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SURVEY: Elitism in the Philippines

Message to all the followers and fans:

I sincerely apologize for the long hiatus without even posting a hiatus post (OMG, this is the worst mortal sin I have committed). Anyways, I am now writing a book (I am doing my best to make this shit serious, I am not kidding this time!) about Elitism in the Philippines since its title will be, “Elitism in the Orient Pearl.”

PS: I am making a career out of it, so better bear with me regarding this one.

Intro Speech

If you are a Filipino residing in the Philippines or abroad (or if you’re a foreigner who naturalized as a Filipino citizen), feel free to answer this survey I am conducting online if you are willing to help me finish this book without any qualms. This is the only way for me to receive true feedback from netizens residing in the Philippines and/or abroad.

Survey Proper

SURVEY #1 – Introduction
SURVEY #2 – Sample Excerpts

To all the haters, bashers and the like:

Guys, do not misinterpret this one as attention-whoring. I know some of you (who are elitists) who will make an issue out of this post. Remember, I am writing a book, not creating some controversy or spark any issue that will hurt innocent people out of your intentional mishaps (lol). Just don’t answer the survey or buy the book (coming soon) if you don’t have any interest in doing so. My aim is to educate a lot of people who do not have access to social media, and I am making the price of this book as cheap as I could assign the price. Soon, I will come back to Photoshop or prolly have a new iPad mini (hopefully the iPad mini 3) with me, and there’s nothing you can really do with it if you think I am very harsh on my upcoming book haha.

Ending Note

No one can ever stop me from writing my first book. Just stay tuned for more updates!

Interview questions for Masato Sakai


So I would like to interview Masato Sakai about his role as Komikado Kensuke in Legal High. Just in case his talent agency would see this one, I hope this reaches to Sakai-san himself.

[Side Note: Kindly include the translations just in case he will answer all of them in Japanese, I only know a little]

1.) While portraying the role of Komikado Kensuke, do you find it challenging? Because I noticed that you still have to maintain your sarcastic facial expression even though you are becoming serious, and sometimes you become quite emotional–and when you also go sourgraping. I also heard that you took the role of Komikado-sensei because you found the role interesting.

– In your opinion, do you think making sarcastic remarks is your thing in real life?
* If YES, what are your ways on showing sarcasm?
* If NO, how do you deal with it?

2.) Do you think portraying the role of a lawyer who hasn’t lost a case something that interests you?

If YES, what are the things in a lawyer that you find it interesting?
If NO, did you have a personal experience with a lawyer that you didn’t like? Why or why not?

3.) How do you actually assess Komikado Kensuke as a person? Do you see yourself in him?

If YES, in what way do you see yourself in him? What are the traits that you have in common with him?
If NO, why do you think you don’t see yourself in him? What are the traits that you don’t actually like in him?


a.) How was Yui Aragaki as your co-star? How was it working with her?

– As Komikado-sensei, how did you feel at the first place when you execute sarcastic and vulgar lines towards Aragaki’s character?
– Would you like to work with her again in the future?

b.) With regards to Kotaro Satomi, who portrays the role of Hattori, also known as the butler of Komikado-sensei, how was it working with him? Do you consider him as a father figure?

c.) How was it working with Katsuhisa Namase? Since both your characters are actually enemies, what are some of the challenges and how did you work with it together effectively?

d.) Overall, what are the things that you’ve learned from them, as an actor? How do you settle your boundaries and differences when working with one another as actors?

5.) No offense though, but I attempted to make an intensive research about you on the Internet. However, my sources are quite limited since I only speak and understand a little Japanese and Chinese at the same time, and I noticed that most of your interesting videos (which includes interviews about Legal High) could only be accessed on Chinese-language video-sharing sites. I didn’t realize that doing an intensive research about more interesting things about you (and the series itself) would turn out to be a big challenge. Do you often avoid the Japanese media when you’re being interviewed, or is that because you just want to keep your private life private?

6.) With regards to your career, have you ever worked with some of Japan’s biggest stars?

If YES, what are the things that you have learned from them?
If NO, whom amongst these “big stars” do you want to work with in the future?

7.) Among all the movies and TV dramas that you starred at, what is the most challenging role that you have ever portrayed? Why did you choose that one?

– What are the biggest challenges you have encountered while portraying this character/person?
– At the first place were you interested in portraying this character/person?

