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Mandatory ROTC? Not so fast…

Photo Courtesy: Win Gatchalian via Official Website

I do agree with ROTC, yet with reservations

Prof. Antonio Contreras’s thoughts on bringing back Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) as a mandatory course:

Indeed. Mandatory ROTC is a waste of time and resources.

Make it optional and with benefits. Meanwhile, strengthen civics and citizenship awareness among students. Require all students to take a course similar to what we have in DLSU on Citizenship and Governance. Also require a course on understanding the culture and language of other Filipinos. In fact, even as we encourage students to study foreign languages, it should be made a requirement that students know another Filipino language aside from Tagalog and their mother tongue.

Also, require all students to take martial arts courses, sex education, anti- addiction of all kinds and driving courses (so that they know traffic rules).

Ergo, his thoughts are pretty much practical.

The prudes (the Loyalists, as usual) would completely AGREE with mandatory ROTC, since for them, it instills discipline and patriotism blah blah… but I don’t actually agree. In fact, ROTC, like Martial Law, could be kind or unkind to you. Well, in order for you to be oriented in ROTC, you should undergo CAT (Citizen Advancement Training), to have a grasp on how ROTC works.

ROTC is not bad–however, consider the following factors: Be considerate to people who have experienced its dark side–hazing, powertripping, being treated by crap by power-tripping officers, etc., those things have to be placed in debate before implementation. And please, don’t get me started with countries such as Israel, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, or even Switzerland–the reason why they have mandatory conscription is because, they can AFFORD to invest for funds and resources to implement this form of learning to express love your country unconditionally, aside from the fact that it has political and foreign policy-related situations such as political conflicts regarding ideology (South vs. North Korea), or even religious involvement (Israel vs. most Gulf countries supporting Palestine), sovereignty issues (Taiwan being still the Republic of China), national policy (Singapore), and lastly, neutrality in both local and foreign policy (Switzerland).

Well, could the Philippines afford it? Let’s see.

Before approving ROTC, let us be considerate to some grey areas

The reason why it was abolished in 2001 is simply because of the hazing controversies and sort of “dark sides” it had (#NeverForget Mark Chua, a Thomasian who was killed because he exposed the alleged corruptions inside his unit). However, because we’re in a strategic location, I think this is the time it could be conducive for its comeback. Remember, the Spratlys and Scarborough Shoal are both Philippine territory (I repeat, they both are Philippine territories, lest we not forget).

If the prudes want ROTC back (well, because they really despise the leftists–read your history regarding the Cold War, and how communism played a BIG yet controversial role in that period of history), then they must condemn the corruptions inside ROTC. Also, never forget Jeff Cudia who only sacrificed himself, exposing the corruption inside the Philippine Military Academy (PMA)–that “offense for being late” causing his demerits were PURE damage control. This resulted to fewer and fewer graduates of the most prestigious military academy in the Philippines.

#NeverForget the fallen Mark Welson Chua

He was pretty much like the slain Marcos critic from Mapua, Archimedes Trajano, and of course, the late journalist Louie Beltran. Truth is–

One aspect of the story however seems to have been forgotten – that Mark would not have wanted mandatory ROTC abolished.

In 2006, the older Chua told the Varsitarian that if Mark were alive, he would not have supported the policy shift.

“Mark did not want to abolish the ROTC,” said Welson, two years before his death following a heart attack. “It’s not the institution, it’s the way it’s being run.”

Instead of eradicating the anomalies, Welson said, the move might have encouraged more corruption in the two new programs launched by the government under NSTP.

“Instead of one ROTC, now the government and the universities would have two other departments to look after,” Welson said. “These departments can be corrupt too.”

Source: The Varsitarian (retrieved 09 February 2017)

Well, to be honest, Mark Chua only wanted to improve and strengthen ROTC–and how its managed. No wonder, I would like to reveal the irregularities and of course, the loopholes when you are in a CAT/ROTC program–but first, lemme tell you that I did not take up ROTC for personal reasons–as much as I wanted to (well, masaya kasi–and no kidding, it really teaches you self-confidence), I only considered my experience in CAT.

Here were the irregularities and loopholes I encountered in my high school’s version of CAT:

1.) Frankly speaking, the CAT Officers were only used as mere “tools” to protect the school’s vested interests (no offense meant to the officers, but you get my point. I ain’t sourgraping).

2.) Usual scenario: Power-tripping.

3.) Speaking of recruiting and hiring officers, there’s cronyism and nepotism all the way.

