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Happy Holidays, everyone!

So, what Tumblr people gave to me this Christmas season is no other than…

Answer: The most number of likes in “Raspberry Cheesecake” deviation posted in Tumblr.

Alright, so here are the three deviations with the most likes… and faves in deviantArt

1.) Shore on the Horizon

Statistics: 53 views, 11 favorites

2.) Nikon D5100

Statistics: 41 notes (Tumblr); 197 views, 4 favorites

3.) Raspberry Cheesecake

Statistics: 16 notes (Tumblr); 58 views, 4 favorites

This is the best Christmas present I ever received

Alright, my photography style is becoming too generic, from a lot of faves to a few ones, good thing that there’s Tumblr. Yep, I may have two photography porfolios here in the Internet, but never mind, at least I made everyone tulo-laway with Food Photography (one of the specializations that I want for the future haha!), impressed everyone with my first photo with the most likes (Shore on the Horizon) and of course, pleased and impressed anyone by taking a pic of the Nikon D5100, Canon 600D’s mate, haha.

Alright, brace yourselves as I plan for a new lens (EF 50mm f/1.4 USM)

The reason why I chose this lens (read the prospective review of this lens) is because, sayang naman ang 58mm filters na binili ko sa SM. Yep, that’s right. This time, I won’t let anyone get through my way on my decisions. In the end, sino naman ang gagamit, ‘di ba AKO ‘yun? So, yeah. Well, since it’s Weinachten, nobody should be a tool of pestilence for Christmas!

Next entry: Do you think I’m a tool of pestilence? (kung ano lang mapag-isipan noh lawl)

It’s really no, no joke to create digital collages|Do you call this job, easy?

I am serious about this. If someone is laughing here right now, please you have to understand. Doing photomanipulation is a very serious job. It really makes your head become stiff, thinking “which of the following things should be placed?”

I really do not know how to respond to this, but seriously, doing a job which really makes your head ache, will not lead you to something. If you are still not responding to the requests of some people, you really have to do it, whether you like it or, else.

I am not joking about this. If you are to record my style of creating collages, I’m telling you: It’s TOO LAME to be a collage, that is. I am still a novice when it comes to professional jobs in photo editing.

I won’t post my collage works unless you want the spoiler. I don’t want to bring out the spoiler unless our project’s already finished.

Using stock photos as a start-up

Better get your ass working. It’s time for everyone to know the basics of… creating a digital collage.

First of all, selection. This is the most rigid but the most important of creating a collage. Selecting a specific object is really… a type of medium as if you’re copy-pasting a photo.

Accuracy and precision is compulsorily applicable here. Once you fail, everything’s like a failed cut-out.

Finishing touches are really damn hard! Rushing it too bad will make you disappointed. It’s really NOT ideal to create a collage during rush hours. Do it in advanced.

I really don’t like to teach you how HARD it is to create a collage, but I hope you’ll learn something.

Thank you for the 41 notes!

Check out my photography portfolio.

This is the photo that they “liked” and/or “reblogged.”

Nikon D5100 as seen in both Tumblr and in deviantArt.


It’s really an honor to have followers (even though only a handful of them would follow) and to have a post liked and reblogged by many people.

I did an effort to screenshot the notes and I am very glad to see these people like and reblog my post. They really love the camera. Although I’m not a Nikon fan/user/owner, at least I made everyone happy.

Anyways, I love to take photographs of gadgets, for some who still do not know this fact.

This is not the only photo that everyone “liked” or reblogged

You might as well check this out.

The photo “Shore on the Horizon” had the most likes, this time in deviantArt. Like, whoa. I have many photos around there but it seems that most people are not interested in looking or even bother to fave it, though I do not force people to do so.

To be honest, I only have 10 watchers so far in deviantArt. I really don’t get why most people didn’t even bother to comment back on my artworks. Only those who appreciate my work are those who are experienced professionals.

Despite being unnoticed, again, I thank all those who supported me in both deviantArt and in Tumblr

I am not a hypocrite when it comes to thanking people. Just so you know, I appreciate it when people love my artworks/photographs not because it looks eye-candy or something; they look what’s IN that photo. A photograph is a thousand words, and people figure out what’s in a photo.

