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Animo, DLSU Green Archers! You finally nailed it!

Credits to Ken Koo, The LaSallian and FB for this photo!

Congratulations, my dear school’s team! You finally made it! Hooray!

Tomorrow there’s FREE mochiko! Thank goodness, kung kailan lang ang last term ko sa La Salle, they will win… but it’s a good thing that my dear fave AVO had his first VICTORY! WOO-HOO!

Again, An1mo LA SALLE!

Migi Moreno running as an independent DLSU USG candidate

Courtesy of TLS and Kevin Prudon|Migi Moreno on his post-Santugon err… days.

Okay, so since I do not actually post things that are related to DLSU’s University Student Government (our very own student council), I’d like have a shot on this one.

I may not know this guy personally, however, I could say that he’s a very diligent guy — Majoring in two degrees, AB-PSM and BSC-LMG (AB Psychology + BSC Legal Management), he is also the current president of the Lasallian Scholars Society.

Well, good luck on him! I will support you!

Breaking News: Good-bye, Zaide Canteen!

From The LaSallian:

After 35 years of service, DLSU’s Zaide canteen will officially close its counter operations today, March 7, with its last official day of operations on March 9.

A total of 22 employees will be dispersed, and will resume their work in other La Salle schools. According to unofficial statements, the canteen chose to leave DLSU because of the building’s permanent conversion to a student center. Moreover, sources say that the canteens have had difficulty in paying rent. This year, the minimum bid for canteen space ranges from P 85,000-162,000, depending on the location.

USG Vice President for Internal Affairs Robert Hechanova clarifies, “The building is planned to be a student center, an evolved canteen that will give way for more interaction among students. The contract with all the canteens will be done by the end of the year, so the space is up to the University to further utilize… there is a thrust to renovate the canteens.”

According to Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Services Jay Calleja, apart from commercial food kiosks, the space will be opened for rent to student entrepreneurs, with a small area for musical performances.

In light of such developments, the Zaide cafeteria will be up for auction, along with cafeterias in the St. La Salle (LS) building, Enrique Razon Sports Complex and Br. Andrew Gonzalez Hall.

The bidding committee will continue to entertain proposals until March 11 and award contracts on March 14. Calleja affirms, “A concessionaire can submit a bid for all three available canteen spaces, but it does not mean that all three areas can be awarded to one business.”

DLSU collects 10 percent of sales of the kiosks that operate in the campus.

I will miss Pao Pao Tea and Teazers. 😦 Ruined na talaga ang frosh-hood ko tuloy. 😦

Well, hello U-Mall na naman ako. Wear black, ok? Chos!

Bagyong Gener thoughts and err… .avi-friendly tablet

Taken with Nelly. Of course, you might wanna see this somewhere… hehehe.

Raining cats and dogs… that’s what rain is all about.

Now why should everything FLOOD!? That’s because of the poor drainage system. Underpasses have been flooded as well, and imagine how to walk or swim in these disgusting floods.

Disgusting!? Well, yes, flood is really disgusting, but just take a look at the surroundings. Would you ever express yourself like that if you’re the ones throwing garbage OUTSIDE the bin?

I really feel bad for those who were the victims of the current calamity. It may be like Ondoy in terms of class suspension, but I hope it won’t be like the said storm again.

Hoping for .avi tablets

Now I really cannot decide between the Galaxy Note and the GT 7.7. I wanna watch movies without the need of a laptop. You see people, I have .mkv files, .avi files, but most movie files are in .avi format, which is annoying because NOT even Mac OS could do something to make it “fit in” the Mac world. Another thing, you need to convert everything to .mp4 so that it would work on the iOS.

Hmmm… which one’s the best for watching a lot of movies? Galaxy Tab or Galaxy Note, or iPad? Please, something that is compatible with BOTH .avi and .mkv format, please.

Lasallian Centennial Week











My reaction to “This is my English” by Jerome de Dios

To my American followers in WordPress, get ready for some reality drama. I’m not going to hurt your feelings, but I just want you to know that as an Asian and as a Filipino myself, I believe that erasing something that is really Filipino should be stopped. Everything American in the Philippines is overrated and not only that, there are things that I want to let everyone know that some Americans think that the US isn’t the only best place on the planet. Someone said, “Don’t assume that there’s no better country than America!” True that.

First off,

Good hosts should blend in with the crowd and NOT the other way around.

Quoted from Jerome de Dios’s “This is My English,” an Opinion article from The LaSallian.