4.) Even best cadets are chosen based on cronyism and nepotism–don’t EVER get me wrong here.

5.) The officers were only used as mere tools to continue elitism, corruption, and huge amounts of hypocrisy inside the school.

Maybe these were the things that Mark Chua exposed. Alright, I know this is a sensitive and a critical topic to discuss, however, these were my true observations. I have to admit and open this up, I voluntarily trained to become a CAT Officer, but I stopped–because lately, I realized that I was right in quitting, because simply put, it would be against my principles that I’m upholding today. Only a handful of officers upheld their principles as student leaders up to this very day.

To be honest, this is the harsh reality of the ROTC in the Philippines–starting from CAT:

“In the ph, unfortunately, it is a hotbed for bullying and hazing. It goes with the crab culture. a lot of students choose to become officers not because they want to serve the country, but think of it as a method of attaining some sort of power over others.” — on ROTC, via GRP

Thank goodness, the popular kids and the elitists MUST be grateful that I quit my CAT Officer training, and the mere fact that I chose CWTS instead of ROTC–if I become a CAT or ROTC officer, then they must prepare for me as their boss. I might be power-tripping them.

But nah, I believe that power-tripping is a sign of being unprofessional.

Well, these are my only thoughts about the comeback of mandatory ROTC. One simple hotseat controversy only caused the Philippines to abolish mandatory ROTC–which might be against the victim who exposed the loopholes of ROTC. Lest we not forget, improvements and strengthening of ROTC must push through–if we’re only to follow Mark Chua’s legacy.

Outdoors: Sunlight is King

As promised, this is the behind-the-scenes video I made… even though it does not look like a BTS video.

At last, Annie Lyn Rivas and Julian Sean in just one picture. I’ll post some BTS photos next time. (:

Originally, it should be Annie x Julian, but because it is a GROUP work, it should be something else. Pardon me if the title itself is really misleading. If you want a pure BTS video, just let me know.

Long Time No See!

Hahaha, sorry for the delay delay delay, well… if you think I am dead, well… I am not… ((:

Anyways, I really do not know why but I have finally decided to create a thesis topic. Jeezes, being an individual doing the thesis is just as hard as a rock.

Hmmm… seriously, I think this is the right time for me to think about a research proposal for my Master’s Degree abroad. Hmm, do you think it’s awkward to have a research proposal about oligarchy in your own country while doing your thesis abroad?

Well, let me tell you something. Juan Luna and Jose Rizal fought for the Philippines while they are OUTSIDE the country. Therefore, I think doing research about your home country while you’re outside your home country isn’t awkward at all.

What do you think?

Frankly speaking… Mark Joseph Solis and his plagiarism act!

Well, as a photography hobbyist, I find his actions too appalling and disgusting at the same time… and you will see in him that he has a sarcastic look–similar to Kurosaki-san of the Taxation Bureau (Hanzawa Naoki) and err… Benhur Luy, the opportunist whistle-blower.

If you think that he’s a photographer at his own right–think again! Does he even have his own Flickr account in the first place? Does he even OWN a deviantArt account as well? Does he prove that he has his own photography equipment?

Sometimes, you have to prove to anyone that you’re really GREAT in taking photos by SHOWING YOUR PORTFOLIO to everyone. I doubt he has his own Instagram account, or maybe his own portfolio.

Other ISKO people feel very ashamed of him, kaya as an outsider, mas lalo nang bumaba ang tingin ko sa UP just because they tolerated this guy and his lies–he comes from a poor family… RAW!?

Also, I really don’t think he deserves forgiveness. Hindi lang pala niya ginawa ‘yun ONCE, but he did it so many times that YES, he was CAUGHT in the ACT of stealing.

And don’t get me started about “You don’t know him personally” blah blah shit–ask any legit photographer out there and they will really find him appalling.

He shamed UP for the love of God. Kaya I was actually caught in a “verbal war” between an isko vs. me myself, for calling UP a “diploma mill.”

SORRY POE ah, taklesa lang po ang peg ko. Eh dala niya ang name ng school, kaya siyempre, ganyan talaga ang magiging reaction ng mga outsider people. Also, if he’s really a photographer, did he ever gave tips to his fellow hobbyists at the same time?

I doubt he’s really an amateur photographer.

My personal doubts about the PREMIER State-U, aka UP!

