JUST IN: Elder Statesman of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew passed away at 91

Rest in Peace, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

Singapore will never be what it is today, if you weren’t the one who created Singapore as what it is today.

Singapore is a Chinese country located in Southeast Asia, the only Sinosphere that’s in the said region. Now that’s the reason why Malaysia wanted it OUT of their territory–Singapore is mostly Chinese, not Malays. It’s a good thing that Lee Kuan Yew made Singapore have its own identity–from a small port village into one of the wealthiest city-states in the world.

He may have been critical towards Marcos, but he also idolized him at the same time. LKY emulated Marcos’s leadership–only that he has his own, and he knew better.

LKY imposed discipline to the oligarchs–well, to all the elites of Singapore during his time. It’s a good thing that Singapore became progressive simply because the oligarchs and elites bowed down to him and followed his lead. I bet, Marcos did the same, but he exploited the oligarchs who are greedy, therefore the People Power Revolution.

Well, RIP LKY. Totemo Xie Xie for making Singapore my other second home. It was great to visit Singapore, though I never had plans of living there.

Elitism in Singapore: Saw it First-Hand

If Singapore has a deeply strong elitist society, that is because LKY encouraged the elites to contribute to Singapore–something that will FORM GREATNESS that will make SG into a world-class city-state. I bet, the elitist netizens in FFreethinkers, GirlTalk or even in GetRealPhilippines won’t even endure the strong elitist behavior of many Singaporeans. The elitists in Singapore have something to brag–it’s all up to you if you could handle them very well. I cannot imagine the elitist Filipino netizens enduring the elitism of Singaporeans. Elitists in Singapore have at least more achievements to brag than the Filipino elitists. If you’d notice, mukhang mas may ibubuga pa ang mga elitista ng Singapore dahil kung mayabang sila, may pinaghuhugutan lahat ‘yan.

To the elitists of the Philippines: Emulate the elitists of Singapore

Make sure may ibubuga pa kayo. If Singaporeans are elitist, that’s because their education system is very progressive, even Chinese celebrities from PRC, Hong Kong and Taiwan send their children to Singapore to study. Now what made me admire Cecilia Cheung is that, she sends her kids to Singapore for their education. Same with Zhao Wei. Same with Francis Ng. ALL those Chinese celebrities who love SG should have either met Fann Wong or Zhang Jingna.

SG is very popular among Chinese celebrities. After all, SG is known for its Chinese population (predominant), making Chinese celebrities feel at home in SG. It’s a good thing that Jet Li decided to become a Singaporean citizen for his kids.

Many Filipino elitists overlook the greatness of Marcos

Sure, LKY may have been critical towards Marcos, yet he idolized him at the same time. The only reason why many Filipinos still hate Marcos is because of Yellow Propaganda. Remember, people who lived during the time of Marcos were more intelligent than during the time of Cory Aquino. See the difference? Now how did LKY mold the elites to bow down to him? Well, Filipino elitists should look up to that one.


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