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Germany for Beginners in UST! :D

The European Studies Association (ESA) is the organization of my degree program (AB International Studies, major in European studies, a.k.a. ISE) who organized the German for Beginners tour in the University of Santo Tomas.

Unfortunately, I really didn’t meet my expectations to see my schoolmates from high school who are studying here. To be honest, I only met one of them. ONE, ha. Sa laki pa naman ng USTe, imposible namang ma-hunting ko sila lahat (The wideness of the UST campus makes me impossible to “hunt down” all of them). But it was a good thing that my other blockmates and not to mention my classmates in German class really made my day. Oh, by the way our prof. in GERMAN2 will go back to us to be… our prof. again. Yes, it’s great news to all of us. He’s coming back!

Here are the photos that I’ve taken during the tour…

Luneta Park! 😀 This was before we stepped in Thomasian soil xD

The UST Main Building, I think? I bet, it’s a YES!

Notruf – A Phone stand for emergency calls. Sila na talaga.

Candid shot! I wonder what college/faculty these ladies come from @_@

Notice the guy on the left? Yes, it’s Piolo Pascual… the one that our prof. is always mentioning eveytime in German class. xD

IDK where this is xD haha. I’m really bad when it comes to these locations, really. LAWL xD

That’s me sitting! Pardon me for my unwanted dark skin xD hahaha!

The Arch of the Centuries – Fudge, pardon me for the perspective-correction fail! Dx

“Only God Knows The/Thy Weak” with Signum Fidei tattoo. Wow cool. @_@

The club tattoo @_@ cool! Parang pentelpen lang ang ginamit ah.

Sorry if most of them have crappy chromatic aberrations on it xD. I should’ve chosen EF lenses since most third-party lenses are prone to CA. xD Sorry once more!

I didn’t post those exhibit photos here is because… hmmm just CLICK HERE to see all the pictures. However, if it doesn’t work, just contact me on the e-mail I gave y’all! Haha, it’s really hassle to upload ALL these photos here since y’know, I use RAW and I can’t upload everything here in this blog. Don’t worry, I’ll really, really… gonna post good-quality photos when there’s another cool event to come.

Lessons learned from the exhibit…

Germans have their own culture which is of course, distinct. Just like any other culture, the German culture is the coolest, and so far they are really nice people. Oh, by the way, they have similarities with Japan, too! Their educational system is competitive and yes, they love the environment so much. They also have a distinct sense of humor which we do not actually know about. Germany is just like any other country with its own language having many dialects and of course, the accents. Sabi na nga ba, eh. They’re just like the English people who loves to play with words. Yes, if in Germany their compound words are strictly one word, that’s the German way. Another similarity with Japan is their quality products… I din’t know that Nivea is German. @_@

My most favorite part of the exhibit was… Tokio Hotel! Yep, the androgynous Bill Kaulitz is really a hip dude… or babe. They really have similarities with Leo Kliesen (Tekken’s androgynous kid).

Anything regarding UST…

That was my third visit. The first one was when I was taking the time-pressuring USTET (University of Sto. Tomas Entrance Test). Fortunately, I passed AB Journalism but… I just chose DLSU simply because, well… if anyone’s interested with the story, just say it and there’s nothing to worry about. The second time, however, was in UST Hospital with my dying godmother. Due to my stupidity, I didn’t talk to her during her last moments… I didn’t actually believed that it was the last good-bye from her. Sorry. </3

Yes, I was really curious about UST’s uniforms. Almost everyone who were my schoolmates in my high school are actually there. Most of them are in the Faculty of Arts and Letters, some in Architecture… or maybe somewhere I can’t recall. Anyway, I want to visit UST again together with my DSLR. It’s a cool campus with a cool environment.

That was a very good experience. Nothing. It’s really a damn good school, if y’know what I mean. It’s like a typical university, only a few times bigger than DLSU, that is. Hoping to hunt down for that owl soon… in UST, that is.

He’d say, “The nab is here in UST!? WTF!? Never!”

For the photographer/artist: deviantArt over Flickr

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

What is the difference between deviantArt and Flickr?


– It is designed for the creative artist.
– It has a blog (aka Journal) where you can post something and keep in touch with your watchers.
– Everything you can do can be customized.
– You can post as many files as you could.