Everyone really appreciated how I experiment in Photoshop. AT LEAST I do my best to get the right angle, the exactness of y’know, the lomo techniques and so on, so forth.

Here are some other photographs from deviantArt which received zero (as in null) favorites…

Angry Bird in Technicolor by ~molybdenumstudios

This is so far my “Coloratura” photo which I only edited in Photoshop. It’s like this: I only faked KOLA color filter, but this type of “coloratography” is accomplished by putting anything colorful into the flash, then voila! You got THIS.

The only thing is, the frame sucked since this was the first time I was making a customised frame of lomography or medium-format film. It IS really a work of a noob, actually.

Cloudy Morning by ~molybdenumstudios

To my critics and those who really think I am doing this just because I seek for attention, NO, I am NOT.

This is my photo about my vacation in Boracay, where there are many people having a vacation. Vacation, like you see a lot of Chinese, Koreans, Russians, or anyone foreign. Promise, you’ll really love this place since it is real white sand that will cure your dead skin cells.

Key and Padlock by ~molybdenumstudios

This is my most valuable photo EVER. Here’s a trivia: I only took this photo while waiting for our professor in Anthropology. Unfortunately, no one even bothered to fave it. Does this photo really have NO meaning to you?

So, yeah. This would only be the first and the last time I’ll spoonfeed those who really can’t understand what the photo is all about.

You know what a padlock and a key means, right? This is a symbol of secrets, where the only thing to reveal it is to hold a key and unlock the padlock.

That seems too easy.

Just feel the photo. Where do you think are you when you see this photo?

Disasterland by ~molybdenumstudios

Guess where this photo this time was taken.

Look at the diagonal landscape. Does it seem familiar to you?

If you really see the landscape THIS diagonal, what do you think happens?

However, the strong structures are still intact, that is.

Antique Memories by ~molybdenumstudios

Sorry for that. I was only shooting bullets to those false critics. True critics, for me, comment back on mistakes and they even put some REAL advice. I know that some of you here support me and thank you for that.

Back to the RAW thing.

I only started to use RAW not because it is flexible, but it is also helpful if you are in-demand in the professional world. One-shot .jpg’s aren’t enough. You really have to use RAW (or CR2) format only to shoot the best things in your environment.

Poured my heart out after the notes came out of a sudden

Again, thank you for the likes and reblogs. I appreciate those who were really pleased to see my photos once more.

For art aficionados out there…

I bring you…

Shore on the Horizon by ~molybdenumstudios

Click the featured photo to be redirected to the raw version (watermarks are responsible by deviantArt).

This is only available to deviants. Non-deviants should create an account in deviantArt so that it would be… activated.

Photo description

As far as I remember, I didn’t EVER used the RAW mode. This was the time I was really new in photography and I only used Landscape (but it shows Standard!) PictureStyle to capture this wonderful scene is Pagudpud. It was also, I think shot in the WB of Daylight. I really do not know since this photo was taken in the Christmas season. Oh, that time I didn’t use Manual Mode.

This is actually edited with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3, so yeah.

It’s a Christmas promo

If you really want to go to Pagudpud, this is the scene that you’re about to see… this exact angle, that is.

Who was Summer Dawn Ravenson?

Do you want to know who she is/was?

So, yeah. That was the old me before I started to blog like a pro. 😀 Kidding.

Summer Dawn Ravenson is one of the most mysterious people you’ll ever know. Through this blog, you’ll actually know how she lived… as an author.

That was me during the identity crisis period. Well, I’ll use the third-person point of view…

Summer Dawn Ravenson is one of the most mysterious people you’ll never ever know. She disappeared after knowing that she had sought her true identity. She doesn’t explain much of herself since y’know, in the Identity Crisis period, self-introduction is really the hardest thing to do. It’s where you have to ask who you really are.

I don’t know why her name was like that. Maybe because summer was her favorite time of year, and dawn means, the time before morning comes. Ravenson? Well, there’s such thing as Robinson, so why not choose Ravenson rather? So, there. Anyways, the Summer Dawn Ravenson that you knew before is not the person whom you think she is right now.

