the hardest of all Mathematics should join the curriculum audit of computer science degree programs.

Yes, my high school life really sucked ass, alright. However, at least I proved anyone and everyone wrong about the thing that I might not be as successful as those who entered Ivy League-like schools. Right now, I am in my sophomore year, but I’m still undecided, whether to take up MA in Waseda or maybe pursue my photography career rather. But if you were to ask me, I want to have a job related to photography or graphic design.

I still don’t know if I should pursue photography right after graduating from college. I think it would be the best option for me and grab opportunities.

Well, quit about the stream of consciousness. OMFG.

I followed my heart in studying in DLSU, disregarding the course I took. Although despite reciting a lot in one of my majors, it’s not yet enough. I didn’t regret about studying in DLSU, but thing is that, I do not have enough freedom just like those who are working. Like what I said before, I promised to tell you the story why I didn’t chose to study in UST. No offense to Thomasians, but for those who are reading this blog, this would be the time I’m gonna tell you…

Why La Salle?

I was about to get out from the identity crisis period but… I’m still stuck in the final stage. Terrible things happened, and one of my teachers started to be so arrogant that some students are talking behind her back. I think terrible things happen during graduation, and I wasn’t really happy after getting out of the auditorium. I really didn’t want to go back to that High School that I once considered as my shelter at first, but this time, I would try to organize those “gifts” since my initiation with the reunion is like… never mind.

I chose DLSU simply because I have a crush there. Well, not only because of that, but I believe that it will love me back. It did, actually. I considered DLSU as my new second home and I always treat it as if I’m at home and yes, I do something else rather than being participative. Bad, isn’t it? xD

DLSU is like a paradise. It’s the best school I’d ever been to. It’s like a small world, just like the Philippines. People there are really accommodating, and the system is always organized. When you lost something, the thing that you lost will be found in the Lost and Found, ONLY if you misplaced in INSIDE the campus. However, the only thing that I didn’t like is that, it is structured and institutionalized. There is a flowchart, online enrollment is scheduled but always fails, etc. I think I used my mind (and my heart) while deciding for DLSU. This is my new second home, the land of my people, it protects me from… (xD laughs).

I have nothing against UST, but here’s the thing. The flooding thingy, y’know, unlike DLSU which is Christian-centered rather, it is Catholic-centered, according to die-hard fanatics of other schools. Unlike UST, DLSU’s way of making posters is always themed based on greed and white colors. I don’t know, but maybe almost everyone is there… UST is like a melting pot of cultures from different schools, that is. So, probably that’s why I chose DLSU.

So, now you know why. xD

Germany for Beginners in UST! :D

The European Studies Association (ESA) is the organization of my degree program (AB International Studies, major in European studies, a.k.a. ISE) who organized the German for Beginners tour in the University of Santo Tomas.

Unfortunately, I really didn’t meet my expectations to see my schoolmates from high school who are studying here. To be honest, I only met one of them. ONE, ha. Sa laki pa naman ng USTe, imposible namang ma-hunting ko sila lahat (The wideness of the UST campus makes me impossible to “hunt down” all of them). But it was a good thing that my other blockmates and not to mention my classmates in German class really made my day. Oh, by the way our prof. in GERMAN2 will go back to us to be… our prof. again. Yes, it’s great news to all of us. He’s coming back!

Here are the photos that I’ve taken during the tour…

Luneta Park! 😀 This was before we stepped in Thomasian soil xD

The UST Main Building, I think? I bet, it’s a YES!

Notruf – A Phone stand for emergency calls. Sila na talaga.

Candid shot! I wonder what college/faculty these ladies come from @_@

Notice the guy on the left? Yes, it’s Piolo Pascual… the one that our prof. is always mentioning eveytime in German class. xD

IDK where this is xD haha. I’m really bad when it comes to these locations, really. LAWL xD

That’s me sitting! Pardon me for my unwanted dark skin xD hahaha!

The Arch of the Centuries – Fudge, pardon me for the perspective-correction fail! Dx

“Only God Knows The/Thy Weak” with Signum Fidei tattoo. Wow cool. @_@

The club tattoo @_@ cool! Parang pentelpen lang ang ginamit ah.

Sorry if most of them have crappy chromatic aberrations on it xD. I should’ve chosen EF lenses since most third-party lenses are prone to CA. xD Sorry once more!

I didn’t post those exhibit photos here is because… hmmm just CLICK HERE to see all the pictures. However, if it doesn’t work, just contact me on the e-mail I gave y’all! Haha, it’s really hassle to upload ALL these photos here since y’know, I use RAW and I can’t upload everything here in this blog. Don’t worry, I’ll really, really… gonna post good-quality photos when there’s another cool event to come.

Lessons learned from the exhibit…

Germans have their own culture which is of course, distinct. Just like any other culture, the German culture is the coolest, and so far they are really nice people. Oh, by the way, they have similarities with Japan, too! Their educational system is competitive and yes, they love the environment so much. They also have a distinct sense of humor which we do not actually know about. Germany is just like any other country with its own language having many dialects and of course, the accents. Sabi na nga ba, eh. They’re just like the English people who loves to play with words. Yes, if in Germany their compound words are strictly one word, that’s the German way. Another similarity with Japan is their quality products… I din’t know that Nivea is German. @_@

My most favorite part of the exhibit was… Tokio Hotel! Yep, the androgynous Bill Kaulitz is really a hip dude… or babe. They really have similarities with Leo Kliesen (Tekken’s androgynous kid).

Anything regarding UST…

That was my third visit. The first one was when I was taking the time-pressuring USTET (University of Sto. Tomas Entrance Test). Fortunately, I passed AB Journalism but… I just chose DLSU simply because, well… if anyone’s interested with the story, just say it and there’s nothing to worry about. The second time, however, was in UST Hospital with my dying godmother. Due to my stupidity, I didn’t talk to her during her last moments… I didn’t actually believed that it was the last good-bye from her. Sorry. </3

Yes, I was really curious about UST’s uniforms. Almost everyone who were my schoolmates in my high school are actually there. Most of them are in the Faculty of Arts and Letters, some in Architecture… or maybe somewhere I can’t recall. Anyway, I want to visit UST again together with my DSLR. It’s a cool campus with a cool environment.

That was a very good experience. Nothing. It’s really a damn good school, if y’know what I mean. It’s like a typical university, only a few times bigger than DLSU, that is. Hoping to hunt down for that owl soon… in UST, that is.

He’d say, “The nab is here in UST!? WTF!? Never!”