Accented English: The most annoying part of learning English

Just in case you’re wondering, I have written some articles about the English language…

English vs. Filipino
Importance of English
English makes you ELITE

Whenever I hear Filipinos from abroad (be it Fil-Ams born and/or raised abroad, or halfies) speak in English with an over-acting American accent, it is really annoying, and irritating. No offense, but I just thought about it as something that makes a person bimbo about the Filipino language. Well, if I sound biased, I find the British accent much better and more classic.

Like how Mr. De Dios thought about the two hosts correcting the English of their audience, that is indeed the most insulting. Who wants to be corrected because of their English with a Filipino accent!? Well, it’s alright for me when someone speaks in English, for as long as they could speak it.

Why do most Filipinos coming from abroad think that their English is “better”? Why do they think that it makes them superior? For me, looking more like a bimbo with an irritating-sounding American accent is not music to my ears. It is a sign that you’re neglecting values. It means that you’re being pakawala and “liberated.” Well, there’s nothing wrong with being liberated. However, the only problem I encountered when talking to most Fil-Ams is that, their accent just make my ears hurt.

Being superior because of speaking “legit” English: High-falutin words + OA American accent

Fuck that shit. Well, sorry for cussing, but the feeling of using “a chink in one’s armor” while using the annoying accent sounds like bullcrap. Thinking that you’re above the level of other people because of that would hurt the feelings of those who are not really good in English.

Well, it’s alright when white people use the American accent. Well, it’s because they’re not OA when using it. Also, they’re not grammar-conscious. They speak it with confidence, without watching their grammar. If the American accent itself is used in an exaggerated manner, get ready for those earplugs!

To the popular kids during high school, whenever they talk to me in English (well just because my ex-best buddy is an English boy), I find them annoying and irritating. They’re trying so hard to interact with people like me if truth is, they’re making me look like a toy. Nakaka-inis, seriously. If I were to judge their actions, they can’t fit in the Lasallian community. In La Salle, you don’t need to exert effort when speaking English. Nobody cares about how you speak in English, for as long as you’re not over-acting when using it.

From a genuine Asian’s POV: Living in the US doesn’t have to mean underestimating Asian tradition

To my American buddies, no offense, but remember the “chink” incident in ESPN. That’s how Americans stereotype people, be it Asian or black, or Latino. Well, Asians are mostly stereotyped for being smart people and not only that. They’re also stereotyped just like how Amy Chua described it.

Well, think about this. Living in the US is hard and lonely at the same time. I hate to generalize, but most people think that it’s not ideal to celebrate Christmas there. No wonder, when I spent my Christmas in LA, we just went to Vegas, and to San Francisco. Still, it’s boring, lonely, and not the usual thing you’re dreaming of. It’s like the Philippines, only that it’s colder.

The American POV is notorious for underestimating Asian culture. Thinking that eye-to-eye contact should be observed, for me as an Asian, it is rude, but not necessarily offensive. Well, to underestimate someone who doesn’t do eye-to-eye contact is completely insulting. Another thing, belittling someone’s personality as an Asian is considered rude. Everything American is completely overrated, and thinking about watching Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and American drama is “cool,” for me, it’s nothing. Everything that is like that for me is boring. I’m not a fan, but I’m no way discouraging you from watching those things. Nothing. I’m not a fan of things that are American.

Why underestimate Asians? Don’t you know that it’s an insult not to produce sound when you eat in Japan? If you think that most Asians do not observe table manners, then that’s something really Asian. We’re not on a fine dining time, we’re in Asia. Also, the “American wave” didn’t stop me from embracing my love for things that are Asian.

Roxy said,

There are things in America that I appreciate, just its disrespectfulness and affluence to other cultures is what I hate.

The second phrase is something I would agree at. That’s the result of Filipinos living in the States, whenever they go back home to the Philippines for a vacation. They tend to underestimate Asian norms, such as the eye-to-eye contact thing and criticizing the disobedience towards table manners. Also, remember that the US troops’ deployment to Iraq was controversial. The troops tend to power-trip the locals right there, unlike the Brits who were more culturally-sensitive and considerate.

Language Superiority equates Rudeness to a certain culture

…even if they are good in English, maybe because they grew up abroad or maybe they had an opportunity to work there, it still doesn’t earn them the right to subjugate people who do not speak the way they speak.

I agree with this the most. It’s like thinking that eye-to-eye contact sensitivity is being dissed. Actually, I don’t do eye-to-eye contact, because I personally think that it IS something that isn’t Asian at all. I don’t look to the eyes of whom I’m talking to, but in meeting new people, it’s encouraged, unless the person thinks it’s OK not to have eye-to-eye contact.

There are things that I want to address to people who are living abroad: Speaking in English doesn’t have to make you intelligent. It makes you a communicator. Period. Thinking that Koreans, Japanese, and the Chinese have higher grades than me in English, it’s alright, for as long as they do their job, because they deserve more, and should be given a chance.

