This year (2016) marks the end of an era


Upon the passing of the “Master Showman” German “Kuya Germs” Moreno, and Alan Rickman, who portrayed the iconic role of the stern but caring Professor Severus Snape, I sense that 2016 would be indeed the peak–of the so-called “Year of the Grim Reaper.”

Nothing’s left on us–next year

We have three people who recently passed away.

There’s the late Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, then the veteran antagonist Dick Israel–and now, His Majesty, the King of Thailand.

Now, it marks an end of an era. Could we still survive without ’em?

Recently, the Great Barrier Reef was declared dead by scientists. Indeed, this year truly marks the end of an era.

We could still survive–but the change starts from us

Recently, I have joined the Divorce Advocates of the Philippines as one of its official members. Originally, what I’ll only do is to document the advocacies of the group itself. However, seeing the opportunity as a photojourn working for a newspaper, I did grasp the chance to cover an event that would require someone to bathe under the scorching heat of the sun (coming soon: Gabriela filed for the Divorce Bill at the House of Representatives).

Do you want social change? Then simply put–pioneer CULTURAL CHANGE. Social change is NOTHING, when you don’t even change the culture. Cultural change pretty much covers everything–from embedded and innate beliefs that we’re accustomed to believe in–to social mindsets.

King Rama IX of Thailand: The father king, the father of Thailand

Upon hearing the passing of HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej, I was really sad. I felt sorry for the Thai people, because upon reading articles regarding his passing, he was the pacifier, the unifier, and the one who will intervene as the last resort to bring back peace and stability in Thailand.

Thailand’s political landscape has always been marred by coup attempts, esp. when deposed Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was intentionally ousted. So, this made the Thai government decide to come up with a notoriously stringent lèse-majesté law that protects the entire royal family from defamation.

King Bhumibol (or King Rama IX)’s diplomatic abilities, and his third-cultured background eventually made him well-loved by the Thais. He loved Thailand unconditionally, he treated it like his own son. Because of that, the Thai people will do everything to protect the king from all forms of defamation.

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago: Indeed, the best president we never had

I visited her wake–one time. I told to myself, “It’s a shame that I never had the chance to meet her in person when she was still living. I never had a selfie or talked or hugged her.”

Ka Miriam should have been my president, but what made me decide to vote for Duterte instead is that, I was embittered. That time, going to her residence just to cover her voting would be my ONLY CHANCE to see her in person. Such a shame, the rules in that place were very strict. Oh, well. Moving on…

Well, I was thinking of voting for Duterte instead. After all, I only had two choices: It’s between Miriam and Duterte.

So, I chose Duterte. I chose him because I was more concerned about Ka Miriam’s health. Call it a defeatist move, yet don’t ever force some person with a serious illness to manage a difficult task. Well, we all know that Ka Miriam is good in managing things, yet, her health condition won’t allow it.

But… if I were Ka Miriam, I would have stepped down as judge for the International Criminal Court, AFTER the elections.

Dick Israel: The veteran antagonist

Veteran actress Vivian Velez really did her best to offer help to the late Dick Israel and his family. Ka Dick is one of the people no one should ever ignore–it’s because he had a huge contribution to the Philippine showbiz industry. We really feel sorry for him, after everything in him was gone. This should remind everyone that being in the showbiz industry is not a lifetime career. You’ll only remain the so-called acting profession, if and only if you’re multi-talented, versatile, and flexible renaissance being.

The Great Barrier Reef: Australia’s only living heritage–has died out

It isn’t only an Australian pride–it’s also the pride of the world. Greed of the corporate elitists, the so-called oligarchs who control the world, and a lot more contributed to the death of a natural wonder that was the true gem of marine biodiversity. I wonder what would Stephen Hillenburg or Bill Nye think about its death.

Moral of the Story

Our living heritage is very important. So I’m going to tell everyone, while they’re alive, make friends with them. Don’t be afraid, and just explore what it can offer. Besides, you could pursue those “goals” later on.

Also, the global elites and oligarchs are the ones who contribute to destruction of the environment. We should ALL be concerned. That is to say, we should avoid being victims of consumerism.

What do you think is the moral that you could find here?


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