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Mandatory ROTC? Not so fast…

Photo Courtesy: Win Gatchalian via Official Website

I do agree with ROTC, yet with reservations

Prof. Antonio Contreras’s thoughts on bringing back Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) as a mandatory course:

Indeed. Mandatory ROTC is a waste of time and resources.

Make it optional and with benefits. Meanwhile, strengthen civics and citizenship awareness among students. Require all students to take a course similar to what we have in DLSU on Citizenship and Governance. Also require a course on understanding the culture and language of other Filipinos. In fact, even as we encourage students to study foreign languages, it should be made a requirement that students know another Filipino language aside from Tagalog and their mother tongue.

Also, require all students to take martial arts courses, sex education, anti- addiction of all kinds and driving courses (so that they know traffic rules).

Ergo, his thoughts are pretty much practical.

The prudes (the Loyalists, as usual) would completely AGREE with mandatory ROTC, since for them, it instills discipline and patriotism blah blah… but I don’t actually agree. In fact, ROTC, like Martial Law, could be kind or unkind to you. Well, in order for you to be oriented in ROTC, you should undergo CAT (Citizen Advancement Training), to have a grasp on how ROTC works.

ROTC is not bad–however, consider the following factors: Be considerate to people who have experienced its dark side–hazing, powertripping, being treated by crap by power-tripping officers, etc., those things have to be placed in debate before implementation. And please, don’t get me started with countries such as Israel, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, or even Switzerland–the reason why they have mandatory conscription is because, they can AFFORD to invest for funds and resources to implement this form of learning to express love your country unconditionally, aside from the fact that it has political and foreign policy-related situations such as political conflicts regarding ideology (South vs. North Korea), or even religious involvement (Israel vs. most Gulf countries supporting Palestine), sovereignty issues (Taiwan being still the Republic of China), national policy (Singapore), and lastly, neutrality in both local and foreign policy (Switzerland).

Well, could the Philippines afford it? Let’s see.

Before approving ROTC, let us be considerate to some grey areas

The reason why it was abolished in 2001 is simply because of the hazing controversies and sort of “dark sides” it had (#NeverForget Mark Chua, a Thomasian who was killed because he exposed the alleged corruptions inside his unit). However, because we’re in a strategic location, I think this is the time it could be conducive for its comeback. Remember, the Spratlys and Scarborough Shoal are both Philippine territory (I repeat, they both are Philippine territories, lest we not forget).

If the prudes want ROTC back (well, because they really despise the leftists–read your history regarding the Cold War, and how communism played a BIG yet controversial role in that period of history), then they must condemn the corruptions inside ROTC. Also, never forget Jeff Cudia who only sacrificed himself, exposing the corruption inside the Philippine Military Academy (PMA)–that “offense for being late” causing his demerits were PURE damage control. This resulted to fewer and fewer graduates of the most prestigious military academy in the Philippines.

#NeverForget the fallen Mark Welson Chua

He was pretty much like the slain Marcos critic from Mapua, Archimedes Trajano, and of course, the late journalist Louie Beltran. Truth is–

One aspect of the story however seems to have been forgotten – that Mark would not have wanted mandatory ROTC abolished.

In 2006, the older Chua told the Varsitarian that if Mark were alive, he would not have supported the policy shift.

“Mark did not want to abolish the ROTC,” said Welson, two years before his death following a heart attack. “It’s not the institution, it’s the way it’s being run.”

Instead of eradicating the anomalies, Welson said, the move might have encouraged more corruption in the two new programs launched by the government under NSTP.

“Instead of one ROTC, now the government and the universities would have two other departments to look after,” Welson said. “These departments can be corrupt too.”

Source: The Varsitarian (retrieved 09 February 2017)

Well, to be honest, Mark Chua only wanted to improve and strengthen ROTC–and how its managed. No wonder, I would like to reveal the irregularities and of course, the loopholes when you are in a CAT/ROTC program–but first, lemme tell you that I did not take up ROTC for personal reasons–as much as I wanted to (well, masaya kasi–and no kidding, it really teaches you self-confidence), I only considered my experience in CAT.

Here were the irregularities and loopholes I encountered in my high school’s version of CAT:

1.) Frankly speaking, the CAT Officers were only used as mere “tools” to protect the school’s vested interests (no offense meant to the officers, but you get my point. I ain’t sourgraping).

2.) Usual scenario: Power-tripping.

