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Every Villain is Lemons… oh really?

If we had condemn the writing of James Soriano regarding language, actually he was only using sarcasm against the Philippine education system using English as the medium of instruction.

Well, in the case of The Varsitarian… no offense to Thomasians, but I think that it is siding one of the senators who was deeply affected (*ehem* I kid I kid) of those criticisms [PS: Could you please don’t take it personally?].

However, in some way, I think James Soriano’s article was much better.

Hardcore Catholic fanaticism: Not Good

Okay, so in religion class, I have learned about taking the Bible fundamentally and mythologically — and the fact that this author of two articles… is actually a Christian fanatic… and he even called Carlos Celdran a Jose Rizal wannabe!? Dude, get your facts straight! Alright, Jose Rizal studied in UST, but there’s one thing that I want to mention on his biography: He was bullied because of his “Filipino-ness.” Now, the author called Atenean and Lasallian professors as cowards!?

Being PRO-RH BILL does not make you LESS a Catholic. Being ANTI-RH BILL does not make you MORE a Catholic.

Intellectual Dishonesty and Moral Cowardice
A Lasallian’s reply to a deluded lemon

I do feel sorry for the Thomasian students. Maybe they’re either brainwashed, or somehow forced to say something that is really “good” and “nice.” Well, the author himself does not represent UST as a Catholic institution, but rather as a Catholic Church. Okay, so I was referring to Beni Medici’s rants (theindifferentmasochist), but if you’re going to delve at her rants, maybe you’ll get her point — that the author of the two articles represent UST as a Catholic Church rather than a Catholic school. What’s even worse is that, med students in UST are also misinterpreted.

To the author of those articles in The Varsitarian

Dude, get your facts straight. If you think that Atenean and Lasallian professors are cowards, read the third article written by a Lasallian.

In the end, I’d rather make moral mistakes as a human being, rather than succeed in life as a church’s puppet.

Well, I’d rather not go to church anymore, since when did I ever become a true-blooded Catholic? Okay, so to speak, I only took religion for granted during high school, and it seemed that “values” are no longer there when popular kids and know-it-alls started to lurk the whole community. No wonder, introverts are always left behind, and these “two evil people” are always on the spotlight. Trust me, these two people I’ve mentioned won’t be recognized — rather, introverts will take the place of the “famous.” What famous? Famous, as in reputable ones. I really wanted to learn how to be a Catholic… but not until I took it for granted. Granted, that is.

Sexism, Abuse of values due to pride, and Exploitation

Structured life, forced training as form of exploitation — there are no benefits. You get bruises, actually.

If you’re going to exploit someone for your own benefit, then why not learn the painful lesson from early maturity? Yes, early maturity, physically-speaking is NOT GOOD in such a way — it only earns you more negative remarks and worse, people are expecting you think maturely.

I’ll speak in Tagalog this time: Mahirap kaya maging physically mature!

Mahirap, in such a way that you’re going to regret it when you’re going to inherit all the ugliest traits, as if feeling mo naman that ang bumuo sa’yo ‘yung mga genetic traits na hindi naman desirable pero tinambak lang para mabuo ka!

That’s what the author should know about — not anyone can be a Catholic, wholeheartedly. Some would take it for granted, some would actually not practice it at all. In fact, there’s a Tumblr post that stated:

I am against religion because it teaches satisfaction without knowing reality.

Also, if you’re going to delve at the culture of ancient Israel, sexism really does exist, and women today who think sexist are actually ashamed of their gender/sex. I’m not being a feminist, but patriarchy has its own cons as well. I actually believe that girls doing the first move (showing off feelings) as not good is actually a sexist thought. It only shows that men are more superior, which is sad. Women are still oppressed up to now, and I really don’t know why. If only we were not invaded by the Spaniards, this could have NOT happened. At least, during the ancient Filipino times, women are looked up in a venerable way, not the way of thinking it is right now.