Pero despite HIS shenanigans, UP’s controversies continue to lurk around, and until UP does not fix its system, many outsiders will bash them to no end, granted that it’s a TOP UNIVERSITY. In fact, dinaig pa sila ng PUP when it comes to improving facilities. From my buddy Roxyisferox, she said that PUP never fails to maintain and to improve school facilities, and they didn’t have the need to install air conditioners at all, and I have seen one of PUP’s exterior buildings–it is very much improved and there are no signs of dilapidation, as compared to UP (been to the Human Kinetics err… something, not impressed by the quality of its facilities, and the locker rooms and restrooms… ay nako!).

As much as I hate ranting against UP, it is a sad reality that many people didn’t realize that this Solis guy is tolerated despite plagiarizing a lot of times–as compared to Kristel Tejada who deserved MORE SUPPORT. Accusing me of being in a compare-and-contrat mode? Kristel, as you can see, loved studying, and that is a sign of honesty. She was very honest, and hardworking–and people like her were just left behind to die! I pitied her just because she could no longer cope with paying the tuition fee on time–while Solis, on the other hand, is being tolerated because he HAS THE MONEY, while he’s claiming that he’s a poor dude.

A philstar column by Clapano, Mateo and Joven said:

“Watching Mark Solis’ interview on GMA News TV, where he claims that money problems forced him to resort to misrepresenting himself. I want to puke! I’ve seen his house in Las Piñas and the venue of the GMA-7 interview doesn’t look anything close to his house. He has more expensive gadgets than I have! I challenge the fact-finding committee of UP to investigate his and his family’s lifestyle,” Valte posted on her Facebook account.

Also, netizens were really very sure that Solis is FIT to be a Philippine politician.

“Basta magnanakaw, pwedeng-pwedeng tumakbo bilang pulitiko.”

Ahahaha… so rich thieves should get away from the law, and be higher than the law!? Jeezes, it makes me wanna vomit if HE WILL BE A POLITICIAN.

But UP’s controversies should not damage UP’s reputation–in fact, UP is still UP, and it’s not a problem to us. Kahit i-shove ng mga hardcore Maroons ang UP as NUMBER ONE STATE-U, ALAM NAMIN ‘YUN. Kaya if someone bashes UP, do not be butthurt! Not all people think UP as a “great” school, nor does any other private and state U in the world.

Oh, and one last word. If you misinterpret this one as jumping into conclusions, but I don’t buy into your lambastments. Comments are closed just to let you know that I do not accept rude comments. (:

Animo, DLSU Green Archers! You finally nailed it!

Credits to Ken Koo, The LaSallian and FB for this photo!

Congratulations, my dear school’s team! You finally made it! Hooray!

Tomorrow there’s FREE mochiko! Thank goodness, kung kailan lang ang last term ko sa La Salle, they will win… but it’s a good thing that my dear fave AVO had his first VICTORY! WOO-HOO!

Again, An1mo LA SALLE!

Migi Moreno running as an independent DLSU USG candidate

Courtesy of TLS and Kevin Prudon|Migi Moreno on his post-Santugon err… days.

Okay, so since I do not actually post things that are related to DLSU’s University Student Government (our very own student council), I’d like have a shot on this one.

I may not know this guy personally, however, I could say that he’s a very diligent guy — Majoring in two degrees, AB-PSM and BSC-LMG (AB Psychology + BSC Legal Management), he is also the current president of the Lasallian Scholars Society.

Well, good luck on him! I will support you!

Ramon Bautista Invades DLSU via Marty’s!


For the very very very (nth times) first time, I saw Ramon Bautista!

I felt very delighted when he was there! Actually, he’s not very tall pala (in photos, he looks like a 6-footer guy, but actually, hindi siya aabot ng 6 feet), and he sort of looks old. Hmmmmm…

Wala talaga siyang ka-ere ere sa katawan! He does not even show some diva attitude! He’s a great guy who is a good sport!

SPOTTED: Ayun pala ang pogi, oh! Bwahahahahahaha!

Internet action superstar talaga ang lolo niyo!

Nagpo-pose pa, oh!





I should have brought his book about being Friend-Zoned, para ma-otograf pa niya, oh! Sayang! Pero at least satisfied na ako dahil na-kodakan ko naman siya, which I’m supposed to do to Alodia and Kitchie… and hoping that this “individual activity” coming from me would be successful with Saab Magalona and/or Tricia Gosingtian, and same with Kitchie and Alodia. Pero if Cristine Reyes will be in DLSU, aba, boycott natin para hindi papayag ang mga FSC Brothers!

This was of course, before I knew the sad news that Zaide will no longer be there anymore, which is sad. Oo nga, ‘yung Marty’s ‘ata ‘yung despedida ng Zaide! LOL!

