What I mean is that, I will no longer live in a restrictive life, and that’s good news to you all.

#RealTalk: Being chillax in the house and going out when it’s needed is actually relaxing. Okay, I could find online jobs such as selling pics online either on deviantArt (I’m going back to dArt plus Imma make it serious business) OR making videos. Wahahah!

Anyways, I entered law school. However, contrary to what I expected, it isn’t really for people who think outside the box of tradition. First of all, you have to tone down your manners and of course, act prim and proper… and act formally. Also, you have to socialize with people whom you personally dislike (sarreh guys, I’m bad at people smart!) and deal with the profs because they’re the ones whom you’re going to have a one-on-one battle with.

So I call it quits. I guess, it’s only for people who are determined to be part of the judicial community.

Truth is, in my case, it’s actually a family tradition rather than something worth valuing. I don’t really get it. Why the fuck should it be a family tradition if in fact you’re simply going to memorize shit and think inside the box!?

Nope, I don’t hate law school, tbh. I don’t hate any of my profs either. I don’t see the point of being in law school–being formal, being serious and acting like an elitist. You cannot be Komikado in an instant. You cannot assume that you will be Komikado, but if you think you’re determined to enter a restrictive life full of books and cases, then push it.

I don’t mean that you’re not allowed to think outside the box in law school, of course you’re allowed! Thing is, you have to be careful on what you’re saying–maybe those carelessness will lead you to a miserable life!

Well, truth is, no. You’re not actually encouraged to think outside the box, and if you do so, expect yourself to be debarred for fighting for what you think is right–which you will never find in those annotations that you have right now.

And yes, there are still elitists in Filipino Freethinkers (FFreethinkers) Facebook group who think inside the box plus they’re actually against divorce and death penalty. They’re contended with annulment (WHAT!? Annulment is to make the marriage void, simple. [Absolute] Divorce, however, completely terminates the validity of the marriage).

There are reasons why Filipinos vote for stupid people in the government: They are shallow and superficial, and they care more about showbiz than real people. So to speak, critical thinking is NEVER encouraged in the education system. It just shows how corrupt the system is, and how they will teach people to become defeatist and ALL HAIL MUUUURICA.

No wonder, I absolutely think that America is overrated. Elitists love America because it’s an elitist’s paradise. Not to mention that elitists hail dubious people, dubious things and slut-shame good things. Their morality is questionable.

Well, in my case, I hate elitists. I hate elitism. Elitism is a scum. And yeah, this is my second time promoting “Elitism in the Orient Pearl.”


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I am a very opinionated person. Get used to it. If you can't stand it, then so be it.

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