Right now, Spain has its own share of karma. Sila pa ang bansang lubog sa utang amongst the EU countries — at hindi lang sila, pati Greece, Portugal at Ireland — that reflects that if you’re a colony of the UK and/or France, there’s a more possibility that your country will prosper and the thinking would be a balance of science and religion.

Oh please, with regards to our culture pa nga, a family that is composed of pure arseholes might as well abuse those “values” and “norms” when they have a family — that’s one example of exploitation. Kung sila nga, gumagawa ng kabulastugan, kumbaga, parang feeling powerful na sila, ‘no?

If you’re also going to delve at Jose Rizal’s works, the ideal Filipina is portrayed as Maria Clara. However, I think that Maria Clara is a good example of a demure woman who cannot decide and assert on her own. One reason why I really criticize demure people — siyempre, madali silang lokohin ng mga taong nakakairita magsalita!

That pseudo-conservatism has to stop. Not all Filipinos in general look down on their culture and so do we Filipinos who speak out do not actually glorify ALL our cultural norms and values. Iba na talaga magagawa ng yabang at kapangyarihang mang-abuso ng mga values para lang gumawa ng dahilan, hindi ba? At isa pa, talking about sex (referring to Roxyisferox’s article about Mocha Girls and empowerment) does not make you malibog at all, if you’re not going to discuss it the immoral way.

I know that those pseudo-conservatives are actually kiss-arse to those people who do not deserve recognition at all. Same with know-it-alls who are kiss-arse to popular kids.

KISS-ARSE your face, people who were naparungitan! ‘Yan, buti nga sa inyo!

Okay, nao-off topic na ako. But I am saying this again and again, that everything comes from the stream of consciousness.

A twelve-year old’s negative sentiment against UST

Tumblr|It’s so sickening to see a 12-year old lambasting a school.

UST has NEVER been the butt of jokes

Alright, so I never heard that UST has incompetent students. It has a very clean reputation, and it has a clean record too. However, the record was tainted with the Corona Ph.D issue, which became controversial.

UST doesn’t deserve to be the butt of jokes, actually. FEU is once the butt of jokes, but it produces topnotchers. DLSU is of course, never been the butt of jokes, but it was only a subject of rivalry for the Ateneans. For the Isko people, they’re often criticized for being know-it-alls, yet some prove that wrong, and that’s what I like in UP.

UST has never been the subject of hatred towards the majority, however, it just happened that its strong sense of Catholicism makes it the subject of criticism.

It’s all thanks to you, tactless kid

People like her do not deserve to be hated, but what she did hurt other people’s feelings, especially those who are die-hard loyal Thomasians. I really feel so sorry to those who were offended on what she said, it was worse than the Facebook page of UPCAT, where a status post became controversial as well. However, the Tumblr thing’s way more hurtful and it’s more offensive and insulting.

She’s like insulting Hayden Kho (even though he was a maniac), Maricar Reyes or those celebrities who were Thomasians. They might not know that a kid was lambasting people like them all along. I also feel sorry to my Thomasian friends, who were also insulted, but you see, a 12-year old kid like her might’ve had some friends who were so arrogant that they’re Thomasians. I never heard Lasallians being lambasted, like they’re not as “intelligent” as Ateneans, but Lasallians usually keep mum when it comes to controversies. They never did a single faux pas, not even one student of La Salle would ever do such thing like that.

She should learn AA Klenk’s faux pas

To theindifferentmasochist, take note: Remember what Cristine Reyes did when she lambasted Sarah Geronimo? You should learn that lesson, and of course, reflect from it. Cristine may lay-low right now, but we still do not know if she has completely changed. She’s quite questionable, when she says, “Okay, fine. I won’t do it again.” However, if you might as well change, at least do it. Don’t wait for the “right time” to be pwned.