3.) Speaking of recruiting and hiring officers, there’s cronyism and nepotism all the way.

4.) Even best cadets are chosen based on cronyism and nepotism–don’t EVER get me wrong here.

5.) The officers were only used as mere tools to continue elitism, corruption, and huge amounts of hypocrisy inside the school.

Maybe these were the things that Mark Chua exposed. Alright, I know this is a sensitive and a critical topic to discuss, however, these were my true observations. I have to admit and open this up, I voluntarily trained to become a CAT Officer, but I stopped–because lately, I realized that I was right in quitting, because simply put, it would be against my principles that I’m upholding today. Only a handful of officers upheld their principles as student leaders up to this very day.

To be honest, this is the harsh reality of the ROTC in the Philippines–starting from CAT:

“In the ph, unfortunately, it is a hotbed for bullying and hazing. It goes with the crab culture. a lot of students choose to become officers not because they want to serve the country, but think of it as a method of attaining some sort of power over others.” — on ROTC, via GRP

Thank goodness, the popular kids and the elitists MUST be grateful that I quit my CAT Officer training, and the mere fact that I chose CWTS instead of ROTC–if I become a CAT or ROTC officer, then they must prepare for me as their boss. I might be power-tripping them.

But nah, I believe that power-tripping is a sign of being unprofessional.

Well, these are my only thoughts about the comeback of mandatory ROTC. One simple hotseat controversy only caused the Philippines to abolish mandatory ROTC–which might be against the victim who exposed the loopholes of ROTC. Lest we not forget, improvements and strengthening of ROTC must push through–if we’re only to follow Mark Chua’s legacy.

The know-it-alls: Facts that you should know about them|The typical know-it-all

You see them everywhere. You see them at school. Sometimes, you see them at home and of course, they usually come in various shapes and sizes.

Basic facts about know-it-alls

They feel that they’re the smartest people in the whole wide world.
They always thin they’re right, and whoever is against their own interest is being verbally clogged.
Of course, they support their “frenemy,” the popular kids.

The insecure popular kids supporter

It’s a matter of fact that most know-it-alls come from the most prestigious schools. However, once this specific school finds out that you’re a know-it-all, you’re rejected, even in the entrance test.

Here’s a sentiment about… a know-it-all whom I knew because of a popular kid.

This know-it-all is actually coercive. Whether you like it or not, she’s going to correct you, with force. Not only that, but she’ll just look at your flaws and most of all, feel bad about yourself again, just like what the homewrecker did before.

Jesus. I thought she would be the approachable type of person, but truth is, everyone’s thinking that she’s “feeling close.” Well, I have no problem with that, but this know-it-all was actually full of herself that she even defends and sides with the popular kids and at the same time, weird-looking people who are hailed for their “good looks.”

Come to think of it, she even “corrected” me with the pronunciation of Czech Republic. I said, “It’s check,” but she insists, it’s “Zek.” Fudge, people might laugh at her for being wrong. That’s a very much example of a know-it-all whose aim is to please herself by letting the marginalized people suffer and still, support the popular kids.

Most people would have to agree with me that the know-it-alls have nothing good to say at all, and they think that they’re the bosses, and yes they boss around for their own satisfaction. They’d usually pinpoint your wrongs, but they don’t do that to the popular kids. Afraid?

This is another grave thing: While most of the popular kids are enjoying their high school life by breaking the rules, know-it-alls, however, are doing nothing at all. They simply live their life according to the rules of the school. Of course, the only reason why know-it-alls would simply admire the popular kids is because, they were just like them before. I just wanted to rant about this one, but I simply can’t do that directly. If the popular kids are as butthurt as the know-it-alls, it’s no doubt that they usually criticize each other or simply share things that they’re interested at.

The worse case of a know-it-all is when that person is a know-it-all and at the same time, patronizes the interests of the popular kids. Usually, most popular kids are into trendy stuff, but when it comes to elitist stuff, they usually ridicule it. Fudge, do they know what “art” is? I really hated the fact that they’re usually ridiculing other people when they draw nude or erotica. This happened during the student-teaching week. HELL, I just wanted to slap the popular kids because of their rude behavior. What now if they saw an alt-porn model right in front of them? Laugh? What now if Kat Von D is naked? LAUGH, as in ridicule that Kat Von D is a whore for posing nude!?