Everytime she wants to write something, she is always been hindered by very high expectations. All the things she learned from where she come from actually didn’t help her start a new life. If you just notice most of her blog posts, you’ll really know that she’s quite introverted and as a result, she can’t create a decent blog entry, making her left behind from other well-known bloggers.

She tried to do everything, but these high expectations really hindered her… until one time came and she started to disappear…

Just so you know, this is a fiction story… based on a true story. xD

She usually writes a lot of fiction stories she could never ever tell to everybody. Because of identity crisis, it hindered her from accessing new things, etc. She can’t be just like those who are the most successful. Because of that, she wrote something that would help her release her emotions. It did work. It did.

Now you know how much she suffered, but now she knew how to release her anger towards those detractors. It actually worked, it was a therapy. It was all thanks to her thoughts which made her shout her feelings towards her… yeah, detractors.

Now you know why.

It was really hard for her to kick people’s butt, actually. Most people did ridicule her for her isolation since she doesn’t mingle with fake people. She wanted to be a somebody. She wanted to prove anyone that she’s not going to be below standards. She would porve everyone wrong.


It’s true. She did prove everyone wrong. She lambasted the admin who used to govern her home that insulted her. As a result, she had her revenge, this time, not in the name that she was using. She’s now… you know who it is, right? ;D

Her admirer’s grudges

He called her a nab.

Seriously, you can’t call her a nab. She’s gone, btw. You can’t find her anymore. She’s not a part of your life anymore since she decided to think independently without your help. It worked. She is the type of person whom you really can’t mess up with. She’s not in an identity crisis period anymore, actually. She’s gone.

You just have to know more about her here. She’s here. You’ll feel her presence. You’ll feel that she has changed. You won’t feel anything against her. It’s all about how you interpret things.

She is. Mysterious.

My Reaction about Bjork’s Biophilia Album

Credits from

This is the album where most of her songs are partially recorded in iPad. Alright, please don’t take this personally but I know there are some Bjork fans who are waiting for her new album, Biophilia.

She may be underrated in the Philippines, but her most famous songs during her time are really awesome! Yep, I really love her style of music, but Biophilia really… didn’t impress me at all. The lyrics are quite descriptive and yes, it was predictable. Unlike her songs “Bachelorette,” “Joga,” “Oceania,” “Declare Independence,” “Isobel,” etc., they were as cool as how most Scandinavian artists promote their own music. But now, this album didn’t impress me at all. I don’t know why, but I think it’s way far from artistic, or maybe her own unique style is fading out. But the music of Cosmogony’s okay, good.

I love Bjork when it comes to her own unique style. Compared to Lady GaGa, parang lagi siyang bihis na hindi parang naka-bikini lagi. That’s how I love Bjork in terms of costume. Not revealing at all, actually.

Bjork’s unique beauty isn’t about the face value. She doesn’t age, actually. Whatever you see her on TV, she still doesn’t change, until now. Actually, I want her to collaborate with Amy Winehouse before since when I was in sophomore high school, they were both my idols in music and yes, they both live in London. Sayang talaga. They would’ve been a good collaboration since Bjork is an experimental singer while Amy Winehouse is more of jazz, soul and R&B. It would’ve been much better if Bjork did have a collaboration with Amy Winehouse.

Yes, if you think ‘di sila bagay, take note: Their voices are unique. No one could ever have a natural voice like Amy Winehouse nor the powerful vocals of Bjork. Eh, kung ngayon lang siguro na puro sigaw lang si Bjork, kung dati ok pa ‘yun. Yep, I think Bjork’s singing style is starting to fade. I didn’t like the album, actually. 😦

Anything at Random IV

This is a special Anything at Random post. Sorry if the Save Draft has a special problem. So, here goes.

1.) A Public Apology to those whom I dissed on the Internet (drama!)
2.) Retouching Traditional Art in Photoshop: Is it possible?
3.) Free Elective

A Public Apology to those whom I dissed on the Internet

During the year 2005, I started to get hooked to since my first serious crush at school was there. Oops! I’m starting to narrate, but I’m not joking here in this post! I’m serious! The mind (yes, the mind and it’s way of thinking) is starting to get off the identity crisis period.

