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A twelve-year old’s negative sentiment against UST

Tumblr|It’s so sickening to see a 12-year old lambasting a school.

UST has NEVER been the butt of jokes

Alright, so I never heard that UST has incompetent students. It has a very clean reputation, and it has a clean record too. However, the record was tainted with the Corona Ph.D issue, which became controversial.

UST doesn’t deserve to be the butt of jokes, actually. FEU is once the butt of jokes, but it produces topnotchers. DLSU is of course, never been the butt of jokes, but it was only a subject of rivalry for the Ateneans. For the Isko people, they’re often criticized for being know-it-alls, yet some prove that wrong, and that’s what I like in UP.

UST has never been the subject of hatred towards the majority, however, it just happened that its strong sense of Catholicism makes it the subject of criticism.

It’s all thanks to you, tactless kid

People like her do not deserve to be hated, but what she did hurt other people’s feelings, especially those who are die-hard loyal Thomasians. I really feel so sorry to those who were offended on what she said, it was worse than the Facebook page of UPCAT, where a status post became controversial as well. However, the Tumblr thing’s way more hurtful and it’s more offensive and insulting.

She’s like insulting Hayden Kho (even though he was a maniac), Maricar Reyes or those celebrities who were Thomasians. They might not know that a kid was lambasting people like them all along. I also feel sorry to my Thomasian friends, who were also insulted, but you see, a 12-year old kid like her might’ve had some friends who were so arrogant that they’re Thomasians. I never heard Lasallians being lambasted, like they’re not as “intelligent” as Ateneans, but Lasallians usually keep mum when it comes to controversies. They never did a single faux pas, not even one student of La Salle would ever do such thing like that.

She should learn AA Klenk’s faux pas

To theindifferentmasochist, take note: Remember what Cristine Reyes did when she lambasted Sarah Geronimo? You should learn that lesson, and of course, reflect from it. Cristine may lay-low right now, but we still do not know if she has completely changed. She’s quite questionable, when she says, “Okay, fine. I won’t do it again.” However, if you might as well change, at least do it. Don’t wait for the “right time” to be pwned.