8.) If you are given a certain role, would your prefer the serious role or the comic role?

– If serious role, why is that so? What are the challenges when portraying a serious role?- If comic role, why is that so? What are the challenges when portraying a comic role?

9.) Among all the female co-stars that you’ve worked with, who is your favorite and why?

10.) In the future, would you prefer to make more Japanese-language films or to be in a foreign-language film? Because I heard you speaking English and Chinese in Legal High, with a thick accent of course, but which would you prefer and why?

– In Legal High, since you spoke English and Chinese in some episodes, did you read your lines phonetically?- Between Chinese and English, which is more difficult/challenging to use?

11.) In the movie, Sukiyaki Western Django, all of the Japanese cast are required to speak in English. Since you only have a few lines in that movie, did you learn them phonetically? Did you also have difficulty in learning and memorizing them?

12.) How was it working with Teruyuki Kagawa (you were with him in Golden Slumber, Key of Life and in Sukiyaki Western Django)? What are the things that you have learned from him?

[Well, to be continued…]

Writer Profile: Pete G. Ampoloquio, Jr.|Pete Ampoloquio

Si Pete G. Ampoloquio, Jr., ay isang manunulat/kolumnista sa, isang tabloid-like website na kung saan maraming mga nakakaaliw na articles na mae-enjoy ninyo… KUNG ang nagsulat nun ay no other than Ka Pete!

Kalurkey naman, oh! Lagi niya talagang pinag-iinitan si Tita Cristy Fermin na super hate ni Tita Bisaya! HAHAHAHA!

S’yempre, hindi niyo siya ma-type-an kung mababasa niyo ang mga hinanakit niya laban ke Tita Cristy at syempre naman kay Marian Rivera. Pero kung mababasa niyo ang mga hinanakit niya laban kay no other than the pambansang prostitot ng Pilipinas na si Cristine Reyes, maaaliw talaga kayo sa kanya! PROMISE!

Bakit sa Remate pa? Hindi ba tabloid-ish ‘yun?

Sa Remate naman kasi, dun ko naman nakilala si Leonore Rolle, isang avid hater ni CR. Hindi man siya perpektong tao, ngunit alam niya kung gaano ka despise-able si AA. Oo, AA’s character speaks for her reputation. Hindi niyo lang talaga kayang tanggapin na kung sino pa ang nagde-declare na prangka’t palaban sila, ‘yun pa ang hindi umaamin sa kanilang mga retoke!

Kalurkey, ende vah?

Si Ka Pete rin kasi, hindi niya rin type si Maja, kaya dun ko rin siya nagustuhan. S’yempre, si Maja, kahit mahusay siyang artista, malaki ang ulo. Kaya simula nung wala na siyang issue, KONTI na lang ‘yung mga project niya.

Right, Chris Tiu?

Unkabogable Lines ni Ka Pete: Maaliw Naman Kayo D’yan!

Teleserye nina Cristine, Piolo wala nang dating: Walang Hanggan nina Coco, Julia panalo!

MARAMI ang nagtataka kung bakit ang promise ng soap nina Piolo Pascual at Cristine Reyes ay ‘di na nag-materialize when it used to be one of the hottest soaps at ABS-CBN when it started barely a month ago.

Simple lang, it’s not Piolo’s fault dahil behaved naman siya at wala namang ginagawang nega na makaaapekto sa soap nila.

Ang dapat sisihin ay ang lead actress dito na oo nga’t mahusay naman sanang umarte pero nagpakademonya kaya tigbakers tuloy ang arrive ng kanilang soap opera.

Kung hataw to-the-max ang Walang Hanggan nina Coco Martin at Julia Montes, parang sisinghap-singhap na ang teevee series nina Piolo at Cristine at mukhang wala nang nanonood. Hahahahahahahaha!

That’s what you get for being so mean and uncouth, dara. Hahahahahaha! Kung bakit kasi pati press ay sinasali mo sa pangbabalahura mo sa ‘yong ina’t kapatid.

Ang ending, lahat sila ay kumampi kay Ara at wala ni isang nagtanggol sa ‘yo. Hahahahahahahaha!

Poor delusory girl, where would you go now?

Hindi kaya pati panghulog sa mansion mo sa Paranaque ay ma-delay? Hahahahahahahaha!

