Controversial and Sensitive Topic: Leaving the House for Good

Imagine still living under the roof with your parents. It means, you’re still living under their rules. Now here’s the question: What if you’re really sick and tired of living in a life wherein they will still decide for you, if you only ask for their initial guidance and advice?

People make stupid decisions. That’s life. After all, people learn from their stupidity. Being locked in the house means that they don’t trust you at all.

I think being an overprotective parent is simply a sign of insecurity. While I have made stupid decisions in the past, I made sure that things will never go wrong. Seriously, those who DO NOT understand my situation (yet have the nerve to be self-righteous) should better shut the fuck up and leave me be.

I don’t have any grudges against them. And no, I am not going to be rebellious. I just want to take things step-by-step.

#RealTalk: If they really love me, then they should stop being egocentric. Dati pa ‘yan, they would impose to me things I do not like. Tapos they only let me go later on… (haha, the power of being pasaway!).

I don’t want to live under their rules anymore. I know they’re busy, but can’t they just respect my decisions instead of insisting on theirs? If they still care about their ego than me, then I’d rather leave the house for good, or leave the Philippines for good and instead, look for a job in Japan (of course, if I pass JLPT–but first, I have to enrol in NCF once more).

I could simply live on my own, eh. If I could find a job, then I’ll do it. Kahit rejected pa ako, I will look for another one. To be honest, I’d rather leave the house and ask a friend about looking for a job related to my interests.

Another #RealTalk: I don’t want to be in a corporate/office job setting.

That’s the problem with Asian parents, esp. in the Philippines (paraphrasing queenroxilla). As much as I love my parents, I can’t help but to tell them that I should prove to them that I could be on my own. Remember, I’m a loner, and I did pay the tuition fee and dealt with a lot of irate desk consultants myself. But did I ever complain? No.

Even though the bosses and/or desk consultants are irate and/or snobbish, I would still deal with them without complaining, for as long as I finish my transaction. Period. I don’t care if some office people will not like me, because I don’t think about that. Basta ang mahalaga, mababait ang mga bossing ko.

Another reason why I want to leave the house for good is because I don’t want to deal with self-important people who simply think about themselves over others’ priorities. Look what happened to me–castigated for being late. Yes, my fault to be honest, but that’s because I was fucking trapped with a self-important person who imposes something I am not really interested at the first place.

Speaking of which, I shall leave the house for good. No more parents who will speak against my life decisions. No more fucking rules that will limit me to get out and explore the outside world. And lastly, I’m my own boss. Nothing more, nothing less. No more exposure towards the elitist world.

I’m so fucking tired of being dependent–and I think it’s no longer conducive

Seriously, when I will share to them what I want in life–they won’t listen to me. When I told them I would like to become independent, they took it against me. They still want me to become spoiled and pampered for the rest of my life. They still want me to be under their supervision.

Yet, I still cannot afford to rebel against them. Hell, if they still won’t listen to me, I would become rebellious.

Of course, I was defeatist during that time.

Living under your parents has never been more stressful. I told this in GirlTalk but what I did I get? Self-righteous, elitistic comments.

My plans to leave my comfort zone–for good

I will leave the house for good. After that, I will leave this fucking third-world life for good and venture overseas. I won’t work with elitists, though.

I will leave the house for good, then live in my condo. After that, I will look for job opportunities–in Japan.

I don’t want to work, study or live in the United States anymore. I will only be there for a vacation. If I will leave the house for good, then live in Japan for good as well, my parents have to respect my decision. They never cared about my happiness, anyway. I deserve to be happy. I deserve to be free. They should know better.

If they will still insist I should live in America, I will never be happy, because they will again expose me to an elitistic environment. I don’t want to live in a country that has NO harmony at all. I repeat, if they will insist on me living in America, I will not accept that. No way. Not even a single YES from me will be received by them.

This time, I will not apologize for ranting in my main blog, instead of ranting in the other blog. I have to bring this up.

To self-righteous elitists: Never take independence for granted

Being independent has its own perks and downsides. However, not living under the rules of your parents could never been more liberating than ever. Thank goodness, if I leave for good, then I will make life decisions myself. I swear, I’d become a better parent. I will never choose a self-important man who doesn’t even drive, is a mama’s boy–all those things. Seriously, if elitists and conservative, traditional people are against my very high standards, they should suck it up and get used to it. It’s better off to have very high standards than to settle for less. Remember, dainty women are horrible in raising sons and strong father figures who are egocentric are horrible in raising daughters. That’s why like what I have said before, I still choose Marlene Aguilar over Sunshine Cruz. Self-explanatory.


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