Breaking News: Good-bye, Zaide Canteen!

From The LaSallian:

After 35 years of service, DLSU’s Zaide canteen will officially close its counter operations today, March 7, with its last official day of operations on March 9.

A total of 22 employees will be dispersed, and will resume their work in other La Salle schools. According to unofficial statements, the canteen chose to leave DLSU because of the building’s permanent conversion to a student center. Moreover, sources say that the canteens have had difficulty in paying rent. This year, the minimum bid for canteen space ranges from P 85,000-162,000, depending on the location.

USG Vice President for Internal Affairs Robert Hechanova clarifies, “The building is planned to be a student center, an evolved canteen that will give way for more interaction among students. The contract with all the canteens will be done by the end of the year, so the space is up to the University to further utilize… there is a thrust to renovate the canteens.”

According to Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Services Jay Calleja, apart from commercial food kiosks, the space will be opened for rent to student entrepreneurs, with a small area for musical performances.

In light of such developments, the Zaide cafeteria will be up for auction, along with cafeterias in the St. La Salle (LS) building, Enrique Razon Sports Complex and Br. Andrew Gonzalez Hall.

The bidding committee will continue to entertain proposals until March 11 and award contracts on March 14. Calleja affirms, “A concessionaire can submit a bid for all three available canteen spaces, but it does not mean that all three areas can be awarded to one business.”

DLSU collects 10 percent of sales of the kiosks that operate in the campus.

I will miss Pao Pao Tea and Teazers. 😦 Ruined na talaga ang frosh-hood ko tuloy. 😦

Well, hello U-Mall na naman ako. Wear black, ok? Chos!

TheLasallian: Windows vs Mac today

“While we’re on the topic of immortal technologies and wonders which will stand the test of time, let’s look into one of the more common inventions that serve as the bedrock for all future technologies: the computer. Specifically, our generations’ computer software and operating systems for Mac and Windows. Face it: this is what you’ll be harking back to when you rant to your grandchildren in 2050. So let’s discuss how both are doing, and who prefers what, if such a stereotype may apply.”

When it comes to choosing the ideal computer, many factors come into play. Performance, budget, and durability are just some of the key factors that help Lasallians and the rest in determining which computer suits them. On one hand, we will hear some people claim that Mac is good simply because it’s “Mac,” while some supporters prefer Windows because it is the OS they grew up with, making the features close to second-nature in terms of ease of use.

“The OS I am using has helped me in my profession especially since I’m a freelance photographer,” says JoJo, a Mac user. “I do a lot of photo editing, email correspondence with clients, storage of data, not to mention burning CDs to be submitted to clients.”

When IGN came out with an article putting Mac’s OS X Mountain Lion up against Window’s platform Windows 7, it resulted in pretty much a virtual tie. Mac’s media programs may be more complete compared to their Windows counterparts, but they are usually expensive and are not really ideal for gaming purposes. Windows on the other hand, can run multiple apps and is the perfect gaming platform but it doesn’t really have the “modern” look makes it seem more user-friendly and makes navigation a bit more difficult.

“I might shift to a Windows laptop when my Macbook breaks down, due to Apple being so proprietary,” Jojo adds. “Not to mention being pricey.”

Indeed Mac took the world by storm not only with its unique design, but also because its software is much more straightforward compared to its Windows counterparts. Today, owning a Mac seems to have this separate-from-the-pack mentality, but is it really worth it considering that one of the downsides of Mac is that it’s difficult to cross platforms?

“Using Windows is less of a hassle, since it’s easier to convert things,” Hale Berry De Vera (I, AE-BSA) says. “And besides that, a lot of people use Windows!” The perception dominates.

Everyone, at some point in their life, has had an encounter with a Windows computer. This is not something against Macs, but given that the current price of a Mac (average for desktop and laptop is P51,920) is much higher than that of Windows (average new desktop PC is P20,000), one would expect to see Windows-powered computers everywhere.

Certainly these considerations will ensure that debates on which OS is better will continue to rage on despite the advancements that both OS’s have made. What we can say is that the most suitable program for you would be the one that suits your needs (and wants). But make sure you pick just one to rant about to your grandkids, and stick to it.

As much as I enjoy the benefits of an Apple MBP, I still believe that Windows is the most dominant.

Now let me tell you the history of Apple Mac line’s lean towards the mainstream culture.