You know who you are, right (and you should know who I am!)? You really do not know what’s going on until you saw your pictures posted on the Internet by someone else. I thought you’re going to lambast me for “stealing” them without permission, but thank you for being so tolerant and considerate if ever I did something wrong. I hope everyone of you would sincerely move on with every incident, because I want this resolved, in no time. Although it’s too late, at least I have proven something that I’m not going to diss you anymore by stealing your content without your permission, or without any credit.

I won’t anymore lambast you on the Internet because I don’t want anyone to start a fight with me or anything else that would harm anyone. It’s for everyone’s benefit, actually. I don’t want anyone to complain, “You blog about things, but you’re not Perez Hilton” or “Stop acting like that!” To be honest with you, there may be no excuses, however, if you notice, I have an identity crisis period during that time. Of course, it is still acceptable if someone is still in that period/stage, but having an attitude problem is different. Have you ever heard me doing a major offense? Or some controversy that I did PDA to someone?

This is what I’m supposedly gonna tell you: I was just kidding. If you do not consider it as a joke, you may consider it as a prank, but to consider it as an insult, well, seriously I might have been enemies with you before. Sorry to say this, but once your friend is my enemy/becomes my enemy, sorry to tell you this but you’re included, although you have no grudges against me, but yeah. Deal with it.

If you don’t find this serious, well, I’m just telling you everything, ok? Just so you know, I don’t want anyone to keep grudges against me, for your benefit. But to those who are yeah, still considerate and tolerant, well thanks for that!

Retouching Traditional Art in Photoshop: Is it possible?

Credits from

Think about Da Vinci and van Gogh. Did they ever had a scanner and a photo-editing software during their time? Course, not! How come they create such fantastic artworks?

Traditional art is retouched by restoration, a process wherein expired or worn out paint is being restored, for better viewing. Artworks are very sensitive to heat, light and temperature, so it’s really a must for everyone to take good care of their art collection. Well, regards restoring, restoration of artworks means, reconstructive surgery in medical terms. You cannot alter anything what the original artist has done, since it is a taboo to do so, just like violating the Hippocratic oath by simply dating your patient while you’re a doctor.

Traditional art is simply drawing/sketching/illustrating in a canvas. There are different types of canvas mediums. It may be wood, cloth, paper, even animal skin would be possible. Sketching instruments may be paint, or maybe colored ink of your pens (not to mention glitter ink, ok?). Traditional art can be retouched only by restoration, and restoration doesn’t mean you alter things. Restoration of traditional artworks is very serious since you have to be precise about the colors, the hue, etc., or whatever is necessary to retouch a painting.

Back to the question: Is retouching traditional art possible in Photoshop? Of course, it’s possible, but it’s only through scanning and nothing else. Retouching collages are possible if you just have a scanner. That’s it. That’s all you hafta know. 🙂

Free Elective

Okay, so why do I have to entitle this one? This is actually the freelance version of “Anything at Random” for freelance bloggers, freelance writers, or anyone who is a freelancer at their fields of interest. Yes, you may write anything here, as long as it comes from your imagination. Lemme start first.

You’ve noticed that I’m not putting pictures to most of the “Anything at Random” posts. Well, this is the reason why: Copyright thingy! Well, to be honest with you I’m not really a picture addict, unless I really have the passion to do so.

That’s what you call it as “freelance.” You may blog with or without photographs or videos, it’s all in the words. Just like what Chris Tucker does most in his films, he is more on the words that he uses rather than his actions. Listen to his ridiculous jokes on radio and you’ll really Laugh Out Loud! 😀

That’s what I mean. Using more of your words will simply nourish the minds of your listeners. Honestly, I’m not much of a listener unless I’m really into that topic. HAHA. I’m more of a stubborn talker than a listener, so deal with it. I am multi-tasking at times. 😀

So, regarding the stream of consciousness, you’re like talking on a spiel, or an introduction that connects words and ideas, depending upon the topic. This may seem hard to do, but hey, there are things that you have to learn when you start a spiel.