Anyway, pati pala PA ng retokadang glorified starlet na ‘to ay pinalayas niya dahil pinagbintangang nagnakaw supposedly ng kanyang singsing nu’ng time na magkasakit siya at ang PA lang ang dumaramay at nag-aalaga sa kanya.

Hurting daw talaga ang PA dahil sa tinagal-tagal nilang nagsama ng butangerang starlet, ngayon pa raw ba siya gagawa nang ganon?

Anyhow, to make a long story short, na-misplace lang pala ng kati-katerang glorified starlet ang ring na nawawala kuning-kuning. Hahahahahaha!

Too late the hero, the PA has already left her employ.

We just don’t know the latest development if she has been cajoled to go back or if she did make true of her promise to leave for keeps.

Baka naman dahil labs naman daw talaga nito si Bungangerang Retokada na sandamakmak ang yosi-kadiring cellulite ay nagoyong muling magbalik. Hahahahahahahahaha!

How gross!

‘Yun na!


Me Take: HAHAHAHA, oo naman! Agree naman ako ‘dong, na si AA naman talaga ang DAHILAN kung bakit FLOP ang DSP. HAHAHA, ganyan talaga kapag isang cheap-ass ang sinali sa DSP. Maganda sana ang DSP, pero panira lang si AA, eh. HALATANG PA-KYUT lang ang acting niya. Not cool (enough).

Alam mo kasi AA, umayos ka na nga! Hangga’t hindi ka pa nagpapa-retoke ng ugali mo, s’yempre naman, maraming susunod sa mga yapak mong… EWW! Tinapakan ng shit? LOL!

Dumi na sa paningin ng publiko!

[This time, from naman ito.]

Hahahahahahaha! Dahil sa kamalditahan at kababuyan, mukhang sa kangkungan pupulutin ang career nitong si Cristine Reyes.

Sa true, baboy sa dilang baboy ang pag-uugali ng monster na babaeng ito na infested with yosi-kadiring cellulites ang mga hita. Hahahahahahahaha!

Imagine, after all the loving and the caring that her sister Are Mina had given her, she (diabolical Cristine) still has the temerity to accuse her sister of some horrible doings.

This woman is indeed a blight!

A Pestilence!

She deserves to rot in hell if ever such place truly exists!

Grabe talaga ang nagawa ng show business sa babaeng ito na untakable talaga ang barubal na pag-uugali.

Siguro, sila ni Marianita Kuflangga, ang guranggang asal-matrona (‘di ba naman mukhang andang tabatsina? Hahahahaha!) ang dapat na pagtapatin dahil close fight ang kanilang evil persona. Hahahahahahaha!

Did I hit the nail right on its head, obese na matronang priority pala-palagi ang anda? Hahahahahahaha!

Magtika ka na ng mga pagkakasala mo, Lola Anda, before you plunge straight down into the abyss of hell. Hahahahaha!

Anyway, going back to the abominable Cristine Reyes, kiyemeng nagdrama-drama raw ang babaeng asal-demonya nang sumulat sa sis ni-yang si Ara Mina na kiyemeng magbati na kuno sila dahil magkapatid sila at alang-alang na lang sa kanilang inang nagkakaedad na.



Ang kaso, practically the same day, (Bubo-nika wrote about this in her pambalagtasan column…Hahahahahaha!) go raw ang karumal-dumal ang pag-uugaling demonya at nilait to-the-max ang ina niyang may phobia na sa kababuyan niya.

Grabeeee! Ang tindi talaga ng sama ng pag-uugali ng ilung babaeng ito na ewan kung kanino nagmana.


Anyway, after her demonic doing gets maximum media mileage, do you think this diabolical actress would still have a burgeoning career in the business?

I honestly don’t think so!

Ang mga katulad niyang hayupera ang pag-uugali ay nararapat lang na nalalaos at nawawalan ng career para magtanda at magpakataong muli.

Sa totoo, hindi sapat na marunong kang umarte at may ganda (kahit peke at di orig…Hakhakhak!), in the end, what’s most important is your attitude off-cam.

Ang mga taong tulad ng cellulite-infested na babaeng ito ay dapat na pinarurusahan and what a most fitting way to do it than giving her a dose of her own yosi-kadiri kind of medicine.

Huwag n’yong panoorin ang mga soap ope-ras na ginagawa ng matindi pa sa burak ang bibig at pag-uugaling babaeng ‘yan.

Dapat lang na matuto siya ng leksyon para magtanda!