This must be a lesson for the know-it-alls, since they really do not know how the popular kids contribute to the continuous slow progress of our country. I’m not saying that the popular kids are factors that makes the country’s progress slow down, but what I’m trying to tell is, know-it-alls should at least, learn to fit in with the marginalized people. If they think that those who are frequently the butt of jokes are just a burden to them, they should know that the popular kids who contradict themselves are more butthurt, and are very hard to please.

Of course! I almost forgot. This person who loves to correct pronunciation is actually… arrogant when lambasting the marginalized people. Ironically, despite criticizing the popular kids, truth is, she supports them.

Why I despise know-it-alls

Three words: They are butthurt.

The do not have a life at all, so that’s why they do nothing but to please themselves by being too much of themselves already. Know-it-alls usually have the capability to coercively brainwash you without reason at all. Hmmm… lemme show you a post about my… post against the homewrecker.

Oops… sorry if I rant too much, not because I intimidate people, but to be honest with you, I could only rant and rant when I’m online. Don’t ever accuse me for being a dumb bitch in real life, because you might not know, that I’m not going to help you anymore once you’re butthurt.

Once again, I am not intimidating you guys.

Alright. Back to topic.

Know-it-alls are just a simple pain in the ass. While some of you might get hurt because you think you’re a know-it-all, you are NOT a know-it-all! Being a know-it-all takes a lot of insecurity to live inside your mind, and your heart. Take note: Being a know-it-all might lessen a number of friends, and to know that being that type of person will surely make you more butthurt and of course, someone to avoid.

The homewrecker’s know-it-all style

How should I say this… aha!

As much as I hate ranting about the homewrecker here, at least I do not name-drop!

As you can see, I was lambasting things about the homewrecker and her diabolical know-it-all escapades. I may sound harsh, but bear with it. She’s not a good person to talk to, even in just a simple, plain and/or ordinary conversation. She would rather make it “spectacular” by verbally clogging you without notice.

I’d like you to know how butthurt she was. Even up to the present-day, she might haven’t changed… just yet. Since I already ended my relationship/connection with her, well, it’s alright. Haha.

If you feel that I’m already too harsh… just pause for a while and stop reading this post… this is a very rigid thing to do. But who cares, btw?

Whenever I make the conversation simple and at least, light, she ruins it! As if she knows ANYTHING about the topic itself. I was just making a good conversation with her when suddenly, she makes everything butthurt.

Here’s the thing: I asked her if she’s versatile (sheesh… I should’ve said, “flexible”). She said, “The hell I care.”


One-sided, with a stiff mind, that is. Being unable to connect herself to the “really, real world,” she is doing nothing but to be butthurt, like no other.

Nakakasira siya ng araw minsan. Akala mo kung sinong magaling, kung sa totoo lang eh, feeler pala. Look, here’s the thing. If I always receive a notification about the awards thing, sabi pa naman niya, “Wala talaga akong natatanggap,” and still she is still butthurt with that. Y’know what I mean.

I’m serious. Ang sarap pagtawanan, eh. Sometimes, she becomes pathetic about things, like accusing me for being “selfish” because my ideas are about boys and men, while hers is MORE than selfish. Like, do all people love Wii? Whenever she’s butthurt, I just wanted to laugh, because she’s going pathetic. If she would rather be tolerant, well, that’s alright to me. BUT BEING BUTTHURT IS UNFORGIVABLE. She’s not a good person to have a good conversation with. Mas maganda kung minsan mo lang siya nakikita.

Of course, don’t forget, she just got full of herself while isolating me again from the guy whom I admired, again, she was getting more pathetic and butthurt again. Like, sila na ba ni (crush)? She apologized and yet, ganun pa rin. Like why can’t she start fixing my problem with that guy, if in fact, she’s just making it worse. Here’s the thing… she wrote a confession about my short friendship with that guy… and she actually said that she’ll “smile, although the feeling is hurt.”

Goodness gracious. If she’s really serious about it, then why shouldn’t she lambast me as in right now? Sorry about it, but I couldn’t help it. Like what I said, I do not have to damage someone’s reputation. I don’t want to push someone to the limit. As in, I don’t want to. Sorry, if you guys think I’m ranting too much, forgive me. Life becomes bipolar when your emotions go up and then down.

There you have it

To the know-it-alls and to those who are mentioned here (without being name-dropped, of course), I hope you learn a lesson here the hard way. You do/did the butthurt pathetic thing to me, I do it to you as well.

College Fair, SY 2011-2012

Unfortunately, I don’t have a camwhore portrait.

