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What I mean is that, I will no longer live in a restrictive life, and that’s good news to you all.

#RealTalk: Being chillax in the house and going out when it’s needed is actually relaxing. Okay, I could find online jobs such as selling pics online either on deviantArt (I’m going back to dArt plus Imma make it serious business) OR making videos. Wahahah!

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Very Important Announcement: HIATUS

This applies to both this blog and MSPanythinginrandom.

Well, there are no other words to explain more, but it’s still not yet goodbye. After all, I am going on a hiatus as a blogger, for now. (:

Even the official Facebook page for both blogs are on a hiatus as well, since I’m going towards another journey. Chos. ((:

I’ll be back. (PROMISE!)

Long Time No See!

Hahaha, sorry for the delay delay delay, well… if you think I am dead, well… I am not… ((:

Anyways, I really do not know why but I have finally decided to create a thesis topic. Jeezes, being an individual doing the thesis is just as hard as a rock.

Hmmm… seriously, I think this is the right time for me to think about a research proposal for my Master’s Degree abroad. Hmm, do you think it’s awkward to have a research proposal about oligarchy in your own country while doing your thesis abroad?

Well, let me tell you something. Juan Luna and Jose Rizal fought for the Philippines while they are OUTSIDE the country. Therefore, I think doing research about your home country while you’re outside your home country isn’t awkward at all.

What do you think?


Expect more delay with regards to my posts, and I’m very sorry to those who have birthdays within these first two weeks since I really chose not to open my Facebook account. Well, just E-Mail me at or if you want to know my mobile number (actually, I won’t ever disclose my mobile number here, unless you are my friend/follower/following on the following sites aside from Facebook).

If you would like to contact me, here are the following accounts that I have:

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Since I would almost give up on Facebook, expect me not to reply to your messages. To my Twitter followers (I am also MolStudPhlog there), I am very sorry if I might not reply to your tweets. You may reply to this post if you wish to communicate with me. But for now, I will stay away from Facebook for two weeks or less.

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I could finally say this…

At last! I am graduating.

Here, I think it’s something that is honorable. As a matter of fact, my WHOLE YEARS OF STAY in DLSU has made me become a better person and err… reunite with someone whom I used to lambast before. But now, we are at truce.


Well, sorry to my lovely followers, but as a matter of fact, I have not really updated this website. Hehe, but YES, since I am actually on a real hiatus on blogging (I will go back for as soon as I have Photoshop in my hands, for I have a new Facebook page and Instagram account to share).

Anything in Random blog, for those who have no freaking idea that I write most often at this blog.
Kómi Says Memes – He has a Facebook and Instagram page.

Right now, I am currently learning Japanese. Well, not really as in FORMAL, but if I have time, I will immerse myself in the language and culture of Japan. Also, I am now working on this Kómi Says Memes wherein this is the page for ALL Legal High and Sakai Masato fans!

I am now open to questions, queries, letters, personal messages, whatever!


You may also ask me here:


Followers, thanks

If you’re still wondering why I’m no longer posting interesting blog posts is because…

GOSH, I think I have to take a nap now.

To the followers of this blog, thanks for supporting me. You are the reasons why I keep it alive, rather than leaving it to rot. I know, I may some lapses in posting, but of course, whatever your write on your blog represents you… although I have some drafts that I rrrreaaaalllly wanna type here… I think it would take me some decades to decide beforehand whether I should post it again or not. Seriously, it does not help me anymore. I don’t know what I’m thinking about… or probably because I’m enjoying me new life with the 4S, but I am still updating this blog, of course.

Always take note that everything I post is not for publicity purposes. I post whatever I like, and that’s it. I really don’t know why, but I have to tell you that it does NOT make sense if I post something without meaning at all.

Right now, the stream of consciousness has diminished. I really do not know whether I will go back to the days where I have a restrained flow of thinking and speaking it right in front of you guys. Think about being figuratively choked by society’s very high expectations, especially if your mind is fresh out of the structured life. I know some of you have minds fresh from the structured like (you know what I mean, and I do not need to explain it!), and I know you cannot even comment back properly. What I mean is that, fresh out of the structured life is that, you still cannot develop the stream of consciousness within you… which is the flow of your thoughts, from the mind… to the soul… towards the heart. Everything should be spoken from the heart, mind and soul. End of story.