Me Take: Idagdag niyo pa po ‘to: Kaya AA ang nickname niya dahil marumi daw siya sa katawan nung bata pa siya! AND please lang, take note of the initials… CR means COMFORT ROOM, only in the Philippines! Kaya coincidence naman talaga kung bakit ganun ang naging conspiracy na, eh. Kada project, ang mga shooting place na kung saan andun rin siya; simple lang ‘yan: UMAAAMOY IMBURNAL NA ANG BUONG LUGAR.

[To be honest with all of you guys, Ka Pete should be hailed as the Perez Hilton of the Philippines. Kung si Perez Hilton pa nga ang mag-blog laban ke AA, NAKO! Sangkatutak na ballistic words ang article na ‘yun, much worse than Ka Pete’s!]

Afraid sa pananaray ng press: Ilusyunada at make-up dependent na si Cristine, feel nang makipagbati kay Ara!

[First ko nakilala si Ka Pete dito!]

HAHAHAHAHA! Shakira ang impaktang si Cristine Reyes na ingrata’t walang utang na loob sa pagmamahal at pag-aalagang ginawa sa kanya ng utol niyang si Ara Mina.

Dahil overwhelming ang ginawang pagkampi kay Menang ng working press, nagkukumahog na raw lately ang babaeng maganda lang pag naka-make-up nang makapal! (Hakhakhak!) pero nuknukan nang sama ang pag-uugali (mag-deny ka at kikidlatan ang mga cellulite mo sa mga hita para maging permanent na at nang mabawasan ang kababuyan ng iyong pag-uugali, ingrata!) para suyuing muli ang kanyang ate and ultimately, save her career from total and absolute annihilation.

Sa true, di uubra ang kapraningan mong ‘yan sa working press.

Gagawin ka nilang pritong Ampalaya para mabawasan ang nakasusulasok mong pag-uugali.


Kung anuman ang ate mo, di mo na nararapat na ipinagkakalat ‘yun sa mga tao dahil ang kahihiyan niya ay kahihiyan mo rin.

The trouble with ingrate people like you is that you are suffused with your delusions, you no longer remember the good things that are done to you by other people.

Sa totoo, without your make-up on, and without the help of Vicki Belo, you are exceedingly plebeian.

Ordinaryo ka lang, ning, at di sing-ganda ng iyong Ate Ara na hindi nga siguro perpekto pero may sakdal-gandang kalooban.

Baka akakain mo na naman PR niya ako. Hahahahahahahaha!

I never was and never will be.

Get it?

Nakita ko lang naman ang pag-uugali n’yong dalawa and comparing it, lost ka niya in terms of good breeding, social graces, caring for your mom, among other things.

Huwag ka ring mag-ilusyon na piniperahan si Ate Ara mo ng mga lalake dahil gawain mo ‘yun!

Kuha mo? Itanong mo kaya kay Rayver Cruz. Hahahahahahahaha!


Panget ang pag-uugali mo at kapag ganyan kabarubal ang ugali ng isang tao, hinding-hindi siya pagpapalain ng Diyos.

Huwag ka nga palang masyadong confident na mag-guest on national television with your face not made up to perfection because your plain features are revealed to the max.

Kita mo’t nilampaso ka nung lady friend mo na nakaayos talaga kaya ang ganda-ganda ng dating.

Ang mga tulad mong synthetic lang ang ganda, dapat, nararapat at karapat-dapat lang na naka-emyas to-the-max dahil di ka naman naturally beautiful like your Ate Mina.

Mag-exercise ka nga pala dahil yosi-kadiri ang mga cellulite sa mga hita mo!

Yuck! Kadiri!

Kabata-bata pa namumutaktak na sa mga yosi-kadiring cellulite?

Pa’no, ang tamad-tamad at umaasa lang sa mga diet pills na ‘yan para pumayat. Hakhakhak!

Mahusay ka nga sanang artista pero burak naman ang pag-uugali mo at asal-baboy ka!

Kundi ka ba naman baboy, hayan at pinag-aral ka ng ate Ara mo sa isang magandang eskwelahan pero wala ka namang natutunan kundi magbulakbol kaya ang syonga-syonga mo.

Kita mo nga at nilampaso ka ng articulate tongue at esekolang bearing ni Anne Curtis nu’ng sabay kayong nagpu- promote ng movie n’yo ni Derek Ramsay. Hahahahahaha!