Yesterday, I went to my former second home. It was their foundation day (I only knew this fact when I went to college, gah mindf*ck!) and of course, I just went there to see the glimpse of the many improvements of my former second home. Unfortunately, I didn’t expect that the fair would be still the same, constant, and still, nothing spectacular.

Like what I said, this is where I grew up learning to be a Catholic and at the same time, learning the Filipino language. I love Filipino as a subject and even my teacher in that subject during Grade Six really encouraged me to learn the language more and more, and then… second year came. It was the time I started to love English once more. Don’t ever ask me why, because I already mentioned this in some of my previous posts.

The new building. Finally, I am back home.

The octopus: The best ride ever if you want a much more extreme degree.

My shadow! *trollface*

I never named my high school because…

Of course, like what I said before, when I lambast a certain thing, I do not name-drop. Name-dropping is a taboo, and also, it is a sign of disrespect towards one’s privacy.

If you know what this high school is, don’t ever mention the name once you comment here!

I was bored

What I only did was, I blew bubbles and of course, plastic balloons. Nope, I just ate a handful of fries and of course, iced juice. Nothing, I just felt bored because it is expected that it would still be the same, boring event, unless if your friends are coming over.

I love the school, but what makes me abhor it is how it’s governed

There’s your answer people! Just so you know, I didn’t like how they expelled a senior high school student (or let’s say, two!) out of their interest (I have a feeling that they didn’t consider the dangers of being expelled in senior year high school) and welcoming the mean people. God, I hate doing this, but like what I said before, the former second home insulted me, by making my life purely hell when I was in fourth year high school. I never ever had a sip of happiness and of course, freedom. I also think that the admin’s acting “conservative” so that they’ll grasp their own satisfaction.

I know, there are some factors that ruined my day during high school. Arrogant teachers, popular kids in one section and of course, “that” person responsible for sectioning students… I would like to talk to that person in private.

Teens’ Day Dilemma

I recall all those boring activities. Oh, yes, ask my college professors, they make activities interesting and at the same time, cheerful. That’s what’s not present/apparent in my former second home’s usual activities like, QAD’s, sort of shit entertainment… I really don’t get why the admin didn’t even give the students the right to be happy, even just a simple thing? My friend here told me that the admin said, Shut up!” when they just wanted a graduation ball. But of course, I really find it unfair that the Foundation Day of 2009 was like, “boring” and “no rides.” Also, the prom thing! Hello, why do other schools continue the prom despite being struck by Ondoy (aka the evil asshole that flooded the whole Metro Manila, I feel sorry for AA Klenk that time)?

I really do understand about the students’ other experiences, but with these false conservatism they show to us students back then, I think it’s really unfair for us to see them following their own interests “only for us (students).” Crap.

Regarding Teens’ Day, however, has the most boring one: Sophomore thing that really made me angry.

Bore to death!

“Ginagawa na nga namin ang lahat, ganyan pa kayo!” Putragis naman, oo. Halata namang para sa sarili niyong kapakanan ang mga ginagawa ni(n)yo (para) sa amin! How unfair is that for us to see how selfish you guys are.

Boring talaga, it’s because, may acquaintance day pa, tapos boring pa rin naman. Super frugal ang life ko sa former second home ko. Buti na lang wala na ako dito, baka mamaya, hindi parin maganda buhay ko, so yeah.

My senior year sentiment: Always at the shrink

It’s really disappointing if the one responsible for sectioning students does a “fail” move. Gusto ko sanang sakalin, eh. Hindi ko talaga makuha-kuha kung bakit gusto nila ako na laging hindi masaya. Call me selfish, but what I’m emphasizing here is that, they want the marginalized people (bullying victims, loners) not to be happy. I do not agree that Bob Ong that the “weirdos” are the teacher’s enemy. Teacher’s enemy if that teacher prefers “sipsip” person rather than someone who isn’t “sipsip.”

Fail talaga, as in fail, is because I thought I would get along with the popular kids, pero ‘yun pala, totoo ‘yung sentiment ng ibang tao na, “Ay, ‘yan si ano, ma-arte ‘yan!” Halos lahat ng ginagawa ng mga popular kids ay, ‘yung mga moves na parang excuses. Sila pa ang pasaway. I don’t get why the admin supports them despite their “super-strict” rules. Eh, hello? Rules kayo d’yan ng rules, kung hindi niyo lang ma-improve ang quality ng education ng school namin. Shame on you. I really didn’t expect that you would be following the likes of Kim Jong-il or some other selfish, narcissistic dictator out there.