Just in case you are still wondering, why would I ever post something that would hurt one’s feelings? Yes, sometimes, I may offend people, but you really, as in really, do not know what’s happening. If you think I am as irritable as uh-hmm (you know who you are, but no need to mention), then you simply can’t blame the person who is speaking right in front of you. You do not even know that the person has suffered many crosses from time to time… I guess my heart stopped beating afterwards.

That would be all for now.

Dear Felice, welcome back to my life…

So, after months or a year of disliking (but absolutely NOT hating her as a person, in whole) Felice Fawn, something really inspiring happened. I just joined Stickam and of course, I chatted with her there and not only that, she has lay-low.

When she was still on Tumblr, she was like, self-centered and of course, comparing herself to Taylor Momsen. However, that’s not the point at all. I applaud her for being snobbish to her haters. I really love that feeling. (:

It was really fun talking to he on Stickam, unlike when she was still on Tumblr.

Well, that’s all for now. I won’t be defending her against her haters or forcing everyone to follow my lead. She is old enough to handle herself. (:

Write-up Profile: Why I Chose to be a Liberal

Why I Chose to be a Liberal by ~bettyleeanka

Read the link above. You’ll probably understand why I still live in a stupid frugal life.

The people who reviewed my work are NOT open-minded at all. Pretending to be conservative? Or you just feel offended?

Now get a life, people. If I say it’s an essay, it’s really an essay, because it means, “to attempt.” You know what “attempt” is right? It means, “to try.” TRY, as in you try to do things.

So, yeah. You really have to be open-minded about extremely-conservative folks who are actually… traditional.

Everyone thinks that being traditional is a way to success… but is it really the way to success?

Japanese example: Balance of all Things

Japan may seem to be still conservative, but they’re not really THAT conservative. They’re neo-conservativists. Even though they’re family-oriented (thus forming the term “zaibatsu”) and image-conscious at the same time, they accept abortion, divorce, etc. Well, it’s not because they’re not really religious people (Shinto and Buddhist faiths) or it’s just that they adhere to their own culture. Their policy is always, “Country first before anything else (or religion).” Although they’re really proud to be nationalistic, they’re tolerant, they accept things, they’re really open to multiculturalism (except those extremists and conservative nationalist fanatics whatsoever). The Japanese are really open to criticisms. If Akio Toyoda knew that there was a malfunction in several Toyota cars (which caused the death of many passengers/drivers), he apologized. That’s one way of accepting your mistakes and learning from it, so look at Toyota right now. It’s one of the best auto companies not only in Japan, but in the whole world.

The Japanese do really mix their traditions with Western values (and of course, balancing it), unlike the Philippines, which always make import of Western values that contradict with Filipino traditions. Although Tokyo is Westernized, it still managed to be the center of traditional things, although the Kansai region is really known to seem “more Japanese” than Tokyo, that is.

Feeling Majors

Feeling major things are usually taken for granted. Take note of the word: Granted.

They feel as if they should be taken seriously is because: They think high of themselves, but that seems one-sided. Anyways, the only thing why they’re really doing that is because they believe it is for the good of the students. However, there are consequences. BIG consequences, that is. Feeling majors are really not applicable in a country where conflicts are common. Common, as in NOT rare. Feeling majors usually think that their way of proposing “superiority complex” to their ways of governing people is how they show off a “clean” image, which seems questionable. Those feeling majors have more (and MORE) criticisms compared to those who are the “real majors,” but give ways and more opportunities.

Those things that are unnecessary for jobs are usually the ones which are required. Take note: Required. I think of these things as “light,” if you just attend and do your part. Then, that’s it!

Mistrust: Is it overprotectionism or is it a way of satisfaction?

E.g.: Do you think I’ll lose one of the two gadgets if I bring BOTH?

I don’t think so.

The real thing: Do you think if I chase a guy, that’s “bad?” (Girls doing the first move without any guy language)

I find it, sexist.