Writing at the stream of consciousness helped me a lot. If you’d notice, most of my blog entries usually come from the stream of consciousness. I’m not the type of person who drafts words as if I’m doing a research paper, but I usually draft it by still using thoughts and ideas rather than drafting nonsense shiz.

Give me one word and I’ll describe it using the stream of consciousness.

The stream of consciousness is some thought that inputs all your thoughts into paper, or online. Yes, this concept is the hardest of all key terms to explain, but you get the point. It’s like talking to someone whom you want to talk to, if you really know the person very well based on your own findings. 😀 It really helps in literature, I promise you!

Remember the news about Gretchen Barretto wanting to work with Cristine Reyes (AA Klenk)? That’s where interaction between a bipolar person and a person with ADHD start to get along with each other (respectively). Have you ever noticed that Gretchen Barretto is starting to change her ways again? That’s bipolarity. Sometimes, she becomes a bitch, sometimes, she becomes a real-life drama queen, etc. while Cristine Reyes has this peculiar type of attitude problem that usually annoys and somehow irritates almost everybody. Yes, if she’s called “autistic” by Vice Ganda, it’s literally a joke. However, in my own perspective, it’s called ADHD or Attention Deficit Hypertension (?) Disorder. Yep, conceited people have this attitude problem. She said she was childish as an excuse for being rude. Hmmm… I think that’s a possible sign of ADHD, since I’m not a Psych major, sorry for that! But I love Psych subject, though! 😀

Anything at Random III

Crab Mentality

For the socialists, crab mentality is a mortal sin. It is wherein you pull someone who has a higher level than you do. That’s what most pseudo-feisty starlets do when they think they’re left behind the big stars. This also applies to those who envy the privileged people.

This is a common attitude that most Filipinos do when they see someone who is very successful (e.g., Charice). Usually, most of these talented people who are targets of crab mentality started from small things. Do you think Pacman would show off his boxing gloves to his kids? Course, not! He ain’t the type of dad who encourages his kids to do what he does. He thinks that boxing is the sports of the poor people. It’s a good thing he isn’t that arrogant; in fact, he pays taxes even at the height of his career as politician and athlete.

To those who do not deserve crab mentality are those who work hard, unlike those who have many access to all kinds of things. If you think that Angelina Jolie is a hypocrite for being a charity worker and at the same time, an action movie star, you don’t even know that growing up without a father affected much of her life which made her become a rebel, though it doesn’t seem obvious to her, compared to Kate Hudson who stars in a lot of movies probably because her mother is a movie star and has a foster-father (who is also an actor) whom she considers as “dad.” She got no effort at all when she stars in most romantic comedies, all she does is to act whatever is told unto her.

In many cases such as AA Klenk, crab mentality during the time she lambasted the Pop Princess was more like of hater users who use her name mixed with bad things. That crab mentality is not actually crab mentality, but these are observers and Popstar fans alike who think that what she does is wrong. Rather than reprimanding her properly, they make the scenario worse. Hate messages, retweets and the rest just got into action. They said, “Just be naked, pornstar!” or maybe this one, “You have no breeding at all!” In that case, that is not crab mentality after all. It’s actually a Twitter war between 1 vs. 100.

So, yeah. Now you know how to distinguish crab mentality from online wars.

In my own experience, crab mentality is lambasting other people for being so materialistic. Oh, no you don’t. If most people really scream, “I want an iPod,” that would mean that it’s none of your business at all if they want an iPod. If someone wants a Mac computer, let them be. Most PC laptops are actually not gonna last forever since it’s not as durable as Macs. To be honest with you, this MacBook with me is almost one year old, so you really don’t want to be one of those detractors who would say, “Bitch, you are such a spoiled brat.” To Mac haters, don’t be too judgmental first. You might not want to be labelled as, “a Mac hater who lied.”