Yes, I know how mean I sound, but that’s the reason why I always go to the shrink and ask for advice. I usually talk to them because I really can’t stand those popular kids who are being “defended” by innocent people who cannot contradict their (pop kids) interests. Oh, sige. Sila (pop kids) na ‘yung tama, ako ang mali. Pero sila naman ang selfish, eh. They’re the real free-riders. Ang babaw nila, lalo na ‘pag college entrance exam. Call me elitist, but they cannot prove to me that they’re worth something. Prove to me that you’re the assholes, but make sure you don’t put the school down (or involve me there).

I really feel sorry whenever I hear those popular kids doing bad things. I know, it’s really sad, and they usually contribute to crab mentality.

Know-it-all people contribute to crab mentality

It’s true. You really do not know how much they put you down in exchange for their false “admiration” towards the popular kids.

This is what happens if the then know-it-alls become the popular kids. I wanted to address this “social issue” before, but my emotions way back then hinder me from doing so. Usually, they would pin-point that what you’re doing is “wrong,” if in fact, what they usually did in high school is breaking the rules, which is MORE WRONG than you think it is.

Kaya nga, eh. If they have nothing good to say at all, then they rather shut their mouths and mind their own business(es).

Call me selfish, but it’s none of your business at all

I’m just speaking my mind out. Now, what’s wrong with it?

If you (admin) are hurt with this blog entry, at least I have lambasted all your wrongs. Actually, the school survey was just taken for granted. Why, do you think you’re the best school if what you’re doing is only rules and rules, but not focusing on the quality itself? Super-strict rules do not actually “improve” the quality of education, they’re just hindrances.

To my fellas from my former second home, I’m sorry if you read this whole blog entry, but I just want you to be open-minded. You might not have knew the reason why I decided to end my friendship with my ex-best buddy whom everyone accuses me to have a “relationship” with, but that’s because I wanted to have a free-thinking mind at the end. Having a stiff mind won’t make you blog decently and of course, it might damage your reputation as well.

Next blog entries (just a try!):

– Why I ended my friendship with my ex-best buddy
– After I ended my friendship with the homewrecker…
– God forbid: I am not religious after all
– The Old vs. New Testament, according to Fail-ice Yawn

Is this Fine Art Photography or Photomanipulation?|Do you think that this is “fine art” photography or photomanipulation?

Fine Art Photography doesn’t only come from either the camera or Photoshop; it is based from imagination

Usually, photomanipulation is done when censoring a certain person or even a certain thing. However, when mixed effects are combined to form a “completely censored” thing, it becomes “art.”

Usually, fine art photography is done when using special effects such as painting with light (slow shutter speed, CHECK; low ISO, CHECK; yourself, CHECK) and of course, using a certain subject as a medium. Like what blind photographer Craig Royal has said, he used the reflection of the waters as his own medium.

However, in my case, my medium is of course, Photoshop. I may be new to this genre, but this doesn’t hinder me from achieving a certain goal.|Painting with Light is an example of Fine Art Photography

This photo was taken in Boracay, fire dance. Because of discontentment, I decided to set the camera to a very slow shutter speed and of course, this is what I did…

Imagine that the fire as shown in this photo are dragons. How/what do you feel about this one?

Hausaufgabe: Answer this question, “What/how do you feel on this photo?”

My very own version of “The Miseducation of the Filipino”|Renato Constantino is the author of “The Miseducation of the Filipino.”

Summary: Renato Constantino was a leftist historian who wrote the essay, “The Miseducation of the Filipino.” This time, I’m going to have my own version since this is relevant to the educational system of the Philippines…

UPDATE: This blog entry is trending right now… and yes, I really have to be proud at/to the author of the said blog. This is where I got my inspiration of writing this blog entry. :3

When homeworks end up disastrous

I just read something about a certain “assignment” about liking a photo on a Facebook fan page… and even grade-schoolers are required to like it. This is really, something not worth doing. Just read my sentiment about school and how does this really benefit… us? AGH… random thoughts again.

Define HA-ssignment

An assignment is supposed to be something to be done at home, or either before the class starts. However, it is more ideal if done at home.

Assignments should be for the minds of the students, and based from the lessons of the teacher. Assignments are supposed to be for the good of the school and of course, for the students, NOT for the interest of the teacher.

Lemme err… share you a sentiment.