“Conservatives” describe conservatism as a “sexist society.” In a deeply conservative country, the traditions are applied in a wrong manner. Do you think looking down on women and having grudges about objectified men is “conservative?” Do you think, being tanned or mixed-raced is “bad?” Do you think, being sexist and racist at the same time is “good?”

Racism is “not bad, it’s not a taboo,” according to the video that I watched. Racism varies from culture to culture, and most people who are xenocentric think “high” about white-skinned people while those who are tan-skinned are considered as “an indicator of beauty and hotness.” Whoa, it’s between Filipino and American culture, really. However, in the Sinosphere, being “tanned,” or dark is somehow being looked down at. Do you think being “pure-raced” is always good all the time? There’s actually nothing bad about being mixed-raced, but since culture varies from one country to another, there are lots of consequences. Being pure-raced, however, is almost similar to incest. Having a crush on your relative is somehow synonymous to marrying someone the same race as yours.

This is common to most royal families. To the liberal countries, you don’t need to be someone who had many serious and the most important achievements, for as long as you had a very long relationship with your royal-blooded beau (for 6 years and above), while conservative countries it is really a must to be a diplomat or somehow travelled across the world… or the typical Richie Rich person (rich but simple type of person because Richie Rich has this reputation of being approachable although being rich himself), OR you just have to finish a certain degree or to have many hobbies, and that’s it. You’re qualified.

The dark side of conservatism, however

Being conservative isn’t bad at all, but extremism regarding this type of belief restricts you from doing anything you really want in life, it’s like you depending on others. People impose high expectations onto you to be like this and that, but I have to say this: The reason why I chose to be a liberal is because, conservative societies expect very high from a certain person. Media may be the main reason, or maybe the people who have really high standards, but do not comply with quality standards.

Alright, so I may be conservative in terms of taste in celebrities. For the Hollywood people, I only choose people who are really worth to be in Hollywood, but because I live in a low-middle-income yet 75% Westernized country, I usually judge the celebrity based on attitude and acting skills. It’s really frustrating when you have the looks, the height and talent, but have attitude problem. Worse, if your beauty is only because of science and technology. Meaning to say that, I have high standards, but not necessarily hard-to-please. Do you think I still have to dislike someone with a slutty attitude but has a good side? Of course, not!

Okay, so if I have to say that it’s “shallow,” it means that everyone’s doing that. Like for instance, if I say, “His/her good side is that, she/he always say ‘po’ and ‘opo,'” it’s like everyone’s doing that, because that’s Filipino culture. I usually use those words unless I am close with that person.

A Falsely-conservative society

Do you think being “feeling close” is immoral? Unethical? Considered, sipsip (kiss-up)? Being feeling close doesn’t have to mean that you are a stalker. It’s only that you have the heart to be close with that person. Yes, and I believe that there’s no problem with making new friends, for as long as you know who the true people are. Just saying.

Backfighting? Backbite? Backstab? Backfighting is the best and the most appropriate. Stab and bite are just sort of high-falutinations… so yeah, backfight would be the best word.

Backfighting is usually done by women. Yes, I backbite too, but if only that I’m being honest, or if the person doesn’t really take criticisms nicely. People would usually say, “I hate backfighters.” Hello? Backfighting is not uncommon. It is everywhere and you cannot avoid that. Besides, it is only done in private.

Namedropping a friend and defending the popular kids: This is what I do not take nicely into. Alright, so I take those popular kids for granted since I’ve been ranting against them. If they take me as a leader for granted, then why can’t they just do the dirty job themselves? Afraid to be scalded by HCl? Afraid that acetic acid will kill them? Saving face? Popular kids are just falsely-demanding. Their “high standards” doesn’t seem genuine at all and they just do it because they want to retain their “popularity.” If you namedrop someone whom you’re close to is like, what kind of friend are you? A real friend doesn’t worship the popular kids to feel “safe.” Popular kids are just a clique, actually, but high schools without any monitoring body are making them the most dominant in the batch.

Now you know…

Now you know why there’s “Extremes and Randoms.” It is because I kept it as a diary to only a few selected people. I don’t want it to be published, since it’s my only stress relief. Remember, stress relievers work if you just have to do something. Now, I just have to feel neutral rather than to feel extreme.