– It is designed for the photographer.
– It has limitations, however, especially if you’re using a free account.
– It is very strict in copyright rules, unlike deviantArt.

Why deviantArt?

So, yes. I may sound biased but here’s the thing: Everyone likes and faves your artworks and it is for everyone, unlike Flickr, which is designed for professionals and real passionate photographers. In deviantArt, you are noticed for your originality and  creativity while in Flickr you are noticed for your professional-like creativity. In deviantArt, it is like a social networking site.

Things I learned from deviantArt:

– You don’t actually need PhotoShop to fit in. Some photographers do not use it, AT ALL. Some of them just do not edit them or maybe it’s not their preference. I only learned Photoshop and simply used it is because, I want my photos to look vintage. HA! My dream of editing them is like, whoa!

– Being creative is a very serious thing. There is always originality to each and every artwork you have.

– You also do not need a DSLR to fit in. You have two choices: Art by writing/drafting material OR camera.

– Fitting in doesn’t mean you are a good artist. It’s all in your creativity and imagination.

Why create an account there…

– For the photographer/DSLR owner: Choose deviantArt rather than Flickr.

– Of course, friendly people. I thought most of them are rude, mean but actually, people there at least, KNOW how to appreciate artworks. To be honest, I have TWO accounts there but I don’t use the first one anymore. It’s only there for preservation since there some artworks that are worth a fave.

– You’ll meet cool people like Aziz Natour, Joey Fitzpatrick and Stefan Janisch. They are good artists and they’re worth a watch. YES, they are COOL. Cooler than a fridge, really.

– I just dunno what to say, but hey! If you have a deviantArt account, watch me and yeah… y’know what I mean.

Peculiar People in the Humanities Department

Now you know who are these people, right?

They’re talented, and artistic, too! But not all of them really has this “real” status as… an artist. So, yeah.

Solenn Heussaff – One of the most talented people I knew; she’s a make-up artist, model, singer, fashion designer and a painter. The Filipina-French celebrity prefers Filipino dishes over French ones. Because she’s artistic, she also loves body art. She has tattoos, and one of the most significant is the rosary anklet on her left foot. Might as well check out her portfolio HERE. Also, check out her songs HERE. Watch her video about her paintings.

Alessandra De Rossi – The veteran-level actress is also a singer (and comedienne!) and has this peculiar type of creativity. Might as well check her Tumblr, Myspace and of course, a YouTube site dedicated to her songs. Oh, and here’s Maxene Magalona’s blog entry about her.

Yeng Constantino – She deserves the fame compared to those famous world-class artists that we know today. Well, here’s the thing. Filipinos have talent in terms of singing, and it’s no doubt that some artists who sings as their hobby has the raw voice. Stop idolizing those foreign artists who lip-sync! Yeng is one example of a belter whose voice is at-par with Bjork’s belting. Same with Whitney Houston. Aside from being a singer on-screen, she’s always the typical blogger online.

Oh, wait. There’s more that you want to know…

Pilar Pedrosa Pilar – That’s right. The tattoo collector is also a poet, a writer and a book lover. Her love for vintage has caught many hearts online and she’s the most genuine artists that we know today. Might as well check out her blog and her Tumblr. If you want to keep in touch with her, click HERE.

Ramon Bautista – The indie comedian has a funny face and answers in his Formspring in a comedic way. He’s also a UP professor in film, I guess. But yeah, you’ll really laugh at his jokes, really. Might as well check his Tumblr out.

Roxyisferox – Ooh, the feisty blogger is really ferocious… just like what her username describes her. The self-proclaimed SNSD hater is actually a lover of K-Pop, well yeah… not all K-Pop songs are good, they’re too… commercialized. Oh, well… just check it out.

Pipi’tblog – Someone who promotes the freedom of speech. Oh, why I knew her is because… she wrote something about AMA and STI.

International Bloggers who made it to the top…

Perez Hilton – Yes, the frank, satirical blogger is really going to laugh your heart out… but everyone hates him because he’s sorta biased. Oh, wait. Did you recall when he lashed out at Ms. California whose got religious beliefs but has a scandal? Forget it. He loves to give advice to everyone who’s really in big trouble.

Felice Fawn – The British-born gothic blogger isn’t just an artist, she gives advice to everyone in need… just so you know. Despite criticisms against her, at least she has accomplished something as a Tumblr-famous person.