Remembering Amy Winehouse, six years later

One netizen said:

If I could bring anyone back from the dead, it would be Amy. Not only because she had so much more to offer, but because she deserved a second chance. I feel like if she had been surrounded by the right people, she would’ve been able to get back on track. I would’ve loved to be her friend. It seems like she really needed one.

In fact, after watching videos of Amy Winehouse, years after her passing, I realized that she was MORE than the singer we know—in fact, she was a shy person who lived a simple life, and in fact, despised fame. Her dysfunctional family background, and her turbulent relationship and marriage with her now ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil, aside from her alcohol and substance abuse, contributed to her passing.

Don’t get me wrong—I’m a fan of hers

Seriously, it was her most iconic song, “Rehab,” that introduced me to her. I first knew about Amy Winehouse in of course… gossip magazines, and yeah, she’s the girl with old school tattoos and that heavy black eyeliner that she’s known for. I thought she was a socialite and a celebrity party girl, but she proved us wrong.

One netizen said:

I love the fact that Amy never sold herself to anyone and remained true to herself. On this alone I have so much admiration for her, she stood out and was different from all the others, she rejected the fame when she had it – that speaks volumes.

She lived a simple life, despite the controversies that surrounded her. She even said that she was a horrible performer during an ambush interview. She never sugarcoated her words… she was purely genuine in her own words. On top of that, Amy Winehouse is the walking paradox of an icon, yet chose not to live the life of a celebrity socialite.

Amy’s songs did have a meaning behind

Her song, “Rehab” meant a lot: It’s about her troubled life regarding alcohol abuse. She would drink alcoholic beverages in a plastic cup during intervals, in her performances.

Which… ended her being drunk while singing.

People would laugh at her, calling her an “addict.” However, it was only the paparazzi that made her a laughing stock. Nobody realized, singing and writing songs were her only ways to express herself. Her music is like her diary…

I’m not going to blame anyone regarding her death. In fact, if people will be blaming Amy Winehouse herself for her death, I’m not going to tell you the “truth.” That being said, I’m convinced that she died due to non-stop alcohol drinking, and it shows in her last tour in Belgrade, Serbia. Even her idol Tony Bennett attested that he regretted not talking to Amy regarding her problems regarding addiction.

It shows one thing: Her support system wasn’t strong enough; she was allowed to perform self-destruction, in the most dangerous way possible.

“Wino,” as called by the paparazzi, was rather straightforward

Amy Winehouse, as a person, was in fact, a simple Camden woman who never lived the life of opulence. It shows in her performances, that she did not overdress—in fact, she drew a bra on her most controversial tattoo: a naked pin-up girl just below “Girl,” on her left arm. Unlike other famous people in Tinseltown, she would rather blend in with other people, than to stand out. Nevertheless, her distinctive style (beehive hairstyle, heavy eyeliner, old school tattoos, and vintage fashion) made her distinguishable.

One netizen said:

Actually y’all this was a very good interviewer. He asked her about writing on the road, things that should’ve been able to open her up more. Seems like she just really didn’t feel like talking, she honestly wasn’t giving him much.

She wasn’t really good in answering questions during interviews (which I do understand), but at least, she does not pretend to be someone she’s not. In fact, she managed to be straightforward, while remaining polite, which you don’t see in other

When hearing her speak, it sounded really pleasant to the ears. Typical British. I never heard of other celebrities do the same.

However, this was her most controversial moment:

In fact, this might be the time she was “raped” by the audience, wanting a piece of her.

Lastly, she showed her bad side to the paparazzi. Remember, British culture is rather rude and unforgiving (oftentimes, they might be more cruel than their American counterparts), especially if they know someone popular (whether good or bad publicity) is high on drugs, and they would treat them like crap—like for example, the British press. No wonder, people were fooled at their means of hypnotization to depict “Wino” as a monster who has no life of her own. However, the paps were already crossing the line: Invading Amy’s privacy only to “sell” her photos.

Also, it’s NOTHING NEW that the press would only aim for you know, PROFIT.

Side Note: In fact, the French screen legend Brigitte Bardot was also a victim of the press. However, unlike Amy, “BB” got back on track by simply announcing her retirement from the big screen, to the thing she would eventually advocate for: Animal rights.

Also, her death was the reason why I won’t buy anymore gossip magazines. That way, I find gossip magazines as “well, publicity sells.” Also, everything can be searched on the internet, so why waste money only for these crap magazines? In fact, the “Brangelina” on-and-off-cam loveteam was completely created by the paparazzi, and of course, the press. In fact, the highly-publicized couple didn’t last, after they officially made it to the altar (which for me, is red flag).

So, these are my thoughts on Amy Winehouse… and you know what also contributed to her passing.


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