The lesson learned here is this: Don’t correct someone who thinks like an Asian/African, as a person living in the States. Well, it’s equal to do the “rock on” sign right in front of the Italian people and not only that, it’s like tipping a Japanese. Personally, for me, the real Americans who are native-born Americans (that I knew) tend to be more tolerant than those who think that everything Asian is wrong.

The Rest of the U-Week: Reflections

Frankly, I didn’t enjoy the U-Week for 2011-2012. The first one’s better (2010-2011).

Well, there are some photos that I took during my very first U-Week, and the only reason why I enjoyed it is because, there are absolutely NO major subjects bugging me like hell. *Sigh.* I didn’t bother to update this one yesterday or for the other days is because I really have to study in one of my major subjects. Fudge, I think I won’t pass the quiz. It was really mind-boggling like before.

New Items!

I won’t post the other ones (saka na lang) because I have to make this in a hurry, so here goes.

This is the Eiffel Tower pendant that I bought… and the plastic bag. HAHA.

I was thinking of buying some of the items that I liked, and yes, it was wish granted. Every wish should be everyone’s command or else, they might pay a fine for illegal intervention.

Sure, the thing about the whole U-Week is that, it is full of joy. However, it is conflicted with the academics I should accomplish, such as essays, papers, other requirements and so on. I think I should stay away from the Internet is because, it is not getting healthy anymore, and besides, I am no longer a freshman student. It’s really enjoyable to be an freshman, but to be a sophomore is quite harder. We have to get away from our comfort zones whenever we have priorities to do. Remember, second year college is the most hectic, and not only that; the third term is the most challenging term ever. No terms are easy and chill; everything’s a challenge to all of us.

I won’t make another Hiatus anymore. It’s deeply rooted in here, that I won’t be updating any rant at all. Time for the serious blogger to operate like bad-ass.

U-Week in DLSU: Day Two

So, recently, I attended the LEAP, but there’s no speaker! Pardon me because this thing has to re-save and shit, so yeah. Just bear with the story itself… because this is a very boring blog post. BTW, I went to another room instead during the LEAP, but it turns out that I just got a card. Period.

Items! Items! Items!

It’s Valentine’s Day, but I always thought it was Valen-TIMES day, but never mind. Anyway, here are some of the items I purchased!

Spongebob Slippers! It’s only for Php 200. No joke.

A series of fortunate events|From left: Bracelet; Hello Coffe Bean and Tea Leaf, again; Banana Cake.

See everything in two dimensions.

Photography Collaboration COMING SOON!

Alright, this is a very important off-topic announcement. Just in case I have free time, I’d like you to have a collaboration just in case you want to show off your best clothes on.

U-Week in DLSU: Day One

Achtung!: You’re NOT authorized to copy-paste my photos, just please. Thank you. [All Photos are mine, BTW]

Good news! Tomorrow will be my very first time to attend a photography workshop as my LEAP. Anyways, here are my photos during the University Week! It’s all about fashion and accessories, just in case you’re interested in buying clothes, either from the mall or from the ukay-ukay! Nothing’s impossible when you know how to be fashionable.

To my dearest and most favorite fashion bloggers Ate Arnie, Ms. Tricia, Ms. Camille, etc., here’s the blog post dedicated for you guys.

The Wardrobe Shop

I just took this photo just in case you’re wondering the clothes that they sell.

Here is another set of wardrobe. Ironically, I’m not a fan of buying clothes, lawl.

Rainbow T-shirts! It reminds me of Joe in Blue’s Clues!

Another set of wardrobe! This has to mean that I’m a flexible enthusiast, so yeah.

I can’t say anything about this photo, except that there’s a dress and a bag at the same time! Chowz!

A dress with matching Eiffel Tower pendant necklace! Sorry to those who were naharang because of me taking this photo!

The last one! This is almost complete with the wardrobe and accessories!

Basics of Fashion Blogging

Since I’m NOT a fashion blogger (and will NEVER be one, unfortunately), I think you have to observe the blogs of the three people mentioned a while ago and get some pieces of advice from them. Usually, they would blog about their clothes from top to the shorts they wear, and they specify the brand, and don’t forget to pose for pictures. Upload these pics and put some captions so that everyone will know where you bought these clothes and stuff.

Footwear Gaga

Flats! I used to have one pair, but the current one is the Oxfords. Fudge, I wonder if it’s with me or not. HAHA.

Flip-flops! Well, I mean, slippers. Choose one of these and they’re all yours, kidding!