Umayos ka, huh?

Baka ang ending malaos kang muli at di na makaangat pa, mawalan ka tuloy ng andang pangbayad kay Vicki Belo, biglang lumabas ang The Omen mong personalidad. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

Hindi porke’t yumaman ka na ay kay baba-baba na ang tingin mo sa kapatid mong nagpala sa’yo nung time na cheap ka pa’t walang career.

Mas malayo ang narating niya sa show business compared sa idiota at ilusyunadang tulad mo.

Wala ka sa kanyang kalingkingan.

You’re nothing but a second rate, trying hard, copycat!

Gaya-gaya ka lang naman sa ate mo. Pasalamat ka nga’t nauso ang mga beauty aids na ‘yan.

For if not, you’re too plebeian looking, no one would pay you any scant attention.

Magtutulog ka kasi at baka tumangkad ka pa at di ganyang puro lalake ang inaatupag mo!


Di ka bakla, ning! Babae ka!

‘Yun lang!

Me Take: HAHAHAHA, natawa talaga ako dito! Check out the AA Klenk the Cult Leader to find out these hilarious comments!

Sikat na sexy star di raw kagandahan, maputi lang

CLICK HERE for easier access (and don’t forget to press backspace/”delete” for the Mac users)!


“Imagine,” our friend asseverates, “aside from bringing cigarette and liquor in the campus, she, too, was spotted wearing a skimpy bikini inside the car.”

Actually, you have to click the link so that you would really know… it is a blind item this time.

Me Take: HAHAHAHAHA! People should know the dirty side already! You know how much I love you guys, so yeah.

Overall Take

Of course, these featured articles are about me worst emeny, CR/AA. HAHAHA, mas nakakaaliw pa nga basahin compare naman kung basahin ‘yung mga articles laban ke Tita Cristy, kasi nga isa pa ‘yun, hate niya rin si AA!

Naku, bakit hindi pa niya sinanto si Marian!? Inggit ka sa byuti niya, ‘no?

Beat that, PinoyGossipBoy!

Just in case you are wondering, Ka Pete and Tita Cristy cannot get along with one another is because, you know, if you hate AA, or lezzay, if you’re “credible” enough, you might not get along with each other. Projection theory, to be exact! HAHAHAHAHA!

The Leprechaun’s Pouch

Hello guys! Just in case you’re interested, I am going to sell some of the items I’m no longer using. However, these are some of the sad factors that you should understand, since this is my only first time to endorse things online (a la trial mode).

Consider these factors:

– Not to be biased, but I’m not allowed to get out of town without a companion unless near DLSU premises.
– Err, I only stay in La Salle during my wee hours.

So, this would be the result:

– This would only be open to Lasallians.
– The meet-up would be in La Salle.
– Please follow this on Tumblr:

Items on Display

Camera pendants cost Php 340; Cameo pendants cost Php 200.

Ever Bilena Red Lipstick costs Php 450. Once purchased, you get a free Chalk Magazine February ’12 Issue.

Still wondering about the price and meet-up place?

Actually, here’s the thing. This is my first try to endorse these products since I’m no longer using these things. I may make tawad on these things, for as long as you’re on a tight budget. Alright, to explain everything, we would only meet in La Salle just in case you want to buy these products. If you’re not a Lasallian, the only possible place we could meet would be in One Archer’s Place (Coffee Bean in West Tower, Holly’s Coffee in East Tower), or maybe in Starbucks near La Salle.

Please understand my sentiment. I just want everyone to know that I’m not going out of town for no reason.

Day Twenty-Four: Top Five Things You Do During “Me-Time”

1.) Facebook – Notifications about school and of course, my crushes.

2.) Tumblr, deviantArt – Of course, who doesn’t?

3.) Blog – I blog a lot.

4.) Sleep, eat – When I’m offline.

5.) Take photos of nothing but what I see – Haha, I’m a shutter-happy kid!

Day Twenty-Three: Top Five Worst Teachers You’ve Ever Had

My favorite topic, don’t lash out (:

1.) The Assuming Hypocrite – Well, why is this the code name? Of course, valuing something opposite that you teach MORE is just like NOT doing what you preach. Also, what’s the purpose of high-falutin words? Assuming, huh? To everyone following the principles and legacy of this person, just please. You might not want to be talked behind your back.

