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For the photographer/artist: deviantArt over Flickr

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What is the difference between deviantArt and Flickr?


– It is designed for the creative artist.
– It has a blog (aka Journal) where you can post something and keep in touch with your watchers.
– Everything you can do can be customized.
– You can post as many files as you could.


– It is designed for the photographer.
– It has limitations, however, especially if you’re using a free account.
– It is very strict in copyright rules, unlike deviantArt.

Why deviantArt?

So, yes. I may sound biased but here’s the thing: Everyone likes and faves your artworks and it is for everyone, unlike Flickr, which is designed for professionals and real passionate photographers. In deviantArt, you are noticed for your originality and  creativity while in Flickr you are noticed for your professional-like creativity. In deviantArt, it is like a social networking site.

Things I learned from deviantArt:

– You don’t actually need PhotoShop to fit in. Some photographers do not use it, AT ALL. Some of them just do not edit them or maybe it’s not their preference. I only learned Photoshop and simply used it is because, I want my photos to look vintage. HA! My dream of editing them is like, whoa!

– Being creative is a very serious thing. There is always originality to each and every artwork you have.

– You also do not need a DSLR to fit in. You have two choices: Art by writing/drafting material OR camera.

– Fitting in doesn’t mean you are a good artist. It’s all in your creativity and imagination.

Why create an account there…

– For the photographer/DSLR owner: Choose deviantArt rather than Flickr.

– Of course, friendly people. I thought most of them are rude, mean but actually, people there at least, KNOW how to appreciate artworks. To be honest, I have TWO accounts there but I don’t use the first one anymore. It’s only there for preservation since there some artworks that are worth a fave.

– You’ll meet cool people like Aziz Natour, Joey Fitzpatrick and Stefan Janisch. They are good artists and they’re worth a watch. YES, they are COOL. Cooler than a fridge, really.

– I just dunno what to say, but hey! If you have a deviantArt account, watch me and yeah… y’know what I mean.