Even though a regular Mac costs like a minimum of 50,000, it is no denying that it is starting to lean towards the mainstream culture. This is the start of the actual competition between Windows and Macs (Read: Actual). Before, Macs are exclusively for the elite (you said it right, the elite group, not the middle-class group), so you expect to see a Mac when you’re in Class-A universities, local or abroad.

Since Windows is still the dominant operating system so far, people start to anticipate what the next OS would be. However, for Mac users, they do not mind whether it’s an OSX Leopard or the all-new OSX Mountain Lion since the interface of OSX does not change, except for the trackpad’s function and the Finder Window.

So let’s try to balance the pros and cons of both OS’s.

– Capable of creating, recording, modifying, converting, accepting and using .avi format when it comes to videos/movie clips.
– Not really good when viewing .mov formats (personal experience). You still have to download VLC Media Player to achieve this.
– The Notepad offers plain text as is (as compared to TextEdit, you still have to go to Format to make Plain Text).
– You will never have any problems using Microsoft Office (yes, Macs have MS Office designed for them).
– Sending music/videos/files to smartphones via Bluetooth won’t be a problem.
– Explores the contents of your iPhone directly without the help of iTunes/iPhoto.
– Excellent choice for most gamers and game aficionados.
– Has a Paint application, like DUH!
– Does not support RAW picture files (you need to install your DSLR’s provided software!).
– When capturing a screenshot (colloquial: screencap), you have to go to Paint, which is hassle.
– High-quality graphics is not perfect, but excellent enough, albeit non-retina.
– Its minimum price fits the needs and desires of the average consumer.
– Windows Movie Maker does not support .mp4, unless… (could a Windows user please answer this for me!?).
– Installing a PC Cillin program or an Anti-Virus software may be required or optional.
– Viewing of online documents/websites have a not-so-good font feel.

Mac OS
– Excellent choice for viewing and utilizing/maximizing .mov video formats.
– Supports .mp4 format in iMovie.
– Consistent development and updates for iMovie (as compared to Windows Movie Maker).
– More conducive for utilizing Photoshop and Lightroom at the same time.
– Its Preview and iPhoto supports and reads (recognizes) RAW formats.
– A must-have for photographers and cinematographers just in case they have the money.
– Screencapping should not be a problem at all since you only have to press Command+Shift+3 (yes, all at the same time!).
– Retina display!? More expensive, and you need to find suitable software that would par with the MBP with Retina for better performance.
– Its minimum price is not suitable for the average consumer.
– Has its own music editing application.
– Is basically lesser prone to viruses, hence, the price.
– For crying out loud, it’s like your average PC — it slows down, too!
– It has its own PhotoBooth application for maximization of webcam use.
– It does not create/record .avi video format files, nor does it perform conversions to .avi format.
– Viewing of online documents/websites have a better font feel.

Overall, it should be a tie. Both operating systems have their own pros and cons, but stick to something that really suits your personality and needs. Windows is a flexible operating system, however, it is not an open-source OS. It is a commercialized OS, but universal. Mac OS, on the other hand, is absolutely proprietary, and if you’re going to install a Mac OS on a non-Mac, it’s alright, but there are issues that would make it a waste rather than a convenience.

I think the reason why I decided to switch to Mac is because I do not like the look and feel of Windows 7. I certainly do not know how it is to use Windows 8 as a PC. Hmmm… should I still make the Mac as a backup and buy another PC again!? Help!

I hope Felice Fawn would be enlightened. Okay, I’m biased, however, she should look at the pros and cons of each OS so that she would hmmm… well long story!

Every Villain is Lemons… oh really?

If we had condemn the writing of James Soriano regarding language, actually he was only using sarcasm against the Philippine education system using English as the medium of instruction.

Well, in the case of The Varsitarian… no offense to Thomasians, but I think that it is siding one of the senators who was deeply affected (*ehem* I kid I kid) of those criticisms [PS: Could you please don’t take it personally?].

However, in some way, I think James Soriano’s article was much better.

Hardcore Catholic fanaticism: Not Good

Okay, so in religion class, I have learned about taking the Bible fundamentally and mythologically — and the fact that this author of two articles… is actually a Christian fanatic… and he even called Carlos Celdran a Jose Rizal wannabe!? Dude, get your facts straight! Alright, Jose Rizal studied in UST, but there’s one thing that I want to mention on his biography: He was bullied because of his “Filipino-ness.” Now, the author called Atenean and Lasallian professors as cowards!?

Being PRO-RH BILL does not make you LESS a Catholic. Being ANTI-RH BILL does not make you MORE a Catholic.