The Most Annoying yet “Required” Assignment

Remember the days when UST required students to write an essay chuvaloo regarding the RH Bill? Correct me if I’m wrong, because I already forgot about the details.

Oh, yes. I remember. It is when we are required to submit a copy of the SONA of former PGMA which is extremely bullcrap to most of us students. My pop even got mad because of that. I really cannot answer him when he asked me, “Are ALL of you required to submit this?”

[This actually happened when we are ALL required to this stuff, and guess what? This isn’t related to the subject matter itself. I really don’t know why, but although I owe that teacher a lot, I still don’t get why that person has to put us into burden? It would’ve been acceptable if we’re only doing paperworks, but this? HOMG, I much prefer the subject-related video on a CD, eh. Here’s the worse thing: We should not record it from TV by using a camcorder, how’s that?]

I should’ve said, “Yes.”

AND YES, we are all required to submit it on a CD.

All the students during that time were very upset, outraged and of course, disappointed about this. However, my ex-best buddy said, “No matter how hard it is, I’ll do it,” with of course, his fake smile.

I really didn’t know what to do, but I cried because I really can’t answer if all of us should submit this CD.

This is another reason why we really cannot exactly voice out our concerns to the admin. Even though teachers would always tell us that “Each teacher has their own system and set of rules,” what now if everything has malfunction, right? What now if the best teacher is arrogant (this is one of the things that I usually rant about)? What now if some parents really have to disagree with the interest of the teacher?

Yes, I’ve been criticizing my former second home for being a “North Korean setting.” If that would be like the system of China, then it’s much more acceptable since China opened itself to the world, and its policies aren’t as rigid and exhausting compared to North Korea.

What I mean is that, what now if the teacher did something wrong? What now if the students cannot anymore stand the arrogance and selfishness of a second parent who is supposed to train us students for our future? Yes, teachers are trainers and also guides, NOT bodyguards. They may have the right to discipline us, but not to the extent that power-tripping becomes apparent. I really do not like these things to happen, but there are times that we should actually, face it.

Jesus, what really happened to the world today?

Let me show another sentiment during another class. I know this teacher seems to be the most terror ever, and even those things not related to her class is like, “OMFG, is this like Disasterland?” Here goes…

Someone who doesn’t do his/her homework doesn’t change underwear!

Do you think this is very insulting?

Like what I said, doing assignments could be either be done at home or before class. It’s alright if you didn’t do your first assignment, for as long as you’ll do it next time around. However, there are times that we abuse the leniency of our teachers, which is wrong, actually. We tend to be friends with them, but let’s face it: We may be friends with a teacher, but we shouldn’t be too “kiss-up” (sipsip) to them. I know, some of you get hurt with what I’m saying, but I’m just telling the truth. We may tend to be close with someone who may be our boss, or leader, but look, there are times that we shouldn’t really have to go beyond the limit. We may do so, but only to a certain limit.

There are abusive teachers, but it so happens is because they have very high expectations. There is one time some of my classmates are forced to kneel properly when they didn’t have a rosary back then. How degrading. Using the name of God for any invalid excuses or for some abusive tactics? If you happen to be a conservative, it’s quite understandable. However, if it happens that you have a very dark past, don’t get everyone started on that. The past should make you a better person, right? If I used to be an introvert who simply can’t stand things that shouldn’t religiously happen in the first place, then it only became fine with me when I knew that there are several people who are really going against your will (e.g., you’re OC, but others don’t care at all). Alright, like how I ranted about the homewrecker, it was all fine with me since I ranted things about her here, and also, it is more than enough. It really made me a better person not to rant things about real people, but regarding celebrities, it just go on and on… etc.

Someone who had a dark past should do for the better. If I ranted about Angelina Jolie here, at least I didn’t mention her past is because, it’s no use at all. If you so happen to be her avid hater (because of that Maniston), leave her be. She doesn’t really like the paparazzi and it happens that she is hiring big bodyguards because she’s losing privacy. The media’s doing everything just to put her down, due to the fact that they’re tired of putting her up. Gah, stupid media. (Once again, this may seem irrelevant, but please, bear with it.)

Having a dark past shouldn’t make you a bitter person who obviously has an apparent attitude problem, or abusive behavior. Ma-arte ka kung sa ma-arte, but sometimes, basing your sentiments on emotions (AGAIN), isn’t right. What happens is, no one will listen to you anymore. Your abusive style is unstandable at any cause. No offense meant, but at I least I do not name-drop people unless necessary.