2.) Doctor Gay – AHHHHH, he’s the epitome of the stubborn HS administration. Ever wonder why he earns that code name? That’s because he already has a Ph.D. and he acts effeminate. There you have it.

3.) Compare and Contraaaaaaast – She loved comparing our section to her own section; yep, she had high expectations. That’s more of pressuring us since this is a sign of arrogance.

4.) The Arrogant Achiever – Every rule she always impose is based from arrogance. If she received a better position in the academe, there goes her true colors. Yes, may maipagyayabang naman, ‘di ba? However, in her case, it’s like this: Power-trippings result from arrogance, and with that, she might not realize that she’s being backfighted, except for the free-riding popular kids, of course.

5.) Nes Vita – Well, never mind. She’s just like any of the assuming people who think that sipsip people are better than those who are too quiet.

Day Twenty-Two: Top Five Sexiest People Ever (Dead Or Alive)


1.) AJ Perez – Well, it’s self-explanatory. Haha.

2.) Anne Curtis – She may not be that good-looking, what what makes her respectable is her charm and of course, her kick-ass personality. Despite improving her acting late, it doesn’t matter at all; she’s already an accomplished actress.

3.) Solenn Heussaff – To Felice Fawn fans, she’s more talented, although not a photographer, though.

4.) Angel Locsin – The queen of all sporty bodies, of course, you can’t hear any issue against her, but with ABS-CBN, that doesn’t count. Haha.

5.) Julia Montes – Despite having a villain face, she’s on the inside, approachable.


1.) Marilyn Monroe – The sex symbol of the US, of course, it’s self-explanatory again.

2.) Kim Kardashian – Of course, the curviest Hollywood celebrity is the epitome of royalty.

3.) Nicole Scherzinger – She’s not good-looking, but not ugly either. In fact, she proved everyone that she’s not going to be a walking porn.

4.) Hwang Bo – She’s the only Korean celebrity who has a curvy figure, of all the Koreans. Not skinny unlike the typical Korean.

5.) Beyonce – The dance and R&B queen, she deserves a space here.

Day Twenty-One: Top Five Movies You Quote Constantly

1.) Kung Fu Panda 2

2.) Rush Hour

3.) Norbit

4.) SpongeBob

5.) Can’t think of any

Day Seventeen: Top Five Favorite Things To Do Where You Live

1.) Sit down on the lappie for many hours.

2.) Click, shoot!

3.) Draw and color using my gel pens.

4.) Watch cartoons (yes, I still watch them!) and teleserye.

5.) Eat and sleep.

I’ll skip eighteen and nineteen, alright haha.

Day Sixteen: Top Five Things In Life You’d Like An Explanation For

If NOT in life, these are my everyday observations:

1.) Most Italians/Italian-Americans or people/celebrities of Italian descent (half, one-quarter Italian, if not US American) have tattoos, only John Cena, Rosa Kato or Michael Angarano do not have tattoos. I never heard Alessandra de Rossi with tattoos haha. Also I applaud Gwen Stefani for not having a tattoo. Good girl! I’m not sure with Ilaria Graziano.

2.) Most suplada women are smart and talented – Good thing Roxy’s on the rescue, and she said that the world’s getting immoral nowadays. There’s someone who supports my argument, “Morality’s getting loose nowadays.”

3.) Children’s digestive system should be kept virgin-ly sanitary – Of course, I cannot eat Japanese raw food back then, but it was only when I grew up that I looooove sushi. Sushi, salmon, sashimi, crab sticks! Wait, what about Japanese children eating sushi, huh?

4.) Why most Ateneans are good bloggers – My favorite bloggers are Tricia Gosingtian, Saab Magalona and of course, Pilar Pedrosa Pilar. They’re all Ateneans, even the Gosiengfiao sisters. Camille Co’s also one. Hmm… does this have a connection at BFA Creative Writing or something?

5.) To be honest, why do beautiful genes go recessive? For instance, tall, white people have weaker genes that those who are short n*ggas. No racism intended, really. Also, if you’re the only black person (or dark-skinned rather), why do your light-skinned brothas have weaker genes compared to you, and you have the strongest teeth and has a history of two women at the same time. Haha. Also, why do girls inherit men traits, like tan skin or hairy skin. If the guy’s tan or even hairy, he might be like Derek Ramsay, am I right? But there are more handsome men than Angelica Panganiban’s beau.