Intellectual Dishonesty and Moral Cowardice
A Lasallian’s reply to a deluded lemon

I do feel sorry for the Thomasian students. Maybe they’re either brainwashed, or somehow forced to say something that is really “good” and “nice.” Well, the author himself does not represent UST as a Catholic institution, but rather as a Catholic Church. Okay, so I was referring to Beni Medici’s rants (theindifferentmasochist), but if you’re going to delve at her rants, maybe you’ll get her point — that the author of the two articles represent UST as a Catholic Church rather than a Catholic school. What’s even worse is that, med students in UST are also misinterpreted.

To the author of those articles in The Varsitarian

Dude, get your facts straight. If you think that Atenean and Lasallian professors are cowards, read the third article written by a Lasallian.

In the end, I’d rather make moral mistakes as a human being, rather than succeed in life as a church’s puppet.

Well, I’d rather not go to church anymore, since when did I ever become a true-blooded Catholic? Okay, so to speak, I only took religion for granted during high school, and it seemed that “values” are no longer there when popular kids and know-it-alls started to lurk the whole community. No wonder, introverts are always left behind, and these “two evil people” are always on the spotlight. Trust me, these two people I’ve mentioned won’t be recognized — rather, introverts will take the place of the “famous.” What famous? Famous, as in reputable ones. I really wanted to learn how to be a Catholic… but not until I took it for granted. Granted, that is.

Sexism, Abuse of values due to pride, and Exploitation

Structured life, forced training as form of exploitation — there are no benefits. You get bruises, actually.

If you’re going to exploit someone for your own benefit, then why not learn the painful lesson from early maturity? Yes, early maturity, physically-speaking is NOT GOOD in such a way — it only earns you more negative remarks and worse, people are expecting you think maturely.

I’ll speak in Tagalog this time: Mahirap kaya maging physically mature!

Mahirap, in such a way that you’re going to regret it when you’re going to inherit all the ugliest traits, as if feeling mo naman that ang bumuo sa’yo ‘yung mga genetic traits na hindi naman desirable pero tinambak lang para mabuo ka!

That’s what the author should know about — not anyone can be a Catholic, wholeheartedly. Some would take it for granted, some would actually not practice it at all. In fact, there’s a Tumblr post that stated:

I am against religion because it teaches satisfaction without knowing reality.

Also, if you’re going to delve at the culture of ancient Israel, sexism really does exist, and women today who think sexist are actually ashamed of their gender/sex. I’m not being a feminist, but patriarchy has its own cons as well. I actually believe that girls doing the first move (showing off feelings) as not good is actually a sexist thought. It only shows that men are more superior, which is sad. Women are still oppressed up to now, and I really don’t know why. If only we were not invaded by the Spaniards, this could have NOT happened. At least, during the ancient Filipino times, women are looked up in a venerable way, not the way of thinking it is right now.

Right now, Spain has its own share of karma. Sila pa ang bansang lubog sa utang amongst the EU countries — at hindi lang sila, pati Greece, Portugal at Ireland — that reflects that if you’re a colony of the UK and/or France, there’s a more possibility that your country will prosper and the thinking would be a balance of science and religion.

Oh please, with regards to our culture pa nga, a family that is composed of pure arseholes might as well abuse those “values” and “norms” when they have a family — that’s one example of exploitation. Kung sila nga, gumagawa ng kabulastugan, kumbaga, parang feeling powerful na sila, ‘no?

If you’re also going to delve at Jose Rizal’s works, the ideal Filipina is portrayed as Maria Clara. However, I think that Maria Clara is a good example of a demure woman who cannot decide and assert on her own. One reason why I really criticize demure people — siyempre, madali silang lokohin ng mga taong nakakairita magsalita!

That pseudo-conservatism has to stop. Not all Filipinos in general look down on their culture and so do we Filipinos who speak out do not actually glorify ALL our cultural norms and values. Iba na talaga magagawa ng yabang at kapangyarihang mang-abuso ng mga values para lang gumawa ng dahilan, hindi ba? At isa pa, talking about sex (referring to Roxyisferox’s article about Mocha Girls and empowerment) does not make you malibog at all, if you’re not going to discuss it the immoral way.

I know that those pseudo-conservatives are actually kiss-arse to those people who do not deserve recognition at all. Same with know-it-alls who are kiss-arse to popular kids.

KISS-ARSE your face, people who were naparungitan! ‘Yan, buti nga sa inyo!

Okay, nao-off topic na ako. But I am saying this again and again, that everything comes from the stream of consciousness.