It is noticeable: The quality of education in my former second home is no moaw

I really don’t want to rant about my former second home again, but the teachers who are actually good in teaching are fleeing away to other countries. Also, there are good teachers who are actually… doing mistakes when they teach. I have this teacher who is supposedly to be good, yet I really don’t want to pinpoint her mistakes in teaching because I do not want to argue in real life. Oh, and yes, she should start reading comprehensively because she teaches things that are related to logic.

I never knew why, but I really noticed that the good teachers are nowadays, transferring to another school for better opportunities and also, bigger salary. I really feel sorry for the teachers nowadays since they’re given a small amount of salary which is again, UNFAIR and UNJUST. Isama niyo na ‘yan, education. If the Philippines isn’t contributing to science and technology, economy… worse, it’s education. Sige, aaminin ko na. Lagi na lang pulitika ang focus, eh. It’s bullcrap, I know. However, abandoning other sectors such as science and technology, economy (which is far more important than politics, of course) and of course, education, should be taken action of. Sa’n tayo pupulutin kung ganito lang ang mangyayari? Of course, like what I said before, I wrote a special article about nationalism as a key alternative to the economic problems of the Philippines, which I’ll post it once school ends. This is for the Filipinos to understand how important the other sectors (besides politics) to our community, to our nation, et cetera.

We need to do something than just liking a page in Facebook for our interests. Creating an advocacy page in Facebook is the best way of solving our problems, in a simple manner, and let your other family members know about it.

This is a response to the “Facebook likes incident” as an assignment

I hope the teacher who assigned her students to do that learns from THIS blog. If she cannot accept those coercive criticisms, she should see some examples right in this blog entry.

Revealing my former second home, that is

My former second home is in Quezon City, somewhere just near the headquarters of Channel 2. Here are the clues: It is in Mother Ignacia Avenue and in Panay Avenue at the same time. (Do I make myself clear?)

Video from my former second home’s best batch.

If you noticed that most of my posts criticize this school, well, watch the video first how this batch influenced the whole community to do what is good and what is right. They’re the role models way back before the next batch succeeded them.

Every upperclassman is a role model… unfortunately

Where are they now? Most of them are finishing their studies or graduates of UST, a.k.a. the oldest, the most beautiful but the most flood-prone university in Metro Manila. Some of them are Lasallians, others are Ateneans, while the rest of those who were in the honors’ section are in the University of the Philippines (I don’t care if it’s Diliman, Manila, LB).

However, there are some questions that come out from my mind… the batch that succeeded them (where my crush for four years used to be there) didn’t really show good example. They were rather, those pseudo-authoritarian brats who just satisfy themselves by power-tripping, but that was only at the first place. However, some of these students really didn’t know how to discipline their students, OR maybe because they feel so superior. Wait, so this is about the ones who are responsible for holding “flagsems” and are also the ones who organize the students before any activity.

Gosh. It’s like a frugal world with frugal things. Anyways, it doesn’t matter at all since it’s all there. The “Magnanimity-next-Brat” syndrome was the mentality of most students. (Okay, so Magnanimity-next-Brat is like, Kim Il-sung as the better leader than Kim Jong-il who is unfortunately, a narcissist.)

Ranting against third-world life: Escape to my overseas relatives

Third-world life in the Philippines was like, the principle of my former alma mater. Okay, if they always make “bawal” rules, they usually do it for themselves. Themselves.

I never wanted to think about those things; I just wanted to be there (US) is because, I feel a lot more comfy than in the frugal setting where there are many “bawal” rules and shit, and I don’t want that. I just wanted to escape those bullcrap because I hate those critics. I feel like I’m home with my relatives there. AT LEAST mas masarap tirhan ang bahay ng kamag-anak mong hindi nagkukunwaring conservative kesa naman sa know-it-all na pakunwaring conservative, pero pintasero/a naman na ewan. Loving know-it-alls is bullshit! I learned that myself. They lead you to NOTHING, but these people really support the “bawal” rules and the frugality which is again, bullcrap.

Lawl, if you think I’m arrogant, that means you are close-minded. I’m just telling the truth. I hate know-it-alls, and I’ll never ever going to raise my children in an environment full of know-it-all and feeling conservative groups of people.