Giant shoes! Wonder if this is reserved for gigantic people or bigfoots. HAHA. They’re bags, BTW.

HAHAHA! Heels and wedges all the way! I wanna have anything of these things!

The Rest of the Story

よろしくお願いします! These are the accessories not only for display!

Another set of accessories.

The top photo is one of my favorites. The output’s very beautiful.

When Photography, Fashion and Business Meet

I think it’s really a good idea posting photos of your products once you earned enough money to start your own online shop. This is what the three fashion bloggers do. They usually balance their academics first (BTW, one of two of them are graduates) and their love for fashion. This blog post is like taking time to have this done, because I am now taking my photos in RAW.

I think it’s really a great idea having collaborations with someone in the fashion industry, be it these three fashion bloggers, or someone else. I’d be very happy to accommodate you, and if ever something happens, I would not charge if I would start this as a hobby. However, if this is serious business, I would charge, but for cheap. I won’t overcharge, I promise that!

Please like this post just in case you want to have a collaboration with me in fashion photography for your blog!

Lasallian Recollection 2: A Learning Experience

“Using your talents and abilities would benefit for those who are poor, in any aspect.”

Interaction between the artist and the poor

There are two artists, namely Joey Velasco and Kevin Carter. Take note, they’re both gone in this world. The first one died of sickness, and the latter took his own life tragically.

Joey Velasco|Hapag Ng Pag-Ibig is like Velasco’s version of The Last Supper, only that the apostles are children.

This guy by profession was an entrepreneur, but his hobbies were photography and painting. Of course, it is not unusual to us that he paints pictures of children with the Lord Jesus Christ.

This painting alone has a very deep story: These twelve children painted have their own stories. One of them is street-smart, who cried when he told the story when he was in prison with the adult prisoners who killed a cockroach for them to eat. Another one is the traumatized young girl who was sexually abused at four years old; whenever she sees a guy, she gets scared, due to trauma. Well, this is a must-watch video:

This is the story behind… Hapag Ng Pag-Ibig, aka “Canvas ng Lipunan.”

You will be touched with the stories of the children, especially the one who was… tortured by his own drunkard father who did nothing but to physically hurt his own child just to get what he wants. Isn’t that a ridiculously stupid thing to do?

The final picture shown in the docu goes to this photo:|This is Kevin Carter’s award-winning photograph.

Yes, the child’s name is… “Sudan,” according to Velasco. That’s right. This is Kevin Carter’s photograph that was eventually questioned… which, led him to suicide. Here’s his story.

Kevin Carter

Born in 1960 in South Africa, it is no doubt that he was born during the Apartheid, an ideology of racial segregation. Well, let’s skip to the part of the photograph.

He was letting the vehicle he rode to stop, and he saw this scenario. He was actually waiting for the vulture to spread its wings, but it was moving back and forth, without even spreading its wings. So what Carter did was, he took the vulture’s photo together with the child as is, then shooed the vulture away.

He sent all his photographs to the editor of the newspaper/magazine and yes, the editor checked the photographs… and what the editor said? The photo of the vulture with the child is so far, the most striking. No wonder, this led the Pulitzer prize something to send him a letter to be awarded in the US.

Carter then received the award for photojournalism because of his photo. Everyone applauded and praised him… however, one old man from Helping Africa raised his hand… and he asked, “What happened to the child after you took this photo?”

Everyone was waiting for the answer… and he answered, “Nothing.”

Thinking of someone who has won the award (yes, the award is at his hand), ended up in criticisms. Thinking that Carter grew up during the Apartheid, the incident led him to depression. He went back to his hometown in Johannesburg and he locked himself in his room, and NO, not even a single person should talk to him, and here’s what happened… food is just placed near his door.

It’s been months, then he started cleaning up himself, and went to the garage just to drive his own pick-up truck, and went to the river where he used to play as a child. What happened was, he taped a water hose to his exhaust pipe and placed the other side to the passenger seat window. When he started the engine again, this started his suicide. He died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

What we learned from their stories

Of course, it is NOT mistaken that these people showed off their talents. If Carter had a very tragic ending, Velasco had a very peaceful ending. In the case of Velasco, God called him back to heaven due to his works that touched so many lives. It is a sing that God was really happy that His Son Jesus is represented as someone who rides in with the poor people.

Guys, let us learn to interact with the poor, even at our free time, by simply giving them a single peso. We think that their dirty faces and frail bodies are an eyesore, but we do not know the story behind it. Yes, we may be as greedy as a luxurious yet heartless king, but let’s not forget that we are human too, and these children on the streets are human, too. We have our own stories, they have their own. It’s not all the time we get what we want; we should at least, plan for it and make a final decision.