“Telebasura” Education: More “FUN” in the Philippines (NAWT!)

Someone from GetRealPhilippines.com hit the mark about the current state of Philippine education:

Dave said,

If I have a child in the future, there is no way I’d let them be educated here (my wife agrees). Raising a child in this education system and culture, when you have the option of giving them a better chance elsewhere, is basically child abuse.

There are just too many things that baffle and frustrate me about what I’ve seen of education here:

– Why do they start school so late? (My niece has to take kindergarten a second year because she can’t start grade one until she’s six!)

– Why are they teaching my nephew in deep, traditional bisaya that even his bisaya-speaking family doesn’t understand?

– Why do university courses involve general studies not related to the course (e.g. a science student has to complete modules in art, sport, Rizal, etc. That should have been dealt with in school – let your students concentrate on their actual degrees and maybe you’ll produce some competitive specialists!)

There’s a lot more! Lemme elaborate.

My take on “Telebasura” Education

I myself studied in a Catholic high school. Remember, f*ck you to those who believe that Catholic schools have the most effective methods of education. That being said, their teaching methods are NOT for everyone.

As K-12 finally became adopted in the Philippine education system, only a few schools could nail it. My high school alma mater’s manner of implementing K-12 is simply put, continuing their “telebasura” education.

“Telebasura” education, as you can see, is education with bad input and output. That being said, give students crappy and low-quality materials, I promise you, no one will be motivated to study. What are they studying for? Exams? IQ tests? Assessment exams?

You cannot enter a top-elite university, or a prestigious international and world-class university, if your grades are below 85. It may sound harsh, but there are some intelligent students (at least, by intuition) who FAIL the exams, and get lower grades due to the rotten system of “telebasura education” in Catholic schools.

Also, what’s with that computer literacy education? Gahd, I tell you, better teach pupils that subject once they hit like, fourth grade! Or maybe, you might as well should teach that kind of subject like in high school, or senior high. In Japan, there’s NO such thing as computer literacy education. Many Japanese people may text quick on a lightning speed in their handsets, but turning on a desktop is some “rare skill” for them. In fact, many Japanese people do not use computers. However, this is changing, and somehow many Japanese people are using computers, if not their handsets.

Sadly though, the Philippines has still not yet improved and adopted quality-education systems that are used in countries like Japan, or maybe Singapore. Well, speaking of the Finnish education system, that is partially incompatible with our culture. So, if you were to ask me, the Japanese or the Singaporean education system would suit approximately for Filipinos.

The prude conservatives support “telebasura education”

Sadly, our old folks DO support this “telebasura” education. For them, it instills “bringing back of traditional values” in the Philippine landscape. Well, how’s that possible?

There’s nothing possible when you implement rigid rules inside the school (that are usually impractical and inconvenient!), if you only give crappy materials to students. So, having an air-conditioned classroom is the basis of good-quality education? I would like to utter the different curse words from what the English dictionary could provide.

Also, the prude conservatives are notorious for badmouthing East Asian TV dramas and anime, when they endlessly worship teleseryes, or even “substantial (kuno)” Hollywood movies that are “meh” to the snob person’s taste. Seriously, the prude conservatives also support the oligarchs for providing slow and expensive internet connection, and also other types of inconveniences, without them knowing.

Telebasura education, in fact, does NOT nurture the child! Also, exposing them to all types of decadence will surely give them the worst mental trauma in their lives! No wonder, literacy on secularism must be reinforced in schools.

However, “telebasura education” are often looked down in the developed world

Egotistic teachers who know-it-all, plus other factors won’t be accepted by top-elite universities in countries like the United States of America! If they enter such countries like Finland, they might simply be facing termination due to their egocentrism. Only schools that offer “telebasura education” are going to hire teachers who will shove down their egocentrism, and at the same time make their class “hostile to students.”

No wonder, logical thinking among Filipinos is crap; wonder why Manny Pacquiao won as senator at the first place? It’s because, even licensed professionals lack that specific type of logic, which is crucial when voting for the elections. That being said, “emotions,” not intellect, are used during the elections.

I do agree with the late Miriam Defensor-Santiago. Why not deprive the BOBOTANTE horde from exercising their right to suffrage? Why simply put, allow ONLY students and taxpayers to suffrage? This makes me believe that Marlene Aguilar, a controversial book author and publisher, is right about the voting population of the Philippines. Bobotante people who patronize crappy teleseryes BREED like rabbits, simply because they “know-it-all” about the Bible, but oppose the Reproductive Health Bill (when it was still not a law).

Telebasura education shatters and destroys the dreams of many ambitious people

If the prudes completely support telebasura education, it means, they also support the destruction of their children’s well-being (and of course, their ambitions!).

Somehow, those who support telebasura education also support the “pwede na iyan” mentality, or rather Filipino defeatism. It also supports teachers who are not only egocentric; it also supports a rigid education system that only cares about protecting its image, at the expense of the students’ future.

Oh, and don’t forget this: Those who are not deserving of their awards and achievements often get the awards. How? They kiss-up with the teachers and professors.

No wonder, I did despise my own high school alma mater for offering such crappy education system. Oh, and they encourage self-righteous, know-it-all people to bully the little ones. And never forget this: They tend to pamper these people, while they give the rest of the crappy garbage to their victims.

Truth to be told: I won’t ever raise my children and have their education in the Philippines

I was dreaking of being an IT expert. However, I have to forego it. Why?


Screw the “telebasura education” that destroyed my dreams. Also, screw the strong, clannish Filipino culture that allows parents to raise their children the Amy Chua way. No wonder, Filipino children are deprived from practicing their individuality due to their parents imposing their frustrations to their children. Now, there you have it. That’s the reason why I will NEVER EVER raise my children in the Philippines, and what I have said here in this post will explain why I won’t ever let my children receive their education in the Philippines. Before you judge and jump into conclusions, you better start checking your privilege first, because whatever you have, not everyone has that, you know? Somehow, if I were to be asked, how I wish I did have the courage to prove everyone wrong and never let their negative comments block my way. Raising your children and letting them receive education in the Philippines is like preparing them to have a career suicide.

Think about seiyuu Megumi Nakajima almost having a showbiz career in the Philippines (this remains a rumor, at least in my book), but her parents did not allow it. That way, she won’t be a seiyuu today, if she did pursue a showbiz career in her mother’s homeland.


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