High School was never been kind

High school: This should be the best years of every adolescent’s life. However, in my case my batch is so far the worst (but the most spoiled). Do you really have to condemn good guys and expell them for their mistake and welcome the bad guys for their harshness? Bullshit! At least kung ‘yun pa ang bastos sa teacher (sorry ha), ‘yun pa ang gentleman kahit manloloko siya, pero ‘yung mga nagpapa-impress sa teacher? Anak naman ng pating oo, sila pa ang bastos, ang selfish na mukhang pera (Kilala mo kung sino kang buraot!) na parang paasa lang sa iba. Este, hello?

That is why I didn’t seek ANY help from my former alma mater. Jusme, bahala na sila sa buhay nila.

However, things changed after I vented

If my former second home used to have a very, very good reputation (most celebrities attended there), it is right now the butt of jokes and criticisms. My senior high school teacher once said that those who were in my former second home are branded as “flirts.” Yes, it may seem hurtful, but let’s just admit it. My former second home ended up producing a lot of academically-incompetent popular kinds who just had shallow standards. They only competed for what? Culminating activities alone.

I was only telling the truth about my life in high school when my friend’s jealous beau ranted that “I am ashamed” of my former second home. I was only being honest, that my former second home was once a school with good reputation, but where are they now? NOT as competent as other schools that provide the best needs they would ever give. Although these schools are known to be “sosyal” and “elitist,” at least they’re doing their best NOT to waste the tuition fee.

I hope the admin learns from this. Sana lang, ha. Because I said this before, that I really do not give a damn at all if they could excommunicate me.

A College Degree as Status Symbol: K-12 is a Must

The Philippines is the only country left without K-12 education. This is the only effective system which makes a Bachelor’s Degree optional.

Alright. Elementary education starts from Grade One to only Grade Six. International schools and most exclusive (or single-sex) schools add Grade 7 into their schools (and not to mention a few of these schools require most students who only graduated in sixth grade to take Grade 7 before entering secondary level due to curriculum change). High school is only from first year up to fourth year, but some schools are already adding “senior high school level” just to improve the quality of their education.

Public schools are not happy about this news. They think it is a waste of budget to those who cannot afford their children to let them experience on how to study in a K-12 setting. However, private schools encourage this system to gain profit.

It’s really sad that the government is not using the country’s budget for education and other basic needs. Somehow, the DepEd should start finding ways to improve the quality of education of schools, whether public or private.

What were public schools and private schools in the past compared to the present-day Philippines?

Public schools used to be the best schools in the Philippines while the private schools were the ones that are diploma mills. But right now, this impression is only found in the provinces, that is. In Metro Manila it is not advisable to study in a public school since there are many students, lack of facilities, lacking basic needs, etc. but the students still afford to work hard and do their best while in most private schools, students slack off and do nothing but to be spoonfed by their teachers. In the provinces, however, public schools provide quality education compared to private schools. You are considered well-to-do once you study in a private school, but most of these students from the provinces claimed that it’s better to study in a government-owned school.

Why should K-12 be implemented?

Alright. Here’s the thing. In other countries, college education is optional. As in, op-tio-nal. Even in Japan, where it is really hard to get in college or university, tertiary education is not mandatory, but most high school graduates volunteer to study in university. Guess what? Most students who come from rich families study in Tokyo University, which is state-owned. However, despite being a state university, it is still expensive to study there. Meanwhile, in the USA, a bachelor’s degree is optional and most high school graduates go to work. However, those who can afford to go to college/university prefer to study in state universities as education is really valued in the United States.

In Singapore, it is actually K-13. It is very hard to get in college/university and only a few are qualified.

These are the examples that I could give why their quality of instruction is very much beyond world-class. In the Philippines however, a college degree is really mandatory since jobs are very limited and it is really a must that most students should really finish their bachelor’s degree. In the corporate world, yes, the standards are very high– grades should have no failures, no tattoos, no unnecessary piercings and stuff, but the salary is not exactly ideal to raise dependents. In that case, the Philippines should start improving the educational system and add more job opportunities to graduates to reduce brain drain.

It’s really a waste that Filipinos are very intelligent people, but the elite doesn’t really recognize this mentality.

Criticisms against K-12

Everyone said that Grade 7 is a “waste of time.” Well, they should be thankful that they experienced that system. Others said that “after years of studying, it’s just nothing.” Most Filipinos do not really like the K-12 education since it really wastes time and money, as for them.

But as for me, K-12 education should be implemented so that students will start working after graduating from high school. I hope Filipinos would be open-minded about this situation.