Crab mentality also happens when you think of others as “spoiled brat.” It’s a normal thing if they’re mixed-raced (particularly those who come from L.A., Tokyo, Europe, or if they were born with a silver spoon on their mouths) but if you look at those people who only became well-to-do at a late age, just give them a chance to experience a good life.

Always remember, being in the elite class doesn’t mean happiness. So, don’t consider me a socialite. :p

It is your own blog, own website, so post anything you want!

Like what Felice Fawn said,

It’s not disgusting. You’re not disgusting. Wear whatever the fuck you want where ever you want, and ignore what other people think.

Felice Fawn isn’t your average British netizen. She’s the type of blogger who gives a lot of advice based on her beliefs. To those who are religious, you might be culture-shocked that she is proud to be an anti-theist atheist. You might also get culture-shocked because of her personal style. Despite these thigs, she’s got swag in everything. You learn something from her, actually.

Like what she said, “Ignore what other people think.”

Your life doesn’t depend upon other peoples’ beliefs. That’s exactly what I wanted to say in life. You shouldn’t believe in those people who are putting you down. Like what my friend said, they’re just a waste of time.

People think that what you’re usually doing is a “taboo,” or even “forbidden.” Gah, you’re not in a country where totalitarianism is observed. Imagine people violating your rights, like what other traditional people do like, “I’ll disown you once you get another tattoo!” Alright, go get a tattoo if you really want one, but make sure you’re at the right age to have one. If you want to smoke, go ahead. Smoking is not actually morally bad. For health reasons, it’s not ideal.

Remember, in social interactions, there is no such thing as “right” or “wrong,” but rather, “socially acceptable” or the other way around. It’s alright to say “shit” or “fuck,” or “GTFO” or “IDGAF,” or maybe “HOMFG.” No problem.

You can always utter bad words on your blog, it’s no big deal if you say, “Fucking shit,” or “I hate that fucking train, it’s too slow!” It may seem bad, but it sounds funny, actually. I’d rather say, “I forget that fucking book, actually. Shit!”

It’s my deviantArt, so stop being a fake “super-helper”

Remember the post about cutting relationships with someone who’s a know-it-all? It really sucks if someone tells you to do what he/she does, which I find it bullcrap. Indeed.

There are many people who think that artworks are something to be valued.

Artworks, eh?

Oh, yes! deviantArt! Alright. So, if you compare deviantArt to Flickr, I think deviantArt is way much for every visual artist unlike Flickr which is designed for the photographer. If you’re a digital artist and have Photoshop, go to deviantArt. If you are a photographer, it’s either deviantArt or Flickr.

Because of Photoshop, I think I have confidence in deviantArt. But someone proved me wrong, so yeah. 😀

Anything at Random II

The game is still on the go, but people are too lazy to join! Nah, don’t be shy! It’s a challenge, remember?

Blogger Profile: Miho

The half-Japanese, half-Filipina tourism student is one of the many famous bloggers not only in my former second home, but she keeps a deviantArt account that has many followers. If she wasn’t that good then as a photographer, at least she has improved. Siya nang maraming followers/watchers sa deviantArt xD. She is well-admired for her friendliness and most of all, the way she shows her kawaii side. Although being Japanese in looks, her heart belongs to the Philippines.

She has other blogs since she loves blogging a lot. I think I could almost relate with her since she was blogging about who she was before until her blog entries are starting to be like that of a real blogger. I really do not know if she has a new blog, but anyway, I think she has a lot of things to share, at least.

Typing in just one shutter click away

Photo blogs, or we call it, “PH-logs.” This term is coined by Andrew Pamorada, a proud Lasallian photographer who currently works for The LaSallian. Yep, that’s what most bloggers do. Aside from Kuya Andrew or “Andoy,” of course, who doesn’t even know Tricia Gosingtian, a fashion photographer and at the same time, a blogger? HA! She’s listed in “Interesting People” and you know how to find her there, right?

Creating a photo blog isn’t just blogging and taking pictures. It’s actually something that you want to express yourself… through pictures, that is. To express yourself in that way, there should be creativity. Aside from that, there should be aesthetics. This may sound technical, but y’know what I mean. Having a good photograph should speak a thousand words in it. So, yeah.