Germany for Beginners in UST! :D

The European Studies Association (ESA) is the organization of my degree program (AB International Studies, major in European studies, a.k.a. ISE) who organized the German for Beginners tour in the University of Santo Tomas.

Unfortunately, I really didn’t meet my expectations to see my schoolmates from high school who are studying here. To be honest, I only met one of them. ONE, ha. Sa laki pa naman ng USTe, imposible namang ma-hunting ko sila lahat (The wideness of the UST campus makes me impossible to “hunt down” all of them). But it was a good thing that my other blockmates and not to mention my classmates in German class really made my day. Oh, by the way our prof. in GERMAN2 will go back to us to be… our prof. again. Yes, it’s great news to all of us. He’s coming back!

Here are the photos that I’ve taken during the tour…

Luneta Park! 😀 This was before we stepped in Thomasian soil xD

The UST Main Building, I think? I bet, it’s a YES!

Notruf – A Phone stand for emergency calls. Sila na talaga.

Candid shot! I wonder what college/faculty these ladies come from @_@

Notice the guy on the left? Yes, it’s Piolo Pascual… the one that our prof. is always mentioning eveytime in German class. xD

IDK where this is xD haha. I’m really bad when it comes to these locations, really. LAWL xD

That’s me sitting! Pardon me for my unwanted dark skin xD hahaha!

The Arch of the Centuries – Fudge, pardon me for the perspective-correction fail! Dx

“Only God Knows The/Thy Weak” with Signum Fidei tattoo. Wow cool. @_@

The club tattoo @_@ cool! Parang pentelpen lang ang ginamit ah.

Sorry if most of them have crappy chromatic aberrations on it xD. I should’ve chosen EF lenses since most third-party lenses are prone to CA. xD Sorry once more!

I didn’t post those exhibit photos here is because… hmmm just CLICK HERE to see all the pictures. However, if it doesn’t work, just contact me on the e-mail I gave y’all! Haha, it’s really hassle to upload ALL these photos here since y’know, I use RAW and I can’t upload everything here in this blog. Don’t worry, I’ll really, really… gonna post good-quality photos when there’s another cool event to come.

Lessons learned from the exhibit…

Germans have their own culture which is of course, distinct. Just like any other culture, the German culture is the coolest, and so far they are really nice people. Oh, by the way, they have similarities with Japan, too! Their educational system is competitive and yes, they love the environment so much. They also have a distinct sense of humor which we do not actually know about. Germany is just like any other country with its own language having many dialects and of course, the accents. Sabi na nga ba, eh. They’re just like the English people who loves to play with words. Yes, if in Germany their compound words are strictly one word, that’s the German way. Another similarity with Japan is their quality products… I din’t know that Nivea is German. @_@

My most favorite part of the exhibit was… Tokio Hotel! Yep, the androgynous Bill Kaulitz is really a hip dude… or babe. They really have similarities with Leo Kliesen (Tekken’s androgynous kid).

Anything regarding UST…

That was my third visit. The first one was when I was taking the time-pressuring USTET (University of Sto. Tomas Entrance Test). Fortunately, I passed AB Journalism but… I just chose DLSU simply because, well… if anyone’s interested with the story, just say it and there’s nothing to worry about. The second time, however, was in UST Hospital with my dying godmother. Due to my stupidity, I didn’t talk to her during her last moments… I didn’t actually believed that it was the last good-bye from her. Sorry. </3

Yes, I was really curious about UST’s uniforms. Almost everyone who were my schoolmates in my high school are actually there. Most of them are in the Faculty of Arts and Letters, some in Architecture… or maybe somewhere I can’t recall. Anyway, I want to visit UST again together with my DSLR. It’s a cool campus with a cool environment.

That was a very good experience. Nothing. It’s really a damn good school, if y’know what I mean. It’s like a typical university, only a few times bigger than DLSU, that is. Hoping to hunt down for that owl soon… in UST, that is.

He’d say, “The nab is here in UST!? WTF!? Never!”